• Published 12th Aug 2018
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MLP: Actualization Online - Silent Slender

The world of MLP: Actualization Online has begun, with two brothers making a bet to change the world in their own way. However, they won't be the only ones who wish to change the digital world, as all players come to see, there is no way to logout.

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Quest - [Awaken The Light]

"Reality Scale. Activate!"

"Huh? I guess i'm here first." I blurted out to myself, as the sun rose over the skies of Ponyville, my gaze drawn to those who have already logged in, or had slept in-game. To be fair, the Jordis Augment, the device similar to SAO's fictional 'Nerve-Gear' has similarities based off the concept, obviously, its still new, but the ability to place your consciousness in a game, whist your body sits motionless is crazy, downside, you still get tired, since your brain is working, and your body IRL still needs food

Deciding not to waste my morning, I had already shared my first day in MLP: AO with my brother, to which he described his day as....fascinating, since his charisma was -5 somehow accurately describing his personality, but that didn't stop him from gaining a reputation where he landed, he never told me where, but that was fine, since we both had little to nothing to cause actual change to our story.

Without any delay, I made my way to a small stall outside the market strip, where I found a good selection of cosmetics, and armour to try on or buy. Last I checked, I had around....130 Bits, not rich, but it could get me a little extra for the quest, since it was in the Everfree Forest.

"Aye me lad! What might ye be lookin' for?" Ha, I like this guy already. Seeing the tan pony with an eye-patch, and a scruffy beard to boot, as he motioned over his wears, which were all cloth-based, and some with small pieces of armour stitched in. "Ye must be new, I offer all first buyers half!"

"Well, I humbly accept." I grinned at my luck, despite it being very low, and I carefully inspected his wears, eyeing the stats of each piece. Then, my eyes caught the rich red colour to my left, as I moved to look at the scarf

It was a simple, rich red scarf, torn for ascetics, and had a small black slash across its colour for a splash effect. And its stats were nice, offering me an increase to my health by 15. Its name was....

[Rogue Flag]
"Make your move, and show your true colours."

+15 Additional Health

"Aye, that be a fine piece, that will be....55 Bits." The Earth Pony offered, as I saw the menu to trade appear, being in a good mood now, I pressed 'Y' and saw my Bits drop to 75 Bits, before I auto-equipped the armour onto my Pony outline, seeing my health begin to tick up, whist another Achievement appeared before me. "Pleasure doing business me lad."

[Achievement Unlocked]
Not All About Looks - Buy and equip your first piece of armour

Now I had a red scarf for my crimson-black mane, neat. Now, its time to go meet Pinkie, and Rain at the outskirts of town, time to gain us back our magic. My only worry about all of this, is just what awaits us at the end of this?

"Hey! Over here!" At the call, I randomly looked to my left, seeing the familiar grey Therstral waving at me with a smile, so I waved back, walking up to stand before her again, then, she eyes glanced down at my neck, noticing my new piece of clothing, before she smirked. "Someone's looking to stand out?"

"Not really, I just really needed something red, and my bloody glasses weren't changeable, but whatever." I shrugged, tugging at the rim of the scarf, its soft fabric almost like cotton but it looked far more durable than that. "So, you ready to finally gain some magic powers?"

"Heck yeah, I want to know what magic I can use, I know its all stealth or shadow magic, but I'm really excited to use whatever." Rain gleefully skipped, as I pondered on my own choice in magic

"Well, the game has skill trees, a lot of them too, but I think they work under five categories." I answered with my own sense of empty thoughts, it was unclear how they measured your skills, since it was most-likely locked by this quest. "The ones I saw in the screenshots for the game were....Magic-"

"No surprise." Rain butted in

"Weaponry. Kinetic-" I paused at her dumbfounded look. "So what we were using yesterday."

"Oh, I know what kinetic is, I just didn't realize it was its own skill-line." Rain reinforced, before she pouted. "I ain't that dense."

"No comment." Not wanting to press my luck on the thin line of fate, I continued. "Last are Utility, so mining, crafting, cooking, usual stuff. Then Aura."

"Ok, now you lost me." Rain admitted, leaving me to also stare off into space, then I shrugged with no honest conclusion to the Skill

"I have no idea what that is, maybe its buffs like Griffons do, but I don't honestly know what Aura is." I concluded my explanation

"Its support magic!"

"GAH-Pinkie, where did you come from!?" I yelled from behind Rain, feeling my heart about to lose a few more lives at her surprise appearance. "Even for an NPC, that was scary."

"Hehehe, I know, but Aura is something I can do! I like use a lot of it since I can only make things I throw explode, silly!" Pinkie explained, as I looked to Rain, gestured for her to continue our plan, whist I recovered from my heart attack

"Pinkie, do you know 'where' exactly the origin of the mist is?" Rain asked calmly, before she nodded, pointing towards the entrance to the Everfree Forest, a mere 200 yards away from us, as I saw the diamond way-point grow, and shrink at the entrance

"Its in the Fortress of Lunar Watch!" Pinkie exclaimed happily, as we both stared at her. Yet, another new location to this world, well, I guess it would be lazy to re-use preexisting locations, so I'll give them points for buffing the lore out more, just meant I could discover more background to Equestria, which was always fun to me. "Onwards, friends!"

"Right....I'll lead the way, Rain, you cover our backs, I don't want to run into whatever new creatures are in here without proper planning, and Pinkie...?" I stopped, seeing her hop towards me with a smile, and I faltered a little. "Keep being you."

"Okey Doki Loki!" She acknowledged in a chipper mood, as we began are journey towards the Everfree Forest, whist a group of players were actually coming out

"Dammit, what the hell was that thing!?" A white stallion snapped

"Well, I guess we need to level up slightly to beat it, hardly worth throwing ourselves to the wolves." A mare shrugged

"That NPC could have warned us, we nearly died back there....how do you dodge that first attack anyways?" Another stallion sighed, rubbing his forehead

Once the group passed us, I noted Pinkie, and Rain's concerned looks, I would be lying if I didn't also feel a slight pang of hesitation hit me, but hey, if its for magic, no one said they'd offer you it on a silver platter. So I turned around, walking backwards as I smiled.

"We got this, as long as we can keep our distance from this creature, we'll win." I nodded without doubt, sure, if it used magic itself that could pose a problem, but I wasn't going to lose to a game this early. I had Rain, and one of the elements with me, that's gotta mean something, right?

"Ok, I haven't doubted your knowledge of this stuff yet, and I won't now." Rain agreed, making me feel a little chipper, whist Pinkie hopped beside me

"I can be super useful too, I'll beat the mean creatures into the dirt!" Pinkie cheered, making us laugh at her antics. In only a short time, I was really getting into this game

[Everfree Forest]

The clear sky above us was soon fractured, overshadowed by the dark trees above us, whist thorny, crooked, black vines snaked across the bark of trees, as sounds of distant animals, and the cries of unknown entities rattled the air. Even this dark mist Pinkie had spoke of made the air taste acrid, almost horrid, it even smelt like dew was in the air.

"Say, Pinkie, what caused this sudden mist to appear anyways?" Rain asked curiously, whist I kept following my marker towards the path before us, as we were diverted onto a more worn, and broken cobblestone path leading somewhere. "Or was it always like this?"

"Well....Twilight told me, and the girls that the mist might have been because of Nightmare Moon's return, her icky, evil essence corrupting everything, or....*gulp*....the Watcher." At the name, even I felt my fur stand on end, it wasn't a bold name, but the simplicity of it gave it a far more foreboding atmosphere

"I'm....beginning to have doubts about this quest...." I gulped myself, my eyes snapping at every close sound. Watcher meant he might be watching us, maybe that's why those player before struggled, because it watched them, analyzed them before the fight....wait....did that mean....

"The Watcher is an old pony's tale, about the last guard who was so loyal to Nightmare Moon, that even after she was banished, he remained at Lunar Watch to this day....he's big....really scary black armour....and the mist is his magic, leaking from him." Pinkie wasn't one to be afraid in the face of danger, but this legend had her spooked, to the point that I had to add my concern

"Has anyone else noticed something off?" I asked, changing the subject, just as we walked under a broken arch, as I hopped over a stone before me. When they shook their heads, we paused, and our footsteps went silent, everything was silent. "There's nothing."

"We haven't even seen an enemy....you don't think....?" Rain saw my stern gaze, as it drifted to the mist before us, and that's when our vision came into view of the massive shadow, its lingering ghost crooked under the blue sky that contrasted it so

[Fortress of Lunar Watch]

The old fortress grounds were completely barren, only loose slabs, and mossy walls remained of the chapel-like structure. The walls of the fortress were broken, but far too high to climb, whist a stained glass window was cracked above the massive, mahogany doors, both slightly creaked open, whist the mist leaked from the entrance. The Gothic structure was both a marvel of graphics, and a daunting sight to us all.

"The boss is begin those doors....only makes sense for it to be that way." I concluded, turning to the mares with a reassuring smile. "You ready to truly test this world's limits?"

At first, Rain wasn't sure, it was written on her face like any new player to RPGs, but from what Ive seen, she had the strength to pull through on her own, sure, she wasn't the greatest, but she sure knew what to do if the situation were to arise, and with Pinkie helping us out, her magical abilities should aid us in this blindsided fight.

"I'm with you, its three on one after all." She looked determined now, so I nodded, turning back to the doors, as I climbed the steps of the crumbling fortress, then, I reached out, placing my hoof on the cold doors before us, then, I applied a small amount of force to the wood, hearing the strain, and groan of the old, withered doors as they swung slowly by us

When we entered the building, all three of us saw a massive entrance hall, an empty space with doors leading to the rest of the fortress, or what remained of it, with six massive pillars to the left and right of the room. Meanwhile, the mist seemed to dissipate at our entry, the wind mostly dragging the mist out with the air.

"Is this it?" Rain was voicing our bafflement, as the only point of interest was the podium at the other-side of the room, looking to be holding something important, I couldn't make out what rested on the stand, since it was far smaller than my eyes could see. "Where's the boss?"

"Maybe it left?" Pinkie suggested, which was a fair assumption, since the A.I here in this world can work autonomously without boundaries, and some can even escape combat, and strike again like a reoccurring villain, which was very formidable feature. "Oooh, do we win!?"

"No....something....doesn't feel right." I mumbled, the mist was completely gone by now

"how do you dodge that first attack anyways?"


"QUICK. DODGE!" I screamed in a panicked state, as I shoved Pinkie away, whist Rain leapt to her right, and I had about a millisecond to avoid myself, as I rolled forwards, sliding slightly on the marble floor in a hurry


When the white dust, and rubble cleared from the air, I stared at the abrasive strike embedded in the floor of the grand hall. The massive, silver blade sliding up from the ground, as the massive, armour-clad knight stood tall again. It was human in posture, with black, twisted European armour, but the silver was now a black, inky colour, with the visor on the helmet being a menacing crimson. Whist small ribbons flowed from the back of its helmet, ending in jagged spikes, as it grasped the greatsword in both hands.

The armour clanked at each movement, before it released a metallic roar from its hidden maw. As two health bars appeared above its head.

[The Watcher - lvl 5]

"White, what do we do!?" I heard Rain yell over its roar, just as it bent its head down to face me directly. I had little time to think, it was large, so avoiding its blade should take priority over its lumbering form, ok, ok that'll work

"Pinkie, you, and me look for a weak point, avoiding its blade. Rain, can you fly?" I asked her, in hope that she could, otherwise we may be in for a far more difficult time

"I, uhh, I don't....yeah, I can." Rain seemed to be in conflict with herself, as she unraveled her leathery wings, flapping them hard to lift her body up off the ground by a few inches. "Can you buy me some time to-"

"Right! You heard her, Pinkie, lets take it down!" I yelled, smiling at the excitement of fighting the boss head-on

Taking the first step, I ran at The Watcher, its sword lifting up to its right shoulder, before it swung in a slow, lumbering arc, as I rolled to my right, the massive blade skimming past my head, and striking the floor again, before I ran up to its foot, before I spun on my front-hooves, before I struck out with two back-kicks, striking the armour with a clank, only for me to back up, seeing its HP drop by only a few ticks.

"Well....I tried kicking it!?" I yelled, running back to avoid another lumbering strike of its blade

"What about....THIS!?" Rain yelled to me, as I saw her steadily flying above us, though she looked a little wonky, trying to stabilize in the roof-space. Then I observed her descent, as she spun clockwise again, before her left hoof struck the back of the head of The Watcher, causing it to stumble once, only for it to pull its head back, as it spun on its heel, swinging its blade around to the left, diagonally. "AHH!"

Rain thankfully avoided the swing, as she spun for a moment in the air, before landing on one of the pillars, sighing with relief. Whist The Watcher turned its head back to me, holding the greatsword to its right shoulder, as it heavy footsteps shook the floor. Then it turned, its massive greatsword beginning to hum a deep crimson as it did, causing me to blurt out.

"Weaponry Skill!" I called, as I spun round clockwise, swinging its blade in my direction, but I glided back, but it didn't stop, as it swung round one last time, blasting me with a burst of hot air, throwing me back across the floor in a heap, as my eye burned from the heat, my health dropping from 220 to 175. "Lots of damage....ow...."

"Pinkie!" My ears heard Rain call out, as I watched the bubbly mare throw a glowing pink jar of sprinkles, before the contents shook in the air, drifting before the helmet's vision, before a burst of colour erupted from the container, showering The Watcher in a pink mushroom cloud, causing it to stumble back, colliding with a nearby wall, giving me enough time to down one of my healing potions

When we looked back, I saw that it had changed targets, moving to attack the observing Rain on her pillar, as she seemed to glide down to face it eye-to-eye, making me stare in curiosity of what the ticked mare was planning. When The Watcher stood strong, its blade glowed a light blue, as it pulled the blade to point forwards, then, it lunged in her direction, thrusting the blade out.

"Checkmate." Rain smugly replied, as I watched her do a back flip in the air, her hooves gliding across the pillar, as the blade struck the stone, nearly shattering the foundation of the support, then she looked at me with a nail-biting stare. "White, its neck, hit its neck!"

"Ooo-oooh! Here!" Pinkie squealed in delight, before I was struck with a strange, blue powder, and before I could vocalize my concern, I watched as a blue aura covered my body, blinking in-and-out of existence, as a small buff appeared by my health, an icon of a leg flexing

Deciding to ask later, I ran for The Watcher's back, as if struggled to wrench the blade from the pillar, whist Rain flew off the crumbling support for her own safety, but I saw her health was chipped slightly. Then I used my wings again to thrust my body up with a double boosted jump, as I hovered above its neck, and now I saw what she meant. Just between its back, and helmet, a large, red gash sat, leaking with that same mist as before.

Grinning, I yelled in fury, striking the torn black skin with a hoof, followed by a left cross, then a right hook, and another, then another left cross. Then I propelled by body into the air with a flip, before I struck my back hooves into its neck, causing it to snap its head back with a metallic groan, falling forwards, whist bringing the pillar down on its back.

"Nice catch, Rain!" I praised, making her smiled with a giggle, before we watched the health drop completely past the first bar, and into the second one, that's when the music changed, which I didn't notice was playing before, must have been to tied to the heart of battle, but now....it was far more foreboding

"Hey, White? What does the music mean~?" I heard Rain call over to me, as I continued to small, nervous chuckle, before Pinkie popped up beside me

"It means Phase Two!" She was far too happy to be saying that, now I see why people were having some bad times with this boss

The Watcher now stood up slowly, grasping the greatsword in its right hand only, before it swiped the blade from out the rubble, throwing rock across the great hall, as it turned to face us again. Before it wasted no time moving for me, and Pinkie, as it brought its blade high into the air.

Me, and her ran to our right, towards the back of the great hall, as the blade was brought down violently, shattering the tiles again, before it swung to our direction, throwing tiles towards us, but they did little to chip our health. Then I turned to Rain, before I swung in her direction, but she quickly flew upside-down, and over the blade's edge, flying over its head. But it wasn't falling for it again, as I saw it ball its left fist up, before it swung around, backhanding her into a nearby wall, making her scream out silently, her health dropping from 150 to 111.

Her body slumped against the wall, as she shook her head, moving to her left, as the blade struck down again, lacerating the wall completely. Taking this opportunity, I ran for a new pillar, standing by it with a smug grin, whist Pinkie did the same to the pillar directly across from me.

"Hey, ugly, come and get me!" I yelled, causing its head to turn in my direction, where I sat on my ass, tapping my hooves together. "Yeah you, metal ass, come on, i'm right here!"

"No-No, here, hit me, hit me~!" Pinkie waved her hoof happily, making it turn its head towards her

"Not her, me, dumbass!"

"Nope, me!"

"I'm waiting!"

It was already sick of us both, so it opted to attack Pinkie, mostly due to her not being able to fly, which was all part of my plan which I think she must have followed with. As it lumbered in her direction, dragging its blade through the floor, Pinkie stood up, happily waving her hooves with a giggle. Then, its blade glowed light blue again. During mid-activation of the skill, it thrusted the blade in her direction with its right arm, only to be blinded by another grenade of sprinkles, blinding its strike.

When the pink cloud cleared, I ran for its back, seeing it trying to pull the blade free of the stone's clutch, its hand against the wall to help with leverage. Then I looked up, seeing Rain fly low, holding her hooves out to me.

"Hold on!" She called out, as I leapt up, grabbing hold of her arms tightly, before she spun my body around twice, before throwing me towards its neck, as I spun, landing my front hooves into its neck with a crack, followed by its head snapping back again in pain, as the second pillar buried it again, its body slowly beginning to grow still from the bombardment of stone, and dust. "We did it!"

"Yay!" Pinkie cheered too, but I wasn't smiling, no, I was grinning like a madman, my eyes ablaze with the shaking in each of my limbs, as I kept my eyes on the rubble atop the previously defeated Watcher. "Even White is smiling!"

"Oh....yes I am. To think, a boss....no, the FIRST boss for us....has THREE PHASES!" I was laughing a little, as the two stopped their early celebration, as their joy quickly turned to worry, then to fear at the moving rocks, the massive, black arm shooting up to grab the wall, before the body hoisted itself out of the pile of weathered stone. "Man...this game."

"Are you kidding me!?" Now Rain sounded like me, as she backed up into the air. "White, what now, because I'm out of ideas?"

"Easy. Pinkie, Rain, don't attack until I give the word, got it?" I ordered, as they looked to one-another with confusion, before they ultimately nodded against their better judgement, moving away as I moved to stand down the center of the Fortress' grand hallway, my back to the pedestal. "Time to test another feature...."


The body of The Watcher soon threw the rubble aside, as I watched its health finally enter the red zone, as it turned its head in my direction, before it grabbed its blade from the ground, turning sharply to face me. The Watcher then leapt into the center of the ring, its armour braking at the knees, and joins to allow it to move with flexibility. Then, it swung around around again, before it threw the greatsword like a boomerang, the blade slicing the air, and light mist with ease.

Biding my time to the last second, I leapt up with my wings, hovering in the air, before I flew to the side of the blade, its form flying past my face, before crashing into the back wall of the great hall, nearly destroying the pedestal, thankfully it didn't. Then I felt time crawl by, as my gaze met the form of The Watcher, it obviously running at me when I was distracted, its left fist coming up from its gut.

That's when I saw the ring of purple closing in on my right hoof, as the circle grew closer to my fur. So I reacted at the last second, striking in real time, and stunning the attack from striking me. Time soon slowed again, as its right fist came round, followed by its recoiling left from the side. The same two purple rings grew smaller, and within the frame that was required, I spun in the air, kicking the right arm back, before I did a barrel roll, kicking down with my left leg, knocking The Watcher to his knee. Then time slowed once more, with several smaller rings around its helmet.

I then dropped from the sky, as I kicked him repetitively in the head, chipping the armour on the fourth strike, before the fifth shattered his helmet's top, and resounding crack rattling the air painfully, as he fell to his knees with a yellow icon next to his name, which looked like a lightning bolt.

"Now, Pinkie, Rain!" I called out, just as I saw Pinkie run up its back, before she struck its exposed neck, causing it to lurch up in pain, exposing its final weak point through its broken helmet. Thankfully, Rain was flying up high, and saw the glow scar, as she folded her wings, bringing her left back-hoof out, before she struck its skull with a clang, followed by an explosion of air

Within the moment her connection was made, she was thrown off its head, landing next to me as I helped Rain to her hooves, as the last tinge of red vanished from its health bar, eliminating its final strand of health. Then, its arms went limp, as its head looked up towards the broken section of the roof, where the sunlight poured into the grand hall, then, it let out a final breath, before it body shimmered, and soon, The Watcher's body burst into a massive aura of colours, which traveled towards the open sky above us, whist the music died off at the defeat of the boss.


"WE DID IT!!!" I yelled with both a sigh, and a cry of joy, as Rain strangled me in a hug, laughing happily at our first boss defeated by our hands, or hooves in this case, before Pinkie hugged us from behind, happily giggling. Nothing ever felt greater than achieving something after a worthy challenge

"Loot-Loot-Loot~!" Rain sung, as I watched my menu appear, along with Rain's, as we looked over all the updated notifications

[Achievements Unlocked]

If A God Can Do It - Defeat a mini boss

Laughter - You Talked with Pinkie and completed a quest for her

[Boss Rewards]
Parting Glass (Broadsword)
Old Armour x3
Health Potion x1
250 Bits
250 EXP

[Level Up!]
[3 - 4]

[New Passive Added]

-Iron Soles-
You hit harder than you look, your kinetic attacks have increased by 10% (Armour is like paper to you!)

[Stats Increased]
Agility +1
Strength +3
Endurance +1
Perception +4

"Hey, check me out!" At Rain's excited tone of voice, she now sported a new jacket, it was short, only reaching to below her chest, it was a navy blue, with the outline being silver, with stars on the collar. Then I grinned, pressing the 'Equip' button for my new weapon

In a flash of blue light, the rare weapon appeared in a white buckle, with a black scabbard to my left-waist, knowing that pony-physics were a thing, I pulled the broadsword out from the scabbard, showing off the rounded pommel, which was also silver, with a blue handle, with silver stripes, a basic, 'T' shaped guard, before the blade pointed out from the guard, before straightening into a shiny, silver blade, with strange runes carved into the edge of the blade.

"Woah...that's so shiny~!" Pinkie drooled, trying to touch it, but I quickly placed it back into the scabbard, before I pointed behind her, as the two followed by hoof

"Its not over yet, 'that' must be what gives us our magic back." I pointed out, as we closed our menus, moving up the small steps to come before the pedestal, an ultramarine fabric built into the rounded stone bowl. What sat there was a large, red key? It was one of the old looking keys, with a shiny red coat, and a silver gemstone on the handle. "Ok....what am I looking at?"

"Umm....maybe we touch it?" Rain;s suggestion was about as far my own brain was going, so I held my hoof atop the key, followed by Rain, whist Pinkie stood back, a welding mask over her face, before she saluted. But at the moment Rain touched the key with my hoof, it glowed a bright ruby, nearly blinding us both in the light, before it vanished, along with the key

"W-Where'd it go!?" Rain panicked, before I saw the menu appear, and I turned to....only stare in bafflement

Ruby Key of Red

"Pot calling the kettle black anyone?" I mused in confusion, but I ultimately closed the tab, it must be a key for some sort of chest, or future event, its connected to red, meaning it might have something to do with colours, or emotions. Maybe there are more too? Meh, future problems.

I then opened back to the options, and soon, I grinned at the new screen tab labeled. 'Skill Trees'. Then I heard a sharp gasp, my guess was that Rain found out too, then I turned to see her eyes wide with glee, scrolling down the page of god knows how many spells, it was going to be crazy trying to find ones suited to us, but here wasn't the best place.

Quest Complete!

-Awaken The Light-
Pinkie knows of the source of the mist which has mysteriously locked you, and other ponies' power, find the source, and claim your power
[ ] Find the source of the mist
[ ] Dispel the corruption

You have reconnected with your magic power, take pride in the now limitless abilities of your class! Enjoy!

Skill Tree
Skill Point x1
Teleport Rune x1
150 EXP

"Mission complete, I guess." Rain smiled, as I held my hoof in the air, to which she happily high-fived, as I pulled out the Teleport Rune, holding it up for us to view the blue gem-like symbol in the stone, in my hoof. At it, Rain blinked in realization of what I was trying to point out. "Oh, right, we might want to get back to town first, I just realized how beaten I am, this boss was no pushover."

"Aye, guess we have our expectation for the rest of the game" I pointed out, before I looked to Pinkie, who was staring at the Rune. "You ready, Pinkie?"

"Yep, I wanna do this again, this was fun!" Pinkie happily clapped, as I grabbed Rain's hoof in mine, feeling her tense up suddenly, before Pinkie grabbed my shoulder tightly, then, I called out, satisfied with a great start to the day, and from the happy smiles on Rain, and Pinkie's faces I guess they fully agreed too

"Teleport. Ponyville!"


To Be Continued....


Purplrain - lvl 5 [Stealth class]
(You) White Hat - lvl 5 [Offensive class]
Pinkie Pie - lvl 8 [Defensive class]

Current Level: 5
Magic: Sky/Air Magic
Items: Rogue Flag
Parting Glass (Broadsword)
Old Armour x3
Health Potion x1

[New Passive Added]

-Iron Soles-
You hit harder than you look, your kinetic attacks have increased by 10% (Armour is like paper to you!)

Author's Note:

I had fun making this boss battle, showing off how well these three could work together, but next time, we'll be getting a fun little event involving another of the Mane 6. Anywho, hope you enjoyed, and seeya in the next chapter!

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