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The Amazing Sunset Shimmer - KozLeMage

My name is Sunset Shimmer. I was bitten by a radioactive spider... And for the past few weeks, I've been the one and only: Spider-Girl!

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Volume I: With great power comes great responsibility - Chapter 1: Pilot

The disaster of the fall formal still weighed on Sunset Shimmer. Not that she was disappointed that she lost, but she was overwhelmed by guilt for her past mischiefs. How did she get there?

She still remember, crawling out of that hole, under the disappointed look of princess Twilight Sparkle. She gave her a simple choice, to forever be alone, or, to seek for friendship.
She didn’t know where to begin with, she didn’t know how to make friends. But hopefully for her, the same girls who were the cause of her failure accepted her within their group.
And since that day, Sunset found that friendship truly was magical.

Of course, there were ups and downs, but they always have their back. It wasn’t easy at first, when Princess Twilight returned to Equestria, Pinkie Pie added Sunset Shimmer on their group chat.
And every time they planned something, they made sure that Sunset Shimmer was also invited, but every time she showed up, they all seemed surprised, like that time when Pinkie throw a party for Rarity’s birthday and Sunset actually showed up with a present. They were all speechless and it was really awkward since neither of them actually believed that she was going to come. It takes a few weeks for them to realize that Sunset Shimmer really wanted to change.
When Sunset was at her lowest, those girls helped her go back up the slope.

At start, she thought she was just some charity case, but gradually, she noticed that she was an integral part of their group, and she was now living with Celestia and Luna who welcomed her with open arms when they found out that Sunset lived, for almost two years, in an old dilapidated factory. It’s a funny story, one day, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash really wanted to know were Sunset lived, and since she didn’t want them to find out where she lived, Sunset told them that she had a little apartment but it was too small for any of her friends to come. Of course, they didn’t believe her, so Pinkie Pie track her down, thanks to her ninja skills. When she found out, she immediately told her friends, and then, Rarity told Celestia and Luna. When they learned that Sunset was homeless, they didn’t hesitate a second, and took her in. Sunset couldn’t believe it at first, but she wasn’t alone anymore, and she was grateful to Celestia and Luna to have gotten her out of this.
She wanted to redeem herself and, of course, her friends quickly forgave her, but the rest of the school wasn't with that state of mind. All of the schools hated Sunset, and, truth to be told, hate was a euphemism.

Sunset was now used to walk through the corridors of Canterlot High while undergoing the dark glances and insults from the others students. She wasn’t mad at them, she was the only one to blame, it was her fault if all the schools hated her guts.

Today was a Friday like any other Friday, after a long morning of classes and judgements from others students, Sunset was heading to the cafeteria to join her friends.
She took a plate of food and headed to the table were five colorful heads were waiting for her.

“Hi Sunset!”

“Hello Pinkie.” replied Sunset while she took a seat at their table.

“Well sugarcube, why the long face?”

Sunset sighed. “Sorry AJ, I thought that it wouldn’t last with time... it’s already been a month since the fall formal, but they’re still mad at me…”

“Oh Darling...” said Rarity putting her hand on Sunset’s “You don’t have to apologies, you need to know that we have already forgave you for your pasts… mistakes.”

“And, from a certain point of view, it was kinda cool to see you turned into a she-demon and brainwash all of the students !” said Pinkie Pie to her, in a reassuring manner, a big smile on her face not noticing the looks that she was receiving from her friends.

“Pinkie Pie!” exclaimed Rarity, offended.

“It’s nothing Rarity. » said Sunset « But, from now on, can we avoid this subject?”

“Okie Dokie!“

“You know Sunset, I’ve learned that it was our good actions that shows people who we are, and not our lack of bad actions…” said the shy girl, pocking her own food with her fork. “Or, maybe not…”

“Fluttershy’s right ya know Sunny.” said Rainbow Dash who just finished her meal. “Why don’t you go help or at least do something with someone? Maybe join a club or somethin’.”

“I’ve tried Rainbow, but nobody wants to do something with me, even Derpy almost cried when I gave to her that pen she just dropped.”

“Have you tried to talk with Principal Celestia about that?” said Applejack.

“And what is she going to do?” asked Sunset “It’s not like she can get all of the students to like me.”

“Well, maybe not…” started Rarity “But maybe she can at least put you on a club you might like.”

“I don’t know Rarity, what if the members of that club want to kick me out?”

“Dear, if it’s Principal Celestia herself who put you into a club, they’ll have no choice but to accept that.” Rarity said.

“It seems like abuse of power, I’ve been told that it’s not something I should keep on doing.” said Sunset, smirking at the fashionista.

“It’s for greater good, dear.” Replied Rarity.

“Well girls, change of subject!” exclaimed Rainbow Dash “Who’s excited for the school trip this afternoon?”

Sunset totally forgot about that, yet, Celestia reminded her last night. Today, some of the final year students have a school trip planed at Discord Corporation, more commonly called, DisCorp.
DisCorp was the number one corporation in terms of technological progress and it was directed by the famous scientist, Discord. Therefore, all of the students were excited about this trip. They would be entitled to a guided tour by the famous Doctor Conhorse, and the program was loaded!

They were going to see several technological devices that Sunset couldn’t name because they were too complicated to pronounce, including a particle accelerator, and, from what Celestia told her, genetically modified animals, to Fluttershy’s pain.
Sunset wasn’t excited about that either, after all, she technically used to be one. But the visit was mandatory, because they would have a report to do and Sunset couldn’t afford a bad grade, having only A+ in all of her classes, she didn’t want it to change.

‘I just hope that the animal part doesn’t last too long.’ She thought to herself. She first heard of DisCorp. shortly after she arrived in this world. The first assignment she got on her class was a presentation of Discord and how he revolutionized the world of science. So, she known a little of the character. She let her friends continue the discussion while eating silently, participating only when they spoked directly to her.

When the bell rang, indicating the end of their lunch break, the girls walked to the CHS entrance hall, it was the meeting spot for all the students who participated in the excursion. There were already around twenty students who were waiting peacefully and chatting with each other. The discussions abruptly stopped when they saw Sunset and gave her dark glare.

"What are you looking at?" throw Rainbow Dash defying them. They returned to their occupations, discussions have now turned into whispers, some of them still glancing at Sunset from time to time. She silently thanked her rainbow haired friend, even if it bothered her that one of her friends had to stand for her.

Celestia, Luna and Miss Cherilee arrived quickly to make the call, and without delay, the students headed to the school parking lot to take the bus. Sunset sat next to Pinkie Pie and the pink one proposed to watch an episode from a show she just started. Something about a fire-breathing magician and a talking blue cat, Sunset thought it was stupid, but, in the end, she thought that it was pretty funny.

The road passed quickly and the students got off the bus.
Sunset was agape, she never came to this part of the city, so she wasn’t used to being in front of a huge building made of glass and steel of at least five hundred meters.
The building was so high that Sunset had to lean back to even try to see the top of it.
Celestia asked them to quickly regroup in pairs before entering the building, they went up the steps which was in front of the building and entered through a gigantic door made of glass.

The interior of the building was filled with well-dressed people going back and forth everywhere, either on the phone or walking quickly making it clear that they were busy, some of them looked intrigued at the student, they must not have known that a school trip was scheduled for today.

A woman named Felicia Hardy, ‘what a strange name’ Sunset thought, introduced herself to Celestia and to the students welcoming them and invited them to follow her. She was Doctor Conhorse personal assistant as she said, she had long dark hair and green eyes. She seemed young, like two, maybe three year older that the students, so Sunset believed that she maybe was new here. A lot of Sunset’s male classmates was eyeing Felicia and her perfect curve, she couldn’t help but letting out a sigh. ‘Boys are all the same…’ she thought. Well, not exactly all boys, she knew a blue haired guitar player who was a perfect gentleman.

So, they walked through this concrete maze, sometimes climbing stairs, sometimes walking along long corridors, to finally arrive in what Sunset could guess was a laboratory. Several people, all scientist wearing white coats, were working on various electronic devices and didn’t even look at the arrival of at least thirty students, probably too absorbed in their work, or because they didn’t care.
A man, himself wearing a long white blouse seemed to be waiting for them and welcomed them with a charming smile, he had beautiful blond hair and, a detail that Sunset found interesting, his right arm was missing. He exchanged some words with Celestia before he spoke to all the students.

“Hello dear students, I am Doctor Conhorse and let me welcome you at DisCorp." he said in a cheerful voice. "And yes, before you ask, I’m left-handed.”
His joke made several students to laugh, even Sunset found herself giggling. “I'm a former scientist and I'm the world's foremost authority on herpetology. That's reptiles, for those of you who don't know. But like the Parkinson's patient who watches on in horror as her body slowly betrays her, or the man with macular degeneration whose eyes grow dimer each day, I long to fix myself. I want to create a world without weakness. Anyone care to venture a guess just how?”

No students answered, so Luna allowed herself to speak.
“Stem cells?” she asked.

“Promising” replied Dr Conhorse « but the solution I’m thinking of is more… radical.”
The students stared at each other, none of them knowing what to say.
Sunset then had an idea. She hesitated first, not wanting all of the attention on her, but she said to herself what the hell?

“Cross-species genetics?” She said.

All of the students looked at her, some of them were incredulous and others wondering why in addition to being the most distressed girl in high school, she also was a know-it-all.
But she saw Dr Conhorse give her a look that encouraged her to continue.
“A person gets Parkinson’s when the brain cells that produce dopamine start to disappear. But the zebrafish has the ability to regenerate cells on command. If you can somehow give this ability to the woman you’re talking about, that’s… that. She’s curing herself.” she finished.

Not only Dr Conhorse looked impress, but also all the other students, even Celestia, Luna and Mlle Cherilee were speechless.

“And you are?” he asked.

“Sunset Shimmer.” she replies, a faint blush on her cheeks.

“And she’s one of CHS best and brightest students” said Celestia “She’s the first on her class.”

Doctor Conhorse looked like he was going to say something, before Felicia walks behind him and tell him something in his hear. For just a second, he looked angry, but quickly regained his charming smile. “Well, it looks like something went wrong on a project that my team is working on.” He explained “I’ve got to go, but I’ll let you in the most capable hand of miss Hardy right here.”

And just like that, he vanished in one of the long corridors. The boys couldn’t be happier, they all gathered around Felicia and started to ask her questions about everything, just so she could notice them.

“You did great.” A voice said behind Sunset, she turned around and saw Celestia smiling at her.

“Thanks.” Sunset replied, trying to hide the blush in her cheeks.

Celestia joined Luna and Cherilee who were talking with Felicia. Sunset found herself at the back of the group with her friends.

“How did you know all that?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“Well, I’ve read a lot about Doctor Conhorse research, and…”


“Guilty in charge.” Said Sunset.

They caught up with their fellow classmates and Sunset started to listening to what Felicia was saying.

“There are over 32,000 known species of spider in the world. They’re in the order Araneae, divided into three suborders.” She said, behind her were some cages with all sorts of spiders in them. “Arachnids from all three groups possess varying strengths which help them in their constant search for food.” She then showed them an explanation on the gigantic screen that was on the wall. “Next, we have the net web spider, family Filistatidae genus Kukulcania. It spins an intricate funnel shaped web whose strands have a tensile strength proportionately equal to the hype of high-tension wire.”

“Do you understand any of this?” whispered Applejack to Sunset who was listening to every words that came out of the mouth of Felicia.

“Did you know that some spiders change colors to blend into their environment? It’s a defense mechanism.” Sunset said to her.

“What makes you think we’d want to know that?” whispered a bored Rainbow Dash.

“Who wouldn’t?”

“Egghead.” Said Rainbow Dash with a rolling of her eyes.

“I think that it’s very interesting…” Said Fluttershy.

“Thank you Fluttershy.”

“… but I don’t understand anything.”

“Hum, girls?”

They turned to were the voice came, it was Rarity’s.

“What’s wrong rare?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“Where is Pinkie Pie?”

That’s was a good question, the five girls looked around the group, but didn’t find their friend.


“Rainbow!” exclaimed Rarity offended. “Language!”

“If we didn’t find her soon, she’ll be in lot of trouble.” Said Applejack.

Sunset looked around and saw a trail of candy paper who were leading in a hallway out of sight of the group.

“I’m going to get her.” Said Sunset.

“You certainly not.” Replied Rarity.

“Rarity, if I’m not going to look for her, Celestia or Luna will, and she’ll be in good shi…”


“It’s not going to take long, I promise.” Said Sunset before slipping away in that same hallway, before any of her friends can say anything.

“I swear to god, if we’re all in detention because of them, I’ll kill them.” Said Rainbow Dash.

Sunset was following the colored trail of candy paper, sneaking around, looking for her friends. ‘Follow the yellow brick road Sunset.’ She thought. She turned around in another corridor and then, the trail stopped in front of a door. Sunset tried to open it but it was locked.
“How did she even get in there?” she said to herself, annoyed. She saw that it required a special code to enter, so, she was blocked.
Her heart almost slipped a beat when she heard some footsteps walking in her direction, she hid quickly in a nearby closet, and saw a scientist entered the code ‘4648’ she needed before entering the room. ‘Snap! If he finds Pinkie, she’s in trouble!’ but before she can even think more about it, the door opened again with the scientist going out.

“Forgot my folder, again.” He said “Someday I’ll forgot my head…”

And then he vanished around a corner. Sunset waited a little longer, just by precaution, and then jumped at the door, entering the code she saw. The door opened, and Sunset slipped inside before she closed behind her. The room was filled with computers and other machines, she looked around but there was no sign of pink fluffy hair anywhere. She wandered in the room and then she saw something that got her attention. On a computer screen, there was a report on something the scientist here must work on. It was entitled ‘DisCorp’s genetically modified Super-Soldier.’
‘What the fuck is that?’
She then began to read it. ‘… the results aren’t conclusive. Our guinea pigs still don’t survive the bite. It’s been now two-hundred and twenty-three days that we run tests, and even with changes in the formula, they still seem to be incompatible. We have to find an answer quickly, Dr Conhorse wants to shut down our project, and even if he is in the pocket of Discord, he doesn't agree with our little experiments, especially since we started to tested it on men…’

“Shit.” Was all Sunset had to say.

“What you’re lookin’ at?” said a high-piched voice behind her. Sunset almost had a heart attack before she recognized the voice.

“Pinkie!” she said. “What are you doing here? I was looking for you everywhere!”

“Well, I was looking for the bathroom, but I got lost!”

“But… How did you get in here? It was locked!”

“It was?” Pinkie asked.

Sunset rolled her eyes, “No time for that! We need to regain the group!”

“Okie, follow me Sunny!” said Pinkie, leading the way.

Sunset was going to follow her but… “Ouch!”

“What’s wrong?”

Sunset looked at her hand. “Something bites me!”

“Maybe it was a ghost!”

“Okay, I’m tired of this, let’s go.”

The two girls headed out of the room, before regaining the group. Rainbow was waving at them, it seems that nobody has noticed their absence.

It was late, the sun had set a while ago when Sunset Shimmer came home with Celestia and Luna, the trip lasted all the afternoon and Sunset was exhausted, she let out a sight of relief when she pulls out her boots and landed on the couch. She took the remote and started to do some channel zapping when Celestia came to sit on her left side.

“So,” she started “how was the afternoon?”

“Nice, I guess.”

“Well, I hope you’ve taken note, there will be a test next week.”

“Hmm.” Said Sunset, she was so exhausted that she didn’t really care about what Celestia was telling her.

“Now, maybe you can tell me where did you and miss Pie go?”

Okay, now she was listening.

“Hum… You see…” Sunset was going to tell a elaborate lie that she was going to make on the moment, but she realized that she was too exhausted too think. Why was she so tired?

“Don’t lie to me Sunset.” Replied Celestia with her I’m-not-joking tone.

“Okay… Pinkie Pie was gone so I decided to go looking for her, that’s all I swear, she was just searching for the bathroom.” Said sunset before a loud yawn escape from her mouth.

Celestia noticed it. “Are you okay Sunset? You seem to be exhausted.” She said, a little concern in her voice.

“Yeah, it was a pretty long day.” Then Sunset get up from the couch, heading for the stairs. “I’m going to bed.”

“But you didn’t eat anything.” Celestia replied, following her to the bottom of the stairs. “Do you want me to reheat some Pizza?”

Sunset let out another yawn, louder than the previous one.

“No, I’m… I’m going to sleep now. ‘Night” She said before climbing up the stairs and headed to her room.

“Goodnight.” Was all Celestia replied.

Sunset room was a random teenage room, with posters from bands and shows she liked, a desk with a laptop on it, some of her clothes were on the floor, her room was a little messy but nothing unusual for a seventeen years old girl. Sunset undressed herself, and dropped on her bed, before she quickly fell asleep.

Sunset was flying over the six girls who had almost reduced her plans to nothing. Seeing them all together made Sunset to laugh.

“Gee, the gang really IS back together again.” She let out a demonic laugh. “NOW step aside! Twilight has tried to interfere with my plans one too many times already! SHE NEEDS TO BE DEALT WITH!”

Sunset conjured a ball of fire between her two hands, and throw it to the ‘Princess of Friendship’.

It was it, Twilight and her friends were dead. She won.
She was all mighty, and had all the powers she needed to conquer Equestria.
She laugh.

She woke up, all sweating, feeling a tear upon her cheek.
That nightmare, again. She had it since the night of the fall formal and never get rid of it. At first, she thought it was because she had remorse, but it seems that it was deeper than that. But now, she was used to it. Sunset get out of her bed and did some stretching before going to the bathroom, but on her way there she saw a spider on the ground. Taking her by surprise she let out a “Eeeeep” and jumped. But it seems that Sunset jumped a little TOO hard because she was now gripped to her ceiling. Before she can ever realize wah she had just done, she fell on floor with a loud noise.

“Ouch…” she said laying on the ground.

“Sunset?” The voice of Celestia came from downstairs. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I am.” She replied, taking a seat on her bed, now watching at her hands. “How did I do that?”

She placed herself in the middle of her room and tried again, she jumped, and then, she grabbed onto the ceiling once again.

The head upside down she asked herself “What the fuck is happening to me?”

Volume I – Chapter 1: Pilot - END

Author's Note:

Hi there, you can call me Koz, and welcome on the first chapter of 'The Amazing Sunset Shimmer.'
First of all, i must warn you, english isn't my birth language, i'm french so it's possible that theres a little
(or, a lot) of errors in this fiction, and i'm really sorry about that. If you saw them, don't hesitate to tell me (i insist).
Also, this fiction takes place after the first EG movie, because i don't want magic to be involved.
Thus being said, enjoy your reading, Koz out !