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Equestria's Divine God - ShirtMechanic

[Displaced] My name is Michael, but I'm inside the body of Goku Black. When another part of me had tried to take control. I had decided to trap myself in stone with the help of two sisters. After thousands of years, its time for a gods return.

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Chapter 2: Ponyville Part 1

Chapter 2: Ponyville Part 1

After my quick visit with Luna, I had used my instant Transmission technique and teleported to Celestia's location. It seemed I had arrived in a large room with a table and a row of seats, my favorite place of all time. The dining room. I look to my right to see Celestia eating a slice of cake, who stared at me in confusion on how I teleported next to her.

I smirk at her as she is holding a fork in her hand with a piece of cake almost in her mouth. "Even after all these years, you're still good looking," I comment, which gets her to blush. I chuckle at this and take a seat next to her. "I know you have a high metabolism but still, how are you not fat?!" I point out.

She finishes her bite of cake and swallows, "Says the one who can eat an entire buffet and count it as an appetizer." She says as she takes another bite from her cake.


"Anyway, are you alright?" Celestia askes as she looks at me with a concerned look. Like the ones a mother would give if their child was hurt.

I give her a thumbs up with a reassuring smile, "Don't worry, I've calmed down." I look around the dining room, some guards at the doors were giving me an acceptable look, but I ignored it. I had seen enough of the dining room to see it looked almost the same as the old castle, just, brand new. I and Celestia were quiet and kept to ourselves for a few minutes, after that long it had started to get boring, so I asked her, "So anything interesting happened while I was gone for an hour?"

Celestia looks to me with a smile. "Yes," She finishes her cake and pushes the plate away. Celestia puts her forearms on the table. "Twilight Sparkle had sent me a letter on how Nightmare Moon will return on the thousandth year of the Summer Sun Celebration. And how we needed to plan on how to prevent it from happening. I already had a plan for her to go to Ponyville to find the next Element barriers and to also make some friends." She then winks at me, leaving me confused, until I let out a laugh at what she meant. She meant to make friends that represented the Elements of Harmony. She went on how Twilight thought she didn't need any friends. "I had sent back a letter, saying that she should stop reading those books and to go make friends."

I nodded in amusement, Celestia still had her sly plans, but I still had one question. "What are you going to do when Luna comes back?"

At that moment, everything seemed to tense up, the air became slightly heavier. I saw Celestia give me a serious look, but then looked back to her plate and started to compliment on what to do. "I plan on my star pupil to find the new Elements of Harmony Bearers." She then looks back to me with a stern look, "You must protect them when Luna returns."

I give her a questioning glance, "Why do you need me to protect them when Luna returns, I'm sure they can take her." I assure her.

"No, they can't." She then looks out one of the windows in the hall, towards the small town of Ponyville. "When you were turned to stone, she began to train hard, harder than she ever had done before. When she was fighting me, her strength was out of this world, it was like she could decimate an entire planet if she wanted to." Celestia commented.

My eyes widened, I knew Luna would push herself harder to forget the thought of losing a friend. But I didn't know that she would push hard herself hard enough to have the power to destroy a world, which meant I couldn't mess around. "Do you know the most likely place she would go when she's back?"

"Probably in Ponyvilles town hall, that's where I'll be when I'm going to raise the sun," Celestia explained.

I nod and put my hand on my chin, thinking of a plan to free Luna from the Nightmares control. I know I asked Luna to meet me at our old sparring area, but it is most likely that Nightmare Moon would go against that and go straight for Princess Celestia. Luna would be fighting for control, but would be overwhelmed against Nightmare Moon. There is a way I could set her free, but I could let the Nightmare escape and take control of somepony else. This means the Elements are the only choice of getting rid of Nightmare Moon, forever. But I would have to be there to make sure she won't kill anypony or destroy the Elements of Harmony.

With a plan formulating in my head, I look to Celestia with a confident smirk, "I think I got a plan, Celestia, it's not full-proof, but it'll work."

Twilight Sparkle was very confused at the moment. She had recently sent a letter to Princess Celestia about the dangers of Nightmare Moon returning tonight. But Princess Celestia had told her to stop reading those silly books and go make friends at the Summer Sun Celebration. She dismissed the last part and focused on what mattered, figuring out a way to stop Nightmare Moon returning.

She was currently on her way to Ponyville with her trusty assistant, Spike the dragon. He is a small kid with purple scales all over his body and small green fins running down his back and tail. He has long and messy green hair and green draconic eyes and sharp teeth. He wears a short sleeve light purple hoodie with a white undershirt, dark blue shorts, purple tennis shoes, and a brown bag to his side. In dragon terms, he's still technically a baby but is old enough to be a kid in Equestrian terms.

They were on a golden carriage being pulled by two pegasus royal guards through the air. They were about 15 minutes away from arriving at there destinations, so Spike decided to break the silence.

"So Twilight," Spike asked quizzically, "Did you notice that bright flash of light in the Badlands about an hour ago?"

"I don't know Spike," Twilight said truthfully, she had no idea what it was. She had an idea though, she thought it was something glinting from the Badlands, but she then thought something couldn't glint that far. "I thought it was something glinting in the distance, but there's nothing that size for a glint to be visible to Canterlot," Twilight explains in a detailed manner.

"Your right, nothing can cause that, well except me," I say as I appear next to them, cruising in the air. This had caught everypony off guard. The royal guards looked like they were about to ver off another direction, Spike looked on in awe, and Twilight looked at me with a metaphorical jaw on the carriage.

"Wha... how... h-how are y-you flying!" Twilight spoke out, trying to form words. I chuckle at this and set myself onto the carriage, snapping Spike out of his trance.

"Who are you?"

I look to the small dragon boy and smile. "I used to be Equestria's guardian a thousand years ago, but you may call me Goku Black," I say as I point a thumb at myself. Spike looks at me like I'm crazy.

"But how are you over a thousand years old, are you immortal!" Spike asks in suspicion. I chuckle at this and start to explain how I'm that old. From how and why I was encased in stone to what I did for a thousand years, on how I got out, and to right now, which wasn't a long story. But was long enough for us to arrive in Ponyville.

I had hovered to the ground and landed while the carriage had landed a bit rough. Twilight had thanked the royal guards, with a nod from them, they took off back to Canterlot. I looked around my surroundings, it looked like a nice and calm town, but everypony had their eyes on me. They had a mix of awe and fear, and this gave me the idea that these townponys might jump the gun quickly without questions. But after a few moments of silence, they sorta just went on about there day, still occasionally looking at me with curiosity.

"So, when are you going to start making friends like the Princess said?' Spike asked.

Twilight's head drooped and she groaned, "Spike, making friends isn't important right now. Princess Celestia said to check on preparations. I am her student and I will do my royal duty, but the fate of Equestria does not rest on me making friends." Twilight explained as she crossed her arms.

"Oh come on Twilight, can you at least try?" Spike sighs in annoyance.

I look to see an extremely pink girl walking our way. Everything about her yelled 'Im the crazy' she had a light pink fur, with hot pink hair which was a mess, it was curly and it decides physics. She had light blue eyes that seemed to look into my soul. She wore a white and blue stripe shirt with a dark pink jacket over it. She also wore a purple skirt and dark blue boots. She was also just an earth pony.

Spike had seen this as an opportunity and pointed to the pink pony. "Let's try her."

Twilight had look at her ears hung low, she gulped and nervousness laughed, "Uh... hello?"

What happened next had caught us completely off guard. Instead of a nice hi back from the pink pony, she immediately defied all physics and jumped into the air, gasping. She hung in the air for a few seconds, and speed off over our heads. We ducked out of the way as she went somewhere. I look in the direction the pink pony went and looked on in confusion.

Twilight and Spike seemed to share the same idea. Twilight was the first one to break out of her confusion and shake her head. "Well, that was certainly interesting." She said as she went in the direction of the first preparation. Spike followed her after sighing in defeat.

I shook my head out of my stupor and followed them. "I feel like that pony is going to be making references," I say to myself as I catch up with them.

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