• Published 22nd Apr 2019
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Enchorus - GMBlackjack

Stories set in the Songs of the Spheres multiverse written by a variety of authors.

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Twilence's Invitation

I decided that it had probably been a bad idea to go with the backdrop of space. As mystical as it made me appear, it was slightly annoying to keep control of myself in zero gravity. However, it was what I had chosen to work with, and going back to the library now would be equivalent to giving up, and I wasn't one to do that.

I held up my book in a telekinetic aura, managing to scribble a few words in my notebook before it started to tumble. Instinctively, I spread my wings, their inherent magic allowing me to stabilize even within the vacuum of space. I frowned - annoyed that I hadn't thought of that sooner.

It was only natural, after all.

As I continued to drift through space - though it appeared more as gliding - I opened my notebook once again and delicately scrawled a few words within the pages, the glow from the eye in my chest providing a soft tone for the primary word.


I smiled slightly, amusing myself with the many connotations in which that word had been used in my life.

And that was the signal that the time was right. I cleared my throat and began to speak, seemingly addressing the nothingness in front of me.

"It looks like you've made your way to a somewhat interesting part of the song, haven't you? Come off the beaten path and the major branches to this niche of bundled notes and scrawled letters. I'm not sure what that means for you in particular - each of you probably has their own purpose here - but I'm glad you're here regardless. The multiverse has so many stories to tell, and it sometimes seems... unfair to leave them to the wayside."

I flipped through the pages of my notebook, allowing only a few glimpses of the sketches within its pages. Half-seen monsters jutted out of the folds alongside complex stellar diagrams, sketches of ponies, and repeated mysterious symbols. I ended on a set of pages that had a large nineteen scrawled across them. With a roll of my eyes, I continued flipping - passing Crusader shields, technological diagrams, diagrams of universe creation, and images of my own Eye of Rhyme.

I stopped on a picture of a book with a Dark Tower rising out of the pages, images of roses scrawled in the margins. Everywhere else was filled with my minuscule hoofwriting, barely legible even to myself. "I don't know what lies beyond these words for you. I do not know what Prophets will stick their hands into the tides of possibility and pull out a story. I don't even know what sorts of stories will come - action? Comedy? Or - dare I say it - romance?" I laughed at the thought, unable to keep a hint of worry out of my voice.

"I suppose we will find out what lies beyond together..." I mused looking down at the eye within my chest. It glowed slightly, filling me with a sense of familiar comfort.

"Come with me, dear reader, and let's see what lies off the beaten path." I spread my wings and ripped a dimensional portal through existence. With a single flap, I flew into my library and sat down at my desk, everything neatly arranged in neat, organized stacks. Outside, it was night, allowing my candles to provide the perfect aesthetic for the moment.

I set a gigantic tome gingerly on the desk, its cover similar to that of a book I had read alone oh so long ago... back when I was still just Twilight. I traced my hoof over the relief portrait of a unicorn.

With gentle sparks and a curious glow, I opened the cover. "An encore, and a chorus. A look back, and a synthesis. A-"

"TWILENCE!" Pinkie Pie shouted from a nearby bookshelf. "WE'VE GOT AN EMERGENCY!"

I let out a sigh. "Pinkie, I'm doing a-"


I put a hoof to my forehead and sighed. I flipped the book open to a random page. "Apparently ka has decided this is a bad time for me, so hopefully you can get something out of th-" Pinkie grabbed hold of me and dragged me out of the room. "Pinkie! I haven't been mysterious enough yet!" I flailed in annoyance.

"There's no time to explain!"


Soon, the library was empty, leaving only a book and the memory of a purple alicorn getting dragged away against her will by a psychotic pink horse.

Which, to be fair, wasn't that unusual for this library.

Slowly, the book turned a page all on its own...

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