• Published 20th Jan 2021
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Three Sisters - Cryohawk

Once three sisters were united in harmony, they ended wars, disasters, and brought peace and harmony to the nation of Equestria. But after one mistake it all comes crumbling down. The sisters were separated and broken...until one day that all changed

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Chapter 3: Not in the Everfree Anymore Part 2

As a pair of doors opened from the RMW, two regal alicorns exited. Princess Celestia and the thought lost, Princess Twilight. Shortly after they entered one of the many identical halls in Canterlot Castle.

As they exited the RMW the latter of the two, Twilight, was incredibly relieved.

“Finally, I thought I'd never get out of that sanitized nightmare,” Twilight exaggeratedly bemoaned, although her grin clearly gave her away.

Twilight saw Celestia roll her eyes at her before a grin also grew on her muzzle, “You know it wasn't that bad. You were only there for two months. And we both know that ponies in a… similar position as yours would have recovered far slower.”

“I know, sister. I was just trying to lighten up the mood… especially after all the drama in the hospital,” a short silence followed as the two walked through the halls of the castle, at least that was until Twilight continued.

“Though it does feel good to finally be able to move around again… I would also be lying if I said I wasn't grateful for those two months in the hospital. It really helped me adjust to the world and modify my dialect. Thanks again for helping me with that by the way,” Twilight finished as she smiled at her sister.

“No problem, I was happy to help. Besides, I can already see the difference. You haven’t spoken a single word of old equish since I saw you this morning. I’m so proud of you, Twilight!” Celestia said as she turned around and gave her a wing hug and a nuzzle.

Twilight smiled at Celestia’s praise and gladly returned the gesture.

After a few moments, Celestia gave her one last smile before she let her go and continued down the hall. Twilight followed her shortly after.

As they walked down the hall a comfortable silence grew and so Twilight’s mind began to wander to bleaker thoughts. It’s still hard to believe so much has happened since… then. *sigh* And to think that Tia has had to rule all of Equestria by herself, for almost a thousand years.

Twilight looked over at her sister, she felt horrible and even a little guilty, that she forced her to be alone for so long. But slowly that feeling morphed into determination. I promise, sister. I’ll make up for my absence… I won’t leave you again.

Twilight was surprised when Celestia suddenly stopped. As she turned around she had a wide and slightly embarrassed smile. As she sat down she clapped her front hooves together.

“Oh! I uh, almost forgot. Later tonight I planned a… celebration of sorts for your return to Equestria and your reinstatement as princess. The plan is to have a short speech where we will have a ceremonial “coronation” of sorts. To show Equestria that one of their princesses has returned,” Celestia finished with an excited smile, Twilight meanwhile wasn't happy at all as she was petrified in place.

She slowly began to fall to her haunches as she brought up her hooves to her head to massage her quickly approaching panic attack.

“So thou art telling me, that thee went and planned a celebration for me AND art going to reinstate me into the politics of Equestria. WITHOUT telling ME berforehoof!” Twilight glared at Celestia, whose smile turned sheepish and who found a nearby window very interesting.

“Yes, I can see how you'd be upset,” Celestia said as she faced Twilight, she was surprised when she looked sorrowful.

Twilight began to feel slightly guilty

“I’m sorry, Twilight. I just… *sigh* I had attended to tell you while you were in the hospital, but I always forgot when we talked. No matter how many times I tried to make myself remember, it always just slipped my mind,” Celestia sighed again before she looked down at her hooves.

“I truly am sorry for springing this on you, sister. I was just so excited to have you back that… I may have been a bit too hasty. If you wish, I’ll cancel the celebration, simply tell me,” Celestia then looked up at her with big puppy dog eyes, flattened ears, and a slightly tilted head which made her look like a lost puppy.

Twilight’s guilt from earlier skyrocketed. She instantly knew she couldn't say no to her now. Darn you, Tia! How do you still make the best puppy dog eyes?

“Ugg! No, it’s fine. But next time you plan something this big, tell me,” Twilight ordered, Celestia, smiled and immediately nodded.

Twilight shook her head at her sister’s antics as a grin slowly spread across her muzzle.

Twilight then thought of something, “I assume you’ve got some sort of plan for my reinstatement as a princess,” Celestia in response got up and motioned her to follow, which Twilight complied with as they continued down the hall.

“Yes, in fact, I do. But don’t worry about that right now, we can talk about that later” - Twilight was slightly annoyed but accepted her sister’s reasoning, for now - “Anyways, I had the castle forges create a new set of regalia for you and a proper throne. So we can rule together… properly this time,” Celestia said under their breath, Twilight didn't quite hear the last part.

Twilight waited for her to continue but Celestia didn't continue. The silence dragged on for so long that Twilight began to get worried about her sister so she nudged her. That seemed to get her out of that mood as she looked back over at her.

“ *cough* Sorry, I was just thinking about… something. Anyways, as for your legitimacy for the throne. Well, you won’t have to worry about that. I evoked a few old edicts and laws that I prepared over a millennia ago, just for your return. I can promise you there won’t be any trouble in making you a princess again.

“Now for your celebration. It works twofold, I get to welcome my little sister back to Equestria as well as allow the nobles to meet you so they can “approve of you”. This in turn will appease some of the more… rowdy nobles,” Celestia then slowed down and leaned in closer to Twilight. “Some of them acted like foals during a temper tantrum when they learned they didn't have any say in your reinstatement.”

Celestia whispered as she nudged her with her wing and with a cocky grin. Twilight matched her grin as the two ancient alicorns laughed.

Once Twilight got control over herself she noticed that they were about to reach something new. Ahead of them were a pair of large doors and flanked on either side were two magically infused blue flamed torches.

The doors themselves were far more ornate than anything else in the hall, they both had designs that made it look like magic was swirling and dancing along the surface of the door. They were also in a variety of shades of violet, purple, and lavender with a few hints of dark blue. Finally, on either side of the door were two royal guards.

As they approached the two guards quickly opened the doors which revealed a section of the castle she had never seen before.

As the two sisters entered the new section of the castle, Twilight immediately noticed how different it was. Instead of the typical light purple and white that dominated the castle, this section was entirely different. Even though it still had the same general architecture as the rest of the castle it was still distinct.

The halls were lit up with the same blue torches that were at the entrance. The carpets were also the same hue of colors as the doors, but instead, the dark blue outlined the carpet. Finally, along the center of the carpet was her cutie mar, excluding the white stars, that repeated along the carpet.

As they walked through the hall, Twilight also noticed that there were a lot of sitting areas with bookshelves embedded into the walls. It made them look more like a study than anything. Finally, hung from the ceiling on thick chains were large purple crystals that radiated a faint blue glow.

As they continued, Twilight began to remember something her sister said about the castle. Celestia said that when the capital was moved from Canterlot she wanted to honor both of their memories. She eventually decided to devote sections of the castle to the three of them.

She made three “districts” and each one would represent one of them. The eastern district would represent the night and Luna. The central district would represent the day and Celestia. Finally, the western district would represent magic and her.

Each section was respectively called the Lunar District, the Solar District, and the Magic district. Though Celestia also told her that her district got a nickname the Lavender district, to be honest, she kinda liked the name.

Twilight also remembered that as Celestia told her that she dedicated an entire section of the castle to her, she was incredibly embarrassed and by the time she finished her entire face was beat red.

Twilight suddenly felt someone nudge her side, as she looked over she saw that Celestia had stopped and sat in front of a pair of doors with a grin. She blushed briefly before she quickly trotted over next to Celestia.

“I see, I’m not the only one that gets lost in thought,” the blush from before returned with a vengeance as she glared at her sister, this only caused Celestia to grin wider.

“Yes, well… Why did we stop here!? Or are you just going to continue to tease me?” Twilight pouted as her glare intensified.

Celestia meanwhile had to stifle her laughter with a hoof. After a few moments she seemed to have gotten control over herself as her grin turned into a smile, but Twilight could see in her eyes that she was still playful.

“Yes, we have arrived,” Celestia announced as she unceremoniously opened the doors with a flick of her magic.

Once Twilight looked into the room she immediately noticed that it had the same color scheme as the rest of the Lavender District.

On the right side of the room was a large four-poster bed against the wall with a purple star in the center, the same one on her flank. On either side of the bed were nightstands, one had a lap on it while the other had an “alarm clock” or at least that's what she believed her sister called it.

On the adjacent wall was a set of glass doors that led to a balcony that overlooked Canterlot. The left side of the room was dominated by a huge bookshelf, full of hundreds of glorious books.

Also in one of the corners of the room was a low table with a couple of candles and small glowing purple crystals, around the table there were also a few sitting pillows. In another corner was a blazing fireplace with another table in front of it.

Twilight also noticed that there were two doors, she presumed that one of them led to the was- *cough* restroom while the other one was a mystery. Finally at the center of the room was a large carpet that had her cutie mark on it and on the ceiling was another one of those hanging glowing purple crystals.

Once Twilight finished her inspection of the room, she entered and immediately made her way to the bookshelf with a childlike smile that slowly grew larger on her muzzle as she approached. Unfortunately, before she could make it to the book promised land she was stopped as her leg was frozen in place by a familiar golden aura.

“Ah, ah, ah, sister. Not quite, yet,” Twilight looked over at Celestia with a slight glare, before she looked up at her infernal horn that was the source of her heretical anti-book powers.

“Now, sister. Before you enter your prolonged hibernation-” Twilight puffed out her now red cheeks “-there are a few things you need to know first. One, this room is only temporary. Your permanent one is taking a little longer than I expected. I know when it’s done you’ll love it,” Celestia said with a proud smile.

“Secondly, please do remember about the celebration. It starts at seven and I would very much like to not have to drag you out of some book in the last couple of minutes before the celebration. Thirdly, I commissioned a dress and some other attire to be made for you. They should be waiting for you in the walk-in closet over there,” Celestia said as she pointed to the previously mysterious door.

“If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the staff or me,” Celestia then let go of her leg and made her way toward the exit.

But before she left she turned around with one of the happiest smiles that Twilight had seen since before her imprisonment.

“I can’t wait for our subjects to meet you again, sister. And for us to rule together again… it’s going to be nice to have you at my side again, Twilight,” she said before she turned back around and closed the doors behind her.

A smile also wormed its way onto her muzzle, “I can’t wait either, sister… maybe I can squeeze in a few hours of reading before the celebration,” Twilight said to herself as her eyes drifted over to the bookshelf.

Her childlike smile from before also returned in full force as she continued her journey to book heaven.


After a couple of hours, the sun eventually gave way to the moon. Unlike many other nights in the castle, this time was different. Many different kinds of ponies began to arrive at the castle, servants prepared for a celebration as big as the Grand Galloping Gala, and guards made sure everything was as safe as possible.

But, two alicorns in particular also prepared for the celebration, though one was far more nervous than the other. When the time came the sisters waited outside a pair of doors that led to the royal ballroom, the room where the celebration would take place. It was minutes away before they were supposed to appear…


Next to a pair of large doors, which had the symbol of Equestria emblazoned onto it, were two alicorn sisters.

Twilight was very nervous, on the other side of those pristine doors was possibly the largest party of the entire year. She shuffled on her hooves and used her magic to fix her dress countless times. As Twilight once again looked down at her dress she saw another speck of dust, her horn quickly lit up as she hushed her magic to get rid of the pesky piece of grime. But before she could do anything else she was stopped by her sister when she placed a hoof on her shoulder.

“Twilight, don’t worry everything is going to be alright. You can stop fretting about your dress, you look beautiful,” Twilight blushed at Celestia’s compliment.

Twilight looked at her sister, who was giggling at her, she couldn't help but be mesmerized by her dress.

The way the front section of the dress almost seemed to merge into her white coat and how it slowly turned into a warm orange by the end, it almost felt like a setting sun. Lined along the edge of the dress was a gold trimming and on her chest was a gold wire outline of her cutie mark. She also had a different set of gold slippers that faded into the same warm orange at the tips, they also seemed to sparkle whenever she took a step. Finally, she had a shrunk-down version of her original crown sat down nicely on top of her head, it helped complete her look.

She then looked down at her own dress that Celestia made for her. It was a purple dress that had a mixture of tiny enchantments and microcrystals weaved into it that created a mesmerizing shimmer effect. The end of the dress also faded into a dark blue, the same color as her mane. Her slippers were made out of a purple-hued metal that had diamond-shaped amethyst’s embedded into the front of each of them, the amethyst’s also glowed slightly. She also wore a pair of purple metal dot earrings, she put them at the tip of her ears. Finally, most of her mane was done up in a ponytail while the front of her mane stayed mostly intact, just the way she liked it.

Twilight remembered when she first saw her dress she was awed, shocked, and even slightly embarrassed at how beautiful it was. She immediately went to see her sister about it and after an argument about it, where Celestia practically begged her to wear it, she finally agreed to wear it during the celebration.

But even after she agreed to wear it she couldn't help but blush from embarrassment at how over the top her sister made it. Twilight was knocked out of her thoughts when she felt a wing slide its way along her back, she quickly deduced it was Celestia.

“Twilight, you're lost in thought again,” Celestia said teasingly as that malevolent grin returned.

At that point, Twilight’s blush spread across her face to the point where some may be mistaken that her coat was red.

Before Twilight could say anything back at her sister, the doors to the ballroom opened which revealed a white unicorn. If Twilight could remember correctly the unicorn was Celestia’s assistant, Raven Inkwell.

She was in a relatively bland red dress compared to the two of them. In front of them was a clipboard that floated in their pink-red magic.

“Your highness, everything has been prepared and we’re read… dy?” silence grew between the three ponies for a few moments before Raven continued. “Do… you wish for me to return later, your highness?” Raven asked, quite confused.

The sisters looked at each other for a few moments before they separated, which Twilight used to regain her composure.

Celestia cleared her throat as she put on her princess mask, “No, that won’t be necessary. I believe it's time to start this celebration,” Celestia announced as she walked to the ballroom, Twilight quickly made her way to the side of her sister.

As the sisters entered the room Twilight immediately saw that it was filled with some of the stuffiest, arrogant, and richest ponies in Equestria.

As they made their way to a small balcony that overlooked the ballroom, Twilight was finally able to get a proper look at the ballroom.

Hung from the ceiling were golden chandeliers that looked like they were worth more than a house, there were also large marble pillars along the walls. On the pillars were large red ornate banners with the symbol stitched into them. In between the windows were giant glass windows that were as big as the walls. Outside the moon shone brightly high in the sky, through the windows.

It would have been beautiful if it weren't for the blemish that was the Mare in the Moon. Twilight quickly looked away and focused back on the room.

Throughout the room were tables full of food and drink, enough to feed a small army. Off to the side of the room was a stage that had a group of dressed-up ponies that were ready to play music for the gala. Finally, in the center of the room was a black and white tiled marble floor that is used for formal dances.

Celestia cleared her throat as she prepared for the announcement, this cut Twilight out of her musings. Ugg! I really need to stop getting distracted! She thought as her sister walked up to the edge of the balcony.

“Welcome all my little ponies! I would like to welcome all of you to my humble home! Now, some of you may be wondering why you're here! Well, I would like to make a very important announcement!” her sister stopped for dramatic effect.

Twilight swallowed her worries and she forced herself to take a step forward, next to her sister. She also put on her, albeit rusty and less experienced, princess mask which gave an expression of confidence and determination.

“I would like to announce the return of my wonderful sister after so long! Also before the night’s end, she will be reinstated as one of your Princesses of Equestria!” Celestia announced.

The ballroom was filled with murmurs and some shocked faces before it was filled with clapping and cheers. Celestia raised her hoof which quickly calmed down the crowd, she then continued.

“Now, I know that many of you may have questions for me and my sister! We will gladly answer any questions you may have after this announcement! With that said, I would like to announce the start of this celebration for the return of my sister and your princess, Princess Twilight!”

After the announcement, the two sisters began to make their way to the ballroom floor. The rest of the room came alive as the music started and some of the ponies made their way to the nearby table to begin small talk or eat some of the food.

Most of the ponies, though, began to get in line to meet them, which created quite a long line. As for the sisters they made it down to the lower part of the ballroom, they made their way to a small dais that had two large cushions waiting for them.

As Twilight and Celestia neared the dais she saw Raven waiting next to it for them. As the two sisters sat down on the pillows, Raven immediately stepped forward and cast, from what Twilight could see, a voice amplification spell.

“Mares and gentlecolts. The royal highnesses are now ready to meet you. Please stay in an organized line. If anypony disturbs the peace or disrespects this celebration you will be evicted. Now, the first pony may approach the princesses!” once Raven finished she returned to her previous position and sat down.

Twilight meanwhile prepared herself for a long night of suck-ups and flank kissers. Even after a thousand years the nobles never change. Twilight thought as she gave the approaching pony a fake smile.

Twilight saw the first pony approach; they were a unicorn stallion and from what she could tell he looked like he was a young adult, just barely out of their teens. They had a white coat, slicked back blue mane and tail, as well as blue hooves. She also noticed that they had blue eyes with a keen intelligence behind them. Twilight could barely see their cutie mark but it looked like a set of three crowns.

Finally, they wore a black suit with golden buttons, a blue undershirt, and a purple tie.

If she was honest, she was never the best at reading ponies, that was more of her sister’s forte. Celestia could read ponies like an open book sometimes, from the moment she saw somepony she could instantly tell what personality was to what their motives were. But even though she wasn't as scarcely good as her sister, she was still good enough at it.

As she looked over the stallion she could tell that something was… different about him from the other nobles. She could tell by the way he carried himself. Instead of the normal air of superiority and arrogance nobles had, he carried himself with sincerity and humility.

Twilight was honestly surprised, even before her imprisonment it was a long time since she had met a good noble. Well, this is certainly going to be interesting. She thought as the stallion approached them before he bowed.

“Good evening, your highnesses. My name is Fancy Pants. I would like to give you a warm welcome back to Equestria, Princess Twilight. I hope you’ve been doing well since your return?” the now-named Fancy Pants asked with a comfortable smile.

Twilight meanwhile was mildly surprised again. Even after her initial valuation, she was sure he would have some kind of ulterior motive. But she didn't detect a single lie or motive behind his words. He was completely genuine.

“Thank you, Fancy Pants. For your kind words. Yes, I have been doing well since my return, thank you again for asking. I’m also quite happy to finally be back, hopefully, I’ll be able to help my sister with ruling Equestria again,” Twilight finished diplomatically.

“I don’t doubt that you’ll be a wonderful princess for this fine nation. Now I must apologize for my hasty departure. I had a few friends I intended to meet right now, but when I heard Princess Celestia’s announcement I simply had to meet you. Again I must express my apologies. I wish both of you a fair night and I hope we can meet each other again in the near future,” Fancy expressed as he bowed.

“I wouldn't want to keep you from your friends, now would I. It was wonderful to meet you. I also hope we can meet again. Have a good night, Fancy Pants,” Twilight said as Fancy nodded his head at her before he made his way to the food tables.

Twilight was pleasantly surprised to have met such a nice noble and a part of her actually hoped that they would meet again. Well, that was more pleasant than I thought it would be… maybe this won’t be as bad as I thought. Maybe some of the nobles actually changed for the better after a thousand years. After that hopeful thought, Twilight’s smile became a little more genuine.


Unfortunately, Twilight’s hope was crushed as it was worse than she thought, as almost all of the nobles she met tried to suck up to her. So for the next few hours, she had to sit there while ponies fawned over her and her sister while they tried to gain her favor. One even had the audacity to, not so subtly, bribe her! He was quickly kicked out afterward.

Twilight’s only saving grace was the short thirty-minute recess period for her and Celestia to rest and eat. Sadly, the break was far too short as not long after they were forced to head back to that seemingly endless line of torment. Or at least that was until something different happened…


As Twilight sat through another noble that, metaphorically, kissed her flank she was startled when the doors to the ballroom were slammed open. Almost all the ponies in the room, including the sisters, stopped what they were doing and looked over to the entrance. Shortly after a red-furred unicorn came through as trumpets blared, floating in front of him in his yellow-tinted magic was also a parchment.

“Hear ye! Hear ye! All good pony folk! His majesty, Prince Blueblood, has arrived here tonight to meet the recently returned, Princess Twilight!” the unicorn announced as another colt entered the room.

Even from where she was, Twilight could practically see the white colt radiate with arrogance and contempt.

Twilight then finally realized what the announcer said. She was both dumbfounded by this colt’s rude entrance and the fact that he was a prince?! She looked over at her sister for answers but when she saw Celestia she had brought her hooves up to her face, closed her eyes, and began to mutter words.

From what Twilight could make out she kept saying, “Not again.”

Twilight was slightly confused and worried about her sister but before she asked her if she was alright she noticed that the offending colt was close, so she used the opportunity to get a better look at him. She saw that he was a slightly larger than average colt, at least for his age. If she had to guess he was an adolescent, around sixteen to seventeen. He had a pale white coat and a long and slightly messy blonde mane and tail. He also had light blue eyes and a yellow-blue compass rose cutie mark.

The colt also had on an expensive-looking white suit with gold trimmings. Underneath he wore a royal blue undershirt with golden buttons as well as a rose for some reason, which was tucked in between his suit and undershirt. Finally, tied around his neck was a blue bowtie, which had a blue and golden compass stitched onto one side of the tie.

Once she finished her observation of the pompous colt she mentally prepared herself for him. He even began to pass the line as if it weren't even there, which got him a few shouts of protest and a lot of anger murmuring. But eventually, he reached them.

Blueblood we talked about this!” Twilight vaguely heard Celestia harshly hiss, though if the words affected the now named Blueblood he didn’t show it.

Twilight began to get annoyed at this flamboyant colt, not even five minutes after he arrived did she already get the impression that he had done this many times in the past. He also pissed off her sister and that’s inexcusable.

But before she could demand anything of Blueblood, he spoke first.

“Yes, I know auntie. But as a Prince of Equestria, it should be our right to make these peasants know that we are above them!” Blueblood announced as he flared his nostrils.

Twilight meanwhile didn't register anything past “auntie” as she was in the middle of a small meltdown. WHAT!? WHAT DOES HE MEAN BY AUNTIE!?

On the outside, though, her only reaction to the news was her eyes widened and she brought up a hoof to her chest. This was only thanks to the muscle memory of over a thousand years of controlling her emotions.

“Besides, I wished to meet this new alicorn that everypony was talking about also the fact that she’s, supposedly, your sister,” Blueblood said as he looked over at her.

His gaze then changed into one of a predator as he almost looked like he was inspecting his prey for any imperfections. But soon after his demeanor changed as he seemingly finished his inspection with a wide smile.

“Well, you must be, Princess Twilight. It’s good to finally be able to meet another royal. It’s also good to meet my auntie’s long-lost sister. I hope I’ll be able to learn more about you… Auntie Twilight,” Blueblood said, surprisingly kindly, as Twilight’s mind was still rebooting.

In her dazed state, she automatically responded, “You… too… Blueblood?” Twilight almost seemed to ask in a slow, wary tone as she still wasn't entirely sure what was happening.

With her response, Blueblood curtly nodded. She vaguely remembered him saying goodbye to her before he left and went… somewhere in the ballroom. Though she wasn't entirely sure if that really happened.

Once Twilight was able to reboot, she was finally able to think clearly and analyze her conversion with Blueblood. It was then that she realized that, to her shock, Blueblood was completely sincere during the entire conversation. Either that or she really had gotten rusty.

For the moment she pushed aside that thought as she looked over at her sister, who now smiled sheepishly. She gave her a hidden glare while her horn glowed softly as she cast a telepathy spell between them.

What in the name of the gods, just happened sister!?” Twilight yelled over the spell, Celestia flinched slightly at the tone.

I may have forgotten to tell you about something… again,” Celestia practically whimpered as she actively avoided her gaze.

As Twilight saw her sister she let go of her justified anger and sighed, which helped her calm down a bit.

Celestia, I need to know these things. Forgetting to tell me about some party is one thing, but forgetting to tell me about… family is something else entirely. Also, sister, we are going to talk about his behavior toward the citizenry,” Twilight told her sister.

Yes, sister. But not right now, please. I promise I’ll answer any question that you have, just later please?” Celestia asked as she looked at her with her infernal weapon, Darn those puppy eyes to Tartarus.

Fine, sister… for now,” Twilight said as she ended the spell and prepared herself for the rest of the pony flood.


The rest of the celebration was alright after they were able to get through all of the nobles as well as after the Blueblood incident. Once the sisters were freed from their prison they were finally able to spend some quality time together. They even talked to some of the less annoying nobles, such as Fancy Pants.

But eventually, the celebration ended as everypony began to prepare for the main special for the night, the “coronation” of Twilight.


In a modest room of Canterlot Castle stood a familiar purple alicorn on the verge of a full-blown panic attack. She was taking rapid breaths of air while beads of sweat dripped down her face.

“Twilight, please calm down. You don’t have anything to worry about, everything is going to go perfectly,” luckily for Twilight she had her sister to help her calm down.

Twilight sighed as she leaned more into her sister’s fluffy coat. At that moment Twilight was glad to finally get rid of those dresses as she could now lay on her sister’s wonderful fur. She then closed her eyes and relaxed as her anxiety began to evaporate while wonderful old memories began to flood her mind.

After a little while, she began to feel herself drift off to sleep, but she suddenly felt something nudge her. It was at that moment that she realized that Celestia had placed her wing around her. When she looked up at her sister, she saw she had a warm smile on her muzzle.

“So are you better now?” Twilight nodded at Celestia’s question, as a smile wormed its way on her muzzle.

Celestia’s smile suddenly changed into a mischievous grin as she used her other wing to engulf Twilight in a feathery cocoon. Celestia then pulled her closer into a hug where her sister wildly muzzled her, which caused Twilight to laugh.

“Oh! I can’t wait to have my baby sister rule with me again!” Twilight blushed at her sister’s announcement and she decided to finally break free from her feathery prison.

“Let go of me, you oversized fur ball! I’m going to be a princess! This isn't a dignified position I can be in!” - Twilight then gasped loudly as her eyes widened - “What will the peasants think about this humiliation!” Twilight screamed in mock terror.

Celestia began to giggle, which prompted Twilight to also giggle, which then caused Celestia to laugh, which Twilight joined in shortly after. This continued until the two sisters were on the ground laying on each other as they laughed hysterically. Their laugh dissolved the anxiety, worry, and guilt that had built up over the last two months, for the first time in a long time they both felt calm.

Unfortunately for the two sisters, the time for the “coronation” was about to arrive so they got off of each other and prepared themselves for the event. Celestia put on her regalia, which was sat down on a nearby pillow. While Twilight took off the rest of her attire and mentally prepared herself for what was about to happen.

Not long after the doors opened and as Twilight turned around she saw it was Celestia’s assistant, Raven.

“Your highnesses, everything is ready for Princess Twilight’s coronation, her highness's regalia has also been set out on the balcony,” Raven dutifully announced as she bowed.

“Thank you, Raven. Once again I don’t know what I’d do without you,” Raven stoically accepted her sister’s praise, but Twilight could see her cheeks slightly blush.

The two sisters then walked toward the balcony. As they got close Twilight began to feel anxious again. But then she felt her sister pull her into a comforting wing hug, which calmed her worries and allowed her to walk confidently onto the balcony. Soon the two sisters walked out into the spotlight.

Once Twilight left the room she was shocked at the sheer amount of ponies that came to her “coronation”. As far as she could see were ponies that filled the streets, some ponies looked out windows, and even some pegasi got clouds to sit on.

Twilight froze at the sight of how many ponies attended and even began to feel some fear. But she, mentally, kicked herself and forced her way next to her sister, who was sitting down and was waiting for her to get over her shock. Once she settled down next to her sister, Celestia gave her one last comforting look before she got up and walked up to the edge of the balcony.

Once her sister reached the edge she picked up a crystal ball, which was laid down on a pillow, with her magic and levitated it in front of her. Twilight noticed that the ball had an enchantment etched into it that allowed her to amplify her voice, from what she could tell it was powerful enough that most of Canterlot could probably hear her sister.

“Good evening, my little ponies! I am so happy to see so many wonderful faces here tonight to come see my sister’s coronation! Soon, Equestria will have another princess again to help watch over it!” her sister paused as she waited for the clapping to stop.

”Now, I can imagine that many of you are confused about where my dear sister had gone. Tonight, I would like to expel all of those rumors about her. My sister had to, unfortunately, retire as a Princess of Equestria to stop a life-threatening matter that threatened all of Equestria. Sadly, there was no other alternative, the threat had to be dealt with immediately.

“Because of this threat she had slowly been forgotten in history and it was only until now that she was finally able to return. It’s with a heavy heart that I could not help her, but tonight is when everything changes. For, tonight my sister has returned not only as a hero but as a princess again! Now, let up begin!” Celestia finished as the crowd cheered and clapped that could be heard for miles.

Celestia looked over at her and signaled her to approach. Twilight got up and walked over next to her sister. As the crowd quieted down Celestia turned to Twilight and began the “coronation”. Twilight meanwhile got into position for the “coronation” and got onto a knee before she bowed slightly to Celestia.

“Now, Twilight Aurora Magus. Do you swear to be honorable, fair, and harmonious with the title of Princess of Equestria?” Celestia asked in a strict tone.

“I do,” Twilight curtly responded.

“Do you also swear to keep the day, night, and the magic that flows through Equis in check, if need be?”

“I do.”

“And that you’ll defend the Kingdom of Equestria with your life if need be?”

“I do.”

“Then with the power invested in me, Celestia Aurora Solaris. I hereby crown you Princess Twilight Aurora Magus as my equal in status and power. As well as the reinstatement of Equestria back into a diarchy!” once Celestia finished she levitated Twilight’s new regalia in front of them as she put them on her, the crowd meanwhile cheered.

Twilight looked down at her new regalia for the first time, she admired the purple metal it was made out of as it shimmered in the moonlight. The metal also had very tiny dots of obsidian spread throughout it. Etched at the center of her hoof guards was the outline of the purple star on her cutie mark. There was also a second layer of obsidian that lined the purple metal. Her peytral also had an obsidian outline, but at the center was a star-shaped pink-purple gem embedded into the metal. Around the gem was a carved design that also looked like a star.

Finally, was her crown, which unlike her sister’s, only ended in one wide point, the crown was also lined with obsidian. Embedded at the center of the crown were three oval-shaped crystals that were next to each other, they were also the same color as the crystal on her peytral

Once Twilight finished ogling over her new regalia she looked up at her sister, who had a proud smile before she turned to the crowd with the crystal sphere. She cleared her throat as she began her speech.

“I would like to thank you all for accepting me and for giving me a chance to be your princess again. I hope I can fill that role again after so long and make Equestria a better place. I promise that I’ll help my sister make Equestria into a shining example of harmony for the rest of Equis!” the crowd cheered loudly as she finished.

That night, history was made as one of Equestria’s lost princesses returned. Some ponies say that you could hear the cheers that night all the way from Manehatten if you listened closely.


A couple of hours after Twilight’s coronation, she was in her temporary room. She had just said goodnight to Celestia a few minutes ago. Her new regalia also sat on a pillow next to her bed. Twilight meanwhile walked over to a pair of doors that lead to her balcony and with a flick of her horn she opened the doors

Once Twilight was outside she sat down at the edge of the balcony and looked up at the moon. Her face was blank, but on the inside, she was overwhelmed with sadness at the reminder that Luna was gone. Every time she looked up at the Mare in the Moon she couldn't help but feel like she'd failed her.

I wish you were there, Luna… Why did I have to be imprisoned by that tyrant? Maybe I could have helped you sister, stop whatever was happening. Before you were consumed by that Nightmare. Twilight thought as her ears flattened to her skull.

A lone tear gently went down her face as she looked back up at the Mare in the Moon. But instead of sadness, she felt intense determination to free her sister from her corruption.

I promise you, Luna. I’ll free you from the Nightmare and we'll all be reunited again. With that hopeful thought, she turned around and headed back to her room, at least that was until she stopped just outside the door. She looked back at the moon one last time before she entered the room and closed the doors.

As the silence of the night once again reigned the balcony, the only thing left was a lone tear on the cold stone that shimmered in the pale moonlight.

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