• Published 21st Sep 2012
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The Blacklight that Shines Inside - Fate is Manic

Everyone knows the events of Prototype. But, what if there was another Mercer. (Before Heller)

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Everything is colourful

Alright. Lets just go through the last couple of minutes:

1. We were attacked by the U.S military.

2. We were attacked by a sparkly purple cloud.

3. We ended up in a world of talking horses.

4. We were attacked by said talking horses.

Damn. Everything wants to attack us. Well the train ride landed us in a town of some kind far away from that damned castle. Sadly we expect they will be looking for us so sneaking off of this train and through the town will be interesting to say the least.


Getting through the small town was...... strange. I ran into more of those guards, fighting ensued and Kyra and I were driven into a forest on the outskirts of the town. Yeah, real fun. Now we have a bunch of crazed ponies searching for us in a dark, creepy, and dense forest. I'm having a great day by the way, no need ask or anything.

Kyra began to set up a sort of camp site for out leisurely stay in 'The Forest of Doom'. Right now my job is, drum roll please, collecting firewood. Yep, real dramatic right? Well stick around it gets real interesting real fast. Now as a city kid, back alleys and skyscrapers were my jungle, this is just......out there. The wood wasn't really a chore to find, its kinda everywhere, but the sounds. I heard alleys behind strip clubs that sound less creepy in every way. Anyway.....

Walking around lent its own fair share of *crunch* *crunch* *crunch* from the leaves underfoot, then in the distance I could hear another kind of *crunch* *crunch* *crunch* as wood was snapped and shattered into pieces.

My steps slowed as my heart began to race. From my hiding place behind a tree I see a lion attacking walking trees.....
Yep, I'm crazy. Bottom line.

The lion watched the wood creatures circle round and round, each twitch of the lion's muscles being acquainted with a growl from the wooden forms. The first real movement came from one of the wooden creatures. It lunged for the lion's side and was greeted with a scorpion looking tail into its side. The lion took this moment to jump onto the nearest woodog creature and tear it into twigs. At that point every other woodog surrounding the lion jumped into a crazed attack.

Ten seconds and the lion was standing in a puddle of twigs and blood. Cuts littered the creature's body allowing blood to freely flow and pool on the ground. I watched the creature move away from me before I started to return to camp.


Fuck. The beast turns in my direction and charges. I look down at my feet to eye the offending twig before being tackled to the ground and stabbed repeatedly by the scorpion-like tail. The creature is still pumping with adrenaline from its earlier fight making it reckless and sloppy. I ooze from underneath the creature (making sure to hold onto my clothes this time) and reform next to it. The creature is taken by surprise long enough for me to deliver a swift kick to its side. The result is satisfying as the lion is hurdled into a tree. The thing recovers and starts to charge me head first. This time i'm ready for it however and as I side step its charge at the last second my bladed arm sails smoothly down the beast's side leaving a long read line down its side. The creature roars in pain and decides that the best course of action is another charging maneuver. This time I follow its lead and rush forward. The lion begins to rise from the ground using the wings adorned on its back. I take to a tree and, using it as a take off position, launch myself at the creature, and down its gullet.


Dear Diary,

Boy do I have an entry for you today. Right now as I write I am sitting in a homemade tent as Zane searches for fire wood so that we don't freeze as we hide from the guards that are hunting us down. Yep, sounds like an exiting and thrilling adventure right? Yeah well here's where it gets just plain weird. The people hunting us aren't people at all, their ponies. PONIES! Pastel coloured ones that talk to be completely correct. Honestly I should probably be in shock or a coma from all that's happened lately. Yet I stand here writing completely OK, but no thanks to my 'iron sanity', no I owe my well being to Zane. When I followed him from the school I never suspected we would end up on an adventure of such strange circumstances. But, I will follow Zane to hell and back, I love that little punk and he somehow loves a little nerd like me. I will never be in danger as long as I'm with Zane.

Kyra Elson


Sulking into the clearing we set up camp at I could see Kyra in the tent she had made lying down. I approached her and smiled. Knocking on the wood support as lightly as possible Kyra sat up to see who was there. Her smile made the last few hours melt away as she stared at me. As she picked her glasses up and slipped them on she eyed me suspiciously.

"Why are you knocking, its your tent too." Her smile faded and her eyes searched over my body as she eyed the rips and scratches in my cloths. "What happened to you?"

I can't help but smile at her worry for me no matter the situation.

"I ran into some grumpy forest animals and we had a little talk. Honestly if your worried about me you should see them."

Her looked changed into one of bemusement as she listened to my explanation. "Well big bad boy come in here so I can sew your clothes up. Your lucky I grabbed my backpack when I decided to chase you down after the school incident."

Moving into a crouch and squeezing my way into the tent I stared at her as she reached into her bag and started threading a needle. The cuts were small and almost infinite in numbers. Needless to say I sat there in small conversation with Kyra until my clothes were fixed. After she finished we sat there together in each other's arms admiring the night. Living in Manhattan leaves you little opportunity to see stars at night, that being said we could see all of the stars that night under the trees. It was beautiful. Kyra named off many constellations she recognized as I kept a look out for any other 'visitors'. After some time had passed Kyra shivered and looked into the pit that she had dug for a fire.

"Hey, you never did bring fire wood back. What happened to it."

I removed my arm from around her shoulder, stood, and face palmed at full strength. Throwing myself into a tree about six feet behind me. I dropped all the fire wood I had collected when the lion attacked me. Thankfully the tree I just assaulted should yield its fair share.