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Equestria's Divine God - ShirtMechanic

[Displaced] My name is Michael, but I'm inside the body of Goku Black. When another part of me had tried to take control. I had decided to trap myself in stone with the help of two sisters. After thousands of years, its time for a gods return.

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Chapter 7: A Divine Intervention!

Author's Note:


Hello everyone, sorry for the long wait. I didn’t expect this chapter to take so long. But this is only part 1!

I would like to thank HydeYmir for contacting with the offer, he was the one who did Zeldris. Defined go check him out. Also go check out Alvasa for he did Gar and did some of the editing.

The second part will be released later today. And that will be all for now. I’ll catch you all later!

(Zeldris Pov)

Examining over my newly arrived guest he looks exactly like he did in the anime. However he was also injured.

His black and dark gray gi were tatters. He had cuts and bruises along his body. He was wearing a porta earring on his right ear, his tail is wrapped around. His body, he is slimmer than I would have expected. The one before me was none other than Goku Black.

“Hmmm, I hope he’s not the actual Black. That could be bad.” I say to myself as I circle around him. “Nah, I could take him. I think I’m stronger than him, maybe.” As I was thinking aloud Black suddenly shot up.

(3rd POV)

“Son of a bitch!” Black had shouted, he immediately started to groan from his injuries. He held onto his left shoulder and put a hand to the side of his head. “I don’t remember the Elements of Harmony giving anyone pain.”

“So you were hit by the Elements, that explains it.” Zeldris said, startling the saiyan.

Black in an instant, got to his feet and put on a fighting stance, similar to Goku’s. “Who the bloody hell are you?” Black said, preparing for a fight. His entire body was shaking from being injured from whatever battle he was in.

Zeldris raising his hands in an attempt to calm Black spoke. “I wouldn’t be so quick to fight in your state. Why don’t you settle down before you start a fight you can’t win.” Zeldris said as he released some bloodlust at Black.

Black felt some of the power radiate from Zelris, begrudgingly, he loosened his stance and stood normally. “Sorry for being so hostile, just came out of a fight and a mind struggle.” Black had explained, confusing Zeldris a little.

“Mind struggle?” Zeldris questioned with a brow raised. “No matter, I have a question. Are you the real Goku Black?” While saying this Zeldris pulled out some strawberries from his inventory and threw them to Black.

Black with his quick reflexes, he caught the strawberries and looked at them curiously. Shrugging, he popped one of the fruits into his mouth and ate it. “I can assure you, I’m not the real Goku Black, but he is here.” Black said as he popped a few more strawberries into his mouth. Within a few seconds, all the strawberries were all gone.

“I see, so you're a displaced then. I’m just meeting you guys every other day now.” Zeldris said to the confusion of Black.

“Displaced, what do you mean by that?” Black said as he slowly sat on the floor to conserve some energy.

“Well you see,” Zeldris began only to stop and fly up to look at the mist. Black watched curiously as a humanoid being flew out of the fog. He had long insect-like wings, along with long pink hair, and a face that resembled a female child. Floating alongside him was a sword. “What are you doing here Gloxinia?” Zeldris questioned fiercely.

"Who are you?” Gloxinia growled as he reached for his sword and pointed it at Zeldris. “And what are you doing in King Gar’s Forrest?”

At that Zeldris became ever more confused. “King Gar? Are you referring to that big smiling monster?” Zeldris relaxed after Gloxinia nodded.

“Some of those damn ponies refer to him as such,” He said through gritted teeth. “Why he refers to himself in such a manner I know not. He is the Fairy King and as such should be treated with the utmost respect, especially for what he’s done for that city of worthless snobs on the mountain!”

Zeldris looked down to where Black was and saw him observing the whole interaction curiously. “Hey Goku Black, can you fly with those injuries or do I need to carry you?” The demon questioned.

Black nodded, “I think I can manage for a while, so in other words, Yes.” Black said. Slowly floating into the air, arriving next to Zeldris.

Turning to Gloxinia, Zeldris noticed that he seemed to be rather annoyed that he ignored him. “Hey you, take us to Gar. Now.”

“Why should I listen to a pony?” Gloxinia snarled. “Your kind are nothing but greed wiht holes in your hearts that you think you must fill, I see yours has worn straight through to your skin.”

Out of the hole in his chest Zeldris pulled out his Zanpakuto and pointed it at Gloxinia. “I will not repeat myself, insect. That was a direct order from the one who made your king a King.” While he was talking, Zeldris used despair aura to make himself even more threatening.

“Brother enough!” Gerheade flew down next to her brother. “I apologize for my brother’s rudeness but he is just doing his job as the captain of the guard for the most part,” She gave a sincere bow. “It is King Gar’s policy to welcome those who come to see him when he’s in but he’s resting at the moment. If you want though, I can lead you to the throne clearing. Perhaps he’ll wake if someone who isn’t fairy is in his presence. Would this be acceptable?”

Lowering his sword, Zeldris gave a simple nod to her offer. “Come now Black, let’s go see my friend.”

They all flew into the mist and was greeted with a beautiful sight. A huge cherry tree stood in the middle of a lush green forest. Fairies much like the ones Gloxinia and Gerheade were flying around along with what appeared to be pony fairies.

“Wow.” Both Black and Zeldris said at the same time upon taking in the sight of the Fairy King's Forest.

Gerheade chuckled at their reactions. “This way please.”

They all flew to the top of the tree where they found Gar in his tire from sleeping on his throne.

“Are you bigger now than the last time I saw you?” Zeldris mumbled to himself. He faced his hand towards Gar’s sleeping form and a yellow magic circle appeared. “Triple Maximize Magic: Magic Arrow.” Two more magic circles appeared next to the first one and all three mana arrows fired at Gar.

The thorn necklace around Gar’s necklace quickly activates and transformed into Emerald Octo to cover its mater in a shield of vines from the arrows.

“Bastard!” Gloxinia yelled as he drew his sword again.

“QUIET!” Gar roared silencing his captain. The Baquias returned to its necklace form. “Who shoots mana arrows at a being while they sleep,” Gar remarked as his gaze met with Zeldris. “And how did you get to my world old friend?”

“I was walking through the Everfree and before I knew it the mist had surrounded me. Then this guy comes out of nowhere,” Zeldris uses his thumb to point ot Black. “He’s pretty beat up and I met with dipshit over there.”

“You-” Gloxinia glared.

“Brother,” Gerheade held on to his arm. “You are no match for a high-level demon like him anyways. He’s the King’s friend so let him be.”

“Your devotion and eagerness are both admirable and foolish,” Zeldris looked over. “Know your place, worm!” Zeldris activated his Spiritual pressure case Gloxinia to kneel.

“You have gotten stronger old friend,” Gar got to his feet. “I see you are now an Arrancar. How did this come to be? And how are you here in my world Black?” his gaze narrowed on the saiyan.

“Uh… to be honest with you, I’m not completely sure. Last thing I know is getting hit by the Elements of Harmony in order to stop Nightmare Moon.” Black had explained.

“You were probably forced out by magic overload most likely,” Gar scratched the side of his face. “Now to you Zeldris. How did you become a hollow?”

“I may or may not have had an encounter with your other brother, the Asta displaced.” Zeldris then pointed at the broken hollow mask around his neck. “His Sacred Treasure was the Combat Pass and he let me use it. And that’s how I became part Arrancar.” Zeldris brought out his Zanpakuto and threw it to Gar, who immediately began to study it.

Gar was about to speak but Black cut him off. “Back to my question. What’s a displaced?” Black had a look of impatience across his face as he crossed his arms, slowly tapping his foot against the floor.

Zeldris looked over to Gar, “You tell him.”

“Displace is short for Dimensionally Misplaced,” Gar began. “In short we that is what we are. We are humans that are sent across the multiverse to other worlds usually in new form with new powers by some means or another. Usually, it involves buying something from what’s called a merchant though there are alternatives like Zeldris and my middle brother. We send out items called tokens with a phrase attached to them that allow us to be summoned to other worlds or to summon others to our world,” Gar held up his hand to reveal an old telescope. “By doing this we meet others and sometimes gain powers that we never had before. So of us even reach near goddum, these are Displaced that have left their worlds for some reason or another to roam the Void. They are called Void Dwellers. Not all of them leave their worlds but still have the power to do so. My oldest brother is one such case. Shall I heal your wounds?”

Black was really confused by the explanation, “I’d like that.” Black said, but then started to reminisce on what Gar had explained to him. ‘Huh, who’d knew. A whole 1015 years and I’ve never knew I was a displaced, this will be something interesting to tell to Celestia and Lulu once I find a way back home.’ Black had thought.

As Gar was about to transform Basquias into its Moon rose form Zeldris stepped in between them. “Hang on, I just thought of an idea.” He said as he used his magic to create a cup. “Black why don’t you give us some of your blood?” He said with a sinister smile on his face.

The Saiyan recoiled a bit and got into a defensive stance, “Alright, first of all, Eww. Two, The fuck, and three, WHY?!” Black had shouted, furrowing his eyes and scowled at Zeldris.

“Aww come on, it’s not that big of a deal.” Zeldris said as he took a step towards Black, making the saiyan step back. “It’s for the benefit of my friend Gar. He has an ability called Transpork, I know the name is ridiculous, that lets him take on the abilities of whatever he eats. So I just makes sense for him to get some of that saiyan blood.” Black still looked like he was on the defensive side. “How about we make a deal?”

Black still wasn't comfortable, but had loosened his stance. “Are you sure about this, if I gave you a cup of my blood? He will have the unrivaled power of a Saiyan, and we both know Saiyan’s have no limits, that will make him unstoppable.” Black had explained, a drop of sweat rolled off his cheek. Black was nervous about this.

“Oh that won’t matter, I am infinitely stronger than Gar in every way possible.” Zeldris’ freehand became enveloped in green fire as he reached for Black. “In exchange for the blood, I’ll grant you power. How does that sound.” He asked as he inched his hand closer.

Black, looking nervously at Zeldris’s flaming hand. Gulping, he stood freely and rolled up a sleeve and held out his arm. “Just make it quick, I fucking hate needles as of already.” Black said with a surprise look on his face. ‘Man, me and Goku have a few things in common.’ Black thought.

Zeldris grabbed Blacks hand. “The deal is set.” The fire traveled up Blacks arm startling him. “Oh and needles, we don’t do that here.” Zeldris grabbed his sword and cut Blacks arm off on mistake. He dropped the cup on the ground and caught the arm. The fire extinguished and the demon looked back to Gar. “Heal him up. I don’t want blood sullying your floors.”

Black was cursing so much, Ryan Reynolds would be proud. “FUCKING POPO! A SWORD, AND CUTTING OFF AN ARM WAS EVEN WORSE YOU SACK OF SHIT!” Black shouted at Zeldris, veins threatening to pop out of his head.

“What can I say, I slipped.” Zeldris shrugged.

“Oh, hush,” Gar slightly shook his as a vine grows from his necklace into the Moon Rose. “Droplet of Life,” A droplet of high condense magic fill from the plant onto Black stump immediately revitalizing him and growing a new arm. “There, you are. Perhaps your Zenkai kicked in too.”

Gar was correct. Black had looked at his regrown hand, opening and closing it a few times. With a smirk, he popped his neck a few times and got into a stance and let out a mighty yell. His hair flew into the air and turned into pink, with his eyebrows doing the same, except for his eyes which had gone grey. A dark red and purple aura surrounded him with sparks of lightning surrounding him. The power was enough to shake the tree and the pressure was immense. “Yup.” Black put a hand loosely in front of his face and grinned. “I believed the zenkai had definitely kicked in.” Black said as he just went Super Saiyan Rose, he then proceeded to go back to his base form.

“I guess it’s my turn then,” Gar remarked as a tendril grabbed onto Black’s discarded arm and the cup of blood from Zeldris. “Black, you may want to look away,” Gar advised.

Raising an eyebrow, “Uh, why would I want to look away?” Zeldris snickered. “The hell you laughing for, I still haven’t forgotten you, have I.” Black frowned.

“I gave a fair warning, did I not Zeldris?” Gar looked at his friend.

“You sure did.” Zeldris waved dismissively.

“What the fuck are you two talking about?!” Black said, annoyed that no one is answering his question.

“This will be most tasty,” Gar commented as he opened his maw and started to ravenously devour the arm. With a sickening crack and a squelching he thoroughly enjoyed his snack before he downed the cup of blood. “Most satisfying!” he licked his teeth and his body started to glow. “POWER!” He roared as a yellow aura surrounded the giant and he sprouted a tail similar to Black’s. “This will take some getting used to”

“That is always so fun to watch!” Zeldris exclaimed as and began to laugh.

Black’s eyes widened when gar had consumed his arm. But kept his cool. “You know what, that’s not even the worst thing I’ve seen so far. I’d give that a 7/10…” Black said plainly. Zeldris looked at him a little surprised and quirked an eye, Black seeing this explained. “What, you think that’s worse. After around a thousand years, plus with the memories of Goku Black killing every child in the universe slowly with a laugh. Or how about having two mind fucking parasites in said mind.”

Zeldris hummed in thought. “Why yes, that does sound quite horrid. Having two mind parasites doesn’t sound like fun. He said to Black’s horror. “And who hasn’t killed a child before? This world is survival of the fittest.”

“This is true,” Gar agreed.

“But the thing is, I see it every night when I sleep. And it isn't the same dream either…” Black said quietly looking down. “He usually does it slowly by first killing the child's parents, then proceeding to slowly cut off every child’s limb off slowly before slicing the head off with his ki blade. The worst of it is that I see it from his perspective, and I'm the one laughing.” Black growled as he started to shake with anger. Bits of ki started to flow off of him slowly.

“Yes I understand what you're saying now. A tragedy that you had to endure that.” Zeldris then smiled. “Here’s a fun little story. When I was five years old I was living in the alley ways with my little brother who was only two. One day I got lucky and managed to steal some bread from a bakery, but when another kid found out he came over and tried to take it for himself. I killed him for the sake of my little brother, so that he may eat and not starve. And that’s when I found out what the cruel reality of life is, adapting. You have to adjust to it in the best way possible. You can’t possibly take responsibility for everything that you’ve done, if it was in order to survive. Take that to heart, even if those weren’t the worlds you were looking for.” Looking around he saw Gar looking at him in what he believed to be pity. It disgusted Zeldris. “Moving on, Black are you ready to get your new power?”

“For parazytes, only think of how we can survive and how to best achieve that,” Gar added. “The emotions do play a small part in it for me, like when I Lose control from seeing certain things.”

“Yeah, lets just get it over with.” Black said with a hint of venom. ‘How about you try and live in a world without a family, jackass.’ Black thought.

Zeldris could feel the hostility radiating off Black. “Even after I went out of my way to try to make you feel better, you still have that venom in your tone.” Zeldris then slightly raised his head and began to look down on Black. “You disappoint me. If not for the deal, I don’t think I would have given you any power, for you are too blinded by something you didn’t do. Get over it.”

“Only if you knew what hell I had to endure before becoming one of these ‘Displaced’.” Black said, furrowing his eyes.

“Only if you realized what I had to endure before becoming a displaced.” Zeldris then walked up to Black and poked him in the chest. “Tell me, how many people were you forced to kill? How many have you sentenced to death?”

“It is this way with many of our kind Black,” Gar stated. “We are Displaced for a second chance. I was nothing but a husk of a man simply living my life from day to day never a true want in my heart. I was sent here and had my emotions dulled to the point of near none existence. I met Zecora and she opened he home to me, then Twilight and her friends. I felt compeled to save them for Zecora’s sake, but soon came to realize it was what I wanted to do. This forest is my home my domain, the fairies here,” Gar motioned to the siblings. “I protect them. Do not waste time living a life that is no longer your’s and don’t hold the deeds of the one you are Displaced as as your own and most of all, don’t acknowledge him as you.”

Black had listened and calmed down a little, but still felt a bubble of hate. Black then set up a telepathic connection to Zeldris and wispired. ‘At Least you had a brother, some part of a family.’ Black turned his back to the demon and crossed his arms, ‘I didn’t, nobody loved me.’

Zeldris then looked over to Gar, who heard the small conversation, the fairy king merely shook his head. Zeldris looked down, thinking of what to say but couldn’t find the words. Sighing, he spoke, “What do you want first, magic or a Sacred treasure.”

Black slowly looked over his shoulder, glaring at Zeldris. But then it softened and he sighed. “Sacred Treasure, then magic. After that, I need to blow off some steam…”

Before giving Black his powers Zeldris used Message ‘You can count yourself lucky, for I consider you a friend.’ Before Black could respond he ended the message, and looked to Gar. His theory was correct, Gar cannot hear a message between two people so he was saved from that little embarrassment.

“I will offer you one more piece of advice Black,” Gar looked the saiyan straight in the eyes. “Instead of focusing on what you didn’t have then, you should focus on what you do have now, and what you have just gotten back.” He poked Black in the chest. “As long as you keep the one sliver of hatred in your heart, he will always have a way out.”

Black knew what Gar was talking about and scowled. “I know, can’t let the fucking genocidal maniac out of his prision along with his new roommate.” Black said sarcastically with a smirk a little and turned back to Zeldris. “Also, sorry about that, kinda had that held up for a while.”

“You're pathetic.” Black was taken aback by the comment as he had just apologized to Zeldris. “After I complete my end of the deal I have a present for you, so you stop being so pathetic. “Search my mind! Choose a worthy weapon for the one I behold! Memory-make magic: Sacred Treasure!”

Gar closed his eyes as a bright light enveloped both Zeldris and Black, as the light died down all three were surprised by what they saw. A pillar of black iron twenty feet in height and the width of a barrel was standing in between the demon and the saiyan. Zeldris went to grab it but couldn’t really get a good grip on it. When Black went to grab it, it shrunk in his hand until it was only a little taller than him and as thick as a bowl of rice.

“This Black is Ruyi Jingu Bang, the staff of the Monkey King.” Before black could say anything more information came to Zeldris. “Quickly, let’s go outside while the Sun is out!” He rushed them out of the tree, in vain as the moon was in the sky.

“Thank fucking god it isn’t a full moon, that would be catastrophic.” Black said aloud. Looking at the moon did soothe his mind, making him smile at the lunar object.

“You're lucky I convinced Luna to implement lunar cycles,” Gar commented.

“Well whatever.” Zeldris kicked at the ground. “When the Sun is out the staff will be banded with two golden rings on each side along with the inscription 如意金箍棒重一萬三千五百斤 which means ‘The Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod. Weight: thirteen thousand five hundred catties’.”

Black looked blankly at Zeldris with confusion, “And what do these golden bands do to the staff?” Black asked.

Zeldris shrugged. “I don’t know, it just looks cool. And just think about it, it's gold and black. It matches your color scheme.” Black was about to speak again but was cut off. “It’s basically the power pole from Dragon Ball, but it also has the ability to copy itself. A little trick instead of carrying it around on your back is to shrink it to the size of a needle and stick it behind your ear.”

“I already knew what the pole was when it shrunk down. Plus, I’d rather have it on my back then the size of a needle, could lose it easily in that size.” Black said.

“It’s literally over a thousand pounds, if you drop it you’ll know by the crater it makes.” Zeldris said as he rolled his eyes.

“Which is why I’ll always have it on me, where no one can accidentally take it..” Black said as he put his hands behind his head.

“I have a thought,” Gar looked at Zeldris. “You can manipulate memories correct?” he waved a hand in the air.

“That was the present which was supposed to be a surprise.” Zeldris said as he crossed his arms.

Goku Black looked at the both of them confused. “I thought this power pole was my present?” Black said while scratching his head.

“You are as stupid as Goku. I said you will get a Sacred treasure, the staff. I’ll give you access to magic. Then I said I will give you a present out of good will.” The demon said as he took out his staff from his inventory. The magical pressure in the area increased significantly.

“How may I help?” Gar came over.

“Who said I need your help.” Zeldris said in defiance. “However if you wanted to contribute for some reason, pour some of your magic into my staff.” Gar walked forward and placed a hand on The Staff of Yggdrasil and began to feed it magic. After a minute of constant magic flow Zeldris spoke up, “That is enough, I don’t want you to wear yourself out.” Zeldris grabbed onto the staff and began to absorb the magic. “I’ve been waiting to do this for awhile now. This feels like the right moment.” Darkness began to seep from all over Zeldris until it enveloped his whole body, soon it all began to flow into one point. Zeldris’ demon mark had expanded to the middle of his forehead, and down his left eye. He just transformed into his second form. The second demon mark, allowing access to more of his power.

“Are you ready?” Zeldris asked Black.

“Nope, but fuck it.” Black said with a smirk.

“Good answer,” Gar commented.

Before Black even knew what happened Zeldris grabbed on to his forehead. “I’ve never had to use this spell. Hopefully it doesn’t hurt. Control Amnesia!” Zeldris went into the saiyans mind and found the memories of three separate beings within Blacks mind. Peering into one he saw what looked to be a nightmare moon, not his target. The only other two orbs were Black and Silver. Taking a guess he peered into the Black one and guessed correctly. He watched scenes of a man who looked like Black murdering millions. Zeldris placed his hand on the orb of memories and began to channel magic in it. “Magic Destruction!” The orb turned to dust, leaving only two left in his mind. Exiting Blacks mind he sighed, “Damn that was a lot of death.”

Black fell onto his back and began to gasp for air, “Y-you don’t… know the h-half of it.” Black chuckled a little.

“Stop whining and get up.” Zeldris said as he opened and closed his hand a few times.

“Says you, how about you have an entire existing mind eviscerated from the said mind, hurts like hell.” Black said as he hopped back onto his feet. “All that’s left is Nightmare Moon, but I think I’ll keep her a while,” Black said as he chuckled darkly.

Zeldris went to see what Gar had to say about that comment, but the Parasyte was nowhere to be found. Searching for his magical signature, Zeldris saw that Gar had gone off to the side and was speaking with the fairy sibling on something before rejoining the group. Zeldeis found it odd that his friend was able to hide his presence so well indicating that Gar had indeed grown much stronger since they'd last met but decided to refocus on Black for the time being.

Zeldris cracked his neck and sighed. “Your laugh is annoying.” The demon walked over to Black and began to inspect his body. As he made his way behind Black he stopped and curiously looked at his tail. “This is a liability in battle, would you like me to get rid of it?”

Black look at Zeldris like he was crazy, “Alright, first my arm, now my tail. What, do you have a fetish for cutting off limbs.” Zeldris just looked at him annoyed. “Look, I kinda need this tail for a certain transformation. Plus, it may not do much but it does boost my power a lot.” Black explained.

Shrugging Zeldris made his way back to the front of Black. “So now it’s time for your magic, which I wanted to give you before getting rid of the memories, I digress.” Zeldris placed a hand on Black stomach causing him to jump. “Oh come on I’m not taking another limb or anything, settle down. Ok, so now I will be inserting mana into your body at this point right here.” Taking his thumb he poked Black right below his belly button before placing his hand flat on his stomach again. “I know you have already mastered Ki control, so hopefully this will be easy. However I do not have the ability you use Ki so all we can do is hope.” Zeldris looked Black in the eyes. “Are you ready?”

“Yea, this should be interesting,” Black said, looking back at Zeldris.

Zeldris began to gradually insert mana into Black, who felt the intrusion immediately. “I want you to try to control it, try to make a circle.” Even with all the years of experience Black has had he was struggling. His body kept trying to overpower the magic with Ki hoping to squish the magic. “It’s not an infection so there is no need to fight it out of your system. I know that it will be difficult with the energy’s clashing, but you need to get it under control.” Zeldris then began to pour even more mana into Black.

The Saiyan was gritting his teeth as he tried to get the magic under control, but his ki was pushing the mana out of his body like a parasite. Black then got an idea. He closed his eyes, concentrating on a particular being lurking inside his head. He opens his eyes to a black void, floating endlessly. He then sees the dark mare, no longer wearing her silver armor, her star-filled mane now limply hanging to her side. She even looked depressed, but that didn’t affect the Saiyan, not after what she’s done. “Well well well, look’s like your plan worked did it…” Black said with a smile, his voice echoing through the void. This had surprised the mare and she immediately got to her hoofs and got in a defensive stance.

“Oh, will you just leave me alone already!” She said, her voice fills to the brim with venom. “You’ve already ruined my plans, my life, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!!!” Nightmare Yelled, shaking the void a little. However, Black hadn’t flinched at all, instead, he had actually smiled.

“I’ve come to make a small offer,” Black said, gaining the mare’s attention.

She scowled, “What is this ‘Offer’ you speak of.” Black grinned as he walked over to Nightmare.

“Oh, it’s something I need help with right now, you would understand.” Black then created two chairs and a coffee table, with a full-on tea set. He sat down and grab a cup and pour some steaming hot tea into it. “Tea?” Nightmare almost looked disgusted by the idea of having tea with him, but she let out a sigh and sat down with him. He then proceeded to pour some tea into her cup. “Right now I’m currently having magic being poured into my body and my ki isn’t so happy with it. It’s pushing the mana out like some sort of parasite.” Black explained, catching Nightmare’s interest. “Now this could end up in two ways for my body, one is that it could cause permanent damage to my body due to it acting differently with ki. Or I could simply detonate, who knows. But are you willing to take that risk?” Black looked Nightmare Moon in the eyes.

Nightmare looked a bit nervous at this but glared back at him. “But what’s in it for me, something like this should give me something big in return.”

“Freedom, a second chance at life?” Black had listed down, surprising Nightmare. “Now don’t think I’m giving you a chance at taking over the world, no. I’m giving you a chance at a new life, one where you can live happily among the ponies. This is a once in a life-time offer,” Black leans closer to Nightmare and glared at her, “Make the right choice.”

Nightmare had set her cup of tea down and began to ponder on her choices. She could either help Black and get a new chance at life, or she could refuse and be stuck in his mind forever and possibly watch him detonate. She had been siding towards the former, but then she settled on her choice. “Fine, I’ll bite.” She said.

Black grinned and clapped his hands together. “Great, how about we shake on it.” He said as he put his hand forward, wiggling his fingers a little. Nightmare looked on with disgust. She hesitantly grabbed his and shook it.

“You know I hate you,”

“Oh I know,” Black said, chuckling. The void had now completely collapsed all around them, his vision being obscured by the black shards of his mind. He opened his eyes to see Zeldris looking at him with an eye quirked. “Looks like things are settled now.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Zeldris questioned. Black didn’t answer as he saw a look of realization on his face. “How did Ki settle down so quickly? Your mana pool is already created as well!” The demon exclaimed in shock.

“Let’s just say I came to an agreement with the dark side of the moon,” Black said with a devious smirk.

“Did you now? May I inquire on what said agreement is about?” Zeldris asked curiously.

“Well, I knew ki wasn’t going to mix well with magic at first, so I decided to persuade Nightmare Moon into helping me out. Begrudgingly, she agreed but wanted something more in return.” Black crossed his arms and look serious. “So I offered her at a second chance at life, not as a pony to be feared, but to be welcomed by the ponies.” Black had explained.

“I never had to deal with Nightmare moon before.” Zeldris stated bluntly. A smirk came on to his face. “You offered her a second chance at life? How do you plan to live up to that deal? If you only have Goku Blacks powers I don’t know how you're going to do it. What are you going to go find the dragon balls?” Zeldris laughed out the last sentence.

Black had let out a hearty laugh, “Ah, only if it were that easy, they don’t even exist back in my Equestria.” Black explained. “Also, who said I was going to do it.” Black let out a knowing smirk towards Zeldris, confusing him at first before he realized.

The air in the room grew tense as Zeldris began to let out waves of Reaistu. “Who do you think I am? You think I would bend over backwards and do something for you, that you did not even have the courtesy to ask me beforehand?” Black’s face fell as he didn’t expect this sort of reaction from the demon. “Know your place.”

“I’d thought you act like this," Black sighed, rolling his eyes.

"If I may be so bold as to cut in," Gar announced as he'd overheard the conversation. "We now that you can create undead and humminculi Zeldris but I suspect you have never worked with an already existing soul. I will suggest that I provide a body for Nightmare Moon by using my unique skill 'Split' that allows me to clone myself any number of times given I have the magic to do so. The clones are nowhere near the strength as when I use my physical split so she will not gain a massive amount of power from the body," He explained. "Though, giving that its is still a biological clone it will still have all of my power but to a much lesser degree."

"So what's he saing exactly?" Black looked at Zeldris.

Zeldris rolled his eyes while crossing his arms and shaking his head. "He's offering to make a body but the downside is she'll have access to down graded versions of all his powers," Zeldris sighed. "On the upside, she still won't be a match for you."

"What all can you do though?" Black's attention shifted to Gar with a quirked eyebrow.

"In general, shapeshifting, blade generation made of organic metals found in the body, regeneration, darkness control due to my demon nature along with their natural magics like Hellbalze, Fairy biology meaning wings like mine as well as their ability to commune with nature and control plants," Gar listed. "She will not get my magic of Transpork but have to awaken her own magics. Lastly, there is now the manor of Saiyan biology. I can however remove some traits, during the creation of the body, like removing them or dulling them greatly. One factor being the clone won't have a mind and the sex will be a female varint of this form. Eventually, she'll be able change her form to that of what she wants. Zeldris will be able to get to experiment with soul manipulation and I will see what factors I can influence in my clones. How does that sound?" He asked looking down to the two other Displaced.

Black starred into the night sky and spoke in his mind. ‘What do you say Nightmare Moon?’ Black asked the spirit. He could practically feel her sighing throughout his body.

‘I’ve got no choice so I? Buck it.’

‘That’s the spirit.’ Black looked to Zeldris with a smile. “So, what do you say?”

Zeldris glared at Black, then looked over to Gar. The parasyte merely locked eyes with Zeldris then looked away. “You owe me, monkey.”

“Oh I know that.” Black growled, offended at the comment of being called a ‘monkey’

"Well then," Gat remarked, breaking the silence. "Let's get started. Unique Skill: Spilt," He said and he began to glow white. "Alter cloning, no mind, gender status changed to female, basic physical traits,physical size and height set to average human and pony, unique magic undetermined." Gar listed off these and then stepped back leaving what appeared to be a hard light copy of himself.

The copy then shrank down to be a little shorter than Black. They hair grew out and then gain more femine feature but still retained its parents physical features. The most notable features were the fanged smile with four eyes on the face and long dark violet hair that ran down to the middle of the back, a furry brown tail similar to Black's, and the light-up technicolor butterfly-like wings determining that of Fairy Royalty. The darkness pattern changed to a crescent pattern and its cover area changed to that of the lower part of the body, particularly the right leg. While the upper part of the body it covered was mainly the breasts and the lower left arm and hand forming a monstrous claw similar to Derieri. The demon mark was on the right upper shoulder and it was a black crescent moon with three stars surrounding the moon.

"I took a few liberties based off descriptions from the accounts from the Elements, books, Luna, and Celestia," Gar said, speaking directly to Nightmare as he'd been aware of her from the beginning. "Once shapeshifting is refined you'll be able to look however you like but this will be your true form and what you will revert to when tire and can hold you shifting."

“And as a demon you can feed on souls to replenish your energy.” Zeldris cut in. “Oh and Gar have you eaten a soul yet?” He asked curiously as he faced the smiling monster.

“King Gar may be part demon but he would never stoop so low as to eat another creature's soul,” Gloxinia stated in anger.

“Quiet,” Gar commanded before returning his attention to Zeldris. “No,” Gar said flatly. “I do not see the point in this act. Then again I haven’t fought any one deserving of having their soul eaten. Personally it conflicts with my humanity. It would seem my moral compass is not as surpassed as I’d originally thought.”

“A shame. Souls are quite tasty, the stronger they are the more flavor and energy you get out of it.” Zeldris said in a somewhat disappointed tone. “Now back to the matter at hand; are the preparations complete for me to transfer Nightmare’s soul?”

“All factors are set and the body is but an empty shell with no mind or even instincts to move,” Gar confirmed. “Everything is ready for you to work the transference at your leisure.”

“Nightmare Moon is also prepared for the transfer,” Black interjected.

“Well then, let’s get started.” Zeldris walked up to black and put his and on his chest. Black then began to look off into space with a blank expression as Zeldris pulled out Nightmare’s soul. Before making sure it was the right one, he double checked to make sure. When he did he was surprised that there were two souls left. The demon pulled out the soul that was emitting pure hatred and realized that this was Goku Black’ soul. With a smirk he consumed the soulconfusing Gar. A strange burning sensation could be felt in his chest, but he ignored it for now. “Don’t worry I didn’t eat Black’s soul if that’s what you were thinking. I was just getting rid of a pest.” Zeldris then made his way over to the husk Gar made and infused the soul within it.

“That was his soul, wasn’t it” Black said as Zeldris nodded. “Good, I want you to make him suffer, the most brutal way possible.” Black said, his voice filled with venom.

“That’s not how it works, but he will be serving as energy for a while considering his power level.” Zeldris stated. All of a sudden Nightmare’s body began to convulse.

“The hell is happening to her?” Black asked Zeldris in confusion.

Zeldris hummed in thought. “It appears her soul is rejecting her new body. My best guess is that because it was not made with her DNA it will be harder to bond with.”

“Mmm…” Gar looked on as he then activated Basquias Moon Rose. “Super Droplet of Life.” An overly bright drop of super highly concentrated mana fell on Nightmare and she immediately started to calm down. “That should help.”

Nightmare’s body began to calm down until you could hear her steady breathing. Zeldris looked at Gar, “Super Droplet of Life, that must have taken a while to store up.”

“Very much so,” Gar crossed his arms. “It takes a week to distill a third of one it took me a whole month to make one. I only have one left.”

After saying that both Gar and Zeldris heads sipped around to the front of the tree. Black confused at first felt what they were feeling too. A huge amount of magic was being used to get into The Fairy King's Forest. The clearing was then lit up in a flash of light and when it died down three figures were standing there shocked at what they were seeing. Twilight, Luna, and Celestia arrived in Gar’s domain.