• Published 12th Aug 2018
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MLP: Actualization Online - Silent Slender

The world of MLP: Actualization Online has begun, with two brothers making a bet to change the world in their own way. However, they won't be the only ones who wish to change the digital world, as all players come to see, there is no way to logout.

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Story - [The Beginning]

---~[Previously on MLP: Actualization Online]~---

"Hey, got a message."

"Greetings, fellow players

We, the Key Bearers have located the beginning of this areas Raid Lair, this is the prime challenge of each area as of this current version of the game, we do not know who else has found a key, but if you have, come to the location detailed in this message, and bring your team too, as this will be an effort from all aiding party's to both figure out, and beat.

Sincerely, The Key Bearers' Master"

"There's already a guild in the game?"

"Other than that....lets get going, the sooner with know what to do with this key, the better."


[Gateway Forestation]

"Well....this is ominous?" I was now staring at the massive gate in the Everfree Forest, with Rain to my left as we stared at the massive arches, covered in moss, trees, and other means of forestation, whist players sat in groups or on their own, all talking about the gateway, or other similar things. One thing they had in common, they all held a key like mine

The arch at the end was broken though, and before us all was a massive, black door, intricate carvings of wood, and metal embedded into the wood, whist vines snaked across its surface like a infestation. Meanwhile, a handful of players stood by, the most notable one of course, was the purple dragon.

He was like an adult version of spike, only his spines were doubled, and with black tips, alongside his yellowish-orange eyes, and silver armour, which I saw in the market, being the most expensive item, the 'Arcane Drive' armour set, this guy definity had cash to burn to get his hands on this very-rare armour. Like before, gear is like any typical rarity of gear in games. White. Green. Blue. Purple. Orange. But as the most significantly rare, to the point of myth. Red Tier.

"Why, you must be the last one to arrive, a pleasure to meet you, White Hat." The British dragon spoke, which I smiled at since I knew a guy who was English too, then he approached us, holding a claw out to me, so I held my hoof out, and shook. "I am the leader of the future guild known as The Key Bearers, my name is [Klaw], and I apologize if this meeting as interrupted anything you had planned."

"No, we actually had just completed a quest, so we both came here to see the raid entrance." Rain answered for me with a kind smile, making Klaw bow his head slightly

"Nice to see a lovely lady aiding a treasure hunter in his findings, seeing as you both have more-than uncommon equipment?" He complimented us, I just scratched the back of my neck happily, whist Rain blushed at being called 'Lovely' most likely, hey, he wasn't wrong. "Now then, ATTENTION!"

At his booming voice, all other parties soon looked up from their conversations, all now facing Klaw, and his men, before he cleared his throat, keeping a strong gaze upon all of us, at this, I stood back with Rain to give him some space. This guy already has my respects for just having a British accent, hell, even the game gave him music! Where was my own score?

"Now, as you all were informed, our group leaders all possess a key that will grant us access to the very first Raid Lair of the game, all parties without a key bearer cannot enter this Raid Lair, due to a source from outside the game detailing both how this Raid Lair works, and how to beat it, so please, pay close attention!" He began, already confirming my thoughts on the keys

"I will start with the name, this is the Raid Lair known as, The Vault of Forestation, it is a massive, forest maze with limits to how high you can fly, and there are three paths into the maze, all of which with a switch of some-kind at the end, once the mini-boss guarding the key is defeated, all paths with intercept at the Boss Lair, of course, traps, mobs, and misdirecting paths are around every turn, so this is no mere maze." Ok, Death Maze, got it

"Once we reach the boss room, all parties will plan their strategies to taking the Boss down. So far, only two pieces of information have been given about the Boss. One, the name of the Boss is, [Twisted Angulation], and that its room is separated into platforms surrounding the Boss. That is all the current information we have, any questions!?" At the end of the briefing, everyone seemed to nod in understand, or stayed silent for the respective reasons. Then the music ceased playing....

"Right, now then, we will-"

"Hold It!" What is this, Phoenix Wright?

At the voice, all heads turned to the unicorn clad in basic leather armour, but it had a strange sheen to it that even I couldn't place, a buckler on his right hoof, and a black longsword on his left hip. His coat was a navy blue, and his hair short and black, even matching his scruffy beard, where a scar ran across his left cheek, and with pissed golden eyes, more importantly, in my direction. Oh [BEEP] its one of these [BEEP]s. I....might need to cut back on my swearing sometimes....

"Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I have a hard time feeling confident this Raid will go smoothly with a party of 'TWO', and ones not even level 15 yet, a 9 and 10? They might as well be clouds!" He ranted, as I saw Rain grind her teeth in anger, whist I kept a neutral frown on my face

"I believe they wouldn't have come without first knowing of the dangers of a raid, otherwise, they would have passed the key to someone else." Klaw defended us sternly, but wait, I could have 'gave' this to someone? Since when? Questions for later

"Only because they're too greedy! Come on, they have rare gear, a key to the raid, and are low levels-" Is he....? "They either ripped someone off, or they plain cheated, without any real dedication to the game!" Woah, it must be my birthday! Some players were beginning to mutter to themselves, but none spoke up at the commotion, even Klaw stayed silent. "Hate to be the one to say it, but I can't be confident in a raid with a bunch of weak-level players on my side."

"Hey, we earned this stuff through near-death experiences, sorry if you happen to live off of scraps!" Rain finally snapped, causing a handful to stifle their laughs, as I swore a gear sprung from the idiot's head, even I held back my own laughter, but then the stallion walked up to us, more importantly, towards Rain, that....struck something

"What did you say, you stupid little-"

"I'd suggest you stand back, asshole, before I go from green to red in a flash." I warned dangerously, since the game had a Player Killing system, so if I attack an innocent, I get yellow, if I kill an innocent, I got red, simple, and a pain in the ass if caught and thrown in jail. But now Parting Glass was aimed at his neck, my eyes glowing with malice, whist I smiled. "Back off."

"Y-You wouldn't try it, i'm green after all?" Was that gonna be his fallback? That's weak, but I had an idea. So I stepped forward, keeping my body in front of Rain, as I burrowed my eyes into his

"I don't care if I become red for a few hours, or even days, but the moment you dare to threaten my teammate, my friend, you could run....to the ends of this earth, but I'll find you, and I won't kill you...." I trailed off, seeing his eyes begin to waver. "I'll violently kill you...."

"I-u-uh...." The player soon backed off, muttering curses under his breath, whist some looked on in satisfaction at the man's departure, I turned back to look at Rain, who was staring back at me with an expression of....well I don't know what it was, but she soon smiled warmly at me

"T-Thank you, White." At her gratefulness, I felt heat rise to my face, as I cleared my throat, smirking

"Not a problem, but now embarrassment has caught up to me." I chuckled, then I saw Klaw looking at me curiously, before he nodded, and then spoke up

"Now then, we'll all meet up here tomorrow at 4 in the afternoon, that should give everyone enough time to prepare or do any errands IRL, is that fine?" He asked out loud, and everyone, including me, nodded, and he smiled. "Well then, we still have a few hours, how's about we celebrate finding this Raid Lair, and the first to be discovered in the game?"



The inn of Ponyville was not the most expensive or glamorous one, but that's what makes it everyone's favorite to dine at. It was like a motel, with an open-air courtyard through an arch, with a bar at the back when you enter, tables, and overhangs to sit on, or underneath they were booths. Above, past a set of stairs to the back left, and right were the inn rooms. They were spacious, comfy, and provided players with a small kitchen, bed, and even some has bathrooms. Then came the lighting at night, candles in lanterns on the pillars, whist on strings under multicolored lights, stringing across the empty space above.

The Dicey Destiny's Inn was homey, and full of entertainment both in-game, and player played, alongside the grand atmosphere at night, it was like a guild, warm, inviting, and funny as hell. Among the teams for tomorrow's raid, me and Rain sat at our own booth, with my friend, slash, info broker, Seraph, who was willing to aid us in the raid, being a level 11 support class unicorn.

"-And when we came back, filled with credits, and happy, his best friend goes and spends over two 'MILLION' credits on a bunch of random [BEEP], and from that day, he was known as, The Lord of Debt!" Seraph laughed, as I slammed my hoof on the table in a fit of laughter, along with Rain. "B-b-but he also had the most f-fabulous Liset e-ever~!"

"It looked like the forth of July!" I cried out in pain, trying to breathe, all the while Rain wiped a tear from her eye

"So, I guess its us for the raid, no others you can recommend?" I chuckled, changing the subject while taking a sip my cola's sweet, bubbly taste, then I saw Seraph hummed in thought, messing with the straw in her mouth

"....Nope, not any that are worth a cent, ain't got no one at our levels, in terms of experience and all that." Seraph shrugged sadly, before she grinned evilly, wrapping a hoof around Rain's neck. "Its just two girls, all needin' a man to keep us safe!"

"Hardly, Rain here's saved my ass plenty of times, she's really good at close-combat boxing." I mentioned, noting her mixed-martial-arts fighting style, then she nodded with a small blush of embarrassment

"I...well I take classes IRL, boxing is one of the multi-purpose lessons my trainer taught us. Even Systema." Rain shyly explained, making me, and Seraph gape in surprise at her talents, how someone like her who has never played an MMORPG with talent like that I will never know. "I-its just for self-defence, nothing crazy!"

"Aye, you keep him in line...." Seraph grinned, pointing a hoof at me, so I responded with a pillow to her face, but she still commented from under it. "Worth it."

"Yeah-yeah....Wasp." I grumbled her nickname, before I felt someone standing to my right, so I turned an eye, and saw Klaw, a drink between his...claws, yeah I'm starting to see the joke here. Deciding to distract myself from the pain-in-my-ass, I waved. "Sup?"

"I can see you have an interesting selection of friends, quite rowdy." He mused, as Seraph kept poking Rain's bat-wings, making her twitch at the possible sensitivity of them, even to the point that she whacked Seraph with said wing. "Besides that, mind if I had a moment to chat?"

"Sure, Rain, Seraph, play nice." I grinned, moving out the booth to avoid the pillow, as I followed Klaw to a corner of the Inn, as we sat by a dimly-lit space by the bar. Placing our near-empty drinks on the table. "So, what might you need from me?"

"Well, from how I've seen you react earlier at the Raid Lair, how you seemed to analyze the threat system, and even the player, Bombard-"

"Oh my god, that's his name? Sounds like a Grineer I slaughtered countless times." I groaned at the horrid name choice, then I cleared my throat. "Continue."

"You know more of this system than anyone else, almost like an admin..." Was he trying to call me out as a developer? I shook my head for his insinuation, but I do appreciate the compliment of being as near perfect as the ones who made Control Core Gamma

"Na mate, just a 'White Hat' in a world of the Digiverse, but, I do know alot of how this game works, just so happens I'm used to idiots like him in other games, that, and I have aaaaalot of time on my hands or hooves in this case." I replied evenly, but his gaze then turned to one of concern, at first, I thought I annoyed him, but now....I have the feeling it was something far more grim. "This...isn't why you called me to speak alone, is it?"

"Tell me, have you been seeing any....random glitches in the game for the past two weeks? Like bugs, harder enemies, painful injuries, anything like that?" He....did he also experience them too? Even the pain inhibitor was weird, usually it was set to a stinging sensation, but now I....well it felt painful. I placed my hoof on the table, my expression turning darker as I leaned a little to avoid yelling it

"Yeah....when me, Rain, and Pinkie went to reclaim our magic, the boss was level 5, whist we were level 2, 3, and 8, and the boss also had three phases, 'WITH' sword skills." I explained, remembering the wild, and fast attacks with each phase, how we came close to losing if not for figuring out the weakness. "Even today, when I was hit by a magic blast, it burned, like, burned me."

"Hmm, it seems your claims match both mine, and other players too, do you believe it to be a glitch or early release bug?" If I knew, I'd be reporting it, but....I only shrugged, shaking my head in cluelessness. Klaw lent back at that. "I see...."

"Hey, if it continues the reports will fly in, but right now we have a Raid to beat tomorrow, so lets keep the spirits high, eh?" I smiled, tapping the bar as the bartender moved to serve me, my thoughts placing that grim news aside for now, with Klaw taking a moment to respond. "Coke, ice, along with one of those umbrellas, please, thank you."

"You are certainly a wildcard, White." Klaw chuckled, but he ultimately joined me at the bar stools, placing his empty drink on the stand. "Another when you can sir." He also placed a few bits on the counter with a smile. "This one's on me." Now I liked this guy, even tapping my hooves on the table happily

"Hehe, then I guess when we win, I'll owe you a drink." At the arrival of our drinks, we lifted them high, and tapped the glasses. "To ends of the earth."

"To this grand game." He toasted, before he drunk the night in Equestria away, as the music grew louder

If only.....if I knew what all this meant.

I could've stopped this.

Stopped us from going to that bloody raid!

If only I knew about what came next....

To Be Continued....


Purplrain - lvl 9 [Stealth class]
(You) White Hat - lvl 10 [Offensive class]
Seraph - lvl 11 [Support class]

Current Level: 10
Magic: Sky/Wind
Items: N/A

New Attribute Added:

-Eyes of Fire-
During conversations your intimidation jumps an extra 50% if talking to a higher level player or A.I (If your willing to mess with my friends, than first get past me!)

Author's Note:

More characters, and now the big raid! But it seems that White isn't the only player to notice the bugs, but why? Guess you'll have to wait to know! Hope you enjoyed, seeya in the next chapter!

Next Chapter: Raid - [The Vault of Forestation]

Authors Notes: Since this was shorter than the rest, here's an early chapter! Part one of the Raid will still be out this Sunday.