• Published 20th Jan 2021
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Three Sisters - Cryohawk

Once three sisters were united in harmony, they ended wars, disasters, and brought peace and harmony to the nation of Equestria. But after one mistake it all comes crumbling down. The sisters were separated and broken...until one day that all changed

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Chapter 5: Old Faithful

Twilight peacefully slept in her new bed while her blankets partially covered her, this was until Twilight suddenly felt an annoyingly bright light on her eyelids. She tried in vain to move out of the malicious rays but failed. So she grumbly admitted defeat as she opened her tired eyes and saw that her conniving opponent was her sister’s sun, which had found a way past her impenetrable canopy defense.

Twilight sighed as she cursed her sister's big ball of gas until she reluctantly got up onto her haunches where she stretched her forearms and wings. Twilight then attempted to rub the sleepiness away from her eyes and then moved a part of the canopy so she could jump off her bed. As Twilight landed on the hardwood floor she yawned before she started to walk mechanically to the bathroom, so she could freshen herself up for the impending day.

But just as she passed her work desk she suddenly had some other ray of light shine into her eye. I swear to the god’s sister if you are playing a stupid prank at this hour. I will strangle you! As Twilight glared over at the source of her sister’s presumed prank ready to obliterate whatever it was, instead, what she saw caused her eyes to widen and jaw to drop.

Sat on her desk was something that Twilight hadn't seen since her imprisonment, on the desk was a six-pointed magenta crystal star that was none other than her best friend, the lost Element of Magic.

Twilight stood there in shock for a moment until the full reality of her discovery dawned on her and she screamed in joy as loud as she could.

"OH MY GOD’S! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Twilight promptly awakened the entire castle.


Princess Celestia was on her balcony, having just awakened a few minutes ago. Where she lowered the moon and raised the sun as part of her celestial duties.

Like many of the other times, she used this moment to mentally go over what she had to do for the day ...Then if I remember correctly, I have a meeting with Meadow Gale about the current state of the royal gardens at five in the evening. Then, let’s see...Ah! I have one final meeting with Captain Iron Sights at six-thirty to oversee the new recruits. Then finally I’ll be free. As Celestia finished she bathed in her newly arrived sunlight and the cool breeze that followed allowing it to flow through her mane and feathers.

Ah, I should get Twilight and do this with me sometime. Once Celestia finished that thought she let herself relax briefly in the soothing quiet of the morning, where the only noise was the chirping of birds or the rustle of leaves.

Suddenly, this peaceful setting was shattered when there was a deafening screech, which caused Celestia’s blood to run cold. This was because the direction of the scream came from none other than Twilight’s tower.

TWILIGHT! She’s in danger! Whatever is attacking my sister be ready to face the FULL WRATH OF THE SUN! Celestia instantly began to cast a teleport spell to her sister’s tower. She was ready to eviscerate any creature that would dare threaten Twilight, to put it simply she went into full overprotective sister mode.

Celestia appeared in Twilight’s bedroom already in a battle stance with her wings spread wide open and horn ablaze with golden magic, her eyes surveyed the room for any threats. As Celestia scanned the room her eyes widened as they fell upon the lying form of her sister on the ground.

What caused her eyes to widen in shock was the familiar form of the Element of Magic, which was rapidly pulsating in its core, clutched to Twilight’s chest while joyful tears flowed down her cheeks.

What!? Magic returned!? But it disappeared when Nightmare Moon was banished! During Celestia’s confusion, her battle stance slackened, as she stood there Twilight looked through her tear-filled eyes and noticed that Celestia stood above her.

“Sister tis is wonderful! Magic has returned! Mine friend hath returned!” Twilight remarked in broken equish as she tightened her hold on Magic, which caused the crystal to glow just a bit brighter.

“I...can see...that. How-how did you find it?” Celestia asked while the remains of her battle stance fully vanished as she tried to process everything.

“We don’t know. We-I mean, I found them on my desk this morning,” Twilight told Celestia as she began to nuzzle Magic.

Why did you return now? Wait if Magic has returned then that may mean that Twilight could… Before Celestia could finish that thought she suddenly realized that Twilight had screamed in the RCV (Royal Canterlot Voice), and had likely alerted every guard in the castle. Just as she finished that thought she heard a faint thumping sound and distant shouts come from downstairs.

Celestia sighed before she looked back at her sister and told her, “Twilight, can you please compose yourself? We have a lot to talk about with this new development. Now I will be right back. I need to calm down the guards that are currently trying to batter down your door. Not that I think they can actually break them down,” Celestia said the last part under her breath.

“Sure, sure,” Twilight absentmindedly said as she continued to nuzzle Magic.

Celestia rolled her eyes at her sister before she proceeded to walk down to the first floor, where she could hear the guards as they attempted to break down the doors. Celestia shook her head, but was still warmed by their devotion to protect her sister, she then walked over to the doors and used her magic to unlock and open them.

When Celestia opened the doors she saw that the guards had somehow gotten a marble pedestal and were using it as a makeshift battering ram, which was currently flying toward her. Celestia quickly used her magic to catch the pedestal mid-swing which caused the guards holding it to stumble.

As the guards regained their balance one of them looked up and saw Princess Celestia in the doorway. “Your Majesty! Were sorry, we didn't know you were there. We were just trying to get into Princess Twilight’s room when we heard a scream come from inside,” the guard dutifully reported as he quickly composed himself with the others following shortly after.

“It’s alright, I’m fine. I am here for the same reason and I would like to state that Princess Twilight is perfectly safe. As for the scream she was...excited about something and got a little carried away,” Celestia stated to the guards.

The guards nodded their heads in acknowledgment, if only a little hesitant by Celestia’s vague explanation, before Celestia continued, “If you could tell my assistant, Raven Inkwell, that something important has come to my attention and because of that court is postponed for today. Also alert the rest of the castle that everything is alright and the situation has been handled-” to which the guards nodded again before Celestia smirked “- Also if you could return this pedestal to where you found it, that would be perfect,” the guards blushed slightly as she showed their overreaction before they saluted to her and picked up the pedestal as they walked away.

That was until everypony heard rapid hoofsteps come from down the hall, the pony who was responsible for the noise charged around the corner and was none other than Cadence. The guards saluted when they recognized Cadence as she passed them. Cadence ran up to Celestia and as soon as she saw her she noticed how worried Cadence looked.

“Auntie Celestia, what happened?! Is Twilight ok?” Cadence hysterically asked, which Celestia calmed her and motioned for Cadence to follow her inside.

“Cadence, calm down. Everything is alright. Twilight is completely fine. In fact, I believe she is extremely happy,” As Celestia told Cadence that she started to walk back up to Twilight’s bedroom, to which Cadence followed her.

“Well, that’s good. I was worried that when I heard the scream, something bad happened. I got even more worried when I heard the scream came from Auntie Twilight’s tower. Centa was especially worried,” Cadence finished as an afterthought.

“Speaking of Centa. Where is she? Weren't you looking over her today?” Celestia questioned as she looked over at Cadence.

“Well after we heard the scream, I helped console Centa into calming down. Then I had some of the nearby maids look after her. I didn't want to give Centa off to somepony else, but I still wanted to see if there was anything wrong and if I could help in any way,” Cadence admitted, as she felt a little guilty for leaving Centa behind.

Celestia brought a wing around Cadence’s back, as she comforted her, “It’s alright, Cadence. You were responsible and helped Centa when she needed it. You also had the foresight to give her to ponies that could take care of her. But next time I would prefer that you stay with Centa. As even though this was a false alarm, it still could have been a dangerous situation that you could have gotten hurt in,” Cadence looked down as more guilt flooded her.

This didn't last long though, as Celestia opened up her other wing and brought up Cadence’s head with its tip. “But you are also still young and I don’t expect you to know how to handle every situation. That also doesn't mean that I’m not proud of you for taking such diligent action. Also when you get older I’ll teach you how to handle situations like this and how to deal with them, so you could help any pony that could be in danger,” Celestia finished with a motherly smile.

Cadence smiled back as the two wing hugged for a moment.

Soon after the two separated they continued their way up to where Twilight waited for them. As Celestia and Cadence made it up to Twilight’s room, Celestia noticed that Twilight had set up a table for them with a freshly prepared set of tea waiting for her. Twilight herself was sat on a sitting pillow with a cup of tea held up in her magic and next to her, on its own pillow, was the Element of Magic, which was faintly pulsating. Twilight seemed to be distracted with something as she only noticed them when they were right in front of the table.

“Oh! Cadence, I didn't know you were going to join us. Here’s a seat,” As Twilight finished a sitting pillow was levitated over in front of Cadence.

As the pair of alicorns sat down, where they got their own respective cups of tea, they relaxed for a moment as they enjoyed the serenity. Until Cadence broke this silence when she asked the glaring question in the room.

“Umm, so I was wondering Auntie Twilight. Why did you scream so loudly and why is there a six-stared crystal next to you?” Celestia wondered when Cadence would ask those questions.

“This is my best friend The Element of Magic or simply Magic and for why I screamed. Well, I may have gotten a bit...over-excited at being reunited with them,” Twilight answered as she faintly blushed with a sheepish smile.

“Ok, but well. What exactly is The Element of Magic and why do you call the crystal your best friend?” Cadence asked again.

Before Twilight could answer Celestia jumped into the conversation, as she attempted to stop Twilight from lecturing them for the next hour.

“Magic is one of the six Elements of Harmony and the reason Twilight calls Magic her best friend is that they have a very close bond,” Twilight softly glared at her before Celestia looked over at her sister apologetically. “I’m sorry, Twilight. I love your famous lectures, but there are some things we still have to talk about” - Celestia then looked back over to Cadence “But before we go into that, let me go into a little more detail on the elements. As I said there are six elements of harmony and they are Honesty, Generosity, Kindness, Loyalty, Laughter, and the aforementioned Magic. Each of the elements represents a part of Equestrian society and are powerful relics that can be used to defeat evil. As to where we found them…” Celestia looked over at her sister to continue.

To which she snorted but continued nonetheless.

“As my sister was saying. We found the elements hidden deep in the Everfree Forest, where they were held by a...object called The Tree of Harmony. The reason we needed the elements was to defeat an insane creature known as Discord, the self-proclaimed Spirit of Chaos. Discord kept true to his word as he caused chaos to run rampant in not only Equestria but the entirety of Equis and no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t beat him. So we searched for relics to help us, like the aforementioned elements. Once we used them we were able to beat him, where we sealed him in stone for eternity. As for who the elements belonged to...,” Twilight finished as she looked back over to Celestia with a smug smirk.

Celestia rolled her eyes at her sister’s antics.

Well played, sister. Yes, as for which of us bore each element. I had the Elements of Kindness and Generosity, Twilight as you can see has Magic but she also has Honesty, while...Luna held Loyalty and Laughter. One other thing you should know is that we didn't choose which element we wielded, they chose us. Now how they did this or why we aren't quite sure. You see the elements are semi-intelligent beings and work in mysterious ways, so they could have a variety of reasons for why they chose us. We simply don’t know,” when Celestia finished a pregnant silence followed, where Cadence sat on her pillow as she digested the mountain of information she acquired during the sister’s little “story time”.

This silence ended when Cadence looked back up at the sister’s “I think I understand. *sigh* So these were the relics you were talking about, Auntie Celestia,” Cadence weakly replied as she looked back over at Celestia.

Celestia smiled apologetically to Cadence “I’m sorry we jumped this on you, Cadence. I had planned to tell you this when you were older, but fate forced my hooves with Magic’s return,” As Celestia finished she looked over at her sister. “Let’s move onto the subject I would like to discuss. Twilight now that Magic has returned, there’s now the possibility that you could use the Elements of Harmony, instead of young Centa,” Celestia offered, to which both of the alicorns looked at her in surprise.

This didn't last long as Cadence slammed her forelegs onto the table's surface, which caused it to wobble and spill a little tea. “Wait! Auntie Twilight if you could use these elements, then Centa could be put out of harm's way!” Cadence excitedly yelled.

Celestia could understand why Cadence was so excited about this. After she told Cadence about Luna, which was a few days into Twilight’s coma. She also decided that it was best to tell Cadence about her plan to have Centa free Luna from the nightmare using powerful relics. Initially, Cadence was very against this plan and they argued over it for hours, but eventually, she was able to convince Cadence that this was the only way and if another solution presented itself she’d take it.

Celestia was knocked out of that memory when she heard her sister reply, “I agree. If I could replace Centra so she could be put out of danger, then I would gladly do it. Also with me already having a connection to the elements, I may be able to get them to work. And I’d like to try and help Luna myself.”

“Then it’s decided. Twilight will attempt to reactivate the elements, so she could use them instead of Centa. I’ll go gather the elements, which are in the ruins of the Castle of the Three Sisters,” As Celestia finished she stood up and prepared a teleportation spell.

Before she could leave Twilight looked at her confused “Wait the elements are still at our old castle? Why would you keep them there? I would have thought that you would have relocated them to Canterlot Castle,” Twilight asked Celestia.

“You’ll see why soon, Twilight. The elements you remember from before are...different,” Celestia cryptically replied.

Before she finished her teleportation spell and disappeared in a bright yellow flash.

When Celestia disappeared she had one final thought: I hope you can do it, sister. I hope you can use the elements so Centa doesn't have to be put in danger because of my mistake. As Celestia finished she disappeared from Canterlot and reappeared in a place she hoped she wouldn't have to come back to for a very long time...


*sigh* I hate it when she does that. Twilight sat on her pillow slightly annoyed at her recently departed sister’s cryptic answer. She pushed aside her frustration as she looked back over at Cadence, who had still not moved or picked up her, now cold, tea.

Twilight attempted to start the conversation again “Well since Celestia needs to grab the elements, I think it’s best that I set up some preparations for it. Also, you can bring your tea, but you may want to warm it up,” Twilight said as she finished her own tea, got up, and walked to the entrance downstairs, Twilight levitated Magic closely behind her.

Cadence blushed at Twilight’s comment before she followed Twilight, with her tea following shortly after her. Cadence took Twilight’s advice and heated up her tea with a quick spell.

The two mares walked down the steps in relative silence until Cadence asked a question “Um, there was another question I was wondering about. That didn't really get answered. Why do you care so much about Magic?”

“Ah, I was wondering when you were going to ask about that again. Celestia was quite...brief about Magic. Sorry about how Celestia acted, she just wanted to get to the matter at hoof,” Twilight apologized for her sister.

“No, it’s alright. It was quite an important question,” Cadence reassured her, as she took a small sip of her now reheated tea.

“Now, to answer your question. My relationship with Magic is a bit difficult to explain. You see, ever since we first found the elements I’ve always felt a special connection to Magic, something I didn't have with Honesty. Because of this, I started to work with Magic more and slowly learn more about them. Eventually, we became best friends and I decided to...integrate Magic into my old regalia,” As Twilight looked over at Cadence to make sure she had understood, she saw that she looked confused so Twilight decided to clarify a bit more.

“To be a bit more specific. The regalia that I wear now, the same set that I wore when I was reintegrated into Equestria, is not the same one that I used to own. I asked Celestia where it was, but she didn't know where it went. Anyways, to get back on track. My old regalia, specifically my crown, had The Element of Magic attached to it, where they helped me and we could be together,” Twilight recalled as the two alicorns reached the lab.

As they entered Twilight walked over to one of the tables, where she grabbed a multitude of equipment for the elements experiment. Twilight also securely placed Magic down onto another table.

As Twilight gathered the needed equipment she heard Cadence ask another question, “So, does that mean Celestia and Luna had a special connection to their elements as well?”

“No...not really. I think they considered them more like a partner or comrade than a best friend. I was really the only one that went so far, at least with Magic,” Twilight replied as she began to set up the lab for the elements.

“I see,” Cadence muttered as she took another sip of her tea.

“Anyways, now that Celestia is gone. Do you want to hear about some of her most embarrassing moments,” Twilight asked as she looked over at Cadence with a self-satisfied grin.

The grin seemed to be infectious, as one slowly spread on Cadence’s own muzzle, “Auntie Twilight, I’d love to hear about that.”


It had been about half an hour since Celestia had left for their old home and in that time Twilight had prepared her lab for the use of the elements. As well as telling Cadence many different compromising stories about her sister, that will likely plague Celestia for the next few months.

As Twilight finished another incriminating tale of her older sister, she suddenly felt the familiar buildup of Celestia’s magic, “It seems Celestia has gotten the elements,” Twilight commented.

Cadence was momentarily confused until a bright flash of light filled the room and just as quickly disappeared.

In its place was Celestia, but she was not alone as five spherical stones floated above her.

Celestia looked around the lab for a moment, before she looked over at Twilight with a smile, “I should have known that you would have prepared for this,” Twilight didn't pay attention to what Celestia said, as she was more focused on what was left of the Elements of Harmony.

“I see what you mean by different now. They're practically unrecognizable and I can barely sense the magic within them,” Twilight worryingly commented, as she gazed at the petrified remains of the elements.

“Yes, I know. After I used the elements to banish...Nightmare Moon, Magic disappeared and the rest of them turned into these stones. Because the elements became inactive, I decided that it would be best to keep the elements at the old castle. As they looked nothing like what they used to. And more personal reasons,” Celestia muttered the last part.

Twilight looked curiously at her sister, as she wondered what she meant, but decided to let it slide for now as there was a more pressing matter.

“Well, I think that it would be best if we moved on to what we wanted to do. Celestia, can you please place the elements in the designated spots that I’ve assigned on the ground, while I place Magic in front of me,” Twilight directed to her sister, to which nodded as she started to place the elements.

Twilight got into her position at the center of the pentagon matrix that she had created while Celestia was away. Twilight’s plan was to have Magic in front of her, where she would use them as a focal point to the rest of the elements. Which would be equally around her at each point of the pentagram. This would, hopefully, be the best chance for her to reactivate the elements, so she could face her corrupted sister instead of Centa. And also possibly help with the dark magic lingering inside of her.

As Twilight layed down and brought Magic in front of her, she looked up at Celestia and Cadence where both of them stood just outside the pentagram. Twilight noticed her sister’s worried expression.

“Twilight, are you sure that this is safe. Maybe we should wait and do some tests first before we start,” Celestia suggested, Twilight shook her head.

“Tia, we have a chance to get Centa out of this and maybe this could help with the dark magic. I’ll be as safe as possible,” Twilight reassured her sister, to which gave a shaky nod.

With Celestia’s confirmation, Twilight began. She started as she connected her own magic to Element of Magic and then she attempted to do the same for the other petrified elements. Twilight immediately felt resistance as the elements almost seemed to fight back, which caused her to start losing her grip on them. NO! Why are they pushing back! Come on Twilight concentrate, as Twilight added more magic into the elements she slowly started to link to them.

Even with this slow progress the amount of magic that Twilight was putting into this had started to have an effect on her, she began to breathe more heavily, sweat started to pour down her face, and her horn glared with blinding purple light. But Twilight endured and she began to feel the connection solidify between her and the elements Yes! I’m almost there!

Unfortunately, this was never meant to be. As suddenly venomous purple lighting started to arc out of Twilight while she screamed in agony at the sudden assault, which caused her connection to the elements to sever.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Twilight hadn’t felt this kind of pain since before her banishment and no matter what she did she couldn't stop the lightning from erupting out of her.

Twilight!” Twilight faintly heard her sister and Cadence scream, she also barely felt her sister’s magic being used around her.

Suddenly, Twilight was freed from her torture, as she fell onto something soft. For what felt like hours passed until Twilight was finally able to become responsive again. The first thing she noticed was her face engulfed by white fur and as she took a deep breath she smelled her sister's familiar scent. Twilight laid there as she let her body recover from that...experience until she regained her hearing where she started to hear her sister mutter.

Twilight, please be okay. I’m sorry. I failed you again. You got hurt because of my carelessness,” Even in Twilight’s state, she wasn't going to let her sister blame herself for this.

“Tia, it’s not your fault,” This seemed to jumpstart Celestia, who brought Twilight out of her embrace.

Twilight was able to get a good look at her sister. She saw that her entire face was a mess, tears matted her fur, her mane was in knots, sweat-drenched her face, and a bit of snot covered her nose.

“TWILIGHT! You're awake -” unfortunately, Twilight couldn't look at anything else, as she was smashed back into Celestia’s embrace “-I thought you were unconscious! Are you alright?! Where does it hurt?!” Celestia frantically screeched at her, as she started to feverishly nuzzle her.

Twilight took in a deep breath as she began to scan her body. Which she was thankfully able to do with only an uncomfortable horn ache but she was able to push past the discomfort, for any injuries. Ok, checking for injuries. Magic: functional, how would I be able to scan myself if it wasn't working. Internal organs: working. Skin: undamaged. Brain: operational. Burn marks: none. I seem to be completely fine other than this ache Twilight noted as she finished her examination, she then attempted to tell her sister.

“Celestia, I’m fine. I just scanned myself and nothing is wrong,” Twilight reassurance seemed to have the opposite effect on Celestia.

“FINE! Twilight, dark magic lightning was coming out of you! Your magic must be affected,” When Celestia finished, she commenced her own scan spell and as she finished her face was filled with shock. “What?! But dark magic was launching out of you! How are you not hurt?! What if he put up a cloaking spell on you to hide the effects! We need to get you to a-,” Celestia was silenced when Twilight grabbed her face and moved it in front of hers.

“I’m fine, Celestia. I checked myself over with my best scan spell. I don’t know what happened, but I’m fine. Ok?” Twilight told her sister.

Celestia continued to look at Twilight worriedly, until she finally nodded her head “If that is what you believe, then alright,” Celestia conceded as Twilight released her sister’s head.

“Can you tell me what happened? All I remember is that dark magic lighting coming out of me and then that’s it,” Twilight asked as she looked past her sister and at the battlefield that was her lab.

All around the lab were these jagged venomous purple crystal shards that were attached to the ground and surrounding them were small blast marks. Sadly, quite a bit of the equipment in her lab seemed to be damaged, though thanks to her preparations most of it looked repairable. She also noted that the petrified elements were still unchanged, which caused a pang of despair to fill her. As Twilight’s eyes roamed the rest of the room she caught the sight of a shell-shocked Cadence which, thankfully, was unharmed. Before Twilight could do anymore, Celestia began to talk.

Unnoticed by the alicorns was the Element of Magic, which had rapidly increased in its pulsating and glowed a bright purple. Before it returned to its dim steady pattern

“When you were attempting to connect with the elements, you suddenly began to scream as dark magic bolts of lighting started to come off your body. Once that started, I immediately cast a shield spell over Cadence before I rushed in and tried to stop the uncontrolled magic. I destroyed any of those dark magic shards that got in my way and when I reached you, I began to cast a containment and purification spell. But before either could come into effect the dark magic suddenly stopped. When I caught you I tried to talk to you, but...but you didn't respond. So, I thought...I thought,” Twilight silenced her sister, she didn't need her to remember that.

“I’m okay,” Twilight gave her best smile, which Celestia replied with her own.

The sisters' private moment was interrupted when they heard Cadence slowly approach through the crystal debris.

“Auntie Twilight, are-are you alright,” Cadence meekly asked, as she looked at Twilight like a lost puppy.

Twilight smiled at Cadence before she replied, “I’m fine, Cadence,” as soon as she finished, Cadence slammed into Twilight with a hug.

“Oh thank Celestia and every other god that you're alright! I thought you were…” Cadence whimpered at the end as she couldn't finish her sentence.

“For the last time you two, I’m alright, if only sore. Now as much as I like being held and hugged to death. Can I be let down,” Twilight’s comment made the two alicorns realize that Twilight was being held by them.

So they mercifully let her down and allowed themselves to be next to her, in case Twilight needed further help.

As Twilight was finally able to walk on her four hooves again she initially wobbled a bit, which caused Cadence and Celestia to come closer in an attempt to help. They were stopped when Twilight held up a hoof and signaled to them that she was alright. As Twilight moved forward a couple of steps it felt like her entire body simultaneously spasmed so was still very achy, but besides that she was alright. Twilight began to walk over to a nearby table, which didn't have any crystal shards attached to it, while she levitated Magic back over to her and onto the table.

“Well, that was just the first test. I can figure out better ways to defend myself against that for the next test,” Twilight nonchalantly commented as she reached the table.

“WHAT?!” Twilight turned her head around as she heard both Celestia and Cadence say that at the same time.

“Twilight Aurora Magus, you are not going to do that experiment ever again. It could seriously harm you. I’m not going to let my sister hurt herself,” Celestia demanded as she brought her hoof down.

“We need to keep trying this. If we can find a way for me to use the elements then we can stop Centa from having to face the Nightmare at all and we may be able to purge this curse in me” - Twilight took a deep breath as she looked straight at Celestia - “And until we are certain that I can’t use the elements, then Centa will be our backup plan,” Twilight stated as she stared at her sister with unbridled determination to which Celestia attempted to match.

The sister’s impromptu standoff ended when Celestia relented with a sigh, “You're not going to give this up are you -” to which Twilight shook her head “- That’s what I admire about you -” Celestia said under her breath before she looked at Twilight “- Fine, you may continue BUT you will only do any further experiments with me around AND after this, you are immediately going to the hospital,” Celestia demanded, to which Twilight happily, if only a little reluctantly, agreed.

“Now there is one more thing -” Twilight turned back over to Magic as she placed one of her hooves on them “-Magic, can you please shrink down to the size of a medallion and add a loop on the top,” Magic happily complied.

“Why are you doing that?” Cadence asked as she reentered the conversation.

“Well, I just had an idea. You see, I still want to take Magic with me wherever I go. But I can't do the same thing as I did before, because Centa can’t know about the elements yet. So, I’m gonna make Magic my -” As Twilight talked she grabbed a length of string and tied it around the loop before she levitated her new creation in front of her “-new necklace! This way I can take them wherever I go and no pony is any the wiser,” Twilight proudly showed off her idea.

Celestia chucked “Absolutely brilliant. It only took a thousand years to come up with it,” Celestia finished with a smirk, Twilight pouted and glared at her sister.

Before the sisters could continue their battle of wits, Cadence nudged Celestia “Auntie Celestia, this may not be the best time, but can I ask you a few things,” Cadence asked, to which Celestia smiled at her.

“Of course Cadence, you can ask me anything,” Celestia brought a wing around Cadence as they walked away for a bit of privacy.

Twilight continued to smile a tad longer until it dropped into a frown, she turned back around and placed the newly Element of Magic necklace on the table.

Now away from Celestia’s eyes, Twilight’s face was engulfed with extreme worry and a tad of fear. Because in truth, she was scared of the result of the experiment. How could his spell break through my defenses? I prepared numerous defense wards, charms, and runes throughout the lab. I even cast various detention and alarm spells in case anything happened with the dark magic and none of them went off. What type of magic did you put inside of me? How did he create such an advanced spell?

Twilight looked down at herself because for the first time in a long time she didn't know what a spell did and that terrified her.

What did Sombra do to me?

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