• Published 2nd Dec 2018
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Gallus' Party of One - Matthais Unidostres

While Gallus' friends put together a surprise birthday party for him, Gallus struggles with feelings of abandonment.

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Chapter One

The six young creatures were really enjoying themselves playing Buckball, or rather, their version of it. Seeing as only one of them could use magic, Smolder had to play the role of the "unicorn", holding the Buckball goal basket in her arms up over her head and flying around on one side of the field. Ocellus stood levitating her team's basket with her magic on the other side of the field.

"Heads up, Ocellus!" Sandbar said as he ran forward towards Ocellus, and he bucked the ball towards the basket.

"I don't think so!" Gallus said with a smirk as he deftly caught the ball and passed it down to Yona.

The yak laughed enthusiastically as she punted the ball towards the goal basket Smolder was carrying.

Silverstream made an attempt to snatch it out of the air, but her claws just missed it as it shot straight into the goal basket. However, it hit it with such force that Smolder was sent into a spin.

"Woah! Woah! Woah!" Smolder shouted as she righted herself. She shook off her dizziness and said, "Ugh. Yona! Would ya mind going a little easier for now on?"

Yona smiled sheepishly and said, "Aw. Sorry. Yona be more careful."

"Gallus!" a familiar voice called out.

Everyone focused their attention on the approaching Alicorn.

Gallus hovered close to the ground, and then landed when Princess Twilight approached him. "Uh, I didn't do it?" he said lamely with a shrug and an awkward smile.

Twilight rolled her eyes, then she said with a smile, "No, Gallus. You're not in trouble. There was just an issue with some of your school forms, and I just need you to help correct them. Don't worry, it shouldn't take long."

Gallus let out a long frustrate groan and said, "Ugggggh! This is a real drag!" He turned to his friends and said, "Sorry guys. Game over, I guess."

Sandbar, wanting to make things better, said, "Well, she said that it shouldn't take long."

"Hmph. Yeah right," Gallus said under his breath, and he turned to follow Twilight back into the School of Friendship.

As Ocellus set her basket down, and Smolder landed and put down her own basket, Silverstream hovered up in the air and intently watched the retreating figures of Gallus and Twilight. As the pair got further and further away, Silverstream's smile grew and grew, and she got more and more giggly.

Smolder eyed the hippogriff suspiciously and asked, "What are you so happy about?"

Once Gallus and Twilight entered he building, Silverstream laughed out loud and looped in mid air. Then she landed amongst her friends and said, "Okay everycreature! Now that Gallus isn't here, we can continue on with my ingenious plan!" She then laughed again as she rubbed her claws together mischievously.

Ocellus looked at Silverstream in confusion and asked, "What plan?"

Silverstream nodded and said, "Part one was getting help from Headmare Twilight, so she could distract Gallus while we planned things out."

"Wait, so there wasn't anything wrong with any forms?" Sandbar asked.

Silverstream laughed and said, "Oh, of course not. But Headmare Twilight will think of something to keep him busy. Now, everyone listen up, because I came up with a great idea!"

Yona frowned and said, "Yona don't think friends should leave out friend Gallus."

Silverstream nudged Yona playfully and said, "Oh, but this is about Gallus, silly!"

Just as confused as everyone else, Smolder folded her arms and said with an eyebrow raised quizzically, "What about him?"

Silverstream tapped the tips of her claws together and said, "Well, we all remember what Gallus told us back on Hearths Warming Eve, right? Well, a few days ago, I suddenly started to think about it. And I mean really think about it. . ." Silverstream's eyes went wide, and she said in abject horror, ". . . and then it hit me. . . Gallus has never had a birthday party!"

The rest of the group all exchanged glances as the truth of Silverstream's words sank in. When they considered Gallus' lack of a family, combined with the overall selfishness and unpleasantness of Griffonstone, it became obvious that Gallus' birthday was probably never a very happy day for him. This was quite a sad thought for the group. Even Smolder and Ocellus, whose races hadn't had a history of being happy and friendly, had memories of happy birthdays.

For dragons, it was an extra pile of delicious gems. Maybe even a Fire Ruby if they were lucky. There were also the standard dragon games loved by all young dragons. Tail wrestling, fire breathing contests (belching contests for the boys), king of the horde, and of course lava pool parties.

For changelings, who had always been born by the massive Queen-sized clutch, it was a day of free reign of the hive for the group, where all the other changelings were at their beck and call. They also got first pick of any love brought back to the hive. Of course, with Chrysalis gone, the changelings were beginning to adopt the pony style of birthday celebrations. Piñatas in the shape of Chrysalis were going to be in high demand very soon.

"So," Silverstream continued after waiting a moment for the revelation to sink in amongst her friends, "I talked to Headmare Twilight, and she gave me the okay to go through with my plan, not the mention Gallus' birthdate from his student file."

Sandbar grinned and said, "You're a genius, Silverstream! We'll give Gallus the best surprise party ever! All we gotta do is ask Professor Pinkie Pie to set up the party and-."

"No, no, no!" Silverstream said quickly while shaking her head, "We can't ask Professor Pinkie Pie for help! We have to do it ourselves."

"What?" Smolder asked, "Why can't we get the pony whose special talent is throwing parties to help us? Seems like a no brainer to me. It'd be a lot easier."

"If we do the work ourselves, it'll make the party more meaningful, ya know," Silverstream explained, "It'll show how much we care about him, cause it'll have a part of us in it. We'll be able to really personalize it and everything!"

Ocellus nodded and said, "You're right, Silverstream. Having Pinkie Pie do it for us wouldn't have the same impact as us throwing him a party that we set up for him ourselves. It'll be like. . .a symbol of our friendship he'll always remember!"

Yona was clearly on board with the idea, and she said gleefully, "Yona don't know what is more fun! Having party with friends or making party with friends!"

Smolder was smiling as she quickly warmed up to the idea, and she said, "Eh, I suppose this could be fun. Why not? So, when is Gallus' birthday?"

"Tomorrow," Silverstream said with a smile.

Everyone stared at Silverstream in shock; with exception of Yona, who just looked a bit confused.

"Uhm, Silverstream?" Smolder asked gently.

"Yup?" the hippogriff replied happily.

"HAVE YOU BEEN TAKING CRAZY PILLS!?" Smolder shouted as she threw her arms up into the air.

Silverstream blinked and said in confusion, "No. . ."

"Hang on, Smolder," Ocellus said as she raised a forehoof, "Maybe we can still pull this off."

"Oh no, the crazy is spreading!" Smolder said as she looked at Ocellus in disbelief.

"Ocellus is right," Sandbar chimed in, "I mean, we've still got time. The party's gonna be sometime after tomorrow afternoon, right? Let's just take it one step at a time. First of all, do we have a place for the party?"

Silverstream nodded and said, "Yup! Headmare Twilight has an empty classroom set aside for us."

Sandbar smiled and nodded, "Great. Now, all we need are some decorations, food, games, gifts, and a birthday cake; and we can get all of that stuff in Ponyville!"

Yona laughed heartily and said to Smolder, "See! Silverstream not crazy! Friends can do this, easy!"

"Hmmm," Smolder said thoughtfully, then she calmed down a bit more and started smiling once again, "Well, not easy, but it's do-able. As long as nocreature screws up."

Silverstream patted Smolder on her shoulder and said, "Stop worrying! It'll all work out perfectly! Trust me! Now, I've already figured out who's gonna do what! Sandbar can go get the cake and food from Sugarcube Corner-."

"Oh man, I better get moving!" Sandbar said urgently, "I need to order the cake now if it's gonna be ready by tomorrow!"

As Sandbar ran off, Silverstream continued addressing her friends, "Okay, right. So, Ocellus and Yona can be in charge of picking out some fun party games. Smolder and I will make the decorations, and we can all set up the classroom and turn it into a party room tomorrow. It's foolproof!"

Ocellus smiled and said, "Sandbar was right. You are a genius, Silverstream!"

Yona nodded enthusiastically and said, "Yes, yes! Gallus will be real happy! Real, real happy!"

Silverstream stood tall and proud as she said, "Uh-huh! This is gonna be great! I mean, with my perfect plan, what could possibly go wrong?"

"We're doomed," Smolder said with a deadpanned expression.