• Published 22nd Apr 2019
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Enchorus - GMBlackjack

Stories set in the Songs of the Spheres multiverse written by a variety of authors.

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Pink and Blue (GMBlackjack)

"You know, a more accurate name would be the 'toonforce'," Eve commented to Flutterfree one day as they were walking through one of Ponyville's many gardens. "We always call them 'Pinkie Powers' because we know a lot of Pinkies, but there are other people who have similar powers."

Flutterfree nodded. "Oh, yes, Deadpool and Bugs come to mind."

"And yet, we still call them Pinkie Powers."

"Well, Pinkies use it more often, regularly, and something about the power just screams... pink."

"I mean that Bugs Bunny does it pretty well..."

"He doesn't really have a color, though. When you think of the color for it, it's always pink, pink, pi-"

A Pinkie dropped from the sky, landing right in front of them. She grabbed both of their faces in her front hooves and glared at them. "You two. You summoned her."




She came like a drop of water, depositing herself just behind the Pinkie. Once she had collapsed into a full puddle, she froze solid and shattered like ice, coming together into a bunch of jiggsaw-pieces not unlike a Flat, popping into the third dimension with a whirling tornado. She was a human girl with skin of a light blue tone and hair of a darker shade. Despite her absurd entrance, her apparel was tame - a simple, worn out gray dress and striped leggings. The only odd thing about her aside from her tremendous eyes - which were relatively normal around ponies - was a floating leaf sticking out of her hair.

"That... was a rather impressive display," Eve admitted. "Hello... uh..."

"Bluehilda!" She said, her body flashing like a blue lightbulb on the first syllable and on the second a small grassy hill appeared in her hand.

"Oh... my," Flutterfree said.

"I hear-" her ear grew fourfold "-that you a impressed-" she grew impish horns and her dress became significantly frillier "-with my boisterous blueberry bouncing blooms!" She ended by dropping a large letter B on Pinkie with her hair having turned into the petals of a flower.

"Run while you still have a chance..." Pinkie breathed, reaching weakly toward Flutterfree.

Flutterfree rolled her eyes. "Don't be silly, she seems nice enough. I'm Flutterfree! You've certainly got a lot of fun in that little head of yours!"

"Oh yeah!" She popped her head open and pulled out a twenty-sided die. After she rolled it, the die exploded into a thousand colors of bats that coalesced into a wreath around her hair. A small network of roads formed in her hair, using the lights of the bats as traffic signals. "Awww... why is it that fun always becomes traffic?" She folded her arms grumpily.

Flutterfree giggled. "Looks like I was wrong. Maybe we should call them... Bluey Powers?"

"Toonforce," Eve said, rolling her eyes.

"That can't be the technical term."

"...It is. It really is."

"Toon... force..." Bluehilda turned the words over in her mouth. "Hmm..."

"Oh no..." Pinkie covered her eyes with her hooves. "She's gonna do it..."

Bluehilda rolled her tongue, making one of the most obnoxious noises any of the ponies present had ever heard. ...Okay, so it wasn't even in the top 100, but they could still identify it as more obnoxious than most. She held her hand in the air and grinned. "Toonforce!"

And then a stick of dynamite the size of a phone booth fell from the sky behind her.

It exploded, comically darkening everything for several yards except Bluehilda herself, who was somehow completely unharmed.

Eve coughed smoke out of her mouth. "Ow."

"See what I mean?" Pinkie shouted. "She is to be feared!"

"What, feared, me?" Bluehilda put on the biggest puppy-dog eyes she could muster, which were about three times larger than her face. "I'm a good witch!"

Flutterfree smiled. "We believe you. Pinkie, you are being kinda mean. She's no worse than you, just a bit more... extreme."

"You don't understand. If the Emporium finds out.."

"AHA!" another Pinkie shouted, appearing next to them. She was an alicorn with elements of a Twilight Sparkle mixed in. She was wearing what could only be described as a mad scientist's labcoat. "The Pinkie Pool experiment didn't produce as many results as expected... Now I see a new synthesis! The Pinkie Blue!" She appeared behind Bluehilda. "Give me a strand of your hair."

"But why?" Bluehilda asked, appearing on top of the Pinkie scientist while still being in front of her. For good measure, a third Bluehilda was typing furiously on a phone a few steps away.

"I will mix Blue and Pink together to create... PURPLE!"

Eve raised a hoof. "If purple was a-"

"Shush! Emporium science isn't an exact science! The two must be mixed to create... I don't know what, but it'll be fun!"

"You've sold me!" the three Bluehildas said in unison, fusing back to one. "Where do we sign?" She produced her own paperwork and gave it to the Pinkie scientist.

"Nowhere!" Pinkie said, throwing it away.

"Done!" Bluehilda clicked a pen closed.

Eve froze the two of them in time with Seraphim. "How about we not do that and instead take some time to think about what we're doi-"

"HI!" A soft purple anthro said. "I'm Pinkie Blue Hilda Pie!"

Flutterfree and Eve stared at her in fear and shock.

"If I breathe too hard the scene explodes in laughter!"

I appeared in a flash of purple. "wait nonono do-"

Pinkie Blue breathed an dø˙ ƒ®ˆç˚ ˆ†æß ˙åππ´˜ˆ˜©....

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