• Published 7th Mar 2021
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MLP FiM x Fairy Tail: Wizards in Equestria - FL

An entity of light summons the Fairy Tail guild to Equestria to assist the Council of Friendship in a war against an ancient evil force.

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Chapter 2 (3/4)

The Order of Scarlet Night gave Twilight Sparkle and Fairy Tail an ultimatum, using the threat of their superweapon, the Doom Cruiser. Fairy Tail and the Council of Friendship initiated an operation to destroy the superweapon. In response, the Order of Scarlet Night launched simultaneous invasions on both Canterlot and the Crystal Empire.

In the Crystal Empire, Lisanna and Elfman encounter a dangerous foe in the form of Cloth Demoness, the Lower 4 of the Red Moon Generals.

The dark unicorn uses a set of sashes as weapons. Not only the sashes can extend in length, they are as lethal as blades. Furthermore, the speed of the sash swipes is no laughing matter.

So far, Lisanna managed to avoid any scratches. Unfortunately for Elfman, he is a bigger target and he had received several cuts on his torso.

Knowing that she can’t keep on evading forever, Lisanna decided to go for an attack. She had initial success in dodging the sashes due to her speed. However, before Lisanna could get close enough, Cloth Demoness increased the speed of her sash swipes. Both of Lisanna’s arms got grazed, but she jumped back before she could be sliced to shreds.

Elfman then changed to his ‘Beast Soul: Lizardman’ form, hoping that this form’s increased defenses could lessen the blows of the sash strikes. However, when the sashes struck him again, they still cut deep.

“Ugh! Even in this form, the cuts are still deep! What kind of cloth is she using?!”

“By themselves, they would be ordinary cloth. It’s my magic that makes these sashes sharp like blades.” Cloth Demoness explained.

“Elfman… Something’s wrong… My eyes… My vision… is getting blurry.” Lisanna collapsed to her knees as she held her head, trying to maintain her focus.

Elfman was also starting to feel something wrong. “Now that you mention it. I’m… not feeling well either… My head… is aching… My eyes… feel heavy… I can’t… see straight. Did that dark unicorn… did something to us?”

“My sashes are coated with a toxin. Effects include blurry vision and severe dizziness and headaches. It can also weaken body functions. The effects only last for a few hours, but it’s not like I’m going to give you two a chance to recover. I’ll be carving you both up. And I’ll start with the girl.”

The sashes rapidly extended towards Lisanna. Knowing that Lisanna would not be able to dodge the sashes, the one thing that comes to Elfman’s mind was protecting his sister by using his own body as a shield, which he did without any hesitation. Elfman grit his teeth as his back received multiple slashes.

“Aww. Protecting your comrade. How sweet. I’ll make your death as agonizing as possible.”

The sashes relentlessly assault Elfman. He continued shielding Lisanna as he took all the hits.

Cloth Demoness showed a sadistic smile as Elfman’s back is being covered in bloody cuts. However, she then noticed a dark-colored sphere coming right at her, but she jumped back and dodged it. Afterwards, she saw a figure descending from the sky. It is Mirajane, still in her Satan Soul form.

“It’s another one of those humans.”

“Lisanna… Elfman… Are you two okay?” Mirajane asked her siblings as she landed on the ground.

“Be careful Mirajane… That one is a Red Moon General!” Lisanna said weakly.

“And her sashes are poisonous... Don’t let them touch you!” Elfman warned Mirajane.

“I see… then you two can leave this one to me.” Mirajane said as her anger towards Cloth Demoness swells up inside her. “SATAN SOUL: MIRAJANE ALEGRIA!”

“And what is that form supposed to be?” Cloth Demoness asked curiously. However, the Lower 4 general could also feel the high amount of magic power being emitted from Mirajane. This even caused the dark unicorn to sweat.

“If you’re a Red Moon General, then I shouldn’t pull any punches.” Mirajane answered with a fierce look in her eyes.

“It doesn’t matter what you do! I’ll destroy you all the same!” Cloth Demoness aimed all six of her sashes at Mirajane.

Mirajane evaded the sash strikes and in a blink of an eye, Mirajane got close to Cloth Demoness. Before Cloth Demoness could even react, Mirajane grabbed her by the neck, slammed the dark unicorn’s head into the crystal ground with tremendous force, and then released a powerful magical explosion that created a huge smoke cloud and a large crater on the spot.

Cloth Demoness isn’t getting back up after something that brutal. Her body disintegrated as do all dark unicorns and monsters that suffered defeat at an enemy’s hands.

With the Red Moon General dealt with, Mirajane returned to her normal form since the Alegria form used up a lot of magic power. She then turned her attention to her brother and sister.

“Don’t worry you two, everything will be alright.” Mirajane reassured.

Sensing the Red Moon General’s defeat, the remaining monsters retreated from the Crystal Empire.

“They’re retreating. Is it over?” Bickslow wondered.

“It’s about time. I was starting to think this would never end.” Evergreen was relieved.

The Doom Cruiser is now over Manehattan. The ponies there panicked and screamed at the sight of the metal monstrosity in the sky.

Group B reached the bridge. A magical barrier blocked their way, but Freed used his magic to nullify it. Once Group B breached the bridge, the dark unicorns there tried to fight back, but Group B made short work of them.

“All too easy.” Gajeel said with a smile.

“Now we just need to find out how to control this ship” Freed pointed out.

Group B heard a squadron of goblin guards heading their way.

“Gajeel! Panther Lily! Can you keep them out!?” Freed asked the two.

“Leave it to us!” Gajeel answered as he and Panther Lily left the bridge to fight their enemies.

Meanwhile inside the core chamber, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie are currently facing against the Lower 3 of the Red Moon Generals, Red Rage.

The tentacles on Red Rage’s octopus mech lunged towards the three ponies. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie evaded them. Rarity deflected the tentacles using a construct with rotating blades.

Rainbow Dash threw lightning bolts at the mech, but they had no effect.

“They didn’t do a thing!” Rainbow Dash said surprised.

“Ha ha! Guess the power Aura gave you hardly amounts to anything!” Red Rage taunted.

“How about I aim for you instead!” Rainbow Dash aimed her lightning bolts directly at Red Rage. She threw the bolts, but the dark unicorn blocked them with a magical barrier.

“You think it would be that easy?! What a moron!”

Pinkie attacked the mech with her party cannon, but her attacks only made small dents on the machine. Red Rage used his magic to repair the small damage that Pinkie managed to inflict.

“I can repair my weapon faster than you can damage it!”

Rarity created harpoon constructs and launched them at the mech. However, the harpoons failed to pierce their target as they bounced off the mech.

“What kind of machine is he using?!” Rarity yelled.

“This machine is a construct created by my magic! But it’s far more superior to the measly constructs that miss pretty pony could conjure up!”

Rarity seethed with anger at Red Rage’s insult. She created a wrecking ball construct and swung it at Rage Rage with full force. Red Rage simply fired a red magic beam from his horn and destroyed Rarity’s construct.

The mech then fired missiles at the three ponies. Rainbow Dash evaded the missiles using her flying skills. Pinkie Pie jumped around and Rarity defended herself with a shield construct.

Right after Rainbow Dash dodged the missiles that were flying towards her, Red Rage shot her out of the air with a magic beam. One of the mech’s tentacles then grabbed Rainbow Dash before she hit the floor. Rainbow Dash struggled to break free, but the tentacle restraining her slammed her onto the floor.

“Rainbow Dash!” Both Pinkie and Rarity screamed.

The mech fired more missiles at the two ponies. Pinkie ran around while Rarity tried blocking the missiles with a shield construct. Pinkie was then immobilized by a magic beam fired by Red Rage. He proceeded to fire a beam at Rarity as well. The beam broke through Rarity’s shield and struck her, sending her reeling on the floor. Before Pinkie and Rarity could recover, the mech’s tentacles grabbed them. With that, all three ponies got caught in Red Rage’s clutches.

“Now, I’m going to squeeze the life out of you three!”

Rarity tried to create a construct, but the tentacle holding her tightened its grip, causing her to lose focus.

“I can’t wait to see the look on Princess Twilight’s face when three of her dearest companions perished by my hooves.”

Laxus suddenly zoomed into the core chamber like a lightning bolt. He flew past and shattered the tentacles restraining the three ponies.

“Laxus!” Rainbow Dash was glad to see him.

“You three stand back. Leave the rest to me.” Laxus said.

“Grrrrr. It’s one of those humans! Fine, I’ll destroy you too!” Red Rage fired his magic beams while his mech launched missiles at Laxus.

Laxus evaded the beams and missiles by moving around like lightning.

“LIGHTNING DRAGON IRON HAMMER!” This attack actually did serious damage as it formed very large cracks on the mech.

Did he just…?! No! I can’t think about that right now! I need to get rid of this blasted human!” Red Rage then had his octopus mech flail its tentacles at Laxus, but he managed to evade them as well.

“LIGHTNING DRAGON HEAVENWARD HALBERD!” Laxus hurled a very large trident of lightning and this attack blew off a huge chunk of Red Rage’s mech.

“He can do this much damage to my construct so easily?! How powerful is this human?!”

While his whole body is engulfed in lightning, Laxus bolted towards the dark unicorn. Red Rage tried to stop him with the mech’s tentacles, but Laxus broke through them. Red Rage then put up a magical barrier, but Laxus easily shattered it. The dark unicorn’s eyes widened as Laxus flew right up to his face.


This point-blank attack sent both Red Rage and his mech crashing violently into the wall. Afterwards, the mech completely broke apart and crumbled, meaning that Red Rage is down and out. The barrier protecting the core disappeared as well.

Back at the bridge, Freed managed to move the ship away from Manehattan and over the nearby sea.

Freed used the magic bracelet on his wrist to contact all members of the strike team. “The ship is over the sea! You can take out the core now!”

“Ooh! Ooh! Let me! Let me! Let me! Let me!” Pinkie requested while bouncing excitedly.

“Make it quick” Laxus replied.

With a wide smile on her face, Pinkie threw over ten sparkly explosive cakes at the core. Once the core took damage, it destabilized. Sparks were flying everywhere inside the core chamber and the ship began shaking uncontrollably.

“I guess it’s time for us to bail!” Rainbow Dash shouted out.

As the core overloaded, the ship began exploding from the inside. The strike team teleported out of the ship just before it was completely consumed in a fiery blaze.

Everypony in Manehattan was given a spectacle as they watched the Doom Cruiser plummet into the sea as a massive pile of burning metal.

Back in the Battle of Canterlot, the Lower 2 of the Red Moon Generals, War Spirit, is currently battling Gildarts.

War Spirit has spent over 30 minutes trying to get rid of Gildarts, but wasn’t having any luck. No matter what War Spirit attacked with, Gildarts used his Crush magic to nullify anything thrown at him.

“Got anything else?” Gildarts said with a bored expression.

Seeing Gildarts completely unharmed was starting to unnerve War Spirit. “W-what’s going on? W-why am I… a Red Moon General… is having this much trouble destroying a single being?!”

“Look. It’s clear that you’re not going to win. So why don’t you make this easier on yourself and surrender?”

“Surrender? That is never an option for us! I swore an oath to fight for Scarlet Night until my very last breath!”

War Spirit then materialized three incredibly large bombs, each with enough power to destroy a small town. He hurled them at Gildarts, hoping that it would achieve some results. Once again, this proved to be a useless gesture as Gildarts even shattered that attack.

“PURIFYING TRUTH: FIRMAMENT!” Gildarts finally decided to end this battle. War Spirit attempted to block Gildarts’ attack with a magical barrier, but it was no use as Gildarts easily broke through and dealt the decisive strike.

War Spirit was sent flying out of Canterlot and he crash landed somewhere far in the distance, with the impact of the landing leaving behind a huge crater. The injury he sustained from Gildarts’ attack was severe enough to cause him to disintegrate.

Meanwhile, Twilight is still battling the dark crystal monster. Though her attacks can push the monster back, the monster’s armor prevents it from suffering any considerable damage.

“What does it take to defeat this monster?!”

“Aim for the joints, Twilight” Aura spoke to Twilight through a telepathic link.


“The monster’s defenses are weakest at the joints. Aim there.”

Following Aura’s advice, Twilight fired her magic beams at the joints in the monster’s arms and legs. This tactic worked as the monster fell to its knees. However, the monster wasn’t about to let Twilight win. From its mouth, it launched a fiery stone projectile at Twilight. The alicorn managed to catch the projectile with telekinesis and then threw it back at the monster’s head with three times the force. The monster’s head got blown off and the rest of its body soon crumbled.

Near Canterlot Castle, Bisca used her double magic machine guns and decimated the remaining goblins and gargoyles with a storm of magical bullets.

With the defeat of the Red Moon General and all the monsters eliminated, the Battle of Canterlot has ended.

The operation to destroy the Doom Cruiser was a success and the Order of Scarlet Night’s invasions on Canterlot and the Crystal Empire have been foiled. In the aftermath, Fluttershy went to Canterlot to use her new powers to help heal the wounded while Wendy does the same at the Crystal Empire.