• Published 22nd Apr 2019
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Enchorus - GMBlackjack

Stories set in the Songs of the Spheres multiverse written by a variety of authors.

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We're in for it Now (GMBlackjack)

Rarely were multiversal meetings called that required all ten of the seats be present.

This was clearly a special situation, since not only were all ten seats full, but they were all paying rapt attention - even the glowing shape of the Them, who called itself You. It wasn't doing it's normal 'hey, You over here!' schtick - it was quiet, curious, waiting for the drama to unfold.

The other faces were all there - a female Celestialsapien by the name of Lestri, voices apparently in unity enough to tap her fingers anxiously. The Xeelee computer box was flashing lights faster than normal, computing any large number of results about what should be done. There was a Flower - Pine Tree - who somehow managed to look perturbed by the whole situation, despite looking exactly like a normal pine tree in a potted plant.

There was a Horrorterror - Squi'bel'zenthasomething or other, hidden behind a shroud so as to not to drive the Beyonder Aminax insane. This fact alone was surprising - the Beyonders rarely showed up for anything, but apparently, it was big enough to demand their presence. The Great Will had sent one of its primary voices - a tremendous head that glared down at everyone in the room impersonally. The One Above All had taken the opportunity to come himself, his shifting appearance always looking kind - but this time, concern was in his face.

Then there were the last of the lower universes - the only human in the room, a girl by the name of Nanoha, who was looking at the accused with a sad look. Beside her was a Time Lord, looking at the accused with an intense, angry stare.

The Traveling Doctor grinned. "Well... I guess we're really in for it now aren't we?"

Deadpool shrugged. "Eh, probably. I brought chimichangas for our grilling! And hot dogs too!"

The room erupted into yelling. Well, You didn't yell, it just kept laughing. This was delightful!

Author's Note:

Aaaaand no author's notes from me here, but a little bit of an 'announcement'. The next story will be published tomorrow, and it is the last one I have lined up for publishing. It is also the most recent story - written a week or so ago in response to the Homestuck Epilogues. So those of you who like Homestuck will get a huge kick out of it, but otherwise... Eh, here's hoping you appreciate a lot of colors anyway.

After that, this anthology will stop updating until I get a new submission of some sort. The possibilities are endless, my friends...

-GM, master of endless.

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