• Published 2nd Dec 2018
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Gallus' Party of One - Matthais Unidostres

While Gallus' friends put together a surprise birthday party for him, Gallus struggles with feelings of abandonment.

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Chapter Six

"Hey, Rey? Tell me what you think of Professor Pinkie Pie?" Gallus asked as he and the pony continued on their way to Ponyville.

Rey raised an eyebrow at the question, and he gave a big smile in response and asked, "Well, how about I turn back that question on you: What do you think of Professor Pinkie Pie?"

"Hey, I asked you first!" Gallus protested.

Rey shrugged and said, "I just felt it was a strange question for you to suddenly ask. I didn't bring it up in any way, so I have no idea why you're asking it." Rey then smiled sheepishly, looking away bashfully as he said, "Yeah, call me weird, but I just prefer to know why am I being asked a question before I answer it. . . I'm sorry."

Gallus' grumpy expression softened, and he said, "Eh, make sense, I guess. So, you know how it took me a while to get back from the bathroom."

Rey held up his right forehoof and said, "Hey, that's none of my business. You take all the time you need."

"No!" Gallus shouted, his face turning red through his feathers.

Rey chuckled a bit and shook his head, "Aw, I'm just messing with you, Gallus. You ran into Professor Pinkie Pie, and she held you up, right?"

Gallus calmed down a bit, and he gave a nod and said, "Heh. Well, yeah. But it's kind of weird what she said to me. . ."

Gallus was walking down one of the hallways of the School of Friendship when one of the doors was flung open, and out popped a familiar pink Earth Pony.

"Hey, Gallus! I was just bringing in some stuff for tomorrows class when heard you walking along outside! So, how's the School of Friendship's most favorite griffon?" Pinkie Pie said cheerfully.

Gallus rolled his eyes and said, "Favorite griffon. . . yeah right. . ."

Pinkie Pie hopped over to him and put a foreleg around his shoulder. "Well, duh! Of course you are! Just ask your friends!" she said.

Gallus growled and said, "Yeah, no thanks. They'd much rather do their own things. . . without the griffon."

Pinkie blinked her eyes and said, "What are ya talking about, Gallus? Of course your best friends want you around!"

Gallus shook his head and pulled away from Pinkie. "Not today, I guess. Sandbar ditched me, and Silverstream actually flew away from me," Gallus said bitterly, but then he held his head up high and said confidently, "Not that I care! I've got somepony else to hang out with, so there!"

As Gallus walked away, Pinkie was stood lost in thought for a moment. Then, she hopped over to the griffon's side and asked with a suspicious look on her face, "Saaaaaaay. . .did you friends. . . I don't know. . . maybe. . . make up some excuses that sounded okay at first but then after thinking about them you realized that they were suspicious and really excuses and then split up and did everything they could to avoid you while some of them started sneaking around with boxes or bags or boxes and bags and even tried to run and hide from you when you tried to get the truth out of them."

Gallus slowly turned his head to look at Pinkie, and he answered slowly, "Um, yeah. . . that's what happened."

Pinkie peered closely at Gallus in a way that slightly creeped him out. Then Pinkie broke into a smile and said, "Okie dokie lokie! That's all I wanted to know! It'll all be just fine, Gallus. Just always expect the best from your friends, and never the worst. Trust me when I say that everything will all be fine sometime later today!"

Pinkie Pie then bounced off back up the hall, much to Gallus' confusion. He then shook his head, and turned to walk back down the hall, only to fine Pinkie Pie standing right in front of him.

"Oh yeah! One last thing! If you start talking to sacks of flour, piles of rocks, buckets of turnips, and clumps of lint; you let me know, okay! Byyyeeeeeeeeee!"

Pinkie Pie then shot down the hallway like a rocket, much to Gallus' further growing confusion. He let out an annoyed grunt, and continued to walk, and then quickly jog down the hall to meet up with Rey.

Rey let out a laugh and said, "Well, she sure isn't the bearer of the Element of Laughter for nothing. It's nice of her to try and make you laugh when you looked blue, no pun intended."

Gallus playfully shoved Rey in the shoulder and said with a grin, "Uh, yeah, that pun was totally intended, pal. But seriously, she's not that bad, but sometimes I swear she's nuts."

Rey nodded in an almost solemn manner and said, "Yeah, I totally agree with you on that." Rey then ran ahead a bit and turned around, walking backwards as he faced the griffon as he continued speaking, "But if you ask me, she's living proof the fact that you can't just have one of the Elements of Harmony. Laughter alone seems to cause you to. . ." Rey let out a loud scoff and said, "What? Just let your friends treat you bad and just laugh it off and wait for them to get interested in you again? Huh?! What about their Loyalty? Their Honesty?"

Gallus nodded, but he became slightly thoughtful as he replied, "You got that right. But you know, I can't help but feel that she knew something that I didn't know."

Rey shook his head and said, "Aw, don't yet it bug you. You probably just caught her off guard, and she tried doing something to make you laugh. She didn't have any funny material at the time. But don't get mad at her though. Nopony's perfect, after all. So she's got a one track mind when it comes to her Element? The other professors balance her out well enough."

Rey then jogged up to Gallus side and pivoted on his back hooves. He stood firm and pointed onwards with his right forehoof, and he declared, "Now, enough about silly ponies and fair weather friends! We've got an appointment with certain arcade cabinet."

Gallus looked quite eager as he nodded and sure, "Alright then. How about a race? I won't use my wings."

Rey put his forehoof down and dragged it across the ground as he said, "You might have to, 'cause I'm no slowpoke, and the race has already begun!"

Rey bolted off like a shot from a cannon, and Gallus kicked up dirt as he ran off after him.