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Discord In The New World - Mega NewWays97

With a new rift made by Twilight. Discord, the Spirit of Chaos, agrees to travel there. Just around the time as Nazarick.

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Power Scaling

Author's Note:

I know I was missing on updates but my excuse was... honestly besides life I have to many stories going on on fanfiction.net. Seriously I need to think about what I do.

I loved the final of mlp all things considered.

Discord talk with the Dragon Lord was rather enlightening for a few things. First, it seems that there had been quite a few incursions happening at what he suspected was a hundred year-long intervals. The second was that Tier Magic came with them. ‘So, it is an invading force.’

The temptation to capture some of it and send it over to Twilight for analysis was strong. If the scientist in her managed to figure out the fundamental makeup of it he was sure she and her fellow researchers in the mystic arts could create whole manner of means to fight it. The risk of contaminating there reality was what was stopping him. He'll rather not risk it right now.

In exchange for this information, Discord gave him a brief summary of what he was to the Dragon Lord. Keeping Equestria and the like out, it wasn't lying if he didn’t tell him everything after all. The last thing he wanted was to endanger Fluttershy and his growing list of friends. Nevermind it was his job to cause the chaos back home.

“So, you came here due to sensing a portal to my universe?”

“Yeah, someone played around with a stable bridge between two realities and as a reaction tunneled to this one,” Discord crossed his arms in front of his chest at this. “I took the liberty of closing the thing don’t want it to accidentally collapse and open this reality to the things that dwell between realities.”

It wasn’t unstable enough for that and collapsing it the way he had mined wouldn’t cause them to enter. However, Discord still shuddered a bit at the thought of what they could do to this universe. He heard stories of what they had done to realities and even some of the evilest and powerful beings in existence were absolutely terrified by them.

“Then why are you still here?”

Discord shrugged his shoulders. “I am chaos do I really need a reason?”

"I don't suppose you do," At the very least his magic seemed to lessen the effect of tier magic. "Do you happen to know what the Players are?"

"Depends I know of several terms for the word player," A thesaurus appeared in his hands as he looked over it. "Can you tell me what they are for you so I can see which one fits?"

"All I know is that they are some kind of people from another world with the powers to equal or surpass gods," Discord flipped through several pages.

Not one of the descriptions he read fit this. Except for one and it was rather loosely. "Well, the only one that comes close is a late-game avatar of a video game controlled by a sentient being and not code."

Naturally what he had said went over his head. Discord could try to explain it to him. Instead, he decided to show him what he was talking about. Tapping one of his paw fingers on his forehead Discord imprinted him with the information of what a video game was. The Dragon Lord took a few seconds to process this and seemed rather confused.

"Wait, they are nothing more than illusions created to entertain people?"

“Eh, I’m not sure that this is the case,” Discord had to confirm if it was the case and to do that he had to meet with them. “Although, if it is the case something has happened which has changed it from mare illusions into reality.”

In flash, Discord reappeared in his temporary inn room. On the side, the pink slime, Bola as he was now known, drank away at a glass of soda that Discord had left him with. Discord wasn’t paying attention to him right now. He was in thought about what it could mean if this really was something due to a video game coming to life. It wasn’t like there wasn’t a reality where this had happened or could happen. Quite a few worlds had discovered how to turn data into reality.

"The dimensional event must have caused a quantum alteration to happen using the code's data as a basis for atomic data," Bola stared at him wondering just what Discord was talking about. "If that is the case then it would explain the nature of tier magic as being akin to a computer virus that attempts to hack into the firewall of reality."

"What are you talking about?" Discord turned over to the slime.

“Oh, it's just metaphysics,” He waved his hand at him as he continued to think about what to do. "You know what Bola stay here I'm going to go on a little trip brb."

Walking out of his inn room the slime just shrugged and returned to drinking his soda. Discord made his way to the adventurers building. He needed to run a few tests and what better way than to go out of his way and locate native life forms to run said tests on. Looking at the jobs he found several to do with monsters running around. No one was going to miss them so with that Discord copied each of them and head off.

'Maybe I should ask Twilight how to run an experiment with questionably willing participants?'

One of his theories was now checked off as being false. The monsters of this World it seems didn't have any quantum harmonic field associated with lifeforms descended from creatures beyond their native universe stream. This meant that it was very likely that most of the monsters and lifeforms were native to this world. Except for Bola who did have a faint change in the field.

Of course, he figured he should relay his findings to Twilight. The scientist within her wanted so badly to take a look at this. Perhaps, if he found a way to ensure safe removal of the Tier magic he would allow her to pass through the portal and study it. Overhead he looked at the night sky and figured he might as well head back to the city.

Suddenly he felt a shift in the flow of magic. 'What was that?'

He turned his head towards the direction of where he felt it. A large burst of magical energy had been given off. The only times he felt something like this was when either he or the elements were involved. Even if this did feel weaker in comparison. At first, he wondered if he should look into it but thought against it.

"Hello?" Pulling out the communication crystal he was greeted with Luna's voice. "Discord are you there?"

"Yes, Lulu I am here," In a flash, he teleported out of the forest and off to somewhere not as close to the epicenter of whatever happened. "Sorry for not reporting in but I was doing a little experiment."

“I hate to ask but what exactly were you experimenting with?”

“Oh, nothing much I’m seeing if the monster native to this world,” He tossed a piece of already dead creature to the ground after saying that. “It does seem that most are native to this place which is rather strange actually.”

Most of the time you rarely find creatures in one reality being the same in another. Unless it was due to quantum field echoing or perhaps even interference from higher dimensional forces. Those were always such annoying and he should know. This was a huge cosmic coincidence that needed further investigation. Of which he would get to later or maybe not at all.

The next morning he teleported back with the proofs of his many endeavors. Still, he was just barely rose up one rank. Apparently, they hadn't forgotten how he just went on these quests without anyone knowing. A few that were above his rank. He was wondering if they had it out for him.

'At least they let me take part in this,' He was one of the highest-ranked adventurers in the city after all. Looking around he saw a bunch of people he didn't knew, nor cared to learn, the names of. ‘I wonder if… speak of the devil.’

The disguised undead had made his appearance. Discord was tempted for a moment before he decided to push in and see what he knew. As soon as his latest memories were read a plan formed within his mind. Until then he'll just ignore the rest of this meeting. Not like anyone but him and the undead ever mattered.

Discord walked into the clearing to see this so-called “Honyopenyoko” as Ainz had told the others. Even if he didn't know her real name, Shalltear Bloodfallen if he recalled, such a name would have told him that it was fake. The Lord of Chaos looked at the vampire in front of him as she just looked down and seemingly unresponsive. He turned his head and eyes upwards for a split second.

They were watching her. A smirk formed at this. He could disrupt the mirror but he wouldn't. Eventually, both of them will run into each other and while he did know a lot about them they knew nothing of him. Better to get it over with.

“So, this is the vampire?” He waved his hand in front of her. “Well, you almost seem to be like a living doll.”

No response from her. Tapping his eye with his finger he saw the effects of a powerful spell cast on her. Something to do with her mind it seems but the caster wasn't around anymore so it just had her on a default attack anything that attacked back. Really this was just asking for a handicap come an actual battle if someone was smart.

‘Well, if that's the case,’ He pulled out a few seeds and dropped them into the ground. ‘Might as well plant a few surprises.’

Now it was time to begin the fight. Thinking of how to begin it he picked up a rock and throw it right at her. A red armored hand caught it in the air as Shalltear looked at that person who had tossed the object.

“Oh, so you are alive after all here I thought someone left their life-size doll in the middle of the forest,” He had a smirk on his face. “Nope turns out it's just a little girl.”

Shalltear’s gaze hardened as she looked at the man in front of her. Immediately she crushed the rock in her hands and rushed off to impale him. Said man disappeared in a flash just inches before she hit him and instead she ran face first into a pie. Discord was standing behind her holding back the desire to laugh.

"What in the…" Shalltear was momentarily taken back by the strangeness. "You dare mock me?!"

A smirk formed on Discord’s face. "Yes."

Shalltear was going to kill this human and she was going to enjoy it far more than was needed. "Implosion!"

Discord's eyes widened for a moment as he actually felt a tinge of pain but outside of that nothing else. His unique physiology was extremely malleable negating much of the effects from the spell, which said nothing of him being strong enough to resist its effects under his own power. Shalltear stared at the individual shocked to see that he was still standing after that.

'Impossible there no way he should be standing after that!' As far as she knew he had to be a player or at least somewhere near a level 100 to take the attack. Laughter started to escape from Discord s mouth. "What's so funny!"

"I actually felt that," The last few times he had been hurt was due to his powers and magic being negated. In terms of this gamed system, it was akin to him being deleveled heavily. "It's been a thousand years since someone has been able to injure me while I am at my peak congratulations."

"A thousand years?"

A torrent of energy erupted around him as the skies started to turn purple with green swirls overhead. The ground wrapped and shifted into a chessboard like substance while the trees seemed to float overhead lifted off the ground and by gravity. A shockwave broke the energy cocoon as two wings, one leathery, the other feathered flapped in the air. A scale-covered tail moved behind him. His face was still humanoid but his two horns grew out the sides of his head and the lone fang poked from his mouth. The Spirit of Chaos could almost hear the invasive tier magic yelling at him as his power raced through the air in purple sparks.

“Round two!” He disappeared and reappeared behind her. "Fight!"

Shalltear turned around to attack him only for it to phase through the illusion of Discord that he had cast. "What the…"

A flying piece of the earth slammed into her from behind. "You fell for an obvious trick?"

Discord crossed his arms as the real him was flying in the air with two boulders circling around him in a classic electron orbit. He grabbed one and pulled out several cards from it. Shalltear looked at the being in front of her.

"What are you!" He seemed similar to a few things but there was something off about him that she couldn't put her finger on. "Who are you?"

"That's easy I am a Spirit of Chaos," The rocks exploded into confetti as a fireworks display appeared behind him. "As for who I am you have to beat me to learn that."

Cards appeared in his hands. "Do you know the rules?" In a flash, seven cards appeared in front of her and flipped over to show Discord's image. "I'll hide in one of them and you have to find me but pick well."

At that, they all flashed and then appeared backs turned as they circled around her. There was no way that she was going to play his little game. Jumping into the air she hoped to fly out of the way. The cards followed her on the same level regardless.

"Fine if I have to play," Using Detect Life she looked at the cards looking for his life signature. "Gotcha," She stabbed the card to just about the right side of her. It revealed what was on its face to be an explosion. "Wha…"

The card exploded knocking her to the ground as the other six circled around her. "I figured you would try to cheat," All of the cards merged into one before breaking apart again into six of them. "You got two more tries this time don't try cheating again."

Aura and Mara had altered the other Floor Guardians that had stayed behind to get Ainz and now they were seeing what was going on with the viewing spell. The image showed Shalltear fighting what looked like four circling cards. Shalltear attacked one and nothing happened. One of the last three cards was replaced by whatever she had been fighting.

Immediately one of the cards was tossed at her and on contact, a clock appeared and slowed down. He then tossed the last card which immediately exploded knocking her back into the ground. The being that Shalltear was facing crossed his arms.

“I see you really are nothing but a little girl,” The cards appear in front of him. “You didn’t even notice the one card out of place even when I changed the pattern how sad.”

Ainz looked at who Shalltear was facing and realized the similarities in appearance with a certain adventurer. "Wait is that Loki?"

"Loki?" Albedo questioned as they watched the strange creature laughing at Shalltear.

"Stop laughing at me!"


"An adventurer me and Narberal meet he was the only one who didn't follow me from that meeting," Although that now looked like it wasn't the case.

"You will take me seriously right now!"

“You really want me to take this seriously?” Discord just crossed his arms as he raised as he gave her a raised eyebrow. He hadn’t been serious in a long time and rarely ever acted like it. “I mean that is so boring and unfun,” He sounded like a child being told he couldn’t play outside. He closed his eyes and let out a defeated sigh. “Ok fine we’ll do things your way.”

Closing both his eyes a smile formed on his face as he opened his left eye. It glowed for a moment as it stared right at her. “You’re in for a bad time!”

He fell into the ground which seemed to explode on impact. The sky turned into a swirling vortex as the ground flew up all around. Gravity became almost nonexistent as Shalltear had to right herself within the air. At the center of the growing vortex was Discord who flew held his hand out quickly brought it down. Eldritch chaotic lightning shot out of seemingly nowhere and blasted into Shalltear. Then several small bolts struck her in rapid succession.

Her eyes widened as her body arced with pain. Discord then tossed two floating rocks at her with intent to crush her under them. “Greater Teleportation!”

She disappeared before they could hit her and appeared behind Discord. The chaos spirit had figured she would try that. He let her attack impale him. The effect caused Shalltear to heal from the damage but almost immediately afterwords her arm and weapon were grabbed as every part of Discords body did a one eight. Face to face with her he opened his mouth. A laser blast fired from it blasting her into a tangled mess of floating trees and rocks.

With a snap of his fingers, the seeds he had left in the ground shot out and grew to the size of soccer balls. “Catch.”

Shalltear looked as all around her they tried to impact her. Immediately jumping away from one of them the seed impacted the floating debris and exploded into a fireball. Another missed her before exploding into an electric storm on connect with a large rock.

‘They all have random effects?’ Another two hit themselves right in front of her. In a flash, the colors of her armor turned white and her around her was two floating balls of light. Both of which disappeared and appeared again slamming into Discord who was tossed back into a piece of floating rocks.

He wasn’t surprised that this had happened. After all, there was always a chance of that happening. “Time for a change!” With a snap, both of them were now on what appeared to be a chessboard. “Get a load of this!”

Several bombs rained from the sky exploding all around them. Discord disappeared and reappeared over the barrage while Shalltear had to avoid each and everyone one of them. “You have fun yet?”

Her response was to hold her hand out. “Maximize Magic: Force Explosion!”

A shockwave knocked Discord back while surprisingly pushing the Spuit Lance out his body. “Okay did not expect...” Then he was suddenly consumed in a pillar of flames as Shalltear unleashed Vermillion Nova on him. “Hot hot hot hot!”

When the flames died down Discord’s body was turned into what looked like a burned corpse. Everything seemed to have returned to normal after that. “Looks like you were all just for show…”

Shalltear was interrupted as the corpse exploded revealing a now buff looking Discord as the sound of some kind of song was heard behind him. It was time to finish this. “Just for show?” Immediately he shot towards her and delivered a straight punch to her stomach. “Nah, I was just wondering how I should end this!”

He unleashed a barrage on unarmed strikes at her as the inspirational song continued to play in the background. The Way of the Shonen flow through him as he unleashed attack after attack on her. He dropkicked her into the air before jumping at her spinning her around he slammed her into the ground with enough force that she bounced back into the air. “You may have never heard this before,” Discord landed on the ground in front of her. “Go beyond,” He readied one last punch as chaos energy surged through his arm and fist. “PLUS ULTRA!

On contact with her body, everything seemed to explode. The clouds parted and the ground was torn apart. Trees flew everywhere and at that moment Discord returned to normal. In front of him was Shalltear who had seemingly survived what effectively a condensed nuclear explosion. It took him a moment to realize how that had happened. Limited temporal manipulation, turning back time at the last moment.

'Really…' He had better things to do than continue this. Returning to his human disguise he just turned away bored. "Alright, I've had enough."

"What's the matter all used up?" Shalltear inwardly hoped that was the case. The power he had shown was actually terrifying. 'I can't read any MP from him so that had to be all he had.'

"No, I just don't see you as worth it anymore," Be continued on walking away from her.

Rage filled Shalltear after hearing this. Just because he could seemingly warp reality and his last attack didn't end her he thought she wasn't worth it? "I'm not worth it!?" She raised her lance and moved to strike him. "How dare you!"

Discord had a small smirk before he turned around dodging the thrust. He held his hand in front of her face as a glow covered it. "Why don't you take a little rest."

With that, the spell was cast. Slowly stone started to covered her feet before moving up her body. "What's going on?!"

"The spell's called Stone Sleep," Discord had a chuckle as he watched it spread up of form. "Turns you into a statue hope you enjoy."

Shalltear tried one last time to attack him but fell short as the stone finally covered her form completely. Discord felt the lingering effects of whatever magic had been used on her fade away as spell tricked it into thinking she was dead.

With a snap, he appeared within the Tomb leaning on the newly petrified Shalltear. "Anyone order a lawn ornament?"

Immediately everyone, excluding Ainz, turned him with their weapons out. It seems that they were on edge. Honestly if what he had managed to get was true then by power scaling he doubted he was in much danger from them. Maybe if they fought him as a group they would win but from the way their "settings" were last Ainz checked he seriously doubted they would successfully be able to.

Although he rather not push his luck right now either. "We'll talk later Suzuki."

With that Discord disappeared from the area as he canceled the spell. Shalltear fell to the ground freed from both her stone imprisonment and the mind control she had been put under. A feeling of confusion came over everyone in the room except for Ainz. He had a different feeling even if it was one that his passive tried to control.


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Ah, a fellow reader of the web novel!

FINALLY, AN UPDATE!!! THANK YOU SIR!!!:raritystarry::raritystarry::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
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Cards appeared in his hands. "Do you know the rules?" In a flash, seven cards appeared in front of her and flipped over to show Discord's image. "I'll hide in one of them and you have to find me but pick well."

Huh, I see Discord use Luxord's tactic.

He unleashed a barrage on unarmed strikes at her as the inspirational song continued to play in the background. The Way of the Shonen flow through him as he unleashed attack after attack on her. He dropkicked her into the air before jumping at her spinning her around he slammed her into the ground with enough force that she bounced back into the air. “You may have never heard this before,” Discord landed on the ground in front of her. “Go beyond,” He readied one last punch as chaos energy surged through his arm and fist. “ PLUS ULTRA! ”


Given how the whole shtick of Nazarick is that they ended up in a world where the top-level magic users and creatures are less powerful than they are, so they're always getting into these battles where overconfident entities try their best against them and they kick those entities' asses... I am loving how Discord owned Shalltear and freaked Ainz out. Too many crossovers with really powerful magic users nerf Discord so the powerful magic users can look really badass, but Discord at full power should be god-tier magic, and basically there should be very limited ways to defeat him -- order magic, something that cuts away at the underpinning of his magic (so magic absorption or magic blocking), powerful harmony magic, or him being really careless and arrogant... and that last one is probably his nemesis most often, but I feel it would be out of character for him to be careless against beings he has never fought before, never taken their measure, and has no idea how powerful they are. (Beings he thinks he understands, on the other hand, can get the drop on him.)

Fortunately for Nazarick peeps, Discord doesn't kill unless he has to and has no interest in harming them -- he's there to take their measure, analyze them, and also get some lulz.


But how this translates when fighting discord is unknown, we don't exactly know how powerful he is since he's been holding back for pretty much the entire series, but I'd wager a guess that a world item will be enough to down him though to their esoteric abilities but there will be no doubt that it'd come with immense casualties on nazaricks side.

I actually thought about it. Physically speaking... Discord is inferior to Ainz. I'm talking without his Perfect Warrior spell. Of course, he doesn't show it thanks to his magical power and biology. Which speaking in terms of magic.... yeah Discord is overall better then Ainz is. His magic is stronger and more versatile. Outside of a few spells, the best beat they have against him is the World Items.

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EDIT: Unless this is the original novel we're talking about. In which case this is clearly based on the anime. Which either is different, or hasn't reached that point.

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The original version was a web novel before it became a light novel before it became a manga before it became an anime. So congratulations, you’re defending a triple censored version.

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Point is, people who read the novels tend to be pretentious pricks about the fact that they read the novel before it was an anime.

Though, I should apologize. I saw the default pony and your name and thought you were a pervy kid who just wanted to see the mane six as sex slaves under the evil overlord Ainz. Not a pretentious light novel reader. Completely my bad. Since I can't seem to write a proper apology right now. I am actually sorry about assuming, but you are a prick who says 'the original is better' about every anime you watch. Apologies/fuck you for a different reason.

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Closing both his eyes a smile formed on his face as he opened his left eye. It glowed for a moment as it stared right at her. “You’re in for a bad time!”

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