• Published 29th Jun 2020
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Equestria's Divine God - ShirtMechanic

[Displaced] My name is Michael, but I'm inside the body of Goku Black. When another part of me had tried to take control. I had decided to trap myself in stone with the help of two sisters. After thousands of years, its time for a gods return.

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Prologue: A God's Return (Rewritten)

Prolouge: A God's Return

It was a bright morning, like every other day. It was particularly much brighter today than usual, but I wouldn’t complain. It’s was probably because Princess Celestia being in a much happier mood this morning. It felt nice to have the sun’s warmth surround me like a blanket, but I prefer the night. It’s nice and dark, the chillness of the wind rushing past you, the moon looking over you like a protective mother with her foal.

I should probably tell you who I am. My name is Michael, well not anymore. My new name is Goku Black. I should also tell you how and why I am encased in stone. It all started when I was on my way home from working a double shift at a shop. I was small and we didn’t get many customers. The pay was small but was just enough to get me by. But today I had lost my job because there was a fire, the shop was lost before the firefighters could arrive on time.

I felt down at this obviously, but I had to start job hunting again. With the little money I had in my pocket, I decided I would go grab a snack at my favorite fast food joint. It was a long walk to get there and it had started to mist a bit, but I didn’t care.

Took me about 30 minutes to get there, and I had decided to get a vanilla milkshake. After paying the employee, I had taken my drink and started my trek home again. I was about home when I noticed something, a door standing in the middle of an alleyway. Funny enough, at the time I saw that door, I thought I just found the Tardis from Doctor Who.

I thought it couldn’t hurt if I checked it out, which I had done. I walked across the street, looking both ways so then I wouldn’t be turned into roadkill. When I made it across, I had gotten a closer look at the door. The frame seemed to be stuck in the ground, it was made of wood. I also thought I saw some rainbow light shine through the cracks of the object, but I had thought it was the mist.

When I went to open the door, I thought I heard a rushing wind inside, which I thought was ridiculous, there was nothing behind this door. I twisted the doorknob and opened the wooden contraption and what I saw I couldn’t believe it. It was like a swirling vortex, telling me to enter it. I closed the door and look behind the door again, making sure I wasn’t going insane. And of course, there was nothing behind it. I open the door again but something felt different this time. It felt like there was a pull. I looked down to see my feet slowly going into the portal, in a panic I tried to run away, but the portal started pulling me in. I tried grabbing onto the door frame to prevent me from being sucked in, but I missed it. As I went into the spiraling vortex, I saw the door close and vanish entirely.

I felt my eyes start to droop, but I couldn't pass out now, who knows what would happen. But of course, I did the thing I didn't want to do, pass out. The next thing I know is that I wake up in a room. It was a certain princess's room, but I forgot her name after being stuck in this stone prison. I looked around the dim-lit room, and it used mostly a dark blue pattern with some white stars to go along with it. It felt familiar to me in some way, but I couldn't remember what.

I quickly checked myself to see something different, I was taller, and I had some dark clothing, almost like a gi. I also seemed to have a ring on my right index finger and a green spherical earring on my left ear. But I also felt different on the inside, like some sort of dormant power waiting to be called upon on. It also felt like my hair longer, so I looked for a mirror in the room. I spotted one, and I couldn't believe what I saw.

I saw me, but precisely a certain anime character from a show I loved, Goku Black. It was so unreal. I looked exactly like Goku Black, this was amazing. I walked up to the mirror and got a closer look. I hovered my hand across it, seeing the mirrored image copy, I couldn't believe it.

I then heard something, I couldn't put my finger on it. I start to look for the noise, only to hear it come from the bedroom door. I put my ear against it and what I hear makes my heart drop a bit.


Now here’s a thing you need to know about me. If I hear anyone or anything crying, it’ll make me sad. So when I heard the person behind the door sobbing, I felt my chest tighten a lot. I heard the person get up and tried to open the door. Which had got me thinking?

Instead of hearing the traditional noise of footsteps, I hear a sort of clopping noise. But before I could think any further, the door slammed into my face, sending my flying towards a wall. I hit a wall with such force that it left an indent in it, in the shape of me.

I groan in pain as I slowly fall onto the floor beneath me. I hear a sudden gasp in front of me, which was to be expected. I mean, if you found a stranger in your room, would you gasp?

That’s what I thought. Anyway, I look up to see who had gasped, and I looked onto utter confusion. At first, she looked human, then I looked at a bit closer. Instead of a normal dark or light skin, she had midnight blue fur covering her body, long blue hair that ran down her back. I had also noticed she had a tail, pair of wings on her back, and a horn protruding from the center of her forehead. She wore what looked like a long black dress that went to her knees, white sleeves on her forearms that ran to her wrists, and a dark crown with a white crescent moon on it. But what had caught my attention were her eyes, her beautiful light teal blue eyes. But what I had seen in them was sadness, the lack of appreciation, being shunned out by someone.


“W-who are y-you?!” She says with confusion and a mix of fear, “What are t-thee doing in our r-room?”

When I heard her speak for the first time, I thought I was thrown back in time, but that wouldn’t be the case.

“Well um…” I speak with a little nervousness, but I muster up the courage. “My name is Goku Black, I’m a Saiyan. I explained to the equine human. “What’s yours?”

“We are Princess Luna.” She seems to calm down a bit, but I can still see something wrong with her.

“You alright Luna?” I ask with worry. I couldn’t stand to see someone sad and not being able to help.

“We are alright Goku Black,” Luna sniffles as she wipes away any rouge tears from her eyes. She then goes into a regal pose, which I thought was adorable. “But answer our question, What are thee doing in our room?”

“To be honest your highness, I have no idea." I then went into detail on how I ended up in her room but leaving out that my body had changed. She seemed intrigued and also saddened that I had lost my job due to a fire.

"We are terribly sorry for what has happened to thine."

"Meh," I answer. "The job was terrible and I was barely getting by as it is. Plus it's not like I have family and friends to worry about me..."

"What do you mean?"

I let out a deep sigh and give Luna a sad smile. "I've got no one else to go to." She looks at me in confusion until she realizes. Without me noticing, she wraps a hug around me with her arms and wings. This had caught me off guard, but when she held me, it felt like heaven. Her wings felt so soft and smooth, I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't made of silk. She kept hugging me for maybe a few moments, but I needed this.

Things had started to pick up from there. Maybe a day later, I had met her sister, Princess Celestia. At first, she was skeptable of me, but that wore off with time. I was given a place to stay until I could find a place to call home. During my free time at the castle, I had been training hard to figure out how to use my dormant power. It wasn't long until Princess Luna had found out what I was doing. Funny enough, she knew how to fight, so she offered to train me. Which I had taken up, now and then we would do sparing matches and I would end up losing.

Now I know what Zamasu felt like when he took control of Goku's body, he didn't know how to use it, just like me. Heh, the irony. Anyway, I finally beat her one time, from the day forward, we would always end with me and Luna tieing.

Then it all changed

It was a peaceful morning, me and Lulu (That's what I call her now) had just finished up training. Then something odd happened, I had started to hear things, like a second voice in my head. I thought I hadn't gotten enough sleep, but I kept bugging me throughout the day. At one point I just wanted to go to my room, but a guard was being a racist son of a bitch that morning. This made me snap at him, but this wasn't my voice.

"Aw, look at the tired monkey, want a banana as a midnight snack." The guard sneered.

I stop in my tracks and look to the guard with a death glare. "Watch it, you disgusting mortal!" I hissed, without even realizing I had made a ki blade in my right hand. The guard looks on with terror in his eyes, as quickly as he saw my glare and ran off.

By the time the jackass left, I had realized what I've done. I quickly get rid of the ki blade and run towards my room, I need some time to think.

When I realized it was the real Goku Black talking to me, I knew this would be a problem. I had tried everything to keep that monster from coming out, but I was useless. I was starting to be more aggressive towards everyone, hanging less with Luna. It was then I realized that there was a way I can keep him from taking control and train myself mentally to keep him caged up. But it would hurt LuLu dearly, I had planned to have the two sisters seal me up with stone with the Elements of Harmony.

Obviously, Lulu would object to this, and she did, but there was no other way. On the day I would be turned to stone, Real Goku Black tried taking control right there and then, but I resisted. I told the two sisters to do it. My last look of Lulu broke my heart, she was tearing up, streams of tears broke out like a dam under pressure. I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable.

Which leads to now, I had been mentally trained for the past 200 years or so, I lost the track of time in here. I also managed to do some image training, which has allowed me to reach Super Saiyan Rosé. I currently have all the other transformations except for Ultra Instinct. Still can't do it.

I had started to hear some voices, one of them sounds familiar, the second one is new to me. And they seemed to be getting closer.

"But Princess Celestia, what was he?"

Ah, Princess Celestia is here, been a long time since I've seen her.

"He was a Saiyan Twilight Sparkle, his name was Goku Black." Celestia paused, "He was Equestria's Guardian, or in his words, Equestria's Divine God."

"Wait," I had gotten a good look at the Unicorn know as Twilight Sparkle. She had magenta fur covering her body with a dark purple with a pink stripe going through it. She had a deep set of purple eyes. She wore what looked like a school uniform with a set of glasses. "Are you telling me he's Equestria's Guardian!!" Twilight squealed in excitement. Then she looked on in confusion, "then why is there a statue of him?"

Princess Celestia looks on with a sad smile, "There was a point in time where he was a calm and kind stallion until he started to change."

"Change?" Twilight questioned, "what do you mean by that?"

"He had started to become more aggressive over time, he explained that there was some sort of voice in his head, making him do some hurtful actions." Princess Celestia took a deep breath. "He told me and a friend to seal him away in stone until he can figure out a way to stay in control. He's been like this since." Princess Celestia explained.

Twilight looks in awe as she looks at me. "Is there a way to free him now?"

"Sadly no, he said when its the right time, he will free himself." Celestia sighs, "I just don't know when it will-


"What was that?" Twilight asked her teacher. Princess Celestia looks at me, looking for something. Oh, she is in for a surprise.


I start to release some of my power, creating more cracks within the process. I cannot wait to see the look on Lulu's face when she sees me again.

Beams of light begin to shine out of the cracks of my stoned body. This was a result of raising my power level to increase the speed of my freedom. I had let out a primal scream. The beams of light turn into a deep pink, and the area starts to shake.

With one more final push, I let out the biggest scream I've done in a long time, which is long. I transformed into my Super Saiyan Rosé form, breaking my stone prison. Dust clouds filled the area with large gusts of wind being pushed away from my body. Princess Celestia had erected a shield around her and Twilight sparkle to keep them from flying away.

My sheer will power managed to create a crater 20ft in diameter and a huge dust cloud to be seen all around the area. Once the dust cloud a settled, I sucked in the freshest air I've had in centuries. I started to pop several joints, "Ah, that's more like it." I groaning in satisfaction. I open my eyes to see the shocked faces of Princess Celestia and this Twilight Sparkle character.

"Long time no see, Celestia."

Author's Note:


Quick little note, it'll take me some time to write the next chapter of this fic. But I hope it won't take to long.

Anyway, that's all I have to say. I hoped you enjoyed the chapter!

Catch you later!