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A Dusk's New Dawn - ThatWritingDragon

A scarred Stallion and a happy world, when you mix them together? you get this story!

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Author's Note:

OKAY! Don't read this chapter unless you want some spoilers for the rewrite.

This is the old chapters ranging from chapter 1 to 5. Its crappy but if you want to read it and get spolied go right ahead

"Hey.." a gruff, raspy voice spoke.

Tired eyes stared at the stone, purple fur matted with mud and water. His once clean dark blue hair with pink and purple streaks; now messy, strayed and chopped in some places.

Lightened fur littered his body, mostly around his forelegs and Barrel. The biggest scar on his fur was where a huge streak cut through his old cutie mark. While a healing spell could heal near-death injuries, it still abides the law of life.

He blinked once more, well more like winked. He'd kept his right eye closed at all times after his...Incident.

Dusk licked his molars, trying to find the words to say but the feeling of his teeth's sharpened state reminded him of what he did to get to this day. Dusk wondered what his teacher Solaris would think of his appearance now. After some pondering, Dusk realized:

He didn't care.

Why would he care about the state of his body when Rainbow Blitz got his feathers plucked, his wings shattered, completely trashing his ability to fly?

Why would he care about his cutie mark when Applejack's hind legs were chopped off and his tongue ripped out of his own muzzle, forever not letting him tell the honest truth?

Why would he care about his eye when Elusive got both plucked out? Just because he wanted to be generous to some worthless pony in the street, and once they found out who Elusive was-

Why would he care about his looks when Butterscotch accepted anypony in need, no matter what they looked, thus leading him to his downfall because of his shred of kindness in this damn War!

Why would he care about the little scars around his ear and muzzle when Bubble Berry has his own ripped off, not letting him help ponies smile and hear their laughter?

Why should he care!?

Dusk slammed his left hoof at the ground in anger. He looked at the graves surrounding him in a semicircle, clean cuts of their Cutie Marks in the middle of the stones, forever reminding him that he wasn't fast enough, strong enough, talented enough, and determined enough to stop at least one of their deaths. Dusk choked back a sob, tears streaming at the end of his one eye as he remembered how he got here in the first place. Dusk let out a roar of despair and sadness as the memories of their disfigured bodies appeared in his mind. Tears began to stream down his face as the feeling overwhelmed him.

Every memory was making it harder for him to breathe, to see! Is this what they felt?


Not for Dusk, this wasn't enough for him.

He had to see, had to feel, to be what they felt.

Dusk charged up his already cracked horn. Maybe if he did this, he would finally rest, finally empathize to what they dealt through while he was out here waiting it out like a coward.

I deserved this, he rationalized.

Dusk just hoped he could see them...

Just one more time.

[Very well]

Dusk's eye snapped open, his concentration shattered and the magic he was carefully building up for his last spell failed and he lost control, finally shattering his horn to pieces.


PAIN! Pure unadulterated pain shot through him, his maw wide open in a silent scream. The pupil on his remaining eye became the size of pinpricks as his brain tried to locate where the pain was and try to stop it.

Dusk couldn't feel the rain slamming onto his already matted fur, couldn't feel the vibrations of thunder as it slammed onto the ground nor the feeling of the rushing air as a storm of magical energy gathered above him, lightning flashing throughout the land.

Was this... was this- what they felt? Was Dusk's last thought as he finally fainted due to shock.

As another thunder flashed, a silhouette was seen before disappearing.

The storm began to dissolve as it finally let up, finally showing the beautiful sky for the first time in a while.

Dusk slammed straight onto the ground, he quickly rolled on instinct and got on his hooves; ears straight and swivelling as it attempted to locate where he was.

Dusk's remaining eye blinked, soaking in the green- Wait, green!? (He hadn't seen that colour in a LOOong while!) Green was everywhere, surrounding him. He gaped at the abandoned, not burnt to the ground Castle of Everfree. It looked like it got old from age not from-

(Fire. The screams of the foals and the begging of herds as they begged for mercy from Queen Umbra)

Not from that, but Dusk shrugged it off, quickly looking around his surroundings he noticed the wings he once had. A smile broke out and he brought the wing closer to him for him to inspect, hoping that it was just like its once original disposition but it faded as numerous scars he once had were seen throughout the wing. It seemed even though the spell worked, the mental scars must've been much deeper than he previously thought.

With a hoof, Dusk raised it to his forehead to see if he had his horn and felt its slightly curved shape to the light bumps that signify light scars. Dusk patted on the grass around him, attempting to be in a much more comfortable place, (which was impossible since he was the most relaxed in a while,) and curled up, slowly waiting for the spell to end.

The spell was made by Prince Artemis who had witnessed the gruesome deaths of his ponies as they rebelled against Queen Umbra and the torture that ensued as she tried to get more info of the Rebellion. The spell was the utilization of dream magic that, once activated, would form a dream with positive feelings, and is a known suicide spell, because the spell would use the ponies' internal magic to supply it, killing them slowly as they experienced their dream. After they were done, the spell absorbing the magic would explode in a surge, attacking its surroundings. Ponies who used this spell are usually a last-ditch effort and were mostly used by unicorns. For it to work for Pegasi or Earthlings, they had a special spell just for them.

Dusk grimaced before he smiled, his friends and family would've loved it if he died remembering them, so he did just that. Quickly settling on his back as his wings wrapped around him in a hug, (He imagined it as the wings of his friends and family.) and he couldn't help but smile. He flared his magic once, just to feel the last remaining of the Elements of Harmony finally releasing from his core and onto the forest around him; he could even feel the Tree of Harmony humming in delight.

Dusk smiled once more as he made a small apparition of his friends and family surrounding him in a circle. He closed his eyes, knowing that they can finally meet in the afterlife.

He didn't know they would be so different the next time they saw each other.

Chapter 2

Dusk woke up.

He wasn't supposed to wake up- Dusk blinked over and over again as he tried to rationalize how he was still alive, he squinted in confusion at the fact that he woke up. Maybe he's still in the dream spell? well, with nothing else to do other than waiting for the dream to end and to finally die; he looked around for something to do. Dusk realized it was dark but a quick NightVision spell quickly resolved that issue, oh- he was still in front of the Everfree Castle; with a shrug, Dusk with a trot made his way inside.

Forgetting the fact that he just casted an actual spell and felt the light -almost minuscule- drain on his reserves but let's lay off the guy for a bit yeah? Maybe he's still feeling high- but what do I know? I'm just the Author!

As Dusk trotted his flank inside the Everfree Castle, a trio of fillies stumbled their way and saw the last remaining tail that is similar to that of Twilight Sparkle. They gasped and poked their tiny heads above the bush they were hiding in, showing a light yellow earth pony, a white unicorn and an orange pegasus trio of fillies as they tried to compute what Twilight Sparkle herself was doing in the Castle of the Two Sisters.

"Ey guys- ahm, not blind or anything but wasn't that just Twi' just now?" Apple Bloom asked as she swerved to look at her friends, her red mane tied with a pink bow on her head swerving with her as her orange eyes glistened with confusion.

"Maybe she was meeting up with a Stallion? to do some experiments, she is a scientist if i remember" Smirked Scootaloo as she propped her head with a hoof, a messy purple mane sat on her own head as her pegasi wings buzzing slightly in anticipation.

"That's disgusting Scootaloo! such behaviour is why no colts are into you! Besides, if Twilight would have a Coltfriend, everypony in Ponyville would know!" informed the unicorn with a pale pink and purple mane named Sweetie Belle as she crossed her hooves together in indignation at such language.

Scootaloo looked unimpressed "Like your one to talk Sweetie Belle, those PlayColts magazines we found sure wasn't ours-" and before the pegasi could finish a hoof was shoved in her mouth from a rather panicked looking unicorn as she swerved her head around trying to see if anypony else heard other than the trio that was stuck in the bushes.

"shush! how did you even find it!? Whatever that isn't the point-" stated the blushing Unicorn but before she can continue.

"-Tha point is we need to know what Twilight is doin' in tha castle and get our investigation cutie mark!!" interrupted Apple Bloom as she raised a hoof to the castle door, determination filled her as she finished her exclamation.

"Cutie Mark Sexual Investigators!!!!"


They didn't notice the glowing green eyes creeping upon them, too busy with their lecture to even sense the feral feeling.

After some time, deep in the hallways of the Everfree castle, Dusk's ears decided to perk up the moment a scream reached him. His eyes narrowed, he didn't imagine that- did he?

A dark chuckle came from him, even in his dreams the screams reached him.


Screams- screams, in a pitch he never once heard once in his life.

Dusk turned a horrified expression plastered on his face as the realization slowly trickled through his thick head, his ears folding as thoughts started crawling in and rationalization started to smack him.

"i don't think this is a dream" he whispered as if trying to not shatter the already fragile illusion around his mind.

The screams, they were so- so similar to another.

Oh... so similar...

"AppleJack! Help- please- i don' wanna die-"

"My wings- blitz... please- it hurts, everything hurts-"

"im sorry- im so sorry Elusive-, i just wanted to make you proud-"

Confusion and terror ran through him, feeling that would ground a normal pony yet his body worked on autopilot. Legs galloping back to where he came from, calm and rationality? there was nothing of semblance in him the moment he recognized those screams. His wings flapping as they attempted to fly him to his destination but not taking off completely, it has been a few years to a few months since he last used it after all.

So he surged with all he can, channelling his inner magic to work on his speed by focusing it on his legs. He was going to save them- this may just be a dream- or something along those lines but Dusk didn't care, he couldn't save them once- so he'll save them this time!

'Please- just a little longer, if this is a dream. Anypony- please... just let me reach them'

A trail of a panicked Dusk busted through the rusted and halfway broken castle doors, Dusk Shine's ears were swivelling everywhere trying to use his senses to well... sense them.

"Apple Buck! Scootaroll- Silver Belle!!!" He bellowed, trying to see if he could get a response however all he could hear growls and whimpers but he couldn't pinpoint it- he was way too deep in hysteria to calm down and use his head to even focus.


There!! through the bushes-

Dusk saw the hind of a timber wolf and filled with desperation and hysteria, slammed straight at it. Pain slammed straight through him once again, he should've questioned the fact that he felt pain in the first place- he wasn't supposed to feel pain but he just shoved it to the back of his head. He had better things to do like saving those- Fillies!?

Dusk's eyes widened as he turned to look at the clearly feminine versions of the CMC, but a growl and the horrible rotting smell reminded him what he should focus on. Okay, ignore that Dusk Shine, deal with that later. Deal with the Timberwolves first, ask why their crossdressing later and think on why he even dreamt of that in the first place, his thoughts start to ramble somewhere else but he caught himself.

Suddenly, his whole attitude switched from his once panicked state to a serious focused one. His once awkward stance changed to a guarded and tense form, his wings flaring and teeth barred in a show of dominance. His whole aura screamed that this is one nopony should mess with, just from the scars to his stocky build were intimidating on itself and it clearly affected the Timberwolves the moment he actually tried to be intimidating.

Whimpers and whines escaped some of the canines yet most stood still, tense and ready to pounce clearly waiting for Dusk to attack.

And attack he did.

They didn't understand, the pony that they once thought was Twilight... wasn't Twilight-

He -he looked like a he to them- was waaaay bulkier than Twilight was, he had a much shorter mane and last they knew Twilight is a Unicorn not- not an Alicorn! and he was taller and bigger than Big Mac is obviously different to Twilight's slim body! so clearly to them, he wasn't Twilight sparkle.

Perhaps a brother?

"You... What were you fillies doing here?" they blinked out of their thoughts and realized- the fight! it was over! Scootaloo groaned in disappointment at missing a flight due to being such an egghead. Sweetie Belle looked around and realized that twigs and other things similar were burned or half-crushed around them. Applebloom couldn't help but admire the frame of the Stallion in front of her, strong and caring just like...

Just like...

His eyes... so similar shining with concern for somepony he doesn't know. Apple bloom couldn't help but sniffle slightly, her eyes tearing up slightly causing the Stallion-Twi to be so blurry, mashing with- with...


Chapter 3

A Purpose

Everything was reversed.

From what Apple Buck- he meant Apple Bloom told him (along with the others). There is no Prince Solaris the Prince of the Sun.

There is only Princess Celestia the Princess of the Sun.

No Prince Artemis, The Prince of the Moon.

Only Princess Luna, the Princess of the Moon.

There is No Stallion Six-

Only the Mane Six.

Dusk couldn't help but let out a rough exhale from exhaustion, they were kids- he shouldn't be taking their intel so seriously perhaps they were just confused but...

He glanced at the fillies trotting beside him, chatting and laughing as if it never happened. They acted just like-

Tartarus, they looked just like them and with how similar they accounted the 'Mane Six' it was like everypony he knew had some secret reverse gender Twin.

Dusk wondered if the spell just changed their genders and this is all just a weird dream his magic thought up.

He couldn't help but think if this was another chance to be with his friends again, he's pretty sure the Mane Six are just like his friends-

No. Don't think like that, they may have the chance to look the same but they aren't. Dusk gritted his teeth, frustration bubbling inside him but he kept it where it is. He shouldn't let the fillies worry, fillies like them shouldn't worry about stallions like him; he could handle it.

Dusk will never replace his friends, that he vowed.

"Hey... Mistah" Dusk's eye trailed to the voice of Apple Bloom, concern 'bloomed' (heh- truly he was a comedian) through her features as she stared up at him.

Eyes just like Buck's...

"Are ya' okay?" Dusk's mouth formed to a -what he hoped to be- smile, careful to not bare his teeth and frighten her by such features on a face he 'assumes' that she knows to resemble somepony. Hoping that the filly would not cry once again, his ears folded slightly as he remembered the scene.

"i am alright, Apple Bloom. Just thinking about the situation at hoof" Dusk answered, a smile still on his muzzle as his group made their way out of the forest.

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle watched the interaction before they nodded, Scootaloo suddenly tripped on a large vine.

Time to see what this Stallion would do.

What she didn't expect was the wing of purple to cradle her, as the owner backed up and shielded her as if Scootaloo herself was in great distress. Eyes and form guarded as he towered over the three of them, magic charged not attempting to be discreet as the fillies felt its power around them.

A Warning she realized.

Dusk's form relaxed slightly after a few moments when he realized there wasn't any immediate threat. Dusk tried to see if he should do it or not, but after a few seconds he bit their necks and threw them on his back, It was wide enough to carry the fillies and if they were to fall down. He flexed his wings, he got these along with his magic.

"Are you fillies okay?" he asked as he started galloping a steady pace, careful to not let them fall. Years of instinctual carrying of a small creature appearing once again while he made his way to the path out of the Everfree Forest. His wings flapping not completely taking off just a simple exercise while helping him gain speed.

"we're al'ight mistah', ahm... i shoul'da asked before fallowin' ya but..." a pause from Apple Bloom " What's your name?" She finished a curious tilt of her head.

Dusk Shine faltered slightly but continued on his way, the opening was closer. It seems even in another place, the exit was the same. He weaved through huge roots, vines and others as he tried to think on how to respond to her question.

"Dusk Shine, Prince of..." Dusk's eyes glazed over slightly but a quick blink and the look was gone, "Its just Dusk Shine." he simply stated.

The fillies waited for him to continue but after a few moments of silence they didn't push, they may be children but they knew that it was a touchy subject. Their eyes lit up suddenly, maybe Dusk was a Prince of a neighbouring kingdom that was separated from his Twin from birth? and he was exiled because his Kingdom knew of Twilight being Princess Celestia's student and thought he was a spy!

That's why he's an alicorn! its because he's a Prince! they nodded in satisfaction, now they knew why he had those scars he must have been surviving after being exiled. The fact he had no mare with him made them slightly sad but that's okay! he had them to keep him safe even if they're the one being saved right now but that's also okay, just classic Stallion Maternal Instinct.

Just wait till their back to Ponyville, then they're gonna do the saving.

It's a Fillies job to be there for the Colt after all!

He dropped them from his back and onto the clearing separating the Everfree forest and... Ponyville. Dusk looked over them trying to see if they somehow got injured on the trip and discretely used some Detection spells on them as well. After seeing they were no injuries other than just a few specks of dirt and messy furs, he let out a sigh of relief.

"Why don't you fillies go home?" he said after some time. He finished his task and he didn't want to confront them "Im sure they're worried about you" He explained. This was as far as he could go, he saved them and got them home. The fillies looked at each other, nodded, waved their goodbyes and left the stallion alone.

Something he finally fixed, maybe this was indeed a dream to let him fix his past mistakes.

He was satisfied with just fixing this one in many mistakes he's made. Dusk's just glad he got some form of redemption by helping them and he was fine with that, maybe if the dream continued he could also continue with his redemption?

Thoughts for another day Dusk, another day.


It has been... what? a month? Dusk had no absolute idea on what the exact date was, but all he knew right now is that this isn't a dream.

Dusk couldn't help but laugh, even dying! he failed at dying! his laughter turned into sobs, why? he just wanted to be with his family? is that too hard? he did everything he could, so why can't Faust grant him his wish?

Dusk smacked himself, trying to focus on something other than his emotions. He's a soldier! he should know how to control his emotions! especially since the Crusaders keep on prowling around. He growled, be an example to the foals. Do not be like this around them, do not distress them further.

They don't need to know what is going on with him.

"Mista' are ya there!?" The voice caught his attention and he placed on a smile, the crusaders as of right now is kinda the only thing stopping him from just killing himself. Dusk chuckled once more, he wouldn't do it per se. He just won't stop it when the opportunity comes.

Wow, way to be grim Dusk. Let's just focus on the foals eh?

"Over here!" he cheerfully called out. The 'clip, clop' of their hooves along with their enthusiastic chatter brought a small nostalgic smile on his face, a memory of a life that could have- should've happened.

What went wrong? he couldn't help but ask.

"Mista' Dusk, are ya' feelin' down again?" questioned Apple Bu- Bloom, the clear concern in their eyes nearly caused me to laugh the moment they appeared on my vision. You truly are pathetic aren't you Dusk? even foals! -bucking foals- can see right through you! Lookie er' everypony! Prince Dusk Shine! the Prince of Patheticness!

"A good-looking colt like you looking sad would ruin your looks!" added in Silver- Sweetie Belle, her determined look mirrored by her compatriots as they nodded simultaneously at her statement.

"Hey! sir Dusk, don't go into that sad corner! it's a bad place and it doesn't need a cute colt like you!" blurted out Scootaroll, he- he meant Scootaloo. Dusk blinked and turned to the blushing pegasus, he couldn't help but chuckle; If this was their way of distracting him then they are doing a fantastic job.

Dusk smirked and sat on his haunches, the fillies mostly visit him whenever there was some kind of 'Friendship lesson' they learned or heard during the week. He leaned on a hoof and listened as they began their tale, Dusk wondered if this was what being a teacher felt like. if it was, then it's a rather nice feeling.

"Oh yeah! did'ya know that Pinkie's mah' cousin?" grinned Bloom, Dusk rose a brow before shaking my head. He didn't exactly have the time to research any of his friend's bloodlines back in my world, with the war and all.

"Oh yeah! hey sir Dusk, do you have a version of the 'Equestria Games' from where ya from?" asked Scoots, he tilted his head to the side in contemplation. There was supposed to be one if he remembers correctly, however, the sudden invasion stopped it from succeeding.

"Nope, from where I'm from. We were rather busy with our duties to have time for a sporting event" He stated as Scoots, slowly 'scooted' closer to his wings; the other fillies watching closely. He just sighed before pulling them closer with his wings, Dusk carefully nudged Bloom to continue her story.

"Umm... Prince Dusk?" He tilted his head to Belle and waited as she tried to form the proper words for her question. "Why haven't you joined us in Ponyville?" she carefully asked.

He rose a brow at that, it wasn't like he was ignoring the place entirely. Dusk was just way too busy trying to keep the foals from danger, like shortening the number of predators in the Everfree Forest. The time where the Everfree tried to consume Ponyville, he was in the background trying to shorten the damage to a minimum. Luckily not a lot of ponies saw him and if they did, Dusk was sure that they confused him with this... 'Twilight Sparkle.'

He huffed lightly, "I'm just busy I suppose, why? would you like me to come with you girls next time?" Dusk asked as he carefully watched the surroundings, even when he already showcased how much of a threat he is. It seems the beasts of Everfree can't seem to get a hint.

He still couldn't stop the lifting of the corner of his lips the moment he saw the fillies under his wing stage-whisper, didn't they know that he could hear them? he couldn't stop the slight shaking of his head as he watched in amusement.

"But like... we're suppos' to bring our elda' siblin' and Dusk's just like that for ya!" whispered Bloom as she turned to Belle, Scoots seem to agree with Bloom especially with her nodding; They stared at Belle before they all simultaneously nodded.

"You girls done?"

"Yeah! so like... there's this thing" Started Scoots, she crossed her hooves as she turned to Belle.

"It's this thing where you have to bring your older..." Belle continued hesitantly and Dusk could just feel his brow rising "uhm..." Belle just nudged Bloom when she couldn't find the words after a few moments, they could clearly see how amused he was because Dusk wasn't even trying to hide it.

"We have to bring a olda' sibling... figure... or something like that for school tomorrow!" blurted Bloom, "and we wanted to see if you can come for Sweetie's!" she added.

"Yeah! her sister's busy or something that's why she couldn't join!" interrupted Scoots, a grin on her muzzle.

"And since you've been actin' a lot like a big bro to us we decided!" added Bloom.

"If you can come for Sweetie Belle's as her olda' brother!" cheered both Scoots and Bloom as an embarrassed Belle hid closer to Dusk's body by diving deeper into his wing.

"You don't have too... but since big sis can't, i would've liked it if you came as my big brother" whispered Belle, as she peeked out of Dusk's feathers.

("Yes Dusk, you're my Best Friend Little Brother Forever")

Dusk couldn't stop the slight sadness in his eyes, he rubbed it for a moment before turning back to the fillies, a big happy grin in his features. Dusk stood and brought all of them into a hug, he tightened it and laughed.

"Well, why didn't you say so! i would be honoured to be your big brother!" he grinned.

Dusk may have failed in a lot of things but he won't fail this one.

chapter 5

Dusk stared down at the three fillies, a contemplative look on his face as he questioned the fact that he is actually here. He would actually go with them into Ponyville, he sighed. Well, his friends didn't die for a coward, let's just get this over with.

"Heya Mista' Dusk! this is yer' firs' time to be in Ponyville right?" Dusk turned to Bloom and realized, she's tiny. The dark purple male alicorn stared in full confusion before looking at the other two, they're all tiny. Were they always that small? Dusk just shook his head, let's just move on and ignore that.

"Yeah... I've mostly stayed near the outskirts" holy Solaris, why is he just noticing that they were that small. "and none of that mister, sir or prince stuff making me sound old" Dusk added with slight annoyance in the end, his hoof messing with his already messed mane.

"wait..." Scoots tapped her chin as she tried to think "how old are you?" Scoots proceeded to point straight at Dusk's muzzle, that she can't reach because she's short.

The self-exiled prince stared unimpressed, he thought his age was pretty obvious... was he wrong?

"How old do you think?" Dusk shot back, a frown on his muzzle. He was sure he atleast looked young, Solaris was thousands of years older than him and he looks young!

"ahm... fifteen?" Bloom answered, her voice clearly questioning instead of answering.

Dusk's stare turned even more unimpressed, his stare baring onto them; Dusk's disappointment clear, she clearly was trying to placate him by giving a low number. He turned to Scoots, his brow raised as he turned on her. It rose, even more, when Scoots sent a betrayed look at the bow wearing Bloom.

"thirty..." insert even more brow-raising "... one?" she added weakly, a hesitant laugh coming from her as she looked away.

Dusk couldn't help but face hoof. Clearly, he thought wrong when he himself thought he looked young. Was it the scars? or the light side-burns(1) he's growing? He couldn't help it! It's not like he can just shave it off! He livse in the Everfree, you think there are free shavers there? it's not like he can just use magic and poof it off, it would scar and he'd rather not deal with that.

Dusk has enough scars thank you very much!

"Hey, Prince-" another stare, "Uhm... Dusk?" Dusk nodded and Belle continued "Just who are you?"

His once careful trot halted and Dusk tried to find his composure, he cleared his throat and smiled hesitantly, Dusk's voice wavering slightly as he spoke: "What do you mean?" He continued to move, trying to focus on something else. Honestly, he didn't know who he is either. He was a simple student than a prince than a war hero then this.

"Yer' an alicorn, that means that you're royalty" started Bloom, her eyes trained on Dusk and he harshly bit his tongue when another pony took her place for a second. "But me and the others don't see you with the Princesses"

Dusk exhaled and tried to keep up his smile but he felt so tired so suddenly and he didn't know what to do, "I... where I'm from," Dusk's voice hitched and he gulped, "I'm the last of where I'm from... so to speak"

"You're alone?" Scoots stated, a worried look on her face "Don't you have any mares with you?"

The old Prince blinked at that statement and shook his head, a rueful laugh escaping from his mouth as they neared Ponyville, "I'm a busy colt, Scoots. No mare wants somepony like me, especially with-" He circled a hoof towards himself, a self-deprecating grin on his scarred face "-how i look right now. I'm not exactly prime stallion material, girls" Last he knew, Dusk wasn't the best looking compared to his friends. They had a scale before the war and he was the least attractive stallion compared to the rest of them. It sure helped with his confidence back then, it really did.

Not noticed by Dusk, the three fillies looked at each other and nodded. Their sisters have been rather lonely lately and Dusk is a good colt, they trust Dusk to give them a nice time.

Dusk stood literally outside of Ponyville, his rueful smile still on place. It looks so normal, so innocent and so real. Dusk couldn't help but feel like it was mocking him, telling him that he didn't belong. He snorted, like he didn't already know that. He would never belong in such a free world, he had no place here and Dusk wondered why he even was here in the first place.

Dusk got his answer when the fillies he was with began pushing him forward. Dusk sighed and moved, 'Let's just get this over with, they wouldn't even recognize him anyway. They'll just think he's some rabid fancolt and that'll be the end of it' he thought, his movements stiff as he finally entered Ponyville.

"Now that I'm here, what are you girls gonna do now?" Dusk asked, he wanted to know his objectives so he can finish it quickly and leave. The amount of memories he remembered by simply standing here is starting to get to him and he'd rather not have a breakdown in a public place. He needed to focus on something else, Dusk clicked his tongue and waited for a reply.

"Well... you wanna explore? this is the first time you've been to Ponyville right?" Dusk absentmindedly nodded, technically it is his first time in this Ponyville. He shook his head around and strengthen his resolve, this is for the girls.

'Don't you mess this up for them!' he nodded to himself and gave a bright smile to the fillies, last he remembered that the Male! CMC liked sweets maybe that would be a good place to visit?

"You girls want to go get some sweets?" he got such quick nods, that Dusk worried that the girls would get whiplash and throw their head out of their necks if they continued. "Alrighty then! come on and let's go!" But Dusk stopped when he realized that he didn't have the money.

"How about we save the sweets for last..." That would be enough for him to go and get some money.

He hoped.