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The Amazing Sunset Shimmer - KozLeMage

My name is Sunset Shimmer. I was bitten by a radioactive spider... And for the past few weeks, I've been the one and only: Spider-Girl!

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Volume I - Chapter 3: Spider-Girl

The man was running through the dark streets of Canterlot. He was running like his life was on the line. He has never run that fast and never thought that he had to. Everything happened so fast, it was just him and two of his friends who decided to rob a jewelry store.

“Are you sure about this?” said one of the three thugs, he was the smallest one. They were hiding behind a wall, behind the jewelry store.

“Listen Max, if you want to go home you can, but I don’t want a crybaby on my way.” Said another one of the thugs with a Russian accent. He was the biggest one, almost seven feet tall, and big like he was capable to lift a small car if he wanted to.

“Aleksei is right,” started the third one, who was picking the lock of the back door. “If you’re not up to that, then go home, we won’t hold a grudge against you.”

Flint was the name of the one who was lock picking the door. He, Max and Aleksei were just some low-level thugs used to be hired for petty theft. But this time they can actually win big.

Max was the smartest of the three, it was him who was the ‘head’ of their band. He was actually on his laptop, hacking through the security system of the store.

“You don’t have to worry my friend,” Started Aleksei “Everything is going to be just fine.”

Just has he said that, Flint finished what he was doing and the door opened. They waited a few minutes for the security alarm to rang but nothing happened, it seems that Max has done his homework.

“See?” said Aleksei smiling to his friend.

“Okay guys, I’m heading back to the van, I’ll look after you through the security camera,” Started Max “We’ll be in touch, thanks to this,” he gave them some sort of ear plugs. “You’ll have fifteen minutes before the alarm starts to ring, so be quick.” He finished before heading to their van, hidden in the back alley.

He entered the back of the truck, put his headset and activate his microphone.

“You guys can hear me?” he asked.

“All good.” Replied Flint.

Max looked on his computer screen to see if his team mates were doing good through the security camera.

Flint was the first to head for all the jewels that were in the back of the store, that’s where the biggest always were.

Aleksei put all that he finds in his large bag, always watching the back door, just in case.

“Be quick guys,” said Max “You just have ten minutes left.”

Just as he said that, Max saw a shadow that wasn’t supposed to be here, just beside a dead angle of the camera.

He thought he was dreaming, but the shadow started to slowly moving.

“Humm, guys?” Max started “I think there’s someone here.”

“Stop freaking out,” Replied Flint, calmly, still putting all of the biggest jewels he can find in his bag. “There’s just us here.”

Just as he said that, the camera of the room where he was started to fade to black. And a scream came through the headset of Max. No doubt about it, it was Flint’s voice.

“What the fuck?” Said Max, starting to panic.

“I’ll go check on him.” Said Aleksei, pulling out a gun.

He just had the time to take a step forward that all the camera shuts down. Max panics increase as he was trying to turn the cameras back on.

“THE FUCK IS TH…” Started to yell Aleksei, before the communication shuts down too.

Max didn’t waste more time, he jumped in front of the van but forgot that it was Flint who had the keys.

“Fuck!” he said.

He started to feel cold through is spine, a bad feeling invaded his whole body. He lifted his head, and saw, through the dark, a shadow. It wasn’t moving, just watching him. He discerned big red glowing eyes, watching him, like they can read his soul.

Max started to cry like a little girl before he jumped out of the van and started to run in the night.

Max was still running to escape this thing.

He never been so scared his whole life.

He was stopped by a barricade, turned himself and saw that thing still behind him, walking slowly.

He didn’t think twice and started to climb the barricade, but his pants gripped on it and started to shred when he fell on the floor. He didn’t mind and run towards the building that was in front of him.

He entered through the front door and looked around. He saw a sign on which was written “Consolidated Edison”. He continues to flee through the building and enters a large room filled with generators, a lot of warning signs were put on them.

He looked behind him, but saw nothing. He started to climb a ladder but when he was finally reaching the top, ‘it’ was waiting for him, a hood covering all of his face.

He was so afraid that he let go of the ladder. The hooded shadow tried to catch him, but it was too late.

Max fell on top of a generator and it exploded in an electrical overload.

It took her all her Sunday, but she finally made it.

She had her super hero suit. Well, it wasn’t exactly a ‘dope suit’ as she wanted, she didn’t have Rarity’s skills in terms of craftmanship. Her suit was a composed of a white sweatshirt with a hood and a pair of white mittens, she also made herself a white mask with holes for her eyes, a red gym pants that she used to wear for P.E, and a pair of white sneakers already worn out by time.

She looked at herself in the mirror that was on her bedroom’s door, and thought that it didn’t looked so bad. ‘Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t have done it any better anyway.’

“Well…” She started, taking off her mask and her hood. “All I have to do now is to find a super hero nickname.” She went to her desk, took her notebook and looked at all the ideas she’s gotten throughout the day.

‘Girl-Spider? Nah. Spider-sun? Too obvious. Dr. Spider?’ she let out a sigh. ‘Too lame.’

“Spider-woman?” she asked herself. Well, it wasn’t that bad, and she didn’t have any better ideas at the moment. ‘Who would think that find a super hero’s nickname was so hard?’

She sat on her bed and looked at the wall in front of her. ‘Well, what am I supposed to do now? Am I supposed to go out and fight some bad guys?’

It was now late in the evening, Celestia was already in her bed and Sunset was supposed to do the same, it was a school night after all.

What if Celestia founds out? Or what if Luna, who wasn’t in her bed at that time of the night, would go check on her?

She just can’t go out on the street and hope that it goes unnoticed.

‘Maybe it isn’t a great idea after all.’ She thought. She didn’t want to have trouble right now. Celestia just told her that she was proud of her, she didn’t want to disappoint her.

Her heart almost stopped beating when she heard a knock on it.

“Sunset?” It was Luna.

“Yes?” Sunset asked, hoping that Luna won’t come in her room and see her wearing her suit.

“I’m going to bed, we get up early tomorrow,” She said “You should do the same.”

“Yeah… Well, good night.”

No answers came but she heard the footsteps of Luna walking toward her room.

‘Okay, now or never.’

Sunset put her phone in her pocket, put on her mask and her hood and headed for her window.

“Wait.” She stopped.

‘It would be pretty cringe if I go out like this.’ She thought.

She then put on her casual clothes on her suit. This extra layer of warm wasn’t too much for Sunset, October’s nights were quite cold in Canterlot.

Then, she exited her room by her window being careful to not being too noisy so that Luna nor Celestia can’t hear that she was going out.

It’s in those moments that Sunset would love to have a car or a bike. Celestia’s house was located in the north suburbs of the city, not to far away from her school.

Luckily for her, there was a subway station on the other side of the street.

The subway wasn’t really her thing, it was dirty and kind of murky, especially the people who were here at night. She preferred to take the bus, but there wasn’t any night bus in the suburbs of the city, so she didn’t really have a choice.

It’s been two hours now that Sunset was walking through the streets of Canterlot, searching for some villains waiting for her to catch them.

‘I’m so bored right now…’ she thought.

She was wearing her suits, hiding her casual clothes in her bag. She almost called it a night when she heard a girl screaming.

“Finally!” She said, running in the direction of the scream she just heard.

She climbed a wall, and arrived on the roof of a small apartment complex. She hanged herself from the roof top and saw at the end of the alley, a girl trapped in a dead end, with two men around her.

“Come on sweety, we just want to have a good time.” Said one of them.

“Yeah, we’re nice, you’ll see.” Said the other one.

The girl was almost crying, her back put against the wall behind her.

“Please, someone help me!” the girl cried.

Sunset jumped from where she was hanging and landed perfectly on her two feet in front of the two men.

“Hello boys,” She started “You know, when a girl said no, you should just take it as it is and leave her alone.”

The two thugs looked at each other not knowing what to do.

“Who the fuck are you?” said one of them. “A cop?”

Sunset just watched them and facepalm.

“Seriously a cop?” She asked “A cop wearing a mask and a suit?”

The thugs just shrugged their shoulders.

“Well, it seems that this girl behind me doesn’t want to go with you, so I’m giving you a chance to just walk away.”

The two men just watched her before they start laughing.

“Hey,” Said one of them to his friend “She seems to have a nice body under that suit, what about we take one for each of us.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Sunset let out a sigh.

“You’ll regret to be on our way.” Said one of the thugs before charging at her.

Sunset jumped in a flip over his head and landed behind him.

“Always watch your back.” She said before she kicked him in his spine.

She kicked him so hard that he fell and passes out.

“What the fuck was that?” Said the other one in total disbelief.

“Oh, so you want me to show you too?” She asked, before running at him and punch him in the jaw.

He flew in the nearest wall, fell on the ground and didn’t get up.

Sunset watched him and smile to herself.

‘Sunset: 1, some low-level thugs: 0.’ She thought.

“Humm, excuse me?” Said the girl behind her.

Sunset turned to face her, and…

“Twilight?” Sunset asked “What are you doing here?”

The girl didn’t know what to answer, she watched her with an interrogating glare.

“Do… do we know each other?” She asked.

‘Fuck, this isn’t the Twilight I know, it must be this world’s Twilight.’ She thought to herself.

“Humm, no we don’t actually.” Sunset said. ”A pleasure to meet you.”

“Who… are you?” Twilight asked to her.


‘This is why I should have picked a name!’

“Spider-Girl!” Sunset replied, saying the first nickname that crossed her mind.

“Well, Spider-Girl…” Twilight started “Thanks for everything, if you haven’t done anything, they’ll…” She said, before slowly starting to cry.

“Hey.” Sunset put her hand on Twilight’s shoulder. “They can’t do anything anymore, look.” She said before pointing them with her finger. “They won’t get up anytime soon, so you should call the police.”

Sunset jumped on the nearest wall and started to climb.

“See ya’ Twilight Sparkle!” She said before disappearing in the night.

“Thanks again!” said Twilight.

She started to call the police but a thought crossed her mind. “Wait. How did she know my name?”

Sunset was now home, she has put her pajamas and was now sit on her bed.

‘That was so awesome! I was like “Hey you, leave her alone!” and they were like “NO, we don’t!” so I was like…’ and she started to punch the air in front of her.

She stopped being silly, but the smile on her face wouldn’t disappear.

She was so cool! And she actually helped someone. And it was this world’s Twilight! If that wasn’t a coincidence.

Sunset watched the time on her phone and saw that it was almost two in the morning.

“I should go to bed if I actually want to get up for school.”

Sunset liked to compare CHS to a zoo. It was always noisy, and some of her classmate sometimes behaved like true primates. Throwing balls of papers at her, insulting her with all the swear words a teenage student could think of. They were very imaginative.

Just last week, someone dared to spit on her when she had her back turned. Now she was forced to always watch her back when she walks among the long corridors of her school.

And like all Mondays, she didn’t share any of her classes with her friends this morning. So, she was alone, dropped into this jungle of unscrupulous teenagers who doesn’t hesitate to make the life of their former bully a living hell.

She headed for her locker, staring at the ground, feeling the heavy looks of her peers.

She stopped in front of it and she wasn’t surprised to see that some of her fellow classmates had fun writing unspeakable words with an indelible pencil on it.

She can read the word ‘SUN-SCUM’ over the entire surface.

‘Lovely.’ She thought.

“Well, well, well…” started a voice that Sunset knew too well. “What have we here?”

“Hello Trixie.” Sunset stared at her with an annoyed look on her face.

Trixie just stood in front of her, a big smile on her face.

From the moment Sunset fell from her position of alpha female of CHS, there was one specific student who liked to humiliate Sunset whenever she can. And it was Trixie.

Of course, Trixie wasn’t intimidating, but the girl next to her sure was. She was almost two heads taller than Sunset, had piercing all through her face and had short white hair with some strand of hair were dyed in purple.

“And hello to you too Gilda.”

Gilda was the only one person here that Sunset never tried to intimidate back when she was a bully.

When Sunset used to rule over the school, she never gets into Gilda’s way, and Gilda has always done the same. But now that Sunset was powerless, Gilda wasn’t lenient anymore towards Sunset. It was the rule of the strongest after all.

“Trixie’s surprised you came to school today.” Started Trixie.

“You owe me ten bucks.” Said Gilda to her. “Trixie believed that you’ll feel to humiliated to come to school. But I know you, you’re not an easy quitter, right?”

Sunset crossed her arms and stared Gilda right in the eyes.

“What do you want from me, jerk?” Sunset asked.

Gilda started to get closer to her, an intimidating look in her eyes, but smiling. “Well, I don’t think that’s a nice way to talk to me.”

“I’m not afraid of you. Don’t think I’m going to be your punching ball or something like that.” Sunset replied, returning her look.

All the attention in the hallway were on those two girls now.

Gilda didn’t say anything, she just walked and stopped just in front of Sunset. From here, Sunset can smell the horrible smell of cigarettes emanating from Gilda.

Then, Sunset had a feeling she never had before. All her senses were on alert. Almost as if she can feel the danger coming. She didn’t have the time to say a word, that Gilda gently pushed her. It wouldn’t have been too serious, but Trixie was now four-legged behind Sunset.

She stumbled on Trixie and fell on the floor. All the students in the hallway started to laugh at Sunset.

“Not so tough now, right Sunset?” Trixie asked, now standing in front of her.

“Just wait I…” started Sunset.

“Before you what?” Asked Gilda, next to Trixie. “You’re nobody now. Just a little bug that I can smash with my boot. So, don’t ever talk to me like the way you did. Next time, I won’t be so kind.”

Before Sunset could find an answer, she heard a voice coming from the end of the corridor.

“What is going on here?” Luna asked, walking towards them

Trixie became livid but Gilda stayed calm, took an innocent voice and said, “Sunset just fell on the floor, Trixie and I were just helping her to get up.”

She then grabbed the arm of Sunset and put her back on her feet. “See?”

Luna watched Sunset, expecting something, but Sunset didn’t want to look her in the eyes. If in addition she had to ask for help from her teachers, her reputation would definitively be ended.

Well, it’s not like she still had a reputation.

Seeing that Sunset didn’t say anything, there was not much that she can do. So, Luna just told them to go in class, and walked back to her office.

Sunset reached her bag and also go to her classes, it’s going to be a long day.

Her last class before lunch was English with Miss Cherilee, she was the only teacher that Sunset actually liked. She was kind, compassionate and always tried to help her students the best way she could.

When Sunset fell from grace, Cherilee haven’t, even for a second, hold resentment against her.

Sunset sat in the back of her class and waited for Miss Cherilee to start.

“Good Morning students,” She said “Today is a special day!” She announced in a playful voice.

“Today, a new classmate arrived in School, so I expect you to welcome him warmly.” She said. “You can come in!”

Then, someone walked in and stood on the left of Cherilee, he was a bit taller that her. He had disheveled black hair, red eyes and white skin. It also seems like a big night of sleep wouldn’t harm him, he has big circles around his eyes and it seems like he could fell asleep anytime.

“Introduce yourself!” Said Cherilee.

“Hi.” He said. “I’m Red Light.”

Cherilee wanted for more but it didn’t come.

“Well… You can sit next to Sunset right there.”

‘Of course.’ Sunset thought.

Red walked slowly towards her, and sit next to her.

“Hi.” She said.

He took a moment too look at her, then a strange feeling run through Sunset when he looked at her. It was the same feeling when she faced Gilda earlier, but stronger.

The feeling faded away as soon as it came.

“Hi.” He replied. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Sunset.” She said. “Sunset Shimmer.”

“Nice to meet you Sunset…” he stopped for a second and then smiled at her. “I hope we can become good friends.”

“Yeah…” Sunset was still thinking about that strange feeling, she almost fell like she was in danger but… that was impossible right? “I hope too.”

“Adrian!” Called a man.

The man who was called lift his head upon his interlocutor.

“Hermann!” Said happily Adrian “It’s been a while, what are you doing here?”

The ‘here’ in question was Adrian Toomes secret lair for him and his ‘gang’.

“The boss called me, it seems that some of your guys were caught by the police last night.” He said.

“Yeah, Flint and Aleksei are in jail.” He gritted his teeth. “And Max is nowhere to be found.”

“But who catch them?” Hermann asked, taking a chair and sitting next to his partner.

“I don’t know.”

“Well,” Hermann started “The boss told me that a costumed girl was playing the super-hero last night, maybe it’s her.”

“A costumed girl?” Adrian asked.

“Yeah, she had beaten up Bob and Will before they got caught by the police, I had to pay their caution.” He explained.

“So, it seems that a bug is standing in our way.” He said getting up.

“If only you knew how right you are.”

“What do you mean?” Adrian said, walking towards what it looks like mechanical wings, hanged up from the ceiling.

“She called herself Spider-Girl.”

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