• Published 17th Oct 2018
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Chasing Shadows - zerofireking13

Spike decided to pack his things and disappear completely to get a fresh start on life, under the name of Jack Drake. When his past comes back to haunt him, will he be able to keep up the facade? (Special Thanks to The Faceless Maker for editing!)

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Case File 6.2

I had knocked on the door, with Quick and I waiting patiently outside of the giant tree that was known as Twilight's palace. The door soon opened to reveal Trixie Lulamoon, I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes, "Yes we have an appointment with Ms. Sparkle, I believe Ms. Pie informed you of our arrival, I'm Jack Drake, and this is my associate Quick Pick." I stated.

"The Grreeat-" Trixie started but Starlight cut her off from inside.

"Trixie just let them in!" She shouted.

Trixie grimaced and opened the door, "Welcome." She stood aside as we entered.

I took off my hat when we entered, Trixie guided us to the Map room, the girls were sitting in their thrones and 'my' throne was wrapped in police do not cross tape. How quaint, that must've been Pinkie's idea. I thought to myself. They all looked at us when we arrived and looked back at them with the most neutral face I could muster, "Good morning."

The only one that seemed to be fully awake was Applejack, "Good morning, You'll haveta excuse us. Some people aren't so good at waking up in the morning."

Pinkie was the second most awake out of the group. "Jackie, you wake up at the crack of dawn and already working, besides it's your turn for community service today."

"Anyways," Applejack strained, "Welcome to Ponyville, where would you like to begin your investigation Mr. Drake?"

"Well as all investigations begin, you have to know who you're looking for." I started and placed my hat on the Map/Table hybrid.

"Um, I thought you already knew who you were looking for?" Pinkie asked.

"Apologies, you'll have to forgive my phrasing. What I meant is that you to know everything about them, sometimes time is really of essence. I'm talking about building a psychological profile of the person you're looking for. You have to know their habits, their schedule, their likes and dislikes, things of that nature. Considering that he's been gone for almost what two years now?" I asked and Twilight nodded whilst sipping coffee. If only I could show you, I really WISH I could. For a moment I fidgeted with my ring, considering actually taking it off. No, no I can't, I'm happy with my life now...aren't I? Before I did anymore introspection I spoke up again, "I need to...live a day in the life of Spike, to find his motivations for running away." What are you doing idiot? You could fall back into the same routine all over again. I closed my eyes and shook my head.

"Are you okay Mr. Drake?" Applejack asked.

"Just sleepy, haven't had my morning coffee." I lied.

"Alright." Applejack got up and stretched. She walked over to me and whispered in my ear, "I know ya ain't tellin' the whole truth, meet me at my farm later." She then passed me and spoke to the other girls, "Welp, I'm off girls. Those apples won't harvest themselves. As much as I wish they did." Applejack left.

She just confirmed something I was worried about, I don't think I'll be able to question her without her finding out who I really am. I'll leave that to Quick then, she can lie on my behalf, it's almost second nature to her. It comes almost as naturally as thievery to her, or well lock picking. Either way, it would be in my best interest if I limited my contact with Applejack.

"As I was saying, before Ms. Applejack left. I need to build a psychological profile as to why Spike decided to leave, which means I need to put myself in his shoes." I said and Twilight looked up at me.

"Which means you'll need to see his room." Twilight assumed correctly and I nodded a confirmation, Twilight got up and motioned to the stairs. "Follow me."

Twilight led the way and I followed behind her, asking Quick to stay behind and get some characteristics from the girls. She knew it was just meaningless nonsense at this point but didn't care. Twilight held out her hand to a closed door, "Is this it?" I asked though I already knew the answer, truthfully? I just wanted Twilight to talk and talk she did.

"Yeah, this is Spike's room. It hasn't been touched since he left except for his dirty clothes, I washed those. I dust in here from time to time too, I just keep it pristine. In hopes that he comes home one day." Twilight answered.

"Do you think you know what drove him away?" I asked though, I already knew the answer.

"Neglect." Twilight responded, "When we first moved to Ponyville, we were having the time of our lives. However, without realizing it. I began to neglect his feelings, his friendship, and his dedication to me, I began to push him into the background and soon the girls followed suit with me. I was learning how to make friends, but I was ignoring the oldest friend I ever had, I never offered him the same level of friendship that I gave the girls and it hurt him. The years of this almost psychological abuse of showing him what he would never have always waving it in front of his face? Made him feel less and less like a close friend and family, and more and more like a tool and a...slave." Twilight had become misty eyed and started to wipe away falling tears. "The real kicker is, I don't have a real reason as to why I would do such a thing, why we would do such a thing. I just miss him so much."

Without consciously knowing it I just reached out and hugged her. It took her off guard, but she soon melted into the hug. Crying into my chest as I slowly pet her head, as she did for me so many times when I was so very young. When I could never see my mother because the nobles always took her away from me. "It's alright, and don't worry about apologizing for being hysterical. These things happen so often that I've had to play counselor more than investigator more times than I can count."

"Th-Thank you." Twilight broke the hug, "It felt good to get that off my chest."

"Sometimes you need to talk to a total stranger to help solve your problems, that's why therapists are a thing." I said, "Now, do I have your express permission to enter and investigate this room?"

"As long as you return everything back to its original position then yes you do." Twilight consented and I opened the door, "I think I'm going to return to my friends and leave you alone so you can get to work." Twilight soon returned to the map room and I looked at my old room. I took a deep breath and let it out, I then decided that it was time for me to get to work.