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Equestria's Divine God - ShirtMechanic

[Displaced] My name is Michael, but I'm inside the body of Goku Black. When another part of me had tried to take control. I had decided to trap myself in stone with the help of two sisters. After thousands of years, its time for a gods return.

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Chapter 3: Ponyville Part 2

Chapter 3: Ponyville Part 2

We seemed to be walking out of town and into farmland, stretching across the land. At first, I thought it would go on forever, but I did see the entrance to the farm.

Spike opened his bag and took out the list Princess Celestia made for Twilight. Spike coughed a few times and began to read the list. "Summer Sun Celebration, Offical Overseer Check-List." Spike reads, "Number one, banquet preparations, Sweet Apple Acres." Spike, Twilight, and I looked up to see we had passed the gate to the farm and were officially on the property.

"So, who do you think we should talk to?" I ask. Twilight looked to me and was about to answer.


All of us were alerted to the sound and looked where it came from. What I saw was an orange earth pony with blonde hair and green eyes, running towards an apple tree with buckets underneath. I think I remember what apple farmers do, I believe that they kicked the apple trees and the apples will neatly fall into the buckets. I think it was called apple bucking.

The orange mare reached the tree and delivered a swift and strong kick to the tree, shaking it. Resulting in the apples falling into the bucket neatly. After the apples landed in the bucket, she did some pose that I couldn't describe. I look to Twilight to see her almost annoyed.

"Let's get this over with," Twilight says after sighing. She walks over to the pony, I stayed back, leaning against the front gate. I crossed my arms and looked around the farm more. It seemed the only thing that I could see, is that this is primarily an Apple farm. I'm sure they grow other things from time to time, but I wouldn't know. I look back to see the orange pony shaking Twilight's hand vigorously. I began to empower my hearing with ki, so then I could hear what they're saying.

"Well, howdy-do miss Twilight, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm Applejack, we here at Sweet Apple Acres sure do like making new friends." Applejack says. By the looks of Twilight, it looked like she was uncomfortable.

"F-friends, actually I-i'm a-ah" Twilight voice was shaking from the force of the handshake.

Applejack finished and gave Twilight a wink, "So, what can I do ya for?" She tips her hat. I laugh at the display, getting the attention of the apple farmer. "Who are ya fella?" I look to her and I can sense a bit of power radiating off her. This had caught my interest, I then realized I was starring.

"Me? Well, I don't feel like telling my origin story right now. But my name is Goku Black, I used to be Equestria's Guardian a thousand years ago." I explained to her. Applejack seemed skeptical at first, it looks like she was looking for something on me. She then smiled and nodded in confirmation.

Twilight then coughed into her right hand, gaining Applejack's and my attention. "I'm actually here on behalf of Princess Celestia to supervise the operations for the Summer Sun Celebration. And you're in charge of the food?" Twilight asks. Applejack seemed to beam up at this and took a stance.

"We sure as sugar are." Applejack said with pride. "Would you care to sample some?" All of a sudden, a loud noise came out of nowhere, putting Applejack, Twilight, and Spike off guard. "What in tarnation was that?!"

I started to laugh nervously, knowing what had created the noise. Me. I hadn't eaten anything in a thousand years and understandably, I'm kinda hungry. But me laughing nervously had caught Spike's and Applejack's attention, while Twilight was still looking for the noise. Spike was looking at me with confusion, while Applejack was looking at me with a dumbfounded look. Her jaw was metaphorically on the ground, her knowing what the noise was had surprised her. Applejack shook her head, "T-that was you, G-Goku Black?!" Applejack stammered.

I blushed a little, "Yea, kinda sorry about that. I hadn't had any good food in ages." I continue to laugh nervously. Spike and Twilight had seemed to catch on because they both had joined Applejack. Twilight's right eye had started to twitch a little and Spike was looking at me with a blank look. "I mean you can't blame me, it's been a thousand years since I had any food," I say as I cross my arms. "So Applejack, do you have any samples of food?"

Applejack regained her composure and smiled at me, "I believe we do sugar." Applejack then walks over to a post with a triangle instrument. She grabs a small metal poll and starts hitting the metal triangle with it. "Soups on everypony!!!" She yells out.

Out of nowhere, we all felt the ground shake and a rumbling noise come in from behind us. I turn around to see a stampede of ponies running towards us with trays of food in their hands. I instinctively put my arms in a cross formation in front of me. The stampede had reached us and we were pushed towards a table under some tall trees. I felt unshaken by this, but the same couldn't be said for Spike and Twilight. Their eyes were moving in a comical spin.

"Now, why don't ah' introduce you to the Apple family." Applejack had appeared next to me a motioned a hand out to the ponies surrounding us. Twilight looked around nervously.

"Thanks, but I really need to hur-" Twilight says urgently, but I put a finger to her muzzle, signaling for her to stop.

"This here is Apple Fritter, Apple Bumkin, Red Gallet, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Caramel Apple, Apple Scootal, Apple Tart, Baked Apples, Apple Cinnamon Crisp," And in just a few seconds, there was a big pile of food right in front of us. Applejack took a long gasp, "Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom, and," Applejack shoved an apple into Twilight's mouth. "Granny Smith. Up and at them Granny Smith, we got guest." Applejack had finished naming the entire Apple family, which had been the names of food. I looked at the pile of food and was now hungrier than ever. "Why, I'd say your already ah' part of the family."

At this, Twilight went wide-eyed and immediately spit out the apple that had been in her mouth. She starts to laugh nervously again. "Okay well, I can see the food situation is handled, so we'll be on our way," Twilight said as she was about to walk away. But everypony turned from the happiest ponies I've seen so far to the saddest I've seen in a minute, except for Celestia and Luna.

"Aren't you gonna stay for brunch?"

The three of us look down to see the cutest filly I've seen ever. She had the biggest puppy eye's I've ever seen and it was hard to keep myself composed. I look over to Twilight to see her trying her best as well. She looks around to see everypony doing the same thing, she looks back down to the filly and sighs.


Immediately, everypony cheered in triumph as I look around with a smile plastered to my face. I look back to the food and look to Applejack for conformation. She gestures a hand to the food and my grin widens, and I prepared myself for the first meal I had in a long time.

Its been a little bit since we went to the Apple Farm, but man was that food amazing! I had eaten every single scrap of food they had given out. They were shocked by how somebody like me was even able to eat that much. Some look a little disturbed, but the filly named Apple Bloom just watched on in fascination as I ate everything. After brunch, we had said our goodbye's and headed back for Ponyville for the next thing on the list.

Twilight kept staring at me for the most of it but then stopped when we got to the small town. Spike had pulled out the list to see what was next, he looked up to the sky and then back to the list. "There's suppose to be a pony named Rainbow Dash clearing the clouds." Spike had spoken up and shown the list to me and Twilight. We both looked back up to the sky, littered full of clouds.

"Then where is she?" I asked in confusion. Spike just shrugged and look back to the sky.

"Well, where ever she is, she's not doing a very good job now, is she?" Twilight said, a little annoyed. I just shook my head at her, in my opinion, Twilight is kinda starting to sound like a noble. But I do know she's just stressed out at the moment. I then felt a ki heading towards us at a very high speed. Before I can do anything, I and Twilight were both collided by something, into a puddle of mud. I tried to sigh, but my head was in the mud itself, so all that came out was...

"mrph..." Twilight looked at me in confusion but went to straight to annoyed to see herself covered in it head to hoof. The culprit was a pegasus with a rainbow-colored mane and tail with sky blue fur. She wore a white t-shirt with a leather jacket covering it, tan pants and a pair of sneakers. She also had a pair of aviator glasses on her forehead. She looked at me and Twilight and started giggling.

"Uh, excuse me." She asks. I try to lift my head, but I currently have a pony on top of me, but Twilight had more success. The rainbow pony was still chuckling, "Heh, let me help you." She then speeds off somewhere unknown, while Twilight finally gets off me. I get up to see the Rainbow pony come back with a storm cloud in her grasp and puts it above us.

"What are you going to do with that cloud?" I ask her. She doesn't respond and then proceeds to jump on the cloud-like a trampoline. Resulting in the storm cloud to start pouring rain on the both of us, me and Twilight both stood there being drenched by the rain. The cloud then turned white, meaning all the rain was depleted from it.

Both me and Twilight stood there unamused by all of this. I look back up to see the pony giggling to herself. "Oops, looks like I overdid it a bit. Um..." She put a hand to her chin and started to think, she then brightens up and hovers off the cloud. "How about this!" She then starts to fly in a circular motion above us, leaving a rainbow trail behind. It created a rainbow-colored twister around us, drying us, and the mud in the process. "My very own Rain-Blow dry. No no, don't thank me, your welcome." She puts a hand to her chest and starts congratulating herself.

When she looks to me and Twilight, it's a very amusing sight. Both of our clothes and hair were completely dry, but our hair was all over the place. It looks like my hair had gone into it's Super Saiyan form, while Twilights look like the pink ponies hair from earlier that day. The rainbow pony saw this and was trying not to laugh, while Spike watched on in amusement. Finally, the pony couldn't hold it in anymore and start laughing to the point she was crying in joy. Spike had done the same thing, thinking our hair being messed up was priceless.

I look to the rainbow pony and I put two things together. The pony we were looking for was named Rainbow Dash, and a rainbow mane pony was right in front of me. "Let me guess, your Rainbow Dash," I say drily.

She immediately stops laughing and gets up and strikes a pose. "The one and only!" She then speeds into the air and hovers in front of me in a matter of seconds. "What, you've heard of me?"

"I've heard you suppose to keep the sky cleared." Twilight interrupts and sighs. She faces the rainbow pony looks up at her. "I'm Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia sent me to check on the weather," Twilight explains, but Rainbow Dash wasn't there anymore. I knew where she had gone off to since I can track speeds that could even surprise me. She had gone onto another cloud and started to rest on it.

"Yea yea, that'll be a snap. I'll do it in a jiffy, just as soon as I'm done practicing." Rainbow Dash explains, not facing us. She seemed to not to care about what her job was today, but I have a plan formulating in my head. A plan that would show me the pegasus's true speed, for my amusement.

"Practicing for what?" I ask. She then looks down at us with a big grin and points to a poster with some pegasus wearing what looked like uniforms and goggles.

"The Wonderbolts! They're going to perform at the celebration tomorrow. And I am going to show them my stuff." Rainbow Dash does a loop in the air and lands on another cloud.

Twilight then smirks, beginning to think of the same plan I had. "The Wonderbolts?"


"The most, talented fliers in all of Equestria." Twilight seemed to have gained a haughty tone, which made me laugh a little.

"That's them."

"Pfft, please. They wouldn't accept a pegasus that couldn't keep the sky cleared for one measly day." Twilight scoffs. At this point, Rainbow Dash had gotten annoyed and stood up on her cloud and put her hands on her hips.

"Hey!" Rainbow Dash then gestures to the sky with her hand. "I can clear this sky in ten seconds flat!"

Twilight then crosses her arms and leans forward a bit, "Prove it."

Those were all the words Rainbow Dash needed to hear, she rockets off the cloud, destroying it. She starts flying around the sky, punching and kicking the clouds with such force, they implode and destroy themselves. While this is happening, I'm counting to ten in my head and watching the rainbow pony's movements. At this rate, she will clear the sky in ten seconds flat, just like she claimed. 'This pony might not be all show after all.' I thought

Rainbow Dash then lands on a bridge that goes over Ponyville's river and lands a pose. "See, what did I say." She stretches her wings and gestures to the sky. "Ten Seconds Flat. I'd never leave Ponyville hanging."

I look to my left to see the dumbfounded looks of Twilight and Spike, and let me tell you. That is the most beautiful thing I've seen all day, and Rainbow Dash seemed to share the same thing. "By the way, I never got your name" Rainbow Dash asks. I look to the rainbow pony to see her hovering towards me, I flash her a smile and raise my hand and shaped it into a fist. She got the gesture and she did the same thing, we bump our fists together

"The name is Goku Black, your speed is impressive." I compliment her and it seems to inflate her ego. She starts flying upside down towards Twilight.

"You should see the look on your face, your a laugh Twilight Sparkle. I can't wait to hang out some more." At this, Twilight froze up and looked shocked. Rainbow Dash then speeds off to somewhere unknown, doing a few loops on the way out. Spike seemed to look up in amazement.

"Wow... She's amazing!" Spike points into the direction Rainbow Dash went. Twilight just looks down to Spike, unamused. The dragon then starts to mess with Twilight's now poofy hair. Twilight just sighs and starts walking off while Spike is trying to hold in his laughter. I just shake my head and laugh to myself as I follow them to the next place on the list.

Author's Note:

Hello again, I hope you had enjoyed this chapter and want more. I'm currently working on part 3 and I hope to get it out between the beginning and end of August

I'll catch you all later!