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Equestria's Divine God - ShirtMechanic

[Displaced] My name is Michael, but I'm inside the body of Goku Black. When another part of me had tried to take control. I had decided to trap myself in stone with the help of two sisters. After thousands of years, its time for a gods return.

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Chapter 5: Reunion

Chapter 5: Reunited

It was almost time. The Summer Sun Celebration would begin in about 30 minutes, and then Nightmare Moon would return. I had woke up a while ago. And I gazed up into the night sky, looking at the moon and the stars that decorated the night sky. This particular night was cold and bitter like the night knew who was coming home.

I gaze up to the moon, I hadn't noticed it at first but the moon had the shape of an alicorn mare on it. It sickened me that the Elements of Harmony would leave an imprint of Luna like that, humiliating her further. But everypony who knew about the Elements don't know everything about them. Including me.

I was broken from my thoughts when I heard a door open behind me, letting the noise of the party through. I look behind me to see Spike there, looking at me in confusion. I gave him a sad smile and looked back out the window, back towards the beautiful celestial object.

"Hey, are you up Goku Black, we should be heading to town hall right now. The Summer Sun Celebration is about to start." The dragon explains.

"Oh, alright." I assure him, "Just give me a minute to get ready. Why don't you and Twilight head over now." I say.

"Alright, see you there Black." Spike then walks out of the door and back down the stairs. I sigh as I get up from the comfy bed and look out the window. Seeing the moon high in the night sky, I head out of the room and down the steps to see Spike and Twilight waiting for me. They walk out the front door and I followed.

I look one more time up at the night sky, seeing the full beauty of it. I look ahead and I'm on my way to town hall. 'Watch out Nightmare Moon, you better prepare yourself for the wrath of Goku Black.'

I had arrived at town hall, and I've been looking serious through it all. Ponies were giving me strange looks, some even worried. But I pushed those looks aside and put my attention onto the elephant in the room. I have been keeping the presence of both Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon in my head, and immediately when I arrived, I felt Princess Celestia's presence change locations.

It had looked like she went somewhere she couldn't be located, making it hard for Nightmare Moon to take her anger out on Celestia. 'Smart move Celestia'

My thoughts were immediately shattered when Pinkie Pie came out of nowhere. "Isn't this exciting!AreyouexcitedI'mexcited,wellexceptforthetimeIsawyouwalkedintotownandIwentalllikeWAAA, ButImeanreallywhocantopthat?" The pink mare managed to speak an entire sentence like that, even with my enhanced hearing, I couldn't follow what she was saying. I just gave her a deadpanned look.

I then heard the noise of the birds Fluttershy had trained earlier today. They were starting to sing while Fluttershy was directing them with her hands. I watch the short display with a small smile, but brushed it aside and frowned. A spotlight was then directed to an old looking mare with a white mane and a light brown coat. "Fillies and Gentlecolts, as mayor of Ponyville. It is my great pleasure to announce the beginning of the Summer Sun Celebration." She announced.

Everypony there, except me, had started to cheer and clap. But I didn't join in, I had started looking at the moon, noticing four stars had been getting awfully close to it. The mayor had started talking again, but I turned her out as I watched those four starts collide with the moon, resulting in the imprint of luna disappear from the lunar object. I look closely at the object and I see a speeding object heading for the everfree.

"And I hereby present, Princess Celestia!" I hear the mayor announce. I look up to see Rarity pull down on a rope, opening the curtains. But when everypony looks up, expecting Princess Celestia to be there, the white alicorn is missing. There were multiple gasps from the crowd, whispering had spread like a wildfire, but the mayor had tried to calm everypony, but failed.

"Oh-oh, I love guessing games! Is she hiding?" Pinkie Pie exclaims, she's now hopping around the place and is looking under tables and food covers. I just give her a deadpan look and sigh.

"She's gone!" Rarity exclaims, resulting in more gasps, mostly of fear of what happened to the princess.

"Ohhh, she's good," Pinkie says. I just slam my hand on my forehead from sheer stupidity. I then hear a scream from Pinkie, so immediately I look up to see what it was, and I grin to see who it is.

"It's about damn time," I mutter. A mist of stars rises from the balcony and is moving in a circular motion. It then explodes to reveal a dark alicorn with aquatic blue eyes. She wheres silver armor all over except for her arms and waist. A silky and venom-filled voice escapes her lips, but I tune it out to the traditional villain talk. The usual.

"What did you do with our Princess!" I heard Rainbow Dash yell. Before she even makes it off the ground, I teleport to her side and grab ahold of her arm. "H-hey! Let me go!"

"Enough," I say with a grim tone, which makes her squirming stop immediately. I look up to see Nightmare Moon letting out a dark chuckle.

"Why, am I not royal enough for you? Don't you know who I am?"

"Yeah, I do," I say as I let go of Rainbow Dash. I start to walk toward a set of stairs to the right which leads up to the balcony, all the while Nightmare Moon is watching me with a death glare. "Your the parasite, the one who had infected my friend," I say, full of venom. This made the Nightmare flinch a little. I make towards the balcony and I'm a few feet from her, everypony watch on in terror and confusion. "Your the one who was sent to the moon for a thousand years. You're the mare in the moon, Nightmare Moon!" I exclaim.

This made ever pony gasp. I look down to see the five ponies from earlier, and Twilight and Spike watch on in confusion. "Well well well, somepony who remembers me. Then you also know why I'm here"

"Oh, I know more than you can possibly imagine, Nightmare." I then give her a death glare. "You're here to bring eternal night, just because some of your subjects didn't appreciate your night. Jealousy grew inside you, pain from not being acknowledged by your own sister. For being heartbroken for the Saiyan you loved. I know who's under the fur, my best friend, Princess Luna." Nightmare Moon's eyes widened and she takes a few steps back. I slowly step forward and I bring out a ki blade in my right hand, surprising everypony in the room, and I proceed to put the blade an inch from the alicorn's neck. "Now listen loud and clear. I want you to meet me back at the castle of the two sisters and go into the training room. Is that understood? Fail to follow this, there will be nothing in Equis that can save you." I pull me ki blade back and I walk up to her and put my face half a foot from her muzzle. "From me." I threaten. She just scowls and turns into a puff of smoke, flying off into the night.

"Weakling." I let out a grunt and I put away my ki blade, evaporating from the air. I hop down from the balcony, back onto the ground and I start making my way for the door. Everypony is giving me the look of fear, I felt like I made a bad mistake, but I couldn't focus on that. I looked around for Twilight, but she was missing. My best guess is that she left for the library when I threaten Nightmare Moon. I start searching for the Nightmare, and I easily found her. Just like I told her, she's already at the Castle of the Two Sisters. I put two fingers to my forehead and I'm about to perform my Instant transmission technique. But I was interrupted by a certain somepony.

"Who are you really, are you a spy!?" Rainbow dash accused, she points a finger at me. But before I could give her a stern glare, she was yanked back by Applejack.

"I'm no spy, so you can calm the hell down, but Applejack," I say as I look to the farm mare. "I need you, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy to head to the library where Twilight is at. She'll need your help for what she's about to do, she won't ask for it though. Plus, I think she needs some friends right now." I then teleport out of town hall, surprising everypony yet again. the five ponies just look confused at my instructions, but they follow them.

I arrived in the middle of the Everfree forest, and from what I remember, it wasn't this deadly. I look around to see everything out of order. Plant vines moving around, hoping to catch something. Trees growing at an alarming rate, plants that could kill anypony in a few seconds. I sigh as another beautiful part of Equestria was destroyed by chaos, but that wasn't the only thing that was destroyed. I walked on the path to the castle, and when I got there, my heart sank.

The once beautiful castle that brought hope to everypony that lived there, was now a former shadow of itself. Vines were covering it, piles of rubble everywhere, multiple castles spires collapses. I sped up my pace and got to the front door, at least that survived. I swing the doors wide open, and the inside was worse. Piles of rubble were everywhere, the ceiling collapsed in, beautiful glass windows now laid on the floor, shattered.

What laid in front of me was five perfectly spherical stones with engravings on them. I looked closely to see the engravings represented five out of six Elements of Harmony. It seemed when Celestia used them on Luna, the Elements found Celestia no longer worthy of there power and turned themselves into stone. Waiting for the next batch of worthy users. I laugh to myself, now knowing the Elements of Harmony had some sense of consciousness. I walk past them, not caring if I'm the next user, I know it will be Twilight and the other five mares.

I walk through the corridors of the old castle, reliving a certain memory as I walk past Luna's old room, man was she determined that night.

It had been a few hours since I first met Princess Luna. After she hugged me after I told her I had no family and friends to go back to, she assured me that I would be happy here in Equestria. We chatted away for a while, letting out some personal details about each other, such as my favorite show back on earth, Doctor Who. I told her about it and she liked the concept of the show. By the time we finished talking, it was already night, and boy was I tired. I was going to sleep on the floor like I usually did back at my apartment, but Luna simply refused to let me sleep on the floor.

"Don't worry Princess Luna, I'll be fine, I've been living on the floor for years now. One more night isn't going to affect me." I assured the night princess, but she simply wouldn't budge.

"We will not allow thee to sleep on the floor. You will be sleeping on the bed with us." Luna declares. I slightly blush at this, quickly turning my head away so Luna wouldn't see me slightly turning beet red. "We don't see the problem with thou sleeping with us.

"It's not a problem," I stutter out, I turn back to her and glance at the large bed. "It's just that, well... a man sleeping with a woman technically means, well..."

"Goku Black, as a Princess we command thee to sleep with us tonight." She decreases. I try looking for a way out of this, but I couldn't. If I tried to run away, it's most likely she would use magic to grab ahold of me. Even if I tried to jump out the window, I didn't know how to fly or use my ki. So it looked like I had only one option.

I sigh in defeat and droop my shoulders. "Fine," I mumble. When Luna heard I gave in, she made the quietest squeal I've ever heard. She grabbed both of my hands and dragged me towards the bed. She had gotten in first and had moved to the side to make room. She patted the empty spot for me, reluctantly I got onto the bed and under the covers. At this point, I was beet red. Luna had noticed this and giggled. She hugged me and wrapped her wings around me, keeping me warm. At this point, I knew what she was going for.

All this time, she just wanted to help me with all my struggles.

I laughed at the memory, remembering how awkward that night was for me. After I walked past all the living accommodations, I had made my way to the old throne room. I think that day was the scariest day of my entire life. I think the most terrifying thing to experience is not being stabbed or fighting a god, no it's meeting the sister of Luna after the night you slept with her.

"Are so sure about this Princess Luna? Wouldn't your sister be mad at you if she found out that I had magically appeared in your room?" I ask Luna as she is pulling me around the castle. "What if she thinks I'm an intruder and fires a blast at me?" She looks over her shoulder and flashes me a smile.

"Oh come on Black, you'll be fine, and please stop calling me Princess Luna, just call me Luna." She assures me, making me feel a little better, I smile back, making her giggle.

We passed some guards along the way, they were giving me glares, making me uncomfortable. But Luna's glare had changed it when Luna glared back, I think I saw one of the guards almost shit himself. But other than that, it was pretty uneventful until we got to the throne room. Two guards were guarding the doorway to the throne room. Princess Luna was still pulling me, against my protests. As we reach the door, the guards immediately pointed their spears towards me and I put my hands up.

"He is with me guards, we shall be seeing Tia now." She decrees as the guards immediately put their spears down and franticly nod. Luna smiles and opens the door. I just stand there with my eyes wide open, I look to the guards and back to Luna, who had already made it into the room. I quickly follow, making my way through and I was amazed to see the room itself. The Throne room was open and roomy, the roof was held high above us. Pillars of marble and gold lined the halls as it held the roof.

I look at the end of the hall and I see a beautiful mare at the end of it. Another alicorn sat in the throne, one with a white coat of fur with a flowing pink mane. She wore a white and gold-lined dress with gold sleeves running down her arms. She wore a necklace with a sun emblem engrave on it and a gold crown upon her head. She wore a motherly smile on her face, and I can feel the radiating power coming from her, it amazed me. She locked eyes with me and her smile changed to neutral. It looked like she was analyzing me, searching for anything good or bad. I gulped nervously and continued to follow Luna to the throne.

We closed the distance to the mare and we stopped about 5 feet from the throne. "Goodmorning tia." Luna greeted. The white alicorn smiled at her sister, but she became neutral again when she looked at me. At this point I was trying not to faint, I was terrified. I thought of the only logical way to get on her good side immediately, I bowed.

I can feel both of their eyes watching me, I slightly look up to see Luna giggling while the white mare just smiles at me. Me thinking I did a good impression, I stood back to my full hight. "So, who might you be?" The white alicorn asks.

"My name is Goku Black, I'm a Saiyan," I explain. She seemed to be interested in who I was, but I went into detail on how I got here and what happened before, leaving out the part of being in a new body. The mood had changed in the room, Luna still felt terrible, while I couldn't read the other alicorn.

"I'm deeply sorry to hear that if you want." She then gestures a hand out of the throne room window, "you can call Equestria your new home." She smiles down at me.

"Thank you, Princess...?" I then thought about it, I never got her name. "Oh I'm sorry your highness, but I never got your name."

She blushes slightly at this and laughed nervously. "Oh, where are my manners, my name is Princess Celestia, co-ruler of Equestria." She introduces herself. "I do have one question though, where did you sleep when you arrived."

This what I was afraid of, I tried hiding my blush, lying to her would probably make worse in the end. Sighing, "I'm sorry if this comes out wrong but... I kinda slept with your..." I didn't want to say the last part, but Princess Celestia seemed to get the message. Her right eye slowly started to twitch, know what was about to happen. Without warning, she fired a small the swift magical blast at me. I tried to block it, but I wasn't fast enough, resulting in me being blasted into a wall.

When I had impacted the said wall, I blacked out.

I smirk at the spot I crashed into, of course, they repaired by now. But it felt like it happened just yesterday. With that out of the way, I thought it was time to confront Nightmare Moon. I began my trek down the halls of the castle, and if my memory serves right, the training room is right next to the training yard. I quickly made my way outside to see the field, it was unkempt and messy. Tallgrass was everywhere, old training equipment was still there, but falling apart. I walked around the field, still wondering if anything I had here wasn't already decaying.

By the time I got to the end of the field, I saw something move around in the dark, I started searching for its ki, but I couldn't sense it, but I did know what it primarily used, Magic. I look up to the sky to see Nightmare Moon hovering in front of the moon. I glared at her and she glared back. I watched her as she made her descent back down to the field. Instantly I made a ki blade in the right hand, but instead of attacking, I used it to launch a slicing attack on the tall grass. With that out of the way, I watch Nightmare Moon land on the now cut grass.

"Ah, now I remember." She said, I quirked an eyebrow at her. "Your that Saiyan that left oh poor Lulu, all alone." She says, trying to tempt me to attack, but I held my ground. "But why would you leave poor Lulu all alone, oh but I know. You left her to go deal with your own Nightmare. The real Goku Black." She finishes. We started to circle each other, getting ready for a fight. "Do you know what the best thing was about that, she was going to confess her feelings for you, on the day you asked her and Celestia to seal you in stone to fight your own Nightmare." She let out a maniacal laugh, getting me pissed off. "She was so heartbroken, that she ignored everypony for a whole year, giving me the chance to take over. And when I gave her the offer, she accepted without hesitation!" At that, I snapped.

The entire area had started to shake, surprising Nightmare Moon. She was looking for the source until she found out it was me. I stared daggers at her, making the Nightmare flinch. "You shouldn't have tempted me Nightmare, cause now you'll feel." I started to power up straight to Super Saiyan. "MY DIVINE WRATH!" I yell as my aura grew ten times its normal size. However, Nightmare Moon didn't back up in fear, instead, she seemed excited. I frown at this, know this might be a fight that might take a while.

Without hesitation, Nightmare powered up her aura and charged at me. I did the same and we sped towards each other and we clashed, creating a massive crater.

The Battle of Divine Beings begin!

Author's Note:

Hello everyone. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and want more. Sorry to leave it on a cliff hanger, but I'm going to take this week off because of school. Well, that's all for right now.

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