• Published 21st Sep 2012
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The Blacklight that Shines Inside - Fate is Manic

Everyone knows the events of Prototype. But, what if there was another Mercer. (Before Heller)

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Day of Blacklight

Twilight Sparkle allowed the binoculars to lazily float to the ground in her magic as she scribbled on the small notepad levitating before her. Behind her a little distance away her five friends sat in differing levels of excitement.

"So they just came out of the portal and ran?"

The voice of one rainbow maned pony cut through the silence that had given Twilight comfort over the last hour of 'scouting'.

"Yes Rainbow. Princess Celestia and I summoned them and they fled the castle."

"Did they seem mean? Oh, maybe we shouldn't be following them...."

"Don't worry Fluttershy. If these creatures try anything I'll just take 'em out with a few good kicks."

"Rainbow, your getting a little ahead of yerself don't ya think?"

"Oh, come on AJ. I could take anypony in a fight right here right now!"

Twilight rolled her eyes at Rainbows bull headed attitude. Turning her attention to the only ponies who haven't said anything yet she could see yet another win for Pinkie Pie in the ongoing tic-tak-toe war between her and Rarity.

"Look everypony. The creature wearing the black shirt and jacket seems to have some type of shape changing magic. It seems to be very strong and I do not want to underestimate either of these new creatures."

"Is that the reason you got us all out here with the Elements of Harmony doing absolutely nothing?"

"Yes. I am researching our enemy. The Elements are my plan B."

Fluttershy stood from her spot on the ground and walked up to Twilight keeping her head low.

"Well then Twilight. What have you learned...um...if you don't mind me asking..."

"No Fluttershy I don't mind at all. Well, from what I have seen the one in black is extremely protective of the one in pink. They speak the same language as us but, obviously, use a dialogue that sometimes confuses me. The one in black has displayed amazing feats of strength while I have observed him. I have determined the one in black to be male given his evidence of facial hair and his deeper voice. I have determined the one in pink to be female, saying this I believe they are in a romantic relationship. Back to the black coated one. He has pulled a full grown tree from the ground and snapped it apart like a twig without even breaking a sweat by using the legs positioned on his shoulders next to his head. These 'arms' as they are called end in 'hands' which seem to work similar to monkey 'hands' being that they end in smaller appendages called 'fingers that allow them to grab and handle objects. This due to their lack of magic."

"Wow Twilight. You sure did learn a lot about these creatures in just one hour."

"Well thank you Fluttershy. I pride myself on my research skills."

"Too bad you can't find any pride in your whispering skills."

The six ponies jumped into the air at the sudden deep voiced intrusion. They gathered in a loose formation-like crowd against a tree. Fluttershy hiding almost inside of the tree with Rarity close by. Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Applejack formed triangle like shield for their two friends with Twilight at the front, horn glowing with magic.

"Woah. Calm down there Chaney. No need for any 'accidental' deaths in this forest. "

The six mares stayed nearly still. Their breathing had slowly calmed until they were back to a decent heart rate.

"How did you find us?"

Zane smiled. 'Well at least their not trying to kill me and Kyra.'

"Well honestly you are pretty loud over here talkin to each other. I could hear most of your conversation before I decided to include myself."

"What! We are at least two hundred hooves from your camp. How did you hear us?"

"Well like I said, you weren't exactly whispering. That and the super sensitive hearing helps."

"Super sensitive hearing? Hmm, I need to add that to my notes...."

Twilight began to scribble on her note pad as a surprised Kyra joined small gathering. At this Twilight looked up from her research.

"So, why are you talking to us now and not running like you did at the castle?"

A slight smile crept across Zane's face. "Well. If I think you are threatening in any way I could take on you six. I was not however sure I could take on an entire castle."

Twilight froze and looked into the creature's eyes. "Whats that supposed to mean?"

"Well, I mean what I said. If any, or all of you, pose a threat in any way, I will kill you."

At this Fluttershy, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie almost knocked the tree over backing into it. Only two ponies moved forward. Rainbow dash rushed forward until she was inches from the creature's face. Applejack rushed forward and grabbed RD's tail in her mouth.

"Look here you hairless monkey! You threaten my friends again and I will kick your butt!

The collection cringed as Zane began to laugh. "That is the best threat you have? That is sad, I mean yeah, you all look like you came out of a girls cartoon, but I didn't expect you all to act like it! bwahahahahaha!"

The group cringed at Zane's sudden laughter. Until Pinkie Pie joined him and the pair were rolling on the ground clutching their sides.

"Yeah. I mean, you would think there would be a better response seeing how this author writes for teenage audiences! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH"

Every face in the small gathering contorted in confusion. "Pinkie what are you talking about? What 'Author'?"

Pinkie smiled before breaking out into even harder laughter.

Zane stood up and looked to Twilight with confusion plain on his face. "What the hell is wrong with your friend?"

Twilight smiled before giving the most honest answer she could.


Author note

So besides Pinkie almost breaking the fourth wall and ratting me out, what do you all think of the story so far? Give me your answer and I shall give you PIE (Not really)

You can't just promise pie and not give it to them!

Pinkie? WTH Get back inside the story!

Okie Dokie Loki, see you later Fate!

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