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MLP: Actualization Online - Silent Slender

The world of MLP: Actualization Online has begun, with two brothers making a bet to change the world in their own way. However, they won't be the only ones who wish to change the digital world, as all players come to see, there is no way to logout.

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Raid 2 - [The Vault of Forestation]

---~[Previously on MLP: Actualization Online]~---

"Alright, all key bearers place your key on the door!" I heard Klaw call up, as I nodded to my team, before I trotted up to the door, pulling the sky out of my items list, and holding its ruby figure before me. Beside me, I saw that Klaw wielded the Amethyst key, then SilverCrow held out an Onyx key. Then that Bombard [BEEP] brought out a Topaz key, followed by an Emerald Key from a mare, a stallion had an Amber key, and last was a Changeling with a Sapphire key. "Now!"

---~[Twisted Angulation - lvl 20]~---

"Left side, move! Right, get ready to move when it turns for you. All other parties, continue to look for any signs of a weakness, and remember, do not fly!" Klaw called orders to us left and right, whist I leapt away from the massive fist colliding with my platform, just as SilverCrow landed beside me, helping others who were on the edge of the platform

"It seems impossible/No weakness in sight/We are losing." Oh, right, he mostly speaks in haiku, hardly anything else, he's the Zer0 of our team. But he was right in his regard, no attack fazed Twisted Angulation, even fire did nothing but turn its attention onto the attacker, but Rain had told us its weakness is fire, and slash weapons, yet there was an immunity. "Plan?"

"Umm....try finding something out of place, like a glowing piece of its body or....well anything not made of a [BEEP] giant tree!" I called out, both in irritation, and as a suggestion to the rest, as some continued to distract with with bows, and magic strikes, whist others moved to a safer platform to heal, or buff their abilities, so far, it was all about survival

"A plan/Dangerous/But might work?" Me, along with two others turned to SilverCrow, as he pointed to Twisted Angulation, before he pointed his hoof to its head, where the tree-like spines sat. "Fly/We distract/Make it falter."

"I see, use his own power against him!" A knight beside me realized, and the possibly of that working would be possible, it was like the old saying, 'Bigger they are, harder they fall'. So, I nodded, making him stand to attention of the Boss, before he pulled two daggers out from under his cloak, spinning them in his hooves, before he leapt for the back of Twisted Angulation

[Sword Skill - Dancing Fangs]

His twin dagger both glowed yellow, before he spun his body like a buzz-saw, striking the boss' back three times, whist lightning stuck its spine, making the lumbering golem turn to face us, and within that moment, I dropped over the edge, flying around the platform, and around its side, the lime-green gaze on the three players as the wailed it with attacks. Taking the bait, I swooped up sharply, flying through his branches, before I shakily landed on its head, its arms stopping mid-swing, and dropping into the green lake below, it knew where I was now.

"Ok, lets see if you're like a Colossus." I breathed, as I hooked an arm around one of the spines, as I pulled Parting Glass from its scabbard, before raising the blade high above my head, the tip beginning to hum a menacing crimson. "From me to you...." I continued to hold the magic steady, as it ticked past its usual cost, causing the blade to glow brighter, and brighter with each strained second

[Sword Skill - Rage Spike Max]

With a heave, I thrusted the blade into its bark armour, throwing splinters around me, as the cost of magic hit me like a truck, almost like I was fatigued, but how? I wasn't using any sort of stamina, my stamina bar is still high? My thoughts stopped as I pulled back, my blade covered in green sap, as the protrusion caused Twisted Angulation to shake in frustration, the attack chipping a small piece off its health bar. Then, I saw it, wear I was standing, a rune was humming softly beneath my feet.

"That's why it was keeping us to the ground, to stop us from reaching its head!" I thought in surprise, before I reeled back in pain, holding onto the branch tightly as it swayed its head back and forth, trying to throw me off. I had one more strike to pull off, just a simple plunge, I couldn't lose this chance now! "From me....to-to you!"

I steadily brought my leg up, holding Parting Glass high, before I screamed as I threw my entire body atop his head, the force whiplashed me, damaging my health when I fell back, its head jolting from the sudden lunge, its arm suddenly fell atop two platforms, it looked stunned from the attack. Meanwhile, my joy was now turned to pearl, my body was now falling towards the sea of green, my wings completely unresponsive to my command. Then I saw the green symbol beside my name, 'Rooted'. Great....

"Got ya!" I heard the voice call out triumphantly, my vision flying higher above the green sludge below and onto a platform, where Rain sat beside me with a stressful smile. "Nice trick with the Shadow of the Colossus style, how did you...?"

"Thank SilverCrow for the distraction, I just happened to think it was the best course of action to strike the head, and that's why it wasn't fazed before, its like a colossus, it can't be damaged until we strike those symbols, now....ITS VULNERABLE, TAKE IT DOWN!!!" I screamed the last part as loud as I could muster with my horse voice, ha, horse pun

"You heard him, hit it now!" Seraph relayed, everyone ran for the arms and head of the dazed Twisted Angulation, its head still down, even the glowing veins were dimmed in response to the attack. Then, I felt Rain nudge me, holding a red vile out for me, along with a blue one

"What's the blue vile for?" I asked, downing the health potion in a flash, before I held the blue vile to my face, taking the silver arrow head off the top, then she pushed it to my muzzle

"Its something I picked up from the maze, a.....Thorns Potion, or something, I think it said it'll boost your power, both physically, and magically for a few minutes?" Rain explained without a hint of confidence in the liquid's effects, so I downed it, tasting the vines, and even blueberries, I did try not to gag at the putrid taste, even Rain scrunched up her muzzle at the smell. "I think I'll just sell the rest...."

"Please, but on the other-hand...." I stood back up, grabbing my blade as I felt my own muscles burst with power, the new shimmered light blue glow coating my body, my glasses even looked shiny, as the highlights in my mane hummed to the aura. "The taste is bitter-sweet!"

"Hmm....maybe I should-" She took one sniff, and instantly recoiled. "Nope, I'll stick to shadows, thank you!"

"Right, mind shooting me a bolt?" I asked, fanning my wings out, just as Rain grinned, pulling her hooves back in preparation. "Wish me luck!"

"I got your back!" Rain sounded more reassured now

Deciding to try the same trick with what me, and Klaw did, I leapt into the air, charging at the now moving head of Twisted Angulation, before I saw the arrow of purple light propelling towards me, so, I reached out with my new gauntlet on my left fore-hoof, as I snagged the arrow from the air. Detonating in my hoof, I coiled it between my Sky Magic, infusing the air with shadows, the white gales turning into a mixture of grey, purple, and white, embers of purple now spinning around my hoof.

[Unity Move - Pressurized AP Shot]


I threw my left hoof out, striking the cheek-bone of the Boss, the resulting connection erupting into an EMP of purple, and white energy, followed by a shattering effect to its mask. Twisted Angulation groaned in protest, my combined efforts, along with the others had shattered its face place, causing it to become immune again, as it lurched back, falling when its claws dug into two of the platforms to its left, where two players stood at the platform behind it, staring up at the Boss. Wait....the music stopped....?

"Its becoming Phase Two, get out of there!" Bombard barked at the two ponies; they moved for an escape, only to have two massive arms block their attempts, the hands punching the walls of the arena, before I watched from the side with the rest, viewing the horrid picture that froze the two players in their tracks. "Are ya deaf, move!?"

Its face was like a molten slag, green sap dripping from its skeletal face, the mouth opened wide to the players, before it spat the sap upon the platform, drowning the two in the revolting smell of rotten sap. But we all stared in shock, the sludge where the two players were burst into their own streams of colour, vanishing from the arena.

"In one hit....!" Someone gaped, whist I backed up slightly, looking back to the other-side where Silver, Seraph, and Rain stood. Then, Twisted Angulation turned to face us again, its hand swooping across the area, causing me to instinctively fly from the sudden change in attacks patterns

"Everyone grab those who can't fly, quick!" I called out, grabbing a mare from under her legs, and pulling up, as others did the same, Klaw managing to carry three, before the hand swept across the area, Twisted Angulation's gaze following its arm to the back platforms, leaving us to recover. "You ok?"

The mare looked at me, a wary smile on her muzzle, but her pink eyes shook slightly from the shock of a near-death experience, with the pain inhibitors on the fritz, I wouldn't want to be struck by the equivalent of a bus either.

"Y-yeah, thank you." She bowed, before I let her go, moving to stand beside Klaw, who had moved his squad to the other platforms

"Seems its attack pattern changed, do you see a weak point like before?" He quickly asked me, just as I heard the crunching of wood to the far left, Seraph jumping atop the arm of Twisted Angulation, before hopping to the next platform, as she pointed her hoof at the spine of the Boss, then, I saw the faint glow. "I see....we will distract the Boss, you aim for the weak point."

"Aye, sir." With that said, I flew up again, avoiding a rain of sap from the maw of the Boss, narrowly avoiding the undergrowth of its arm pit, before flying across its chest, passing through the trees, before I looped back around to its spine, where it was currently trying to punch the players off the edges of the platforms, giving me my opening

I dropped to its roots, latching my hoof around one vine sharply, before I used the vines and roots as ladders, climbing up with Parting Glass between my teeth, as I held back the urge to fall or look down. Then, my hoof grazed the rune, its surface glowing at my touch, but I yelped, almost slipping from my hold on the back of the Boss as it swayed to look the other direction, then again. Did it know I was missing?

Not wanting to know that answer, I spat my blade out, holding it high in my hoof, throwing my body back, before I used my shoulder blades to thrust my body back around, before my blade sunk deep into the wound, spraying green sap across the wound again, whist the spine seemed to shudder under the strike, Twisted Angulation bent back in agony, my back legs giving out, hanging over the edge of the lake, but I used my sword to keep my body from plummeting. Thankfully, it moved back, only for one of its arms to reach around its back, trying to pull me off its roots again.

"I got this-I got this-I got this!" I chanted my prayer to myself, the buffs I obtained from Rain aiding in my attempts, before I slammed the blade through the rune again. I pulled back, taking the sword with me, I flew backwards, then I spun around into a charged, the blade pointed out like a lance, striking the symbol dead-center for a third time, the recoil throwing me back onto a platform

Once more, we watched as it vomited green sap across the platform before it, placing its hands on the edges to try and steady itself, whist its back seeped with sap, some covering me as I panted for each lungful of air, I was on the edge of the platform, seeing Rain, Seraph, and SilverCrow coming my way, but I looked to see the pool of green liquid below, I caught something strange. Just below my tail, atop the green lake, a tiny, flickering flame, dancing across the top of the lake.

"A flame...?" I thought at the sight of the flickering ember, which seemed to be turning the lake as it burned the liquid for food

"White, having a nice view?" Seraph mused, pulling me up, along with SilverCrow, whist Rain watched the group begin to tear into the armour of Twisted Angulation, his body twitching, and grunting as its armour was chipped, and torn, but I was still staring down at the pool below, that flame finally turning to smoke. "Umm, is he broken?"

"No....my-my mind's fine, I...." I then looked to the three, with a glint of hope in my eyes. "I know how we'll win."


"Phase Three...." Rain shakily whispered, as the remaining bar of health turned red fully, the sap leaked from its head, spine, and maw, as it trashed in the air, spraying the goo. Then it bent down to the platform before it, and grasped it with one arm, latching its fingers into the rock, before pulling and twisting at the platform's weight, webbing cracks along the bottom

"Quick, tell the others to fly down to the lake, coat their weapon in the green liquid, its flammable, if we can soak the Boss in enough, Klaw can use his Pyromancy to burn it to ashes, we'll have a sure-fire way to take down the whole thing!?" I called to them, and they all seemed to glance at each other before simultaneously agreeing to the idea, running off to tell the others, whist I grabbed Seraph by the tail, pulling her back at her yelp. "Seraph. Do you know any shielding spells yet?"

"Hehehe, have a reckless idea, do we?" She slyly smiled, before she channeled her magic into her horn, my whole chest felt tighter at the subtle increase to gravity, then, I saw the pink aura now coating my body, as the symbol appeared beside my health bar, 'Buck Up'. "There, you have 20% more defence than normal, and that will be 100 bits."

"Bite me, cheap-sake. You'll be paid later, just levitate some of the flammable liquid onto the Boss!" I grunted at her cocky dealings, before I took flight, swinging Parting Glass out once more, then I saw it finally pull the platform off the ground, holding it high in the air

I couldn't even blink or make a sound, only allowed to angle my wings to duck below the massive slab of rock, its form sailing over my head, crashing into the wall behind me, and sadly, I saw the colour streams fly out from under the crushed pile of rubble. Even then, Twisted Angulation reached for another platform, with two players still on its surface, but it wouldn't attack them, instead, it continued to thrash its arm, trying to pry the pillar free of its earthy snare. It hit me, my heart dropping at what it was pulling.

"Its trying to remove our only way of stay alive, dammit, how'd I not see that sooner!?" I cursed myself for being blindsided, and like any plan of mine, I rushed in, flying low to coat my blade in the putrid liquid, before I looped back, pulling a sharp 'U' towards the shattered face of the Boss, my sword's edge gleaming before my face when I ascended towards its maw again, driving my sword through the middle of its giant face, causing it to recoil at the lake's contents beginning to blind it, its arm released the platform, just as it used that same hand to clear the green substance from its eyes with its left hand trying to crush me against the ceiling. "Focus, Cayde, you still have a chance to turn this around!"

I now floated before it face again, just as a massive hand tried to swat me from the air, but I closed my body tightly, flying through the gap between its fingers, before I grabbed a vine on its hand, holding onto the palm during its movement, ending with its hand now facing its emerald gaze, the eyes staring impassively at my presence, then it began to shake its appendage up and down, shaking my organs like a fresh smoothie, each swing only made my face turn greener.

"Aaaany tiiiime noooow~!" I called out shakily, my body flying around on its palm with my body clinging for dear life, then it drove its hand into a wall, so I leapt behind its palm, avoiding the crushing execution, before I lacerated the inside of its palm, propelling my body off its hand as it clenched it shut

As if god heard me cry, every player stunk blade, axe, and magic into Twisted Angulation, spraying the green liquid across its limbs like paint, covering it in a mixture of tree sap, and swampy liquid. Then, Klaw ushered me over, just as he placed his hand together at the wrist, making them into the form of Vegeta's Final Flash, pulling his claws towards his chest. Now I knew what he was planning, so I back-flipped, passing over the swiping palm of the Boss, and down the length of its arm, until I was only a few feet above Klaw.

"DO IT!" I cried out a final time

[Draconic Seal - Dragon's Crescendo]

His palms ignited, before a massive solar bomb shot forth from his hands, embracing my shuddering body under the fierce power of the flames, some eating away at my health bar, but I quickly thrashed my wings out within the orange and gold nova blast, my words beginning to channel the flames into my blade, merging it to form an arrow head around my body and blade, pushing with the flames, I soared towards Twisted Angulation.

[Unity Move - Seven Ancient Dragons of Destruction]

I pierced through the entirety of the Boss, burning, and lacerating the insides of its armour and core, ripping through its back with ease, then I spun upside-down, swinging my blade from left to right, then right to left, then I spun right-side-up, swinging my sword vertically down, the vertically up, before I spun around clockwise, slicing across its spine in a horizontal arc twice left, then right. Before his whole back erupted into purple, and red flames, igniting the flammable liquid coating its armour, as the flames consumed the remainder of its defence, before completely covering the Golem in a suit of cursed flames.

"Checkmate." I whispered, placing Parting Glass in its scabbard one final time, Twisted Angulation only thrashed about for a moment, before slamming its claws into the green lake below, before it finally ceased its uncontrollable spaz, and finally, its head crashed against the wall of a platform, shaking it slightly, the lime green sap in its vines dimmed out, clearing the air of any music or sound. All the while, a relived smile crossed my muzzle when I landed


All that was left was for us all to bask in the glory of defeating the Raid Boss, tabs appeared for everyone in tangent, many players cheered with their teams, some glowed with the sign of leveling up, even I was glowing gold, my health thankfully restored in the process, or atleast until I was tackled by Rain, who was laughing excitedly, and I returned the gesture with a chuckle, whist Seraph drooled like a child on Christmas Day, staring at the rare gear she has acquired.

"The stats....so....many!" She was becoming giddy again, her eyes sparkling with stars in her eyes, I sat up to view my own tabs with an evil laugh at my new-found power, Rain letting me go, checking her own with a slightly red face, but I paid no mind to it, that being said, my eyes instantly turned to fireworks at the sight of that sweet, sweet orange text

Twist-Fang Seekers Helmet
Twist-Fang Mark
Heart of Everfree (Long Sword)
1078 Bits
1000 EXP

Twist-Fang Seekers Helmet
"If the day came to rest my blade, I only hope someone will see my flaws and use them to free us all."
Defense - 35
Weight - Light
Resistance (Element) - Life 5% Kinetic 5% Poison 10%
Resistance (Critical) - 20%

Twist-Fang Mark
"I thank you, for you have done what I would do all over again, let this mark be proof of your strength."
Defense - 15
Weight - None
Resistance (Element) - 10%
Resistance (Critical) - 15%

+10% Movement Speed whist in combat

Heart of Everfree
"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
DPS - 45 - 58
Elemental Enhance - 25%
Attack Speed - Normal
Critical Chance - 20%

Bonus Skill: Against The Odds
When battling against fire, your damage is doubled

[Level Up!]
[14 - 15]

[Stats Increased]
Agility +4
Strength +5
Endurance +4
Intelligence +8
Magic +5
Charisma +1

[Relic Obtained: Key of Adventure]

"I look awesome~!" I turned my head to see what Rain was happily giggling about, then I saw what she meant, her jacket was replaced with a new one, it was slightly longer, almost touching her tail, with a silver zipper, high-collar, and green buttons along the zipper, with a belt hanging around where the coat met her waist, as the coat hung open. The rest was a nice emerald green, with the same matching arcane runes on the back of the coat, spreading out towards the zipper, it also had short sleeves. "Its also got increased stealth when in forests too!"

"Nice, buuuut, I got's me a legendary~!" I teased, making her scramble to look at my screen, her head rested atop mine, almost pinning me. "Woman, the screen's on 'private', so get off me!"

"Let me seeee~?" She whined, and I was about to do so, with her sitting beside me eagerly, but....I heard it, clapping, echoing across the chamber where we all sat, even overshadowing our voices, catching everyone by surprise. "Wha?"

"Bravo. Cheers. High-five. Slow-clap! Now that was pure entertainment!" Who was that? Me, along with about everyone else listened to the clapping echoing across the now empty chamber, whist the lights flickered in the area, and the sun began to turn the sky orange. "At first I thought this wasn't going to end well, but you all pulled through, just what I was hoping for."

"Who the hell is that?"

"Maybe an admin?"

"Oh, I-i'm no admin, but....I am the one pulling the strings of this game now, I was worried that my update would not have been completed in time for the end of the raid, but it seems to all be in order, so I thank you for a good distraction." Then the voice moved again, this time sounding local, more clear across the chamber of the boss, then we turned, and....what....?

"Sup." The creature looking like it was made of tar spoke, a twisted grin of sharp teeth grinning madly at us, whist its pupiless eyes widened with curiosity, and excitement, all while being orange

His body was skinny, almost starved in complexion, white claws for fingers, and toes, as two smaller spikes stuck out his elbows, knees, and shoulders, with smooth, black hair, almost camouflaged with its void-like skin. A spiny tail swished behind it, a scythe-like point to the appendage, whist small spiny-spike stuck out the lumps of his spine, reaching up to folded, tattered wings. His body was wrapped in a grey cloth, orange running down the zipper, with flames added to its sleeves, and trouser holes. It was a horrid sight, almost like a living nightmare brought forth into physical form.

"Now, I don't want to sound vague, so I'll just go ahead with my plans, you see, I happened to have a thought, one that may very change how I work. 'Why do the killing yourself, when you can have a world do it for you'? Its fascinating what one can do with a bit of magic and code." He began, pacing as he kept turning to stare at us all. "Then I did it, I control this world, and by my hand, I was able to do something breathtaking!"

We were all afraid to say it, what he did.....what did he do? But, s-someone needed to take that step, so, I gulped dryly, and looked directly at the creature before us all. But even at my words, the presence he gave off was unbelievably powerful, his strength was overwhelming in its own right, and yet, we was holding back!

"What did you do? Stop dodging the question." I answered nervously, causing his pacing to stop, turning on his heel to look at us, then to me, his eyes narrowing

"Why....if it isn't the most interesting of the bunch! I really enjoyed the display of power you proved, White Hat, quite the telling of unbeatable will, of course, your teammates too, Purplrain truly has a gift for this type of world, but you really are something special though, mind you, I want to know more, but this game is a large system of rules, regulations, and concepts that will take time to truly dig up the nuggets I want." He now walked past me, his tail slashing the ground like paper in his way

"Oh right, sorry, I got side-tracked, you wanted to know what I did? Well, to save time of explanation, umm....you're all not leaving this world. Not today....not tomorrow.....hell, maybe not for the rest of your lives." He spoke calmly, placing his claws against themselves, all spaced apart. "I make this as crystal clear as I can. You're trapped here, whether you like it or not."

No one said a word. Not soul moved an inch. I couldn't even hear a breath being pulled in or exhaled. The weight of his words could be taken either way, but, if the indication of what he meant was true....if we....all One Million players were here, no longer able to leave, then....are we.....he can't be serious, right? I was beginning to shake slightly, why? But....that means the glitches, the pain inhibitor....it was him, he tampered with the game's internal CPU.

"Bullshit! No way in hell is that true!" The censor was cut off? Seems this 'Entity' messed with alot more than just the core safety functions

"Yeah, i'm calling BS on that too, you expect us all to just believe a thing you said, you don't exactly sell a good point?" Seraph retorted, making the creature frown

"Don't take my words without some salt, if you want check your menus, go right ahead, I won't stop you." He shrugged, as I heard the 'dings' of menus, before loud, audible gasps rang across the arena, I even heard Rain's petrified voice quiver, but I could only stare into the eyes of this creature, his grin widened to inhuman lengths

"I-Its gone!?" One cried out

"What did he do!?" Another

"Is it a glitch, or did he really take away our ability to leave?" Klaw questioned warily

"Heheheheahahahaha!" All cries for answers stopped at his laughter, the monster clutching his stomach for a moment, wiping a fake tear. "T-The looks of terror, pain, even rage on your faces is priceless~!"

Then he walked back, passing me with a massive, icy wave washing by, causing my heart to skip a beat the the mere brush of his aura, whist I continued to stare back, emotionless, neutral.

"Let me make a few rules clear, I am no monster, I only want to take what I feel like taking, but I do keep my word that all players will be released, so long as my rules are heeded with care." He warned, before clicking his fingers. "I'll give you my reasons for this though, I discovered so many things on the world wide web, that even I find horrid to look at! Concepts for this Death Game have happened even before this system was introduced to the world!"

"From books, to concepts, all forged into what you placed on your skulls, and now, I own that concept as a reality! Even now I had the update implemented at the beginning of the boss fight, so....you know all those guys you lost? Guess where they are now, because they aren't in the safety of a Green Zone?" He....He really did made the pain inhibitors fail.....the boss' difficulty....all those....I'm gonna be sick

"Rye...." One called out in a breathless shock

"Dammit, two of my own friends are gone you bastard, they didn't deserve to die!" Another cried, but his voice sounded strange

"Damn man, there're children in this game man, what about them?" Someone warily asked

"Meh, second verse, same as the first, put them down, I won't bat an eye." He mumbled like a passive distaste for life. "You see, I don't want to just trap a bunch of lives in this cage of mine, once I gain control over Control Core Gamma, I'll be able to rewrite this world, using you all as my hostages to keep prying eyes off my project, when I'm through this 'game' of mine, I'll have the ability to completely alter worlds beyond this fragment of the Multiverse!"

"Oh, and with media's going crazy over this, I'm racking kills as we speak, you all know that this game supports up to One Million players for each server due to the high advancements in performance, correct....weeeell. that's....a couple hundred thousand short now, still dropping slowly too." Now I even gaped at his smug grin, people who didn't even know, and they....they only wanted....he took them away, what about my brother? No, he'll be fine, always is

"Now, before I leave you all to wander and wallow in tears, allow me to explain the rules of this world. Logging off is not an option anymore, along with outside help, they remove your Augment, and your consciousnesses is torn and scrambled, flat-lining you terminally, and, the same goes for death here, you die, and I ain't giving idiots a second coming!" He made that last point perfectly clear

"To open a way back to your world, heroes like you must travel to the now relocated, and extremely hidden Raids across Equestria, this was a freebie, so its stays, but the others are now scattered like dust to the wind, and I made their bosses far more than shells to A.I control, so don't think this is the limit of an A.I's intelligence, that, and with every known defeat, the enemies grow stronger, smarter, more human like you."

"In order to win, those who take the final strike on the boss will be gifted with a relic, those are your tickets to beating me, you find me, bring your heroes, and if you win....all will be set right again, that is, once you find me, I'm not one to stay in one place for long, so expect to see me drop by for a chat." He then happily clicked his fingers, ripping reality apart behind him. "Now, let the-"

"Not yet, you cocky little bitch!" I heard some random idiot cry out, jumping past me with a sword in his magic, and surprisingly it struck the neck of the creature, but.... "AGH!!!"

The creature just pulled the blade from his neck with ease, his wound closing up within the second it left his body, and before us, the creature held the body of the player in his arm, the creature impaling the pony with his sharp hand, whisking away streams of colour. Its eyes were unamused, along with its frown at the player's suicidal attack.

"Tisk-Tisk-TIsk....you should have listened to me, instead you get to know that I seriously messed with the Pain Inhibitors, so pain...." He then shoved his arm farther into the guys chest, causing him to release a pained scream of agony, then, his body flashed, and soon turned to colours. "....Well its gonna feel real, count on it. I doubt Control Core Gamma could fix you, swine."

He turned now, dusting his arm off as he left us to stare at where the pony once stood, the look of sorrow written on his face was burned into our minds, of how real this was. It wasn't a game to us, but to this....monster, it was a joke, and he played the master of it all, pulling the strings with ease.

"You never told us who you are, creature!" I screamed, he paused, almost surprised, his foot halting mid stride, but he turned his head, his passive face meeting my eyes, and I held nothing but hatred for him now, not fear, pure hatred. "I'd like to know the name....of the person I'm going to kill."

. . . .

"....Do you have the will to take a life?" He soon responded, turning fully to look at me, his tail swishing back and forth. "Do you, Key Barer?"

"No....I don't, but I'll feel pretty good after I kill you for what you've done." I swore simply, each word seeping with venom

"Hehehehehehehehahahahahaha......*exhale*....my name....is...."

"Harbinger." His voice growled like a feral, manic beast. "I look forward to seeing how your light shines when none can be found. White. Hat."

Then. He was gone. A final phrase given to our new world, our death game become a horrid, nightmare of a reality.

"Let the game, truly begin."

End of Arc I


Purplrain - lvl 15 [Stealth class]
(You) White Hat - lvl 15 [Offensive class]
Seraph - lvl 16 [Support class]

Current Level: 15
Magic: Sky/Air Magic
Items: Twist-Fang Seekers Helmet
Twist-Fang Mark
Heart of Everfree (Long Sword)
1078 Bits
1000 EXP

New Skills

[Draconic Seal - Dragon's Crescendo] - Your palms release the equivalent to a solar flare
[Sword Skill - Dancing Fangs] - Strike your enemy three times whist spinning vertically (Dagger)

[Unity Move - Seven Ancient Dragons of Destruction] - Pierce your foe, then strike them six more times, before erupting with fire
[Unity Move - Pressurize AP Shot] - Your punch causes a massive explosion of corrupted air and may stun the target

New Attribute Added:

-Key of Adventure-
You scored the final killing blow on the Raid Boss of The Vault of Forestation, you now wield the embodiment of adventure (Your key gives off a multicolored glow when near other Raid Lairs)

Author's Note:

The end of Arc I: Beginning. Now with everyone trapped within the mercy of Harbinger, what will they all do? Find out in the next arc, coming soon! Hope you enjoyed the final fight, and seeya in the next Arc!

Next Arc: Arc II: Death Game

Authors Notes: I know the whole Death Game concept has happened before, but I mixed up a bit with my own fictional race, and unlike most, he will be appearing when he feels like it, along with crazy Events, side-quests, and beating the shit out of Blueblood, yay!