• Published 2nd Jan 2012
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Unintended - Vargras

Applejack and Twilight discover that there's more to each other than what meets the eye.

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In Dreams

She wasn't entirely sure how, but they had ended up playing Truth or Dare. Twilight Sparkle was in the middle of hosting a party at her home, and all of her friends had been invited. Thus far, the truths and dares themselves had been surprisingly tame - the very worst they had done had simply involved admitting crushes, or doing silly things in front of the others. Nothing too severe. Twilight turned towards Rainbow Dash and smiled. "Alright, Rainbow. Your turn!"

The pegasus rubbed a hoof against her chin as she briefly thought of what to do, but a grin soon began to spread across her face. "Alrighty... I pick Applejack! Truth or dare?"

"Oh c'mon, Rainbow! I've been picked by ya every single time it's been yer turn!" The earth pony huffed and crossed her forelegs as she glared at Rainbow Dash. "Fine. Dare, I guess."

"Dare, huh? Okay AJ, I dare you to... kiss Twilight!"

Such a dare caused mixed reactions throughout the circle of friends. Rarity had a hoof clamped over her mouth to stifle a giggle. Fluttershy was already blushing and doing her best to cover her face up. Pinkie Pie couldn't stop grinning and giggling, far too amused with the idea of one of her friends having to kiss another.

Applejack let out a groan, clearly not amused. She had played Truth or Dare with Rainbow Dash countless times over the years, and a kiss always seemed to be Rainbow's go-to dare when she wanted to embarrass a friend. Twilight Sparkle, on the other hand, looked positively horrified - she had played Truth or Dare before, of course, but it had never gone this far. Now that she thought about it, she had never been kissed by anypony except her own parents. To say she was nervous would be an understatement. She watched in silence as Applejack slowly inched her way towards her, shutting her eyes tightly as the earth pony leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

That... wasn't so bad. Heh, silly Twilight! Getting nervous over the smallest things!

"There. Good enough for ya, Rainbow?" Twilight opened her eyes once more, watching as the orange mare took her original seat and shot an angry glance at Rainbow. The expression on the cyan pegasus' face renewed her nervousness, however. Rainbow Dash was plotting something, and it was very clear that it was not good.

"Nah, kiss on the cheek won't do, AJ." Rainbow Dash grinned and rubbed her front hooves together, letting out a short cackle of glee before continuing. "You gotta kiss her on the lips!"

"Ya gotta be kiddin' me!" Applejack had already stood up from her seat and was pacing the room, her ears flapping with agitation. "Of all the... c'mon Rainbow, really?"

Rainbow Dash nodded, her grin never leaving her face, and Applejack let out another groan as she admitted defeat. The others were still acting the same way they had been earlier, and Twilight felt her heartbeat quicken as Applejack slowly stepped towards her. She stopped, inches away from her, and sighed. "Jus'... pretend it's me givin' ya mouth-ta-mouth again or somethin'."

"What? But how's that supposed to he-"

Twilight was stopped mid-sentence as Applejack quickly leaned forwards, pressing her lips against the unicorn's. Though the earth pony's eyes were shut tight, Twilight Sparkle's had shot wide open as soon as the kiss started, and she felt her face quickly grow hot. Shivers ran up and down her spine, and she simply sat there, unsure of how she was even supposed to return such a thing. Applejack eventually pulled away, glancing downwards as she turned to make her way back towards her spot. "Sorry 'bout that, Twi."

She didn't even hear Applejack speak - she was still trying to contemplate what had just happened. What just happened? Was that a kiss? Why is my mouth all tingly? Why is my heart still beating so fast? Is it hot in here or is it just me?


Is it even normal to feel like this after a kiss? If so, why do ponies willingly do this to themselves? What's the point of such a thing?


Furthermore, if it does all this to a pony... why do I want to try it again?


She blinked, quickly shaking her head as her thinking was abruptly interrupted. All of her friends were staring at her with the exception of Applejack, who was busy staring at the floor - no doubt still embarrassed about what had happened. Twilight simply stared back at them, creating an uneasy silence. Fortunately, Rarity managed to break it. "Oh goodness, you're still blushing about that? Relax, dear! It's just a game, after all!"

"Right! Yeah... just a game! I-I know! I uh... I need to go the bathroom real quick. Somepony else take my turn if I'm not back yet." She got up and hurried off towards the bathroom, quickly shutting the door behind herself and locking it. The unicorn turned on the water and leaned closer to the mirror that sat over her sink - it had been minutes now since the kiss had ended, and her face was still beet red. "Well, if they didn't know it was my first kiss, they definitely know now. Way to go, Twilight."

She grumbled, shoving her face under the faucet and sighing as she felt the cool water course over muzzle. None of this makes any sense! I know it's just a game, but the heart rate and the blushing and the-

Get a hold of yourself, Twilight! This is... normal! Perfectly normal!

It's not normal! I've seen ponies kiss before, and they definitely don't react like I just did! Oh Celestia, am I seriously arguing with myself in my head?

Yes, but it's definitely normal to act like this! It was your first kiss! You're gonna act differently compared to ponies that have done it plenty of times!

Well... what if I ask for another? Maybe it'll be different? I mean, it's just a game after all. No harm done!

No. Don't. Don't even think about that again.


There was a gentle knock at the door, causing the lavender mare to look over towards it. "Hey, um... Twilight? Are you alright in there? You're not feeling sick or anything, are you?"

"I'm fine, Fluttershy! I'll be out in a bit!" It was a bit of a fib, but she didn't want to worry the pegasus. If she did, she might never be able to forget this entire fiasco. Twilight sighed and reluctantly turned off the water, grabbing a towel with her magic and gently drying her face. She stared at herself in the mirror, and smiled somewhat - at the very least, her blush was gone. "Okay, Twilight. You can do this. Just act normal until everypony else leaves for the night. Just a few more hours."

Her confidence renewed, she strode out of the bathroom and returned to her guests. For what it was worth, the rest of the party went off without a hitch - Rainbow's dare had been the worst of it, and they had soon turned to other games to pass the time. They laughed, played, ate, and sang the hours away, and as the sun began to set, the guests slowly began to leave one by one. The last guest remaining was Applejack, and Twilight wasn't entirely sure if it was just sheer luck that she had been the last one left, or if there was another reason. Regardless, the dare had left things between them in a rather awkward state, and now that they two of them were alone, they both tried to correct it.

"Look... Twi. I'm awful sorry 'bout what happened. I didn' know Rainbow was gonna go an' dare me ta do somethin' like that."

"It's... it's alright, Applejack. It was just a game, after all. Nothing serious. Not like it means anything."

"Nope, not at all." Even with things seemingly cleared up between them, however, Applejack remained. She idly pawed at the floor with a hoof before speaking once more. "I jus' wanted ta ask... yer face was awfully red fer th' longest time after we um... finished. Was that...?"

Twilight felt her face grow hot once more, and she slowly nodded. It was pointless to try and hide her embarrassment now. "Y-yep. First kiss."

"Well, considerin' everythin' me an' you have been through, I guess it's... kinda fittin'. Once ya think about it, anyways." It was her turn to be embarrassed as Applejack coughed and looked away from the unicorn. "I mean, I brought ya back from th' brink of death. Ya helped me get over mah fears. Sharin' a kiss doesn' mean anythin'."

"R-right. I um... I should go put Spike to bed. Yeah." Twilight turned to face towards the stairs leading to her room, but she paused. No! Twilight, you can't ask that! It's too selfish, too... weird!

"Ah, alright. Well, uh... g'night Twi. Thanks fer the party."

Don't you dare ask that. You told her over and over again that everything the two of you did didn't mean anything. That you were just friends. Don't you dare ruin that now.

Ever since their journey, though, she had felt... emboldened. Assertive. Different. She wasn't sure if it was everything they had overcome, or if some of Applejack's own courage had rubbed off on her. She had changed, for the better.

My entire life, I've been Twilight the student. Twilight the friend. I've spent so much of my life holed up in libraries and behind books. I've missed out on so much, and just once, I want to take a risk. I want to dance with the fates.

Don't do it. Do not do it. I'm warning you right now, Twilight Sparkle.

Oh be quiet.

She squelched the voice of opposition within her head and turned back around, the earth pony already making her way towards the door. "AJ, wait. I... wanted to ask something."

Applejack stopped in her tracks and glanced over her shoulder at Twilight Sparkle. "Whatcha need, sugarcube?"

"Well, what I wanted to ask is... kinda selfish. Kinda." She already felt her ears flatten, and her gaze had quickly turned towards the floor.

"Ask what ya need ta ask, Twi. You an' me both know that I've been selfish before, askin' ya ta hold me every night while we were goin' after that fruit." Applejack slowly approached the lavender mare, stopping a few feet away from her. "Go ahead an' speak yer mind."

"And... promise you won't be weirded out?"

"Weirded out?" It was an odd enough question to cause the earth pony to raise an eyebrow, but she seemed to quickly get over it. "Sure, I promise. Now tell me what's botherin' ya, Twilight."

Twilight Sparkle sighed and closed her eyes, chewing on her lip as she slowly worked up the nerve to speak. "I-I wanted to know i-if... you could k-kiss me again?"

"I uh... I jus' gotta ask - why?"

The unicorn opened her eyes and blinked. She hadn't quite been expecting that question. "W-well, um... it was m-my first kiss and all, and i-it felt kinda weird but at the same time I want more of it and I d-don't really know why and oh Celestia I'm rambling I'm so sor-"

Applejack placed a hoof on Twilight's mouth and chuckled softly. "Ya got nothin' ta be sorry for, sugarcube. We've all been there at one point or another. Do ya really want me ta give ya another kiss?"

"I... um..." She bashfully nodded. She never thought that Applejack would take her question seriously, and yet... she had.

"Kinda surprised it's taken ya this long ta ask, considerin' how close we were that whole trip. Still, do ya want me ta be serious 'bout it?"

"Wait." Twilight's eyes shot open and she stared straight Applejack. "You... weren't being serious before?"

"Aw shoot, Twi." The earth pony chuckled once more, slowly shaking her head. "Ya told me how ya weren't all that naive while we were on our journey, but I'm findin' that awful hard ta believe now."

"Sorry for not being a social butterfly like you and the rest of the girls." She scowled at Applejack and quickly glanced off to the side, but an orange hoof pulled her gaze right back.

"C'mon, Twilight. I didn' mean it like that. Besides, yer kinda lucky. Whole lot of stuff is still new to ya." Applejack leaned over, whispering into Twilight's ear. "Jus' relax. It's better that way, trust me."

"Better? Better ho-" She found herself cut off once more as the earth pony leaned over and gave her another kiss. This one was different. It was powerful, passionate - 'serious', as Applejack called it. She stood with her eyes closed, slowly taking in every little sensation. The tingle in her lips, the shivers racing up and down her spine. Even her legs wobbled, and it took every ounce of effort to keep herself from toppling over. This was definitely different from the first kiss - it wasn't forced, and she had actually wanted it. And she was enjoying it. At this point, she was fairly certain how to return a kiss and she steadily worked up the courage to do so, gently pushing back with each kiss and mimicking her friend's movements as best she could. It had been enough to catch Applejack's attention, and the orange mare quietly snickered, continuing for a few seconds more before breaking away.

"Yer an awful fast learner, Twi."

Twilight blushed and nervously smiled. "D-did I do that right? I don't know if I did or not, but it felt like the right thing to do but I don't know and you're way too good at this and I'm rambling again aren't I?"

"Yer talkin' too much, sugarcube." Applejack slowly inched forwards, a sly grin on her face, and it didn't take long for Twilight to realize what she had planned.

Oh Celestia, she wants to go again. She actually wants to go again.

The earth pony inched closer and closer, and then...


Twilight Sparkle bolted upright in bed, gasping for breath. It had just been a dream, but... it had felt so real. She rubbed at her face, gently placing a hoof on her lips and feeling somewhat relieved upon finding no real sensation from it.

Why. Why why whhhhhy. Why do I keep having this dream?

She had been having this same dream for weeks now, and it wouldn't have bothered her as much if she knew why it was even happening in the first place. It hadn't just been Applejack either - the dream had involved the rest of her friends at one point or another, and even other stallions and mares had been involved at some points, though she hardly knew most of them. Applejack was the most common subject for the dream, though, and each dream had been more vivid than the last. The fact that she always dreamt of her friends 'teaching' her how to kiss - no, make out - and the fact that she was actually willing to do so and seemingly enjoyed it? That was terrifying.

I shouldn't be acting like this. Friends don't have horribly vivid dreams about doing... that with their friends.

At the very least, it was morning. She quickly brushed out her mane and cleaned her teeth before proceeding downstairs. Based on smell alone, breakfast was already ready, which meant Spike had been up for a while now. It was somewhat unusual, given that he often liked to sleep in, but she thought nothing of it. Twilight rounded the corner into her kitchen and smiled as the baby dragon placed a daffodil sandwich on the table for her. "Aw, you made my favorite for me! Thanks Spike!"

"Yep! I heard you talking in your sleep a whole bunch last night, so I figured you were having a bad dream. I thought this might make up for it." He turned and peered up at Twilight. "What were you dreaming about anyways?"

She froze - she didn't know she talked in her sleep. If she did, that meant that Spike possibly knew what her dreams had been about, and... oh that was not good at all. She didn't want to have to explain all of that. Twilight took a quick bite out of her sandwich, chewing and swallowing before continuing. "I... don't really remember. What was I talking about?"

"Well..." He bit a chunk out of an emerald and tapped a claw to his chin as he thought. "It was a bunch of gibberish, really. All I could make out was 'App' and... 'Ja'. That's what it sounded like, at least."

"Oh. No clue, then. Sorry, Spike." It was a fib, and a big one at that, but she didn't feel comfortable discussing this with Spike - not yet, at least. She finished her meal and put the plate away, leaving Spike to eat his gemstones in solitude. "I need to run some errands around town, and I need my number one assistant to do something for me. Think you're up to it?"

Even as the words were leaving her mouth, Spike already stood front and center, saluting her and puffing out his chest as much as he could manage. "Ready and able!"

"Excellent! See if we have any books on dream interpretation, and if we do, just set them aside for me. I need them for some... research. Yes." Twilight smiled at him, trying to make it as sincere as possible, and he briefly eyed her with suspicion. When Spike returned her smile with one of his own, she knew he had bought it, and though part of her felt terrible for hiding things from him, it was for the best.

"Sure thing, Twilight. We probably have a book or two laying around here somewhere... I'll have 'em ready before you're back." The lavender mare was already headed out the door, though, and Spike waved her off as she left for the day. With Twilight gone, he had the entire library to himself, and he definitely planned on napping later on. The dragon had business to take care of first, however. He grabbed the last gem from his bowl, a sapphire, and quickly devoured it before placing his bowl within the sink. All that was left was to search for the books Twilight had requested.

Leaving the kitchen, he made his way into the library himself and wandered about until reaching the 'D' section. After a quick ladder repositioning, he clambered up the rungs and began to dig through the tomes. Twilight was notoriously tidy, and her books were no exception. Despite how orderly she kept things, however, she never could find what she needed - it always struck the baby dragon as being a bit odd, but funny nonetheless. What Twilight often couldn't find though, he could, and he had already managed to find several books about dream interpretation. "Huh. More here than I thought. Why does she have so many books about dreams anyways?"

He thought back a bit and quickly remembered the brief psychology obsession she had during her days at Canterlot. It had only lasted a week or so, but had ended up with her gaining at least twenty new books for her collection. A knock at the door interrupted his reminiscing, though - though Twilight's home was also the Ponyville Library, visitors were actually somewhat rare. Spike carefully dropped the books onto the floor below and hopped down the ladder, running over towards the door and opening it. He smiled upon opening the door, happy to see a familiar face. "Oh, hey Applejack!"

"Howdy Spike. Say, is Twi around? Wanted ta ask her opinion on somethin'." The orange mare leaned over and began to glance about the inside of the library, frowning somewhat as Spike shook his head at her. "Shoot, she's probably out an' about then. I'll have ta catch her another time, then. Though, I gotta ask - ya'll got any books on dreams and what not?"

Spike chuckled and stared at her curiously. "Books? I didn't know you read."

"What's that 'spose ta mean? 'course I read, I jus'... never really get th' chance. Applebuckin' an' all." She sighed and looked at him once more. "So ya got any books on dreams or not?"

"Oh, we do, but um... they're all checked out right now. To Twilight."

"Twi's got 'em, huh? Mind tellin' her ta send 'em mah way when she's done? I keep gettin' these weird dreams, an' it's messin' up mah sleep somethin' fierce."

He nodded, and Applejack turned to leave before being stopped by another question. "I know Twilight's been having some bad dreams too. She keeps talking in her sleep and stuff. What kind of things have yours been about anyways?"

The earth pony sighed - if there was one downside to Spike, it was that he was immensely curious. She wasn't sure if it was because part of Twilight had rubbed off on him, or if he was simply curious because of his age. Applejack eventually relented, however. "Eh, I don' see th' harm in tellin' ya. Jus' don' tell Twi, or she might get after me fer puttin' ideas in yer head or somethin'."

"Don't worry, AJ! My lips are sealed!" He made a zipping motion across his mouth, and Applejack softly laughed before continuing.

"Alrighty, it all started when..."