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Equestria's Divine God - ShirtMechanic

[Displaced] My name is Michael, but I'm inside the body of Goku Black. When another part of me had tried to take control. I had decided to trap myself in stone with the help of two sisters. After thousands of years, its time for a gods return.

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Chapter 6: The Battle of Divine Beings!

Chapter 6: The Battle of Divine Beings!

The pressure in the air was heavy, thunderstorms becoming more violent by the second, hurricane-like winds blowing trees back, earthquakes ravaging the land below them. This is a battle that Equestria, no... The entire planet has never seen.

A Battle between Divine beings and I was about to let loose. When we had clashed, I was pushed back a little. Nightmare Moon had more power than I realized, I couldn't even sense it but she could've hidden it. I glared back at Nightmare Moon, who had the biggest shit-eating grin I've ever seen, and I was about to wipe it clean off.

With speeds faster than the speed of sound, I appeared right behind the dark alicorn and I kicked her in the back. She cried out in pain but stopped when she looked at me with venom in her eyes. Without me seeing, she prepared a magical blast in her left hand and threw it at me. I had enough time to block it, but it also left me unguarded.

Nightmare started to launch a barrage of punches and kicks at me, keeping me on my toes. I tried to look for an opening, but she just wouldn't let up! The weight in her attacks had started to wear my arms out, so I needed to get out of this barrage. For a moment, I increased my power, going into Super Saiyan 2, pushing her back. This was enough for me to get out of her attacks.

I let my aura go, it dissipating into the air. I stare at Nightmare Moon, who looked shocked for a second. "There's more than just one?" Nightmare asks in confusion. I give her a small grin.

"Yea and this one isn't even the final one, I have 3 more to go," I say chilling. Nightmare's eyes widen and she takes a few steps back. She shakes a little, but brushes it off and gets into a fighting pose.

"Heh, you must be bluffing, no pony can be stronger than us!" She says. She then starts to summon something from the air, it was a sword. It had a massive blade with carvings of the moon engraved in it. It had a large handle with the moon emblem on it. I glare at Nightmare, knowing who's weapon that was.

"Damn, you didn't just steal Luna's body, but you took her weapons as well!" I yell full of venom. She just chuckles at me darkly and points the blade at me.

"Aw, mad that I borrowed one of Lulu's weapons. I'm sorry, I'll be kind enough to give back to you." She then gets into a fighting pose, "Once I put you 6 feet under."

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but your the one that's going down!" I yell as I throw my right arm to the side. I then concentrated as I form a longer ki blade from before. "Now you'll taste my blade!" I charge forward with newfound speed, thanks to the Super Saiyan 2 transformation. I kick Nightmare Moon in the gut, sending her flying into the castle. I then start to swing my blade in motions, sending out small ki shards into the area.

Sadly, I didn't hear any screams of pain yet, which meant I didn't land the shards. But that won't last for long. I then do multiple motions with my ki blade and I then struck a pose at the end. That's when I ignited the ki shards, making them explode in the area in front of me. Now I heard her screams of pain, my grin grew a little. I was about to fly to the now destroyed section of the castle, but I was interrupted.

"THAT WAS SO COOL!" I heard 2 voices yell. I turn my head to the left to see Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy looking at me with either excitement, wonder, and fear. My eyes widen when I saw them, I knew they would go to the castle, but I didn't think they would watch my battle.

"What are you six doing here!" I ask with a hint of anger trailing my voice.

"We're here to get the Elements of Harmony so then we can defeat Nightmare Moon," Twilight says with confidence. "But why are you fighting Nightmare Moon, you shouldn't stand a chance."

I shake my head and sigh, "Forget about how and why I'm fighting Nightmare Moon, you need to get to the castle of the two sisters and get the Elements of Harmony." I then power up my aura, lighting, and plasma dancing around me, slightly pushing the mares back. "I'll cover you girls, now get moving!" I yell and I take off from the ground towards Nightmare's location. But before I could get there, I dark purple blast appeared from the castle rubble, heading straight for me.

Thinking quick, I slice through the blast with my ki blade, slicing the attack in two. The two sides of the attack flew past my head, detonating behind me. I quickly look below to make sure the six ponies are doing what I said, and right on time. They've already made it across the field! But due to my distraction, I didn't notice Nightmare had teleported in front of me. By the time I noticed, I was already hit straight across the jaw. Cursing myself for being distracted, I pushed her back by releasing some of my ki. She got control of herself and gave me a look.

"No wonder Lulu had feelings for you." She cooed, "You two are alike in so many ways."

"What the hell are you talking about?" I question her. She then teleported out of my sight and appeared behind me. We didn't attack, but we had our backs to each other, I could tell she was watching me.

"Oh, It's simple." She cooed. "You two had your fair share of troubles over the years. While Luna may have had her sister, you didn't have a family to call for help. You two never had any true friends. They were only there so then they could hurt and take from you, and then eventually leave you behind, some friends. Both of you were ignored in many ways, for Luna, it was when she needed it most, but due to Celestia's arrogance, Luna felt alone. You had no one to go to, all your 'Friends' left you behind, you had no family to help you, all alone to face the harsh reality know as Life." I turn around to see Nightmare Moon looking at me with a devilish grin, flashing her sharp teeth. "You two are too much alike, when I look at you, all I see is another Lulu. Maybe I can take you over to, so then both you and Lulu can stay together." She offered.

I look ahead to see the destroyed castle and the Everfree. I smirk to myself, "Sounds like a good offer, but sadly, I'm going to have to decline." I turn around to see an annoying Nightmare. "Because your trash that deserves to be incinerated by my own hands," I emphasize my point by powering up. Without hesitation, we both turn around and start to land blows against each other. The air was being pushed away as our attacks changed the air pressure in the area. What I had noticed was that Nightmare Moon was getting stronger, like she was hiding her power.

But while I was caught up in my thoughts, Nightmare had dodged one of my attacks and gut-punched me. I hunch over as I clutched my stomach, gasping in pain. Nightmare had taken this time to kick me towards the ground and launch a barrage of ki blasts. I gasp in fear as one of the ki blasts had started to push me towards the castle. I tried to kick away the attack, but it wasn’t working. So I increased my power, a sphere aura surrounded me as the clouds had begun to flow towards me. I let out a yell that echoed throughout the area. My hair had grown in length, all the way down my back, only a single bang of hair hanged in front of me. With my eyebrows gone, I had a new menacing look.

By transforming into Super Saiyan 3, I had deflected the attack away from me and the castle. Without even thinking, I had flown towards Nightmare Moon, ki blade at the ready. This took the dark alicorn by surprise, but she kept her cool and flew towards me with her sword. We both clashed as we created a shockwave that destroyed the ground below us a little. She grins maliciously, while I had a neutral look. In truth, I was terrified of Nightmare’s power. ‘She kept this much power hidden away from me?’ I thought this had just gone bad to worse. With my thoughts out of the way, I began to attack her, but she kept deflecting my attacks.

I had begun to look for an opening, but it was hard since she kept deflecting my attacks at such high speeds. I tried to go for an uppercut, but she moved her head back and then brought her elbow on my arm. I scream in pain as I look to my shoulder, it had been completely dislocated, showing the bone under the stretching skin.

The Nightmare took this opening and kicked me towards the ground and launched a massive magical blast that splits into multiple attacks. This took me by surprise, but I knew I couldn’t do anything. With my left arm unusable, I tried to push the attack away but it was fruitless. I yelled in agony as I impacted the ground and the magical blast detonating in a massive explosion that shook the area. I could hear Nightmare Moon laughing in glee, thinking she had finally gotten rid of me, but she was dead wrong.

When the dust cleared, it had revealed I was back in my base form, blood running down my forehead, cuts and bruises covered my body. My gi was in ruins, only my pants and parts of my undershirt remained. A few bones broke on impact and it felt like my dislocated arm fell off. Luckily it hadn’t, so I mustered up what strength I had left and got up. I grabbed my dislocated arm and forced it back in place. I winced at the cracking pop I heard when my shoulder pop back in place. I look ahead to see Nightmare standing there with the biggest shit-eating grin I’ve seen so far. I scoff as I try to move, but I realized that I was low on energy now that I used Super Saiyan 3 like an idiot. I felt my knees buckle underneath me, resulting in me falling onto my knees,.

"Ha hahaha! Some 'divine god' you are." She cackles in glee, thinking I was done for. "Look at you, your power is just pathetic, your no god, your an imposter!"

"I'll wipe that smirk off your face!" This had angered me that I had instantly transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and landed a powerful kick into Nightmare's neck. But it didn't do shit as I was left speechless on how it did no effect. Nightmare just stood there with that shit-eating grin as she grabbed my foot and threw me towards a nearby mountain. Upon impact, I left a massive indent in the Rocky Mountain. I growl in pain as I break myself free and fly towards Nightmare high speed.

Still, in Super Saiyan 2, I try to land a punch, but she grabbed it and threw me onto the ground like a ragdoll. I groan as try to get up, but Nightmare stomps her hoof onto my chest, breaking a few ribs in the process.

“Foal, did you really think you could defeat me?” Nightmare cackles in delight as she kicks me into a nearby Boulder. “I’m the true divine being here, with you out of the way, I can finally bring eternal night. But I have to get rid of those six mares first.”

I immediately felt something new moving around my lower back. I thought it weird though and odd, but I didn’t pay much attention. I get out of the boulder and stand before the alicorn, ready for another round. Nightmare looks at me before laughing, “Please, your already done for.” She stopped herself when she notices something odd. “That’s interesting.”

“W-what are you talking a-about?” I pant, I was also curious at what she was looking at. It appeared she was looking at something behind me so I look at that direction and gasp. A long and brown appendage hanged off my back and was moving around, a grew a tail.

“I regrew my tail!!” I shouted in surprise. But through my excitement, I forgot one important thing, one thing that could end terribly for this planet. The full moon that was above me.

“Answer me, why do you have a tail?” Nightmare asked. But I ignored her, I was so happy now. I can transform into that form now with some training.

“Tell me ‘divine goddess’, do you know what happens to a Saiyan who has or has regrown their tail?”

“So then they can chance around...” Nightmare said sarcastically. I smirk at her and I wrap my tail around my waist.

“With their tail, a Saiyan grows exponentially stronger, not by much, but to the point where they can be in any transformation with no strain on their bodies. So I can now show you the rest of mine!”

I crouch and begin to breathe calmly. Nightmare Moon, thinking this was a good time to strike, jumping towards me at high speeds, preparing to attack me. I just let out a hearty laugh, confusing her. I let out a loud yell and a red and orange sphere surrounded me and then spooled into a fiery column to the sky. The column got shorter and shorter by the second, until it vanished, reviling a younger me. Right about when Nightmare Moon was about to attack me, a put up a hand to block it.

She lands the punch, but I caught it with ease. She is now absolutely terrified, trying to back away in fear, but I held her fist firmly. I stood there, looking on with a calm smirk plastered on my face. No longer with the tall spiky hair, it has now returned to my regular hairstyle, but now with a purplish red color to it. My eyes, tail, and eyebrows doing the same. It had looked like I had gotten younger, now with a slim and young body. A firey aura surrounded me as it flowed like Alicorn manes. I now no longer had regular ki, but I now had the power of the gods in my grasp.

Pulling the alicorns fist downward, I throw my knee into her chin. Hearing a satisfying jaw snap, I punch her into the castle. I hear multiple walls crashing down, and then noticing a large dustcloud form. Without delay, I charge into the castle, looking for the Nightmare. I flew through the now fallen and crumbled walls, which lead into the room with the elements. My eyes widen, noticing that I kicked Nightmare Moon into the room where she could destroy the Elements of Harmony.

'damn me and my carelessness' I mentally kick myself and I quickly began to look for the nightmare. I look around, looking for anything out of place, but I couldn't see her. I begin to search for her ki, but for some reason, it felt like it was everywhere. 'She scrambled bits of her ki everywhere to confuse me, smart move'

I then felt a heavy kick to my back, sending me forwards a little. I spun around to look for who kicked me, but nothing was there. I was then kicked in the head, sending me on my back. 'What the hell is happening?!' I quickly look around to see anything move, but it's almost impossible to see anything.


I immediately had an idea, running to action. I shoot a ki blast below me, making a small crater and a large cloud of dust. With that out of the way, I start looking around me again. And to my luck I saw movement, without hesitation, I leap forward with great speed. I throw a punch at the figure, it connected, throwing the figure into a wall. I fly towards the debris to find Nightmare Moon covered in cuts and bruises, a long stream of blood running down her forehead. She was glaring at me while I just gave her a creepy grin.

"Well well well, look what we have here," I say as I applaud her, angering her further. "Not going to lie, that was a good tactic, too bad, it can only last for so long until someone knows what's going on." I walk to her, pulling out my now blood red ki blade. "And I've still gotta show you one more transformation, but I'll leave it as a surprise for later. Now the real fun begins!" I then throw my arm forward, sending a small but powerful ki blast.

Nightmare Moon's eyes widen at my attack, but she was quick enough to grab her sword and leap into the air. She then escapes through a hole in the room using her wings. I quickly follow her through, chuckling. "Don't think you can escape me!" I yell, I teleport behind, but she was expecting this. As I get behind her, we both start to land blows against each other, but I catch her off guard by kicking her neck and then proceeding to spin her around towards the forest. She manages to catch herself before hitting the ground but is surprised to see me flying towards her, ki blade at the ready, firing line blasts at her.

She starts to fly back into the forest, either blocking or moving out of the way of the ki blasts. I wasn’t landing a single shot, so I speed up, preparing to slash at her. But before I can land the attack, she teleports away, making strike the ground with such force that it made a cut through the earth.

I hear the sound of teleportation behind me as Nightmare Moon tries to spin kick me, “You got sloppy!!” She yells. But I give her a creepy grin as I perform instant transmission, appearing behind her. I chuckle darkly as I see her turn around quickly in confusion. I quickly prepare a ki blast in my hand and punched it into her gut. She screams in pain as she is sent hurtling back towards the castle. She made an impact and a large explosion followed.

I teleported to Nightmare Moon to see her in terrible condition. Cuts and bruises cover her body head to hoof, a long stream of blood from her right shoulder falling to the floor. Her left arm was dislocated, her jaw was broken and a few ribs followed. I heard hoofsteps to my right, there I saw everypony there, looking at me with horror.

The ponies walk up to me with awe and fear. Twilight was looking at me with her eyes wide open. Applejack and Rainbow Dash stared daggers at Nightmare Moon's unconscious form. While Rarity and Fluttershy looked on in horror at her condition. Nightmare moon was barely clinging onto life, and I can’t let her die.

With quick thinking, I placed my hand on her chest plate and started to heal her with the power of the kais. My energy flowed around her like a calm river, it seeped out of her and rose a little off of her. The ponies, except for Fluttershy, looked on in horror at what I was doing.

"Black! What are you doing!?" Rainbow Dash yelled. I looked up to her with a calm look.

"I'm healing her injures," I looked back to Nightmare's limp form, "She's nearly at death door." I grimaced at the sound of bones cracking back into place. Her injures seemed to be nonexistent now, she looked like she just ate a Senzu bean.

"But why?" I look up to see Twilight giving me a skeptable look. "Why are you healing her, she can bring eternal night now that she's fully recovered!"

"No, she can't," I say with a chuckle, confusing the ponies. "She stands no chance against this form, not even the next transformation."

Twilight's and Rainbow's jaws dropped while everypony else just went wide-eyed. Twilight shakes her head and was trying to form words, but failed. Rainbow Dash however filled Twilight's question.

"How many transformations do you have?!"

"A total of 5, this is my forth transformation, Super Saiyan God," I say while holding up four fingers.

We were interrupted by a groaning noise below me, I look down to see Nightmare Moon looking at me weakly. She was just looking at me with confusion on why I healed her.

"Why?" She asked while tilting her head like a dog. I had a natural expression while I held out my hand.

"I still need you alive for one reason." She grasps my hand and I pull her up to her feet. “I need Luna back." I say with a frown. I start to see her sweat as she slowly steps back from everypony. I look at the group and told them to leave the room. They nodded and ran out of the throne room, leaving me and Nightmare Moon all alone.

"So what are you waiting for, finish me off. I know I'm outclassed in every way." She sighs in defeat, waiting for me to transform.

I thought it strange though, I wouldn’t think she would give up. But this will make this so much easier. "So you finally submit, leaving yourself wide open for attacks," I say as I let my arms loosely hang down. "I shall reward you to see my final transformation." I throw my arms to the side and I let out a growing yell. A magenta aura started to flow around me, the weather changing on a dime. Lightning struck down around me, shaking the planet. Winds had started to destroy the throne room, walls, and glass falling. Earthquakes shaking the entire continent, a growing light starting to shine off me. The red hair flowing up into a super Saiyan style. With one final, but the mighty yell that echoed across the lands, my aura shot up into the cloudy sky. It slowly going back into me, my hair was now in a Super Saiyan style, but with a small bang of hair hanging to the side of my head. It was now a light pink color, it shining like Luna's full moon. A reddish and purple aura surrounded me, giving me a godly aura. instead of pink eyes, I now had grey eyes.

I struck a pose, throwing my arms to the side like a god and I stiffened my stance. "What do you think of it?" Nightmare Moon was stunned, not just my form, but my overwhelming pressure and power. "Quite the color huh, but to make the name simple. I call this form, Rosé." I hand my right hand in front of my face. "Super Saiyan Rosé. And it's going to put you in the dirt."

Faster than the speed of light, I appeared in front of nightmare with a ki blade at the ready. She was surprised at my speed but didn’t move. I quirked an eyebrow at this but ignored it as I lift my ki blade to her throat. “I’m only going to say this once Nightmare Moon, leave her body this instant.”

Nightmare Moon looked up at me with an evil smirk, “With pleasure."

I look at her with confusion, until I notice a black smoke leaving her body. Instead of it going into the air and dissipating, it flew at me! I tried to put up a barrier, but it flew at me with such ferocity I didn't have enough time to put it up. It had started to go through my head, drilling its way through to my brain. I scream out in pain as I get on my knees, clutching the side of my head.

I can then hear the laugh of Nightmare Moon ring through my mind. “You foal! Did you really think I would lose to you!?” I frown at this, I let my damn guard down. “All I have to do now is break the barrier between you and your Nightmare, then I can bring eternal night with my new contour!”

My eyes widen at this, ‘The hell is she thinking!! If she releases him, then there will be nothing left of this planet, no... The whole universe will be doomed!' I get to stand up and start to power up even further. 'I have to stop this immediately!' "Do you even know who your releasing!! He doesn't give a fuck about you or anyone else but himself." I shout at the Nightmare, "If you release him, there will be nothing left of this planet, the solar system, the universe for fucking sake!"

I could feel the Nightmare fully inside me now, I look ahead to see not Nightmare's body but Luna's. I smile at this, now knowing anything of the parasite was now gone. I quickly put up a barrier around her body so then Nightmare doesn't get any funny ideas. With that out of the way, I quickly locate Twilight and the others and used instant transmission to get to them. They look at me with awe, before they can say anything though, I put up a hand. "Listen to you all, I don't have much time left, but I'm going to need you to use the Elements of Harmony on me!"

They all gasp while Twilight was trying to form words. "But why, we need to use them on Nightmare Moon!" Twilight says.

"Won't work if she isn't in the same body as before huh?" I say with a smirk. They didn't realize it until a second later by Applejack.

"Ya'll mean that she's currently inside you!" I nod in confirmation and they look at me with terror. "But how are ya not being controlled."

"If I can keep my Nightmare from getting out, I sure can do the same to Luna's, but not for long," I explain. "She's trying to break the mental barrier I have between mine, letting him out. If she does this, the real Goku Black will go on to kill every single mortal in the universe!" I can start to feel Nightmare Moon breaking the mental barrier, so I yelled at the ponies to get the Elements of Harmony quickly. They oblige and run off to get them, while I'm currently still having a hard time maintaining the barrier and Super Saiyan Rose at the same time. "Don't you get it Nightmare! He will leave nothing left! NOTHING!"

'I believe that your lying, I'm sure your nightmare couldn't do that to the universe.' Nightmare cooes, 'plus, he'll be under my control, doing whatever I want.' Having enough of her bullshit, I close my eyes and mentally locate the Nightmare. When I open my eyes, I see Nightmare Moon trying to break down the glass wall holding Goku Black. Before she could continue her barrage of magical attacks, I grab her and throw her away from the barrier.

"If you won't listen to me, then I'll show you!" I appear in front of the recovering nightmare and I put a hand upon her head. "The Nightmare I see every night!"

After I put every memory of him into Nightmare's mind, she fell to her knees in horror. I could see her gagging into the void, she shakily looks up to my serious look. She then backs up in fear of my look. "And I have to bear this, every night, I see them." I look to the floor, "I see them begging for mercy, children cry into there mother's shoulders, begging for all of it to be a dream, for it all to stop. But he just stands there with a smirk on his face, slaughtering them all in the name of justice." My voice had started to crack. "You will now bear this for eternity, that is your sentence." With quick thinking, I fix the mental barrier from Goku Black. I then go on to put a temporary barrier around the Nightmare, she looks around in confusion until she realizes whats going on. She starts banging against the barrier, screaming out but no sound reaching my ears. With that problem dealt with, I close my eyes and open them again to see Twilight and the others with the Elements of Harmony.

"We brought them like you asked, now what?" Twilight asked while the others nodded.

"I need you to use them on me." They all gasp at me and start to protest, mainly Twilight.

"But you'll be turned into stone again! Or sent to the moon like Nightmare moon, we can't do that!" Twilight protests. I sigh as I stand up to my full height, towering over the ponies.

"Look, there are three ways the Elements of Harmony works," I explain. "One is that the evildoer is purged of any evil inside of them. Two is that the evildoer is turned into stone, locking them in place forever unless they are powerful enough to break out or the Elements of Harmony releases them. And three is that the evildoer is banished to the user's choice like Nightmare Moon was sent to the moon. You lot can choose what happens to me, plus, if you accidentally turn me into stone I can break free easily."

"But why do ya think were the users?" Applejack asks, everypony except for Twilight agrees. I shake my head while I let out a small chuckle.

"Twilight, what do you think?" I ask the purple unicorn. Twilight puts a finger to her chin and begins to think.

“Well, every element of harmony is based on an idea. Such as loyalty, kindness, laughter, generosity, and honesty, but the sixth on is a complete mystery.” Twilight explains. She then looks to the other mares and begins to think. She the gasps as she looks between me and the others. “Did you know?”

“What do you mean darling?” Rarity questions.

“She means you five, she’s thinking your the bearers of the elements of harmony.” I explain. But before I can go further, I cry out in pain as I clutch my head and fall to my knees. “You girls need to hurry! I don’t have much time left.”

“But what about the sixth element? We don’t know where it is or who is the bearer.”

I look to Twilight with a pleading stare, “Trust in yourself Twilight, I would know who the bearers are, and there right in front of me.” I explain, I then look to the mates behind Twlight and smile. “Their your Friends Twilight, it’s time you trusted them.”

It was right there and then, I saw something spark inside Twilight. I thought it was her realizing I was right. She then turns to her friends and starts to explain to them on how their the elements of Harmony and how they were her friends. I smile at this knowing what was about to come next. But I groan in pain when I felt the mental barrier with Nightmare moon in it about to buckle. I look up to see the sixth element of harmony, Magic, slowly appear in the air and starts to form a crown. The rest of the elements followed, turning into necklaces with a cutimark for the specific pony.

The crown landed on Twilights head as it started to levitate them into the air, creating a powerful white aura around their bodies. I can practically hear Nightmare Moon screaming in protest inside my head. I laugh at this, knowing now I would have to live with the fact that another nightmare will live within my head. I started to see the outline of a rainbow form around the spheracle white orb, forming into a swirling double rainbow beam, heading right towards me.

I smile at the fact that there was three ways this could go. One, turned into stone again. Two, getting banished to the moon. And three, the one where anything evil is forever locked inside my mind. Lovely.

I see the double rainbow start to circle me, burning me slightly but not by much. I can now hear two voices in my head, Nightmare screaming in agony, and him, cursing me out as about letting this body go to waste. I ignore him as I start to feel my eyes go heavy, knowing what’s about to happen next. I utter a word I haven’t said in a while.


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