• Published 20th Jan 2021
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Three Sisters - Cryohawk

Once three sisters were united in harmony, they ended wars, disasters, and brought peace and harmony to the nation of Equestria. But after one mistake it all comes crumbling down. The sisters were separated and broken...until one day that all changed

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Chapter 10: The Long Hunt for Love

Cadence waves at Centa, Spike, which rode on her back, and her Auntie Celestia as they made their way down the hall. Cadence smiled sadly as she saw the three of them make their way around a corner, of which Centa nearly hit before she finally lost sight of them.

She sighed as her hoof fell to the floor, she felt the guilt she held back finally crash into her. *sigh* I’m really sorry, Centa. I wish you could come with me but I’ve been waiting far too long for this. I promise once I’m done, I’ll make it up to you. Cadence told herself as she turned around and made her way down the hall

She then focused on her plan. Ok, it’s time to start. I’ve been planning this for months and after multiple delays, it’s finally time to start. It’s time to figure out what Auntie Twilight’s love interests are! And I won’t stop until I find out something! Cadence declared in her head as she was more determined than ever to get some answers… after she grabbed a few things from her room first.


Cadence looked over her equipment one last time before she arrived, “Ok. Let’s see. Telescope? Check. Multiple different potions for unforeseen problems? Check. Extra rations? Check. Magic reserves? Full and ready. Am I missing anything… Oh! Of course, how could I forget,” Cadence asked herself as she tapped her head before she cast a spell on herself that connected to her target.

“There! Now I should be able to hear anything Auntie Twilight says. Even if there’s a wall in the way!” Cadence confidently said as she repacked her gear back into her trusty saddle bag, as she repacked a small part of her began to feel that maybe she was going too far.

But before she could question the morality of this she began to hear some ponies nearby. She quickly levitated on her pack and jumped behind a nearby bush. Shortly after a pair of guards walked by as they continued their patrol throughout the royal gardens, completely unaware.

Once they passed Cadence let out a sigh of relief before she crouched below a castle window. As she got into position she looked out the window carefully, inside was a seemingly normal hallway. A hallway that her Auntie Twilight was, supposedly, about to walk down.

As she scanned the hall she began to reiterate the plan. From her limited knowledge Twilight was supposed to walk down this hall, after some meeting or another. So her master plan was to sneakily sto- follow her Auntie around for the day, and hopefully night if she could convince Celestia. Until she finally found out about Twilight’s love interests! Her plan was foalproof.

As if on cue she saw Twilight make her way out of a pair of doors. As soon as she exited she began to stretch. Cadence meanwhile ducked back under the window as Twilight finished. Ok, Cadence. Don’t. Mess. This. Up. It’s time to finally get some answers. She silently told herself as she looked back through the window and saw Twilight had already made a bit of ground. Cadence silently began to follow her as she crouched just below the window that allowed her to still see her aunt.

Unfortunately, Cadence’s hopes for a quick answer were dashed as she mindlessly tailed Twilight through the winding halls. What made it worse was nothing happened besides a few occasional formal greets as her auntie passed ponies. She began to zone out as she kept an eye out for any more guards that were on patrol.

She was suddenly caught off guard when she heard her Auntie finally say something else.

“What are you so happy about?” Cadence was momentarily surprised before she remembered to duck back under the window.

Finally, I felt like I was about to die from boredom if something didn't happen. Time to finally begin my work. Cadence happily thought as she failed to notice another familiar voice. As she looked through the window she was shocked to see her Auntie Twilight hugging Centa!

As fast as possible Cadence ducked back below the window as she silently hoped nopony, or dragon, noticed her. She lay under the window as still as possible, as she began to freak out. What’s Centa doing here?! If she’s here then Spike and Auntie Celestia have to be inside too. Cadence then forced herself to take a deep breath before she began to try and figure out what to do.

Ok, I just need to calm down and think. Obviously, I can’t let them see me… *sigh* Of course this happens to me. Should I… hide a bit further away until they're gone or- Cadence wasn't able to finish that thought as she heard Twilight say something.

“...I suppose good luck. I can’t wait to see how well you cast the spell. Me and Celestia will cheer you on,” Cadence stopped as she processed what her Auntie Twilight just said.

Wait. She couldn't mean… Cadence pushed past her uncertainty and looked back through the window to satisfy her suspicion. When she looked through she nearly abandoned her half-baked suspicion when she saw that her Aunties and Spike had sat in front of her window. But she stopped when she saw Centa focusing as her little horn was enveloped by her magic.

At that moment she realized that Centa was trying to cast that wind spell she had studied for the past week. Cadence had seen her practice the spell while she foalsitted her, she even asked for her help a few times. Not that she was much help. She never truly was interested in magic before, even after she first got her horn. But even with some of the areas of magic that she did learn about, spells and such, she wasn't very good at it. Besides her love magic of course, but that was more of her alicorn ability than any real magic.

Cadence noticed that Centa looked stressed out as she tried to cast the spell. So, unintentionally, she joined the others and began to silently cheer Centa on. Come on, Centa. I know you can do it. She was so caught up that when Centa finally released her spell, which sadly failed, she nearly blew her cover when she was about to reassure Centa.

After her near blunder, she lowered herself back just below the windowsill and berated herself for nearly being caught. Eventually, Centa, Spike, and her Aunties went their separate ways as Twilight continued down the hall.

Before Cadence walked away she looked back at Centa. Don’t worry, Centa. I know you’ll get that spell down soon… maybe I should brush on my wind magic again. I mean I used to be a pegasus after all so that should count for something. Cadence thought to herself as she followed Twilight.

Unfortunately, for Cadence, the silence returned in full force and she began to fear a repeat of before. Thankfully for her, after a few moments, she noticed a familiar pony approach her Auntie. As they got closer Cadence saw that her suspicions were confirmed as the pony was Celestia’s assistant, Raven Inkwell.

She didn't know that much about Raven if she was going, to be honest. She had talked to her in the past and while she knew a few of Raven’s interests, most of her knowledge was surface level. Even still she was very much interested to see how she would act around her Auntie, especially when Raven looked past her trusty clipboard and noticed Twilight.

“Oh! Princess, would you mind if I accompanied you? There were a few things I'd like to discuss with you,” Cadence heard Raven say over the spell.

Her Auntie smiled, “Of course, Raven. Though I’m surprised to see you. I thought you'd want to see my sister?” Twilight asked as Raven followed beside her.

“Yes, well. I did but… *sigh* Princess Celestia said she was taking the rest of the day off and asked me to accompany and help you, your highness. Not that she told me where you were,” Raven said under her breath as she looked a little annoyed.

As they talked Cadence looked over Raven. Although Cadence didn't know Raven that well she still knew she was a kind, dutiful, and hard-working pony. She was also quite an attractive young mare. So if her Auntie had any interests in mares she was sure that would show.

So Cadence watched the two unsuspecting mares for any signs.

“I’ll accept any help I can get, Raven. Besides I’ve heard from my sister that you're quite a talented assistant,” her Auntie praised Raven as she blushed ever so faintly.

Raven coughed behind her clipboard before she looked back at Twilight, “Yes, I um… thank you, your highness. Shall I begin?” Raven asked as she regained her decorum.

Twilight nodded, “Very well. Would you mind if… By Celestia, I can’t believe I’m asking this. Would you… mind if you could recall what you’ve done today? Just so I can understand where you are?” Raven reluctantly asked as she looked a little embarrassed.

Her Auntie reassured her with a smile before she responded, “Well if you want to know everything… Let's see. I’ve looked over the supply manifests and some requests from the guard, finished a few of the court requests Tia didn't get to, replied to several ambassador’s letters, looked over Equestria’s finances report for this quarter, reviewed the new applicants for the School of Gifted Unicorns as well as making a few recommendations, and held a meeting for some of the high nobles. Oh! Also, I finished reading Egger’s Guide to Transic Magic during lunch. The last one was a personal book I was reading for the last couple of days,” Twilight casually answered as she turned around to the shocked and slightly paler Raven who had dropped her clipboard.

But she wasn't the only pony who was frozen solid, Cadence stopped her investigation and stared at her Auntie with widened eyes. How in the…

After a few moments Raven, and Cadence, recovered as Raven shook her head and wearily asked, “And you finished all of this before… lunch?” to which her Auntie smirked and simply nodded.

“I… that’s incredibly fast. I think it would have taken Princess Celestia all day to finish all of that,” Raven whispered to herself.

“Well, my sister did always hate that part of being a princess. She always preferred to deal with ponies’ problems face to face, that’s why she created the court. I on the other hoof always loved to do the paperwork, even if it could be a tad boring at times,” Twilight replied as Raven’s face was once again filled with shock but also terror this time.

“I’m so sorry, princess! I never meant to disrespect your-” but Raven was cut off by Twilight.

“It’s fine, Raven. I know you never meant any disrespect by that. I was only teasing a little,” Twilight reassured Raven who tentatively nodded but still looked away from her Auntie.

Twilight also seemed to notice this change in attitude, “Anyways, Raven. Can we go over what other things I have to finish today? I just want to make sure I’m remembering everything correctly,” this seemed to kickstart Raven as she dutifully nodded and listed everything else Twilight had to finish after she grabbed her clipboard off the ground first.

Cadence meanwhile stopped listening to the pair as she concluded her observation. Unfortunately, even after her extensive inspection, which she prepared for by reading a book on body language, she couldn't see any signs that her Auntie was interested in Raven, or vice versa.

A part of her thought that maybe Twilight could still be interested in mares but simply wasn't interested in Raven. But her Auntie didn't show any attraction whatsoever so, for now, she decided to rule out mares. Maybe she’s just interested in stallions. That’s fine. It just… limits my options, somewhat. In fact, I may just get my answer…

Cadence thought as she smirked slightly when she noticed a small group of ponies ahead of them.

As they approached Cadence was able to make out the group as a trio of guardponies. Two of which were normal guardponies, a stallion unicorn, and a mare pegasus respectively. In front of them was another pony, a pony she was all too happy to see.

The last pony was a large, strong-looking stallion earth pony. He had dull gray fur and a lighter gray mane and tail, with a few occasional white strands of hair. Even though his cutie mark was covered by his armor, Cadence knew it was a simple black crossbow sight. Finally, across his body were multiple different types of scars that told a long and weathered history.

While his armor looked similar to the other guards, his was made out of steel with gold highlights. Mainly around his torso, hoof guards, and helmet. Also attached to his chest plate was a curved diamond-shaped piece of steel with his cutie mark emblazoned on it. Finally, what caught most pony’s attention was the massive crossbow slung across his back, though to her it might as well have been a miniature ballista.

The large pony was none other than Captain Iron Sights, the captain of the solar guard as well as one of the first ponies Cadence had met when she first arrived at Canterlot, besides her Auntie Celestia of course.

For as long as she could remember Iron Sights had always been captain and a very good one at that. Ever since she was little he had always been in her life, he always helped her when she asked and even played with her on occasions when he wasn't busy. In her mind, there was no other pony more worthy to be the captain of the solar guard.

She also remembered a rumor that Iron Sight was thinking of retiring soon. Though Cadence didn't put much weight on those rumors, it’s impossible.

Cadence shook her head and returned back to her mission as she began to gain some hope now that Iron was here. Even though the captain was of a more… advanced age, she was still certain she would find him attractive. Especially, considering her auntie is over two and a half thousand years old. It also helped that he was still quite fit for his age and had a wonderful personality to boot. So Cadence watched her auntie for any changes as they approached the captain.

As Raven and Twilight were within earshot of the guard’s Cadence heard something odd from one of them, “- mysterious, Captain. I don’t know if it’s really from those critters. Some of those holes seem a little too new,” the unicorn reported as her auntie stopped and looked toward the guardponies.

Twilight stood there for a moment longer before she walked toward them with an intrigued expression, “Would you care to elaborate more on that guardponies?” she asked as the two guards were surprised before they quickly saluted, meanwhile Iron simply calmly saluted.

Iron Sights then took a step forward, “Good afternoon, your highness. I’m sorry if we were interrupting you. About your question, it’s nothing really. A couple of my guards found a few holes in the old walled-off entrances to the crystal mines. It’s likely just some animals that managed to bore some holes into the old walls. I plan to station a few guards to watch the entrances,” As he finished Twilight raised an eyebrow.

“Do you think that there’s something more to this?” the captain replied with a shrug.

“I don’t rightly know, princess. But I’d rather be safe than sorry. Besides if it is just some critters then my guard can catch and relocate them to a better home,” as Iron finished Twilight looked thoughtful for a moment before she looked back at the captain.

“If this situation changes please report it to me or my sister,” As her auntie finished, Iron saluted, quickly followed up by the two other guards.

As Cadence watched and listened to her auntie's conversation with Iron she was a bit disappointed that her auntie showed no attraction toward him, she really hoped that she’d fall for him.

Cadence sighed as she began to get worried that her entire plan could fail, especially since two of the more promising candidates failed to get any sort of reaction. What on Equis could Twilight be attracted to?! Does she just have really high standards? Or maybe she’s… No, that's ridiculous, Cadence. Of course not.

Cadence thought to herself before she realized that Twilight and Raven had finished their conversation with Iron and were already ways down the hall. She also noticed that Raven looked embarrassed?

Apparently, her Auntie noticed this too, “Is there a problem, Raven?” Raven initially looked a little away from Twilight before she relented.

“I… don't believe you require my help, your highness,” Raven admitted as she looked glum.

“Of course, you’ve helped, Raven. You helped me schedule the rest of my day,” Twilight replied, Cadence figured this happened when she wasn't listening.

“It’s fine, your highness. I suppose I just need to… “One up my game” as they say. Besides it’s been nice to get to know a bit more about you, princess,” Twilight was silent for a moment before she smiled.

“Then how about you take the rest of the day off, Raven? Also, you can just call me Twilight in private,” Raven smiled in response as Cadence was happy to see the beginning of a new friendship.

Unfortunately, Cadence’s happiness was ruined when another pony joined the conversation, one that Cadence hoped to avoid.

“Am I… interrupting anything, your highness?” the noble Fancy Pants asked as he joined the conversation.

Cadence frowned as she stared at Fancy as he ruined Raven and Twilight’s moment. Even though she prepared for this possibility she only hoped that he'd leave soon.

Before anypony could respond Raven stepped forward and bowed toward Twilight, “No, not at all. In fact, I was just about to leave. Good day, your highness. You too Sir Fancy,” Raven announced as she bowed toward Twilight and nodded at Fancy before she left.

Cadence was slightly annoyed that the moment was truly gone and the fact that she now had to wait for this noble to leave. So with an impatient sigh, she half-heartedly watched the interaction.

Once Raven left Twilight turned to look over at Fancy with a pleasant smile, “I suppose now that it’s just us. What did you need, Sir Fancy?”

Fancy somewhat awkwardly responded as he tried to regain his composure, “Oh! *cough* Well. Firstly, you don’t need to be so formal. Fancy is perfectly alright. Secondly, I was wondering if you would like to join me in one of my little house parties later tonight?” He asked as he straightened his purple bowtie.

Her auntie shook her head, “No. Unfortunately, I’ll have to decline. I still have quite a bit of work to finish. Thank you for the offer though,” Twilight answered with a saddened smile.

“Then would it be… acceptable if I were to accompany you, your highness? At least until you reach your destination,” Fancy asked again as he began to sweat.

Cadence was surprised by the offer and silently hoped that her auntie would shoot him down.

Twilight thought about it for a moment before she smiled, “Very well. It’ll be nice to talk to somepony at least. Come along, Fancy,” her auntie said as she continued down the wall, with Fancy close behind.

Cadence cursed her luck before she followed behind the duo. She also began to get suspicious of Fancy. Why would he want to be with Auntie Twilight? What do you really want, Fancy Pants… She thought as she tried to uncover whatever ulterior motives he had.

Eventually, Fancy caught up with her auntie, “Firstly. Thank you, your highness, for allowing me to accompany you today,” the stallion said with a kind smile. “And may I add that you look quite beautiful this today,” He complimented.

Twilight laughed slightly, “Thank you, Fancy. You aren’t bad yourself,” Twilight replied as ever so slightly Cadence saw Fancy blush which only caused her to glare a bit more at him, as well as give her a strange pit in her stomach.

A slight pause occurred after Twilight’s compliment before Fancy regained his senses back.

He then smiled nervously, “Princess, if it isn't… inappropriate. How have you taken to becoming a princess, again? *cough* sorry. Especially after you've been gone for so long?”

If Cadence didn't know her auntie she would have thought the question unfazed her but she could tell that it made her uncomfortable, another reason for her to not like this Fancy.

“Well. It’s… gone about as well as you may expect. A few bumps in the road but I’m making steady progress back. Though I’m not going to sugarcoat it, it’s been a lot of… adjusting. But I suppose not everything is so bad,” Twilight vaguely answered.

Fancy seemed to be a bit worried for her but continued nonetheless.

“I suppose I shouldn't have expected any less. Still, I must say I’m quite impressed with how well you’ve adjusted. I’m not sure I could do it as well as you. But I suppose you don’t wish to hear any more of that. Now princess, have you heard of the new Wonderbolts game here in Canterlot?” Fancy asked as he moved onto softer topics.

Cadence meanwhile couldn't deny the dreadful news any longer. Somehow, someway. Fancy Pants had a crush on her Auntie Twilight. Even as she thought this it still felt… wrong. Out of anypony, a noble had to have a crush on her auntie and no matter how many times she tried to find some ulterior motive she could find none. It was pure love.

But what nearly infuriated her more was the fact that Twilight STILL showed no interest in him. How can you NOT show anything!? Not even any hints of interest or rejection! Which both relieved her and confounded her at how… oblivious she was. He practically told her he had a crush on her.

After Cadence finished her internal rant she looked back over at Fancy and Twilight and saw that they had nearly reached the entrance to the royal gardens. So what was by now routine she snooped on her auntie’s conversation.

The pair had finished laughing after an apparent joke she missed before Fancy wiped a tear away, “That was quite good, princess. *sigh* I suppose this is your stop,” Fancy said as he looked a little sad.

He then glumly smiled, “It’s been wonderful talking to you, princess. I only wish it could have lasted a while longer. If you're ever free please tell me… if you so wish. So I can invite you to one of my house parties, I’d be happy to host you,” Fancy said with a more jolly smile.

Twilight returned the smile as she looked off to the side, “I can’t make any promises, but if my schedule opens up I’ll let you know,” Twilight replied as she faced him again.

That was all Fancy needed to hear as he straightened up with a hopeful look.

“Thank you, your highness! I can’t wait. Have a pleasant rest of your day,” he said as he bowed, which Twilight returned before he practically skipped away down the hall.

Twilight meanwhile laughed at Fancy before she turned around and walked into the royal gardens, with Cadence close behind her.

Now that Twilight had left the castle proper she had to change strategies so she jumped behind a bush.

Eventually, Twilight walked toward a large oak tree that sat on a small hill, one which she had been to many times. Before she laid down, Cadence began to get a little confused before she saw her auntie’s horn light up and a small desk was teleported in front of her with an ink well, quill, and a stack of parchment next to it. She then levitated a piece of parchment, placed it on the desk, and began to work.

Cadence once entranced was sorely disappointed that she wouldn't get any new information on her love life… not that she had any. But even still she stubbornly refused to give up and began to set up her own little camp as she silently declared she’d wait until her auntie was done. I’m sure this won’t take long. I mean how long could she lay there? She would learn to never challenge fate.

She then pulled out a granola bar from her pack and took a bite out of it as she got comfortable.


Unfortunately, for Cadence, she waited for hours but no matter how long she sat there Twilight refused to leave. What made it worse was that she had, somehow, run out of food which only caused her to grow more bored.

What cruel god she had apparently awoken seemed to have some sense of humor as for but a moment she began to get excited when she saw her auntie finish the rest of her work. But as Cadence began to pack up Twilight teleported her work away and brought out a pile of books from her library before she began to read them.

Cadence was devastated and cursed her bad luck before she miserably sat back down bored out of her mind.


Cadence laid on her side as she was both immensely bored and annoyed at the same time at how useless this whole endeavor seemed to be. She hadn't learned a single new thing about Twilight’s romantic interests, the whole purpose of this! Another part of her also missed Centa and wished she had never created this hair-brained scheme so she could be with her again.

Cadence was pulled out of her thoughts when she was surprised by the one pony she never expected.

“You know, Cadence. You can come out anytime you want,” Twilight nonchalantly asked as she turned a page in her book.

Cadence though doesn’t listen as she got onto her hooves and crouched as far down as possible under the bush. She silently hoped that her mind was simply playing tricks on her.

Her auntie sighed as she lowered her book and looked toward her, past the bush.

“Cadence, it’s getting late and I don’t want you laying under a bush for another hour and possibly getting sick. So please, come out of the bush,” Twilight scolded her like Celestia did when she was a foal.

Cadence grimaced as she finally got up, picked up her pack, and walked out from behind the bush, slightly crestfallen. As she walked into the line of sight of Twilight she looked away and blushed from embarrassment.

How did you know I was there?” she quietly asked, clearly embarrassed.

Twilight then smiled as she set her book down, “Firstly, I detected your magic before I even entered that hall you were waiting for me at. Even past some of those magic dampener spells you put on yourself. Also if you want I could show you some more powerful ones that I know,” Twilight replied with a smirk as Cadence’s face turned pale.

“Secondly, when you cast that Listen-On-Them spell I was able to tell it was from you just by your magic signature alone and because of that, I could have easily counter spelled it. Next time try to focus on not putting so much magic into the spell it’ll cause your target to more easily locate the source, try to only put as much magic as you need to give your target as little information as possible,” Cadence’s jaw continued to drop as her auntie continued.

“Thirdly, if you're going to tail somepony you should learn how to properly muffle your hooves, the hooves can make quite a bit of noise even when you try not to. That’s why we ponies were never predators.”

“Finally, It’s probably not a very good idea to ask about your target's routine from their sister. Especially older sisters, who are notorious for loose lips,” Twilight finished with a proud smile.

Cadence was flabbergasted, not only was she found out before she was even able to start! But the fact that her auntie had offered her advice about how to better stalk her… she never even had a chance.

Before she could respond Twilight simply patted a spot next to her and indicated for her to sit. To which Cadence mechanically followed as she made her way toward her auntie.

“The only thing I still haven’t figured out yet is well, why? Why did you stalk me? If you wanted to join me all you had to do was ask,” Twilight asked as looked a little confused, this relieved Cadence immensely.

Phew, at least Auntie Twilight doesn't know what I was doing… that’s something at least. Cadence thought to herself before she realized Twilight was expecting some sort of answer.

Cadence began to get flustered as her cheeks grew brighter, “Oh! Uhh… No real reason,” she mumbled quietly.

Wow really smooth, Cadence, she thought to herself as she mentally berated herself on that horrible lie.

But before she let Twilight do anything she asked a question, “Um, Auntie Twilight. Could I ask a question? Real quick, I… know it’s getting late,” Cadence quickly asked as she tried to distract her aunt and try one last time to salvage this horrible plan.

Twilight paused and stared at her for a moment before she laughed and smiled, “I suppose I can answer a quick question though I do need to leave soon. Celestia needed help with some things,” Twilight agreed as Cadence sat next to her auntie.

Once Cadence got comfortable she asked her last question, “So I know this may be a bit… strong but. Were there any ponies you deeply cared about before you left? Besides Celestia of course,” Cadence asked as she emphasized cared, at this point she had throughout most of her subtlety.

Twilight looked surprised for a moment before she began to think, “Well that’s certainly a… strong question. Well, there were plenty of ponies that I cared about. I’ve had many different students in the past, of which I love them all dearly… but I suspect you want something closer. There was one pony that was particularly close too. A stallion,” Cadence began to get excited as the thought of finally getting a break nearly broke her.

Though she didn't want to lose her cool so she calmly asked what the pony was to her, “What was the stallion to you!” apparently she wasn't very calm after all.

Twilight laughed again, “He was the father I never had” - Cadence’s excitement died - “His name was Onyx. He was the best father you could have asked for, he took us in even though he had no real reason to. Even after what Celestia did… I’ll never forget what he did,” Twilight said as she fondly remembered that time before she grew a pained frown. “I just wish he hadn't… That’s a story for another time,” Twilight cut herself off as she shook her head.

Before Cadence could ask anything more or protest her auntie looked over and saw that Celestia had set the sun and risen the moon, but Twilight looked away before the moon could rise.

“Well I suppose that’s where we have to stop for now,” Twilight said as she teleported her book away, stood up, and stretched.

Cadence frowned as she hoped for a bit more time to question her aunt but she too stood up.

Twilight looked at her apologetic, “Sorry, Cadence that I have to leave so soon. But this is what it means to be a princess,” her auntie said tiredly with a sigh before she nodded at her and began to walk away. Before she left she stopped and looked back at her, “As much fun as it was to watch you stalking me around all day I’d prefer if you don’t do that. I’d rather have my niece next to me instead of behind me,” Cadence blushed as she agreed to Twilight’s fair demand.

“Thank you, Cadence. Have a good rest of your evening,” Twilight said before she made her way back into the castle.

Cadence awkwardly smiled as she waved at her auntie until she disappeared into the castle. Once she was gone Cadence sighed and collapsed onto the grass under the oak tree.

She was frustrated with herself. No matter what she did or the questions she asked she got nothing, this entire thing was a waste of time. But she didn't allow herself to mope for long as she begrudgingly made her way back to her room.


As Cadence entered her room she practically slammed the door behind her and placed her pack onto the floor with her wing. She sighed again as she looked around her room.

Her room was larger than the average castle apartment, it was also specially designed by Celestia for her. The walls were painted pink while the floor was made of lighter wood planks. At the center of the floor was a large pink, purple, and yellow designed rug with a gold heart in the center.

On the opposite wall from her was a large bay window with a seat built in under it and around the window was a plethora of different toys, paper, pencils, and other foal toys.

Cadence smiled, that was the spot she and Centa usually played in while she stayed in her room. That thought caused her to grow a little wistful as she missed Centa.

To the right of her and Centa’s play area was her four-post pink bed with a big heart in the center. On either side of the bed were a pair of nightstands with an alarm clock on one.

Next to her bed was the doorway to her bathroom which while higher quality than most of the other guest bathrooms in the castle it wasn't by that much, it also, of course, had pink tile! It was her favorite color after all.

To her right, she saw her pink couch with a low coffee table, which had a silver tea set sitting in the middle. Her Auntie Celestia had gotten a little addicted to tea ever since she was a foal.

To her left, there was another door that led to her walk-in closet which had a plethora of different dresses and accessories for any sort of party or celebration she had to attend.

Next to her walk-in closet was her desk she used for school work, personal projects, or any other thing she wanted, it was also pink. Also on the desk was a small expertly crafted music box that her Auntie Celestia had given her when she was adopted by her, she said it was her “adoption present” and she’s kept it ever since.

Finally, on the ceiling was a pink crystal chandelier, probably one of the most expensive things in the room.

Besides that, there were pictures of her family, Centa, and Spike scattered around the room as well as other furniture.

Once she was finished she looked back over at her and Centa’s play area before she forced her gaze away. She then made her way toward her walk-in closet. As she opened the door she walked to the back of the closet, past the multitude of dresses, until she found what she was looking for.

Behind some particularly old dresses was an old cork board. One which she dragged out of her walk-in closet with her magic and placed in the middle of her room. As she looked at the board it was a mess of different notes, string, and highlighter, at the top it said Cadence’s Shipping Board.

On it was a multitude of different ponies with different possible matches, Celestia and Twilight’s section had paragraphs of different information pinned under them with a few possible matches connected by red string, mainly on Celestia’s side. Also in a corner was a blank section that had a picture of Centa with a card pinned to it that said: “For the Future” written on the bottom.

Cadence meanwhile was focused on Twilight’s section as she began to remove and add pins to the board while she muttered to herself, “Well that can’t be there now and… I suppose I should put him there now…” Cadence was so distracted by her work that she was surprised when she heard somepony cough behind her.

As she turned around her eyes widened when she saw her Auntie Celestia leaning on her door frame!

Before Cadence could do anything Celestia began, “You know I knocked before I entered. When you didn't respond I decided to see if you were here. But now I see that you were just busy,” Celestia finished with a cat-like grin.

Cadence immediately spun the board which caused it to start flipping as she tried to distract her aunt, “This isn't what it looks like!” she yelled out as the board simply stopped exactly where it started which caused Cadence to grimace and blush as she knew she was caught red hoofed.

Celestia, unfazed, walked into the room and used her magic to straighten the board before she began to read. Cadence meanwhile merely sat there embarrassed.

Celestia laughed, “Oh, Cadence. Of course, you’d do something like this. Why am I not surprised? You are the little cupid of the family. Though it seems like you missed Sir Hooflock on my “interests” section,” Cadence blushed as an unabashed part of her kept a note to update that later.

Celestia then looked at her with that smug smile, “Though I think you shouldn’t worry about other pony’s love lives while you're trying to be with Shining Armor,” Celestia nonchalantly said as Cadence was again shocked, mouth agape.

“What?!” Cadence yelled out as she was shocked that her Auntie Celestia knew about that, she had done such a good job keeping that a secret!

She began to get flustered as her entire face turned red, “W-we're just friends… how did you find out… about HIM!” Cadence quickly added.

Celestia laughed before she grinned, “Well this is my castle after all. I wouldn’t be a very good princess if I didn't know what was going on inside here, would I? Besides I think I’d like to know about the stallion that plans to date my little Caddy,” Celestia finished as Cadence’s cheeks burned even brighter as she looked away.

Under her breath she whispered, “Not that he even knows,” a small silence grew as Celestia continued to read the board as Cadence continued to try and hide behind her mane.

She had failed utterly not only had she not gotten anything new from Twilight but now her other aunt knew about her Secret Shipping Board. But now that she had nothing left to lose, she finally relented and did the one thing she thought she’d never do.

“Auntie Celestia?” Cadence asked as Celestia looked over at her and once Celestia saw the state she was in her grin disappeared.

“Oh! Cadence, was I going too far? I’m sorry,” Celestia apologized as Cadence shook her head.

“No, it’s no… well I guess It’s kind of because of that -” Cadence then shook her head as she refocused “- Anyways, Auntie Celestia. I… what kind of pony or creature does Auntie Twilight like? What are her love interests!? Please tell me! I’m the Alicorn of Love and no matter what I do I can’t find anything! Please, Celestia!” Cadence practically begged Celestia as her desperation finally broke her.

Once Cadence finished silence enveloped the room as Celestia’s face became neutral before finally, she sighed.

“Cadence, normally I wouldn't tell ponies about this. But… I can see if I don’t tell you, you’ll just continue this. *sigh* For as long as I’ve known Twilight she’s, well, never been romantically interested in anypony before,” Cadence was surprised by this new information as she stood up.

“What?! But that’s impossible. She’s over a thousand years old. Surely she found somepony interesting in that time,” Cadence practically yelled out as she grew even more confused.

Celestia shook her head, “If I’m going, to be honest. I don’t quite understand it myself. Though this isn't from a lack of trying. Back before any of this me and… Luna tried to find some pony or creature that she might have liked. But no matter how many times we tried she was never interested in anypony. After a while we simply stopped trying, Twilight admitted that she wasn't interested in that sort of relationship,” the silence returned as Cadence began to think about this new information.

Cadence suddenly felt her auntie’s hoof pull her head up to look at hers, “Cadence I know this may seem… odd, especially to someone like you. But I want you to know that my sister can still love ponies, just not romantically. For instance, I know she loves you and Centa dearly -” Celestia then booped her nose “- There are also other ponies that I’ve met with the same… feelings,” Celestia finished as Cadence remained silent.

Even though she trusted what her aunt said it was still a little hard for Cadence to wrap her mind around the fact that a pony could not feel romantic love. I can’t even imagine if I couldn't feel that kind of love. Cadence thought as she frowned at the thought.

But before she could do anything she felt her auntie kiss her forehead. Cadence backed up and looked up at Celestia as she regained her grin.

“Forget about that for now, Cadence. I’m here to collect you~” Cadence was confused again as she watched her auntie walk out of her room.

“Wait! Who?” Cadence asked as Celestia looked behind her.

“Why Centa of course. She’s been talking about you all day you know. She’s waiting in my office for you,” Celestia said before she continued out of her room.

Cadence remembered her promise to Centa and began to smile as she couldn't wait to see Centa again. But before she forgot she took a step forward and stopped her aunt before she disappeared down the hall.

“Wait, Auntie Celestia,” Celestia stopped one more time and looked back through the door frame with a smile.

“Hmm,” Celestia hummed.

“Have… have you ever had a partner before?” Cadence asked as she watched Celestia think.

Her aunt then smirked knowingly, winked, and left without saying another word. All Cadence could do was stand there alone and confused as she tried to figure out what her aunt had meant by that.

Author's Note:

Hey so I'm back... It's been some time hasn't it.
Anyways so I'm back from my unintended brake, which I am happy for.
I don't want to go super into it as I'm going to release a blog post a bit more into about it anyway the short of it is I think (still not entirely sure) began to lose some interest in I suppose into this and kind of kept pushing it off which here we are, anyway, a couple of weeks ago I began to get back into this, so I decided to finish this (which I started a few months ago) and since then I've been feeling a little more motivated to write.
Past that I hope you like this chapter I think it came out pretty well, and I suppose we'll see were this goes. Have a nice day:twilightsmile: