• Published 19th Feb 2019
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Discord In The New World - Mega NewWays97

With a new rift made by Twilight. Discord, the Spirit of Chaos, agrees to travel there. Just around the time as Nazarick.

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Adventure Chaos

Discord walked looking around seemingly aimlessly at the buildings and streets of E-Rantal. In his mind, he compared it to a city in his world for reference. The similarities and differences were striking. If any traveler took a first look at Equestria through ponyville they at first might confuse it for a medieval or feudal society much like this one. By some aspects that were true but Equestria was actually more along the lines of an industrial society.

Hell, Equestria a thousand years ago seemed more advanced in certain places then this world. A sigh escaped his mouth at this. Discord had always found the more advanced societies as fun and exciting.

‘At least I am getting a lot of knowledge about this world when compared to the village.’

Already he had headed for the library to read a few of the books they had there. One of the benefits of being himself was that he could understand a language without actually knowing how to write or read it. This, of course, meant he was technically illiterate due to not needing to ever write. Until he learned how to read and write in ponish. Right now he was just familiarizing himself with the world wondering if he should attempt first contact, and with who.

Already he had started to be hesitant in trying it with the Empire. From the history books, it seemed that they had a history of antagonizing the Kingdom. While he didn’t fully trust them, history tends to get forgotten and altered depending on who’s writing it, he wasn’t ruling it out.

For a moment he stopped as his little probe relayed a batch of information about his fellow dimensional travelers. Already it had taken notice of a few of them. The first one it noticed was by the taste of the aura and the feel of them a type of draconic life form. The next few were demonic in nature followed by an Undead. The Undead was a curiosity as there was a faint feeling of something off about it. A faint echo of a human and life.

‘There is something to be said at such an anomaly,’ A tough call was to be made on what to do about them. ‘I could walk in and clean them up, send them back where they came from without them knowing is preferable, but right now I have no idea how powerful they are or if they have any surprises.’

For all, he knew he could either be walking into an easy cake walk or into an incident much like the attack on the Changeling Kingdom. He was still sore and baffled on how Chrysalis had gotten a hold of an anti-magic object as powerful as her throne. Especially, one that actually worked on his magic. Finding that whoever they are had something like that was too much of a risk. Giving the probe orders to find a way into their base undetected Discord returned to his wanderings.

After a while, he didn’t seem to care about where he was going. Actually, he started singing a song in his head as he was now officially on a walk. It wasn’t until a bunch of unsavory gentlemen started to surround him did Discord focus. They had taken notice of his outfit and assumed that he was someone of a higher social standing.

“Well, look what we have here boys,” A small group of thugs gathered around him. “It seems this man took the wrong turn boys maybe we should help him,” Sneakers came from the group. “How about say for all the valuables he has on him?

On a normal human, this might be intimidating. However, to Discord, this was actually hilarious. They were trying to rob him. This was like a house cat trying to intimidate a dragon. Discord had a chuckle at this.

“What's so funny?” Each one looked at him annoyed.

“Sorry, it's just you have no idea how stupid you all are,” Discord have him an almost bored expression. The novelty having worn off for him. “How about you all just move aside and we can forget this ever happened?” At this, they all drew their weapons. ‘... really?’

“How about we just kill you and take your things instead!” The leader of the group swung his sword at Discord only for it to fly out of his hand mid-swing. He turned his head around as he noticed it floating above him. “What the?”

The sword then flew through the air with Discord grabbing the handle. “You honestly have no idea the difference in power between us?” There was a cold fill to Discord’s voice.

Suddenly the leader found himself lifted into the air and pulled neck first into Discord’s other outstretched hand. The pressure of his grip immediately crushing his windpipe as he struggled to breathe. A smirk formed on Discord’s face as he tossed the man into his friends knocking them all down. The group’s weapons flew out and surrounded each of them.

“How about a counter offer?” Discord had a smirk on his face as he looked at the attempted muggers with his arms crossed. “You give me all you have and I let you walk away?” His eyes glowed as the weapons circled around them menacingly.

A few minutes later Discord tossed a bag of coins in his hands. To be sure they didn't go and tell the guards or whoever about him mugging them he made sure to but a little truth spell on them. The image of them complaining to the guard that they tried to mug someone only to end up mugged themselves flashed in his mind.

The sun overhead started to set as Discord looked at the celestial body. After living in a world were such a body rose and fell at the whims of two demi-gods he actually missed a world like this. He was tempted to reach out into the void and see if he could play with the system for old times sake.

A flash caught his attention as he saw someone walking by with a plate of metal on their outfit. A buzzing sound came from his pocket as he pulled out the crystal that he had given Twilight. Walking out of the way he activated it allowing a connection to come through.

“Discord are you there?”

“Yes, Twilight I am here.” Honestly, he half expected Twilight to struggle with it for a few weeks. Guess she proved him wrong.

“Sorry, I have no idea how this works it’s not like any magic I had ever seen.”

A chuckle came from Discord at this. “That’s because it’s actually super advanced technology from one of my old travels,” He couldn’t risk a magical means of communication as that could bleed the two worlds magic into each other. Luckily for him, his bag of secrets had a lot of things. “Just don’t try studying it you could open up a black hole.”

It was a lie but Twilight didn’t need to know that. “I wasn’t thinking of studying it,” Discord rolled his eyes at the terrible lie. “Anyway, how are things on the other side?”

Discord wondered how he should convey his first few days in this world to her. “I ended up in a large plain, found out that the three nearby nations consists of two that have been at war on and off again, while the third is into racial supremacy,” He decided to be blunt and tell her as it is. “So far I’ve encountered humans but from what I been told things like demi-humans, orcs, elves, what have you exist as well.”

“Anything else?”

He could just picture Twilight writing everything he said down, which she was “Oh, and there another group of dimensional travelers who so far include demons, a dragon, ad an undead.”

He waited for her reaction to all of this. Three seconds passed before she finally spoke. “What?”

“Don’t worry Twilight they aren’t an issue or a threat to Equestria.”

He did mine the rip from this side. If anyone that isn’t him tried to travel through it the thing would open up another rift and leave them stranded in the Realm Between. Death would then be a mercy to whoever was stuck with the things that lived in that place.

“I have my reservations with that,” Twilight would trust him for right now. “How exactly did they get there?”

Discord shrugged his shoulders. “Unless I can get close to them I won’t be able to pinpoint if it's an anomaly, or if they did it themselves.”

A few minutes later Discord walked out of the alleyway and continued to look through the city. He saw something shine in his eye a did as he noticed a small group of people with a metal plate on their outfits along with weapons and armor. Discord had seen a few others, some with what he assumed were copper, iron, and at least one with gold. There was something to it and Discord wanted to figure out what it was.

“Hey, you don’t mind me asking,” Discord pointed at the iron plate on one of their outfits. “What’s with the whole wearing metal plates?”

They all looked at him wondering if he was serious. Discord could just take the information from their minds. However, Fluttershy had told him that it was just rude so he promised to not do so. At least not for things he could just ask someone for. Assuming they would tell him.

After a few moments, one of them spoke up. “You're not from around here are you?” He held up his arm and the plate with it. “We’re adventurers.”

Adventurers were something of a rarity back in Equestria. Outside that writer that Rainbow Dash liked it had seemed that such a thing had fallen out of favor. A shame too as he quite liked watching adventurers go into the dangerous ruins that may or may not have been from a civilization that had accidentally killed themselves when trying to become a race of Gods.

“Really?” Playing up the role of a foreigner who had no idea Discord continued. “Tell me more.”

Being an adventurer in this world sounded a lot like being a mercenary if you ask Discord. Then again many adventurers doubted as such so he wasn't complaining. The ranking system and the way they handled it was really annoying. Starting out at the bottom of the rankings and unable to do anything that sounded fun officially.

So, Discord did what he always did when presented with a stupid rule. He chose to ignore it and do what he wanted. Right now he found himself walking into a cave structure. The quest said something about a monster devouring passerby and even people from nearby villages.

‘Didn't go into detail as to who and what it was.’ A copy of the quest was pulled out of his pocket as Discord read over it.

He looked up as something dropped in front of him. It looked like some kind of pinkish goo. Looking up he was then greeted with a slime creature. It jumped on to him covering his body and attempting to consume him. Emphasis on tried as Discord simply grabbed the slime pulled it off of him and tossed it into the wall with only annoyance.

The slime creature looked at the, in its nonexistent eyes, low-rank adventure with confusion. “How did you do that?!”

“I'm me,” Discord really didn't need to answer the slime. “Plus, I have experience with you little ooze balls.”

The slime creature pulled himself up as a magic circle formed in front of it. Discord didn't pay attention to the name if it. When a stream of fire came at him he simply raised his hand as a torrent of cream soda came crashing into it and the slime. The slime creature absorbed the fluid and immediately stopped attacking.

If it had eyes it would be having stars of joy and amazement. “What is this heavenly taste!?”

“Cream soda,” Discord raised an eyebrow at this. “You never had a soft drink before?”

A few minutes later Discord just looked as the slime creature was drinking from the straw of a large cup filled with soda that he had given them. Normally in this situation, one wouldn't be given a drink and or food to someone who tried to eat you. Yet, there wasn't any reason not too for Discord as the new passive slime drank the soda.

“What is your name?” The slime looked at Discord before remembering something.

They should be fighting. “Ah, shouldn't you be trying to destroy me?”

He got a handwave at this from Discord. “Details,” Besides he was certain that there was nothing that could hurt him. “Now, back on topic what is your name because calling you just ‘pink slime monster’ would be crude.”

“I don't have one,” The Slime paused for a moment wondering something about the man in front of him. “You any anymore of this?”

Discord held out his hand as another cup of cream soda appeared. The unnamed pink slime reached out for it only for Discord to pull it back from them. “First we have to talk about your attacks on others.”

“I’ll stop I promise just please give me my precious!” Discord floated the cup over to the slime. Immedientally the slime went to drinking the soda.

In that move Discord had just by, accident, addicted a slime to soft drinks. He was the only source of soft drinks in this reality. After soon realizing this Discord just shrugged his shoulders. Technically he did just stop the thing that was attacking people so the mission was a success. Even if he didn't actually kill it like they had expected.

Stroking his goatee Discord thought about what exactly to name the slime creature. “How about I call you,” A list of names smashed through his head before he picked one at random. “Bola?”

He got yelled at for effectively doing something they thought was too dangerous for him. After ignoring the whole pointless argument, and having confirmation from another party Discord found himself skipping a few ranks. It didn’t matter him one bit although he was starting to get an idea to the level of powers for each rank.

As for Bola, the pink slime had taken to staying in the room at the inn he had. Completely content with drinking soft drinks, and eating candy. He had learned a few things from him. For one the slime wasn't native to this world, at least their slime type, having come from someone who came from something called YGGDRASIL. Supposedly their progenitor came by a few hundred years ago.

With this in mind, Discord started to wonder just how long such things had happened in this world. If such a thing was common then there had to be something seriously wrong with the structural physics of this reality. Which remained him about the travelers.

The little shadow probe managed to slip into their base. The defenses were a pain for it but the information was worth it. Several levels with numerous life forms. Undead, demons, and a few monstrous races.

‘Hmm, I wish could give it the means to hear,’ Although Discord did know that this wasn't going to last much longer. ‘However, I have all I need and I can't waste time on remaking it.’

Pulling out from the thoughts on the load of information he was given Discord entered into the Adventurer Guild building. He stopped noticing a tall figure covered in armor with a young woman by their side. While everyone else would take notice of the armor that the guy was wearing Discord was taking notice of their auras.

The girl wasn't human despite appearances. In fact, if he focused he could see her true form underneath. It was a lot like how Changelings seemed to change form in modern times. The man, however, was an undead. An undead with a faint tinge of a human within them.

‘So, it's the undead traveler,’ Discord was actually surprised to see them just standing in a populated area. ‘Than again the armor is likely hiding what they are.’

This at least made some things easier for him. He held his hand out as one of the quests floated away and to him. “You know just between you and me you can choose to ignore the rankings if you’re ok with getting yelled at.”

Ainz turned his head to the man in front of him. Something was strange about him that he couldn't put his finger on. “You must have done it yourself then?”

“Yeah, I just drone out their words until they gave me the rank up,” The paper rolled into his hands as Discord’s expression narrowed a bit. “Given who you are I am sure you rather skip up the ranks.”

Discord walked right passed them as his words seemed to echo through the mind of Ainz. Did he know who he actually was or was he just commenting on the way he looked?

‘I should keep my eye on him,’ Who knows he might just be over thinking things.

Discord, however, had a similar thought and unlike him was already doing so if not indirectly. He first tried a surface probe into the mind of Ainz.almost immediately his powers hit a wall as something was keeping him out. A passive ability or a trait that seemed to make him near immune to mental attacks. Instead of forcing his way through he moved his target to the girl next to him.

Let's see Narberal Gamma, a member of the Pleiades a group of battle maids, Ainz Ooal Gown?” A weird name for the undead but then again he came from a world with names like Applejack so was he really able to judge? ‘Oh, a hatred of humans, sad really I find them simply amazing.’

Out of all the most common sentient life forms in the Multiverse, they had an insane among of verify and origins. In one reality they could be the product of a curse, in another aliens are the cause, and at least one reality had them evolving from foxes. There was enough possibilities and variations that it was almost a shame for anyone to hate them in his eyes.

Her thoughts on him were just insulting. ‘Oh, really I'm below you?’

Thing is while he was sure that wasn't the case he was still bad at getting an idea as to the level of power this magic system had. Watching them might give him a better idea.

When the undead and his companion had taken on an escort job, along with another group of adventurers, Discord had chosen to shadow them. None of them seemed to pick up on him. What he had overheard about a dragon though caught his attention. Discord had been sensing a strange pull for a few days now. He had thought it nothing more but a usual thing, or a minor side effect of dimensional incursions.

Leaving behind another probe to keep track of them Discord headed for the pull of energy. It took a few minutes of searching to finally locate just where the whole thing was happening. He almost threw up at the feeling of nausea that came to his senses. The magic that was all around him was heavily corrupted by the Tier magic.

He literally reached his hand out and his magic and made contact with it. As soon as he did the Tier magic, now suddenly hostile at the new magic, attacked him trying to force its will on the Chaos magic. As soon as it tried the Tier Magic was beaten back by him.

“Not even Orderic Magic is this hostile!” Sure the background Tier Magic got on his nerves but not like this. “Fine you self-entitled energy!”

A pulse of chaotic energy was let loose from Discord. The wave caused the surrounding caves to bends and twist as rock became rubber, crystals became cotton candy, and finally, Lego bricks formed randomly in the air. When it was done the area had been cleansed of the invading force if only temporary. Along with a little help from whatever it had been contaminating.

Discord crossed his arms at this before feeling a new type of magic. This one seemed more natural to the world around him. “Who are you?”

He turned around as a vague ghost of a dragon appeared to him. “You’re the Dragon that kid was talking about,” Judging by the energy it was coming from them. “So, this magic is yours then?”

“You can feel it?” The specter of the partly resurrected Dragon Lord was curious as to the nature of this being. When their powers touched it got to see a brief glimpse into the mind of the being before it. ‘Just like them, he isn’t of this world.’

“Of course I can,” Speaking of magic he could feel the Tier Magic returning to them. They were going to have to make this quick. “You’re trying to resurrect yourself correct?” Holding out his hand Discord pulled at the natural processes. “Let me help with this.”

Bringing back the dead was actually the hardest thing for him to do. This was due to him having little in the way of experience in doing so. Even in his travels he hardly ever had the need to do so. Luckily for him, the process was already underway so this made things easier.

Technically this wasn’t him causing trouble given that it was going to happen anyway. Celestia probably wouldn’t see it that way but he could omit the fact. Plus, he needed help and answers about the magical disruption in the world.

The Catastrophe Dragon Lord was soon among the living yet again. Although looking at his form there seemed to have been some alterations and changes from what it should be. “Sorry about the more humanoid form something about your magic seemed to have wanted you to become like that.”

‘Likely from the effects of the soul energy from the nearby humans,’ Regardless of how it happened he was back and surprisingly he felt more alive than before.

Just as he was admiring the feeling Discord felt the Tier Magic return flooding the area around them. Yet, surprisingly enough it couldn't bend the will of Wild Magic within the Dragon Lord to its will. After so long-suffering by it, Discord actions had been akin to a medicine helping a sick patient. Now free there was a degree of immunity to the magic but for how long none could be certain.

“Anyway, I ask that you help fill me in on a few things about this worl-” Discord eyes glowed as he immediately his first shadow probe terminated itself. ‘It was almost found by someone.’

That was not good. Still, it was to be expected. Hopefully, no one would get suspicious of the fact.

Traveling out at night in the countryside was never a good idea. Unless one had an escort or was part of a group there was always the danger of an attack from bandits, monsters, or violate animals. To travel alone one had to either be strong and able to go without sleep.

Or in the case of one figure be able to fly overhead. Yellow feathered wings flapped through the air before landing just outside of an old watchtower. The door blocked by rubble had no way for someone to get in unless they flew.

A sigh escaped their mouth as they looked up at the sky. It had been about three months since ending up in this world. Transformed into whatever she currently was. At the base of her cloak rested a necklace with a crystal hanging there. If it wasn't for it helping mask her appearance she would be run out of towns.

Pulling down her hood two horns curved around her head was met with a red and yellow mane of hair. “I guess this will have to do.”

Shalltear was certain that she had seen something. Out the corner of her eyes she had made out a shadow and went she was looked that way she swore that she had seen something disappear in shadows before her very eyes. ‘Have we been infiltrated?’

Author's Note:

So a few things to go over with. As is known Wild Magic was corrupted by the effects of Tier Magic. Discord can, of course, pick this up and with some help temporary cleanse the effects. However, before you ask, nope this does nothing to users or objects of the system, and it might not be permanent.

Oh, that was Sunset by the way. In the prologue, I hinted at this but she kind of fell through by accident into the portal during the rips creation and has been suck in this world for three months. Yes, she and Discord will eventually meet up.

Anyway, if you have any questions be sure to ask away.