• Published 7th Mar 2021
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MLP FiM x Fairy Tail: Wizards in Equestria - FL

An entity of light summons the Fairy Tail guild to Equestria to assist the Council of Friendship in a war against an ancient evil force.

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Extra: Asuka and the CMCs

It all started on the day Aura Light summoned the Fairy Tail guild to Equestria.

Right after Ponyville was saved from a monster attack, all of Fairy Tail made contact with the ponies. When she first laid eyes on these ponies, Asuka Connell marveled at them because of how colorful they are.

During the welcome-to-Equestria party, Asuka went around, looking for ponies to talk to.

The first two ponies that caught Asuka’s attention were Celestia and Luna since they are the tallest ponies around. The two were sitting together, watching their former subjects converse with the humans.

Asuka went up to them and Celestia noticed her.

“Oh, hello there.” Celestia greeted the little girl.

“You are both very pretty. May I touch your manes?” Asuka asked Celestia and Luna.

“Uh. Of course, little one.” Luna stuttered while Celestia chuckled.

Later on, Asuka wandered around, trying to decide on which pony to talk to. Most of the foals were busy watching some of the Fairy Tail wizards displaying their magical abilities. That’s when she spotted three certain fillies, the CMCs, talking amongst themselves.

“You saw how that pink-haired human with the scarf swallowed all that fire and then roasted that giant monster with just one hit. That was so awesome!” Sootaloo squeed.

“What about the one who can make hundreds of swords appear out of thin air? And the one with the power of ice? And the one who can make twisters? I think those were amazing!” Sweetie Belle pointed out.

“I think the one who can turn his arms into iron and the walking panther with the big sword are very cool.” Apple Bloom said.

Asuka then approached them.

“Hello, my name is Asuka Connell.”

“Howdy. I’m Apple Bloom.”

“I’m Sweetie Belle.”

“And I’m Scootaloo.”

“Can we be friends?” Asuka asked the CMCs.

“Of course! We love to make new friends!” the CMCs became excited.

“And you’re going to love Ponyville! It’s a very nice place!” Sweetie Belle said.

And on that moment, Asuka and the CMCs became great friends.

“So Asuka, can you do any magic?” Scootaloo asked.

“Not yet. But I’m sure when I’m older, I’ll be able to use the same kind of magic that Mommy and Daddy use.”

“So what kind of magic do your parents use?” Sweetie Belle asked curiously.

“They use Guns Magic.” Asuka answered.

“Guns Magic?” the CMCs asked curiously.

“Mommy and Daddy use a weapon like this.” Asuka showed the three fillies her toy gun. “This is just a toy that only shoots rubber bullets. The ones that Mommy and Daddy use fire magical bullets.”


As Asuka bonded with the CMCs, Bisca and Alzack watched with a warm smile.

Since that day, Asuka has been playing with the CMCs frequently. They also introduced Asuka to the other young ponies in Ponyville, helping her befriend them as well.

Right outside the Castle of Friendship, around two weeks after Asuka met the CMCs…

“You’re leaving on a mission?” Asuka asked her parents.

“Yes Asuka. Mommy and Daddy are going to White Tail Woods to eliminate some monsters. Please be good while we’re gone.” Bisca said to Asuka.

“I will. Bye-bye Mommy. Bye-bye Daddy.”

“Have fun with your friends.” Alzack said before the couple used their Aura bracelets to teleport to their destination.

Afterwards, Asuka went to Sweet Apple Acres to meet up with the CMCs. After entering the farm, she ran into Big Mac and Sugar Belle.

“Hello” Asuka greeted the pony couple. “Is Apple Bloom here?”

“Eeyup” Big Mac answered.

“She’s in the house with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.” Sugar Belle explained.

As Asuka walked to the Apple Family’s house, Winona ran to her.

“Hello doggy.” Asuka petted the dog and she licked Asuka’s face in return. Asuka then went to the house and knocked on the front door. Applejack answered.

“Oh, good morning youngin.” Applejack greeted Asuka. “If you’re looking for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, they’re right inside. And you’re just in time too. Granny Smith is about to make some apple pies. Would you like some?”

“Of course! I love her pies!”

Asuka meets Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo in the dining room. Granny Smith brought some freshly-baked apple pies from the kitchen and placed them on the table. After eating some slices of pies, Asuka and the three fillies went outside.

“Asuka, we are doing a Cutie Mark day camp today. Want to join us?” Apple Bloom invited Asuka.

“Is that when you help other little ponies obtain those cutie marks? I’m in! I always wanted to see how ponies get a cutie mark.”

Asuka then joined the CMCs in their activities to help blank flanks discover their special talent. At the CMC clubhouse, many blank flanks gathered. There were three unicorn fillies, two unicorn colts, three pegasi colts, two pegasi fillies, four earth pony colts, and three earth pony fillies.

“Thank you for coming today.” Scootaloo greeted the blank flanks. “We are here to help you find your special talent. Are you all ready to get started?”

“Yeeeeaaaaaah!” All the blank flanks said with excitement.

Scootaloo then turned to her fellow crusaders and Asuka. “So what should be our first activity of the day?”

“I know! Maybe some of the ponies here have a special talent for marksmanship!” Asuka was the first to give her idea.

Near the Fairy Tail guild hall, Asuka displayed her marksmanship skills to the foals with her toy gun. She amazed them by hitting twenty bullseyes in a roll. The blank flanks then participated in this marksmanship activity, but they used bows and rubber arrows. None of the foals were able to come even close to scoring as high as Asuka. This activity went on for twenty minutes, and none of the blank flanks got a cutie mark.

“Nopony got a cutie mark. I guess this activity is a bust.” Sweetie Belle noticed.

“So, what should we do next?” Apple Bloom asked.

Asuka then pointed at the Fairy Tail guild hall. “Let’s ask around there.”

Asuka, the CMCs, and the blank flanks went to the Fairy Tail guild hall to see if any wizards would assist them.

“Here’s a thought. Maybe drinking whole barrels of alcohol can be your special talent.” Cana said before she drank a barrel.

“Cana! They’re children! You shouldn’t be giving them the idea of underage drinking!” Macao Conbolt reprimanded Cana for her suggestion.

“I was only kidding.” Cana said while drunk.

“Listen kids. Whatever you do, stay out of trouble and never do anything illegal.” Macao told the little ponies.

Asuka and the CMCs then asked Natsu, Lucy, and Happy.

“I know! Maybe some of you can get cutie marks for fighting monsters.” Natsu suggested.

“Natsu! You can’t suggest something so dangerous to the fillies and colts!” Lucy shouted.

“But it could be. You never known until you try.” Natsu pouted.

Lucy sighed for a brief moment. “Listen, children. I know you may be eager to find out about your special talent. But remember this. Nothing is worth risking your life over. So please avoid doing anything dangerous.” Lucy then had an idea. “Oh, I know! You could try writing!”

“What about fishing? It’s a safe and fun activity.” Happy gave his own suggestion.

“Fishing does sound more fun!” an earth pony colt said.

“Yeah!” the other foals agreed.

Lucy became depressed that her idea was rejected.

Asuka, the CMCs, and the blank flanks then went fishing at the river that flows through Ponyville. After thirty minutes, none of the blank flanks got a cutie mark.

“No luck again.” Scootaloo stated.

They went back to the guild hall and found Gray there.

“How about ice sculpting then? I can make all the ice blocks you need.” Gray said.

The blank flanks happily agreed to try this activity. With the ice blocks Gray created, each of the blank flanks went on to sculpt their respective ice blocks into any shape they wish. Once again, there was no new cutie marks.

The CMCs then spotted Erza. “Hey! Let’s ask her!” Sweetie Belle said.

“Okay.” Asuka then walked up to Erza. “Could you please show them how to use a sword? It could be the special talent for one of these ponies.” Asuka requested Erza to help.

“Teaching swordsmanship to fillies and colts? Sure, I got some time.” Erza agreed to help. She gave each of the little ponies small wooden swords to use. The unicorns use their magic while the pegasi and earth ponies use their mouths to carry their wooden swords. Erza started off with the basics such as stances and sword swinging. Even though the ponies are quadruped and don’t have hands, Erza managed to work around that. Erza’s lesson lasted for 40 minutes, but still no new cutie marks.

“That would be all for today. If you wish to continue the lessons, just let me know.” Erza said before leaving.

“We’re still not having any luck.” Scootaloo said with disappointment.

“The day is still young. There’s plenty more we can do before the Cutie Mark day camp is over.” Apple Bloom tried to cheer up Scootaloo.

Asuka then saw Reedus painting a portrait of a mountain. “Hey! We can try painting next!”

Upon Asuka’s request, Reedus gave the blank flanks painting lessons. The fillies and colts painted whatever comes to mind, but yet again, none of them got a cutie mark.

“Once again, nothing.” Sweetie Belle sighed.

“Hi there! I heard about this cutie mark activity you’re doing. Maybe I can help.” A Fairy Tail wizard approached them. It is Vijeeter Ecor.

“What magic do you use?” one of the unicorn fillies asked.

“I use Dance magic.”

“Dance magic? That doesn’t sound as awesome like fire, ice, wind, iron, and sword magic.” one of the pegasus colts commented.

“Now, now little ponies. Have you heard of the saying ‘do not judge a book by its cover’?”

Vijeeter started dancing. To the blank flanks’ surprise, they started dancing as well.

“W-woah, what’s going on?! My body is moving on its own!” one of the unicorn colts said as the little ponies were taken aback.

“Don’t worry. He’s just making you dance.” Asuka assured them.

As the little ponies were dancing, a miracle happened. One of the earth pony colts got his cutie mark.

“I don’t believe it! I got my Cutie Mark!” the colt started jumping around with joy.

“Well look here, I helped out after all!” Vijeeter had a wide grin on his face, seeing that his actions had left a positive impact.

The CMCs then went on to congratulate the colt for finding his special talent.

After the Cutie Mark day camp ended, Bisca and Alzack returned from their mission.

At the Castle of Friendship…

“Mommy! Daddy! Welcome back!” Asuka greeted her parents and they gave her a hug.

“Hello sweetie! How was your day?” Bisca asked Asuka.

“I was helping Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo with their Cutie Mark day camp.”

“Sounds like fun. How was it?” Alzack asked.

“Only one pony got a cutie mark. But the camp was lots of fun. We did so many things together.”

“I can’t wait to hear all about it.” Bisca said with a smile.