• Published 18th Mar 2019
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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 41: Letter

"And then, I put my hooves in front of me, and sent all the energy I accumulated into a giant beam that was even bigger than him! There was nothing left of him!"

The whole lunchroom explodes in cheering and clapping.

"That's our second in command!"

"Long life the Fatal Cutie!"

"That's so bad you didn't record it! I want to see this!"

"You are the best!..... After the king, of course."

"Bear my children!"

"She is a child, you idiot!" BAM!


Cape Knight is among the ones applauding. "You are becoming really powerful. Maybe one day, you will be able to beat Kirby in a duel."

She giggles. "I still have to win against Dedede and Meta Knight. Once I have beat them, I can pretend that I have a chance to win against Kirby. And they are constantly getting stronger too, so it will be hard."

"And so, what is your next step to become more powerful?"

"I have been able to use Kirby's Tornado Ability. Thanks to it, I now have an idea of how to use the wind, so I will now train to use it. Finding a way to turn my body into stone or my fur into needles would be good too. I also have another idea in mind concerning my singing but I'm not yet sure what it will do, without forgetting that I would like to learn how to play music with my horn so I don't need to sing to shoot music notes. I must improve my skills with my new mirror shields, start to train to throw cutter blades, maybe learn to give my shields shapes so they aren't just flat or round... You know? Like give them the shape of a hammer or a sword and use them as an actual weapon! Of course, creating weapons shaped with my magic would be better."

Cape Knight whistles with fascination. "That's a lot. So you want to learn how to use weapons other than your whip?"

"It's always better to have more than one trick."

"Good point. Just, do not overstrain yourself."

"I know, don't worry, I will not train all the time. I will also pass time with my friends, explore Popstar, the other side, the other worlds around, the mirror world, have fun..."

"Good." He chuckles. "At least, you will not get bored."

"That's for sure!"

"Of course she will not get bored," says Broom Sunglasses. "I'm here to make sure it doesn't happen!"

She huffs. "Don't try to annoy me too much! Or I will get the maid outfit!"

He gulps. "Please! No! I don't wanna die! Wait... You still have it?"

The next second, he is turned into an ice block.

"And then, she shot that giant energy beam that left absolutely nothing of him!" shouts Scootaloo, mimicking Sweetie Belle's last attack against Dark Mind.

The fillies and colts around her all awe at this.

"And that wasn't a magic beam?" asks Dinky.

"There was some magic, I could see her horn glowing. But since she entered that world, she learned how to use her own energy to attack!"

"Like in my video game Road Brawler! In this game, there is this character named Brick Breaker who is an earth pony who can shoot energy balls from his hooves, without magic!" says Button Mash.

"Exactly! Remember, we already talked about it when we told you about the battleship!"

"Now I want her to teach me how to use my energy..."

Apple Bloom sighs. "We will have to wait for her to come back."

"Will she be able to even come back one day?" asks Snip.

"Discord could bring her back anytime," answers Apple Bloom. "He doesn't do it because he thinks that Sweetie Belle has some role to play in this world. And so far, he seems to be right."

"The question is: when will she be able to come back?" continues Scootaloo.

Rumble is the one answering her. "Well, if she is now fighting bad guys in this other world and becoming a hero for it... maybe never... She could remain here and continue to be this world's hero forever."

The two crusaders look at each other, and both sigh. "The worth..." says Apple Bloom. "is that you may be right. She now really seems to be okay with all this."

Scootaloo nods. "Discord told Rarity, who told to Rainbow Dash, who told me that Sweetie Belle is now the second of this king who shelter her. Between her hero's duty, and this job, maybe she already considers this world as her new home. Apparently, she has also made many friends over there." She then smiles. "But I'm sure she hasn't forgotten us. She is probably still thinking of us sometime."

Featherweight nods. "Yes. You three are best friends. Maybe she seemed okay with her situation because she thinks that there are no way home, and she accepted it. But I'm sure she misses you."

"Or maybe she is trying to find a way home, but until then, she just lives her new life," says Twist.

"Or maybe now that she is somepony important, she forgot about you!" they hear.

They all groan, but as if she hasn't heard that, Apple Bloom suddenly takes a camera from her saddlebag. "Hey! Wanna see Sweetie Belle being a DJ?"

"What? Really?"

"Now I need to see that!"

"Show us! Show us!"

"Hey! Don't ignore me!"

"Shut up! Music time!"

At this, Apple Bloom push the play button, and the camera now shows Sweetie Belle with her Vinyl-like look, blasting music notes and sound waves in the rhythm of a really catchy song.

The rest of the recess becomes a rave party, with a certain pair of fillies left out, to their annoyance.

That night, before going to bed, Sweetie Belle opens her closet and takes the maid outfit, huffing as she looks at it. Of course I still can put it. And next time he implies that I have gained weight, I WILL put it. She huffs again. Knowing him, it will not be long. At this, she smirks and starts to put the outfit. "Let's train to be the most adorable filly maid possible!"

However, once she has put the outfit, something rapidly feels wrong. The outfit still fits her, but she can feel it being a little more tight around her barrel. It would be barely noticeable, but for somepony who has been forced to be a model for her sister dozens of times, this is definitely not 'barely noticeable'.

She looks at herself in the mirror and groans. What the hay? I actually gained weight? I thought that all the exercise that I got while training was enough to compensate for all the food that I ate! Celestia! I don't even want to think what I would have become if I hadn't started training ! She rubs her head. "Tomorrow, I'm asking Dedede to reduce my portion. And why doesn't he seem to have gained weight him? He eats two times what I eat! Sometime even ten times!" She sighs. Me too, I would like to eat what I want without caring.

She takes off the outfit and puts it back in the closet, before looking at her barrel, and poking her belly, feeling indeed that it is a little softer. Yet again, this is absolutely nothing. She can easily still be considered as thin, and so, she doesn't over-dramatise it like her sister would do, but she still takes those pounds for what they are: a warning that she should watch what she eats, unless she wants those pounds to cumulate, until she would pass from thin to chubby. And in her actual job as a hero of Popstar, being chubby would make things harder for her. She would become slower, which would make her more vulnerable to the attacks of her enemies. For someone as big and strong as Dedede, he can do with, but for someone as small as her, that's a big no! Or she would have to make her shields stronger to resist anything. And it would make running from traps like the boulder from the previous day harder. Also, she would jump less high and less far. She could still fly thanks to her shield, but you never know when you would need to rapidly jump to avoid an attack. Finally, she would tire quicker, and in a fight, she doesn't want to get tired too quickly. So yeah, for her, whether she is able to avoid gaining weight or not is a matter of life and death.

And there is also something else.

She giggles and look at the Rarity plushie on her bed. "If I come back to Equestria even with just those pounds..." She takes the plushie. "she would go all 'My little sister has gained weight? This is the WORST. THING. EVER! No ice cream for you anymore!'" While talking as Rarity, she makes the plushie mimic her, which causes Sweetie Belle to burst into laughter. As she laughs, she lies in her bed, and once she calms, she holds the plushie above her head and looks at it, her smile disappearing, before she sighs. "At least, I would see her again... If only I could at least talk to her..." She looks at the other plushies and hugs them. "Talk to all of them..."

"I... could do something about this," suddenly says a small voice.

The suddenness makes her bounce in surprise with an "Eep!" before she looks around rapidly. "Who said that? Who is there?"

A miniature version of Discord wearing a blue dress, holding a wand, and having butterfly-like wings appears in front of her. "I'm your fairy godmother, and I'm here to grant you your wish."

Before he can say for, he is snatched from the air and trapped in a bear hug by Sweetie Belle. "Discord! I have never been this happy to see you!"

"I'm happy to hear that my appearance is not making somepony groaning for once, but could you please release me so I can breath?"

"You are the spirit of chaos. You don't need to breath."

"Actually, I'm a duplication created by the real Discord to keep an eye for you."

She stops hugging him. "Really? And since when do you watch me?"

"Since after your fight against Zero Two."

"And why didn't you come to me earlier?"

"Because I wasn't sure how you would react at knowing that I, as in the real me, could have opened a portal to bring you back to Equestria from the start."

"What?!" She puts the small Discord in front of her face and looks at him in anger. "He could have brought me back all this time?! Why hasn't he?"

"Because if he had brought you back, you wouldn't have gotten all those friends, you wouldn't have become this powerful, you wouldn't have fought all those bad guys and saved Dreamland, Popstar, Ripple Star, and the Mirror World, you wouldn't have become a hero, and you would have never discovered that you like being a hero. He had some doubt that you ending in this world wouldn't be for nothing. You know. Fate."

Sweetie Belle stares at him for a few seconds. "I can accept that. But why telling me this now?"

"For two reasons. One: now that you have made your mark in this world, you will not ask me hastily to bring you back. Now you know that you have a purpose in this world, and you are ready to wait until the right time to come back. Two: I thought that you would need some... moral support. If you could have some news from your friends and family, and you wouldn't be feeling so blue like five minute ago. It would be bad if you start to feel depressed because you misses them too much."

"...... Alright. You win. I'm still mad, but I understand your point... So... I will be able to talk to them?"

The small Discord then makes a poststallion outfit appear on him. "I was thinking of letters. You write, I send the letter, they write back, everyone is happy!"

She has a small smile at this. "I suppose that this is better than nothing." She then giggles. "So, you will become my 'Spike' then?"

He huffs. "I will not breath fire to send the letters! And I will definitely not burp them! No, I will find more entertaining ways to send and receive them. I will be your 'Spike 2.0', alias 'Discord'."

She giggles again. "Then I'm gonna start writing. Be ready to send three letters. One for my parents, one for Rarity, and one for my friends Scootaloo and Apple Bloom." She then gets out of the bed and goes to her desk, taking three papers and a pen. Before she starts, she turns back to Discord. "Speaking of them, how are they? How did they take my disparition?"

Discord lies down on his side on the bed, head on his paw, as he starts recounting. "At first, they were very worried. You disappeared, and they didn't know where you landed. Twilight was working hard to try to open a portal to bring you back. Eventually, I told them about your situation, and while they are still worried -you are risking your life fighting nightmarish abominations, after all-, they are still glad to know that you are alright, and they are happy to see what you have become. Now, Twilight still tries to open a portal, but she is not working to the point of becoming half crazy anymore, which was fun to watch while it lasted. By the way, thanks to me, they saw some of your adventures."

"So they saw me fighting?"

"Oh yes, they saw. They saw everything that happened in the Halberd. They also saw your two most recent adventures, fighting those abominations named Zero Two and Dark Mind. Oh, I also gave them a recording of your moment as DJ 5-tar."

She laughs. "Gosh, now I wish I could have seen Rarity's reaction."

"Sadly, the real me is the one that gave the recording to her, so I can't tell."

She pouts. "Aren't you my fairy godmother? Can't you grant my wishes?"

He laughs. "Wow! You return my own joke against me! This never happened! Generally, my jokes either annoy ponies, or are ignored. I feel that I will like our future discussions."

"You can thank this world. It really changed me." She then frowns. "And... what do they think about me... killing?"

"Don't worry about that, they understand. You don't possess your version of the Elements of Harmony to turn your enemies into stone or whatever."

She sighs in relief. "Thank you... I feared that they would think of me as a monster..."

"In a way, you are a monster, in a good sense. Look at how powerful you have become ! For a unicorn filly, you could now fight an alicorn like Celestia! Well, she would probably beat you, but you would put up a great fight. So far, only Starswirl, Sombra, Twilight when she was a unicorn, and that anti-Cutie Mark mare are or were skillful enough for that. And they are only skillful at magic! However, you, you know how to fight both with your magic, with a weapon, and with your own body. I can already tell that when you will have fully developed your potential, you could even fight the Dragon Lord himself. Hydras and Ursa Majors will be a mere nuisance to you. The Everfree Forest will be your playground. Tartarus? A training camp full of punching bags."

"Hey! Hey! Don't you think you are going a little too far?"

"Pish posh! In the space of a few months, you passed from a powerless filly to one of the most powerful warriors of this world. And you continue to gain in strength, skill, and power. If this continues, how powerful do you think you will be once you reach adulthood?"

She opens her mouth to answer, but closes it after a few seconds, not being able to say anything.

"Exactly. It's a little like Kirby. He is just a kid, even younger than you, I can say, and yet, he actually possesses the title of Most Powerful Warrior of Popstar. Who can guess how powerful he will be as an adult?"

"Well, he is the incarnation of Soul, Heart, and Dream, the three Great Forces of this universe. I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes, like, the successor of the Dark God, without the Dark part."

"Mmh... Now I wonder if you will become a god too."

"No way! I'm just a pony!"

"Celestia and Luna were just ponies too, but today, they are considered like gods, especially Celestia."

"But they are not gods. YOU are not a god, you speak of yourself as just a spirit, a demigod, and yet, you were able to best both Celestia and Luna in the past."

"That's true. Well, at least you could become god-like."

She shakes her head. "Uh uh. I don't believe I will become that powerful."

"Oh, we will see, my dear overpowered filly." At this, Sweetie Belle starts to write a letter. Discord then chuckles, and says "You and Kirby are so alike, while also being so opposite... You are both powerful, but he can only have one ability at a time while you accumulates them one by one. He is a hot head while you are more careful. You are both great at making friends, you are both adorable, but you are hardworking while he passes most of his time eating and napping." He smirks. "You two form a really good couple."

"Eep!" She rapidly turns around to look at Discord, her cheeks red. "He is not my coltfriend!"

"I think the word to use in this case would be 'boyfriend', and keep telling yourself that. Poor filly in denial."

"Whatever!" She returns writing her letters. "I will give the letters to you tomorrow, it's too late to send them. They are probably about to go to bed, if they aren't already sleeping. However, for Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, you will have to wait until they get out of school. Wouldn't want you to get in trouble with your marefriend for interrupting school."

It's Discord's turn to get red. "Fluttershy is not my marefriend!"

She smirks. "I never named Fluttershy. Got you!"

He stutters, and after a few seconds of watching Sweetie Belle in amazement, he gets a proud smile. "Oh... You sneaky little rascal!"

She sticks out her tongue toward him at this.

The next day, in Discord's house in his chaotic dimension.

"Mmh... Yes. A glue-like cake that will keep her mouth closed and prevent her from eating more should be funny enough. Oh, I laugh just thinking about her reaction. Alright, this prank is Discord approved." A pen notes something on paper. "Now... Oh! I know! A 'legendary' talking book of universal knowledge for Twilight! But the book will tell her wrong things! Knowing her, she will think that what the book says is the truth, and make a fool of herself one way or another! Perfect! Perfect! Notes that!" The pen notes more. "Who else... Maybe I could-"

Suddenly, a hole appears in the air beside Discord, and the mini-him pokes his head through it with a few papers in his claw. "I have some mail!"

"Oh! Mini-me! What a surprise! Mail from who?"

"From Sweetie Belle, to Rarity, her parents, and her two chaotic friends."

Discord raises an eyebrow. "You revealed yourself?"

"She was starting to get a little depressed, so I thought that it was a good time for me to appear, and I proposed to her to become her 'Spike 2.0' so to say."

He huffs. "So I will have to send the letters that she writes to her family and friends?"

"And what they will write back to her."

"You could have talked about this to me."

"I'm you. If I'm okay with this, you are."

"True. Now give me those letters."

Mini-Discord gives them. "By the way, Sweetie Belle is a really good conversation partner. She returns my jokes against me like she returns projectiles to their sender with her mirrors. She has become so entertaining to talk to."

"Really now? Then I will make sure to visit her often once she comes back to Equestria."

"Of course. Just make sure to not joke about her potential relationship with Kirby around her. She will make you regret it. Here is a clue: it concerns Fluttershy."

Discord guffaws. "Oh that's glorious! 'Embarrass me, and I embarrass you! Now I know that I will love talking to her!"

"I know, because I love it! Now, I must go back to be at her side. Ciao!" At this, his head returns in the hole, and the hole disappears, leaving Discord alone.

Rarity is in a cabin in the train, watching the land passing rapidly beyond the window. She is coming back from Canterlot, where she has been able to open her own boutique, making her dream come true. While there has been some... problems, right now, she is the happiest mare in Equestria, even if there is a shadow in her happiness. Once she has told everypony that she has been about to open a boutique in Canterlot, they have been so happy for her. However, she really regrets to not have been able to tell the news to Sweetie Belle. The filly would probably be bouncing around in joy at her sister accomplishing her dream.

She closes her eyes and sighs. She really misses her sister...

She stops watching the window, and looks down, her thoughts now focused on Sweetie Belle. That's when she sees that she is not alone anymore in the cabin. Indeed, sitting in front of her, reading an upside down newspaper while wearing blue and red glasses and a black fedora with dots of all colours is Discord. Normally, seeing the draconequus would make her groan in annoyance, because when he appears, problems generally follow, but right now, he is also the only means to have news about her sister. So, despite his sudden appearance making her jump in surprise, she smiles at him.

"Yes. I do have news about Sweetie Belle," says Discord, predicting her question. "He then shows an envelope that has been hidden by the newspaper. "For you, my dear."

She takes the envelope and looks at it. "A letter from Sweetie Belle?!"

He nods. "From now on, the mini-me will serve as an intermediary between her and you. And by you, I mean everypony." He gives her a blue box. "Write a letter, put it in this box, and the mini-me will receive it, and give it to Sweetie Belle. Now I must go, I have two more letters to give. Good reading." And he disappears.

Rarity immediately opens the envelope and starts reading the letter.

Hello Rarity!

It's me, Sweetie Belle! I hope that you are alright! I miss you so much! Discord told me that you saw some of my adventures, and that you know what I have become. I know that this was certainly not what you had in mind about my future. But who knew that I would become a hero in another dimension? I hope that you are not mad at Twilight for sending me there, because it was an accident, and my fault. I shouldn't have barged like that. I thought that she was just reading a book, like every time!

Anyway. It took me some time to get used to this weird dimension. We can breath in water, walk on clouds, go in space, there are those black doors that are making me going crazy, there is food everywhere, the inhabitants love fighting for no reason, and everything is pretty much possible, even the more crazy things. Do you know that I had to stop the sun and the moon from fighting each other? Well, in the end, they stopped fighting to save Popstar by stopping that wish-granting planet-sized clockwork star named Nova that was flying toward it. Yeah, you thought that what happened to Ponyville was crazy? Think again.

At least, it's peaceful (well, almost), and many people are nice to me. First, there is Waddle Dee, now named Bandana Waddle Dee, who is the first that helped me the day I appeared in this world. I appeared above Dedede's cake, and crashed in it, which made him really made. But Bandana Dee was able to calm him, and since then, he has been at my side, and has been a great help with learning about this world. Then, there is Dedede. Self-proclaimed king of Dreamland, and has an ego probably bigger than Rainbow Dash's. He can be really selfish (he stole once all the food of Dreamland), and is very brutal. But after being calmed down by Bandana Dee, he accepted to give me shelter, at the condition that I work for him. At first, that was as a servant, but once he saw my magic, and how much potential I had with it, he started training me to fight Kirby, he let me eat at his table, and became nicer and nicer. He is still a jerk sometime, and he can be very rough, but I now trust him. Beside, despite his selfishness, he really cares for Dreamland and the ones under his command. He has helped, or tried to help protect Dreamland and Popstar more than once, and you saw how he helped us saving Ripple Star. There are also Broom Sunglasses, who is fun, but also very annoying; Cape Knight, the captain of Dedede's army, serious, sage, strong, always honest, who helped me training by giving me some good advice; and Knuckle Joe, a very exciting, somewhat clumsy, very kind specialist in martial arts who helped me discovering my energy, which you probably saw me using to throw energy balls for example, and who made me much more stronger with his really hard physical training. At this point, I have become friends with at least half of Dedede's army.

I made many other friends, starting with Rick the hamster, Coo the owl, Kine the fish, ChuChu the octopus, Nago the cat, and Pitch the bird, and their relatives. There is Gooey, a Dark Matter that has been able to gain a soul and to become nice. Adeleine, a human girl that can give life to what she paints. Marx, a powerful jester who is a little like Discord. Whispy Wood, a talking tree that like fighting, but is still nice to be around, and his apples are delicious! Acro the orca. Ribbon, queen Ripple, and all the other fairies. Meta Knight. A robot named Waly...

The most special of all is clearly Kirby. If there is someone that could represent all the Elements of Harmony, it would be him. He is my best friend in Popstar, and also my rival. Like Discord said, we are very similar, while also being opposites in many points. Together, we saved Popstar and Ripple Star from the Dark Matters, destroyed Meta Knight's battleship the Halberd to stop him from conquering Dreamland, explored a dozen worlds, saved a mirror dimension, and fought many powerful foes. He can inhale someone or something to gain an ability, like fire, ice, wheel, ninja, fighter, mirror, or mike, and when he goes on my back, his current ability is partaged with me, making me do things that I never thought that I would do one day! Like, you saw me when I became a ninja! And there was that time where I gained jet wings, and I could fly really fast! Thanks to it, I gained the knowledge on how to use my magic to copy those abilities (provided that I have enough magic), and now, I can shoot fireballs or ice balls from my horn for exemple. He is one of the main reasons I have become so powerful today. Now, I am considered the fourth more powerful warrior of Popstar behind Dedede, Meta Knight, and Kirby himself. Oh, and I am also Dedede's second in command. I don't know if you knew this.

It's really good living in Dreamland, when it is not threatened. It always seems to be spring, but there are some places where it's like it's always summer, autumn, or winter. One day, maybe, I will show you around.I also wouldn't mind living there once I am an adult. I mean, I can now tell that my place is in this dimension. I am one of Popstar's Guardians, and Dedede's second. I will come back! Equestria is still my home! And I want to see all of you again! And I probably have tons of homework too... But Dreamland is where I want to move on. Hopefully, we will find a way to go back and forth between Equestria and Dreamland.

I love you, Rarity, and I can't wait to see you again. I have plushies of all of you on my bed to help me keep the moral when I feel alone. At least, thanks to Discord, I should feel better. When I will be back, I will cook you a cake. Don't worry, I have learned to cook. The Cook Waddle Dees helped.

By the way... I will just say it now just in case. I have gained weight. I know! The horror! The horror! But hey! I live in a castle where the king could beat Pinkie Pie in an eating contest! And I'm eating at his table almost every day! And like I told you, there is food absolutely everywhere. I can't walk five minute without finding something to eat. And you know how I love ice creams, cookies, and candies. And there is the fact that the food in Popstar is absolutely delicious, making it hard to resist. Without forgetting that in my adventures, I have to eat food to heal. At least, thanks to my training, and all the exercises that I get with it, I only gained a few pounds, and it's so small that I just discovered about this this night. Now that I know about it, I will try to lose it, but I can't promise it because of the reasons I told previously. At least I will try to not gain more weight. So, when I come back to Equestria and you see me a few pounds heavier, please, don't make a scene about it, ok?

Your little sis' Sweetie Belle.

Rarity wipes tears from her eyes, and giggles. "Don't worry Sweetie Belle. Once you come back, I will be too busy hugging you to make a scene about your weight. Oh..." She hugs the letter. "Please Sweetie Belle. Come back quick."

Rarity steps out of the train in Ponyville's station, and is greeted by all her friends as well as Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, the fillies and Pinkie Pie possessing big smiles.

"Did you receive one?" they shout together.

"Are you talking about this letter?" she asks while showing Sweetie's letter.

"Yes! Me and Scoot received one too!" says Apple Bloom.

"What did she told you?!" asks Scootaloo.

"She told me about what happened the first day, she described her friends, Popstar, a little of what she has done, and told that she would like to live in Dreamland once she is a mare. She also warned me that she has gained a little weight and that she will try to lose it."

"She told us the same thing! Well, except the weight part. She has really gained weight? She didn't seem different when we saw her the other day," says Apple Bloom.

"A little weight. Just a few pounds. Nothing really visible, especially watching from a portal."

"She also told us that she tried to get her Cutie Mark in many things, but failed each time despite doing well most of the time," continues Scootaloo.

Applejack laughs. "That filly is sure not losing north!"

"Yeah. She told for example that she tried to be a sailor, but she almost sunk the ship," adds Apple Bloom.

This makes Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie roll on the floor laughing, while Rarity sighs. "Why am I not surprised?" She looks back toward the Crusaders. "So, if you received a letter, I suppose that mother and father received one too. Nopony else?"

Her friends all answer negatively.

"I wonder what Sweetie Belle has written to her parents," says Apple Bloom.

"They are on vacation," replies Rarity. "We won't know until they come back." She then looks at everypony. "Now, let's all answer her back."

They all cheer at this.

"Oh! I'm gonna find Twist, Dinky, and all the others from school! They will want to write something too!" shouts Scootaloo, before she runs out of the station.

"Finds us at Sugarcube Corner!" yells Pinkie Pie after her. She then bounces in front of Rarity. "Let's go! Let's go! I want to start!"

"Leads the way, Pinkie."

The next instant, they start their way toward the bakery.

"By the way," says Twilight. "How did it go at Canterlot with your new boutique?"

"Oh, I have so much to say!"

"Get down from there! You are making holes in the ceiling!" shouts Dedede.

"But it's so much fun to walk upside down!" replies Sweetie Belle.

"You can do it outside! There are many caverns around the castle!"

"Aww..." The next second, she drops from the ceiling.

Dedede huffs. "I know that you are excited about your new shield-claws to climb the walls, but this is not a reason to turn the castle into cheese."

She crosses her hooves. "One day, I will find a way to walk on walls without making holes, like when I was a ninja."

"Until then, don't walk on the wall or ceiling with those shield-claws. Understood?"

"Yes. Understood."

At this, Dedede leaves Sweetie Belle, and the filly returns to the ring, actually empty.

"That's too bad," she then hears Discord says. "I loved your Spiderfilly display."

She shrugs. "I will have more occasions to do it. I need to train to be upside down in case I encounter another enemy that can do like Dark Mind."

"That was one crazy move. That's clear. Also..." A magician hat appears on his head. He takes it, and puts his paw in it, all the way to the shoulder. He searches in it for a moment, before he gets is paw out, with two envelopes. "You got letters!"

She gasps, and takes them. "Thank you!" She immediately opens one, and read the letter. Very quickly, tears fall on her cheeks. "It's... It's a letter written by everypony. Rarity, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, Twilight, the others, but also Cheerilee, and my comrades. They..." She puts a leg on her eyes, trying to stop her tears. "They all miss me. They are also happy to know that I am doing well, and that they can't wait for me to come back. Rarity tells that she finally opened a boutique in Canterlot, and that she is proud of me... Apple Bloom and Scootaloo find me awesome and want me to teach them how to shoot energy beams." She laughs at this, while still crying. "Pinkie as at least ten parties ready for me... Twilight says that she is doing all she can to bring me back... Cheerilee says that she misses me at school... Th-they are also congratulating me for everything I have done... Th... They... They all... They all..."

Discord pats her. "Hey now. Don't become a mop already. You still have a letter."

"R-right..." She wipes her tears and opens the second letter. "It's... from Mom and Dad. They say that they miss me and that they are proud of me too." She starts laughing. "Dad asks me to be captain of a hoofball team for Ponyville. And... Wait..."

When you come back, will you present us to your coltfriend, the pink ball?

"Discord! Give me a paper and a pen! I must answer to my parents!"

"Here you go!" he says as he gives what she asks.

A letter appears in Cookie Crumbles' hoof, as the couple is eating in a restaurant somewhere.

"Oh? Already?" She opens it, and laughs.

"What does she says?" asks her husband.

She gives the letter to him. "There. Read."

He reads, and starts laughing too.

Kirby is not my coltfriend!!!

Meanwhile, in the mirror world, a figure approaches the mirror at the center of the circled wall that Sweetie and Meta Knight have used to join the Kirbys to fight Dark Meta Knight.

"Yes. This mirror is perfect." With his six hands, the figure takes the mirror, and looks at it. "It's sublime. I'm sure that my queen will love it for her birthday."

At this, the figure starts to fly away with the mirror, not seeing the purple energy that it leaks.

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