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The Amazing Sunset Shimmer - KozLeMage

My name is Sunset Shimmer. I was bitten by a radioactive spider... And for the past few weeks, I've been the one and only: Spider-Girl!

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Volume I - Chapter 2: The bite

“What the fuck is happening to me?”

Still on her ceiling, Sunset didn’t know what was going on. She went down carefully, still agape from what was happening.
Then, a knock on her door caught her attention.

“Sunset” said Luna “The bathroom is free.”

“O-okay, I’ll go in a minute.”

She grabs her clothes and quickly headed to the bathroom, she went in front of her mirror and what she saw leave her speechless. Despites her messy hair, she looked good. Well, at least, she known that, but she looked like she went to gym every day for a long time. Her arms were much more muscled than before, and some abs that Sunset didn’t had before has made their appearance.
She stared at her own reflection in the mirror, still in awe for what she was seeing.

“Okay something really strange is going on.” She said.

She was leaning a bit too much on her sink before she heard it cracking. Just with the pressure of her hands, she managed to fissure it. Looking at her hand, she saw the bite from yesterday, it was much less visible than before, but it was still there. And then, she remembered what she had read in that laboratory.

“… genetically modified Super-Soldier” she remembered “… the bite.”

She looked back at her mirror, talking to herself.

“So, what, I’m a super-soldier now?” She took a piece of soap, and pressed it in her hand. She crushed it like it was butter. “It seems I’m much stronger now.” Then she looks at the ceiling of the bathroom. “And that I can stick to the walls too.”

She wasn’t afraid or disconcerted, and she smiled at herself. ‘First magic, and now that, I can’t be in peace now, can I?’

She brushes her teeth and took a quick shower, being careful to not break anything. She dressed with regular clothes, a yellow shirt with a blue jean and went downstairs.

Celestia was reading a book on the couch and Luna was drinking her coffee at the table, half awake. She said hello to them and also poured herself a coffee. She watched Luna who was reading the ‘Daily Bugle’ newspaper of the day. Taking place at the table and sipping her coffee, she noticed the cover of the newspaper.

“Someone robbed the Filthy Rich national bank?” Sunset asked to Luna. She turned the newspaper to look at the front page.

“Yeah, it was last night.” She replied “Someone dressed like a bird was behind it. It seems like he took half a million dollars, before he flew the coup.”

“Dressed like a bird?” said Sunset raising her eyebrow. “How did he managed to get out with half a million anyway?”

“It looks like he was in possession of some advanced devices or weapons which allowed him to commit the robbery before he ran away without too much difficulty.”

“The world is going crazy.” Said Celestia who had joined them around the table.

“I know, enraged demon, pony girls, a bird thief… what’s next?” said Luna, half-joking.

“The ‘enraged demon’ is pretty upset about what you’ve just said.” Said Sunset smirking at Luna, she knew that she made it on purpose to annoy her.

“I bet.” She replied, smirking back.

They laughed together, before Celestia spoke to Sunset.

“Anyway, Sunset, how was school this week, did you make new friends?” she asked.

“Well, about that…” Sunset started “Do you think you can put me in a club or something?”

Celestia was a little surprised by her request but she smiled. “Of course, I never thought you’d ask me that someday.”

“Well, it was Rarity’s idea, and Fluttershy said that if I’m helping them, maybe they’ll see that I’ve changed.”

“I think that’s a great idea.” Said Luna, putting down her newspaper. “Any idea, of what kind of club you want to join?”

“Well, I kind of expected you guys to help me on that part.” She said.

“You played guitar if I’m not mistaken.” Sunset looked at Celestia who had just spoken. “What about the music club? Your friend Rainbow Dash joined it recently, she may help you to get out of your shell.”

“I don’t know… Flash Sentry is in that club, right?”

“Then, it’s a wonderful idea.” Said Luna “If you can be friends with him, people will start to notice that you’ve changed.”

“I don’t think that’s a great idea…”

“Well, if you don’t want to, I’m not forcing you to do it. But I think that Luna is right, maybe Flash is the first step that the school need to saw that you actually want to change.”

“But what if they don’t?”

“At least, you tried.” Said Luna.

Sunset knew that it was a good idea, but how was she supposed to be friend with the person she had wronged the most. But then she remembered what Fluttershy said to her yesterday I’ve learned that it was our good actions that shows people who we are, and not our lack of bad actions’.

“Okay then.” She said. ”I’ll try.” ‘Damn you and your wisdom, Fluttershy.’

“Perfect. Then I’ll put you on the club’s members list.” Said Celestia.

“You’ll see Sunset, everything is going to be just fine.”

“I hope so.” Replied Sunset her head in her hands. She let out a sigh and took a long sip of her coffee. “So, what are you guys going to do today?”

“Well,” Celestia started “I’m going to go to the school this afternoon, there’s a new student that starts his classes on Monday, so I’m going to give him a tour of the campus and get to know him a little better.”

That was Celestia in all her glory. It was important to her to know each of her students personally, she wanted to be seen more like a friend than a principal.

“A new student in mid-October?” Sunset asked. “That’s a bit weird.”

“It seems that he was taking class at home, but he said that he wanted to try something new.”

“Maybe you can try to be friend with him?” Luna proposed. “You know, before he starts to hear all about what you have done.”

“Yeah, maybe I’ll try,” said Sunset “But if he’s a jerk, I’ll punch him in the throat.”

“Sunset…” warned Celestia.

“I’m joking!”

“For my part,” said Luna to answer Sunset initial question “I’m going to stay home and play World of Warcraft all day.”

“Looks like a good day is waiting for you.” Joked Sunset.

“And you Sunset?” asked Celestia “What are your plans for today?”

“I don’t know, all of my friends are busy today, Rainbow has practice, Fluttershy’s working at the shelter, Pinkie’s watching the cakes siblings… I think I’m going to stay…” and then an idea crossed the head of Sunset. “You know what, it’s seems like it’s going to be sunny today, so I think I’m going to take a walk in town.”

Celestia and Luna stared at each other for a second before Luna asked. “Alone?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“Well if you want, I can give you a ride.” Said Celestia.

“I’ll like that.”

Of course, Sunset wasn’t really going to take a walk in town. She planned to find a nice, big and desertic place to test her new power, but of course, she can’t talk to Celestia about that.

She thought that the less people new about her ‘abilities’, the better it would be, at least, for the moment.

The discussion seemed to have ended there so Sunset finished her coffee and get up of her chair. She cleaned her mug, headed for the fridge to take a can of soda and walked towards her room before she remembered something.

“Hum, Celestia?” she called.


“You’ll… maybe need to buy a new sink.”



“I’m sorry, what?”

The sky was clear today in Canterlot, children were playing at the park, the teens were hanging out at the mall and the high traffic of the city propagated a cloud of pollution specific to the big cities.

Sunset was in Celestia’s car, who were driving threw the city. She lied about her destination, she didn’t want Celestia to find out where she was going, so she told her that she was going to the library.

The trip was done silently. When they finally arrived, Celestia stopped Sunset who was exiting the car.

“Sunset.” She called.

Sunset turned around to see the human double of her mentor. “Yes?”

“I saw the effort you were making,” started Celestia “And I want you to know, that I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks.” Was all sunset replied, turning her head so that Celestia does not see her blushing.

“I know I’m not your mom or anything like that,” she continued “but I’m here for you.”

Sunset looked her in the eyes and, just for a moment, she saw her old mentor standing in front of her.

“Don’t worry Celestia,” she said “You’re a super mom.” She finished with a smile.

Celestia smiled back at her, and Sunset gets out of the car. She watched Celestia drive away, and then she headed for the bus stop in front of the Canterlot public library.

‘I’m sorry I lied, but I can’t tell her what is happening to me.’ She thought to herself.

She sat on the bench and waited a couple of minutes before the bus showed up.
She bought a ticket and took a sit in the back of the bus. Putting on her earphones, she played her favorite song on her phone. She closed her eyes and hummed the air of ‘Kickstart my heart’.

Sunset was in the poor neighborhood of Canterlot, this is where people who were unlucky in their lives ended up. That’s where she used to live, around the corner of the street, in that old factory. She learned to hate this place over the years.

Yet, she felt a bit nostalgic when she came back. Maybe she hated that place, but she lived there for almost two years, when she came through the portal. This is the first place in this world she used to call home. But today she had a very specific reason to come back, she needed a place with a large amount of space and save from eavesdroppers.

She entered through the back door which led directly to the countermaster’s office.

The factory was arranged in four separate rooms. First there was the countermaster’s office, this is where her bedroom used to be. Then, there was the kitchen, the gas was off but the electricity worked well enough. Next to the kitchen was the bathroom, big enough for Sunset to be at ease but there was a detail that Sunset never got around it, there was no hot water.

And then came the reason Sunset was here today, the large room that was in the center of the factory. The room was filled with boxes, barrels and all sorts of stuff that Sunset never got the courage to get rid of it. There was also the bike that she found with Flash Sentry in that old landfill.

They’ve tried to fix it but they never made it. So, it stayed there, grabbing the dust.

Flash Sentry was the only one except for her friends who knew where she used to live. But even after he dumped her, he never told anyone. Sunset was grateful to him for that.

Sunset scanned the area and a lot of memories came back in her mind. Only bad memories though. She never had good ones here.

She pushed her thought back in her mind. She wasn’t here to remember the bad old days.

She put her bag on a table at the entrance of the room and took her leather jacket off. She was afraid to damage it.

“Okay,” she said to herself “let’s get started.”

She headed for the old motorcycle. ‘Maybe today is a good day to get rid of you.’ She thought.
She grabbed it, and, like it was nothing, threw it away in the wall at the opposite of the room. The bike split into several pieces that fell into a hellish noise.

She didn’t believe it. She gets rid of it like it was nothing. She watched her hands and smile to herself.

‘To quote Rainbow Dash, that is so awesome!’ now, she headed for a group a wooden box, and punched them like her life was on the line. The boxes exploded into a thousand of pieces that scattered all over the factory.

“Okay, I’m indeed stronger than before, but how much?” she asked to herself.

She then turned to face the wall that was behind her. She walks forward to get closer to it.
She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and clunched her fist. Then, she was going to hit the wall with all her strength, but soon as her fist was going to hit the wall, she backed off.

“Okay, I’m not gonna do that.” She wanted to see how strong she was, she didn’t want to break her hand. “Let’s try something else.”

She remembered what happened in her room, and thought that she could try it again. So she took a few step back. ‘If it doesn’t work, I’m going to be in a lot of pain.’ She thought. ‘Now, don’t be pessimistic Sunset, it’ll work.”

She then jumped at the wall, and like this morning, hung on to it.

“Ooookay, slowly now.”

And then, she started to crawl on the wall, like a spider. She looked to the ground, which was at least 5 meters under her. ‘Please don’t fall.”

She continued to crawl on the wall, and when she arrived at the top, she started to crawl on the ceiling. Her head now upside down, she took a deep breath and started to get up, slowly but surely. She was now standing on the ceiling, her head still upside down. She crossed her arms and said to herself “Well, I have to say, that’s convenient.”

It was a strange feeling to stand upside down, she felt like she was going to fell at any instant. But she wasn’t afraid, she knew, somehow, that she had the capacity to stay there as long as she wanted.

She saw a long chain hung from the ceiling and she jumped at it. She swung to the wall in front of her. She let out a scream more girly than she would admit it and jumped at the wall, hanging on it as before. She looked back at the chain and thought, ‘Okay, that was pretty cool.’

Behind her, she could hear the loud noise from the chain that was going back where it used to be.

She leaned on the wall for a moment and thought. ‘Okay so, I’m stronger, more agile and I can stick to the walls. And all that just because of a spider bite?’

“But...” she said out loud “It was saying that no one survived the bite. So, why did I?”

‘And why they were working on that in the first place? The report said it was for super-soldier. They were planning to sell it?’

“I need to find out what is going on, but how am I suppose to go back to DisCorp and convince them to let me in?”

‘Maybe… If I work on my stealth skills, in can sneak in through the roof or a window. I can crawl on walls after all.’

Sunset groaned. “I say that I want to change and here I’m planning to sneak illegally on a building to steal some confidential records.”

‘But I need to know! It’s for a good cause after all, I need to know what is happening to me! If I know what is going on, I’ll can get help, and then find a cu-‘

Wait. Did she really wanted to find a cure? After all, having those powers was pretty awesome. And it’s not like she was planning to hurt someone or do some evil things. She wasn’t that girl anymore. It’s not like she was going to become a demon again.

Maybe, she could do something good with it instead. But something like what?

She was going to jump back on the chain, when something started buzzing on her pocket. She took her phone, and saw that Rainbow Dash was calling her, she then pressed the ‘answer’ button.

“Hi RD.” she said.

“Sup’ Sunset!” said the voice of Rainbow Dash through the speaker of the phone. “What’ ya doing?”

“Well, you know, just hanging out.” She said. It took all her concentration to not laugh at her own joke. “You’re not at your soccer practice?”

“Coach cancelled it,” Rainbow Dash replied “her mother is sick or somethin’ like that. So, I’ve got nothing planned for this afternoon. Wanna come at my place?”

“Hummm… I’m like, in a middle of something right now.”

“Oh yeah? What?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I’m… at the old factory right now.” She said, ‘Geez. Why can’t I lie to my friends?’

“What? What are you doing there?”

“Humm, I… needed to change my mind?”


“Let’s say that… I’m going through a lot, and this is a place where I can be alone and I can think quietly.” ‘Nice save there, Sunny.’

“Oh… Well, okay then. Guess I’ll leave you alone.” Said Rainbow Dash, Sunset thought that she heard a bit of disappointment in her voice.

“Wait!” Sunset said before Rainbow would hang up. “I’ll… I’ll come, I have something to ask you anyway, and we’ve never spent a lot of time together, so… I’m here in an hour?”

“Awesome! See ya Sunbutt!”

“Wait, how did you call m-“ Sunset couldn’t finish her sentence because Rainbow Dash hang up on her. With a sigh she put her phone back in her pocket.

‘ehehehe, hang up.’

She came down from the wall with a back flip and landed perfectly on the ground.

‘Yeah, I’m definitely keeping it.’ She thought smirking at herself.

She headed to the entrance hall, retrieve her bag and her jacket and walked to the exit. The sun was already setting, although it only was the end of the afternoon. The sun set early in October.

Sunset always loved the time of day that was her namesake.

She walked through the street, shaking a little bit because of the cold wind of mid-Autumn, and headed to Rainbow Dash’s home. Luckily for her, her home was thirty minutes away from where she was.

Rainbow Dash lived in the suburb of the city. This was the quietest part of the city, all the houses looked like each other’s with some differences like the colors or the front yard.

Sunset liked to go there. She only came when she goes to Rainbow’s or Pinkie’s, they lived close enough to each other.

Sunset walked down the street still thinking of what she could do with her powers. She knew that she could do so much things with them.

She also asked herself if she should tell her friends about that. She knew that they’ll keep the secret, but what if bad people knew about her and her abilities? She didn’t want them to be hurt by her fault. She could never forgive herself if that happens.

She arrived at Rainbow’s house, entered the front lawn by the small entrance gate, and she knock on her front door. She waited a few second before the door opened.

She was greeted by a tall man, who looks like he was in his mid-fifties. His hair was multicolor like a rainbow, so even if Sunset had never met him, she could easily guess who he was.

“Hi sir!” she said.

“Well, hello Sunset.” Greeted Rainbow Blaze, Rainbow Dash’s father.

He let her in and closed behind him. Sunset took of her boots and put her jacket on the hatstand.

“Rainbow is in her room.” He said.

“Okay thanks!” she said, going up the stairs which was right next to the front door.

She entered Rainbow’s room, and saw the girl playing some video games on her game station.
She didn’t say anything when she saw the state of her room. ‘And I thought I was messy.’

Rainbow’s room was decorated with all sorts of posters, from bands, video games but mostly with soccer players that Sunset didn’t even know their names. Dirty clothes were all over the floor of the room, and her trash was full, almost overflowing.

She also had an electric guitar, which was perfectly clean, that rested on the wall next to her bed.

Rainbow noticed Sunset has she entered and put her game on pause.

“Yo Sunny!” she welcomed her friend with a little hug.

It was something Sunset wasn’t still used to. Her friends liked to hug each other’s whenever they can. And even after a month of being their friend, she still found that was weird.

“Hey Rainbow.” Sunset replied.

“So, what’s up? You said on the phone you wanted to talk to me about somethin’?” Rainbow Dash asked before she continued playing her game.

‘Straight to the point huh? Even if it’s you who wanted me to come over.’

“Yeah,” she started, taking a sit on Rainbow’s bed. She watched Rainbow playing a game where the point was to shoot at zombies. “I asked Celestia to put me in the music club.”

Rainbow paused her game and turned to Sunset. “So, you did it huh? Never thought you’ll actually join a club.”

“Yeah, me neither, but Celestia encouraged me to do it, and since I play guitar, and that you were in it, I thought that it was a good idea.”

“But… There’s Flash in the club.” Rainbow said.

“I know… but if I can be friend with him, it will be a good start don’t you think?”

“Maybe,” she replied shrugging her shoulders “He’s a good guy, so if you show him that you’ve actually changed, he might forgive you.”

“I hope so.”

The girls talked for about an hour and then played some video games and Rainbow almost had a heart attack when Sunset told her that she had never seen a single episode of Dragon Ball Z.
“Prepare for your life to be turned upside down.” She said.

After a few episodes Sunset seemed to like it, but didn’t understand why Rainbow loved it so much. Then a question entered her mind.


“Hm?” replied Rainbow Dash, who were attentively watching the show.

“What would you do if you had super powers?”

Rainbow turned herself to Sunset and raise an eyebrow. “That’s a strange question.”

“Well,” said Sunset “I’m just curious.”

“If I had super powers…” started Rainbow “I guess I’ll be a super hero.”

“A super hero?” Sunset asked. She knew what a super hero was, she wasn’t dumb. But she never got interested in this sort of things.

Rainbow took something under her bed and gave it to Sunset. It was a comic book, on the front page were a man who was standing on the rooftop of a building. He was dressed in red, and a lightbolt was on his shirt, she swears that she already saw him somewhere, he was pretty famous.

“That’s the Flash!” explained Rainbow Dash “He’s my favorite!”

“The… Flash, huh? Seems like a nice coincidence if you want my opinion.”

“So, Barry Allen, he’s a cop,” Rainbow started to explain the story to Sunset. “One day he was struck by a lightning bolt, and after that, he develops those awesome powers. He can run at the speed of sound!”


“I’ll love to have super powers like his,” said Rainbow “I mean, it’ll be pretty awesome to have powers to help the people in needs.”

“So, what you mean is that…” Sunset started “If someone had super powers, it would be obvious for you that this person wants to be a super hero?”

“Why not?” She said “Nothing is cooler than a super hero.”

“And for you… what makes a great super hero?”

“Well…” Rainbow sat cross-legged and turned face to Sunset “I guess that, you need to have heart of course, and a great determination. Then you’ll need to have a sense of Justice, and be able to sacrifice your life for others if you’ll have to.”

Sunset waited for more, but it seemed like Rainbow had finished.

“That’s all?” she asked.

“Well, yeah, I can’t think of…” then, Sunset could swear that she saw the little light bulb appeared above Rainbow’s head. “Of course! I almost forgotten!”

“What?” Sunset asked.

“You need to have a dope suit.”

Sunset was back at her home now, she had a great time with Rainbow Dash but she didn’t want to go home to late, so they’ve watched a few more episode before Sunset decided to take a bus to go home. Rainbow Blaze offered to give her a ride, but Sunset politely declined.

She was now laying on her bed, thinking of what she and Rainbow talked to earlier.

“Heart and determination huh?” she said to herself.

She wanted to be a different person from who she was before. She actually wanted to help people.

She stood up from her bed, headed for her closet, and started to dig in some of her clothes.

Her choice was done.

She knew what she had to do.

She was going to be a freakin’ super hero.

And she was going to have a dope suit too.

Volume I – Chapter 2: The Bite - END

Author's Note:

There it is, the second chapter!
I tried to show the complicity that Sunset and Celestia shared.
I thought Celestia was the closest thing to a mother figure for Sunset, even if she doesn't consider her as such.
Well hope you liked it, the third chapter is coming soon.

For those of you who don't know the song that Sunset was listening on the bus: