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Spike decided to pack his things and disappear completely to get a fresh start on life, under the name of Jack Drake. When his past comes back to haunt him, will he be able to keep up the facade? He makes his own business as a private investigator. When the Mane 6 hire him, what's his case? Why did they come to him of all people?

(Credit for the cover image goes to Pia-Sama)
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Well this is pretty interesting for sure. It seems like this would be a simple matter for Spike to fix. Just contact his mother and get her to tell Twilight Spike is living somewhere else or working for her in dragon country or something. I do like how Spike knows his time with Twi wasn't that great. In am sure he still love her like a sister but working with her just looks like a nightmare. And the rest of the girls and their interactions with him weren't great either. So I for sure can't see him wanting to run back to interact with them. I am shocked he didn't move to Fillydelphia in the dragon district. But I guess that would be the first place anyone would look for him

"The description is that of a male, and he's a drakeblood with bright green hair, his name is Spike Solaris." Twilight choked out some tears, "Please help us find him. We miss him."

Ooooohhh, Spikes in troooouuuble. :moustache:

Interesting start, but it's missing a few commas and periods here and there.
Instead of:
I caught her trying to break into my office she was just looking for a quick score, but I managed to convince her to do some steady work for me.
It should be:
I once caught her trying to break into my office. She was just looking for a quick score, but I managed to convince her to do some steady work for me.

Well this has got to be the easiest case to solve Jack has ever gotten; go for the flat rate

Why do I have the feeling that the girls are going to eventually find out that not only Spike is alive but he’s the detective that they’re talking to?

This was interesting for sure. I think Spike will use his mother in this for sure. She can act as the middle ground in all of this. Sure it might cause a strain in Celestia and Twilight's relationship but lets be honest I CAN'T see Twilight being mad or upset at Celestia for long. There are number of stories Celestia and Spike could come up with. And with Twilight just wanting to prove he is alive that should be easy enough to do and explain why it took him so long to do. It could also be a good way for him to passively express what he has been feeling when he was stuck there. I do wonder tho..... what is it Twilight feels for Spike? I mean let me be honest here I think, even tho I love Sparity, Twilight has always been a MUCH better match for Spike. I think the worse thing is what we are seeing now is that Spike felt trapped in Twilight's shadow and she really never did anything to give him a chance to find his own place. But I think this time away for him to find his own person is good for him in doing just that. And Twilight to see just how much Spike mean to her and how much she took him for granted. I think them getting close and maybe she even start to suspect who he is as she spend time with him would be great.

Why isn't there a dark tag?

Could only fit so many tags.

The legal drinking age for ponies is 210 and I'm 415, the magic in our systems expands our lifespans by centuries,

Why? Why increase everyone's ages? And by CENTURIES no less...

Personal preference. Makes things more interesting.

Very awkward very quick

So it's another Spike: Misunderstood and Abused #998.

This was a chill chapter. If not honestly a bit of a filler that didn't really do anything to advance anything along or even give us more depth into the characters. This could have been a good chance to get some talking with Spike and Quick either about the case or even better getting more detail on their relationship. I get the feeling there is ALOT more to Quick than we know and this could have been a great chance to get hints of that. Overall not a bad chance but it is skip-able and wouldn't hurt the reader to do so.

Gotta love those Mopars, man! Great choice on Spikes car. Nice chapter and story.

If you want to tell me why it is that you think that I'm willing to talking in private message. I'd be more than happy to explain if it helps any.

This is interesting for sure. This was better than the last. I t progressed a bit here and we got some hints of there being more going on for sure. What I am hoping tho is that this Spike isn't making the same mistake I have seen a number of times. With him going on and on about how Rarity broke his heart..... Where they even together? I HATE how people keep making it where Spike gets so hurt over someone who he liked but they didn't return his feelings and he blame them. Look, it sucks I know when your crush doesn't like you. But you can't blame them for how they feel. I like that being the jumping point for Spike leaving, he was hurt but it was more than his crush finding love with someone else he wanted to start his own life and him seeing her happy with someone else made him want to have his own happiness. Did he do it in a selfish way, hell yes, but he can't hate at him creating his own life. What he can hate is how he had to utterly crush all those closest to him because he didn't trust them.... and himself to be able to pull away and do it. Don't let him be resentful to Rarity and whoever she is with, she has always shown she cared for him and even if she doesn't return those feelings doesn't mean she doesn't see him as a dear friend. Now IF they were together and she cheated on him.... that is all a different set of worms for sure. But lets be honest here Rarity doesn't seem like the type to have the heart to do that. In fact she seem like the type to suffer and bare the sadness because she doesn't want to hurt the feelings of who she is with.

the more I think about it, the more I'm honestly surprised he hasn't done basically what's happening in this story sooner: look at his own "case file" and see if there are any traces of what actually happened, because if he wanted to make a clean getaway, he HAS to be sure he covered his tracks

Luna has excellent taste in supercars

Spike has a Mopar, which is a great choice, Celestia has a Corvette ZR1, and Luna has a Bugatti. Not only is this a great story, but great car choices. Awesome, man! Can't wait for the next chapter.

Actually, Starlight has done nothing but show him respect everytime they were on screen together.

I want to see what happens next. :scootangel:

You ask for comments, but the only thing I can really think is relating to how old Celestia is and how she'd have a shit-ton of experience dealing with things like that... though she is pretty sheltered, and flawed... still, I'm mostly just wondering what he's gonna end up doing for the Spike case, I mean, I can think of at least 4 possible solutions, one of which being "finding" a secret compartment in his old room, where he "finds" an "old" note from Spike to Twilight about why he left... but then there's the problem of the paper's age and things of that nature... still, I can't wait for more

This was interesting for sure. But I do have to say FUCK this Spike. He walk up into her home and start throwing shade. Yea she fucked up no duh. But HE doesn't get to talk. What started all of this, and it wasn't Celestia. NOOOOO the trigger to it ALLL was him leaving, and not leaving like a adult, not showing that he cares for them by leaving properly. No he ran like a child because he couldn't take it. He left them without so much as anything. He once again wanted others to take care of the problem for him while he got to be selfish and run off. HE underestimated how much he meant to Twilight and now that he is force to confront what his decision has done he went to Celestia to put all the blame on her to make himself feel better. Idk it was just during his whole rant it reminded me of a pissy teenager who was shouting at their parent for not being perfect. Spike need to own up to his own shit and HIS part in this. He is the one who left her, abandoned it all without even thinking of keeping in contact. He through away those bonds so he doesn't get to use them to attack someone else and point out their flaws.

Do a prequel and talk about some of the other cases. This I a great story thou.

It’s scary how possible it is that spike becoming the greatest villain with those facts is true..

I walked back to the car with Quick behind me, we got in the car and I got in the driver's seat. I rested my head against the wheel, crying.

The healing has begun

A Dragon's Requiem by Crisis Novastar

read this .. yes he can be a bigger villain

Elements were slapped in the ass with a lawsuit?

Tell me more.

"Not since last month, the girls were slapped with a huge ass lawsuit. I don't know the exact details but they're still having to do community service, and that's just for countless amounts of property damage." I explained, "How did you not know about this? It was all over the news."

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

Hey he made a mistake...He trusted his mother to actually do something, and he was young and inexperienced, after living his life and going thru alot did he wise up more.

Only now does he realized how bad things gotten, and that he should never trusted that Lunatic of a mother of his.
Again he couldn't tell as he lived a sheltered life in a way, before he left, and then experience some real shit.

Crime, death, betrayal, madness, action adventure, life and death, as a private eye, he admitted he made some mistakes while on the job as he learned over time.
that how he wised up, and two he had to point them out in such a brutal manner, what was he to do. Hope and pretend Celestia will figure it out on her own.

How that work so far?

Read A Dragon's Requiem by Crysis Nova. Youll see how bad he can get.

I already done so and that’s why I commented on that!

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AJ knows!

I'm torn between AJ knowing and her thinking that the drake has been through something similar, if not worse... and if I haven't said it before, I'll say it now, (and if I have, I'll say it again,) have him ask them what Spike's interests were, what he was allowed to do, where they saw him going and talking to... but then again, most of that would be covered by the "day in the life" part of his "investigation", but I'm more talking about driving the point home than just noticing it

And... I'm hooked... damn it's good.

Lovely chapter

Btw I saw the cover art on Pie-sama's deviant art earlier today and had my suspicions of who commissioned it and what for, and had a feeling a new chapter was coming:moustache:

I'm going to explain this, I was already writing the chapter, then Pia-sama finished the artwork I commissioned and it gave me the extra motivation that I needed to produce the chapter and get featured. In return I thanked her very much, gave her credit for the artwork and linked to her DeviantArt.

This story is great. I hope to see more.

"There's a man who lives here that is obsessed with jelly to the point that he has a 8 foot tall jar of blackberry jam. That I swear to all that is holy that he goes skinny dipping into." I said, "Welcome to Ponyville, Population? Fucking whack jobs and psychopaths."

Amen to that.

Erroneous punctuation, occasional spelling errors...
These symptoms seem... familiar...
I have your diagnosis, but it's not good. Not good at all.
You have Fledgling Author Syndrome.
I'll be prescribing you an Editor and a Proofreader.
Take one of each per chapter you write from the present onwards, and you should see improvement within the first two chapters.

Dont mean to be nitpicky, but it neither makes sense or adds anything to the character to make them this old. Frankly, it seems like you wanted to make him 41, and thought "Gee, that sounds boring" and added a zero.

Whenever I need a random number I usually use the word count because that actually makes sense, also if I'm being honest with myself I think the only reason why the number is so high is because all the world's inhabitants are descending from mythical and magical creatures. And since we as a race have no access to any actual magic other than slight of hand tricks, we don't actually know what magic would do. It's interesting to me, that's why the personal preference. This is the SECOND time I'm answering this question and you all are getting hung up on it. It's just a number, that never comes up again in the story. Let. It. Go.

But yet you can still understand and read it. Better than some of the other fics on here, so your point is what?

I'm a mild case; I don't have to do as much parsing to make things intelligible in the first place. Conversely, I'm also OCD enough that muddling along was immensely irritating. That combination has made it physically painful to mentally correct and interpret stories I've read in the past. This story is just this side of causing an intolerable reaction. And I'm fairly sure that most other people would also enjoy this story being easier on the eyes; it's a very good story. Spelling, word choice/arrangement, and punctuation are the only hangups I have for this. Which is impressive, as those four tend to correlate to how good the story is.

Alright thank you, now that I understand where you come from I'll try to do better in the future but I can't guarantee any drastic improvements. If you want to edit the story you're more than welcome to the position. Proofreaders are hard to find as well because as people have different schedules and are very scarce when it comes to reading something completely new, because not only do they fear putting their name behind something that might fail, as well as the fact that they're still people and don't sit around waiting for a new fic to come out just so they can proofread it, give it the okay, and send it on their way. The same goes for editors as well.

Well, if you want an Editor, I'm down for the position.

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