• Published 21st Sep 2012
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The Blacklight that Shines Inside - Fate is Manic

Everyone knows the events of Prototype. But, what if there was another Mercer. (Before Heller)

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Entry #2

Journal of Private Johnathan Bekins Squad 51F: Paranormal Division

The Machine worked. We found the rift left from that purple mist. Once located we exploited and widened the rift allowing us to pass through. The first squad into the portal was mine. So far we've found nothing but forest habitat flora and fauna. As I record this I am standing night watch outside the newly formed camp. I've been hearing noises off and on for hours. I swear I heard a chicken in the bushes around nightfall, since then I have heard the growling of a wolf of some kind an the roar of a lion. There is something wrong with this place. Some soldiers were talking about seeing a village in the distance on the scout plane. I hope they are friendlies. I'm glad I was able to grab the night shift. I can't sleep anymore. The faces of my comrades still haunt me... Did you know some of them died screaming? I heard it. We all had our communicators on and I could hear their screams... I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I MAKE THESE ANYMORE...No one listens to them...No one pays them any mind... I feel like I'm doing nothing more than talking to myself...maybe that's all these are anymore...well, if I must talk to myself, the least I can do is answer...