• Published 7th Mar 2021
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MLP FiM x Fairy Tail: Wizards in Equestria - FL

An entity of light summons the Fairy Tail guild to Equestria to assist the Council of Friendship in a war against an ancient evil force.

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Chapter 3 (3/3)

Not everything worked out the way Darkspark intended. She was expecting to leave Ponyville with a smile on her face, not with a broken horn. That would be the least of her worries as things were about to go further downhill for her.

In Scarlet Night’s fortress, Dread Lord was having a word with Darkspark and he was not pleased.

“Darkspark, words cannot express the sheer amount of disappointment I feel towards you.”

“But Dread Lord, my plan wasn’t a failure. I did take away all the cutie marks from the ponies in Ponyville and I even showed them that Fairy Tail is not infallible.”

“Not only you allowed a mere child and some inferior creatures get the better of you, you also allowed your horn to be broken! You do know that is a dark unicorn’s greatest shame! I gave you the freedom to do as you pleased, but I cannot overlook this unforgivable blunder of yours!”

“Dread Lord, please. I can still serve Scarlet Night. Just give me another chance.” Darkspark pleaded.

“Silence! I am stripping you of your rank!”

Darkspark screamed in pain as an X mark was magically carved over the number on her left eye.

“You are hereby expelled from the Red Moon Generals! And you are no longer welcome in the Order of Scarlet Night! Now leave and never return!”

In Ponyville, a funeral was being held for Granny Smith. Fairy Tail, the Mane 7, Spike, the Young Six, Celestia, Luna, all of Ponyville, the Apple Family, and Grand Pear had come to the funeral.

They all felt the sense of loss as a result of this terrible tragedy, but none were more devastated than Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Big Mac. Sugar Belle consoled her husband while Asuka, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo did the same for Apple Bloom.

“This… this can’t be real! Please tell me this isn’t real!” Applejack started sobbing as Rainbow and Rarity tearfully hugged her.

Applejack then turned to the wizards who were in Ponyville during Darkspark’s attack.

“How could you let this happen!?” Applejack cried out.

The wizards couldn’t come up with a response. They were so ashamed that they couldn’t look Applejack in the eye.

“I’m… I’m so sorry.” Makarov solemnly said as he lowered his head.

“You were supposed to protect everypony! Why couldn’t you do your jobs?!”

“Applejack!” Aura Light’s spiritual form appeared. “No one, except the Order of Scarlet Night, should be blamed for this! The ones you should be angry at are the dark unicorns who started this war!”

“Aura! Please! Tell me there is a way to bring Granny Smith back!” Applejack begged.

“…. I’m sorry Applejack. There is no way to bring her back. You only get one chance at life and once it’s lost, it’s gone forever.”

“This… this isn’t fair! Why Granny Smith had to die like this!? Didn’t you bring Fairy Tail here to protect Equestria!? What good are they… if they couldn’t even protect my grandmother!?”

“You are aware that the forces of the Order of Scarlet Night are massive and when I said that the Red Moon Generals are far worse than Equestria’s previous enemies, I really meant it. And that’s exactly why I summoned Fairy Tail to this world. Not only because the guild has members that are strong enough to match the Red Moon Generals, but also because I can count on the guild to see the war through to the end. Make no mistake Applejack. Fairy Tail will be instrumental in defeating Scarlet Night. But no matter what allies you may have, there was never any guarantee that a loved one won’t be taken from you. This is the cruel reality of war.”

“Don’t you have any idea how upset I am?! Do you know what’s it like to lose somepony dear to you?!” Applejack snapped.

“I know loss, Applejack. During the great war 4000 years ago, the Order of Scarlet Night brought so much devastation. They killed… tortured… and tormented hundreds of thousands. Foals… Families… All their lives came to an abrupt and violent end. It made my heart sank. Back then, I was the only one capable of stopping Scarlet Night and the Red Moon Generals. Even the lower generals were too powerful for anypony else.”

The Council of Friendship was stunned to hear the atrocities the Order of Scarlet Night committed.

“Take some time to grieve Applejack. But know that the Order of Scarlet Night will continue threatening innocent lives. Granny Smith isn’t coming back. Nothing can be done about that. But what you can do is fight to protect the innocent and prevent any more victims.”

Applejack wiped her tears. “You’re right. I’ll keep fighting… to make sure that nopony else will have to go through this!” She said with resolve.

Aura then turned to Fairy Tail.

“Remember this, Fairy Tail. No matter how big your victories may be, this war isn’t over until the Order of Scarlet Night is defeated. And until this war ends, it’s only going to get worse.”

While Ponyville mourned Granny Smith, Darkspark wandered the Everfree Forest, completely despondent after losing her place among the Red Moon Generals.

What have I’ve been reduced to? Such bitter irony. After giving X marks to hundreds of ponies, who would have guessed that I would end up with an X mark?”

Darkspark fell deeper and deeper into her despair.

”I had the perfect scheme. After all the planning and preparations, where did it go wrong? It… It was… It was all because of them! That human boy… dragon… earth pony… griffon… hippogriff… changeling… and yak! The reason I’m suffering this disgrace is because they broke my horn! How can it be them?! Them! Of all things! This is absolutely absurd! I always assumed that the weak are incapable of anything and because of that assumption, I did not take them seriously. Curse them! Curse them all! They… they are going to pay for this! They’ll pay dearly! I can never go back to the Red Moon Generals. But the least I can do… is make all of them suffer!”

As her mind was filled with intense fury and rage, her body was then completely enveloped by a shroud of darkness and her mane transformed into bladed tendrils. The tendrils flailed violently, slicing apart the nearby trees. Darkspark has been completely overtaken by her desire for revenge and she has lost all sense of rationality. With Romeo and the Young Six as her targets, she made her way to Ponyville.

Darkspark soon reached the outskirts of Ponyville, but her approach did not go unnoticed. Natsu stood in her path. An intense fiery aura surrounded his whole body as he confronted the dark unicorn.

“Listen here! Applejack’s grandmother just died! An attack is the last thing Ponyville needs right now! Let them grieve in peace! If you’re going to disrupt the funeral, I’ll turn you into a pile of ashes!”

Darkspark couldn’t care less about the funeral. The one thing on her mind was revenge. The bladed tendrils from her mane lashed out at Natsu. Thanks to the fiery aura surrounding him, the tendrils burned away the moment they got close to him, leaving Natsu unscathed.

“You got yourself a one-way ticket to hell. FIRE DRAGON KING DESTRUCTION FIST!” Not pulling any punches, Natsu released a large quantity of devastating flames from his fist and unleashed it on Darkspark.

She was launched back by the sheer force of the attack and she tumbled on the ground. The dark shroud covering her body dissipated. With the dark unicorn subdued, the fiery aura surrounding Natsu faded away.

“Hold on! This dark unicorn looks familiar!” Natsu remembered the hologram of Darkspark back in Klugetown.

Macao and Happy arrived at the scene.

“It’s her! That’s the Red Moon General that attacked Ponyville!” Macao informed Natsu.

“I see.” Natsu quickly ran to Darkspark. “Hey you! I have something I want to ask you! Now tell me! Where is Scarlet Night’s fortress!?”

Darkspark did not respond as she remained motionless on the ground. Her body then started disintegrating.

“Nooooo! No! No! No! No! Don’t go yet! You still haven’t told me anything!”

It was no use. The dark unicorn crumbled away completely and nothing of her remained.

“At least you took down a Red Moon General. Just like you wanted.” Happy tried to look on the bright side.

“Yeah, I guess.” Natsu wasn’t feeling jolly about it, given the circumstances.

With Darkspark’s demise, the cutie marks of all her victims have been restored. The ponies in other towns and villages were completely overjoyed. Though the ponies of Ponyville were glad to get their cutie marks back, they were not in the spirit to celebrate. Natsu went back to Ponyville and explained what happened to the former Red Moon General. The Apple siblings received some measure of comfort, knowing that the dark unicorn responsible for their grandmother’s death got her comeuppance.

Even though another Red Moon General has fallen, it did not feel like a victory. Darkspark had played Fairy Tail and the Council of Friendship for fools. And the one thing her plan succeeded at was taking away Ponyville’s peace of mind.

The spell that robbed ponies of their cutie marks can be undone, but the loss of an innocent life is sadly irreversible. Having to watch Ponyville grieve over the death of a beloved pony hit Fairy Tail really hard. Granny Smith’s passing is a tragedy that will never be forgotten, and it will not be the last tragedy to happen in this war. However, no matter the pain and heartache, Fairy Tail and the Council of Friendship will continue the fight to defend Equestria.