• Published 12th Aug 2018
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MLP: Actualization Online - Silent Slender

The world of MLP: Actualization Online has begun, with two brothers making a bet to change the world in their own way. However, they won't be the only ones who wish to change the digital world, as all players come to see, there is no way to logout.

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Instillation Complete - [Bets We Make]

"Reality Scale. Activate!"

[Loading Personal Data]

[Augmented Systems: Ready]

[Username: White Hat]
[Password: ********]

---~My Little Pony: Actualization Online!~---

It took only seconds, but reality as I could visually perceive soon faded away at the bright lights, and automated logs of code, and diagnostics. Funny how such complex commands were created to only act in seconds, against a command that would take weeks to perform, but I ain't no expert in this field, I just say what I see, and what I see is a whole new horizon, for better or for worse, well, I guess we'll see....

MLP: Actualization Online, a fully realized world of Equestria, an MMORPG where you can be whoever you desire, what you do will ultimately change the story, and characters along the way, albeit, to keep things clean, and simple, the automated CPU Control Core Gamma runs everything, from simple items, to complex events, to put it simply. There is no end that can be clearly reached through knowledge of the series.

Me, along with someone else in mind, had an idea, it was stupid, but that's what we wanted, an adventure to truly push the system to its limit, and whoever wins the bet, will rule this digital grain of existence, for better or for worse. So, before I felt reality begin to form around the black void of reality, I felt my mind race back to the central plaza, where it all began.

The Central Plaza, this was the mainframe to creating your character, and where you wished to begin your adventure, since most of the system was run by Control Core Gamma, this was more humane. It was a large, hexagonal room, with terminals to creating your characters, whist observation screens allowed news headlines, and update notes to scroll. Whist poles with adverts, sponsors, and even DLC hung like banners. Overall, the blue, black, and white flowing walls were nice, it was almost like drifting in a sea of code.

"Asshole, over here!" At the insult, my head spun to face my brother, who awaited by a terminal for my arrival. He was taller than me, and far more intimidating since he looked like he'd kill a man, then blame it on someone else, and get away with it in-front of people

He was blonde, not stupid though, surprisingly combed too, whist his eyes were blue. Unlike my older pain-in-the-arse, my hair was dark brown, messy too, whist my hazel eyes peered through my sky-blue glasses, he had some too, they were a darker blue. I liked red better though, whist he liked purple. We were similar, but are personalities drew the line, thick.

"You know, as some advice, maybe don't insult people before you ask them to join your cause, you might do a little better at your job?" I suggested bluntly, before he shrugged, smiling at the thought, what? Did my reasoning get through to him....? No, not in a million years. "What are you planning?"

"Better question, what are 'we' planning? I have an awesome idea, which may or may not be fun." He declared, making me roll my eyes, before I silently motioned for him to continue. "A bet, simple, but fun."

"And this bet entails, what?" I asked, finding this to be far more interesting than before

"The plan is simple, I will do everything in my power to dominate this pony world, and since you have the tendency to help people, you can try and stop me, whoever wins,....well we'll think about it if the situation arises." He waved off, but then my smile appeared, my mind already agreeing to the idea

"Oh, I see, take advantage of the system's 'choice' program, and make our own adventure from the choices we make on the world, like if I aided the elements of harmony, against, I don't know....Discord, or Sombra?" I answered, making him nod, before he held a hand out to me


"Deal! Also, I'll be taking the pegasus class, since I rather not be a Gary Sue when saving the world from your anarchy." I defended my claim, as he looked lost in thought, before pointing to the screen again

"Magic." He simply put it, no surprise, he'd probably mind-control the Empire or dragons, since even with charisma, he's still be crap at persuading anyone, taking are appropriate stands, we began to digitize are own characters


Unicorn- Supporters
Brilliant minds that can conjure spells, and break the laws of nature with a thought. Not the toughest class, but their minds are sharper than any blade, never underestimate the power of the mind.

Pegasus- Attackers
With gravity being a myth to their flight, Pegasi are masters of the air, with speeds that can rival a dragon, and strength backed up by their velocity, though they aren't the brightest. Blink once however, and you may just miss them.

Earth Pony- Defenders
Don't underestimate their lack of magic or flight, these durable equines will crush those who may even rival their size, and their connection to Gaia makes their natural healing more effective. When an unstoppable force arrives, they will meet the immovable object.

Dragon- Pyromancers
What does one need to say about dragons? With fire immunity, and fire attributes, these strong willed entities are a force to rival most, just keep away from water. When all is turned to ash, only draconic roars shall ring.

Changeling- Deception
Cunning, and magically gifted, these desert wanderers are far more than just mere bugs, with magic and durability, and the ability to become their enemy, you may never know when one is watching you, bringing paranoia to most. Spread the lies to fuel the fires of war.

Thestrals- Stealth
Prowlers of the night, their stealth is almost unparalleled to most, and their power of flight can be a dangerous addition, with near silent movements, and dark enchantments, they may very well be smoke in the air. When you stare into the shadows, it to will stare back.

Diamond Dogs- Treasure Hunters
Not bright in nature, but superior instincts, and tough claws are enough to dig their way to the top of the board, and their natural affinity to aid their pack, and discover treasures are a true gift to the gods. If you mess with you foe, you'll be thrown to the wolves.

Griffons- Buffers
An apex of their land, these thick-headed myths are proud, and strong-willed, spreading their power to their allies, and aiding the art of battle, though they can be blindsided at times, their raw power is nothing to brush off as 'weak'. The moment you give in, they will continue to stand above all.

While the bat-ponies have stealth, I do wish to fly, its something one doesn't get to experience often, and I always wanted to feel that freedom, that cool air against my face as I fall from the clouds, besides, DPS is my play-style, and they have the speed I need. Without hesitation, I selected 'Pegasus'.

[Copy IRL Profile?]
[Create New Persona?]

To not seem too edgy or similar to the rest of the players. I went for skin-tone coat, with my usually messy hair, along with the tail, my mane was black with crimson tone thrown in, whist I kept my eyes the same hazel colour, they even kept my glasses, so that's cool, I did like them after all these years of wearing them, so giving them up would seem wrong. My cutie mark-ugh, never saying that again, was a light-blue blade, with a ribbon tied to the handle, now that brings back memories.

Funny, it feels like my equine form was more feminine, I mean, its still a guy, that's obvious, but....meh, must be like Skyrim with 'ULTRA' specific settings. When I went to accept my characters, another screen appeared before me, labeling attributes, I guess I got to chose my first one, neat!


-Human Intuition- Bartering is 50% cheaper due to your preexisting knowledge of this world (Cheat codes)

-Iron Soul- Your willpower is impressive, +2 strength in combat against stronger enemies, whist boosting moral to your team (Friendship can really move mountains)

-Smooth Criminal- Your words are sweet, and your personality is charming, better relationships with the opposite sex, also better chance at persuading those of the opposite sex too (You are the bane of most men)

-Nevermore- You are without a doubt a sneaky pony, a better chance at not being seen when night falls (Go Ninja Go!)

"I like me some stealth, but if my grinding days in Destiny, and Borderlands taught me anything, it was endurance." I pridefully remarked, before I clicked 'Iron Soul', nothing like a good offence, makes it easier to take down tougher enemies for loot. "Ok....now I just have to confirm."

[Confirm Character?]

When I readjusted my eyes to the light, I felt the weightlessness of my body in the sky, as I stared in awe of the new world of Equestria, the sun rising to bask me I a new-found warmth, alongside the clear blue skies around me. I could even see Canternlot if I focused hard enough, the golden spires gleaming across the horizon. I was actually pretty excited for this, well....almost, I realized something rather important as of the last few seconds.

"WHY AM I FALLING~!?!" I screamed at my sudden notice of no ground but white, and the occasional peak of green underneath the seams, my mind was now racing at the sight of my spawn being off the ground, as I flew beneath the clouds, and towards the forest beneath my hooves. "Ok....ok its fine, just calm down, and use your wings, Cayde."

I tried to mentally prepare myself for what could be the most horrific, nightmare inducing death of my life. I could feel the limbs on my back over the cold air swooping past me, and without really knowing how to operate limbs ive never had before, I just fanned them out to glide or slow my descent, surprisingly, I was beginning to glide, it was rough, but I was still gliding towards the ground.

"T-Thank god....I swear, CCG needs to work on spawn points...." I sighed, as I tumbled into the dirt, rolling onto my back upon my rough landing, as I felt my heart threaten to rip itself from my chest, it was both amazing, and scary, and I couldn't help but laugh. "I-I-I was about to d-d-ie!"

After my long-awaited chuckle, I saw the status bar to the bottom left of my vision, along with an 'Magic power', and 'Stamina' bar. An EXP bar stretched across the middle, with what looked to be item slots to my right, only two though. Other than that, my health was low, but I imagined it be lower, but that would be because of what me, and my brother did.

We're hackers, not illegal ones, more like, 'lets make this solo game more stupidly awesome', kind-of hackers. Now, we're not idiots, we knew this Control Core Gamma would pick us out within the millisecond of us implementing anything, but we found a loop-hole to that. You see, it supports augmentations to the game, that's for people with reading problems, or philological issues, that being said, we merely created a buff that would give our health a slight increase upon new levels, before we added it to a blank augment USB, and bish-bash-bosh, we have a slight advantage over everyone else.

"So, where am I?" I pondered aloud to the forest around me

[Silver Grove]

"Oh? That's....well I guess i'll check my quests." I muttered, opening the menu with a swipe of my left hoof, as I sat on the ground, not wanting to try and walk just yet. If I learned anything from MMOs, it was to get your bearings first, then wander aimlessly

[Party Status]

Pegasus Pony
Level - 01
Health: 150
Magic: N/A
Stamina: 100
Strength - 6
Endurance - 6
Intelligence - 4
Perception - 5
Charisma - 6
Agility - 8
Magic - 3
Luck - 2

"Ok....? That's actually alot fairer than I thought." My first thought was that my stats would be horrid for all categories, but surprisingly they seemed fair, but I'm not complaining, just observing the current mechanics. Now then, onto 'Quests'

Bringing the Quest log up, I saw that two were currently awaiting completion.

-The First Step-
You have arrived in Equestria though your own means, try to find the nearest town to your location.
[ ] Locate Ponyville

-Hardly a Noob-
If you wish, you could track down a beast of this forest and slay it, it might get you familiar with the world's dangers
[ ] Slay a Silverwolf
Optional [ ] Slay 3 Silverwolves

"I see, so I both have an optional quest, and a main quest of random choice, that makes things a little easier, but I doubt a 'Silverwolf' is just for show, must be this forest's variant of a Timberwolf." I assumed the obvious, since I was surrounded by trees with a more....shiny texture to the leaves, I guess it must have been the reason for the name

Taking this as my time to move, since the sun was directly above me, I sad a certain amount of time before dusk would strike, and I don't know what time is like here, so I'd rather not die in the dark. To my expectation, I was able to stand, and walk on my legs, I guess it must be like walking on hands, and knees, this was fun, it was a new experience, so I wasn't complaining.

"Hey! You down there!?" Huh? At the yell, I twisted my head lazily to my left, and my eyes nearly widened in fear at the barreling, grey body, which was hurdling towards me. "Look oooooout~!"

"Oh, son of a [BEEP]." I groaned, as my chest shattered at the contact with the projectile, sending me, and some other pony flying into the woods, as we grunted, and groaned in pain at the collision, before I felt my spine shatter at the connection made with a tree, striking a few points off my health bar, dropping it to 100, much to my pain, and....was the game mocking me with music?

At first, my vision was still adapting to the sudden attack from the blue, as I felt the brief pain fade from my back, reality settings suck, but are worthy of praise later. Now, I looked up to view the pony that had crashed into my newly made form, as I saw their head shake from the impact. That's when I saw the name above their head.


It was another player? I then noticed the leathery wings draped at 'her' sides, as her ears flicked in the breeze. Her mane was, much like her user, purple, and only reaching to her shoulders, her predator-like eyes were a nice shade of blue, more like azure, her own cutie mark was that of a crescent moon with a star inside the curve. Then she frowned, blinking at the whiplash from the impact.

"Who makes a spawn point in the air? That's dumb....." She complained, much like my earlier statement, and funny enough, she hadn't noticed me, but I sure did notice the mare crushing my stomach, as my embarrassment rose to my face, it may be a digital world, but she's still a girl, and I am an introvert by nature

"Yeah....now, do you mind not crushing my HP to death?" I wheezed, making her look down slightly, before her eyes widened, as she lost her balance, falling off my stomach, and allowing me to sigh in relief. "Thanks...."

"Sorry about that, I didn't mean to crash into you, this game has some weird choices of spawning you?" Purplrain apologized, as I held a hoof up, before I rolled my eyes humorously

"You're not the only one to experience near-death by a game mechanic, since I've only just got here." I related, making her mood change from concerned to interested quickly, as if the incident never occurred

"Wait, you're new too?" I nodded at her question, making her face brighten up as she fist-pumped. "Yes, I'm not alone in this place! I honestly have never seen this place before?"

"I must be an added feature, just to add exploration and such." I explained, making her nod, before I pointed south, towards my way-point. "I was actually about to head for Ponyville, since its nearby, I also have an optional quest to take down some 'Silverwolves' beforehand."

"Hey, not to sound too....well, too needy, but you think I can tag along? I don't really understand much about combat in this game, nor do I have any sort-of experience with games like this." Purplrain shyly stated, looking away. "Would you be able to help me...umm...."

"Names, White Hat, its above my head, but....eh, sure, two players are better than one, so why not?" I answered, before she smiled with glee, moving to stand in front of me, bowing her head, man, she was certainly nice, usually a girl would insult me by now, guess I do have more luck than I once thought

"Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!"

"Chill, we need to 'get' to town first, I may know my way around games like this, but if night come faster than normal we'll have problems." I declared, before I opened my menu again, clicking on 'Party Status'. In there, I could see the tab labeled 'Invite Purplrain to party', and even 'Send Friend Request'. But I ultimately sent her an invite

"Huh? An invite?" She paused, before she pulled her menu open, before I saw the small name, bar, and health appear atop my left-hand side, the symbol looked like an eye, which I guess makes sense, since she's a stealth class. "Awesome, thanks!"

"Not a problem, but first, do you have any quests available?" I asked, making her pull out of her blurry menu, since privacy is key to any game, and then she hummed in concern, her confusion seeming to rise

"No, only to find a way to Ponyville, is that bad?" She asked for my advice, and I concluded my earlier thought

"You, and I have random quests, sure, the main one is the same, but I have an optional side quest like I said before, so it must be a random selection, although, the quest only gives XP and bits, nothing crazy." I elaborated, making her nod, though she looked a little cheated out of a quest, but I decided not to press the concern. "Anyways, did you notice something off about your menu?"

"Umm, not really, I mean, I have a logout button, so no SAO bull[BEEP], oh, and that annoying censor, but other than that, I can't tell." Purplrain answered, before she noted my bemused expression, her own eyes lighting up at the realization. "Where's the skills bar? Like in the screenshots!?"

"Exactly, above all the stuff I know, this is the one thing I noticed a while ago, where is the ability to unlock skills? Usually they would tell you how in the tutorial, or even in guides, yet, there wasn't, like there purposefully leaving it blank." I added, making us ponder more, it was strange, yet not unfair, some games have a quest you go on as a teaser towards your power, to make you adapt to your other abilities beforehand, but atleast they'd tell you in a quest or lore step

"Maybe....that's the Ponyville quest?" At Purplrain's answer, my head shot up, blinking in surprise at her deduction, as she sat with a hoof on her chin, eyes squinted in thought. "Every player must start near a town, gaining a better understanding of the world, then when they arrive, maybe you talk to an NPC about it, and they might give you the quest....maybe that's the answer?"

At first, I couldn't respond, since I was under the impression she was new to MMORPGs, but she...actually had a solid point, yeah, it made sense, the main quest isn't just a main quest, its a step of said quest for the ability to use magic! I actually chuckled a little at that, finding my own knowledge to be null and void at the present moment.

"Now I get it, both our quests are 'The First Step', the first step in finding the ability to use magic! That's brilliant!" I praised her with a smile, making Purplrain beam with glee. "Sorry, I just thought it was funny that a new player to RPGs discovered the truth before me, props to you, Purpl, props to you."

"Hehehe, I 'did' do some research beforehand, Mr. Hat." Purplrain smugly replied, before she noticed that her wings touched her sides in a prideful stance, unlike her hooves, which remained on the grass. "Woah....that's cool."

"Huh, what is?" I asked her, noting what her wings were doing, whist I flapped my own, feeling every muscle twitch in rhythm with each other, just like they were a part of me all my life. "Its crazy....just how real it is."

"Its funny, I thought that I was gonna suck at this game, trying to walk on all fours, using spells, even flying, which I still need to work on my landings....sorry again." She nervously chuckled at my smirk. "But....I didn't struggle, for the last ten minutes, talking with you, I....I felt so alive here, like I could always do this, like all of this is second nature, its strange how much I thought I would fail, only to....well not."

"I get it, I may be a wiz with games like this, but none had the drive or feeling of this, the ability to fly with bones you never had, to feel the pressure of objects against your feet, Virtual Reality is beyond any limitation of Reality, its....boundless." I then flew slightly, gliding over Purplrain, before I stumbled onto my hooves. "Still, I thin flying may take some time to adapt to."

"Yeah, how's about we get to town before we try crashing into people or ponies again?" Purplrain evenly stared at me with equal amusement in her voice, so I shrugged, moving to walk beside her through the dense forest of silver leaves

"I guess having someone of equal experience is a good thing to have, maybe in town I can see if she wants to keep at it for today, since its the weekend, I doubt she'll mind, could use some interaction, and payback for the 25 HP I lost." I thought, not noticing that she had stopped moving. "Huh, you alright, you ain't lagging, right?"

"Uhh, W-White...?" She shakily replied, her eyes now pinpricks, whist she pointed a hoof out before me. Now, I didn't notice it at first, but I did now, the drums kicking off the start of combat, a sound that slowly drew my attention to what was before us. "Those....wouldn't b-be the 'Silverwolves' you're after, right?"

Before us, two wolves stood before us. Their hides we sharp, silver locks of hair, divided into different shades of grey, whist their silver fangs snarled in our direction, with claws just as vicious as their fangs, with green eyes directed at us with hungry intent. They were smaller than Timberwolves, but certainly more toned than skinny.

[Silverwolf - lvl 2]


"Never mind!" Purplrain eeped, moving to stand behind me as I felt a small grin tug on my muzzle, watching as the second wolf circled to face Purplrain, as I felt her shaking body against my side. So, I reached over with a hoof, grabbing her shoulder, just as her head turned to me

I was smiling, my eyes aflame with joy at the sight. This game wasn't Equestria, it was like any other game, and just like an RPG, these guys were just as weak as us, if not weaker for calibrations to be fair on every player.

"Don't worry, we got everything to beat these guys right here." I reassured, before I raised a hoof. "We're human, so we;ll do what we always do when [BEEP] like this comes for us. We'll bite back."

At first, she didn't say anything, and I don't think anything needed to be said, as her shaking ceased, but I knew she was new to this, so combat to this extreme would be scary, but I've defeated many in my wake, a few wolves ain't gonna be the end of that.

"Alright, I'm with you, White." Now I was pumped up, if it was just me, maybe I'd be in a bind, but with two of us, this will be as easy as being level 10

"Alright then, partner, lets tear these Silverwolves a new [BEEP]hole!"

To Be Continued.....


New Player has joined your party
-Purplrain (Therstral class) Level 1

Current Level: 1
Magic: None
Items: None

Author's Note:

In all honesty, me and Lucaridis came up with this idea within 15 minutes, and in the space I managed to make a plan for this awesome series! Anywho, hope you enjoyed this VRMMORPG take on MLP, with a small skirmish and interactions next time, seeya in the next chapter!

Next Chapter: Story - [Silver Lining]