• Published 23rd Jul 2018
  • 10,004 Views, 104 Comments

Lockheart - Drag Orion

A dark dragon aquires a magical artifact and his conquest of Equestria begins.

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>Opposite gender only

Glad to see more from you! Awesome stuff!

It’s coming along, though I’ve been busy with other projects too.

Maybe I ask some boobjobing in this story if you can too? Also I’m really hoping that if twilight ever redeems herself, it isn’t anything how kung fu panda or onwards or ended in where master tigress and never ONCE says or shows any meaningful apology/repentance for being a bitch to Po, an unfortunate victim of circumstances. That, and in fanfics where she does but gets off completely Scott free, is a spit in the face, kick in the teeth, and stab in the back all rolled in a subway sandwich.

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