• Published 20th Jan 2021
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Three Sisters - Cryohawk

Once three sisters were united in harmony, they ended wars, disasters, and brought peace and harmony to the nation of Equestria. But after one mistake it all comes crumbling down. The sisters were separated and broken...until one day that all changed

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Chapter 6: Exploring the Great Beyond...Of the Castle

It had been about a month since, what has been dubbed, by the three alicorns as the Element Incident took place. In that time Twilight had slowly taken up some of the more minor paperwork and activities that Celestia originally did as well as becoming slightly more active in court. Twilight’s increased activity in the government as well as her continued research into modern times have caused her already poor sleeping schedule to worsen.

As a result of this Cadence and Centa, mostly Centa, have almost begged Twilight to take a break and go out with them to see Canterlot proper. Twilight was initially reluctant to go, but eventually, she accepted their proposal with the encouragement of Celestia.

So on the long-awaited day, two ponies waited for a certain purple princess at the entrance hall of Canterlot Castle.


Cadence looked down at her black cloak, she moved her wings a bit in an attempt to make the subtle bulge they caused less noticeable. Once Cadence was satisfied she breathed out a sigh before she looked around for an energetic Centa.

As she looked around the entrance hall she noticed that the black and white checkered marble floor was recently waxed. As she moved up she saw the pristine light purple wallpaper that made up the walls and the many city flags that hung along the walls, there were also a few mosaic windows embedded onto the wall. Cadence's eyes drifted to the domed ceiling which had the crest of Equestria emblazoned onto it.

She was startled out of her musings when she heard the rapid hoofsteps of a certain little filly that ran around the corner from a nearby hallway. It took no time at all for little Centa to run up to her, with the unchanged eager smile she still had on since she woke up this morning.

“Oh, Celestia! I can’t wait to go out to Canterlot with Princess Twilight! This is going to be absolutely amazing!” Centa enthusiastically shouted to which Cadence giggled at Centa’s over-the-top excitement.

Though if Cadence was honest she too looked forward to being able to spend some more time with Auntie Twilight and learn...certain things about her.

“I know. Me too, Centa. But calm down, I’m sure Auntie Twilight will be here any moment,” Cadence explained. Though if she takes any longer, I’m pretty sure Centa will explode from anticipation, Cadence playfully thought.

“I just wish she was here alrea-” Centa was interrupted when they heard a pair of open, which was shortly followed by hoofsteps.

When they looked over they saw what looked like the form of Twilight, Cadence smiled and whispered, “Speak of Tartarus,” Yet as the figure got closer her smile suddenly became a confused frown as she noticed a noticeable lack of...accessories that Auntie Twilight had.

As, who she thought was Twilight, walked over Cadence noticed that she had no regalia on, however, Cadence wasn't too surprised she knew that Twilight preferred to not wear them when she didn't have to. She also noticed that she wore the Magic pendant, what they had decided to call the Element of Magic when it was in its necklace state. No, what caused her to be surprised was the apparent lack of wings that was normally on Twilight also her slightly smaller frame, but mostly the wings. Cadence even looked over at her cutie mark which only confused her even more as the core of the cutie mark was the same, but rather than the three white stars around the big magenta star there were instead six.

Confused and curious Cadence decided to ask the glaring question to the quickly approaching mare, “Auntie Twilight, is that you?”

“Yes, Cadence. It’s me, Twilight. Even with some missing parts,” the now confirmed Twilight replied.

“What did you do with your wings? Did you use some sorta spell?” Cadence asked as she approached her changed aunt and looked her over.

Twilight meanwhile stopped in front of the two ponies as she raised her eyebrow with a confused look, “I’m surprised that Celestia hadn't shown these spells yet. Though I suppose these are some hard spells to cast,” Twilight looked down in thought for a moment before she seamlessly remembered their existence. “Sorry, I got lost in thought again. Ahem! To answer your question. Yes, I used a few spells. The first one was a transmorph spell that temporarily removed my wings. Then I cast a size swap spell which changed my size to an average mare, even if that one didn't change much. Finally, to complete my transformation I cast a simple localized illusion spell that modified my cutie mark slightly. You may now clap,” Twilight did a little bow at the end as Centa in response proceeded to rapidly clap her hooves, Cadence smirked at her aunt's performance.

When Twilight got up she looked back over at Cadence, “I see that you’ve decided to use a...cloak to disguise you?” Cadence blushed slightly, thankfully her coat hid her embarrassment well, at her admittedly pathetic disguise attempt compared to Twilight’s.

“Well, it works most of the time,” Cadence pitifully replied as she insecurely pulled her cloak closer.

“If you want, I could cast the spells on you too. So you don’t have to use that cloak,” Twilight kindly offered her with a smile.

Cadence looked away conflicted as she thought about Twilight’s offer. While it would be better for me to have...well anything’s better than this. I don’t want Twilight to strain herself again. What if when she casts those spells it is too much for her?! I don’t want to see her get hurt again! Cadence shivered at the horrible memory of Twilight’s painful scream during the Element Incident.

“No, it’s alright. This will work just fine,” Cadence replied as she forced herself to give a reassuring smile.

“Are you sure? It's no problem, really,” Twilight frowned as she looked at her in confusion.

“Really, it’s fine,” Cadence reassured her once again as she tried to find a way to change the subject before Twilight kept pushing.

Before the two alicorns could continue any further a very agitated Centa jumped up in between them and yelled, “COME ON! CAN WE GO NOW!”

A moment of silence followed until both alicorns laughed at Centa’s impatience, Cadence silently thanked Centa for the distraction and mentally promised to get her something special later.

“I suppose we have been keeping Centa waiting long enough. Let’s go explore Canterlot!” Twilight announced as she marched toward the large castle doors.

Centa, ecstatic at this news, ran over to Twilight. Cadence shortly followed after, but at a much more calm pace. That was until Twilight suddenly turned around as she suddenly remembered something.

“Oh! Also, while we are in Canterlot proper my name is Twilight Sparkle so please only call me Twilight or Sparkle,” Twilight told them before she looked over at Cadence and asked. “Cadence, what should I call you?”

“Cadence should be fine while we're out. I’m not too well known yet,” Cadence sheepishly replied.

“Very well then. Then let’s continue!” Twilight announced as she turned back around and proceeded to Canterlot.

Cadence followed shortly after Twilight. She couldn't wait to show Twilight around to some of the best places in the city, but she also couldn't wait to start her secondary goal of this trip. To find out Twilight’s romantic interests!


The city looks so much different up close...It’s changed so much, Twilight thought as she walked through the streets of Canterlot for the first time since her return with Cadence next to her and Centa up ahead as she ran around with youthful stamina. As Twilight looked around at the purple, white, and yellow’s that dominated the city, the elaborate architecture, and domed roofs which finished the look.

Twilight could recall the last time she was in Canterlot, before her imprisonment, and they might as well have been different cities. The last time she saw Canterlot it was...well far more akin to a drab, dull, utilitarian fortified town than the grand glistening city in now was. The city was also relatively unimportant to the whole of Equestria with its only features being its fortified position, central location in Equestria, and its once prosperous crystal mines which are now abandoned, though that was only discovered after it became Equestria’s new capital.

Twilight was knocked out of memory lane when she heard Cadence ask something, “Why did you choose Twilight Sparkle for your name?” Cadence asked in a hushed tone, as to avoid attention.

“We have always made up names for our disguises with everyone in a while making new ones up, I’ve just personally always liked Twilight Sparkle...it just feels like it fits. My sisters also made up their own. Celestia thought of one of the most ridiculous ones, Sunny Sunshine,” Twilight finished with a big grin.

“Really?! I can’t believe that she would have thought of something like that,” Cadence snickered as she tried to keep herself quiet.

“Anyways, what are some places that you had in mind for our little group to visit,” Twilight asked as she changed the subject.

“Oh! We can go to the Grand Central Park, Donut Joe’s, Cherry Plumb’s Memorial Botanical Gardens, or even the Canterlot Royal Museum,” Cadence replied before she looked away and whispered, “And maybe Love Junction.”

“What was that last part?” Twilight asked as she strained to hear what Cadence said near the end.

“Um, nothing!” Cadence hastily answered as she faced her again.

Before Twilight could even think of Cadence's suspicious response, she was interrupted by an ecstatic Centa.

“NO WAY! I can’t believe that it’s here!” the two alicorns looked over at Centa as she ran toward a curious blue building.

“Centa, wait for us!” Cadence yelled as she ran after the little filly which had just entered the shop.

Twilight meanwhile calmly approached and observed the odd structure. As she got closer she noticed that the entire building was painted in dark blue with white stars appearing near the top of the walls. There were also the classic spiral domed roofs with lighter and darker shades of blue mixed into them. Twilight also noticed that there were glass displays out with multitude different types of astronomy equipment, which ranged from multiple models of telescopes, astronomical clocks, or books about the workings of astronomy.

As Twilight pushed the door open she walked into the little homely shop and as she passed through a sign swung above her that read “The Astronomer’s Workshop”.

Right as Twilight entered the store she immediately found Centa as she ran around the store and raved about absolutely everything she found.

“Oh, Celestia! They have the latest updated star maps! Ehhh! Is that the new Galaxy Series Telescope IV! YES! Yes! Yes!” Twilight smirked as Centa continued to ramble/scream and nerd out about her love of astronomy.

Twilight looked around the rest of the shop, which indeed had a large variety of astronomy equipment, and saw Cadence off to the side as she watched Centa with a smile. Twilight walked over next to her.

“I take it that Centa likes astronomy?” Twilight rhetorically asked Cadence.

“Oh, you have no idea. Centa probably loves astronomy more than magic. She often talks to me about all of this stuff, which most of the time goes over my head. Also, she tends to visit the observatory a lot when I look after her. Heh, we even laid until the night sky one time and Centa was able to name multiple consolations as well as individual stars,” Cadence commented as she warmly smiled at the still excited Centa.

Twilight stood there as she thought about what Cadence said and couldn’t help but think about somepony very similar. She really loves astronomy. She almost sounds like Lu- Twilight stopped herself before that thought could dampen her mood.

Twilight looked back up to Centa as she tried to distract herself, “Centa, you may want to calm down a bit,” that seemed to calm her down from her high as she stopped and blushed when she noticed Twilight.

“I’m sorry, Prin-I mean Twilight,” Centa said as she restrained herself to calmly walk over to the two alicorns.

Twilight lowered herself to eye level of Centa as she approached, “It’s fine, but just go easy on the staff. I don’t think they're ready for your enthusiasm,” Twilight softly asked Centa as she bobbed her head to the staff which had also admired Centa’s display, her blush deepened before she nodded and started to use her sister’s breathing technique.

Twilight couldn't help but giggle, Of course, Cadence taught her Celestia’s infamous calming exercise, “So I take it you know this place,” Twilight warmly commended.

“Yes! I’ve been here a LOAD of time! Before I became Princ-Uhm...you know who's student. I always loved coming in here and looking at all this amazing stuff, but I could never buy anything,” Centa sadly remarked as she scuffed her hoof against the ground.

Twilight frowned before she got up and walked past Centa, “Well that won’t do. So if I’m right, you wanted to have this specific telescope?” Twilight asked as she looked over her shoulder at a shocked Centa.

“Wait, what?! You don’t have to do that!” Centa quickly said as she rushed over to the side of her.

“But, I want to. I can see how much you love astronomy. Also” - Twilight smirked - “I love astronomy too. We could even go out and stargaze together,” Twilight said as she grabbed the telescope that had entranced Centa with her magic.

“Really?” Centa whispered in a hushed awed tone and with a twinge of hope in her eyes.

“Really. We can even do it in the gardens,” Twilight then moved down next to Centa and whispered, “I can make it so the night’s perfectly clear, we may even be able to sleep under the stars afterward.”

“YES!” was the only thing Centa said as she jumped onto Twilight and clung to her in an overjoyed hug.

Twilight gladly returned the surprise hug with a warm smile before the two separated, “We can do it in a few weeks,” Centa rapidly nodded her head in agreement.

After their little exchange Twilight and Centa walked up to the counter where a previously absent Cadence waited for the two of them. It took little time for them to buy the telescope, with Twilight being a princess which gave her access to a very large store of money. Eventually, the three left the shop, Twilight had also teleported the new telescope to Centa’s room. Cadence ran out of the shop shortly followed by the pair of Twilight and Centa.

“Now that we're done with that, I know the next place we should go!” Cadence yelled as she ran off with a happy Centa shortly following her.

Twilight snorted as she watched the larger and smaller filly runoff. I'm starting to wonder who is supposed to be watching who, Twilight thought as she caught up to them.


The three ponies continued their little adventure around Canterlot and went to some...interesting locations such as the Canterlot Weather Team HQ. Twilight had continued to be amazed at the advancements of weather magic and other technology that the pegasi had been able to make as they went through the facility.

Another place they went to was a section of the city called the Kirin District, which was a district in the city dominated by Kirin and their culture. They went to various locations such as multiple different shops. There were clothing shops, bakeries, general markets, and especially restaurants. One particular restaurant called Kalica’s Noodle Bar was exceptionally good with its combination of Equestrian and Kirin dishes.

They also went to a special memorial in Canterlot that commemorated the Rise of Canterlot and the Fall of the Everfree City. Twilight had asked to be alone during that time so she could properly say goodbye and mourn the loss of all the ponies that died in the ancient city. Eventually, when Twilight was finished the three of them continued forward with only a slightly somber mood that took hold of them, which was thankfully extinguished when Centa helped Twilight recover with her being her adorable self.

While the three had explored the city Cadence worked on her other goal that she planned, even with her secondary goal Cadence still loved to spend time with Twilight, to figure out Twilight’s romantic interests. Unfortunately, for Cadence she had absolutely no luck as each place they went to and every hidden question she asked Twilight gave no indication of what she liked. Cadence had one last idea on how to find out something about Twilight’s interests.


How could there have been nothing! He was practically begging her to go out on a date with him! Cadence silently fumed as she thought about how Twilight showed no signs of interest for the poor stallion.

During this entire trip, Cadence had found nothing on Twilight's special interests. She had tried to get her to meet some nice stallions that she thought would be good matches for her, she had even tried mares! She went to some of the most romantic places in the city and Twilight still gave Cadence nothing to work with. Even Auntie Celestia was easier than this. It only took me a couple of weeks to figure out who would be best for her, even if she never took them. It was true even after she found some good matches for Celestia she never pursued them. She even asked her to stop after a while, not that she actually did; she only took it underground.

Cadence was knocked out of her thoughts when she heard Twilight ask, “So I take it this is the place you ranted about how we had to go to?”

Cadence looked around and realized that they had arrived at what was commonly known as Love Junction. After all of her failures, this was her last chance to get something on Twilight. Love Junction itself looked like nothing special, but Cadence knew better, this junction of Canterlot was famous for being a popular dating spot and it grew a reputation of being where future couples would meet. There were multiple different types of shops from stores, hotels, and restaurants and one thing that each one had in common was a very romantic and open atmosphere.

Cadence had asked if they could go to a particular restaurant in Love Junction. This restaurant, called Crystal Cavern Cafe, was the most famous in the entire junction and was commonplace for couples to first meet. Hopefully, Cadence will get some hint on how to proceed with Twilight.

Luckily, Cadence’s thoughts only lasted a few moments as she swiftly responded to her aunt, “Yes, that is the restaurant. I know that you’ll love the food there.”

“Mmhmm well more than likely I’ll have something light, we did just eat,” Twilight commented as they got closer to the cafe.

“I don’t think I’ll get anything,” Centa expressed as she innocently walked beside them.

“W-Well I still think that their food is great. I'm sure you’ll find something you'll like,” Cadence nervously assured them as she attempted to keep Twilight off of her half-baked plan.

As the three approached the cafe, Cadence looked over the building and saw the familiar pink walls with the lavender crystal formation that dominated the bottom half of the wall, the purple and pink spiral roof, an elegant outside dining area for anypony that wanted to dine there instead, and two large crystal glass windows that gave a perfect view of the bustling cafe.

Cadence quickly smiled as she hastily opened the pair of crystal doors for her little party. As the two proceeded to go in Twilight looked at her suspiciously before she entered.

Cadence breathed out a sigh of relief before she too walked in. As Cadence entered she saw that the cafe looked like it always had. There were tables, booths, a bar counter with stools behind them, and a lot of ponies, quite a bit of them were couples or possible ones as far as Cadence could tell. Like outside the inside was designed to mimic a crystal cavern with purple and pink colored crystals as well as multiple different crystal formations.

As Cadence walked up to try and get a table she heard Twilight say, “I can tell you this, this is certainly one of the more interesting cafes I’ve been to.”

Cadence smiled as she walked to the waiting hostess, she was hopeful that she would get some insight into Twilight’s interests. It was a little difficult to get them a table on such short notice but with Cadence’s amazing negotiation skills, she gave them a lot of bits, she was able to secure them a table. With Cadence’s mission complete she turned around and returned to her little group.

“Thanks,” Cadence said as the hostess quickly departed to get their table and likely stash away her princess’s ransom. She triumphantly walked over to her group and sat next to Twilight.

As Cadence looked over at Centa she saw that she had decided to press her face up to the window, “Centa, why are you pressing your face against the glass,” Cadence asked which caused Centa to turn around with a blush.

“Oh! I’m sorry. I just saw those fillies over there playing and…” Centa mumbled the rest as she looked away with an even larger blush of embarrassment, Cadence and Twilight frown in worry at this.

“Centa, what is it?” Cadence then thought of a possible reason, “Do...you want to go out there and play with them?” Cadence tentatively asked, Centa’s response was a small nod.

Cadence smiled widely at Centa’s reply and jovially said, “Of course you can go out and play with them!”

Centa looked up hopefully at Cadence’s smiling face before her face too was filled with an excited smile and she ran outside and yelled, “THANK YOU, YOU’RE THE BEST FOALSITTER EVER!

Cadence watched as Centa ran excitingly to the other fillies. She was so happy that Centa had wanted to go play with them because she was Auntie Celestia’s student she sometimes had some problems just being able to be a filly and that always worried her.

Cadence looked over and saw Auntie Twilight look conflicted, “Are you sure that we should just leave Centa alone? Not that I don’t believe she’ll behave,” Twilight quickly clarified.

Cadence smiled as she reassured her aunt, “Don’t worry, Twilight. I’ll make sure she’ll be perfectly safe with this! -” Cadence used her magic to pop out a small crystal-like orb from her...magic space? She wasn't entirely sure where she stored the orb...oh well she’ll figure that out later. “-This is a special scrying orb that Cel-erm my aunt gave me so I can keep an eye on where Centa is,” Cadence proudly exclaimed as she held out her orb.

Twilight looked at the orb in interest briefly, before she looked back at Cadence with a raised eyebrow, “Not that I’m blaming you, but when we first met why didn't you use this orb to see where Centa was or when you sent her away during the incident?” Twilight asked.

Cadence looked over sheepishly, “Yeah about that. You see, that's why I have this in the first place. My aunt gave it to me so I can keep a better eye on her,” Cadence grinned abashedly at Twilight.

Twilight smirked, “Of course she did.”

Their conversation moved onto more mundane subjects, with Cadence teleporting the orb back to...wherever it goes. As the two talked they were eventually notified that their table was done and was led to it. As the two sat down they were given menus and ordered.

“...and I’ll get steamed lettuce on the side,” Twilight said to the waitress.

“I see and is that everything?” the waitress asked to which both of the disguised alicorn’s nodded. “Excellent, your food will be ready soon. We hope you enjoy your time in the crystal cavern,” the waitress announced before she left.

Cadence watched the mare leave before she looked back over at Twilight, Ok this is the perfect time to try and figure out what Auntie Twilight’s interests are, but I need to be...subtle.

“So, Twilight. How do you think the trip has been so far?” Cadence passed off as innocently as possible.

“It’s been wonderful. You all were right, I did need some kind of break. Thank you both you and Centa for going out to Canterlot with me,” Twilight finished with a warm smile.

Cadence’s plan was momentarily forgotten as she too smiled at Twilight's thoughtful comment.

“It was no problem. I’ve loved this and I know for certain Centa’s loved this too,” Cadence replied before Twilight snicked.

“Do you remember when we were in the Kirin District and Centa ate the bowl of spicy noodles? She was running around the restaurant screaming about how her mouth was as hot as the sun,” Twilight laughed as she finished, Cadence couldn't hold hers back either as she remembered that fond moment.

“Yeah that was adorable, it took me a couple of minutes to stop laughing when she was running around. Speaking of that restaurant do you remember that really nice kirin waiter that served us,” Cadence expertly switched the subject.

“Yes, that kirin was nice when he got Centa some milk,” Twilight replied, Cadence faltered a bit at Twilight’s complete evasion of the point.

“Yeah, he was really nice to do that. But before that he was really friendly, he even joked around when we gave him our orders,” Cadence tried again to get something from her aunt.

“His jokes did help put Centa at ease after her first time meeting a kirin,” Twilight dutifully replied.

Cadence had to hold back her frustration as she continued to get nothing from Twilight’s responses. She decided that it was best to move on and, hopefully, get something new.

“Yeah, that was very nice. Anyway, do you remember when that stallion opened that door for us when we went to Magical House of Magic,” Cadence asked.

“I do, that was very courteous of him. Though that “Magical House of Magic” was incredibly underwhelming,” Twilight pouted as she frowned slightly.

“Y-Yeah,” Cadence faltered a bit more.

Why, Twilight?! How do you expect me to be able to get you a perfect match when you give me absolutely nothing! I’m starting to think that you're intentionally avoiding my questions. Cadence looked up at Twilight determined to give it one last shot, maybe she had to be a little more blunt.

“You know I’ve always wondered what type of relationships you had before your imprisonment. I mean I always did wonder how close you and Luna real-” Cadence shut her stupid mouth when she said Luna’s name.

As Cadence looked over she saw that Twilight physically flinched which only caused Cadence’s growing guilt to spike, but before she could attempt to apologize the waitress had returned.

“You two are lucky. The chefs decided to do your order first. Hope you enjoy the food. Is there anything else I can get for you two?” the waitress asked.

“No, thank you. We’re alright, that will be all,” Twilight calmly replied as she gave a polite smile, with Twilight’s reply the waitress said her goodbyes and left.

Now to everypony else Twilight’s reply would seem perfectly normal, but Cadence knew better. She had put on her princess mask. Twilight sighed as her smile became a neutral frown, Cadence noticed that her horn glowed very dimly before a sphere of silence was cast over them.

Cadence felt horrible about hurting Twilight so she tried to rectify it, “Auntie Twilight, I’m so sorry for doing that I-” Cadence was interrupted when Twilight brought up her hoof to silence her.

“This sphere should allow us to speak freely, though I suppose you already know that. *sigh* Cadence it’s not your fault. I can tell it was an accident, but you still should know more about her. Especially when she...returns. How much has Celestia told you about...Luna,” Twilight weakly asked her.

“N-not much. She only told me that she was her younger sister, that you and Luna were really close, and that she became...Nightmare Moon after you were imprisoned,” Cadence mumbled as she started to pick at her food, she kinda lost her appetite.

“I see. Well to me she was always my wonderful big sister” - Twilight’s started to sadly smile - “and Celestia was right we were really close, we were only two years apart. When we were younger our life was quite...tough to put it simply. We could only really rely on each other. Me and Luna would do everything together we worked on magic, we played together, we kept each other warm on the cold nights. We were inseparable, even as we got older we still tried to do everything together. Some of our favorite things to do were to watch the stars and see what Luna could conjure up on her majestic night sky or we would spar sometimes, that one she particularly loved to do. We would even do some late-night studying for something or the other at times. We did everything together.”

Twilight paused as she wiped away the happy tears that had built up before she frowned, “But like all things that couldn't last. When that tyrant took the Crystal Empire we charged into there ready for revenge and well I think you know the rest…” a depressing silence hung over both of the alicorns as they looked miserable and neither were able to continue the conversation so they both started to pick at their food.

Cadence sat there as she mulled over what Twilight said. She didn't know that they were that close, but even after learning about Twilight more she couldn’t help but feel awful for making her amazing aunt go through such sad memories.

Cadence noticed that Twilight looked up at her and saw that she had on a weak smile, “Don’t blame yourself. I knew I had to talk about her some time and even if it was only for a little bit, reliving those memories of our time together was wonderful. It’s just hard sometimes, to think about it,” even after Twilight’s reassurance Cadence still felt like she hurt Twilight, but before Cadence could say anything she continued. “But, I see you're still torn up over this. So how about as a way to make up for that, I can choose where we go next after we eat of course,” Twilight offered with a stronger smile.

Cadence nodded as she felt that was the least she could do for her blunder, she also decided to drop the whole “Figure out Twilight’s love interests” for now and simply enjoy the rest of the day. As Twilight dropped her spell the two began to try and eat their meal.

As Cadence ate she had a thought, I wonder where she’ll want to go.


“We're going to the Grand Canterlot Library!” Twilight announced as they stood under the shadow of the Canterlot Library. I wonder what new advancements they made to the libraries. What great academic strides have we made?! Twilight questioned in her head. She looked over at Centa and Cadence in anticipation.

“Of course you’d want to go to the library. Why am I not surprised,” Cadence remarked as she shook her head.

Twilight playfully pouted, “Well I’ll have you know that I have been holding myself back from suggesting the library. I knew you two would want to go to so many more inferior places than the awesome power that is academia,” Twilight proudly exclaimed as she began to ascend the steps to greater education.

“Of course, how could I be led so far astray,” Twilight could practically hear Cadence roll her eyes as she spoke in a sarcastic tone, they then walked up to the library while Centa hopped up the steps.

As Twilight made her way to the entrance of the library she couldn't help, but marvel at the architecture. The two imposing unicorn statues that stood on either side of the stairs, the large gray stone walls with tall windows carved into them, the grand entrance with its castles like design, its long pillars, and the pure white battlements on top of them, and finally the large mosaic glass dome on the top.

Soon Twilight’s little party made it to the top of the stairs and she was able to look inside and marvel at its grace. The inside of the library was more beautiful than the outside. The walls were dominated with shelves upon shelves of books with only a small part of the wall on the first floor dedicated for a checkout. To make it even better there were THREE floors of shelves filled with books, it took every ounce of Twilight’s willpower not to faint at this magnificent display. The rest of the room was filled with tables, chairs, potted plants, more books, statues, banners, and ponies.

It warmed Twilight’s heart to see so many ponies at the library, it almost made her cry. Back before her imprisonment libraries were far more scarce and the literacy of the common pony was...meager at best, that was one change that Twilight was enthusiastic about upon her return.

Twilight took in a deep breath, delighted at the familiar smell of paper and ink, “Now this is familiar territory, I wonder what type of books the normal citizens have,” Twilight practically squealed.

“Centa you may want to try and find some books you like. I think Twilight will be in a book-induced coma at this rate,” Twilight turned around and glared lightly at Cadence before she looked down at Centa.

“Even if what Cadence said was ridiculous, she is right. I’m going to be looking at some of the more...complicated books. I would run off and try to find something you like,” Twilight finished with a smile.

“Oh, ok. I’ll see you later then Pri-I mean Twilight. Bye Twilight! Bye Cadence!” Centa yelled as she ran off to a section of the library more to her interests.

“Centa, don’t forget if you're lost or you need us, to return to the center here!” Cadence yelled at Centa before she was shushed by a few annoyed readers. “Hehe sorry,” Cadence sheepishly whispered to them.

Twilight smirked at Cadence’s blunder before they walked over to the non-fiction side of the library. As they walked Twilight scanned the shelves to try and find something that would catch her attention, as she looked through them Cadence asked something.

“So I take it you like the Canterlot Library?” Cadence asked.

“The architecture’s beautiful and there’s a massive selection of literature, it’s honestly awe-inspiring,” Twilight praised as she found a book that caught her interest, a book named “The Greater World of Eqis and the Species that Inhabit it” Twilight brought the book in front of her with her magic.

“Well I mean Equestria is one of the most peaceful nations on Equis, so I guess that would explain how we’ve been able to innovate so much. Well, I guess besides the Crystal Empire incident now...we should probably add that to the history books,” Cadence muttered, Twilight meanwhile almost dropped her book at how hard she snickered.

“Hehe. Oh by the god’s Cadence I didn't know you could joke like that, though to be fair we did try to be as peaceful as possible and most of those conflicts were defensive wars,” Twilight commented, as she looked over at Cadence she saw that she looked confused.

“What do you mean, Twilight? The only war Equestria has ever fought in was the Crystal Empire and from what I remember from what Ce-ugh my auntie said there were very few casualties. And before she told me about the Crystal Empire I thought it was just an old’s mare’s tale,” Twilight looked at Cadence in shock as her mind started to think of the multiple different possibilities of this new information.

She wouldn't. I knew she hated that time but… Twilight decided to try and prove her theory, she desperately hoped that it was wrong. “Do-do you mean that you haven't heard of the First Griffin Incursion?” Twilight hoped she would say yes, her heart sunk when a confused Cadence shook her head.

Twilight’s breath grew heavy as she took a step closer to Cadence, “Wh-what ab-out the Invasion of the Triumvirate?” Twilight asked again in a slightly higher pitch and stranded voice, Cadence shook her head again more confused and now worried. The pit in Twilight’s stomach grew.

Twilight subconsciously walked up directly in front of Cadence almost muzzle to muzzle, the book she held a moment ago long forgotten. Twilight’s legs felt wobbly and her breathing was frantic as she asked Cadence a question she hoped to every god on Equis she knew, “THE WAR OF THE GOAT?!” Twilight screeched in Cadence’s face, Cadence by this point had cowered under Twilight and once again hesitantly shook her head with extreme confusion and a bit of fear.

That was the last straw for Twilight as she quickly backpedaled and a myriad of emotions flowed through her as she desperately tried to think of some reasonable explanation. I knew she hated that time but she couldn't have erased EVERYTHING! Maybe, Cadence wasn't educated on that period of history, maybe she hasn't learned about it. The history books! They’ll clear everything! Twilight clung to that desperate notion as she turned around and sprinted to the history section.

Twilight vividly heard Cadence yell her name but Twilight was focused on getting to those history books. Thousands of thoughts went through Twilight's mind as she desperately moved forward, some of them continued to deny what her sister did, some already made up their mind and thought of ways to confront her, and some truly didn't know what to do yet.

Twilight eventually made it to the history section where she quickly looked through the shelves for the books she wanted. As she found them Twilight ran over to a nearby table and used her levitation to bring every book about Equestrian history before her imprisonment to the table.

As Twilight quickly skimmed through each book that shallow pit in her stomach became a bottomless pit as book after book had the more violent parts of Equestrian history erased and replaced by fabricated docile fakes. After each book, Twilight’s frantic expression slowly became more and more emotionless as well as cold. Until finally Twilight was finished and slammed the last book closed, she was completely convinced. I know you hated that time, but this. This is too far, Celestia. Twilight got up and turned around intending to leave.

As she turned around she saw two familiar ponies a little down the aisle, there was an incredibly worried Cadence and, slightly cowering, Centa. Twilight felt a tinge of guilt over Centa’s fear of her, but that was drowned out by righteous anger.

She looked at Cadence, “I’m sorry, Cadence. But it seems that our trip has to be cut short. I need to talk to my sister,” Twilight said in a cold tone before she proceeded to walk past them and to the central area of the library.

As Twilight walked she prepared a teleportation spell to the castle. As she walked she almost seemed to radiate power, so much so that ponies she passed cowered before her and the Magic Pendant glowed a fierce purple.

This lasted a few moments before Twilight finished her spell and teleported with one final thought, We have a lot to talk about sister and you better have a good reason for erasing half of Equestrian history.


Celestia sat at her desk as she toiled away at the wonders of paperwork. Celestia sighed as she laid back in her chair, she had just finished a document about some noble that wanted to expand his winery or something. Of course to do that they would have to destroy some ponies’ home, so it was an easy decision to deny.

As Celestia gave herself an impromptu break, she couldn't help but think about how her sister was doing. I wonder what Twilight’s doing right now? I hope she’s been able to relax and take a break, with all the work she’s been trying to make up for recently. Hopefully, Cadence and Centa can help her. Celestia cleared her head, she could ask her sister how it went later. So she forced herself to return to the mountain of work that she still had to do.

Fortunately, for Celestia, her work would have to be delayed. Unfortunately, for Celestia, she was going to have to deal with something far worse. Celestia was suddenly started when she heard a loud flash of magic shortly followed by her door being slammed open.

As Celestia looked up at the intruder she was surprised to see that it was none other than her sister, Twilight. Now normally Celestia would be delighted to see her, but that joy was cut short when she saw the cold emotionless look on her sister’s face. This immediately caused worry to fill her at Twilight’s cold stare as well as a tinge of fear at what the outcome could be.

“Twilight, are you alright? What’s wrong?” Celestia tentatively asked her sister as she got up and walked around her desk.

Twilight gave no immediate response, all she did was slam the door shut behind her. Celestia grew increasingly worried at Twilight’s silence, that was until Twilight broke the uneasy stillness.

“Why did you erase so much?” Twilight asked in a restrained tone, Celestia was worried and confused at what Twilight meant.

“What do you mean sister?” Celestia asked.

“I understand when you have to get rid of small bits of history, we did it rarely but when it was necessary. I even understand having to hide something as big as the Crystal Empire. I may not have been as close to honesty, BUT I was still the bearer of the Element of Honesty and this...this is too far. Erasing HALF of Equestrian history because of your…beliefs. So why? Why did you do it?” Celestia was silent after Twilight finished her little speech.

I had hoped you wouldn't find out this way, Celestia commented in her head before she tried to justify herself. “I know what I did could be seen as a little much” - Twilight started to glare at her - “I know, that’s putting it mildly but. *sigh* After Luna’s fall ponies started to blame all the conflicts that Equestria had fought in on Luna, because of her role of Commander of all Equestrian forces, and that...I couldn't allow that to stand, after all the work she did for them,” Celestia said as she looked back at Twilight, she noted that her stance had lighted up a bit but was still aggressive.

Celestia sighed once again as she faltered a bit under her sister’s stern look, “Your right that isn't the full reason. You know I’ve always hated war since what happened to our parents. I’ll fully admit that did help me push for such a...drastic change, but I also did this to try and make Equestria the perfect nation we envisioned. An Equestria that did away with conflict, racism, speciesism, and stagnation. One that could embrace the tenets of harmony fully. Also if it’s any consideration I hadn't completely destroyed all of that history, merely...moved it,” Celestia’s remark seemed to catch Twilight off guard.

“Wait, what?,” Twilight’s stern expression suddenly changed into one of shock.

“I couldn't destroy everything. You are right I shouldn't destroy the records of the ponies that sacrificed themselves for Equestria. They should still be remembered in some way. So I established a special section of the archives to keep and document any records of that time. It’s called, uncreatively, the Secret Archives. The only ponies that know and can enter the archives are me, Raven, the head librarian, the captain of the guard, and now you,” Celestia answered Twilight’s question.

Twilight sat there in thought for a moment before she looked back up at her with a conflicted look, “Why didn't you tell me this?” Twilight asked with a tinge of...betrayal? Celestia hoped not.

“I had planned to tell you this...later. When you were more integrated into Equestria, but I see now that was a mistake. I’m sorry, Twilight,” Celestia brought down her head in a bow.

A few more moments of silence passed and Celestia feared she had made another massive mistake and broke her sister’s trust. Thankfully, Twilight began again, “I...forgive you, sister. Just please don’t do this again. I’m getting tired of finding things out this way,” Celestia looked up at her and nodded her head in agreement. “ *sigh* I don’t like any of this, but I can see where you're coming from. You know that this conversation isn't over yet. We are going to be talking about this again,” Twilight stated, to which Celestia nodded as she understood that her sister wouldn't let this down that easily.

“Yes, I figured that this wouldn’t be the end of that subject,” Celestia conceded as she walked over to get some tea.

“But -” Celestia stopped as she looked back over at her sister “- you are going to tell Cadence about this. We are not leaving her in the dark,” Twilight demanded, Celestia gave a small smile as she alleviated her sister’s worry.

“Don’t worry, I do plan to tell her when she is older. Likely after her coronation,” Celestia commented as she made her way to her tea set and began to make the wonderful thing that was tea.

“Thank you for that. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to lock myself in my room and try to process everything. And plan out how to fix it,” Twilight said under her breath as Celestia heard her walk out of the room.

That was until she heard Twilight stop, “Oh sister,” Celestia looked over at Twilight and saw an almost sadistic smirk on her face.

Celestia wearily asked, “Yes?”

“You may want to speed up your plans on telling Cadence about that little secret. I may have given her a few hints that something isn't quite right with the history books. Expect her to come by later and demand some answers,” Twilight smugly said as she sauntered out the door.

Celestia was annoyed at her plans being derailed again. Of course, that happens again. I had hoped to give Cadence some respite, but it seems fate has other plans for her...though I suppose it is fair that I tell her sooner rather than later. Celestia noticed that her tea was done so she poured herself a cup and began to drink some while she planned how to tell Cadence that a large part of Equestrian history was fabricated.

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