• Published 12th Feb 2020
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A Dusk's New Dawn - ThatWritingDragon

A scarred Stallion and a happy world, when you mix them together? you get this story!

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6- Understood


"Wait... you're telling me that the Crystal Empire is good?"


Dusk let out a small hum as he laid back on his bed. What? It was his bed. He’d scented it and he had every intention to steal it the moment he got kicked out. The bird was nesting in his mane yet again, internally causing the stallion to strike the idea for a carrying pouch. He sighed and brought his bag closer, his eyes narrowing when he found out that...

No one had tampered with it. Not even a single attempt. It was both suspicious and very insulting, to say the least. Did he really look like he didn't deserve to be investigated? He blinked as his thought process dawned on him and he couldn't help but sigh at his skewed priorities. Ever since the outburst, his head had been everywhere. The bag of feathers let out a hoot as it perched on his horn, causing the stallion to give a snort and slightly lean backwards.

His magic... it thrummed and hummed underneath his skin and he clicked his tongue when he couldn't find out what was different about it. His eyes glared at the book resting at his side, one of the reasons for his mental state. Nothing makes sense. It just doesn’t.

His world had the Crystal Heart and by extension the Empire, but the heart had been destroyed by Umbra before he and his friends even arrived in the Crystal Empire. The stallion gritted his teeth as he tried to find out what had happened to make this world and his own so different. Where was the divergence?

The dastardly book didn't even give any specifics, only serving as a vague overview along with copious amounts of praise for this... Spike.

Dusk growled before he had to actively stop himself from throwing the book in rage. It’s useless! He brought another book titled 'Bearers of Harmony' and quickly skimmed it, though as he continued to read, his ire continued to rise with every page he read.

This world... It just didn't make sense. Nothing makes sense! The book was telling him that in one night, this world's version of the Elements of Harmony had been found and then shortly after managed to defeat this... Nightmare Moon in one go!?

Where was the fairness!? Why did this world have it easy compared to his!? His anger began to slowly sizzle down when he remembered something and his grip on the book slowly relaxed until he sighed. I have no right to be like this. I should just be happy that there was another universe. Another world where they’re happy and they don’t suffer.. He repeated the words over and over again until he’d ingrained the fact into his head like a mantra.

Dropping the book, Dusk rubbed a hoof over his face. His magical exhaustion and the fact that he was still in an unknown place for the past two days since his outburst was starting to make him stir-crazy. The only things keeping him from raiding this place and escaping was the familiar magic and the warm sack of feathers. It was likely that they had some inkling of what he was planning. If they somehow managed to foil his plans… no, better to stay put and steal what he can in the interim.

Dusk clicked his tongue and stared at the clock casually ticking away -nothing has happened other than them giving him food- before exhaling as his eyes began to drop, forcing the stallion to rub his face with his hoof once more. I’m exhausted. too exhausted.

His eyes trailed back to his bag laying on the nightstand and he tiredly brought it close. With the flick of a hoof, the clasp on the saddlebag glowed for a moment before opening and showcasing several items from his... adventures. He shuffled through most of the items on the surface level and brought out a familiar picture-frame, his eyes carefully tracing the faces of those he lost.

The frame glowed briefly as Dusk carefully charged it before finally, with a flick of his hoof, a seal was brought close to him. The stallion’s eyes watched carefully as the magic began its work and he let out a breath of relief when he felt their familiar flares of magic. It dropped and he allowed himself to slowly be lulled into the peaceful clutches of sleep of their magic. Magic that should've disappeared long ago, though somehow it still persisted. Holding the frame tight to his chest, Dusk’s body tensed a bit. Even asleep, when one is supposed to be at their safest, Dusk remained firmly on guard.

It was sad, the watcher thought. Pitiful, even. The pony was cracked, they had stated. Having long decided to help seal the fractures by this point, the Watcher gave a soft nod as they glanced at the stallion’s slumbering form once more before concluding their watch and sinking into their own slumber, knowing that they would awaken once more when called.

Dusk didn't like a lot of things. He didn't like being alone despite being well aware of the fact that he pushed everyone away. He also didn't enjoy the fact that he knew that he was cursed. Adding to the growing list, he didn't like the fact that he was the reason he had it in the first place. And finally, he didn't like the fact that no matter where he went, he would inevitably hurt someone, even when he didn't mean to.

It was painful the first time it happened and heartbreaking the second time. So on and so forth it went until he’d finally just grown numb to near everything. He had once fought for freedom, because that was what they would've wanted, but what now? In a world that didn't need it, he couldn't help but question what his purpose was now.

What was the point of him being here? Why was he here? Were they taunting him by waving the fact that this could've been his world in his muzzle? Or were they simply torturing him for his sins? Taking a life was a massive offence. Every life bore worth, and it would be more than understandable if this was his hell.

A hell disguised with happiness as the front and countless hidden 'what if's' in the background. Perhaps this is my punishment. He never doubted for a moment that he deserved it after all he had done. He understood.

He understood when a royal guard was sent to fetch him and he was told that his presence was ‘requested’ by the Princess. He understood the moment the doors to the 'throne room' opened and he was escorted inside. As he sat and felt their eyes train on him, no doubt trying to figure what to do with him, Dusk understood.

No matter where he went, he was still chained. Whether it was his regrets, his magic, himself or the government…

Dusk understood.

Author's Note:

Bit of a writers block lately and i barely managed to squeeze this one in. Sorry for the lack of recent updates.

Hope ya'll can forgive me