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Equestria's Divine God - ShirtMechanic

[Displaced] My name is Michael, but I'm inside the body of Goku Black. When another part of me had tried to take control. I had decided to trap myself in stone with the help of two sisters. After thousands of years, its time for a gods return.

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Chapter 1: What happened?

Chapter 1: What happened?

"Long time no see, Celestia," I say in a cheery tone.

Princess Celestia just smiles back and lets the magical barrier she had down. "Was the explosion really necessary?"

I let out a chuckle as I pop my fingers. "Oh come on, it would've looked boring if I just popped out." I start popping my neck, "You know, 1,000 years can give you a crick in the neck?" I say as I twist my head around a bit.

"Your the one who decided that sealing yourself in stone was the best method," Celestia said while giving me a smirk. "Well anyway, welcome back Goku Black, did you manage to do it?" Princess Celestia asks with concern.

I look to her seriously, with a nod, "Yeah." I smiled, "The bastard is gone, he's in a mental prison that he could never escape from." I say while tapping my head with a finger. I look to the small purple unicorn with interest.

"Celestia? Why is there a purple unicorn in the gardens?" I question, "I thought fillies weren't allowed in here."

Twilight Sparkle seemed to get angry at this. "I'll have you know I'm a young mare! Also, It's magenta, not purple." She finishes with a glare, which doesn't affect me.

"Right," I chuckle at this, further annoying the 'young mare'. I cross my arms and look to Princess Celestia, "So, she's your student or something?" I question, pointing to the annoyed Twilight Sparkle.

"Indeed, she is my most faithful student." She says as she wraps a wing around Twilight, who had beamed up after being held by Princess Celestia.

"Right, anyway," I said, clapping my hands together. I look to Celestia with a questioning gaze, "Where's Lulu at, is she asleep?"

I don't know what I've said, but it seemed to bring down Celestia's mood. It looked like something happened to her sister, which had gotten me worried. "Celestia," I said, putting my hands to my hips, "Where's Luna?"

Princess Celestia looks to her student with concern. "Twilight, do you mind if you would supervise the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration." She says. "I need to talk with Goku Black."

"But Pri-"

"Please Twilight." Princess Celestia asks pleadingly. Twilight looks between me and her teacher, "Sure." She then runs off into the castle to prepare to leave. As soon as Twilight was out of earshot, Princess Celestia looks to me with a solemn gaze. "I'm afraid Lulu isn't with us right now."

My eyes widen, thinking something terrible happened to my friend. "You don't mean she's-"

"No," Celestia assures me, making me relived a bit. "She's not dead, but she's not here on Equestria at the moment."

"Then where is she?"

Princess Celestia looks like she's falling apart, she sighs and looks to me with tear-filled eyes. "She's on the moon, and I can't bring her back!" She burst out crying, making me feel bad in the process. I walk up to her shaking form and wrap my arms around her. She did the same, burning her head into my chest.

I held her in my arms for a few minutes, letting Celestia gain her bearings. I let her go and I could still see a few tears.

"I should probably tell you how it happened." Princess Celestia sniffled.

I give her a sad smile, "I would prefer that."

"Well," Celestia looks off into the horizon, "It happened not too long after we sealed you in stone." Celestia then went into detail on what happened to my best friend, and it broke my heart. Knowing I could've done something, but with the chance for the real Goku Black to take control, I couldn't. She told me she became Nightmare Moon and tried to take control, but failed. As a result, Celestia accidentally sent her corrupted sister to the moon with the Elements of Harmony. After hearing this, I felt like I was going to break down, but I felt a wave of growing anger inside me. Not at Celestia for sending my best friend to the moon, but my inability to help her when she needed it.

"Are you sure there isn't any other way for me to get her?" I asked. Celestia shook her head.

"No, even if you could find a way onto the moon, she is chained there with the power of the Elements of Harmony until this Summer Sun Celebration," Celestia explained.

"When's this Summer Sun Celebration?" I ask Celestia. I scratch my forehead, thinking of a way I could get Lulu to come back. Not as Nightmare Moon, but as my friend.


"Huh, that's a coincidence," I say. I look at my surroundings, I never noticed it, but I was at a different castle. "So, when'd you move castle?" I asked. At this point, I was killing time, I had no idea what I wanted to do for 12 hours. For sure I didn't want to train, I've been doing it for a thousand years.

"Not too long after I sent Luna to the moon." Celestia looks solemnly to the horizon, thinking of her sister.

I stare with Celestia, looking onto the sun in the rising in the light blue sky. "Is there anywhere I can blow off some steam?"

Celestia looks to me with concern, "There's the Badlands." She answers. "Do you need me to teleport you?"

"Yeah," I look to Celestia with a stern look, forward concerning Princess Celestia. She lit her horn, preparing the teleportation spell. I felt a tingly sensation around me as my world changed.

I open my eyes and take in my surroundings, and the title 'Badlands' fits. Everything was a wasteland, it was an endless sea of sand and heat. I saw many trees, trying to get every ounce of water they can before they inevitably die. It's not like they would last longer anyway, I know what I'm here to do.

I look for something to break, but I can't find a damn thing, furthering my growing anger. At this point, I'm willing to let it all go in a fiery rage. If I blasted the entirety of the Badlands, it would all become glass, then I would shatter it. Making up my mind, I started to let out all of my power. The Badlands began to shake under my immense power. I let out a yell so loud, I'm pretty sure it was heard all across the world.

The yell of a lost guardian.

As Princess Celestia looked onto the horizon, looking in the direction of the Badlands. She could hear a yell that would be heard all across Equestria. She then saw a massive explosion rise into the sky in the shape of a mushroom cloud. It was filled with pink and purple colors.

Princess Celestia let out a heavy sigh. "I hope you're ok."

5 minutes later

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I scream to the heavens, letting out all of my anger. I had turned into my Super Saiyan Rosé form, creating a crater in the process. My energy danced around me like an unstoppable, raging, forest fire. 'How stupid am I to just leave Lulu like that!' I scream in my head. Knowing screaming isn't going to get her back immediately, I had to calm down. I started to take deep breaths, like what I and Lulu did if we were stressed out.

After managing to cool off, I was still ticked off, I thought of an idea. It would be temporary, and I wouldn't be able to stay longer, but I would be able to see Luna.

I put two fingers to my head and I begin to concentrate, trying to locate what I wanted to find. After a few moments of searching, I locked onto her energy signature. Before I would use the Instant Transmission Technique, I took a deep breath. I closed my eyes and teleported.


That's all I could hear, there was no sound for wind, rushing water, or even the broken up rocks underneath me. Just an atmosphereless wasteland surrounded me. On one side of my body, I felt the heat of Celestia's sun, while the other side was.



Filled with anger, jealously, and a growing air of loneliness. I was in the right place, I was on the moon, but not for long.

It is true that Saiyans can survive in the vacuum of space, but not for long. Maybe for a few minutes, but that's all I needed. I looked around for my best friend, searching for her ki signature, I found her. My energy dance around me as I took off in the direction of my friend.

It wasn't long till I found her, and it was the worst thing I've seen, except for the mass genocide that the Real Goku Black committed. I saw a dark Alicorn, covered head to hoof in light blue armor. Her slitted eyes were what made me a bit nervous.

Nightmare Moon, no, Luna was chained into the ground in shackles, unable to move. She had little movement, but not enough for her to stand. I silently landed behind her and I had closed my eyes, preparing to talk to her.

"Hello, Princess Luna" I say to her with my mind. I had set up a temporary telepathic link, which will stay linked until I leave. This shocks her, she hasn't heard that voice in such a long time. She turns around to see me, having not aged a single bit.

"B-Black?" She says in disbelief, her mouth gapped to how I was even here, let alone breathing. I could see her slit eyes become normal, then start to water, but to then be vaporized due to the vacuum of space.

"What happened to you?" I say with a trail of sadness seeping through. I walk closer to her and kneel to her eye level.

She looks down to the surface of the moon, shamefully. There were a few moments of silence, not a single breath could be heard. "I-I got jealous of my s-sister," she explained. "My little ponies were scared of me, scared of the night and what it holds."

"When I'd ask her if could be in charge for a day, or even trying day court. She would push me away and take the glory of the ponies."

I nod in understanding, knowing what my friend needed in that time I was away. But I felt a wave of anger towards Celestia now, 'How could she do that to Lulu, just shunning her away.' Before I could jump to conclusions, I realized I was about to run out of oxygen.

I quickly wrap her in a hug. This surprised Luna but she welcomed it. "Look, Luna, I'm about to run out of oxygen, so I'm going to need to head back. But can you do one thing for me?" I ask her. She looks to me with a sad smile.


"Once your back in Equestria, can you head to our old sparring area? I ask. She seems to be surprised that I still remember that area, but she nods.

"Alright then, I'm off." I get up from the hug and I prepare to use the Instant Transmission Technique and look to Luna. "I'll see you soon, Lulu..."

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