MLP FiM x Fairy Tail: Wizards in Equestria

by FL

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An entity of light summons the Fairy Tail guild to Equestria to assist the Council of Friendship in a war against an ancient evil force.

An entity of light summons the Fairy Tail guild to Equestria to assist the Council of Friendship in a war against an ancient evil force.

For Fairy Tail, this takes place after the defeat of Zeref and Acnologia.
For My Little Pony, this takes place one year after Twilight Sparkle became ruler of Equestria.

This is my first attempt at a crossover fanfic.

Fairy Tail is created by Hiro Mashima.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is created by Lauren Faust.
I don’t own these series.

Chapter 1 (1/2)

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Earth Land, Kingdom of Fiore

In Magnolia Town, Fairy Tail guild hall…

Inside the guild hall, the wizards of Fairy Tail are celebrating their victory in the war against the Alvarez Empire, in which the black wizard Zeref and the feared King of Dragons, Acnologia, have been defeated.

The guild master, Makarov Dreyar, gives a speech.

“My children. It brings me great joy to see you all here. No doubt that the war with the Alvarez Empire will be long remembered. There were toils and tribulations, but with the help of allied guilds, we managed to overcome our greatest enemy yet!”

“YEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!” The Fairy Tail members cheered.

“However…” Makarov’s tone then shifts from cheerful to sad. “The first master, Mavis Vermillion, has sadly passed away. But…” He then goes back to being optimistic. “She gave her life for us. And we’ll forever be indebted to her. May she rest in peace.”

“May she rest in peace.” The Fairy Tail members repeated.

“Our future is in our hands now. Now then! On with the celebration!” Makarov declares.

The wizards in the guild eat, drink, and goof around to their heart’s content. As usual, Cana Alberona drinks alcohol from a whole barrel, while her father, Gildarts Clive, wants to spend some quality father-and-daughter time together.

On one side of the guild hall, there is Natsu Dragneel, Happy, and Lucy Heartfilia sitting together at a table. Happy is happily eating a fish and Natsu is scarfing down pieces of meat.

“So Lucy… What do you plan on doing?” Natsu says while his mouth is full.

“I’m thinking of continuing the book I’m writing. What about you?”

“Simple. I’m going to go on more quests!”

At another side of the guild hall, Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser are together at another table.

“Gray, darling… I’m wondering… maybe it’s time to take our relationship to the next level.” Juvia says while blushing.

“Let’s not get crazy please.” Gray replies while being wierded out by Juvia’s advances.

Erza Scarlet sits alone at another table, eating a piece of strawberry cake and thinking about a certain someone. “I wonder how Jellal is doing. I wish he could join us.”

Also sitting together are Gajeel Redfox, Panther Lily, and Levy McGarden.

Levy says a few things to Gajeel. “You know Gajeel. I’m happy that you’re here with me. I was very scared that I was going to lose you.” During the battle against Bloodman of the Spriggan 12, it appeared that Gajeel was going to meet his end, but he miraculously survived. “If you had died back there, I…”

Gajeel pats Levy on the head.

“Let’s not dwell on the past. We’re here and that’s all that matters. And I promise I won’t put you through that ever again.” Gajeel assures Levy.

The Fairy Tail guild continues with their partying. Then suddenly, the guild hall starts glowing and the entire building starts shaking. Naturally, this alarms the entire guild.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! What is happening?!” Happy starts to panic.

“Now what?” Laxus Dreyar says.

The shaking continues and the glow illuminating the guild hall grows brighter. Happy holds on to Natsu, Juvia holds on to Gray, Wendy Marvell holds on to Carla, Bisca Connell and Alzack Connell hold on to their daughter Asuka, Levy and Gajeel hold each other, and the Strauss siblings also hold each other tight. Laxus stands by his grandfather’s side. All the Fairy Tail mages brace themselves for what’s coming. The glow gets bright to the point that all the mages cover their eyes.

After a few minutes, the shaking stops and the glow dims down. When the mages can open their eyes again, they see that the guild hall and everyone in it appear to be fine.

“What just happened?” Gray asks bewildered.

“Whatever it was, it’s weird.” Gajeel commented.

“I thought something scary was coming.” Wendy says nervously.

Max Alors and Warren Rocko walk to the guild hall’s front entrance to take a look outside and what they see is going to surprise everyone. “Everyone! You need to look outside!” The two mages exclaimed.

All the mages then look outside and discover that they’re not in Magnolia anymore. They see that the guild hall is right outside a town with a crystal castle.

“Did the guild hall just move to another location?” Erza asks.

“Where in the world are we?” Makarov wonders.

As if that wasn’t strange enough, the Fairy Tail mages suddenly find themselves in an infinite white space.

“What is going on here?!” Natsu is getting fed up with these strange turn of events.

“Greetings, Fairy Tail.” a voice suddenly calls out to them. The mages turn their attention to the source of the voice. It appears to be a bright yellow glowing entity resembling an alicorn.

“Who… or what are you?” Makarov inquires.

“My name is Aura Light. And I was responsible for bringing you to this world.”

“This world?” Erza wonders what she meant by that.

“Yes. You all are in another world. Right now, you are in the land of Equestria in the world of Equus.”

The Fairy Tail mages are dumbfounded by her statement. “Equus? Equestria?” That’s what some Fairy Tail members are thinking about.

Aura gives a brief rundown on Equestria and its inhabitants. The Fairy Tail mages are perplexed after hearing about magical ponies and other creatures. Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel show interest about the dragons in this world. However, Aura did not tell them everything such as the names of some of these ponies and creatures.

“Ok. That was all interesting. But I must ask. Why did you bring us here?” Makarov says.

“Because I have a request for the whole guild.”

“A request?”

“A dark force is about to threaten Equestria. It is known as the Order of Scarlet Night. It consists of dark unicorns and their legions of monsters. Their master is my older twin sister, Scarlet Night, the alicorn of darkness.”

“Your sister?”

“4000 years ago, long before the existence of Equestria, Scarlet Night and her forces waged a terrible war on the land and tried to plunge it into darkness. To stop my sister, I made the ultimate sacrifice. Now, Scarlet Night’s servants are trying to revive her. My request is this, ensure Scarlet Night’s downfall.”

“Just to be clear. You want my family to fight in another war?”

Aura then prostrates herself. “Please, I beg of you. If nothing is done, innocents will suffer. The Order of Scarlet Night is too powerful for the defenders of Equestria to fight alone. The reason I turn to you is because I believe that your guild can help Equestria resist the Order of Scarlet Night. I promise that your reward will be great.”

“I couldn’t help but wonder. How do you know about Fairy Tail?”

“I have been observing your guild for some time. I saw the battles your children fought in as well as how they overcame great adversity time and time again. So I ask you this, will you please accept my request?”

The Fairy Tail members ponder for a while. Natsu then steps forward.

“I say we help her.”

“Natsu?” Lucy says.

“Look, I know we just met her. But I can’t turn my back on a world that’s in danger of being destroyed.” Natsu explains.

“I’ll also help out.” Gray agrees. “I can’t walk away from what I know is right.”

“If innocent lives are threatened, then I’ll do whatever it is within my power to protect them.” Erza declares.

“You know. It’s not everyday we get to see another world.” a random Fairy Tail member says.

“Yeah! We beat Zeref and Acnologia! We can do anything!”

No Fairy Tail members express any objections.

“Very well, it seems we are all in agreement.” Makarov states.

“You all have my profound gratitude” Aura says with great relief.

Lucy raises her right hand. “Hold on! How long are we expected to stay in Equestria? Some of us do have rent to pay.”

“No need to worry. When you return to your world, you will find that only a short time has passed there.” Aura explains.

“Before I go, there’s something you need. Please take a look at your right wrist.” Aura instructed.

Each Fairy Tail member did as they’re told and find that they are wearing some kind of magical bracelet. Aura proceeds to explain the bracelets’ functions. They can display a holographic map of Equestria. It also shows the wearer’s position so it can act like a GPS. What’s more is that the wearer can select a location on the map and teleport there in an instant. The bracelets also enable their wearers to store items in a pocket dimension and communicate with fellow Fairy Tail members. The wearer can take their bracelets off anytime they wish, and should they get lost or stolen, the bracelets will teleport back to their owners.

“There’s another thing I need to take care of. Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, and Laxus. Please step forward.”

Once the four stand in front of Aura, she casts a spell on them. “This is a spell that prevents motion sickness. You four will be able to ride on vehicles without any problems. The spell will remain in effect until you return to Earth Land.”

“Really! That’s sweet!” Natsu says excitedly. “That means I can ride on a train or a carriage without getting sick!”

“There’s just one more thing I want to say to you. To avoid any potential misunderstandings and confusions with the dragons in this world, please avoid using the term ‘dragon slayer’. Just say that you’re dragon wizards and that you use dragon magic.”

The mages then finds themselves back in the guild hall.

“Well that was an interesting encounter.” Gildarts commented.

The mages then see a vortex surrounded by dark clouds suddenly appear in the sky above the nearby town. Out of the vortex comes a swarm of large bug-like monsters resembling beetles, wasps, and mantises. The monsters proceed to lay siege to the town.

“Look’s like that town’s in trouble!” Natsu is the first to rush into action.

Happy, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Carla, Gajeel, and Panther Lily follow after him.

Rewinding time back a little…..

The town of Ponyville…

It has been one year since Twilight Sparkle became ruler of Equestria. During this time, Ponyville is still mainly inhabited by ponies.

The town is celebrating the anniversary of Twilight’s ascension to the throne, and the ruler herself will be coming to Ponyville. Rainbow Dash’s job is to clear the skies, Pinkie and Applejack are in charge of the sweets and food with assistance from the Cake Family and the whole Apple Family, Fluttershy rehearse with her song bird choir, and Rarity works on decorations. Starlight Glimmer oversees the preparations with Trixie Lulamoon and Sunburst assisting her. Starlight thoroughly goes over her checklist.

“You know Starlight. You are really starting to act like Twilight.” Trixie says.

“Really? You think so? I never thought about that.” Starlight replies.

Starlight, Trixie, and Sunburst then meet up with Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity.

“Hello everypony. How are the preparations?” Starlight asks her friends.

“I cleared away all the clouds.” Rainbow says proudly.

“Everything is marvelous.” Rarity feeling pleased with herself.

“I can’t wait for Twilight to try the cakes I made for her!” Pinkie exclaims while bouncing up and down.

“Good, good, and… Oh! Look who have just arrived!” Starlight notices that the royal family from the Crystal Empire has come. Starlight immediately greeted Cadence, Shining Armor, and their daughter Flurry Heart. Cadence and Shining Armor say that Flurry Heart has been looking forward to seeing Twilight the most.

Celestia and Luna, former princesses of Equestria, as well as Twilight’s parents, Twilight Velvet and Night Light, are also at Ponyville for the occasion. The Young Six also gathered. Discord has not arrived yet, but Fluttershy is certain that he will be here soon.

Shortly later, a chariot pulled by a pair of pegasi arrives and on it are Twilight Sparkle herself and her royal advisor Spike.

Once Twilight and Spike step off the chariot, they are met with a warm reception. The Young Six went up to her first and give their greetings to their former teacher.

“Auntie Twilight!” Flurry Heart immediately flew to her aunt.

Twilight gives her niece a warm hug. “Flurry! How’s my favorite niece doing?” She then turns to her other friends and family. “Everypony! I have finally arrived! I had a lot of tasks to complete before coming, but I’m now I’m here to take part in this celebration with all of you!” Twilight notices that Discord is absent. “Where’s Discord?”

“We haven’t seen him yet. But knowing him, I’m sure he’s somewhere close by preparing to pull some kind of prank.” Starlight answers.

Twilight and Cadence walk up to each other and perform their ladybug dance before hugging each other. Twilight then went on to hug each of her other friends and family.

“Now that we are all here, LET’S PARTY!!!!!!” Pinkie shouted with great joy. The others wholeheartedly agree.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large puff of smoke appears with a loud bang, and this alerted the group. When the smoke clears, ten strange-looking unicorns all wearing light-red cloaks emerge.

“We meet at last, Twilight Sparkle!” says the one who is standing in front of his peers. “If you’re wondering about your friend Discord, we sealed him away in the chaos dimension.”

Fluttershy is alarmed by that statement. “Discord is trapped there!” The rest of her friends are surprised too.

“W-who are you?” Twilight asks with both curiosity and concern.

“We are the Order of Scarlet Night! And we are here… TO DECLARE WAR!!!!!” the leader says menacingly.

“Declare war?! But why?!” Twilight as well as her friends and family were confused by this sudden declaration.

“The Order of Scarlet Night? I never heard of such a group.” Celestia says.

“4000 years ago, we undertook a mission to destroy this land! And now, we have returned to finish the job!”

Rainbow Dash wasn’t going to hear any more of this. “I don’t know who you ponies are or where you came from, but if you come here looking for a fight, then you got one!”

“Rainbow Dash! Wait!” Twilight shouted.

Rainbow Dash flies fast towards the leader, intending to tackle him. She then crashes hard against a magical barrier. One of the other unicorns then strikes Rainbow Dash with a lightning bolt, sending her flying back to her friends.

“Rainbow Dash!” her friends screeched. The bolt was nonlethal, but it still hurt as Rainbow Dash is lying on the ground in pain.

“Listen well Twilight Sparkle! And everycreature of Equestria! Very soon, this land will be ravaged by chaos and destruction!”

There is then a big flash of light and the unicorns are gone. Twilight’s group is at a loss for words.

“I have a terrible feeling about this.” Fluttershy whimpers.

“Those unicorns were giving me the chills.” Spike says.

The vortex surrounded by dark clouds appears in the sky above and the swarm of bug-like monsters emerges. The Ponyville residents scream and run for their lives. The monsters home in on their target, which is the Council of Friendship. Since Twilight and her friends are grouped together, the monsters go in one direction, towards them. The Mane 7 (including Starlight), Celestia, and Luna prepare to fight while Spike, Trixie, Sunburst, the Young Six, the Crystal Empire royal family, and Twilight’s parents stay back.

What happened next wasn’t what anycreature was expecting. Suddenly, Natsu strikes the lead monster from above and smashes it into the ground with a fist imbued with fire. The other monsters immediately recognized Natsu as a threat and charge at him.

“FIRE DRAGON WING ATTACK!” Natsu instantly destroys many more monsters.

Happy, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Carla (in her human form), Gajeel, and Panther Lily (in his battle form) arrive at the scene.

“You always have a knack for going straight into danger. ICE-MAKE: HAMMER!” Gray squashes some of the monsters with a giant hammer of ice.

“Open! Gate of the Golden Bull, Taurus!” Lucy summons Taurus. “And now. Star Dress: Taurus form!” Taurus swings his giant axe at the monsters while Lucy strikes with the whip in her hand.

“IRON DRAGON LANCE: DEMON LOGS!” Gajeel launches a large number of iron spears at their enemies multiple times in rapid succession.

“SKY DRAGON WAVE WIND!” Wendy also pitches in.

Carla also fights using swift and powerful kicks.

Erza and Panther Lily attack with their swords. In a few seconds flat, they cut down numerous monsters. A wasp monster charges at Erza with its stinger, but Erza simply cuts the monster in half.

As for Happy, he just watches from the sidelines.

Twilight Sparkle, her friends, her family, and every resident of Ponyville watch as the battle goes on. They are completely awestruck as they witness a small group decimating an army of fearsome monsters with little to no effort. They also paid attention to what some of the strange bipedal beings are saying whenever they attack. They heard words like Fire Dragon, Ice-Make, Sky Dragon, and Iron Dragon. Twilight herself noticed that they look like the humans from the world Sunset Shimmer lives in, but wonders if they are actually humans at all.

Eventually, the strange beings destroy all the monsters.

“Is this all of them?” Natsu asks.

“It appears so” Erza says.

However, the vortex in the sky remains and a new monster arrives. It is a massive gigantic creature resembling a rhinoceros beetle and it stands many meters tall.

“Looks like we got a big one.” Gajeel says without any worry.

The giant monster then charges at the wizards.

“REQUIP: THE KNIGHT!” Erza instantly dons her Heaven’s Wheel Armor. She then summons hundreds of swords and launches them at the monster.

“ICE-MAKE: LANCE!” Gray attacks with multiple ice lances.

Lucy returns Taurus to the Celestial Spirit World. “Open Gate of the Archer, Sagittarius!” After she summoned her next Celestial Spirit, “Star Dress: Sagittarius Form!” Both Lucy and Sagittarius fire a volley of magical arrows.

After taking all that punishment, the monster’s mouth then glows orange as smoke comes out of it. It then releases a large torrent of fire. Natsu goes in front of the flames and swallows it all up.

All the spectators watched this with wide eyes and jaws dropping. They are all thinking, “DID THAT CREATURE ACTUALLY ATE ALL THOSE FLAMES?!!!!!!!”

“I wonder what fire tastes like” Pinkie becomes curious.

“Heh, Let’s show this monster how to really roar. FIRE DRAGON….”



“..…ROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAR!!!!” Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel unleash their roars simultaneously. This combination attack severely damages the monster and knocks it down.

All the spectators are now thinking, “WHAT KIND OF CREATURES ARE THEY?!!!!!!

The monster is not yet finished as it slowly gets back up. However, before it gets back on its feet, Natsu jumps onto its chest.


Natsu has dealt the finishing blow. The monster wails as its body burns and crumbles.

With the monster’s destruction, the dark vortex in the sky disappears.

Chapter 1 (2/2)

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The alicorn of light, Aura Light, brought the Fairy Tail guild to Equestria and requested that they ensure the downfall of an ancient evil known as Scarlet Night. The guild accepted the request.

Meanwhile, in the town of Ponyville, the Council of Friendship had an encounter with servants of Scarlet Night. After they declared war on Equestria, a monster attack occurred.

The attack has been thwarted by Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Carla, Gajeel, and Panther Lily. Happy was there but did not do any fighting.


With the last monster defeated, the dark vortex disappears and the sky returns to normal. The corpses of the monsters remain only for a short time as their corporeal forms evaporate soon after their deaths.

Carla and Panther Lily return to their original forms. Erza returns to her default armor. Sagittarius is returned to the Celestial Spirit World and Lucy returns to her original outfit.

The Council of Friendship, Twilight’s other friends and family, the Young Six, the two former rulers of Equestria, and everypony in Ponyville just saw something extraordinary, which is a small group wiping out an army of monsters, and they still could not wrap their heads around it. After all, one of the strange beings can eat and breathe out fire, another can create ice objects at will, and the little one can summon powerful winds. These strangers not only defeated a monster that was far bigger than them, they absolutely destroyed it. They did not need a rainbow laser to achieve that. Just sheer brute force.

Natsu’s group then turns their attention to the spectators.

“So are those… the ponies?” Wendy asks.

“I knew this world is going to be strange, but this is starting to look like a child’s fantasy world.” Gajeel commented.

“Woah. How many different colors do they come in?” Natsu says with wonder.

The spectators are not close enough to hear what they are saying since they were not speaking as loudly as they were during the battle.

Back at Twilight’s side…

“Did all that just happened? I wasn’t seeing things, was I?” Applejack asks while stuttering.

“I saw it too. After these mean-looking unicorns showed up, these large bug monsters came. And then, these creatures destroyed the monsters. They were like Fire Dragon this, Ice-Make that, Sky Dragon this, and Iron Dragon that” Pinkie explains.

Fluttershy notices the three cat-like creatures. She wants to fly up to them and talk to them, but she is intimidated by the other strange beings.

“What should we do sister? They are clearly dangerous. Should we restrain and question them?” Luna asks Celestia.

“Not a good idea Luna. There’s no telling what they could do if provoked. So far, they are not showing any ill-will towards us so I say we should wait and see what they do next.” Celestia says.

“Mama. Papa. Who are they?” Flurry Heart asks curiously as she is held in Cadence’s hooves.

“I really have no idea sweetheart.” Cadence answers.

Twilight regains her composure. “Girls. I’m going to try talking to them. We need to know who or what they are and what their purpose here is.”

As Twilight takes a step forward, the Mane 7 suddenly find themselves in the infinite white space, the same place that Fairy Tail was in just prior to the monster attack. The seven mares look around confused.

“W-where are we?” Twilight wonders.

“Greetings. Council of Friendship.”

The Mane 7 then meet Aura Light herself.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Aura Light. And concerning the outsiders, I was the one who brought them here.”

Twilight has so many questions in her mind right now. “Ok, who exactly are you? What is the Order of Scarlet Night? What are those beings that just fought the monsters? Are they humans? And why did you bring them here?”

“They are humans, just from a different world than the one you went to before. As you were already told, a terrible war is coming and those humans are champions I have chosen to assist you in the fight against the Order of Scarlet Night. I already explained the situation to them and they agreed to help.”

Aura proceeds to explain some things about the Order of Scarlet Night.

“So those ten unicorns we just saw are Scarlet Night’s servants?” Rarity asking for confirmation.

“Yes. But those ten belong to an elite group known as the Red Moon Generals. And believe me, among all the dark unicorns serving under Scarlet Night, they are the most dangerous. I say that they are far worse than all your previous enemies. Their master, even more so. And Rainbow Dash. You were incredibly lucky that the dark unicorn that shot you only used a very small percentage of his power. Any more and you could have died.”

Rainbow Dash gulped, remembering how painful that lightning bolt was.

Aura noticed that Fluttershy is shaking in her hooves. “Do not fear. The Red Moon Generals may be a formidable force, but I am completely confident that with the humans’ assistance, you will succeed. Please trust them. Anyway, I have some things to give you to better equip you for the impending war.”

Aura gives each of the Mane 7 the same magical bracelets that she had given to each Fairy Tail member. In addition, Twilight receives a shining silver armor while her friends are given magical robes. Fluttershy is given an additional accessory in the form of a pair of hairpins. The armor and the robes grant some resistance to magic attacks. Twilight and Starlight’s magical powers are augmented, and the rest are given new abilities. Applejack has a lasso that she can control, and she can manipulate the earth and all forms of rocks. Rainbow Dash can control the forces of nature such as thunderstorms and tornadoes (like the power pony Zapp). Rarity can create energy constructs (like the power pony Radiance). Pinkie can pull sparkly explosive objects out of her mane and fire explosive projectiles from her party cannon. Fluttershy’s power lies in her hairpins. She can create barriers for defense, heal wounds, and summon ethereal creatures to fight for her.

“There you go. Whenever you need them, you can summon your new garbs to you at will anytime, anywhere. Now, I shall leave you to get acquainted with your new allies. Best of luck.”

The Mane 7 then find themselves back in Ponyville and they are no longer wearing their new garbs for the time being.

Meanwhile, Natsu’s group is contemplating on how to approach the ponies.

“Can’t we just go over there and say hi?” Natsu wonders.

“Natsu, let’s not forget that we’re outsiders in this world and they never saw our kind before. And judging by how they’re staring at us, it appears that they are intimidated by us. We need to approach this delicately. One wrong step and this can go south very quickly for us.” Lucy explains.

“She does raise a fair point” Erza agreeing.

Carla steps forward. “I’ll talk to them. I’m sure these equines will be more at ease if something as small and harmless as me speaks to them.”

“Will they be able to understand you?” Panther Lily asks.

“We were able to talk to Aura Light, so it’s worth a shot.”

Carla takes several steps towards the ponies. “Hello there! I know that we may seem strange to you, but that is because we came from another world!”

The ponies then stare at the talking cat.

“We were brought here to this world by an entity that calls herself Aura Light! And we have been commissioned to help defend this world from an enemy known as the Order of Scarlet Night!”

The ponies are just confused. Aside from the Mane 7, they do not know anything about Aura Light or the Order of Scarlet Night.

Back to Twilight’s side….

“Alright girls. Aura said to trust them, so let’s trust them.” Twilight says.

Pinkie immediately dashes to Natsu’s group, startling them.

“Hey there! I’m Pinkie Pie!” Pinkie then asks so many questions in rapid speed that the wizards have a hard time following what she was saying.

They just stare silently at her, waiting for her to finish with her rambling. Once Pinkie finishes, she starts breathing heavily from talking so much so fast.

“At least we don’t have to worry about the language barrier” Panther Lily says.

The rest of the Mane 7 and Spike approach the wizards while the other ponies and creatures just stand close enough to hear this interaction.

“Hello” Twilight speaks up. “My friends and I just spoke to Aura Light and she said that you are here to help us.”

“Hello there. And who are you? Oh, Sorry! Where are my manners?! We should be introducing ourselves first! I’m Erza Scarlet.”

“I’m Natsu Dragneel!”

“Gray Fullbuster.”

“Lucy Heartfilia.”

“Wendy Marvell”

“Gajeel Redfox”

“And I’m Happy!”


“Panther Lily.”

“Oooooh! You three look so adorable!” Fluttershy says to Happy, Carla, and Panther Lily.

“Aye!” Happy responds.

“T-thanks, I guess.” Carla says.

“Well, pleased to make your acquaintance. I’m Twilight Sparkle, the princess of Equestria.”

“You’re a princess?!” Erza immediately gets down on one knee and bows. “Please forgive us. We had no idea that you are from royalty.”

“She seems pretty nice.” Starlight comments about Erza.

“It’s fine. Let me introduce you to my friends. This is my royal advisor, Spike. And this is Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Starlight Glimmer.”

After this introduction, Gajeel is thinking, “what kind of names are those?

“Anyway.” Rainbow Dash speaks up. “What kind of powers do you have?!”

“What you all just did was beyond incredible!” Rarity says.

“Are you guys superheroes that came from a world similar to a comic book?” Spike asks with his eyes beaming.

“What we use is magic and we are wizards.” Natsu explains.

“And we came from a world filled with magic” Erza added.

“WHAT?! All those things you did were magic?!” Twilight then bubbles up with excitement. “You have to tell me more! Like, how does your magic work! And tell me about the world you came from!”

“Hold on!” Erza stops her. “Pardon for the interruption. I know you all must have a lot of questions to ask and we’ll be happy to answer the best we can. But before we get to that, I think it’s best if you meet our guild and speak with our master. They are also involved in this.”

“Wait! There are more of you?!” Twilight asks surprised.

“Yeah, Aura Light brought the whole guild hall here. It’s just right outside this town.” Gajeel explains.

Natsu’s group then leads the ponies to the guild hall.

“Here we are. Meet our guild. Fairy Tail.” Erza introduces the ponies to the guild.

All the Fairy Tail members that stayed at the guild hall couldn’t help but stare at the pastel-colored ponies. Asuka immediately becomes fascinated with them and Mirajane Strauss thinks they’re cute.

After formal introductions between Twilight and Makarov, Pinkie adds another party to the anniversary celebration, a welcome-to-Equestria party for Fairy Tail. In the following moments, the wizards spend their time getting acquainted with the inhabitants of this world. Per Aura’s request, the dragon slayers referred to themselves as dragon mages that uses dragon magic. Some ponies are either fascinated or weirded out by the fact that Natsu eats fire and Gajeel eats iron. Meanwhile, Twilight learns a lot about Earth Land after interviewing numerous mages. Some Fairy Tail members entertain the foals by showing their magical abilities. Laki Olietta uses her Wood-Make magic to create wooden sculptures. Levy amazes the foals with her Solid Script magic. Gray and Juvia create ice sculptures together. Reedus Jonah painted portraits for Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda and for Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon.

After the party is finally over, Twilight returns to Canterlot with Spike and her parents. Cadence, Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart return to the Crystal Empire. Celestia and Luna return to Silver Shoals.

As for Fairy Tail, Starlight provides them guest rooms at the Castle of Friendship. They also begin making preparations for the coming storm. The guild hall is set up as a base of operations. Levy and Freed Justine construct a magical barrier around the guild hall and Ponyville and designed it to keep out dark unicorns and monsters. In the guild hall, Warren sets up the Magic Radar to monitor for dark unicorn and monster activity.


As Aura Light explained, the Order of Scarlet Night consists of dark unicorns and their legions of monsters. At the top, there is the dark alicorn, Scarlet Night. Serving directly below her are the Red Moon Generals, the ten highest-ranking dark unicorns in the Order of Scarlet Night. Each of them received a portion of Scarlet Night’s magical power, which augments their own power. Each Red Moon General has a number engraved on their left eye. They are divided into two groups: the upper generals (numbered one to five) and the lower generals (also numbered one to five). The upper members have gold numbers while the lower members have silver numbers. The number signifies their ranking among the Red Moon Generals, based on their level of strength. The weakest is Lower 5 while the strongest is Upper 1.

Currently in Scarlet Night’s hidden fortress, the five upper generals are having a meeting.

Shadow Mayhem: Red Moon General Upper 5
(Stallion; left eye is green, right eye is yellow, both eyes have red sclera; dark gray coat; light gray mane and tail; wears a black mask that covers his face except the eyes)

Blade Dancer: Red Moon General Upper 4
(Mare; dark green eyes with gray sclera; light brown coat; indigo mane and tail)

Roaring Blaze: Red Moon General Upper 3
(Stallion; orange eyes with red sclera; dark orange coat; red and yellow mane and tail)

Sapphire Butterfly: Red Moon General Upper 2
(Mare; violet eyes with red sclera; light blue coat; dark blue mane and tail)

Dread Lord: Red Moon General Upper 1
(Stallion; red eyes with black sclera; white coat; black mane and tail)

The one thing all the dark unicorns have in common is that they possess red horns that shine like crystals.

While having their meeting, the upper generals watch the footage of Fairy Tail’s interference in the attack on Ponyville from a crystal screen.

“That was an unexpected development” Sapphire Butterfly commented.

“I can’t believe that they managed to destroy all those monsters! And none of these beings even suffered a single scratch!” Roaring Blaze exclaimed.

“The small white cat said that Aura Light brought them to this world” Shadow Mayhem points out.

“Grrrr. Of course she would try to make things difficult for us. I don’t know how, but apparently, she can bring creatures from other worlds” Dread Lord says.

“So what about the plan?” Shadow Mayhem asks Dread Lord.

“Our plan hasn’t changed. Our war will still bring about negative emotions, which will create the negative energies needed to awaken Scarlet Night.”

“What should we do about the wizards?” Blade Dancer wonders.

“We should exercise caution. Aura Light is no fool. She would not go through the trouble of bringing them here unless she is certain that they can help her. After all, judging by how they fight, it is clear that they are no amateurs when it comes to battling. Nevertheless, we will still have our monsters wreak havoc on various places in Equestria. As for these wizards, we will observe them and gauge on their capabilities. Right now, our top priority is to awaken Scarlet Night.” Dread Lord explains.

“And depending on how this war goes, we may have to fight them ourselves eventually” Sapphire Butterfly comments.

“I hope I get a chance to meet the one with the red hair” Blade Dancer takes an interest in Erza.

“And that fire wizard piques my interest” Roaring Blaze says.

“If there is nothing left to discuss, then meeting adjourned” Dread Lord concludes the meeting.


It is night time in the Crystal Empire and most ponies there, including the royal family, are asleep. Inside Flurry Heart’s bedroom, the ghostly form of Aura Light emerges. She approaches the little alicorn while she is soundly sleeping. From the tip of her horn, Aura creates a small orb of light and levitates it to Flurry Heart. Once the orb enters her, Aura leaves while Flurry Heart remains unaware of her presence.

Extra: Natsu and Happy's Little Stroll

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It’s a bright sunny day in Equestria.

Two Fairy Tail members, Natsu and Happy, decide to do some exploring in this world. They go to the Everfree Forest.

“So Natsu. Why did you choose this forest?” Happy asks.

“Because I heard that there are dangerous creatures living here. I want to see them for myself.” Natsu answers.

A pack of timberwolves jumps out of the nearby bushes and block Natsu and Happy’s path.

“Wow! Are those woodwolves?!” Natsu asks with wonder.

“I don’t think that’s what they’re called, Natsu.”

One of the timberwolves lunges at Natsu. On reflex, Natsu punches the timberwolf back.

“Oh, you want a fight? Bring it.” Natsu taunts.

All the timberwolves then charge at Natsu, trying to use their numbers to overwhelm him. What happens next is the timberwolves being reduced to a pile of ashes. Natsu and Happy continue walking on their merry way.

After walking for half an hour….

“Is there anything else out here?”

The moment Natsu asks that, he and Happy encounter a bugbear.

“Hey! Is this a beebear?!”

“Natsu, I think you’re getting its name wrong.”

The bugbear charges with its stinger aiming at Natsu. He dodges by jumping out of the way.

“Alright then, show me what you got!”

The bugbear flies towards Natsu again.


The bugbear has been defeated with one hit.

“Oh well, guess you’re not tough after all.” Natsu says casually before walking away.

Natsu and Happy later go to Froggy Bottom Bog.

“So why now this place, Natsu?” Happy asks while he and Natsu stand close to the swamp.

“I heard there’s something big living here.” Natsu is eager to see what he can find.

“Well, I already feel sorry for the next wild creature that you’re going to meet.”

A green smelly gas surrounds the two.

“Ugh, what’s this smell?!” Natsu asks while pinching his nose.

“It stinks!” Happy says with disgust.

The hydra emerges from the swamp.

“Hey there!” Natsu greets the hydra.

The hydra gives a threatening roar and licks its lips.

“Looks like we just found your next unfortunate victim.” Happy says casually.

The hydra’s heads strike out at Natsu and Happy. Natsu uses his agility to evade the heads while Happy flies away.


The hydra is toast. Natsu leaves disappointed and Happy continues tagging along.

Later, the two set up a campfire by a river in another location. The two are currently having lunch, and their meal is the fishes they caught from the river. Natsu grills his fishes while Happy eats his food raw.

“Mmmmmm… I’m glad Equestria has yummy fishes too.” Happy says while eating the fish he’s holding.

“I’m glad we got some time to enjoy ourselves. There’s no telling how long this war is going to be.” Natsu comments.

Suddenly, a swarm of fly-ders appears and surrounds the two.

“What the?! Where did they come from?!” Natsu exclaims.

One of the fly-ders bit Natsu on the arm. “Ow! Hey! That hurt!” He immediately swats the bug away. “What are these?! Spiderflies?!”

“These are my fishes! You can’t have any of it! Go away!” Happy yells at the fly-ders.

One of them shot a web that covers the right side of Happy’s face.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I got a web on my face!!!!!!” Happy starts to panic.

The fly-ders start shooting webs at Natsu as well.

“Hey! You’re getting webs all over me! Cut it out!” Natsu shouts at the fly-ders.

“Natsu! I don’t think they’re going to listen! Do something!” Happy is getting covered in bite marks.

Natsu then breathes out fire and incinerates the entire swarm, not leaving a single trace of the bugs behind.

“Well that was a mess!” Natsu tries wiping the webs off his clothes. “I say we go back to Ponyville and get a bath.”

“Aye” Happy agrees.

Extra: Gajeel Does the Unthinkable

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It’s another beautiful day in the town of Ponyville.

The party planner extraordinaire, Pinkie Pie, is giving party invitations to everypony and every member of Fairy Tail.

Maud’s birthday is coming and Pinkie wants every member of Fairy Tail to attend. Those who initially declined were hounded by Pinkie until they accept the invitation.

And then there are Gajeel and Panther Lily…

“I already told you I said NO! We are not coming!” Gajeel yells at Pinkie.

“PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!! I promise there will be tons of fun and…”

“I don’t care about any of that! Now will you please leave us alone?!” Gajeel snaps.

However, everywhere Gajeel and Panther Lily go, they always find Pinkie saying the same word “please” over and over again.

Finally, Gajeel had enough.

“Alright! We’ll go to the party!” Gajeel seemingly relents.

“You pinkie promise?” Pinkie asks with her eyes beaming.

“Yes, we pinkie promise. Happy now?” Gajeel says impatiently.

“Um, Gajeel… I don’t think you should…” Panther Lily did not get a chance to finish his sentence.

“Yeeeeaaaaah!!!!” Pinkie hops away with glee.

Maud’s birthday party has arrived. All the guests enjoy themselves, socializing, drinking punch, and eating cake as well as some other assortment of sweets. Pinkie urges the Fairy Tail wizards to entertain Maud with their magical abilities.

However, there are two no-shows, those being Gajeel and Panther Lily. Pinkie waited hours for them to arrive but they never showed up.

The party has ended and Maud has left. To say that Pinkie is completely unhappy that Gajeel and Panther Lily did not show up after that pinkie promise would be an understatement. Her face turns red with anger and steam comes out of her ears.

“NOPONY BREAKS A PINKIE PROMISE!” Pinkie says in a demonic tone. This even frightens Erza and Laxus.

“Mommy, what’s wrong with Pinkie?” Pumpkin Cake asks her mother.

“Somepony just did the unthinkable!” Mrs. Cake answers while shaking with terror.

Elsewhere, Gajeel and Panther Lily are just finished slaying some monsters that were roaming the wilds.

“Um, Gajeel? Are you really sure about breaking the pinkie promise?” Panther Lily asks with some concern.

“It’s not my fault she wouldn’t take no for an answer. It was the only way to get her off our backs.” Gajeel answers.

“Gajeel, I really have an uneasy feeling about breaking the pinkie promise.”

“Seriously? We fought dark wizards, demons, and an army. I even faced death once. Why should we be worried about some pink party pony?”

“GAJEEEEEEEEEL!!!!!!! PANTHER LILLLLLLLLLLLLY!!!!!!!!” Pinkie can be heard in the distance.

Gajeel and Panther Lily’s blood run cold as they turn their attention to the angry Pinkie.


Gajeel and Panther Lily then flee for their lives. However, even if they used their magic bracelets to get away, Pinkie still manages to find them. No matter where they go, they soon learn the hard way that they can never get away from Pinkie Pie.

Chapter 2 (1/4)

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Three days after their declaration of war, the Order of Scarlet Night began their attacks in earnest. However, thanks to the magical bracelets given to them by Aura Light, the Fairy Tail wizards can go to any place in Equestria at a moment’s notice.

Dodge Junction was attacked by an army of goblins wielding swords, spears, axes, maces, and crossbows. The ponies screamed and fled in terror as the goblins set their houses on fire. A little filly was also running for her life, but she tripped and fell. One of the goblins approached the small defenseless pony and prepared to stab her with a sword. The filly closed her eyes, preparing for the worst. She was then saved when Natsu fire punched the goblin in the face. As Natsu attacked the nearby goblins, Lucy picked up the filly and carried her to safety while Lucy’s Celestial Spirits, Taurus and Leo (who is commonly known as Loke), assisted Natsu with repelling the goblin army. After returning the filly to her parents, Lucy then joined the fight.

Elsewhere, Laxus and his group, the Thunder Legion (which consists of Freed, Bickslow, and Evergreen), destroyed a Scarlet Night base and defeated all the dark unicorns and monsters there.

Ponyville was also attacked by a horde of beast monsters. Thanks to the barrier constructed by Levy and Freed, none of the monsters could enter the town. Starlight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy donned their magical robes and took the opportunity to test out the powers that Aura granted them. With her enhanced magical power, Starlight can instantly disintegrate a lesser monster with one shot. Rainbow Dash summoned lightning storms and Applejack crushed the beasts with boulders. Rarity launched diamond-shaped projectiles at their enemies. Pinkie fired sparkly explosive bombs from her party cannon and Fluttershy summoned a stampede of ethereal bulls to repel the monsters.

Not all of Fairy Tail stays in Ponyville. The Strauss siblings volunteered to stay in the Crystal Empire to protect Shining Armor, Cadence, and Flurry Heart. Due to Twilight Sparkle being considered the most important pony in Equestria, Gildarts is entrusted with protecting Canterlot.

Speaking of Twilight herself, she is continuing with her royal duties with Spike’s assistance, though she missed the times when she was with her friends whenever the fate of Equestria hangs in the balance and she was anxious to wear the armor that Aura gave to her. Despite the dark unicorn and monster attacks occurring at various places, Fairy Tail fighting on Equestria’s behalf does put Twilight’s mind at ease. Ever since meeting Aura Light and the Order of Scarlet Night, Twilight became very curious about the two alicorns that she never knew existed. She searched the Canterlot archives, the library, and even the library’s restricted section, but she could not find any information pertaining to Aura Light and Scarlet Night. She tried calling out to Aura to ask her more about her history, but Aura never answered her.

Discord is still trapped in the chaos dimension due to a magical seal used by the Red Moon Generals and no one knows how to free him.

In spite of their efforts, Fairy Tail encountered some setbacks. Any attempt to capture a dark unicorn for interrogation has been futile. Whenever a dark unicorn is defeated in battle, they disintegrate even if they’re just incapacitated. Levy theorized that a curse is placed on them as a safeguard to prevent capture so they won’t divulge any important information, such as the location of Scarlet Night’s stronghold. As for the monsters that serve the dark unicorns, Fairy Tail did not have much luck gaining information from them either even from the variants capable of speech. Monsters’ evaporating after death prevented any detailed anatomical or biological studies. Also, any captured monster died off in captivity if they were unable to escape.

Time flew by and the fighting had gone on for over a month and so far, none of Fairy Tail has crossed paths with a Red Moon General yet. But, as they will soon see, the Order of Scarlet Night is proceeding with a nefarious plan and the Red Moon Generals will be making their move.

One day, a visual projection appeared in the skies above Ponyville and Canterlot, which drew the attention of everypony in these two locations as well as every member of Fairy Tail. The Fairy Tail members who were neither in Ponyville nor Canterlot were watching this through their magical bracelets. What they saw from the projection was a sight to behold. They saw a gigantic flying hexagonal-shaped ship, larger than any skyscraper, hovering directly above Mt. Everhoof.

A dark purple light began to emit from the bottom of the ship and this light turned into a concentrated magical energy beam of destruction. In the next moment, Mt. Everhoof was completely obliterated. Those who just witnessed this were completely stunned.

The image in the projection then shifted to a dark unicorn, one of the ten that wears a light-red cloak but his face was obscured by a hood.

“BEHOLD Equestria! This is our superweapon! The DOOM CRUISER! Did you see its awesome destructive power!?” The dark unicorn boasted proudly. He then took a moment to cackle.

“A superweapon?! Why do the bad guys always have to get one of those?!” Lucy said annoyed.

“Imagine the devastation this weapon can cause if used on a more populated area. This ship’s next target will be… Manehattan!” The dark unicorn went on with his speech.

Those who were currently watching this broadcast had a chill ran down their spine.

“Unless… both Twilight Sparkle and Fairy Tail agree to some demands!”

Everyone in Ponyville and Canterlot, especially Twilight, listened attentively.

“Here are our demands! First, Twilight Sparkle must surrender Equestria to the Order of Scarlet Night! Second, Fairy Tail must return to their realm and never come back to this world! If our demands are not met in four hours, Manehattan will be wiped off the map!” The dark unicorn took a moment to pause. “Honestly, we didn’t expect to unveil our superweapon this soon, but Fairy Tail has forced our hooves! Make no mistake! One way or another, we will bring Equestria to its knees and we’re not about to let a bunch of outsiders ruin our years of planning! Remember! You have four hours to accept our terms… or Manehattan is toast!”

The projection in the sky then faded away. Everyone who just watched the broadcast began talking amongst themselves concerning the dark unicorn’s threat.

Inside the Fairy Tail guild hall…

“Everyone! We really have a problem!” Mest Gryder spoke up. “I just saw Mt. Everhoof with my own eyes! That dark unicorn’s threat is no bluff!”

“And according to the Magic Radar, that ship is heading towards Manehattan!” Warren explained.

Twilight communicated with Makarov through the magic bracelets. “What should we do, Makarov?”

“Obviously… we are NOT going to do what they say! We are going to bring that weapon down!” Makarov declared.

“That’s right!” Natsu shouted out. “If those dark unicorn jerks think that thing is going to scare us, then they got another thing coming!”

“Gather around my children! We need to form a plan of attack!”

Chapter 2 (2/4)

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Inside the Fairy Tail guild hall, the wizards and the Mane 7 discussed their plan to attack the Doom Cruiser. Happy asked if they could just use the magic bracelets to teleport to inside the ship, but Aura explained that it doesn’t work that way. The bracelets only enable their wearers to teleport to specific locations that are part of Equestria and it does not include the inside of moving vehicles.

While going over their plan, they formed a strike team.

“I’ve decided on who will be attacking the Doom Cruiser! It’s going to be Natsu, Happy, Gajeel, Panther Lily, Erza, Laxus, Cana, Freed, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie!” Makarov selected the members of the strike team.

“Since I can’t make rocks out of thin air, I guess I won’t be much help up there.” Applejack stated.

“Wait, I should be taking part in this operation as well.” Twilight said.

“No, Princess Twilight. You need to stay and watch over Canterlot. Besides, there’s no telling how the Order of Scarlet Night is going to respond once the strike team attacks the superweapon.” Makarov said.

“But I…”

“Don’t worry Twilight. We got this!” Rainbow Dash assured Twilight.

“Twilight, darling. Your duties as ruler of Equestria come first. You can count on us to take some load off your shoulders.” Rarity chimed in.

Twilight pouted but did not make any arguments. After the meeting, she returned to Canterlot.

The strike team commenced with their operation. Natsu, Happy, Gajeel, Panther Lily, and Rainbow Dash flew to the Doom Cruiser, with Happy and Panther Lily carrying Natsu and Gajeel, respectively. The other members of the strike team, including Cana herself, were stored inside Cana’s magic cards, which were carried inside Gajeel’s pocket.

After flying for some time, the strike team approached the superweapon as it approached Manehattan.

“This is it! We’re getting close!” Gajeel said as the Doom Cruiser is in sight.

“I can’t wait to see that thing crash!” Rainbow Dash narrowed her eyes.

“So uh, how close can we get before they try to stop us?” Happy asked curiously.

The five then began hearing faint sounds of alarm bells ringing coming from the ship.

“I guess they’ve noticed us!” Panther Lily shouted.

“That’s fine. I’m all fired up!” Natsu said.

The group spotted a loading door that was opening on the side of the ship as a swarm of gargoyles began to fly out of the hangar.

“See that loading dock? That’s our way in!” Rainbow Dash called up to her teammates.

“But first, we need to get past these freaks!” Gajeel pointed out.

The gargoyles began spitting fire balls at the group. Since fire doesn’t harm Natsu, he just used his arms to block the fiery projectiles. Panther Lily and Rainbow Dash performed some evasive flying.

“IRON DRAGON LANCE: DEMON LOGS!” Gajeel shot down numerous gargoyles with his rapid-firing iron spears.

“Get out of our way!” Rainbow Dash summoned a twister to blow away the gargoyles in their path.

The group then took a look at the ship’s entrance, which was beginning to slide shut its metal door.

“They’re closing the way in!” Happy shouted.

“FIRE DRAGON KING ROAR!” Natsu unleashed a very powerful roar attack at the loading door. Any gargoyle in the line of fire was instantly reduced to ashes. Natsu’s attack was powerful enough to create a gigantic hole on the loading door, allowing the five to fly right in.

The five successfully entered the Doom Cruiser and set foot in the hangar. After landing, Panther Lily transformed into his battle form.

“Haha! Aura’s anti-motion sickness spell is working like a charm! I don’t feel like barfing at all!” Natsu said excitedly.

“Alright you guys, come on out!” Gajeel took Cana’s cards out.

Cana promptly released herself and the rest of the strike team. “Okay! We’re ready to go!”

Once the whole strike team was fully assembled in the hangar, they heard the voice of the dark unicorn who broadcasted the Doom Cruiser coming from the loudspeakers. “WE HAVE INTRUDERS IN THE SHIP! MOBILIZE!”

“Oh yeah! Just try to stop us!” Rainbow Dash shouted.

Hundreds of goblin guards and gargoyles rushed in and surrounded the intruders. The goblins aboard the Doom Cruiser are equipped with more advanced weaponry such as electric batons and magic-powered rifles.

“IRON DRAGON ROAR!” From his mouth, Gajeel unleashed a powerful tornado of iron at the enemy forces.

Erza used Requip and switched her armor to Black Wing Armor. With her sword, Erza struck down a large crowd of surrounding foes.

Panther Lily also swung his sword at any enemies within striking distance.

Some of the goblins struck Laxus with their batons, but they did not hurt him one bit.

“Hey, that kinda tickles.” Laxus said with a glare. He immediately blew away his attackers with a surge of lightning.

The goblin riflemen aimed their rifles and fired while the gargoyles launched a barrage of fire balls. Natsu, Laxus, and Rainbow Dash evaded the enemy fire. Erza and Panther Lily used their swords to deflect. Gajeel blocked with his hardened arms. Happy, Cana, and Pinkie Pie stood behind Rarity as she conjured some shield constructs.

“DARK ÉCRITURE: REFLECT!” Freed reflected the incoming projectiles back at the enemy.

“IRON DRAGON SWORD!” Gajeel transformed his right arm into a jagged iron blade and began slashing away.

“LIGHTNING DRAGON IRON FIST!” Laxus struck a large number of goblins with a fist imbued with lightning.

“FIRE DRAGON BRILLIANT FLAME!” Natsu generated fire on both of his hands and then joined them, creating a larger flame, which he then used to create a massive and destructive explosion, taking out scores of enemies.

Rainbow Dash blew away the goblins and gargoyles with powerful gusts of wind.

While shielded by Rarity, Cana used her magic cards as explosive projectiles and Pinkie rapidly threw sparkly explosive cakes in multiple directions.

“More will be coming! We need to move!” Erza shouted out to her teammates as she cut down many more goblins and gargoyles.

The strike team then fought their way through the hangar. They ran to the nearest hallway and after they entered it, Gajeel created iron pillars to block off their pursuers.

The strike team took a moment to study a layout of the ship that had been placed up on the wall and then they split into two groups, Group A and Group B. Group A consisted of Natsu, Happy, Erza, Laxus, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie and they head for the ship’s core. Group B consisted of Gajeel, Panther Lily, Cana, and Freed and this group go for the bridge. The plan was for Group B to move the ship to a safe place before Group A sent it crashing.

As the two groups head through different hallways, the strike team heard the voice of the dark unicorn again and he sounded extremely irritated. “GET THEM! GET THEEEEEEEEM!”

“He sure is grumpy.” Pinkie commented before throwing a sparkly explosive cupcake at a group of goblin guards.

“I must say. This ship could use some better interior decorating.” Rarity said as she looked around the inside of the Doom Cruiser.

“I don’t think weapons of mass destruction were meant to look pleasant!” Happy said as he bashed a goblin’s head with a metal pipe.

Group A eventually got close to the core, but they noticed an enemy battalion right behind them.

“Pinkie Pie! Rarity! And Rainbow Dash! You three go to the core! We’ll hold them back!” Erza told the three ponies to continue forward.

Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie continued on to the core while Natsu, Happy, Erza, and Laxus held back the enemy.

Inside the core chamber…

“This must be the core.” Rarity said. The three ponies also noticed that the core is surrounded by a red magical barrier.

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” a voice shouted out to them.

The three ponies turned their attention to the source of the voice and they finally encountered the dark unicorn that broadcasted the Doom Cruiser. He is piloting a red monstrous octopus-like machine that was towering over the three of them. This time, the dark unicorn’s face is uncovered and on his left eye is the silver-colored number 3.

Red Rage: Red Moon General Lower 3
(red eyes with gray sclera; dark red coat; red and white mane and tail)

“So you made it this far! Allow me to introduce myself! I am Red Rage, Red Moon General Lower 3!”

“You! You were one of the ten ruffians we saw during Twilight’s anniversary celebration!” Rarity said with disdain.

“That’s right! And this is as far as you’ll go! Before you can destroy the core, you’ll have to defeat me first! And that not’s going to happen!”

“You wish! We’re going to kick your flank!” Rainbow Dash shouted back.

“I like to see you try! How will you three fair against me? One of the Red Moon Generals!”

Inside Canterlot Castle, Twilight sat on her throne, still wondering if she should have went with the strike team regardless of what Makarov said.

Spike then walked up to Twilight with a newspaper in his hand.

“Twilight, you need to see this.” Spike handed the newspaper to Twilight, who picked it up with her magic.

On the newspaper, there is an article that caught Twilight’s attention. The article stated that ponies in some small towns and villagers lost their cutie marks, with the marks on their flanks being replaced with ‘X’ marks. Twilight was deeply concerned with this.

“I need to look into this.”

A royal guard rushed into the throne room with great urgency.

“Princess Twilight! We have an emergency! An army of monsters is invading Canterlot!”

“What?! Monsters are here?!” Spike was greatly alarmed.

At this moment, an army of goblins and gargoyles is laying siege to Canterlot.

“I’m glad I listened to Makarov.” Twilight then finally put on her armor and flew out of the throne room to confront the invaders.

The streets of Canterlot soon became a battlefield. Canterlot’s citizens fled to the castle for safety. The moment Twilight leaves her castle, the first things she saw are fire and smoke in the city.

Besides Gildarts, several Fairy Tail mages, including Alzack and Bisca, pitched in to assist the Canterlot royal guards in defending the city.

With his two revolvers, Alzack fired explosive magic bullets at the gargoyles, blowing their stone bodies into pieces. While using her magic pump-action shotgun, Bisca gunned down groups of goblins with each shot.

Twilight joined the battle as well. She fired a magical beam at a goblin and due to her enhanced magical power, the goblin was instantly vaporized. Many other goblins attacked Twilight with their crossbows and several gargoyles spit fire balls at her. Twilight protected herself from any incoming attack by surrounding herself with a magic bubble shield. She retaliates by firing magic beams at her attackers, destroying them too.

After ten minutes of constantly firing magic blasts, Twilight heard a roar coming from the distance. She then saw a gigantic bipedal dark crystal monster using its massive arms to crush any building in its path. Twilight quickly flew towards the crystal monster and fired a large magical beam at it. The creature was pushed back but it doesn’t appear to have suffered a single scratch. In response, it ran towards Twilight and tried swinging its arms at her. Twilight flew around the monster and fired more magic beams at it.

Somewhere in the capital, a dark unicorn with the silver-colored number 2 on his left eye was on the attack. Using his magic, he materialized bombs out of thin air and threw them at random buildings, setting them ablaze.

“I had a feeling that Fairy Tail and the Council of Friendship will resist. They even had the audacity to attack our superweapon. I’ll show them. I’m taking over Canterlot right now. And once I see Princess Twilight Sparkle, I’m going to crush her… ruthlessly.”

A lone wizard stood in the dark unicorn’s way and that wizard is Gildarts.

“Oh? Looks like it’s one of those humans.” War Spirit noticed.

“So are you the one who is leading this invasion?” Gildarts asked the dark unicorn.

War Spirit: Red Moon General Lower 2
(gray eyes with yellow sclera; green coat; silver mane and tail)

“Indeed I am! I am War Spirit, Red Moon General Lower 2!” the dark unicorn introduced himself.

“A Red Moon General? I heard that your group is a big deal.”

“Tell you what. If you step aside, I’ll spare you.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. My job is defending Canterlot and that’s what I’m going to do.”

“Then it’s your funeral!”

War Spirit materialized numerous cannons and missiles and tried to bombard Gildarts with them.

Canterlot is not the only place being invaded. The Order of Scarlet Night also initiated an invasion on the Crystal Empire. The empire is under attack by a swarm of large winged insectoid-like monsters. Shining Armor is leading the royal guards into battle while his wife and daughter remain in the castle.

Aside from the Strauss siblings, a handful of Fairy Tail members including Bickslow and Evergreen are assisting the Crystal Empire. They either fight off the invading forces or help escort the citizens to safety.

On the east side of the empire, Bickslow and Evergreen are fighting the monsters.

“While Laxus and Freed deal with the Doom Cruiser, we can do our part here. Go babies!” Bickslow commanded his dolls to fire magic blasts at the monsters.

“FAIRY MACHINE GUN: LEPRECHAUN!” Evergreen released a torrent of energy needles made from concentrated dust.

“Curse these bugs! I was here to have lunch with Elfman and these monsters just have to ruin everything!” Evergreen was furious.

After Bickslow and Evergreen destroyed at least one hundred monsters, a gigantic centipede monster came out of the ground.

“Of course they send the big ones too.” Bickslow said.

The centipede monster lunged at Evergreen, but she evaded it by flying using her fairy-like wings.

“FAIRY BOMB: GREMLIN!” Evergreen surrounded the centipede monster with dust particles and then ignited them to create an explosion powerful enough to fell the monster.

“Well that was no problem at all.” Evergreen said with a smile.

Five more centipede monsters popped out.

“Oh come on!” Evergreen bellowed.

“Oh boy. Looks like we have our work cut out for us.” Bickslow sighed.

In the meantime, Mirajane (in her Satan Soul form) is battling the swarm, including several centipede monsters, on the west side of the empire. She attacks by firing a barrage of magical darkness projectiles from her hands.

Mirajane’s two siblings, Lisanna and Elfman, are fighting on the south side. Lisanna battled by using the claws of her ‘Animal Soul: Cat’ form and Elfman used ‘Full-Body Take Over, Beast Soul’.

As the battle in the Crystal Empire raged on, a dark unicorn mare wearing a light-red cloak marched into the south side of Crystal Empire. In addition to her cloak, she also wears six multi-colored sashes.

After Lisanna and Elfman fought for nearly over an hour, the monsters surrounding them suddenly left.

“They’re leaving already?!” Elfman was baffled.

“Hold on! Something’s coming!” Lisanna pointed at the dark unicorn approaching them. Her face is covered by a hood.

“You humans. What reason do you have to fight for this world? Is it because of some misguided sense of righteousness or did Aura Light promise you a grand reward?” the dark unicorn spoke.

“Are you a dark unicorn?” Lisanna asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? You know what’s going to happen next, do you?”

“If you’re here for a battle, then bring it! I’ll show you how a man fights!” Elfman shouted.

“Will you two be able to handle somepony like me?” The dark unicorn lifted her hood and revealed her face. On her left eye is the silver-colored number 4.

“She has a number of her eye!” Lisanna noticed.

“That means she’s one of the Red Moon Generals!” Elfman said alarmed.

Cloth Demoness: Red Moon General Lower 4
(pink eyes with black sclera; yellow coat; dark purple mane and tail)

“You are correct. I am Cloth Demoness, Red Moon General Lower 4.”

“Lower 4? That’s a relief of some sort. At least you’re not an upper general.” Elfman said.

The general’s right eye twitched after she heard Elfman’s comment. “You will be wise not to take me lightly.” She said with a hint of anger in her voice.

Six crystal pony guards then arrived at the scene.

“Look! That must be a dark unicorn!”

“And she must be controlling the monsters!”

“So this means, if we subdue her, we can put a stop to this invasion!”

“No, wait! We don’t know what this dark unicorn is capable of!” Lisanna tried to warn the royal guards.

“CHARGE!” The guards ignored Lisanna and they rushed at the dark unicorn with their spears.

One of the general’s sashes stretched out towards the crystal pony guards, and in one swift motion, the pony guards were decapitated, much to Lisanna and Elfman’s horror.

“These weaklings do not interest me.” Cloth Demoness said casually. Two of her sashes then stretched out towards Lisanna and Elfman, aiming for their heads. The two siblings managed to narrowly avoid a fatal blow. Elfman quickly changed his form to ‘Beast Soul: Weretiger’.

Shining Armor came and fired magic beams at the dark unicorn, but she used her sashes to deflect them.

“Lisanna! Elfman! I’ll help you!”

“Shining Armor, watch out for the sashes! They’re deadly!” Lisanna warned Shining Armor.

Just then, one of the sashes extended towards Shining Armor in rapid speed. Shining Armor tried to block it with a magical shield, but the sash easily sliced through the shield and seriously wounded both of Shining Armor’s front legs, causing him to cry out in pain. Another sash then wrapped itself around Shining Armor and tossed him into a nearby crystal house, knocking him out.

“Fortunately for that one, I was told to leave him alive. But for you humans, you need to pay for trying to undermine our efforts.”

To Be Continued…

Chapter 2 (3/4)

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The Order of Scarlet Night gave Twilight Sparkle and Fairy Tail an ultimatum, using the threat of their superweapon, the Doom Cruiser. Fairy Tail and the Council of Friendship initiated an operation to destroy the superweapon. In response, the Order of Scarlet Night launched simultaneous invasions on both Canterlot and the Crystal Empire.

In the Crystal Empire, Lisanna and Elfman encounter a dangerous foe in the form of Cloth Demoness, the Lower 4 of the Red Moon Generals.

The dark unicorn uses a set of sashes as weapons. Not only the sashes can extend in length, they are as lethal as blades. Furthermore, the speed of the sash swipes is no laughing matter.

So far, Lisanna managed to avoid any scratches. Unfortunately for Elfman, he is a bigger target and he had received several cuts on his torso.

Knowing that she can’t keep on evading forever, Lisanna decided to go for an attack. She had initial success in dodging the sashes due to her speed. However, before Lisanna could get close enough, Cloth Demoness increased the speed of her sash swipes. Both of Lisanna’s arms got grazed, but she jumped back before she could be sliced to shreds.

Elfman then changed to his ‘Beast Soul: Lizardman’ form, hoping that this form’s increased defenses could lessen the blows of the sash strikes. However, when the sashes struck him again, they still cut deep.

“Ugh! Even in this form, the cuts are still deep! What kind of cloth is she using?!”

“By themselves, they would be ordinary cloth. It’s my magic that makes these sashes sharp like blades.” Cloth Demoness explained.

“Elfman… Something’s wrong… My eyes… My vision… is getting blurry.” Lisanna collapsed to her knees as she held her head, trying to maintain her focus.

Elfman was also starting to feel something wrong. “Now that you mention it. I’m… not feeling well either… My head… is aching… My eyes… feel heavy… I can’t… see straight. Did that dark unicorn… did something to us?”

“My sashes are coated with a toxin. Effects include blurry vision and severe dizziness and headaches. It can also weaken body functions. The effects only last for a few hours, but it’s not like I’m going to give you two a chance to recover. I’ll be carving you both up. And I’ll start with the girl.”

The sashes rapidly extended towards Lisanna. Knowing that Lisanna would not be able to dodge the sashes, the one thing that comes to Elfman’s mind was protecting his sister by using his own body as a shield, which he did without any hesitation. Elfman grit his teeth as his back received multiple slashes.

“Aww. Protecting your comrade. How sweet. I’ll make your death as agonizing as possible.”

The sashes relentlessly assault Elfman. He continued shielding Lisanna as he took all the hits.

Cloth Demoness showed a sadistic smile as Elfman’s back is being covered in bloody cuts. However, she then noticed a dark-colored sphere coming right at her, but she jumped back and dodged it. Afterwards, she saw a figure descending from the sky. It is Mirajane, still in her Satan Soul form.

“It’s another one of those humans.”

“Lisanna… Elfman… Are you two okay?” Mirajane asked her siblings as she landed on the ground.

“Be careful Mirajane… That one is a Red Moon General!” Lisanna said weakly.

“And her sashes are poisonous... Don’t let them touch you!” Elfman warned Mirajane.

“I see… then you two can leave this one to me.” Mirajane said as her anger towards Cloth Demoness swells up inside her. “SATAN SOUL: MIRAJANE ALEGRIA!”

“And what is that form supposed to be?” Cloth Demoness asked curiously. However, the Lower 4 general could also feel the high amount of magic power being emitted from Mirajane. This even caused the dark unicorn to sweat.

“If you’re a Red Moon General, then I shouldn’t pull any punches.” Mirajane answered with a fierce look in her eyes.

“It doesn’t matter what you do! I’ll destroy you all the same!” Cloth Demoness aimed all six of her sashes at Mirajane.

Mirajane evaded the sash strikes and in a blink of an eye, Mirajane got close to Cloth Demoness. Before Cloth Demoness could even react, Mirajane grabbed her by the neck, slammed the dark unicorn’s head into the crystal ground with tremendous force, and then released a powerful magical explosion that created a huge smoke cloud and a large crater on the spot.

Cloth Demoness isn’t getting back up after something that brutal. Her body disintegrated as do all dark unicorns and monsters that suffered defeat at an enemy’s hands.

With the Red Moon General dealt with, Mirajane returned to her normal form since the Alegria form used up a lot of magic power. She then turned her attention to her brother and sister.

“Don’t worry you two, everything will be alright.” Mirajane reassured.

Sensing the Red Moon General’s defeat, the remaining monsters retreated from the Crystal Empire.

“They’re retreating. Is it over?” Bickslow wondered.

“It’s about time. I was starting to think this would never end.” Evergreen was relieved.

The Doom Cruiser is now over Manehattan. The ponies there panicked and screamed at the sight of the metal monstrosity in the sky.

Group B reached the bridge. A magical barrier blocked their way, but Freed used his magic to nullify it. Once Group B breached the bridge, the dark unicorns there tried to fight back, but Group B made short work of them.

“All too easy.” Gajeel said with a smile.

“Now we just need to find out how to control this ship” Freed pointed out.

Group B heard a squadron of goblin guards heading their way.

“Gajeel! Panther Lily! Can you keep them out!?” Freed asked the two.

“Leave it to us!” Gajeel answered as he and Panther Lily left the bridge to fight their enemies.

Meanwhile inside the core chamber, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie are currently facing against the Lower 3 of the Red Moon Generals, Red Rage.

The tentacles on Red Rage’s octopus mech lunged towards the three ponies. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie evaded them. Rarity deflected the tentacles using a construct with rotating blades.

Rainbow Dash threw lightning bolts at the mech, but they had no effect.

“They didn’t do a thing!” Rainbow Dash said surprised.

“Ha ha! Guess the power Aura gave you hardly amounts to anything!” Red Rage taunted.

“How about I aim for you instead!” Rainbow Dash aimed her lightning bolts directly at Red Rage. She threw the bolts, but the dark unicorn blocked them with a magical barrier.

“You think it would be that easy?! What a moron!”

Pinkie attacked the mech with her party cannon, but her attacks only made small dents on the machine. Red Rage used his magic to repair the small damage that Pinkie managed to inflict.

“I can repair my weapon faster than you can damage it!”

Rarity created harpoon constructs and launched them at the mech. However, the harpoons failed to pierce their target as they bounced off the mech.

“What kind of machine is he using?!” Rarity yelled.

“This machine is a construct created by my magic! But it’s far more superior to the measly constructs that miss pretty pony could conjure up!”

Rarity seethed with anger at Red Rage’s insult. She created a wrecking ball construct and swung it at Rage Rage with full force. Red Rage simply fired a red magic beam from his horn and destroyed Rarity’s construct.

The mech then fired missiles at the three ponies. Rainbow Dash evaded the missiles using her flying skills. Pinkie Pie jumped around and Rarity defended herself with a shield construct.

Right after Rainbow Dash dodged the missiles that were flying towards her, Red Rage shot her out of the air with a magic beam. One of the mech’s tentacles then grabbed Rainbow Dash before she hit the floor. Rainbow Dash struggled to break free, but the tentacle restraining her slammed her onto the floor.

“Rainbow Dash!” Both Pinkie and Rarity screamed.

The mech fired more missiles at the two ponies. Pinkie ran around while Rarity tried blocking the missiles with a shield construct. Pinkie was then immobilized by a magic beam fired by Red Rage. He proceeded to fire a beam at Rarity as well. The beam broke through Rarity’s shield and struck her, sending her reeling on the floor. Before Pinkie and Rarity could recover, the mech’s tentacles grabbed them. With that, all three ponies got caught in Red Rage’s clutches.

“Now, I’m going to squeeze the life out of you three!”

Rarity tried to create a construct, but the tentacle holding her tightened its grip, causing her to lose focus.

“I can’t wait to see the look on Princess Twilight’s face when three of her dearest companions perished by my hooves.”

Laxus suddenly zoomed into the core chamber like a lightning bolt. He flew past and shattered the tentacles restraining the three ponies.

“Laxus!” Rainbow Dash was glad to see him.

“You three stand back. Leave the rest to me.” Laxus said.

“Grrrrr. It’s one of those humans! Fine, I’ll destroy you too!” Red Rage fired his magic beams while his mech launched missiles at Laxus.

Laxus evaded the beams and missiles by moving around like lightning.

“LIGHTNING DRAGON IRON HAMMER!” This attack actually did serious damage as it formed very large cracks on the mech.

Did he just…?! No! I can’t think about that right now! I need to get rid of this blasted human!” Red Rage then had his octopus mech flail its tentacles at Laxus, but he managed to evade them as well.

“LIGHTNING DRAGON HEAVENWARD HALBERD!” Laxus hurled a very large trident of lightning and this attack blew off a huge chunk of Red Rage’s mech.

“He can do this much damage to my construct so easily?! How powerful is this human?!”

While his whole body is engulfed in lightning, Laxus bolted towards the dark unicorn. Red Rage tried to stop him with the mech’s tentacles, but Laxus broke through them. Red Rage then put up a magical barrier, but Laxus easily shattered it. The dark unicorn’s eyes widened as Laxus flew right up to his face.


This point-blank attack sent both Red Rage and his mech crashing violently into the wall. Afterwards, the mech completely broke apart and crumbled, meaning that Red Rage is down and out. The barrier protecting the core disappeared as well.

Back at the bridge, Freed managed to move the ship away from Manehattan and over the nearby sea.

Freed used the magic bracelet on his wrist to contact all members of the strike team. “The ship is over the sea! You can take out the core now!”

“Ooh! Ooh! Let me! Let me! Let me! Let me!” Pinkie requested while bouncing excitedly.

“Make it quick” Laxus replied.

With a wide smile on her face, Pinkie threw over ten sparkly explosive cakes at the core. Once the core took damage, it destabilized. Sparks were flying everywhere inside the core chamber and the ship began shaking uncontrollably.

“I guess it’s time for us to bail!” Rainbow Dash shouted out.

As the core overloaded, the ship began exploding from the inside. The strike team teleported out of the ship just before it was completely consumed in a fiery blaze.

Everypony in Manehattan was given a spectacle as they watched the Doom Cruiser plummet into the sea as a massive pile of burning metal.

Back in the Battle of Canterlot, the Lower 2 of the Red Moon Generals, War Spirit, is currently battling Gildarts.

War Spirit has spent over 30 minutes trying to get rid of Gildarts, but wasn’t having any luck. No matter what War Spirit attacked with, Gildarts used his Crush magic to nullify anything thrown at him.

“Got anything else?” Gildarts said with a bored expression.

Seeing Gildarts completely unharmed was starting to unnerve War Spirit. “W-what’s going on? W-why am I… a Red Moon General… is having this much trouble destroying a single being?!”

“Look. It’s clear that you’re not going to win. So why don’t you make this easier on yourself and surrender?”

“Surrender? That is never an option for us! I swore an oath to fight for Scarlet Night until my very last breath!”

War Spirit then materialized three incredibly large bombs, each with enough power to destroy a small town. He hurled them at Gildarts, hoping that it would achieve some results. Once again, this proved to be a useless gesture as Gildarts even shattered that attack.

“PURIFYING TRUTH: FIRMAMENT!” Gildarts finally decided to end this battle. War Spirit attempted to block Gildarts’ attack with a magical barrier, but it was no use as Gildarts easily broke through and dealt the decisive strike.

War Spirit was sent flying out of Canterlot and he crash landed somewhere far in the distance, with the impact of the landing leaving behind a huge crater. The injury he sustained from Gildarts’ attack was severe enough to cause him to disintegrate.

Meanwhile, Twilight is still battling the dark crystal monster. Though her attacks can push the monster back, the monster’s armor prevents it from suffering any considerable damage.

“What does it take to defeat this monster?!”

“Aim for the joints, Twilight” Aura spoke to Twilight through a telepathic link.


“The monster’s defenses are weakest at the joints. Aim there.”

Following Aura’s advice, Twilight fired her magic beams at the joints in the monster’s arms and legs. This tactic worked as the monster fell to its knees. However, the monster wasn’t about to let Twilight win. From its mouth, it launched a fiery stone projectile at Twilight. The alicorn managed to catch the projectile with telekinesis and then threw it back at the monster’s head with three times the force. The monster’s head got blown off and the rest of its body soon crumbled.

Near Canterlot Castle, Bisca used her double magic machine guns and decimated the remaining goblins and gargoyles with a storm of magical bullets.

With the defeat of the Red Moon General and all the monsters eliminated, the Battle of Canterlot has ended.

The operation to destroy the Doom Cruiser was a success and the Order of Scarlet Night’s invasions on Canterlot and the Crystal Empire have been foiled. In the aftermath, Fluttershy went to Canterlot to use her new powers to help heal the wounded while Wendy does the same at the Crystal Empire.

Chapter 2 (4/4)

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Inside Scarlet Night’s fortress, the remaining two lower Red Moon Generals have been summoned.

Thunder Blast: Red Moon General Lower 1
(stallion; yellow eyes with black sclera; sky blue coat; white mane and tail)

Darkspark: Red Moon General Lower 5
(mare; blue eyes with red sclera; purple-blue coat; magenta mane and tail)

“Hey Darkspark. How is the robbing-ponies-of-their-cutie-marks going on for you?” Thunder Blast greeted Darkspark.

“Oh, it’s exhilarating. Seeing the ponies despair over losing something precious to them is exquisite. Taking away something irreplaceable to them is an effective way to create negative emotions if I do say so myself.”

“So it’s just us two here? What is going on?” Thunder Blast wondered.

“Beats me. I’m just as confused as you are.” Darkspark answered.

“Thunder Blast… Darkspark… Thank you for coming.” Dread Lord has arrived.

“Hey Dread Lord. Why is it just us here? Where are the others?” Thunder Blast asked Dread Lord.

“The reason I called you two here… is because I have grave news that I need to share with you. War Spirit, Red Rage, and Cloth Demoness have been defeated.”

This news deeply stunned Thunder Blast and Darkspark.

“It can’t be! I thought defeating a Red Moon General is impossible for anypony other than Aura Light!” Darkspark shouted.

“It appears that Aura’s faith in Fairy Tail isn’t misplaced after all.” Dread Lord commented.

“Are these wizards from another world really this strong?” Darkspark asked.

“I can’t say for sure about the whole guild, but the fact remains that it has members who are… extremely formidable.” Dread Lord answered. “Anyways. Though the loss of three Red Moon Generals is a major setback, our mission isn’t over yet. When Scarlet Night returns, I’m confident that not even Fairy Tail will be able to stop us. You two continue doing what you do best to create negative emotions. But for now, avoid Ponyville, Canterlot, and the Crystal Empire. Dismissed.”

After leaving Scarlet Night’s fortress, Darkspark came up with an idea. “This could be a huge opportunity for me. If I play my cards right, I can rise up in the ranks.”

Inside the Fairy Tail guild hall, the wizards and the Mane 7 are having a celebration party, courtesy of Pinkie Pie.

“To the defeat of three Red Moon Generals!” the Mane 7 and the wizards cheered.

“We got this war in the bag!” a wizard shouted.

“Yeah! The Red Moon Generals got nothing on us!” another wizard chimed in.

“Enjoying your celebration?” Aura Light suddenly appeared as a disembodied spiritual head.

“Woah! Is that Aura Light?!” a wizard was startled.

“Hey Aura! Wanna party with us!?” Pinkie cheerfully asked.

“While it brings me great joy that you have achieved a decisive victory today, I must warn you not to become complacent. There’s no telling what the remaining Red Moon Generals are going to do. And there’s a possibility that the Lower 2, 3, and 4 positions won’t remain vacant for the duration of the war. Besides, before this war can end, you will have to eventually fight and defeat the upper generals as well. Don’t forget, Scarlet Night will return and she is a force to be reckoned with.”

“Don’t worry Aura! If any more of the Red Moon Generals show their faces, we’ll beat them! And when Scarlet Night comes back, we’ll beat her too.” Natsu said confidently.

“Aye!” Happy agreed.

Aura sighed for a moment. “Your confidence is admirable. Fine. Have some fun. You’ve earned it.”

“Aura, wait! I still have questions about 4000 years ago!” Twilight called out.

“There will be a time for that. Right now, your main concern is the war that’s happening in the present.” Aura then disappeared.

Twilight grumbled that Aura avoided giving her answers. Her six friends gathered around her to comfort her.

“Come on Twilight. Take this moment to relax. You had a rough day.” Applejack said.

“By the way Twilight. How was the armor that Aura gave you?” Starlight asked.

“To put it simply. I felt incredible magic power flowing through me.” Twilight then remembered something. “Ooh! I almost forgot. There’s something I need to discuss with you.”

Twilight then showed her six friends the newspaper article about ponies losing their cutie marks.

“Ponies are losing their cutie marks?! Who could be responsible for this?!” Rarity was aghast.

“Oh dear. I hope they’re okay.” Fluttershy said.

“It must be the work of a dark unicorn. It has to be.” AJ added.

“Great. So now somepony is copying past Starlight.” Rainbow Dash groaned.

Starlight winced at being reminded of her past.

“Anyway. We need to get to the bottom of this and stop the culprit as soon as possible.” Twilight said sternly.

“Oh. I hope it’s not one of the Red Moon Generals.” Fluttershy whimpered.

“But for now, let’s enjoy this party while it lasts!” Pinkie shouted.

The Mane 7 and the wizards went on with their celebration. All of Ponyville joined in as well. They partied until night arrived.

The Order of Scarlet Night suffered a huge blow due to the destruction of their superweapon and the defeat of three Red Moon Generals. This was a major victory for Fairy Tail and the Council of Friendship, but the war is far from over.

Extra: Asuka and the CMCs

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It all started on the day Aura Light summoned the Fairy Tail guild to Equestria.

Right after Ponyville was saved from a monster attack, all of Fairy Tail made contact with the ponies. When she first laid eyes on these ponies, Asuka Connell marveled at them because of how colorful they are.

During the welcome-to-Equestria party, Asuka went around, looking for ponies to talk to.

The first two ponies that caught Asuka’s attention were Celestia and Luna since they are the tallest ponies around. The two were sitting together, watching their former subjects converse with the humans.

Asuka went up to them and Celestia noticed her.

“Oh, hello there.” Celestia greeted the little girl.

“You are both very pretty. May I touch your manes?” Asuka asked Celestia and Luna.

“Uh. Of course, little one.” Luna stuttered while Celestia chuckled.

Later on, Asuka wandered around, trying to decide on which pony to talk to. Most of the foals were busy watching some of the Fairy Tail wizards displaying their magical abilities. That’s when she spotted three certain fillies, the CMCs, talking amongst themselves.

“You saw how that pink-haired human with the scarf swallowed all that fire and then roasted that giant monster with just one hit. That was so awesome!” Sootaloo squeed.

“What about the one who can make hundreds of swords appear out of thin air? And the one with the power of ice? And the one who can make twisters? I think those were amazing!” Sweetie Belle pointed out.

“I think the one who can turn his arms into iron and the walking panther with the big sword are very cool.” Apple Bloom said.

Asuka then approached them.

“Hello, my name is Asuka Connell.”

“Howdy. I’m Apple Bloom.”

“I’m Sweetie Belle.”

“And I’m Scootaloo.”

“Can we be friends?” Asuka asked the CMCs.

“Of course! We love to make new friends!” the CMCs became excited.

“And you’re going to love Ponyville! It’s a very nice place!” Sweetie Belle said.

And on that moment, Asuka and the CMCs became great friends.

“So Asuka, can you do any magic?” Scootaloo asked.

“Not yet. But I’m sure when I’m older, I’ll be able to use the same kind of magic that Mommy and Daddy use.”

“So what kind of magic do your parents use?” Sweetie Belle asked curiously.

“They use Guns Magic.” Asuka answered.

“Guns Magic?” the CMCs asked curiously.

“Mommy and Daddy use a weapon like this.” Asuka showed the three fillies her toy gun. “This is just a toy that only shoots rubber bullets. The ones that Mommy and Daddy use fire magical bullets.”


As Asuka bonded with the CMCs, Bisca and Alzack watched with a warm smile.

Since that day, Asuka has been playing with the CMCs frequently. They also introduced Asuka to the other young ponies in Ponyville, helping her befriend them as well.

Right outside the Castle of Friendship, around two weeks after Asuka met the CMCs…

“You’re leaving on a mission?” Asuka asked her parents.

“Yes Asuka. Mommy and Daddy are going to White Tail Woods to eliminate some monsters. Please be good while we’re gone.” Bisca said to Asuka.

“I will. Bye-bye Mommy. Bye-bye Daddy.”

“Have fun with your friends.” Alzack said before the couple used their Aura bracelets to teleport to their destination.

Afterwards, Asuka went to Sweet Apple Acres to meet up with the CMCs. After entering the farm, she ran into Big Mac and Sugar Belle.

“Hello” Asuka greeted the pony couple. “Is Apple Bloom here?”

“Eeyup” Big Mac answered.

“She’s in the house with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.” Sugar Belle explained.

As Asuka walked to the Apple Family’s house, Winona ran to her.

“Hello doggy.” Asuka petted the dog and she licked Asuka’s face in return. Asuka then went to the house and knocked on the front door. Applejack answered.

“Oh, good morning youngin.” Applejack greeted Asuka. “If you’re looking for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, they’re right inside. And you’re just in time too. Granny Smith is about to make some apple pies. Would you like some?”

“Of course! I love her pies!”

Asuka meets Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo in the dining room. Granny Smith brought some freshly-baked apple pies from the kitchen and placed them on the table. After eating some slices of pies, Asuka and the three fillies went outside.

“Asuka, we are doing a Cutie Mark day camp today. Want to join us?” Apple Bloom invited Asuka.

“Is that when you help other little ponies obtain those cutie marks? I’m in! I always wanted to see how ponies get a cutie mark.”

Asuka then joined the CMCs in their activities to help blank flanks discover their special talent. At the CMC clubhouse, many blank flanks gathered. There were three unicorn fillies, two unicorn colts, three pegasi colts, two pegasi fillies, four earth pony colts, and three earth pony fillies.

“Thank you for coming today.” Scootaloo greeted the blank flanks. “We are here to help you find your special talent. Are you all ready to get started?”

“Yeeeeaaaaaah!” All the blank flanks said with excitement.

Scootaloo then turned to her fellow crusaders and Asuka. “So what should be our first activity of the day?”

“I know! Maybe some of the ponies here have a special talent for marksmanship!” Asuka was the first to give her idea.

Near the Fairy Tail guild hall, Asuka displayed her marksmanship skills to the foals with her toy gun. She amazed them by hitting twenty bullseyes in a roll. The blank flanks then participated in this marksmanship activity, but they used bows and rubber arrows. None of the foals were able to come even close to scoring as high as Asuka. This activity went on for twenty minutes, and none of the blank flanks got a cutie mark.

“Nopony got a cutie mark. I guess this activity is a bust.” Sweetie Belle noticed.

“So, what should we do next?” Apple Bloom asked.

Asuka then pointed at the Fairy Tail guild hall. “Let’s ask around there.”

Asuka, the CMCs, and the blank flanks went to the Fairy Tail guild hall to see if any wizards would assist them.

“Here’s a thought. Maybe drinking whole barrels of alcohol can be your special talent.” Cana said before she drank a barrel.

“Cana! They’re children! You shouldn’t be giving them the idea of underage drinking!” Macao Conbolt reprimanded Cana for her suggestion.

“I was only kidding.” Cana said while drunk.

“Listen kids. Whatever you do, stay out of trouble and never do anything illegal.” Macao told the little ponies.

Asuka and the CMCs then asked Natsu, Lucy, and Happy.

“I know! Maybe some of you can get cutie marks for fighting monsters.” Natsu suggested.

“Natsu! You can’t suggest something so dangerous to the fillies and colts!” Lucy shouted.

“But it could be. You never known until you try.” Natsu pouted.

Lucy sighed for a brief moment. “Listen, children. I know you may be eager to find out about your special talent. But remember this. Nothing is worth risking your life over. So please avoid doing anything dangerous.” Lucy then had an idea. “Oh, I know! You could try writing!”

“What about fishing? It’s a safe and fun activity.” Happy gave his own suggestion.

“Fishing does sound more fun!” an earth pony colt said.

“Yeah!” the other foals agreed.

Lucy became depressed that her idea was rejected.

Asuka, the CMCs, and the blank flanks then went fishing at the river that flows through Ponyville. After thirty minutes, none of the blank flanks got a cutie mark.

“No luck again.” Scootaloo stated.

They went back to the guild hall and found Gray there.

“How about ice sculpting then? I can make all the ice blocks you need.” Gray said.

The blank flanks happily agreed to try this activity. With the ice blocks Gray created, each of the blank flanks went on to sculpt their respective ice blocks into any shape they wish. Once again, there was no new cutie marks.

The CMCs then spotted Erza. “Hey! Let’s ask her!” Sweetie Belle said.

“Okay.” Asuka then walked up to Erza. “Could you please show them how to use a sword? It could be the special talent for one of these ponies.” Asuka requested Erza to help.

“Teaching swordsmanship to fillies and colts? Sure, I got some time.” Erza agreed to help. She gave each of the little ponies small wooden swords to use. The unicorns use their magic while the pegasi and earth ponies use their mouths to carry their wooden swords. Erza started off with the basics such as stances and sword swinging. Even though the ponies are quadruped and don’t have hands, Erza managed to work around that. Erza’s lesson lasted for 40 minutes, but still no new cutie marks.

“That would be all for today. If you wish to continue the lessons, just let me know.” Erza said before leaving.

“We’re still not having any luck.” Scootaloo said with disappointment.

“The day is still young. There’s plenty more we can do before the Cutie Mark day camp is over.” Apple Bloom tried to cheer up Scootaloo.

Asuka then saw Reedus painting a portrait of a mountain. “Hey! We can try painting next!”

Upon Asuka’s request, Reedus gave the blank flanks painting lessons. The fillies and colts painted whatever comes to mind, but yet again, none of them got a cutie mark.

“Once again, nothing.” Sweetie Belle sighed.

“Hi there! I heard about this cutie mark activity you’re doing. Maybe I can help.” A Fairy Tail wizard approached them. It is Vijeeter Ecor.

“What magic do you use?” one of the unicorn fillies asked.

“I use Dance magic.”

“Dance magic? That doesn’t sound as awesome like fire, ice, wind, iron, and sword magic.” one of the pegasus colts commented.

“Now, now little ponies. Have you heard of the saying ‘do not judge a book by its cover’?”

Vijeeter started dancing. To the blank flanks’ surprise, they started dancing as well.

“W-woah, what’s going on?! My body is moving on its own!” one of the unicorn colts said as the little ponies were taken aback.

“Don’t worry. He’s just making you dance.” Asuka assured them.

As the little ponies were dancing, a miracle happened. One of the earth pony colts got his cutie mark.

“I don’t believe it! I got my Cutie Mark!” the colt started jumping around with joy.

“Well look here, I helped out after all!” Vijeeter had a wide grin on his face, seeing that his actions had left a positive impact.

The CMCs then went on to congratulate the colt for finding his special talent.

After the Cutie Mark day camp ended, Bisca and Alzack returned from their mission.

At the Castle of Friendship…

“Mommy! Daddy! Welcome back!” Asuka greeted her parents and they gave her a hug.

“Hello sweetie! How was your day?” Bisca asked Asuka.

“I was helping Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo with their Cutie Mark day camp.”

“Sounds like fun. How was it?” Alzack asked.

“Only one pony got a cutie mark. But the camp was lots of fun. We did so many things together.”

“I can’t wait to hear all about it.” Bisca said with a smile.

Extra: Rainbow Dash vs. Jet

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At the Fairy Tail guild hall, Rainbow Dash was having a conversation with the wizard named Jet.

“Hey Jet, I heard that your magic involves speed, right?”

“Yep, my magic is called High Speed. As you can guess from what it’s called, this magic enables me to move at extremely high speeds.”

“Really? How fast can you move?”

“I can show you.”

Jet then ran one lap around Ponyville while using High Speed.

“So what do you think?” Jet asked.

“Hmm. Not bad. Now let me show you what I can do.”

Rainbow Dash flew one lap around Ponyville with incredible speed.

“Woah. Looks like you’re fast too.” Jet was impressed.

“Well, not to brag, but I am the fastest flyer in Equestria.” Dash said with pride.

“That does sound impressive.”

“Say Jet. Want to have a race? Just you and me.”

“A race?”

“Yes. To see which of us is faster.”

Jet thought about for a moment. “ Sure, why not. It’ll be nice to do something other than fighting dark unicorns and monsters.” Jet accepted the challenge. “What’s the race course?”

“A race around Equestria, one lap, first one to reach the finish line wins.” Dash explained.

“Works for me. So when’s the race?”

“Tomorrow. 9 am.”

“You’re on.” Jet said eagerly.

Pinkie Pie overheard this conversation. “Oh my gosh! Everycreature needs to see this!”

On the next day…

News of the race spread quickly throughout Equestria, and ponies from far and wide as well as some other creatures had come to Ponyville. The Young Six and even Gilda had arrived. Twilight and Spike were also present to watch the race with their friends. The Fairy Tail guild will be spectating as well.

Warren set up a huge screen and Fairy Tail provided some Lacrima cameras so the spectators can view the race from Ponyville.

Pinkie Pie sat at a booth with a microphone. "Attention everycreature, the race will begin very soon!" Pinkie announced. "Please, find your seats! May we have the racers to the starting line!"

Jet and Dash approached the starting line.

“Everycreature. Please welcome our two race competitors.” Pinkie then pointed her hoof towards Dash. “First, we have the best flyer of Equestria, a member of the Council of Friendship, and the greatest loyal friend there is, Rainbow Da~sh!”. The ponies in the crowd cheered wildly.

“Go Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo shouted.

Next, Pinkie pointed her hoof towards Jet. “Next up, we have one of the wizards from the Fairy Tail guild, who has the ability to run super fast. Please welcome Jet!” Now, the Fairy Tail wizards were cheering loudly.

“You got this Jet!” Droy yelled out.

“Racers. Please line up at the starting line.” Pinkie told Jet and Dash.

Jet and Dash took their spots at the starting line.

“Looks like we’ve got quite the crowd. Hope you don’t feel too embarrassed if you lose.” Jet said to Dash.

Dash chuckled. “I ain’t worried about that.” She said with confidence.

Makarov moved to the side of the starting line while on his wheelchair. “Listen up you two! We want a nice and fair race! No shoving or any kind of foul play! And Rainbow Dash, you’ll have to fly close to ground level and no using weather manipulation to your advantage!”

Jet and Rainbow Dash nodded.

“Both of you, on your mark!" Jet and Dash got into their best position as they waited for Makarov to signal the start of the race.

“Ready… Set… GO!”

Both Jet and Dash took off in a blink of an eye, leaving behind a huge dust cloud. Rainbow flew close to ground level next to Jet who was running.

“And they’re off! Which of these two will come out on top?” Pinkie said through her microphone.

Soon after the race started, the two had left Ponyville with the flying lacrima cameras following them. The two passed through the Everfree Forest and then raced through Ghastly Gorge, where they dodged some attacking quarray eels.

“Woah! What kind of creatures are those?! I should go to that place someday!” Natsu exclaimed after seeing the quarray eels.

Next, Jet and Dash passed by the rock farm. Marble saw the two racers went by.

“Hey! Quit dawdling! There’s work to do!” Limestone said to her sister.

While sitting at their seats, Wendy and Carla ate some cotton candy while watching the race. So far, Jet and Dash are neck and neck.

“She’s actually keeping up with Jet” Lucy commented.

“I have to admit. Rainbow Dash’s speed really is something.” Levy said.

At Appleloosa and Dodge Junction, the ponies went outside of their homes to catch a glimpse of the race. As Jet and Dash passed through these towns, the ponies cheered or watched in awe.

After going through Hayseed Swamp, the race course took them through Baltimare and then to Fillydelphia. In these cities, crowds of ponies gathered at the side of the streets. As Jet and Dash come and go, they heard the cheers of the ponies and occasionally waved at the crowds.

Pinkie made another announcement. “The two just passed through Fillydelphia! They are now halfway through the race! It seems these two are evenly matched and neither of them is letting up!”

The race continued through Hollow Shades and passed by Neighagra Falls. Jet and Dash then raced through the wide open grasslands as they head to the direction of Canterlot.

“I got to say! You’re faster than I thought!” Jet complimented Dash.

“You’re not so bad yourself!” Dash replied.

“Just you wait! I haven’t gotten serious yet!”

They passed the mountain where Canterlot is located and soon they could see the Castle of Friendship in the far distance.

“This is it folks! They are now approaching Ponyville!” Pinkie continued with the play-by-play. All the spectators continued watching with anticipation.

“This is the home stretch! Time for me to kick it up a notch!” With the finish line in sight, Jet pushed his magic to the limit, further increasing his speed and getting ahead of Rainbow Dash.

“Jet has taken the lead!” Pinkie said with wide eyes.

“Ha ha! Eat my dust Rainbow Dash!” Jet said with a smirk.

“Look! Jet’s about to win the race!” Happy was at the edge of his seat.

“Hold on. Rainbow Dash hasn’t used her ace in the hole yet.” Starlight stated.

Just when Jet thought the race was his, he heard a loud boom sound. Jet then looked behind him and saw an expanding rainbow-colored ring. Rainbow Dash did a Sonic Rainboom.

“There it is folks! The famous Sonic Rainboom!” Pinkie said with excitement.

“Sonic Rainboom?! You’re saying a rainbow-colored sonic boom is a thing in this world?!” one of the Fairy Tail wizards exclaimed.

“WHAT THE…?!” Jet’s eyes widened as Rainbow flew past him with a rainbow trail following her.

Rainbow Dash was the first to cross the finish line.

“And the winner is Rainbow Dash!” Pinkie announced.

The Fairy Tail wizards had surprised looks on their faces while the ponies and other creatures roared with cheers.

“YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Scootaloo yelled at the top of her lungs. It was so loud that anyone near her covered their ears.

“I can’t believe Jet lost.” Droy said surprised.

Jet soon arrived at the finish line, still surprised by the Sonic Rainboom. Dash then flew to him.

“Hey, it was a great race.” Dash extended her hoof to him.

Jet graciously accepted defeat. “Yeah, it was fun. That rainbow-colored sonic boom was really something. It took me by surprise.” Jet then shook Dash’s hoof.

“It’s called the Sonic Rainboom!” Dash said proudly.

“How did you learn to do that?” Jet asked.

“I’ll be happy to tell you all about that.” Dash replied.

Chapter 3 (1/3)

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Long after Equestria was plunged into war, Fairy Tail and the Council of Friendship achieved their first decisive victory against the evil Order of Scarlet Night. The spirits of Equestria’s citizens couldn’t be any higher and the Fairy Tail mages are lauded as heroes for their efforts. With Fairy Tail around, Equestria has nothing to fear. Or so everypony believed.

The Order of Scarlet Night continued waging their war despite Fairy Tail’s constant interferences, and it wasn’t long before stronger monsters began appearing. Due to the monsters’ increasing threat level, the major Fairy Tail members such as Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Juvia, Gajeel, and Laxus had been going out in the field more and more often.

Many also thought that after the defeat of three Red Moon Generals, the dark unicorns would be more afraid. While the defeat of three of their generals initially came as a huge shock to the dark unicorns, they soon saw it as new opportunities, and the majority of them began working to gain Dread Lord’s approval. After all, he currently holds the highest authority in the Order of Scarlet Night, only until Scarlet Night returns.

At Trottingham, Natsu subdued several dark unicorns that were terrorizing the city.

“When do I get to fight a Red Moon General?” Natsu groaned. “Now I wish I didn’t let Laxus beat me to the Lower 3.”

“Hold it right there!” Another dark unicorn confronted Natsu and he was holding a pegasus colt hostage.

“Make any sudden moves, and this colt gets it!” the dark unicorn threatened.

Happy got the jump on the dark unicorn while the latter’s attention was on Natsu. From above, Happy struck the dark unicorn on the head with a golf club, knocking him out and saving the colt.

In the Forbidden Jungle, Bisca and Alzack were preparing to raid an enemy camp. At the camp, goblins were moving around explosive materials while under the supervision of some dark unicorns.

Bisca was sitting at a high vantage point, observing the camp through the scope on her sniper rifle, while Alzack was hiding behind some bushes close to the camp. First, Bisca sniped at the dark unicorns. Once they’re eliminated, she fired shots at the explosives, detonating them. As the camp erupted into chaos from the explosions, Alzack rushed in guns blazing while Bisca provided some support.

At Manehattan Park, Gray and Juvia dealt with a pack of wolf monsters. Meanwhile, in front of the Manehattan theatre, Erza sliced apart a group of stone trolls.

“Thank you so much miss.” Coco Pommel expressed her gratitude to Erza.

“Not a problem, citizen.” Erza replied.

Aside from the ongoing war with the Order of Scarlet Night, there is a series of incidents in which ponies’ cutie marks were mysteriously replaced by X marks.

The Council of Friendship visited all the towns and villages where these incidents happened. They questioned all the victims, but were not able to obtain any promising leads. The victims even had no idea how they lost their cutie marks in the first place.

They eventually visited Starlight’s old village. The ponies living there became the most recent victims of the X mark cases.

“So you have no idea who or what took your cutie mark?” Twilight asked Party Favor.

“No clue. I woke up one morning and found this mark on my flank.” Party Favor answered.

“This is exactly what the other ponies said.” Twilight said sadly.

“How long are we going to live like this? This feels even more depressing than when Starlight ran this village. Not that I suspect her or anything. She is a completely different pony now after all.” Party Favor said nervously.

Twilight then thanked Party Favor for his time before meeting up with her friends.

“Got any useful information?” Twilight asked her friends.

“Afraid not. They all say the same thing. They woke up one morning with these X marks.” Applejack answered.

“Once again, we got nothing. Without a single lead, we are nowhere closer to solving this case.” Twilight was beginning to feel disheartened.

“Should we ask Fairy Tail to help with this investigation?” Fluttershy asked.

“Fairy Tail already has done so much for us. We also need to put in the effort to help our citizens. But I did ask them to let us know if they find anything.” Twilight replied.

While many dark unicorns were competing for a position in the Red Moon Generals, a certain dark unicorn, Darkspark, aimed to go above the rank of Lower 5 and her target is Ponyville. For some time, Darkspark has been coming up with a scheme to gain more recognition and humiliate Fairy Tail. However, for her scheme to work, she would need a lot of careful preparations. She has been studying Fairy Tail extensively. And she did it with the assistance of her spybugs, which are actually ordinary insects put under her spell and she can see through their eyes. She used them to observe Fairy Tail, both out in the field and in Ponyville. Since the spybugs are not monsters created by the Order of Scarlet Night, they can bypass the barrier surrounding Ponyville. She also occasionally hypnotized some reporters and journalists and used them to gather information from the Fairy Tail mages themselves, such as which of them are the most accomplished in the guild. Makarov and the other guild members had no idea that the ponies that were interviewing them were being used as spies. One story that interested Darkspark was how the guild had hit rock bottom for seven years during the absence of some certain members, and they rose back to fame only after those members returned. This gave Darkspark an idea of who to put on her list of foes to be most cautious about. She hated the idea that she needed to avoid a head-on confrontation with certain enemies, but she’s going to be smart about it lest she meets the same fate as the three lower generals who were defeated and many other dark unicorns. As for the Council of Friendship, Darkspark had a plan for them as well.

A few days after visiting Starlight’s old village, the Council of Friendship was having an important meeting inside the Castle of Friendship throne room.

“You got a lead?!” Twilight’s friends exclaimed.

“I received an anonymous tip. It said that the one responsible for the X marks is in Klugetown.” Twilight explained.

“You think we can trust… this anonymous tip?” Rainbow was being skeptical about it.

“We have no other leads. This is the only thing we can work with so far.” Twilight responded.

“This just seems too good to be true.” Rainbow said.

“But still, we need to look into this. Doing nothing won’t do us any good anyway.” Applejack commented.

After pondering for a moment, Fluttershy spoke up. “What if the culprit is a Red Moon General? Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, and Rarity, you encountered one of them at the Doom Cruiser.”

“Yeah, and he was super tough to fight.” Pinkie said.

“To be honest, we would have been in serious trouble if Laxus had not stepped in.” Rarity added.

“Don’t worry. No matter what foe we may encounter, we’ll face them together.” Twilight assured her friends.

“Yeah, and if all else fails, we have our Rainbow Laser.” Rainbow chimed in.

“Then it’s decided. We’re going to Klugetown.” Twilight said before concluding the meeting.

Twilight then teleported back to Canterlot to prepare for the trip to Klugetown.

“Ugh. I never thought I would be setting hoof in that place again.” Rarity said with displeasure.

Unbeknownst to them, Natsu and Happy were standing outside the throne room, listening in on their conversation.

“Happy, I know where we’re going next.” Natsu said to his partner.

In the Canterlot royal castle…

“Spike. I’ll be going to Klugetown and hopefully, we’ll be able to resolve this X mark case. In the meantime, I’m leaving you in charge of Canterlot.” Twilight told Spike.

“You got it, Twilight! You can count on me!” Spike saluted.

“And if there’s any trouble in Canterlot, Gildarts is here to help.”

“Yeah.” Spike chuckled. “Having an ally as powerful as him is truly reassuring.”

“Yes, I know.” Twilight smiled before leaving.

The Council of Friendship later arrived at Klugetown, hoping to catch their culprit. The first thing they did after arriving was meeting up with an acquaintance, Capper.

“Princess Twilight Sparkle! And friends! It’s great to see you all again! It has been a while!” Capper greeted the Council of Friendship.

“Good to see you too, Capper.” Twilight greeted back.

“So what brings you six to Klugetown?” Capper inquired. “I have a feeling that you didn’t come all this way for a casual visit.”

“There is a bizarre case that has been plaguing Equestria for some time. Ponies have been losing their cutie marks, which were being replaced by X marks.” Twilight answered.

“That does sound strange.” Capper commented.

“We came to Klugetown because we received an anonymous tip that the culprit is in this town. So Capper, are there any… strange unicorns here?” Rarity asked.

“Now that you mentioned it. There is a peculiar-looking unicorn living in Klugetown. And trust me, he doesn’t seem to be the pleasant type.” Capper explained.

“That must be the one we’ve been searching for!” Rainbow got excited.

Capper told the six where this unicorn lived and gave them directions. Twilight and her friends later arrived at an old and decrepit house.

“So this is where the unicorn lives?” Applejack asked.

“This does look like the kind of place a dark unicorn would hole up in.” Rainbow commented.

The Mane 6 then approached the house. Using her magic, Twilight opened the front door quietly. The six silently entered the house and searched the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom while remaining on the alert for any dark unicorn.

“Find anything?” Fluttershy asked.

“Nothing yet.” Applejack answered.

“Hey, look here.” Pinkie found a hatch on the floor in the living room.

Twilight opened the hatch and discovered stairs that lead to the basement.

“A basement. The perfect place to store stolen cutie marks.” Twilight quietly said.

They then went down the stairs until they reached a door. Twilight slowly opened the door and took a peek into the basement room. She saw no living thing in there, and they all entered the room to investigate. They did not find anything as the basement appeared to be completely empty.

“This place is empty. There’s nothing here.” Rainbow said distressed.

The moment she said that, the Mane 6 were caught in a stasis field, which is generated by a crystal on the basement’s ceiling. They found themselves completely frozen still, and they couldn’t even move their mouths to speak. They then heard cackling and hoofsteps coming down the stairs. A dark unicorn entered the basement and locked the door.

“I got you! You six have taken the bait, just like she said you would!” The dark unicorn said excitedly.

Oh no! This is a trap!” Twilight thought. “I… I can’t use my magic! And I can’t summon my armor!

“You won’t be able to escape. This stasis field completely inhibits all of your powers. I also added a little curse to this trap. This stasis field is also draining you of all your magic.”

The Mane Six’s minds were being filled with fear after hearing the dark unicorn’s words.

“Once you’re drained of all of your magic, I will maim each of you to the point that you won’t be able to move again. And when I deliver you six to Dread Lord, I’ll win his approval and join the ranks of the Red Moon Generals!”

Suddenly, Natsu burst through the door and struck the dark unicorn in the face with a fiery fist. The dark unicorn was incapacitated after he was sent crashing into the wall.

“This isn’t a Red Moon General either. What a letdown.” Natsu said with disappointment.

He then noticed the Mane Six’s current predicament and freed them by destroying the crystal on the basement ceiling. Lucy arrived at the basement shortly afterwards.

“Are you all alright?” Lucy asked.

“Yes, we’re fine.” Twilight said. “What are you two doing here?”

“Natsu overheard your conversation back at the Castle of Friendship. He decided to follow you here in case you would run into a Red Moon General. I went along with him to make sure he doesn’t do anything crazy.” Lucy explained.

“Anyway, was that dark unicorn the culprit behind the X marks?” Pinkie asked.

They then noticed that the dark unicorn Natsu knocked out had disintegrated.

“If only they can be taken alive.” Twilight grumbled.

“Then how will we find the stolen cutie marks?” Rarity asked.

“Right now, I’ll contact Gildarts and see how things are going at Canterlot.” Twilight then tried contacting Gildarts using her Aura bracelet but noticed that she could not get in touch with him. “This is strange. I can’t call him.”

The Mane 6, Natsu, and Lucy tried contacting the other Fairy Tail guild members, only to find out they couldn’t.

“Something’s wrong. Why couldn’t we contact anyone?” Lucy said.

Happy suddenly rushed into the basement. “Everyone! Come outside, quick!” He shouted.

They quickly exited the house and discovered that Klugetown is completely surrounded by a dome-shaped barrier.

A hologram of Darkspark appeared in the sky.

“Greetings, Council of Friendship!” the hologram said. “If you are viewing this message, then this means that the dark unicorn failed and you escaped the trap in the basement. But don’t go patting yourself on the back just yet. Because the barrier surrounding Klugetown is the real trap!”

“Does she think she can just trap us here?” Rainbow scoffed.

“And this trap isn’t something you can simply escape from; even teleportation won’t do you any good. Because this barrier is made with magic runes. Anyone inside is bound by its rules and the only way to escape is to follow them. And the rules I set are absolute.” The hologram continued with the explanation.

“This is like Freed’s magic!” Lucy noticed.

“Allow me to explain how this barrier works. First, it prevents any creature inside from leaving and any creature outside from entering, except for those I allow. Second, this barrier prevents any kind of communication with the outside, meaning you won’t be able to call for help, and those on the outside won’t be able to contact anyone on the inside either. Third, there is only one way to escape. The barrier will be deactivated once every monster that I’m about to unleash on Klugetown is defeated, and the number of monsters that need to be defeated is… 3000!”

“3000 monsters?! Are you kidding me?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

“Good luck Council of Friendship! Hope you can protect the inhabitants of Klugetown and survive!” The hologram cackled before vanishing.

Numerous portals then appeared above Klugetown. Falling out of these portals are amorphous slime monsters covered with eyes, teeth, and spikes. Right after landing, the monsters began demolishing buildings and attacking the town’s inhabitants. The monsters also fire energy beams from the eyes. Klugetown quickly plunged into chaos and the inhabitants either sought shelter or armed themselves with whatever weapon they could find and fight back.

“So we have to defeat all these monsters. Better get started then.” Natsu fired up his fists.

“Hold on Natsu! Can we defeat 3000 monsters?!” Twilight shouted.

“No point thinking about it! Just fight!” Natsu gave his simple answer as he rushed to attack any monster in sight.

“Natsu’s right! Right now, we’re the only ones who can protect this town!” Lucy said as she took out her Celestial Spirit Gate Keys.

Twilight summoned her armor and her friends summoned their robes.

Back in Ponyville…

While out delivering mail, Derpy stopped by at the Fairy Tail guild hall.

“Hello! I have a package for a Makarov Dreyar!” Derpy said.

“I’m right here!” Makarov called out.

Derpy then gave Makarov the package and left the guild hall. Makarov then opened the package and took out a shiny light blue crystal.

“I wonder who sent this to me.” Makarov then placed the crystal on the counter.

The guild hall then received an alert.

“Everyone! We have an emergency situation!” Warren cried out.

“What is it?!” Makarov questioned.

“The Crystal Empire, Manehattan, Fillydelphia, and Baltimare are under attack! There are thousands of goblins, groups of giant metal titans, and hundreds of dark unicorns!”

“Jeez! The Order of Scarlet Night is going all out this time!” one of the wizards said.

“We have another problem! I can’t get a hold of Natsu, Happy, and Lucy!” Warren exclaimed.

“What do you mean you can’t get a hold of them?!” Makarov bellowed.

“I’m trying to get in contact with them, but they’re not responding! I can’t even reach them with telepathy!” Warren answered.

“Seriously?! Where could they be at a time like this?!” Gray said.

“There is no time to waste! We have a crisis on our hands! Gray, Erza, Wendy, Gajeel, Panther Lily, Juvia, Laxus, Freed, Bickslow, and Evergreen! Go out there and stop the monsters and the dark unicorns!” Makarov commanded.

The ten Fairy Tail members immediately departed. Many other guild members including Carla, Bisca, Alzack, Cana, and Mest joined to assist them.

Derpy also went to the School of Friendship to deliver a package there as well. The mailmare went to Starlight’s office and knocked on the door. Starlight answered and opened the door.

“Oh, hello there Derpy.” Starlight greeted.

“I have a package for you Starlight.” Derpy handed Starlight the package.

“A package for me?” Starlight took the package and Derpy left.

Starlight opened the package and took out a bright yellow stone.

“Ooh, this is a nice-looking stone. It will make a nice decoration for my office. But who gave it to me?”

She took the stone to her desk. “Now where should I put you?”

The stone suddenly glowed bright for a short time and once the light faded, Starlight was put to sleep.

Back at the guild hall, the crystal that Makarov received started shining. The moment Makarov noticed, the crystal released a stasis field that affects the entire guild hall. Makarov, Warren, and a few wizards that were inside the guild hall were caught in the stasis field. They are still conscious and aware, but they cannot move nor use their magic.

Meanwhile, Canterlot is under attack by an enemy no one expected. It was a massive swarm of fly-ders, all bred and weaponized by the Order of Scarlet Night. There were billions, if not trillions, of them and they swarmed every corner of Canterlot, including the royal castle. Terrified citizens flew into a panic as the fly-ders shot webs everywhere.

Spike used his fire breath but had to be careful not to set anything on fire. Gildarts also tried his best to help but had to hold back to avoid causing any collateral damage. However, no matter how many fly-ders they eliminated, there seemed to be no end to the swarm.

With Starlight put into a deep sleep, the Council of Friendship fallen into a trap, and all of Fairy Tail’s best wizards preoccupied elsewhere, it was time for Darkspark to strike Ponyville.

“My plan is working perfectly. Soon, I will no longer be at the bottom rung of the Red Moon Generals.”

Chapter 3 (2/3)

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With all those she considered a legitimate threat away from Ponyville, Darkspark finally initiated her scheme.

In Ponyville, Darkspark has taken down a majority of the wizards that were not caught in the stasis field inside the guild hall, including Jet, Nab, and Vijeeter.

Max attempted to hinder the Red Moon General by surrounding her with a sandstorm, but she used her magic to blow it away.

“How did you get past the barrier?!” Max shouted.

“As if any barrier can stop me.” Darkspark answered with a smug look on her face.

“SAND SLASH!” Max launched a crescent-shaped blast of sand with great force.

“WOOD-MAKE: VIOLENT APPROACH!” Laki created a massive wooden spiked ball and fired it at Darkspark.

“SOLID SCRIPT: THUNDER!” Levy pointed her finger and shot the word Thunder, which turned into a bolt of lightning.

Reedus used his Pict magic to create a cannon, which then fired a cannonball.

“SECRET SEEDS: KNUCKLE PLANT!” Droy threw seeds on to the ground, which then grew into large vines with fists. The vines immediately lashed out at Darkspark.

“PURPLE RAIN!” From his hand, Macao fired dark purple fire projectiles.

“SMOKE CRUSH!” Wakaba created multiple fist-shaped smoke to attack Darkspark.

Darkspark blocked all incoming attacks with a magical barrier.

“She stopped all of our attacks!” Wakaba exclaimed.

Darkspark’s horn then lit up and released a blinding light. While the wizards were busy shielding their eyes, she fired a dark blue magical orb at them and they got blasted by a dark-colored explosion. Max, Reedus, Laki, Levy, Macao, and Wakaba were all rendered unconscious. Droy was still conscious, but was too injured to stand.

Another wizard, Kinana attempted a sneak attack.

“POISON AROMA!” Kinana tried to stop Darkspark with poisonous gas. Unfortunately, the gas had no effect on the dark unicorn.

“Nice try. But we Red Moon Generals all have immunity to poison.”

Darkspark fired a magic beam at Kinana and knocked her out. She then noticed Droy trying to call for help using his Aura bracelet.

“Somebody! Help us! A Red Moon General is here in Ponyville!”

Darkspark lifted Droy off the ground using levitation.

“Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the barrier that you wizards placed around Ponyville to protect it is now working for me and I made it prevent any communication with the outside.”

She then slammed Droy into the ground four times before throwing him into a nearby house.

The barrier surrounding Ponyville is also made of magic runes and Darkspark altered the runes to suit her needs.

“Now that those wizards are dealt with, time for me to deprive all the ponies of this town of their cutie marks!” Darkspark got all giddy since she’s certain that nothing can go wrong for her.

Right now, the only wizard left in Ponyville is Romeo, who is at the School of Friendship. But just like the wizards Darkspark just incapacitated, Romeo is not part of her list of foes that she needed to be wary of.

Meanwhile in the School of Friendship’s headmare office, Starlight is imprisoned in a dream. In her dream, she was in her old village, ruling it with an iron hoof like she did before she met the six element bearers.

Apparently having no memory of her life after meeting Twilight, Starlight was happy to see the villagers living their lives with “smiles” and “equality”.

With seemingly no one left to stop her, the Ponyville residents were completely helpless against Darkspark.

“You get an X mark! You get an X mark! You get an X mark! And you get an X mark!” Darkspark whistled as she fired dark magical waves at every pony in her path.

Darkspark doesn’t actually pull a cutie mark off a pony’s flank and store it somewhere like Starlight did. What she did was transform the cutie marks into X marks. Nonetheless, the victims still lose their cutie mark talents.

The best the ponies could do was try to flee, but they could not escape the dark waves fired by Darkspark.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaah! My cutie mark!” Diamond Tiara started crying.

“Hey! I got something to say to you!” Filthy Rich shouted at Darkspark.

Darkspark quickly gave Filthy Rich a menacing glare, and it made him froze with fear.

“You got something to say. Go on. Say it!” Darkspark dared Filthy Rich. He was so scared that he couldn’t utter a single word. Darkspark then lifted him up with levitation.

“Wait! No! Please don’t hurt me!” Filthy Rich cried out.

Ignoring his pleas for mercy, Darkspark threw him through a window of a nearby shop.

“Daddy!” Diamond Tiara screamed as she rushed to her father.

Darkspark continued spreading misery in Ponyville unopposed. Even blank flank foals were given X marks. Some ponies tried to hide, but Darkspark’s dark waves can phase through walls and solid objects.

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo grabbed and held on to Darkspark’s right rear hoof.

“Our cutie marks mean so much to us! Give them back!” Scootaloo demanded.

In response, Darkspark kicked the CMCs away from her.

“Let me tell you an important life lesson little fillies. The weak have no say in how they live. So you better get used to the new marks on your flanks because it is your fate to live the rest of your life with them.” Darkspark said coldly.

Asuka was so terrified that she did not move an inch. Thus, Darkspark did not pay her a glance.

“Hold it right there, missy!” Granny Smith yelled as she confronted Darkspark. “You should be ashamed of yourself! I oughta…”

Darkspark immediately silenced Granny Smith by using telekinesis to shut her mouth. “I will not be talked down to by a lowly old hag!” In a fit of anger, she hit Granny Smith with a magic beam, knocking her down to the ground.

“GRANNY SMITH!” Apple Bloom screeched as she, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo quickly went to Granny Smith’s side.

Without any concern, Darkspark continued on.

In her dream, Starlight continued enforcing her rule on her village. For a time, she was enjoying herself. However, that did not last long as she eventually felt something was amiss.

What is this strange feeling that keeps nagging at me?” Starlight thought to herself. “Something inside me is telling me that all this… is not right. But why?

Wake up Starlight!” Trixie’s voice can be heard.

“Huh?! What was that?!”

Please wake up!” This time it was Sunburst.

Wake up! Waaaaaaaake uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!” Starlight heard Trixie’s voice again.

“Those voices. Why are they so familiar?”

And that’s when everything was started to come back to Starlight. She remembered her redemption, her reunion with Sunburst, meeting Trixie, and becoming the guidance counselor and later headmare of the School of Friendship. All her memories returned.

Starlight then looked at herself in the mirror and saw what she once was.

“This… this isn’t me! I’m not that pony anymore!”

Wake up Starlight! We need your help!” Sunburst said.

“But… how did I get here!?” Starlight then came to a realization. “It must be that stone! I have to get out of here! But how?!”

An idea then came to Starlight’s mind. She quickly galloped to the cutie mark vault.

“I hope this works.”

Starlight then fired a powerful magical blast and destroyed the cutie mark vault. Afterwards, the world Starlight was imprisoned in slowly faded away into white.

She woke up back in the real world, back in her office in the School of Friendship, where Trixie and Sunburst were waiting for her.

“Starlight! Thank goodness! I was afraid you wouldn’t wake up!” Trixie hugged Starlight tightly.

“Starlight! You have to help us! Ponyville is under attack right now!” Sunburst shouted.

“Under attack?! By what?!” Starlight then noticed the X marks on Trixie and Sunburst’s flanks. “Your cutie marks?! What happened to your cutie marks?!”

“A dark unicorn is here! She is turning cutie marks into X marks!” Trixie exclaimed.

“That must be the one Twilight and the others were looking for! But what about all the Fairy Tail wizards here?!”

“They’ve all been beaten! You’re the only one who can save us now!” Trixie wailed.

“Seriously?!” Starlight was shocked by the news. She then tried to contact the Fairy Tail wizards on the outside with her Aura bracelet. “I cannot call for help!”

“It gets worse! The dark unicorn has trapped all of us here inside Ponyville! We can’t even use teleportation to get out!” Sunburst informed Starlight.

“I guess it’s up to me then.” Starlight said nervously. She then summoned her robe. “I’ll be going now! You two go help the students!”

Starlight took a quick glance at the stone that put her to sleep and obliterated it with her magic. She quickly left her office to confront the dark unicorn.

“I wish I have my own magic robe.” Trixie pouted.

At the courtyard in the School of Friendship, many more ponies, including Sandbar, fell victim to Darkspark’s rampage.

In an attempt to stop Darkspark, Romeo unleashed purple flames from his hands. The dark unicorn easily blocked his attack with a magical barrier.

“Everyone, run!” Romeo shouted as he tried to hold the Red Moon General back.

Smolder assisted him using her fire breath. Unfortunately, their combined flames were not able to break through Darkspark’s barrier.

She then used levitation to immobilize both Romeo and Smolder.

“Stooooooooop!” Silverstream screamed as she and Gallus rushed at Darkspark. The general then tossed Romeo and Smolder into the hippogriff and griffon.

“No dark unicorn hurt friends of Yona!” Yona charged at the dark unicorn, but she simply used levitation to throw Yona over her.

Ocellus transformed into a bugbear and also tried attacking Darkspark only to get blasted back by a magic beam.

“You’re lucky I’m more lenient with young ones. But get in my way again, and I won’t be as pleasant.” Darkspark warned Romeo and the Young Six.

Starlight then teleported to the courtyard.

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” Starlight bellowed.

“Starlight Glimmer?!” Darkspark was surprised since she never expected to see Starlight awake.

Starlight then noticed the number on Darkspark’s left eye.

“You’re eye. You’re Lower 5.”

“Yes. The name’s Darkspark. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“But. How were you able to overwhelm all the Fairy Tail wizards here?”

“Oh, were you under the impression that all the humans were capable of solving all your problems? Let me share something with you Starlight. After studying Fairy Tail for a long time, I found out that only a select few are powerful enough to rival the Red Moon Generals. The others… well… not so much.”

Starlight became more nervous since she would have to fight a Red Moon General without assistance from any of Fairy Tail’s elite members.

“I came up with a brilliant plan. I lured the Council of Friendship into a trap with an anonymous tip and I lured away all the strong humans by creating a situation that required their undivided attention. I take away the cutie marks of all the Ponyville ponies in broad daylight, and Fairy Tail suffers the shame of being unable to stop me. Anyway, I was going to come to you, but since you’re here, I’ll remove your cutie mark!”

Darkspark fired a dark magical wave at Starlight. The wave hit her, but Starlight’s cutie mark remained unchanged.

“What?!” Darkspark fired more dark waves, but they had no effect on Starlight.

“Tch. It appears that Aura’s magic is protecting you. I intended to take away every single cutie mark in Ponyville, but I suppose a single exception wouldn’t be a big deal.

“Enough! I’m ending this now!” Starlight shouted.

Both Starlight and Darkspark teleported to the outside sports field.

“Tell me something! Why are you taking away ponies’ cutie marks!?”

“Not that I have any obligation to explain myself to you, I’m just showing the weak that they have no control of their destinies. That’s how it was in the world I came from. The strong call the shots and the weak have no sway over anything. But I must admit. I did take a page out of your book. By the way Starlight, how was it being your old self?”

Starlight seethed with anger. “So you were responsible for that stone! You… You’re going to regret making me relive the worst part of my life!”

Back in the courtyard, Romeo gathered the Young Six together.

“Everyone, listen. I have an idea, but we have to work together on this. It’s going to be risky, but if we pull this off, I think we can turn this around.” Romeo said.

“What’s your plan?” Ocellus asked.

At the sports field, Starlight engaged Darkspark in a fierce battle. The unicorn and dark unicorn continuously fired magic beams at each other. Starlight avoided her opponent’s attacks by teleporting. Darkspark, on the other hoof, remained in one spot and just used her barrier to defend herself.

Starlight teleported to behind her opponent and she fired a beam in an attempt to attack Darkspark from behind. Once again, the dark unicorn blocked the beam with a barrier.

“Don’t bother trying to be sneaky. I can sense any spell coming at me.” Darkspark boasted.

Starlight and Darkspark continued attacking each other with magic beams. Neither of them was landing a hit on the other due to Starlight teleporting and Darkspark using her barrier.

She’s strong! Even though she’s the lowest-ranking Red Moon General, she’s still tough!

“You are proving to be more annoying than I expected. And I already wasted enough time with you. I guess I’ll just take the rest of the cutie marks in one go.”

Darkspark released a gigantic dark wave that spread throughout the entirety of Ponyville.

At Sweet Apple Acres, Big Mac and Sugar Belle were taken by surprise when their cutie marks suddenly turned into X marks.

“There. Now all the cutie marks in Ponyville are gone, with you being the sole exception.”

“You could have done that from the beginning! Then why spend so much time going around Ponyville?!”

“Because I was having fun watching ponies try to flee only to learn how pointless it was. But now you have spoiled my fun, Starlight. And I have no intention of leaving Ponyville without full satisfaction. So… I’m going to break you… both body and spirit.”

“I’m not going down so easily!” Starlight charged up her horn and fired a larger and more powerful beam at Darkspark.

This time, Darkspark conjured a magical mirror screen and it reflected Starlight’s attack back at her. Caught off guard, Starlight quickly put up a barrier to block her own attack. Darkspark then fired a dark blue magical orb, which exploded once it came into contact with Starlight’s barrier. The explosion broke through the barrier and sent Starlight flying into the nearby bleachers.

Darkspark then began choking Starlight with telekinesis. “Now how should I break you?”

“Hey!” Romeo got Darkspark’s attention as he and Smolder attacked her with their flames. However, the dark unicorn just blocked their attacks with a barrier.

“This again?” Darkspark merely rolled her eyes at the futility of Romeo and Smolder’s attacks.

Just like before, she immobilized Romeo and Smolder using levitation.

“I was going to let you two off easy, but it seems you both don’t have the brains to realize how much of a threat I am. So how am I going to make it perfectly clear to you? How about I break every bone in your body?”

Darkspark was then hit by a buckball, causing her to release her grip on Romeo and Smolder.

“Who threw that?!”

Sandbar and Yona threw more buckballs at the dark unicorn, but she caught them using levitation.

“Buckballs? Really? What do you hope to accomplish with these?” Darkspark asked annoyed.

Unbeknownst to her, Gallus and Silverstream were flying right above her, each carrying a bucket of sneezing powder, and they dumped the powder onto her while she was distracted.

“Now you’re making me angry! I… ah… Achoo!” Darkspark began sneezing uncontrollably.

While Darkspark lost focus due to her sneezing fit, Yona tackled her with full force. Darkspark actually felt that as she reeled on the ground.

Ocellus quickly flew towards Darkspark, transformed into a gorilla, and slammed her fists onto the dark unicorn as hard as she could, further staggering her.

Before the general could recover from the pain that Yona and Ocellus inflicted on her, Romeo ran to the dark unicorn, grasped her horn with both of his hands, and used his Purple Flare magic while his hands held tightly onto the horn. This stunt paid off as Romeo successfully broke Darkspark’s horn off.

She let out a bloodcurdling shriek that blew back Romeo and Ocellus.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! MY HOOOOOOOOOOOORN!!!!!!!!!” Darkspark screeched. “You braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! What have you done to me?! I’m going to smash your face for this!!!!!”

Before Darkspark could attack Romeo, Starlight blasted her away with a magic beam. She then used levitation to grab Darkspark and began throwing her around like a ragdoll. Eventually, the general was slammed hard into the ground. Starlight then fired a charged-up beam, which sent Darkspark flying many yards away until she crashed into a large boulder with enough force to shatter it.

As the tables turned on Darkspark, Freed and Bickslow arrived at the outskirts of Ponyville via teleportation.

“This is odd. Weren’t we supposed to be teleported to inside of Ponyville instead of out here? Bickslow asked.

“What’s even more concerning is that I still cannot get in touch with anyone inside the town.” Freed said.

Bickslow tried walking into Ponyville, but the barrier stopped him.

“Hey! What gives?! Why is the barrier not letting me through?!” Bickslow said surprised.

“Hold on. Something’s wrong.” Freed then examined the barrier. “The barrier was altered?!”

Freed then used his magic to open the barrier and Darkspark sensed this.

It’s only a matter of time before the rest of Fairy Tail is alerted to what’s going on in Ponyville. Knowing that staying in Ponyville any longer would spell doom for her, Darkspark made a hasty retreat. She used teleportation to get away and despite not having full control of her magic, she managed to teleport to someplace far away from Ponyville.

“Looks like she got away.” Starlight said.

“Wahoooo! We drove away a high-ranking dark unicorn! How awesome is that!?” Smolder cheered.

“I wish Headmare Starlight pummeled her some more, but it was satisfying seeing the look on her face when her horn broke. It was priceless!” Gallus commented.

“Yona and friends should celebrate!” Yona said excitedly.

“Um, everycreature. What about my cutie mark?” Sandbar showed that his cutie mark did not return.

It is unfortunately apparent that breaking Darkspark’s horn did not undo the spell that turns cutie marks into X marks.

At Klugetown, Natsu, Happy, Lucy, and the Council of Friendship went through a long and arduous battle, but they successfully defeated 3000 monsters and the barrier surrounding Klugetown deactivated.

“Finally, it’s over.” Happy said exhausted.

Meanwhile, the Mane 6 were having a group hug.

“We did it! We all survived!” Pinkie cheered.

“But my poor mane has been ruined!” Rarity cried out.

“Just be happy you’re alive.” Lucy said.

At Canterlot, all the unicorns pitched in and they managed to overcome the fly-der threat, though there was a lot of cleaning up that needed to be done.

“Look at all this mess.” Spike groaned. “I hope Twilight and the others are having better luck.”

Fairy Tail also managed to stop the monsters and the dark unicorns threatening the Crystal Empire, Manehattan, Fillydelphia, and Baltimare.

Starlight came to the guild hall and disabled the stasis field.

While those who were just released from the stasis field tend to the injured guild members, Freed and Bickslow checked on the Ponyville citizens. All the ponies were depressed, having lost their cutie mark talents. The two came across Diamond Tiara and the injured Filthy Rich.

“Are you alright sir?” Freed asked Filthy Rich.

“I’m fine… Ow!... I think I got some broken bones!”

“Easy there. I’ll take you to the hospital.” Bickslow offered to help.

As Bickslow tended to Filthy Rich, Freed continued checking on the citizens. He later found Asuka, the CMCs, and Granny Smith.

"Granny Smith, please wake up." Apple Bloom put her hooves on Granny Smith, trying to see if she could wake her up. "Please say something." But her physical contact and shaking weren't working. Tears were flowing down from Apple Bloom’s eyes as Granny Smith was not responding at all.

“Please excuse me.” Freed then checked for a pulse. “Oh no…”

“Is she going to be okay?” Apple Bloom whimpered.

“I… I wish I have better news.” Freed spoke with sadness in his voice.

On this day, a tragedy occurred in Ponyville.

Chapter 3 (3/3)

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Not everything worked out the way Darkspark intended. She was expecting to leave Ponyville with a smile on her face, not with a broken horn. That would be the least of her worries as things were about to go further downhill for her.

In Scarlet Night’s fortress, Dread Lord was having a word with Darkspark and he was not pleased.

“Darkspark, words cannot express the sheer amount of disappointment I feel towards you.”

“But Dread Lord, my plan wasn’t a failure. I did take away all the cutie marks from the ponies in Ponyville and I even showed them that Fairy Tail is not infallible.”

“Not only you allowed a mere child and some inferior creatures get the better of you, you also allowed your horn to be broken! You do know that is a dark unicorn’s greatest shame! I gave you the freedom to do as you pleased, but I cannot overlook this unforgivable blunder of yours!”

“Dread Lord, please. I can still serve Scarlet Night. Just give me another chance.” Darkspark pleaded.

“Silence! I am stripping you of your rank!”

Darkspark screamed in pain as an X mark was magically carved over the number on her left eye.

“You are hereby expelled from the Red Moon Generals! And you are no longer welcome in the Order of Scarlet Night! Now leave and never return!”

In Ponyville, a funeral was being held for Granny Smith. Fairy Tail, the Mane 7, Spike, the Young Six, Celestia, Luna, all of Ponyville, the Apple Family, and Grand Pear had come to the funeral.

They all felt the sense of loss as a result of this terrible tragedy, but none were more devastated than Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Big Mac. Sugar Belle consoled her husband while Asuka, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo did the same for Apple Bloom.

“This… this can’t be real! Please tell me this isn’t real!” Applejack started sobbing as Rainbow and Rarity tearfully hugged her.

Applejack then turned to the wizards who were in Ponyville during Darkspark’s attack.

“How could you let this happen!?” Applejack cried out.

The wizards couldn’t come up with a response. They were so ashamed that they couldn’t look Applejack in the eye.

“I’m… I’m so sorry.” Makarov solemnly said as he lowered his head.

“You were supposed to protect everypony! Why couldn’t you do your jobs?!”

“Applejack!” Aura Light’s spiritual form appeared. “No one, except the Order of Scarlet Night, should be blamed for this! The ones you should be angry at are the dark unicorns who started this war!”

“Aura! Please! Tell me there is a way to bring Granny Smith back!” Applejack begged.

“…. I’m sorry Applejack. There is no way to bring her back. You only get one chance at life and once it’s lost, it’s gone forever.”

“This… this isn’t fair! Why Granny Smith had to die like this!? Didn’t you bring Fairy Tail here to protect Equestria!? What good are they… if they couldn’t even protect my grandmother!?”

“You are aware that the forces of the Order of Scarlet Night are massive and when I said that the Red Moon Generals are far worse than Equestria’s previous enemies, I really meant it. And that’s exactly why I summoned Fairy Tail to this world. Not only because the guild has members that are strong enough to match the Red Moon Generals, but also because I can count on the guild to see the war through to the end. Make no mistake Applejack. Fairy Tail will be instrumental in defeating Scarlet Night. But no matter what allies you may have, there was never any guarantee that a loved one won’t be taken from you. This is the cruel reality of war.”

“Don’t you have any idea how upset I am?! Do you know what’s it like to lose somepony dear to you?!” Applejack snapped.

“I know loss, Applejack. During the great war 4000 years ago, the Order of Scarlet Night brought so much devastation. They killed… tortured… and tormented hundreds of thousands. Foals… Families… All their lives came to an abrupt and violent end. It made my heart sank. Back then, I was the only one capable of stopping Scarlet Night and the Red Moon Generals. Even the lower generals were too powerful for anypony else.”

The Council of Friendship was stunned to hear the atrocities the Order of Scarlet Night committed.

“Take some time to grieve Applejack. But know that the Order of Scarlet Night will continue threatening innocent lives. Granny Smith isn’t coming back. Nothing can be done about that. But what you can do is fight to protect the innocent and prevent any more victims.”

Applejack wiped her tears. “You’re right. I’ll keep fighting… to make sure that nopony else will have to go through this!” She said with resolve.

Aura then turned to Fairy Tail.

“Remember this, Fairy Tail. No matter how big your victories may be, this war isn’t over until the Order of Scarlet Night is defeated. And until this war ends, it’s only going to get worse.”

While Ponyville mourned Granny Smith, Darkspark wandered the Everfree Forest, completely despondent after losing her place among the Red Moon Generals.

What have I’ve been reduced to? Such bitter irony. After giving X marks to hundreds of ponies, who would have guessed that I would end up with an X mark?”

Darkspark fell deeper and deeper into her despair.

”I had the perfect scheme. After all the planning and preparations, where did it go wrong? It… It was… It was all because of them! That human boy… dragon… earth pony… griffon… hippogriff… changeling… and yak! The reason I’m suffering this disgrace is because they broke my horn! How can it be them?! Them! Of all things! This is absolutely absurd! I always assumed that the weak are incapable of anything and because of that assumption, I did not take them seriously. Curse them! Curse them all! They… they are going to pay for this! They’ll pay dearly! I can never go back to the Red Moon Generals. But the least I can do… is make all of them suffer!”

As her mind was filled with intense fury and rage, her body was then completely enveloped by a shroud of darkness and her mane transformed into bladed tendrils. The tendrils flailed violently, slicing apart the nearby trees. Darkspark has been completely overtaken by her desire for revenge and she has lost all sense of rationality. With Romeo and the Young Six as her targets, she made her way to Ponyville.

Darkspark soon reached the outskirts of Ponyville, but her approach did not go unnoticed. Natsu stood in her path. An intense fiery aura surrounded his whole body as he confronted the dark unicorn.

“Listen here! Applejack’s grandmother just died! An attack is the last thing Ponyville needs right now! Let them grieve in peace! If you’re going to disrupt the funeral, I’ll turn you into a pile of ashes!”

Darkspark couldn’t care less about the funeral. The one thing on her mind was revenge. The bladed tendrils from her mane lashed out at Natsu. Thanks to the fiery aura surrounding him, the tendrils burned away the moment they got close to him, leaving Natsu unscathed.

“You got yourself a one-way ticket to hell. FIRE DRAGON KING DESTRUCTION FIST!” Not pulling any punches, Natsu released a large quantity of devastating flames from his fist and unleashed it on Darkspark.

She was launched back by the sheer force of the attack and she tumbled on the ground. The dark shroud covering her body dissipated. With the dark unicorn subdued, the fiery aura surrounding Natsu faded away.

“Hold on! This dark unicorn looks familiar!” Natsu remembered the hologram of Darkspark back in Klugetown.

Macao and Happy arrived at the scene.

“It’s her! That’s the Red Moon General that attacked Ponyville!” Macao informed Natsu.

“I see.” Natsu quickly ran to Darkspark. “Hey you! I have something I want to ask you! Now tell me! Where is Scarlet Night’s fortress!?”

Darkspark did not respond as she remained motionless on the ground. Her body then started disintegrating.

“Nooooo! No! No! No! No! Don’t go yet! You still haven’t told me anything!”

It was no use. The dark unicorn crumbled away completely and nothing of her remained.

“At least you took down a Red Moon General. Just like you wanted.” Happy tried to look on the bright side.

“Yeah, I guess.” Natsu wasn’t feeling jolly about it, given the circumstances.

With Darkspark’s demise, the cutie marks of all her victims have been restored. The ponies in other towns and villages were completely overjoyed. Though the ponies of Ponyville were glad to get their cutie marks back, they were not in the spirit to celebrate. Natsu went back to Ponyville and explained what happened to the former Red Moon General. The Apple siblings received some measure of comfort, knowing that the dark unicorn responsible for their grandmother’s death got her comeuppance.

Even though another Red Moon General has fallen, it did not feel like a victory. Darkspark had played Fairy Tail and the Council of Friendship for fools. And the one thing her plan succeeded at was taking away Ponyville’s peace of mind.

The spell that robbed ponies of their cutie marks can be undone, but the loss of an innocent life is sadly irreversible. Having to watch Ponyville grieve over the death of a beloved pony hit Fairy Tail really hard. Granny Smith’s passing is a tragedy that will never be forgotten, and it will not be the last tragedy to happen in this war. However, no matter the pain and heartache, Fairy Tail and the Council of Friendship will continue the fight to defend Equestria.