• Published 20th Jan 2021
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Three Sisters - Cryohawk

Once three sisters were united in harmony, they ended wars, disasters, and brought peace and harmony to the nation of Equestria. But after one mistake it all comes crumbling down. The sisters were separated and broken...until one day that all changed

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Chapter 7: A Special Lesson

Centa eagerly ran down the now semi-familiar halls of Canterlot Castle with a massive smile on her muzzle. As for why she was excited well…

I can’t wait for the lesson today! Now, while she was normally excited about her magic lessons with Princess Celestia, this time she was extra excited because of the attendance of another pony.

Centa could barely control her excitement as she jumped up in the air and yelled, “I can’t wait to practice magic with Princess Twilight!” When she landed she continued to make her way to the royal gardens, which was where she had her lessons with Celestia.

She then began to imagine all the awesome spells that Twilight could teach her, but as she started to fantasize about it she couldn't help but remember when Twilight was...scary back when they went to the Canterlot library a few months ago. That memory caused Centa to slow down as she remembered how, for a moment, she was slightly afraid of the princess.

Centa slowed to a stop as she remembered how… cold Twilight’s face looked. She stopped herself before she could go any further, she then forced herself to recall that after a few days the princess seemed to be back to normal. She even smiled when she remembered when Twilight took her to go stargazing in the royal gardens, she even got to sleep under them afterward!

With that pleasant memory now in the forefront of mind Centa redoubled her efforts to reach the royal gardens and get to practice magic with the TWO princesses of Equestria!

A short time later she finally reached the decorated double doors that lead to the royal gardens and with a burst of magic, she flung the doors open and jumped outside.

When she landed she searched the gardens for the princesses and after a few moments, she spotted them sitting together in front of a fountain. As she ran up to the princesses she noticed that they both had their regalia on and that she had accidentally interrupted whatever conversation they were in the middle of, but before she could slow down and let them finish they noticed her.

She sheepishly made it the rest of the way to them as Celestia looked down at her with a warm smile, “Ah, Centa. It’s nice to see you made it here yourself” - Celestia’s smile then dimmed - “I’m sorry again, that Cadence couldn't be here with you for the last week. She’s been very busy,” she finished with a slight frown.

Centa’s guilt of interrupting the princesses was overshadowed by the reminder of Cadence’s absence. A week ago Cadence said that she was going to be busy for a while to plan out some kind of party. But, when she first heard this she was devastated that she wouldn't be able to see her anymore.

She had been able to stay with Cadence since she became Princess Celestia’s student and in her opinion, she was the best foalsitter ever… not that she’s a foal; she’s a big mare. Eventually, she had to accept that Cadence had to leave to do her planning, but Centa knew that Cadence would plan the best party ever, and once she was done they could do all sorts of cool stuff again.

Centa was knocked out of her thoughts when she heard Celestia continue, “Although from what I’ve heard, Cadence was almost done with her task and could return soon,” she finished with a smirk.

Centa’s eyes widened as a big smile grew on her muzzle when she heard of Cadence’s return, “Really! Cadence could come back?!” The princess nodded.

Centa began to run around in joy at the wonderful news, I can’t wait for her to return! We can go down to Canterlot and go to Donut Joe’s! Or we could play together again! Or even- But, before she could begin to celebrate she suddenly felt the familiar aura of Celestia’s magic surround her. As she looked back towards the princesses she saw that both of them had smiles on their muzzles and Princess Twilight was even chuckling at her!

“As much as I would love to watch you adorably run and jump around like a little someone I know” - she looked over at Twilight, which strangely stopped her laughter and caused her to blush? - “I think it would be best to start your lesson, we're already slightly late,” the princess finished as she put down a red-faced Centa back onto the ground.

“Anyways as you know we have a special guest for our lesson today. My little sister, Twilight,” At that moment Centa remembered that Twilight was there as well.

Centa slightly more embarrassed but also with a renewed excitement about the reminder of her lesson looked over at the princess.

Twilight coughed into her hoof as the remains of her blush disappeared before she looked over at her, “Thank you for allowing me to be here. Hopefully, I can teach you a few more things about magic,” she finished with a pleasant smile.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to teach Centa many things, sister. But, now I believe it’s time to start -” Centa eagerly sat down ready for whatever the princesses would teach her. “- Let’s start with the basics. To start off every creature has a magic core, from earth pony to griffins. Now Centa, what allows magic to flow throughout creatures?” Celestia inquired.

Centa quickly raised her hoof as she answered Celestia’s question, “That would be the magic lanes in the creature's body!” she yelled out.

Celestia smiled at her, “Correct. The magic lanes, or layways for short, are connected to the magic core and are spread out throughout the body. The layways support the body and lead to points of the body called endpoints. These allow a creature to use their magic, for instance, a unicorn’s central endpoint, like you, is your horn; on earth ponies, it would be their hooves. There are also other minor endpoints throughout your body, but we'll go over that another time. Centa, can you tell me what happens when your magic core completely depletes?” The princess asked.

Centa brought a hoof to her chin as she thought about the question, “Um… when you use your magic you start to feel tired and if you keep using your magic you’ll eventually fall asleep?” she uncertainly responded.

“Mostly correct. When a pony uses their magic, it will slowly use up the magic in their core. You must NEVER allow yourself to completely use up your magic in your core, even in emergencies, because you will get tired and eventually fall asleep… forever. And while there are some ways to help...wake you up, it’s still not safe to do it. Centa, do you understand what I mean?” Celestia questioned her to which she immediately nodded her head. “And do you promise to never do this?” she pressed, Centa once again nodded her head but this time a little nervous.

Celestia looked at her for a few moments more before an apologetic smile spread on her muzzle and she wrapped one of her puffy wings around her, “I’m sorry if I scared you for a moment. I just wanted to make sure you understand the magnitude of this,” the princesses' words comforted her as the two stayed there for a moment longer before Celestia brought back her wing and they continued the lesson.

“Moving on. As you've likely been able to figure out, unicorns have an interesting connection to magic. Unlike their other pony kin, unicorns have the ability to project and manipulate their magic into spells. Now, where and how does a unicorn use their magic?” the princess asked once again.

Centa confidently answered, certain that she knew the correct answer, tapped her horn with her hoof, “That would be from my horn as it’s my only...uh, Ah! Endpoint! And I try to imagine what I want to happen and cast it into a spell!”

Before Celestia could respond the silent Twilight responded, “Well, not exactly,” Centa’s confidence quickly vanished as she was shocked that her answer was wrong.

“WHAT!” she instinctively yelled out.

Twilight seemed to have realized her mistake as she looked at her, “Oh! No, no, no! You were partially correct, the horn is the central endpoint of a unicorn. But, it’s not the only one” - she then looked over to Celestia - “Is it fine if I take over,” she asked.

“Please do, this is why I wanted you to be here. We mostly finished the warm-up anyways,” Celestia reassured her before Twilight looked back at her.

“Very well, I suppose I’ll start. Like you said the horn is the central endpoint for a unicorn, but there are other ways a unicorn could perform magic. All pony races have endpoints in their hooves, for earth ponies, their hooves are their central endpoints, but for unicorns, their hooves are generally minor endpoints. If a unicorn were to try hard enough they could learn to cast spells with only their hooves,” when she finished, Twilight got up and brought up one of her hooves and then pointed it at a pebble.

Centa was still a bit shocked about what the princess meant and while she watched her she noticed that her hoof began to glow with her familiar purple aura. Centa’s mouth hung open and as she looked up at her horn she was even more shocked when she saw that her horn was not even glowing! She then looked back at the pebble and saw it surrounded in the princesses' aura which shortly after began to float, her shock quickly turned into excitement.

“That’s so cool! You can cast magic with your hooves! Can I do that!” Centa eagerly asked as she watched the pebble float in the air in astonishment.

Unfortunately, the amazing scene couldn’t last as the princess soon ended her spell.

Centa was slightly disappointed when the spell concluded but that soon also ended when Twilight began again, “Yes, you can and I would love to teach you. Though we should wait until you're older and your magic core is more developed. Also, another thing to keep in mind is that I may have made that look easier than it was, with me being more experienced and an alicorn with multiple central endpoints,” Twilight said offhoofedly.

While Centa was excited about the news of possibly learning a new way to use magic, she also had a question for the princess, “But I haven't seen any other unicorns use this sort of magic...uh method?”

Her question seemed to make the princess sad as her smile diminished a little, “That would be because, at least from what I can tell, this method of performing magic is almost entirely dead in the modern age. To be fair even back during my time it was incredibly uncommon. *sigh* This method is incredibly inefficient and magically costly compared to using your horn, as your horn has special organs in it that simply make it more efficient, useful, and easier to cast spells than your hooves.”

Centa thought about what the princess said before she suddenly realized something that Twilight mentioned earlier, “WAIT! You said that alicorns have multiple central endpoints! I thought ponies only had one?”

Her question seemed to make Twilight happy again as the smile from before returned in full force, “I’m glad you caught that. Yes, normally you would be right, ponies usually only have one central endpoint. But because alicorns are a combination of all the pony races we have multiple central endpoints.

“We have endpoints in our hooves -” she held both of her front legs and allowed her hooves to glow in her magic “- wings -” she spread out her wings and like her hooves began to glow “- And horn -” to which also glowed before they stopped and she returned her limbs to her side “- it gives us some unique advantages.”

Centa was mesmerized by the display of skill that the princess just showed off and with a big smile on her muzzle, she excitedly asked, “That’s amazing. What other things can alicorn do?”

Twilight’s smile turned into a grin, “Well besides multiple central endpoints, alicorns also have...special abilities of sorts. These special abilities are different for every alicorn, and from what I've seen we generally get two. One of my special abilities actually allows me to see the layways and magic core in creatures, plants, or even in the world itself. As well as being able to see the magic in things it also has made me more… sensitive to magic buildups, such as when a creature casts a spell. Here let me show you,” when Twilight finished she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

As she let out a breath, she opened her eyes, and what Centa saw shocked her. Her sclera was now a bright cyan and while her iris stayed the same color it was now glowing. The princess then smiled at her, but in Centa’s opinion, she looked a bit… weird with the whole eye glowy thing.

“As you can see this...isn't exactly a subtle ability. Though what it lacks in subtlety it makes up for in the ability to see the world in an entirely different manner. In fact, as I said earlier, this ability allows me to see layways. Approximately, I can see about 25% more in fine detail than a unicorn’s spell version of the ability. Also-” Twilight was suddenly stopped when Celestia placed a hoof on her shoulder.

Though Centa didn't quite notice this as she was currently in the middle of an information overload and by the time she was able to recover and rejoin her interrupted lesson the princesses seemed to be nearly done with their conversation.

“...Anyways, all I’m saying is make it a little easier for her to understand,” Celestia finished and as Centa looked over at Twilight she saw that her face was red and her magic eye thing was gone.

“You're right, sister. I’m sorry, Centa. I got a bit carried away there. Um, anyways the only other… uh feature of that ability is that it’s incredibly magic efficient, for the amount of information I get out of it anyhow,” the princess uncertainly finished as her blush slowly faded away and by the end, she was back to normal.

“It’s okay, Princess Twilight. But, you said that alicorns usually have two abilities. What’s your other one?” Once again Twilight’s smile dimmed and she even looked uncomfortable this time! Centa really started to feel awful at the number of times she made the princess frown.

But before she could get a word in, the princess began, “It’s fine, Centa. It’s just that this ability is very… different. Here let me show you,” when Twilight finished she got up and began to walk to the middle of a field.

Centa was confused for a moment before she also got up and followed the princess. They only walked for a few moments before Twilight stopped in front of a flower and sat down. The princess then looked back at her for only a moment before she took a deep breath and lit her horn shortly after the flower was enveloped in her aura before it was plucked from the ground.

Centa was even more confused by what the princess was doing and as she watched a plethora of thoughts swirled in her head. Why is she floating that flower in her face? Is this her special ability? Does it have something to do with plants? All of her thoughts died as her eyes widened in shock.

When Twilight brought the flower in front of her she closed her eyes as the aura around the flower began to intensify before a stream of bluish-purple magic flame came out of the flower. The magic flame then began to dance along the princesses body before it started to absorb into her? But what also shocked her was when the magic flame left the flower it began to wilt and slowly become brown and dry before eventually, it started to crumble away.

Centa was surprised at what Twilight just did and there was only one thing she could think to say, “What… was that?”

The princess opened her eyes as she looked over at Centa, “That was my second ability. I call it magic drain, excuse the uncreative name” - Twilight let out a dry laugh before she sighed - “What you just saw was the magic being drained out of a flower...,” The princess was silent for a few moments before she began again.

“Sorry, I just don’t like using this ability that often. Anyways this ability allows me to temporarily gain a boost to my magic reserves, but as a consequence the magic I gained drains far faster and it will slowly dissolve from me overtime if I don’t use it. This is unlike naturally generated magic from our cores, which can be stored inside us when we aren’t using it.

“Another way of understanding this is… when you throw a bunch of dry leaves into a fire, it will initially burn incredibly hot and large but then the fire will die out just as fast. Do you understand what I mean, Centa?”

Centa slowly nodded her head as she tried to comprehend what the princess said, but a part of her was still partially distracted at the thought of Twilight draining the magic out of that flower.

“Good, because it’s going to get a bit more complicated. You see I can also drain magic from the environment such as from the sky, ground, or even sea. Though it’s considerably less efficient” - Centa began to get a little tired of all the surprises today - “Anyways that’s not important. Because when I use this ability on… let’s say this field it causes the magic to slowly drain from the field. Luckily, if I don’t take too much of the magic it can usually return to normal,” Twilight finished.

But, Centa had another question in mind for the princess, “What if you take too much magic?”

The princess looked a little grim before she replied, “Well if I take too much magic then this field could become… wrong or empty. These magicless areas aren’t… good for you when any species of ponies go into these magicless areas they wouldn’t be able to use any magic and they would start to feel incredibly weak,” Centa was flabbergasted when she heard this and a shiver ran up her spine.

“I-I won’t be able to use my magic,” Centa asked in a quiet tone, out of everything she heard or saw today this was what scared her the most. Not being able to use any magic was a horrifying thought!

Centa began to shiver at the thought of never being able to use magic again. But suddenly she felt a wing around her and pulled her close to something warm.

When she looked at who the wing belonged to she saw that Twilight was the culprit, “It’s ok, Centa. I’m sorry, I shouldn't have told you about this. Just calm down you’re not losing your ma-,” Twilight stopped herself from saying anything further.

They were shortly joined by another wing and as Centa looked over she saw that it was from Celestia, Centa weakly blushed as she forgot that Celestia was also here.

“So Centa, what about other alicorn abilities? There are two other alicorns you know about?” Celestia asked innocently.

Centa stared at the princess for a few moments before she began to think about what powers, the best foalsitter ever, Cadence could have and the more she began to think about it the more excited she got about the possibilities.

Unknown to Centa, Celestia’s plan to distract her from Twilight’s over-explanation worked as her mind began to go into overdrive at all the ideas she had for abilities.

“If all alicorns have special abilities then what about Cadence? What cool abilities does she have?!” As Centa spoke she progressively got more excited until by the end she was practically back to her normal self as she jumped out of the princesses’ wing hugs in pure excitement.

Twilight looked confused for a moment before she smiled and laughed, “Well, while I can’t say for sure I think Cadence’s first ability would have to be something to do with love magic. I’ve seen her… rekindle strained lovers before, though I did warn her to use that ability carefully.

“But, besides that… I have to admit I don’t actually know what her other ability is supposed to be. If I’m going, to be honest, I don’t think Cadence’s second ability has developed yet. It did take some time for it to develop for us,” Twilight finished with an apologetic smile.

Centa was a little disappointed that Cadence didn't have a second ability but when she looked over at Celestia she realized that she didn't know what hers were.

She quickly fixed her oversight and excitedly asked, “What about you, Princess Celestia?!”

Before Celestia could respond, a smirking Twilight spoke first, “You know Celestia found out that lava pools aren't the best places to swim in. You don’t want to know how we found that out,” Centa was slightly taken aback by Twilight’s bluntness.

Celestia then snorted before she rolled her eyes as she looked over at Twilight, “Sister, that was horrible,” she sighed before she looked over at Centa, “Sorry about, Twilight. Anyway, what she meant is that I’m practically immune to fire. To be honest, it’s nothing too special, nothing compared to Twilight’s abilities that is, but it has been useful sometimes,” the princess finished with a smile.

“What about your other one?” Centa asked

Right before Celestia was going to answer Centa’s question they were interrupted as another pony joined in, “I’m sorry to intrude on your little lesson, Auntie’s. But this is of grave importance… do you think this suit looks good on me,” Blueblood asked as he cut into the conversation.

Centa’s mood dropped when he got here. He even interrupted her lesson with the princesses! She didn’t like Blueblood, when they first met Blueblood was a jerk to her and said “Royal blood and can’t be associated with peasants” he acted just like all those bullies at the orphanage. Ever since then he’s called her a common pony and has just been an all-around jerk. Luckily, she doesn’t see him very often, and even when they do Cadence usually deals with him.

Also when she looked at his outfit she just thought it looked stale and boring, obviously something Blueblood would pick.

Centa then heard Celestia speak, “Blueblood your outfit looks great. Don’t worry,” she said in her familiar motherly tone, Centa didn't know how she could be so nice to him.

Blueblood then looked over at her, slightly annoyed, “Auntie Celestia, I hope your student isn't giving you any… trouble,” Blueblood baselessly accused.

That seemed to get Twilight’s attention as she intensely looked at him, “No, she’s been perfectly well behaved. In fact, she’s been making wonderful progress with her magic,” Twilight’s tone seemed to have stopped Blueblood’s accusations before they could even start.

“Well… good. Anyways thank you Auntie’s for allowing me to take a moment of your time, I’ll be off now. Have a nice afternoon,” Blueblood then bowed to the princesses before he looked at her emotionlessly.

“Centa,” that was his only acknowledgment of her existence before he turned around and walked back to the castle.

Unheard by Centa, Twilight said under her breath, “We really need to work on his manners.”

By the time he was gone Celestia let out a sigh before she looked over at Centa, “I'm sorry about Blueblood, Centa. He can just be a bit… protective at times. Anyways, I think it’s best we begin the lesson again. Right, Twilight?”

The two looked over at Twilight but after a few short moments of silence, an impish smile grew on her muzzle as she looked at them.

“Yes, I think we should begin the lesson again, but this time I think we should have Centa use her magic in a more… practical setting,” this confused the two of them before Celestia narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

“And what would this “practical setting” be,” The smile on Twilight’s muzzle grew when she answered.

“Well Centa will eventually have to use her magic on living subjects and as our dear nephew was so worried about Centa's training I’m sure he will be more than happy to let her practice on him.”

“WHAT!” Both of them cried out in shock at Twilight’s suggestion.

“Sister! You know we can’t do that to him. Even with the way he acted,” Centa meanwhile was still shocked by the suggestion but interested about what Twilight meant.

Twilight quickly defended herself, “But think about it! This can be an excellent educational lesson for Centa on how magic can affect living creatures and using spells on actual subjects is far better than inanimate ones. Besides Blueblood could also have a lesson in humility and learn to be nicer to ponies,” the more Centa heard about this idea the more she found herself liking it and a part of her was even excited to start.

Twilight’s points even staggered Celestia when she stopped and actually looked like she was considering the idea.

Twilight then walked up next to her and whispered into her ear, Centa strained to hear what she said, “Anyways, you know I wouldn't do anything that would actually hurt him. Just something to teach him to be better,” she finished with a more friendly smile.

That seemed to have convinced Celestia as she sighed and looked over at Twilight, “Fine. But nothing too dangerous.”

Twilight brought a hoof up in victory before she hugged Celestia, “Yes! don’t worry sister I’m sure you’ll love it. Now come here you two here’s my plan,” she signaled the two of them closer before she began to explain her plan.

Centa began to really like this plan.


“Why am I starting to have second thoughts?” Celestia asked as the three of them were invisible and sat in a dome of silence, courtesy of Twilight.

The three of them sat near the end of a hallway in the castle, at the end of the hall was none other than Blueblood’s room, their target’s nest.

Centa meanwhile had become incredibly excited to “practice” her magic on Blueblood, Finally, Blueblood you can be on the other side and know what it feels like! Centa maliciously thought.

She was suddenly knocked out of her thoughts when she heard Twilight, “Come on, sister. Remember this is for Centa’s education. Also we haven’t done something like this since my return,” she smiled at Celestia before she abruptly coughed in her hoof. “ *cough* *cough* Also discipline *cough*,” Centa didn't quite hear her but Celestia slightly deadpanned.

Before they could continue their debate the three of them heard the front doors of Bluebloods room click open and when they looked over they saw Blueblood, with his head held high and an aura of arrogance that surrounded him, begin to walk down the hall.

Centa felt a hoof being placed on her shoulder, “Centa, it’s time. I know you can do it,” she heard Twilight whisper next to her ear.

Centa let out a breath before she stood up and narrowed her eyes at her foe before she closed them. She then concentrated on the spells that Twilight taught her, during this process Centa’s horn began to glow.

The floor that Blueblood walked on slowly started to coat with a thin layer of ice and at the same time Centa began to levitate a small bucket full of a weird shiny liquid, she then levitated the bucket above the now iced floor right in the path of Blueblood.

The bucket that was full of the strange elixir was also courtesy of Twilight, though Centa doesn't know what the elixir was, the princess refused to say what it was and instead said that it was a surprise.

Shortly after Blueblood set off their trap when he began to slip on the ice, he soon lost his balance and began to slide down the hall, “AHHHHHH!”

As soon as Blueblood passed under the bucket Centa released it which caused the liquid to fall all over him. By the time he reached the end of the ice layer, he was drenched in the mystery liquid. When he pushed himself up onto his hooves he was breathing heavily.

Centa started to get annoyed at the lack of… anything happening to him! What’s going on? Why didn't anything happen? Did Princess Twilight’s elixir not work? But before she could ask the princesses if anything went wrong, suddenly the elixir began to absorb into Blueblood.

First the coat he was wearing began to turn purple, while his undershirt instead changed into a bright green, and then his fur started to turn pink with green polka dots that dotted around his body. His mane and tail then puffed up into an afro style and changed into a variety of colors, finally, his nose turned into a bright red to finish his new look.

Blueblood’s prank wasn't over yet as while he screamed to the heavens when he slid down the hall he caught the attention of any pony in the nearby area. Not long after they heard the thunderous sound of hooves as a few dozen ponies went to investigate the scream. In no time the hallway began to be filled with stunned ponies, what stunned them? That would be the new clown prince that was before them.

The tension slowly began to fill the room as everypony, even Centa and the princesses, waited for somepony to break the silence.

This tension was broken when Blueblood angrily looked at everypony and yelled, “Which one of you peasants did this?!” This also broke the crowd.

Everypony in the room began to laugh hysterically at Blueblood, especially Centa, though the princesses were able to control themselves better.

Centa barely noticed when Blueblood looked confused before he suddenly looked down at himself and screeched, “Wh-what happened to me?! What have you done to me -” The crowd ignored him as they continued to laugh “- Shut up...you, you peasants!” Blueblood’s face was now completely beet red.

He then closed his eyes and shortly after the entire room was filled with a bright light and by the time anypony could see again the prince was gone.

The culprits meanwhile were still trying to recover from their prank but eventually, they were able to get a hold of themselves, though it took Centa a little longer.

Centa then jumped back onto her hooves before she turned around to the princesses, “That was the best prank ever! Princess Twilight, that was incredible!” Centa said with one of the biggest smiles on her muzzle.

“Yes, I suppose that was quite a lot of fun. Thank you, sister. I needed that,” Celestia admitted as she looked over at Twilight.

Twilight's smile grew on her muzzle as she wrapped one of her wings around Celestia, “Now that’s my sister! I’m glad to see you again. I started to get worried when you never once tried to prank me. Especially, considering how much we used to prank each other and ponies. It’s good to see your pranking days aren’t over,” as Twilight finished she returned her wing to her side.

Celestia smiled down at her, “Thank you, sister. Truly,”

Twilight, with the faintest of blushes, looked back over at where Blueblood was, “You know I’m impressed that he could teleport, especially at how fast he was able to cast it,” Centa wasn't really sure it was that impressive.

Celestia looked over at Twilight before she replied, “He may have a… bad behavior. But he has been very studious about his magic lessons. He told me that “As a prince, he should master all arts of magic” so his behavior isn’t completely harmful.”

When Celestia finished she looked thoughtful for a moment before she asked, “What exactly was that elixir?”

Twilight looked back at her before she waved one of her hooves as she dismissed her worries, “It was just something I cobbled together, it’s nothing special. Also, don’t worry about Blueblood, the effects of the potion should wear off in a few hours,” Twilight summarized.

Centa continued to listen to the princesses before she suddenly remembered something, “Wait!” This caused both of the princesses to look over at her, “Princess Celestia, you never told me what your second ability was!” They both looked at her confused for a few moments, before Celestia realized what she said.

Celestia then briefly looked thoughtful before she grinned, “Well Centa, I have a task for you. While you are my student I want you to try and figure out what my other ability is. If you can figure it out, I’ll give you a reward.”

Centa was a bit disappointed that Celestia wouldn't tell her what her other ability was, especially because it was all Blueblood’s fault! But the idea of figuring it out and getting a prize in the end also filled her with hope.

Celestia seemed to notice her slight disappointment and reassured her, “Don’t worry about that right now. Besides, we have more important things to do, such as your lessons. You could still use more “practice” with your magic. What do you think, sister?” A smile began to grow on Centa’s muzzle at the idea of doing more pran- “practice” of course.

Twilight returned her grin in full, “Of course, sister and I’m sure plenty of ponies would be more than willing to help Centa with their magic.”

And so the three schemed more pranks for the many ponies that lived in the castle. May the gods help them.


So the three ponies continued to “practice” Centa’s magic on a myriad of different ponies from guards, which had the least reaction, to even some of the more higher nobles and they enjoyed every moment of that. Although besides the fun the princesses did teach Centa new spells and forms of magic during these pranks, while they continued these pranks Centa got a better understanding of certain spells.

But after a long day of wonderful fun, the three began to wind down as they pranked their last victim.


Twilight laughed with her accomplices as their latest victim ran back to the castle, more than likely to hide from their embarrassment.

After a few moments, they managed to calm themselves down and as Twilight looked over at Centa she couldn't help but smile. I can’t believe how well she’s been able to get a hoof at these spells. I suppose this was educational.

“That was awesome! I can’t believe that a pony could even do that! Who are we gonna prank next!” Centa quickly and loudly yelled as she began to jump in place with anticipation.

Her sister spoke first, “Unfortunately, that was the last one. It’s starting to get late and we’ve already extended your lesson by an hour. Sorry, Centa,” Centa's expression and mood dropped at the news.

Twilight looked behind Centa and noticed a familiar pony hide in a nearby bush. Twilight couldn’t help but grin, Well I guess she’s done. Centa will certainly be happy.

Celestia soon matched her grin when she noticed the pony begin to sneak up behind Centa, “Besides I think there’s somepony here that wants to see you,” their guest stopped when Celestia revealed her.

Centa looked confused until she turned around and as soon as she saw who their guest was she immediately became overjoyed, “CADENCE!” Centa sprinted over to her.

Cadence briefly glared at Celestia before she smiled at an incoming Centa, she quickly sat down and let out her two front legs for the oncoming hug. Centa slammed into her in full force before they both hugged each other.

“It’s so good to see you again, Centa. I’m so sorry I had to go for so long,” Cadence tightened her hold on Centa.

This lasted for a few moments before they let each other go, Centa suddenly gasped, “Oh! Cadence, we did so many cool things today! Princess Twilight taught me how to…” Centa then began to go on a rant about what they did today, during which Cadence sat back down and listened to her.

Twilight meanwhile walked over to her sister and sat down next to her, “ *sigh*... Thank you, sister. This was… probably the most fun I’ve had in quite a while. I… Is. Celestia, would you be willing to let me help you teach Centa about magic? Not that I plan to take over your job or be too intrusive in th-” Twilight was stopped from her tirade when her sister put a hoof on her mouth.

“Twilight, I would love it if you could help Centa learn magic. In fact, I was hoping you’d ask and I’m sure Centa will love it too,” when she finished she let go of her mouth.

Twilight laughed sheepishly as she blushed a little before she coughed into her hoof in an attempt to clear her embarrassment.

“Uh. Thank you, sister,” Twilight said pitifully, her sister even had the audacity to laugh at her.

“You're welcome. Oh! Also, I wanted to remind you that in a few weeks there’s going to be the Grand Galloping Gala,” Twilight was unfortunately reminded about that dreaded “celebration”.

“Yes, I saw that. *sigh* Why out of all the things you kept it had to be that infernal gala?” Twilight asked in an annoyed tone as she rubbed her temple with one of her hooves.

“You know as well as I do that this is an important holiday for the unicorn nobility. It was one of the demands that the unicorns made for their support to join Equestria,” Twilight grumbled at the reminder of that little detail.

“I know, I know. I still wished you had tried to get rid of it,” Twilight grumbled out, but before the two princesses could continue they heard Centa call them over.

With their conversation seamlessly ended they both got up and made their way to them, but as they walked to the duo Twilight barely heard her sister mumble.

Who said I didn't,” her sister grumbled under her breath, Twilight smirked before she jumped into the conversation Centa and Cadence were in the middle of.

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