• Published 12th Aug 2018
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MLP: Actualization Online - Silent Slender

The world of MLP: Actualization Online has begun, with two brothers making a bet to change the world in their own way. However, they won't be the only ones who wish to change the digital world, as all players come to see, there is no way to logout.

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Extras - [Achievements]

Oh? I was about to log out, but I realized something. What were the achievements in this game? I know of some, others being obvious, but I guess a few minutes of curiosity wouldn't hurt my sleep patterns. So, I pressed stats, then I looked at the bottom right of my HUD, and I saw the small emblem for Achievements. Then, I pressed it.

[Rookie No More] - Achieve level 2
[First Step Taken] - You made it to your nearest town/city
[Awaken The Light] - You have obtained your magic power
[So It Begins] - Slay 10 Beasts
[Protector] - Slay 1000 Beasts
[Death Incarnate] - Slay 100000 Beasts
[If A God Can Do It] - Defeat a mini boss
[No One Cheats Death] - Death finally claims you
[Not All About Looks] - Buy and equip your first piece of armour
[Fashion 'Is' End Game] - Equip an accessory or vanity item
[Magic] - You Talked with Twilight and completed a quest for her
[Loyalty] -You Talked with Rainbow Dash and completed a quest for her
[Laughter] - You Talked with Pinkie and completed a quest for her
[Honesty] - You Talked with Applejack and completed a quest for her
[Generosity] - You Talked with Rarity and completed a quest for her
[Kindness] - You Talked with Fluttershy and completed a quest for her
[Our Growing Friendship] - Become friends with the Mane 6
[My Main Brother] - You noticed and became friends with Spike
[Best Consumer] - You spent 1000 bits
[Favorite Customer] - You spent 10000 bits
[Long-Term Investor] - You spent 100000 bits
[What The F#@#!?!] - You Survived one of Pinkie Pie's mental breakdowns, how? I do not know
[Not Alone In This World] - You have made a team of 4 with other players
[Reality or Not] - You became friends with another player
[Lost But Not Forgotten] - You discovered ancient ruins
[The Next Daring Doo] - Discovered all ruins in Equestria
[Darkest Before The Dawn] - Defeat Nightmare Moon
[Shining Light] - Arrive at the Crystal Empire
[You're Touch'n Da Child!] - Touch the Crystal Heart
[No Touch'n Da Child!] - You touched the Crystal Heart 10 more times
[Hail To The New King] - Defeat King Sombra
[True Rulers] - Became friends with Prince Armour and Princess Cadence
[Heartless Bastard] - Insult Derpy
[You My Friend, Have [BEEP]ed Up.] -Insult Discord
[???!???!] - You were sent to Discord's Pocket Dimension
[I Know You] - Dispel Discord's magic from an ally
[Taste The Rainbow] - Defeat Discord
[Fools Gold] - Find 'Tom'
[City of the Sky] - Travel to Cloudsdale
[Golden Kingdom] - Travel to Canternlot
[Where It All Began] - Travel to Ponyville
[Rock and a Hard Place] - Travel to the Griffon Kingdom
[What Happens in Vegas....] - Travel to Los Pegasus
[...Stays in Vegas] - Gamble in Los Pegasus and win, and lose
[Mary Sue] - You found the LEGENDARY seventh element of harmony
[I Hate Cliches] - You shattered the seventh element of harmony, you did us all a favor
[A Helping Hoof] - Heal an ally
[Medical License] - Heal allies 10 times
[Trinity] - Heal allies 1000 times
[The New Beater] - Wield two swords
[Starburst Stream] - Manage to use a 16-hit combo with dual blades
[Be Whatever You Want To Be] - Use every weapon type
[Oh Great, you two] - Meet Princess Celestia and Luna, but lets be honest, we only like Luna
[Its sooooo boring....make it stop~!] - Listen to Blueblood speak, without throwing yourself off the cliff
[HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!] - Tell Blueblood how you 'really' feel
[A Royal Pain] - Defeat Blueblood, honestly, a level 1 could do it

[Moral Men of Power] - Defeat all Royalty Figures
[Well....this is fun] - Travel to Tartarus
[Satan's Hold] - Defeat Tirek
[Super Sayian] - Gain your first ultimate ability
[Writer and Adventurer] - You met Daring Doo
[One For The Books] - You helped Daring Doo on her adventure
[Shadow Reins Supreme] - Fight the The Pony of Shadows
[Misguided] - Reform a villain
[No Place For A Hero] - Become the bad guy
[Nightmare] - Encounter 'it' from another world
[Embrace] - Become one with 'it'
[Reject] - Refuse 'it'
[Friendship is Eternal] - You were saved from 'it's' grasp
[More Than Numbers] - Enter a relationship
[Nightfall] - You went on a date
[Hollow Night] - Discover Nightmare Moon's Cult
[Praise The Su-Wrong Praise] - Join the Hollow Night Cult
[Whoops] -Take Down the Hollow Night Cult
[Biggest Fan, Appreciate It!] - You met Nightmare Moon
[Double Digits] - Reach level 10
[Cry Out For Pride] - Reach level 25
[Your Journey Has Truly Begun] - Reach level 50
[Towards The Light] - Join the Royal Guard
[Embrace The Night] - Join the Night Guard
[Stop: Rewind] - Your greatest foe awaits you
[You WILL Die Painfully] - Defeat an Invincible
[I Can See My House From Here] - Be banished to the moon
[A Taste of the Coming Storm] - Battle the Ring Bearer

Special Achievements

[MWY NYAM CWOTA!] - Find the Black Hammer
[Red Like Roses] - Meet the mare with a massive scythe
[Do Better] - Aid the mare with cybernetics
[Jeepers Creepers] - Its BIG, SCARY, and GREEN
[Light The Embers] - Alight the sword
[Bad Luck Charm] - Find and defeat the masked stallion
[Master of Gun and Blade] - Encounter the stallion from the stars
[You Are Never Alone] - Find the purple blade under a massive tree
[I'll Always Remember You] - The legend of a three-legged wolf

Hidden Achievements

[The Grinder] - ????
[Legendary] - ????
[Fallen Kingdom] - ????
[Jack The Ripper] - ????
[Checkmate] - ????
[Get On My Level] - ????
[Red Death] - ???

"Jesus, ninety five achievements? Here I thought Borderlands was much....this is....woah, and its still updating to the current, and future updates?" I was rather baffled by the unmarked 'Hidden Achievements', but that was my favorite part, it meant exploration, which I was gunning for. "Right then, time to find me some Easter eggs."

Author's Note:

I may plan to add more like the story suggests, if anyone has any suggestions for either achievements, hidden ones, or even Easter Eggs, let me know! Anywho, hope you enjoyed and seeya in the next chapter!