• Published 1st Apr 2019
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Nine Years - The Blue EM2

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9 Years

9 years have passed, a wonderful time,
But now it has reached the end of the line.
But do not despair, my fellow Bronies,
Now is no time to be a Moanie,
For we are all one, and we are all winning,
With each heartfelt end comes a great new beginning.
With each passing season we've seen the show flourish,
The mocked young men who helped it to flourish,
The painter, the drawer, the mighty typesetter,
and even Evictus (the less said, the better!)
The typer, the author, the actor in may,
Those convention goers who put on a play,
A union of friendship, built on through stages,
Memories, smiles, to last through the ages,
As we've seen it grow, so too grown have we,
Though some still look poorly upon Season 3,
For Twilight an Alicorn was too great a change,
And yet Queen of Equestria is not all too strange,
And we've seen Applejack bust her way through some lie,
whilst those called Crusaders rain terror on high,
From Luna to Discord, Sombra to Chrysalis,
A mighty selection of villains we seldom miss,
Though Tirek was mighty, as Lightning was too,
Though Cozy Glow-Bleargh!-not so good so soon,
And of course Starlight Glimmer, who caused such an uproar,
Yet her friendship porved it was worth the furor,
And though some do claim she was a low rent Sunset Shimmer,
She really has shown how well she can glimmer,
With Equestria Girls, a fine movie too,
Now boasting three sequels, and many changes of shoes.

Now alas we record that the end is neigh,
But I shall take this chance to say that
Do not despair that this series is ending,
Instead be glad of the friendships you're maintaining,
A union of people we often call Bronies,
united by a love of pastel-coloured ponies,
A movement forged on October 10th,
A legacy passed on, and gone from strength to strength.
And when the time comes for the book to close at last,
Do noy despair that G4 is past,
But please instead smile at the memories made,
Though we do with that some of it could be erased,
As a new light is coming, a great new beginning,
Our legacy work will not be the dimming,
As our work will continue, in word, pen, and art,
To finish the work the great Faust did start.