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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 20: Grass and Water

They have been traveling in space for some time now, the distance between planets being far greater than a mere trip through an ocean. They have been following some trail created by the Fountain of Dreams, probably leading them to the next world. And before long, they can see their destination appearing, Sweetie Belle awing at seeing the new world.

The world that they are approaching is clearly different from Popstar. It's a giant green dome surrounded by a ring covered in green too, all of this on a giant chunk of ground as if someone had taken a giant shovel, had plucked it, and had let it float in the middle of nowhere. As they get closer, they can see that the green on the dome and the ring are plants, revealing that it's a world almost entirely constituted of grasslands and green hills.

When they traverse the atmosphere, they see that the hills are like big pillars of ground with grass only at the rounded top, some of the grass being white and forming horizontal white lines with white stars between them. Even the clouds are striped, white with blue lines ! There are also some actual round hills further, green, but also blue or pink. And then there are smaller pillar of grounds a little everywhere that actually looks like screws, again only green at the top with a yellow star at the center.

They land beside a few small trees that looks like green bells with pink fruits, and some pink rocks that are shaped like donuts, even shaping an eight, and they can feel a small spring breeze brush them.

Sweetie looks around her, at the beauty of this world so strange, so different, and yet so familiar. It feels almost like Dreamland. Heck, even the animals they can see, a frog and a chicken without legs, look like the ones from Dreamland. And she can actually see one of those black doors on top of a ladder! So it's not just Popstar? Does this world possesses the same crazy logic? Food popping everywhere? Yes! She can see a strawberry shortcake not far after the ladder, at the bottom of a tree! Will she still be able to breath underwater? Walk on cloud?

Kirby pokes her on the leg, getting her attention, before pointing toward the door, telling her that they should start searching the Fountain of Dreams of this world.


So, after Kirby get a quick snack with the strawberry shortcake -he really loves them-, they climb the ladder and pass the door, only to find themself at the same place. But wait, something is different. The grass is now a more dark green, the breeze is not here anymore, and it's hotter. It feels more like Summer now, where before, it has felt like Spring! And is that now a candy at the place where there has been the strawberry shortcake?

And then, Sweetie sees something else that doesn't make sense: a Bronto Burt! And he is attacking them! Kirby quickly eats him.

"What?! What is a Bronto Burt doing there? We are not on Popstar!"

"Poyo," Kirby answers, shrugging. He then looks back at the door, wondering something, while Sweetie eats the candy, not letting pass a free candy. Kirby then waves at her and pass the door. Sweetie raises an eyebrow before following him, only to be shocked again once at the other side.

Now it's Autumn! It's clearly Autumn! The plants are now orange, and leaves are falling from the trees! Actually, the one beside them is now cut, only leaving the bottom of the trunk with the roots, with now an ice cream bar beside it. And what is a Plasma Whip doing here?! Well, at least, he gives Kirby an ability to better defend himself.

They take the door again, and now, it's Winter, the ground and the trees now covered in snow and- "Waaah!" She quickly shoots a beam at the mutated Scarfy charging at them, making it explode. "A Bronto Burt! A Plasma Wisp! And now, a Scarfy! And is that a Chilly?" She sees a living snowman made of two snowballs with two round hands floating at his sides, wearing a bucket as a hat, and a bell around his neck. "Yep, it's a Chilly. So earlier, those animals were really a Sir Slippy-" The frog. "-and a Tookey?" The chicken. "So what, that means that this world has the same inhabitants as Popstar?"

Kirby shrugs again, as if saying "Seems like it."

Sweetie puts a hoof on her forehead, sighing. "Well, it doesn't make less sense than the rest..." She jumps from the top of the ladder, landing on the snow. She then smiles, looking at the snow. "At least, we are in Winter! And you know what this means?"

"Poyo?" Kirby asks, landing on the snow behind Sweetie, only to suddenly take a snowball between the eyes, making him fall on his back. "Poyo?!"

"A snowball fight!" she shouts, more snowballs levitating around her. Kirby sees this and smirks at her, before giving up the ability and eating the Chilly, gaining the ice ability. Using the ice, he materialises snowballs in his hands, and starts to run, getting around the tree, which somehow is not cut anymore. He dodges a snowball from Sweetie, and throws one back at her.

Sweetie quickly uses her magic to create a wall of snow between her and Kirby, who gets out of behind the tree to throw another snowball at her, only to hit the wall. Seeing that Sweetie has built some defense, he uses his ice ability to build two walls of snow at the left and the right of the tree, making sure to stay hidden. Once the walls are finished, he starts to throw snowballs after snowballs from behind the left one, and Sweetie counter attacks by throwing dozens of them at once.

Some Chillys and other creatures see what they are doing, and approach to get a better view. Kirby sees them and signs to them with a big smile to come help him. They accept. However, two of them decide to join Sweetie Belle so she is not alone. This gets the fight to grow in proportion, the walls quickly becoming small snow fortress, and getting the attention of more Chillys who joins the battle in either Kirby's army, or Sweetie's army.

Before long, the battle become a full blown war between the Fortress of the Crusader in one side, and the Fortress of the Great Tree in the other, the walls now easily two to three time the size of Sweetie with steps to get on them, and crenels at the top. In Kirby's side, flying creature have gotten the idea to go at the top of the tree with a few Chillys to build an ice platform from which they can rain snowballs on their enemies, forcing Sweetie and her Chillys to create a ceiling made of ice.

"Soldiers!" shouts Sweetie at her knights around a round table of ice, now wearing an helmet made of ice. "Because of their platform on the tree, the enemy has the advantage! So, I ask you..." She slams her hooves on the table. "Do any of you have an idea?"

"I may have one, Captain Crusader!" yells a Chilly, doing a salute.

"Which is?"
"We are below a door, madam! We could use it to send troops to another season, so they can take another door back to Winter behind the enemy's line!"

"Excellent idea, soldier! Alright, half of the army is gonna take that door and attack the enemy from behind! The other half will cover them and unleash the biggest snowstorm of our life on the enemy's fortress! Now let's start the operation 'Avalanche'! GO GO GO!"

"Yes Captain!" shouts all the soldiers present.

As ordered, half of the army is ready to run toward the door, while the other half, Sweetie at their head, prepares hundreds of snowballs to defend them. The second half is the first to start, getting out of the cover of the ceiling to go on the wall and throw everything they have. They are immediately pelted from the platform on the tree, that is pelted back by Sweetie. The first half then start their run. The door is not far, but with all the snowballs raining around them, it's as if the door is miles away. More than one of them fall victims, but despite that, they continue, for the glory of the Crusaders!

They reach the ladder under the door !

"They did it! We must continue everyone!" Sweetie yells as she hits an enemy Chilly right in the head.

Before long, they are all able to pass the door, and Sweetie and the others return under the cover of the ice ceiling, taking back their breath. The operation is a success, but they have gotten heavily hit. At least, it will be worth it!

"Captain!" suddenly shouts a soldier. "We have a problem!"

"What is it?"

"Come and look!"

They come in an observation post at the edge of the wall, and Sweetie sees with horror what has gotten her soldier so panicked. On the platform on the tree, the enemy is about to launch a giant snowball! Big enough to crush at least half the fortress, which would render them vulnerable to an assault!

They must stop it! They must...!

Kirby is here, waving at her, with a big smile. That little...

Too late.

Sweetie can only watch as the giant ball fall right in the middle of her fortress, destroying a big part of the wall and the ice ceiling, and burying many of her soldiers under pounds of snow. Immediately, she hears shouts coming from the enemy fortress, and a great part of their army charge right at them with ice bags full of snowballs!

"Everyone!" she yells. "Take cover behind whatever you can! We are under attack!"

She hides behind a part of the wall that has survived, and readies dozens of snowballs in her magic. If she has to go down, she will go down fighting!

What follow is despair, her army separated in small groups behind whatever cover they could find, bombarded from every directions. Seems like this is it...

But then, she hears it, more shouts, but this time, coming from beyond the enemy fortress, further behind! They are there! And the platform at the top of the tree is suddenly shot down by a giant snowball coming from behind!

"They have a catapult!" she hears an enemy yelling. Oh, those clever...

Without the platform, her army can now take more risk without finding itself peltel from the sky. And the enemy in their fortress are forced to flee before the arrival of her soldiers from behind, leaving them open. Another giant snowball fall on their wall, destroying a part of it, and she can start to see her troops coming at the other side.

And thus comes chaos. The enemies trapped, they are forced to disperse to find covers, while her soldiers take over the enemy fortress. However, a few courageous enemies, including Kirby, have remained in the fortress, forcing her troops to fight them. Her troops still in the remains of her fortress used the confusion to also disperse everywhere, forcing the attackers to also disperse. And now, the whole area is a giant pandemonium where her troops and the enemies are fighting each other everywhere, with snowballs flying in anarchy, to the point that nobody is sure anymore who hit who. All of this is worsened by the giant snowballs of the catapult still falling from the sky, hitting friends and foes.

At this point, all notions of armies disappear only to let place to a giant free for all, until the absurdity of the situation gets to Sweetie, and she starts to laugh. Kirby sees her laughing, and follows her. This is followed by the soldiers around them, and the soldiers around those soldiers, until everyone laugh, ending the Great Snowball Fight.

"So, remember, the door only appears in Autumn, and you will have to fight the guardians," says the Chilly.

"Thank you," replies Sweetie Belle. "And thank you all for this good time."

"No, thank you for giving us a good time. That snowball fight is the most fun I have had in my life, and it's certainly the same thing for all the others." Sweetie giggles at that. "Good luck for your journey. You can come back anytime. Goodbye!"

"Goodbye, and thank you!"

And so, Sweetie Belle and Kirby left the Chilly, take a door, and return in Spring, only to take it again until they are in Autumn. After that, they follow the instructions of the Chilly until they reach the door they search. They can say that it's this door because there is a big star above it.

Before passing it, Sweetie and Kirby take a deep breath, readying themselves to fight the guardians. Once ready, they go through it. At the other side...

They find themselves between two living trees, like Whispy Woods.

Sweetie deadpans. "Of course there are living trees in this world!"

The ground suddenly starts to shakes, and long roots pop out of it, trapping Sweetie and Kirby between the two trees. They could fly above them, but they would have to dodge the attacks of both trees, and it would be hard.

Sweetie turns to one of the trees, she will call him N°1, and Kirby turn to the other, N°2. N°2 then puffs air at them, and N°1 makes giant apples, worms, and Gordos fall from his branches. Kirby slides below the puffs of air and charges at the bottom of N°2, breathing ice at him, and Sweetie jumps above them before shooting the apples and the worms and avoiding the Gordos, yelling at Kirby to look out for them. She then wraps her whip around one of the Gordos and send it right into N°1's left eye, making him yell in pain.

N°2 avenges him by trying to impale her with his roots while N°1 puffs air at Kirby to stop him from attacking his brother. All the while, the two trees make more apples and other projectiles raining on them. While Sweetie rolls around to avoid the roots, shooting a fireball at N°2, Kirby jumps above N°1's puffs of air and freeze the apples and the worms, turning them into floating ice blocks. He then kicks on them, sending them in the face of the two trees. Once the roots stop coming, Sweetie turns back toward N°1 and spits fire from her horn, burning him gravely and making him squirm in pain, while Kirby returns breathing ice in N°2.

This makes N°2 angry, and more roots poke out all over the ground, threatening to impale them. Sweetie and Kirby jumps above the roots, and they join together in the air right in the middle of the path between the two trees. With their momentum, they take each other's hand/hoof and spin around sending fire and ice alternatively at them. This make the two trees stop attacking them, crying in pain, giving up the fight.

Victorious, Sweetie high fives Kirby, and the two of them take an apple from the floor as a reward. They aren't as good as Whispy's, but they are still good. At the same time, a big black door appears between the trees, and once the filly and the puffball have finished their snack, they pass it, appearing before this world's Fountain of Dream.

Kirby then closes his eyes and do like in Popstar, and when he makes appear the Warp Star, it glows with two different colors.

"I wonder how many time we will have to do that," Sweetie asks herself.

Finished with this world, they jump on the Warp Star, and go toward the sky. Passing the atmosphere of this world, Sweetie looks back at it.

"We will definitely come back. It will be nice to go there to pass a nice, snowy Winter day in the middle of a hot Summer, or vice versa."

"Poyo," confirms Kirby, smiling.

They remark the new trail that has appeared, leading to their next destination, and they follow it.

The next world is... a giant bubble almost full of water, that shine at the center. Well hopefully, Popstar's logic will follow them to this world and they can breath underwater.

When they approach the surface, it turns out that this world is not just made of water, because they can see many islands with vegetation out of it. But they aren't stopping at one of the island, instead diving right in the ocean with the Warp Star, percutting a few Blippers and Sir Slippys in the way. The Warp Star eventually disappear, leaving them beside a door at the bottom of the ocean. And yep, they can breath.

They pass the door, and appear under the surface of the ocean, beside a small island. Going on it, they avoid an explosive coconut, and Kirby eats a hot dog, before they look around them at the world they are in. As far as they can see, there is water, with islands everywhere, and colored stars on the water. The clouds are all spheric, looking like floating giant rock candies.

If only she had a camera.

They go on another, bigger island beside the first, Sweetie having to be on Kirby's back to reach it. Note for later, learn to self-levitate. Upon landing on the island, Kirby gives up the ice and eats the Sir Kibble before them, obtaining the cutter. Once done, they can see further ahead a big wall, meaning they would have either to get around or fly above it. But between them and the wall are three bomb blocks with Glunks among them. Two of the bloc do nothing, but the middle one destroy a part of the floor, letting them dive in more water under the island with a few Gordos. Sweetie shoots another bomb bloc in a wall, destroying the whole thing and letting them pass under the island, having to avoid currents. They reach a third island in the way, and at the other side of it, they find a bomb block in it. Destroying it causes a door to appear on the island, sadly leading nowhere. Returning, they find some food in the water under some destructible blocks, including a Maxi Tomato, that say partage despite Sweetie still being full of the apple of the previous world.

They then reach another part of the same island, with a black cannon like they have used to reach Dyna Blade back when they have been assaulting the Halberd. Understanding that it may lead them somewhere important, Sweetie uses her magic to light the fuse, and they hop in it. However, it only lead them to some food before they go back through a door. After the cannon, they enter another door in a wall.

They appear in a giant submerged cavern, the water here full of stars and air pockets. They have to swim while avoiding a few Gordos, until they reach a tunnel with the water suddenly stopping at the entrance. Fighting a Broom Hatter and a Knuckle Joe in the way, they jump in a hole, diving in more water, that lead eventually to another section of the tunnel without water. This leads to more water with a biscuit, an ice cream, and a Maxi Tomato. This time, Sweetie only eats the biscuit, trying not to go too far, with their adventure just beginning and Rick not being here so she can ride on him. It's still hard for her to miss a Maxi Tomato.

Above them is another door in a pocket of air, they end up... What? In space? Water floating in space? With what seems like the entrance of a palace? A palace not even floating in the water, the water stopping around it! And are those Meta Knight's knights guarding it? What are they doing here?

Just... What?!

Kirby has to tap Sweetie on the head to reboot her brain, before they continue, entering the palace, the filly stopping thinking about the impossibilities, scolding herself for not learning after the first couple dozens of time. After that whole 'the sun and the moon are alive and fighting', she should have stopped asking questions.

At the other side of the door, they have to fight a bunch of Blade Knights, before going down by breaking a few blocks in the floor. Seems like this temple belongs to another order of knights. They jump above some spikes, Kirby eats a Maxi Tomato in the way, and they reach a big colored window showing the sun and the moon, a Jukid (the creature wearing a white gi like they encountered in the Halberd) waiting to fight them. He sends his hands toward them, only to be charged by Sweetie who put her hooves around his waist before bending her back to make him crash head first on the floor.
Darn it, there is nothing in this palace, they have lost their time. At least, she can now say to Knuckle Joe that she has defeated a Jukid with a powerbomb. He will be proud.

Getting out of the palace, they return in the water and find another door, leading to a room, followed by an hallway going up and down.

"Okay. We have two ways. Up and down, which one do we take?"

"Mmh..." thinks Kirby, arms crossed. He then points to himself, then points down, then points to Sweetie, and finally points up.

"Ok!" Sweetie shouts, saluting.

So Sweetie goes up, only to reach a door. When she takes it, she gets back in the previous room before the hallway. "What?"

Kirby then appears beside her. "Poyo?"

They look at each other, before they return in the hallway, this time the two of them going down. Sweetie sees a door at a dead end, but Kirby points at it and shakes his head. They take the way opposite to the door, then down, then go toward another door, only to end back in the first room again.

"Oh no... We are in a maze, where we probably have to find the right door, and all the others lead back at the start." She puts a hoof on her forehead. "This will be... Ugh!"


After countless ups and downs, lefts and rights, restarting the maze who know how many time, they try their luck in a small hallway after a room going down, then right, then up, and they get out of the water in a bigger hallway.

"Oh Celestia... Please... Make it the good one..." pleads Sweetie Belle.

Kirby then shows her the door at the end of the hallway, after two tomatoes, two plates of pancakes, and two flans. It has a big star above it!

Sweetie looks in awe at it, before a smile as big as Pinkie Pie's appear on her muzzle, and she shouts "Yay! We found it! Let's get out of here!" She is about to run toward the door, but Kirby then points at the food with a pleading look.


Sweetie bits her lips before sighing. "Alright, let's take a break."

One tomato, plate of pancakes, and flan for each of them later, they FINALLY get out of this Tartarus of a maze! They end up in a giant caverne half submerged, on a long wooden bridge with some red grass. Looking around, they suddenly heard a big Splash! behind them, and when they look, they see a giant pink whale in a sailor suit with a pipe in his mouth jumping toward them!

"Oh... Buck..."

The whale falls in the water beside them, creating a huge tidal wave that sweep them out of the bridge, right in the lake. This is followed by numerous rocks falling from the ceiling of the cavern, almost hitting them on the head as they quickly go back on the bridge. The whale then goes back beside the bridge, rolling on himself on the surface of the lake trying to hit them with his head. Jumping above it, Sweetie and Kirby hit the whale with blades and ice balls, until the whale goes back under the water. He then goes back, only to shoot water from his blowhole, hitting the ceiling and making raining more rocks that Sweetie destroy with her beams as Kirby cuts the whale with more blades.

"Okay. I may have an idea to hurt him really badly. Give me a minute."

Kirby nods and prepares his blade, looking for the whale.

Sweetie then starts to shoot fire from her horn into the water, evaporating some of it. Being in a cavern, the steam eventually cumulates under the ceiling, forming a cloud. She quickly dodges the whale jumping above the bridge, trying to ram them, and shoot more fire into the water, getting the cloud bigger. After many minutes of dodging, she stops and starts releasing toward the cloud ice balls and fireballs.

During all those weeks, beside training, she has also learned much about Dreamland and its inhabitants. She has been curious about Kracko, and by extension, how the clouds work. Back in Equestria, they hadn't reached the lessons about how the weather work, but now, she knows this: a cloud is made of water (duh!) that has been evaporated and compacted. But that cloud right now is not as compact as she wants, so using her magic while continuing throwing balls, she 'grabs' the cloud and starts to compress it. She smiles as she sees it starting becoming black. A giant black cloud.
Kirby, somehow, has found himself riding on the whale's back, clinging to him and cutting him with the cutter to force him to not attack Sweetie Belle. He sees the filly create a giant black cloud above their head, and sweat appears on his head. She will not...? Will she? Suddenly, the whale jumps high and fall beside the bridge, Kirby finding himself thrown off from his back.

Sweetie gets sweep by the tidal wave created by the jump, and quickly go back on the bridge alongside Kirby to continue her work. It's almost over! By compressing the cloud, she causes the droplets of water in it to come closer from each other. Then by sending fireballs and ice balls, she causes the droplets to be heated or cooled. As everyone can feel when they take a bath, hot water goes up, and cold water goes down. When they go up, they get colder and go back down. And when they go down, they are heated and go back up. And because the droplets are so close, this causes them to create static electricity.

And when there is static electricity in a cloud, eventually...



Sweetie quickly form a shield around her and Kirby as the cloud rains lightning around them ! The electricity spreads in the whole lake, until the cloud stops a few seconds later. The cavern then fall into a deep silence, until the whale emerges from the water, alongside hundred of Blippers, not moving anymore.

She makes the shield disappear, huffing and puffing, her horn hurting. If she knew how to shoot lightning, she wouldn't have needed to do something so overkill, but... Oh well! At least, it has done the job, and it was awesome!

Kirby stares at the carnage around him, jaw hitting the floor. "Po... Po... Poyo...?"

They leave the water planet behind, and start following the trail to the next planet, the Warp Star now glowing with a third color. Kirby still sweats at thinking about the final move of Sweetie Belle, right now the filly sleeping beside him, her energy empty after what she has done. She has sure gone far! Luckily for him, if he ends up fighting her, she would have a hard time getting this attack ready, with him constantly attacking her.

Who knows what other moves she will create in the futur, or is actually hiding behind her horn. So far, she has showed only controlling fire and ice, without forgetting about her magical beams and her fighting skills, both with her hooves and her whip. When she will learn to control more...

She will be a formidable ally, and also a formidable opponent.

Author's Note:

Sweetie Belle used Thunderbolt Tempo. It's ULTRA effective ! The Fatty Whale enemy is KO ! The army of Blippers enemy is KO ! Victory ! Sweetie Belle gains over 9000 xp !

More seriously, if there are experts in weather, tell me if I did anything wrong with the creation of this storm cloud. I used my memories of my physic classes and of One Piece to do it.

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