• Published 22nd Apr 2018
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My Kind of Crazy - Novel-Idea

Skystar never got a chance to make friends. Pinkie’s determined to show her how. Clearly, this will involve swing dancing.

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Sing, Sing, Sing

The limo in front of Canterlot High was way bigger than the one Skystar had gotten into this morning!

Pinkie stood on the steps and gaped at the huge white car—complete with pretty blue flags with some kind of bird on them—pulled to a stop. There were two other official-looking cars too, one in front and one behind. Immediately, the same guys in the black suits she’d seen earlier piled out of the cars. Most of them just stood around, looking really menacing.

Then Pinkie saw the big Stratus head for the door of the big white limo.

Pinkie’s phone buzzed. It was a message from Rarity.

You’re the welcome party! Principals will join you soon!

Pinkie smiled at the message. If Rarity wanted her to be the welcome party, she would be the best welcome party of all time! It was too bad the party cannons were at home, though. She only had her prototype backup one and that didn’t seem like a good idea right now. Especially if those scary guards were going to be around. They seemed the jumpy type.

So, Pinkie decided to take the direct route. She hopped down the stairs two at a time and put on her top-of-the-line ultimate best smile ever. It was the one that Sunset had said she should get patented. Which was silly, because who could patent a smile? How would she even collect royalties on something like that?

Actually, she couldn’t do that. Charging for smiles would be just… wrong.

It helped that it was a super-nice day. The sun shone all bright and cheerful. There were a few white fluffy clouds, but they just made the sky look more awesome. Like right now, Pinkie could see a dragon, a siren and some sort of flying Pac-Man thing in the clouds. She wondered what Skystar would see. Probably shells. And that would be awesome, too!

If she tilted her head just right, she could see some now!

When Pinkie passed the Wondercolts Statue—they’d finally got it fixed last week—Skystar stepped out of the car, still in her super-pretty dress that made her look like a sunrise over the ocean.

Stratus’s head swiveled back and forth like some weird periscope. He saw Pinkie before Skystar, which was too bad. Stratus went all stiff. He was probably glaring at her behind his mirrored sunglasses.

That guy really needs a hug. Maybe later though.

“Skystar!” Pinkie shouted, jogging up and waving.

Skystar’s pretty ocean eyes darted up and a huge grin appeared on her face. “Pinkie!”

A few of the guards looked alarmed, but Stratus lifted a hand in a really bossy way and they all relaxed. Well, they didn’t look like they really could relax, so they just sort of… didn’t do anything as Pinkie approached the big white car.

Skystar glanced over at Stratus, like she was daring him to say something, and then rushed forward to meet Pinkie. To Pinkie’s total surprise, Skystar actually hugged her! That made Pinkie’s heart do all kinds of leaps, jumps, bounces and dances, like it was trying out for some parkour competition!

Um… maybe it was the cereal and hot chocolate? Or maybe I got my hot chocolate mixed up with Maud’s coffee again this morning?

Pinkie didn’t let herself get disappointed when Skystar pulled away though, even if she sort of was. But when Skystar’s hands held Pinkie’s, all the disappointment flew away like a runaway balloon.

That little touch did all sorts of things to her! Pinkie squealed inside, doing lots of mental noises like the ones Rarity had made back in the music room. Her whole body felt warm! Skystar’s hands were soft and warm, too. Pinkie could feel the little bubble patterns on each of Skystar’s painted nails. They felt like they’d been in the sun a lot, but were still super smooth. Pinkie sorta kinda didn’t ever wanna let go.

Pinkie winced a little as all of her friend’s theories rushed back to her. Okay… well… um… maybe I do like Skystar as a little more than that just a friend.

Just a little though! Nothing to get all super-crazy excited about!

“I can’t wait to introduce you to my mom!” Skystar said. Her eyes were all bright and shiny. “She’s got a surprise for me today, though she won’t tell me what it is!”

“Maybe it’s a really good one!” Pinkie said. “Like an amazing birthday present or something!”

“Maybe!” Skystar beamed at her, sounding hopeful, but more like she wanted something a little different. “Anyway, come on!”

Skystar did—sadly—let go of Pinkie’s hands and guided her back to the giant white limo just as a very tall woman in a shimmery pure white gown stepped out. Pinkie had never seen anyone get out of a car so regally! It was so regal that Pinkie stopped in her tracks and stared. Skystar giggled.

The woman looked around and didn’t really seem very impressed with CHS. Then again, considering she looked like she was from one of those crazy super-fancy fashion magazines Rarity sometimes had imported from overseas, it didn’t really surprise Pinkie. The woman’s gown—because calling it a dress wouldn’t be doing it justice—had a shining blue collar with a single bright yellow feather down the front. Violet peacock feathers had been woven into her bright purple hair. She even wore a giant blue feather with two smaller ones atop her head. The feathers were the same color as Skystar’s hair, so Pinkie really liked the feathers.

“It doesn’t look like much,” the woman said. She had a really strong voice. She’d never heard a voice like it before. It was pretty, but in a sort of scary way.

“Mom!” Skystar called with a huge smile. “Mom! Come here! I want you to meet Pinkie Pie, my new friend!”

“Hi!” Pinkie said with a cheerful wave. “It’s really great to meet you!”

Skystar’s mom walked toward them. No, it wasn’t a walk. It was a little like the way Rarity sometimes like to have her models walk down the runways when she did fashion shows. Pinkie had to think for a moment to come up with the right word. It didn’t seem quite like a sashay...

Right! Saunter!

Skystar’s mom sauntered toward them. She was like a foot and a half taller than Pinkie Pie, so Pinkie had to crane her neck a little. The woman took in Pinkie’s pretty swing dancing outfit, complete with the jingly belt. Then she cocked an eyebrow, looking really imperious—and imposing.

Pinkie swallowed and cringed back just a little, which she thought was a little weird. She didn’t get scared often. So why was she so nervous about Skystar’s mom? Why did all those butterflies start racing around her stomach like they were all competing for the title of best Rainbow Dash Butterfly?

“Mom, stop it!” Skystar whined with a stomp of a foot. “You’re doing your super intimidating thing again!”

Skystar’s mom rolled her eyes and let out that kind of sigh Rarity sometimes used on Pinkie. Then, suddenly, the woman’s face softened a little and Pinkie could breathe again.

“Mom,” Skystar began. She sounded all formal now, as if she were at some state function or something. “I’d like to introduce Pinkie Pie, student at Canterlot High School. Pinkie, I’d like you to meet Ambassador Novo, emissary of the Aris Islands!”

“Hi!” Pinkie Pie quickly brought out her top-of-the-line ultimate best smile ever again and tried to use it on Ambassador Novo.

Ambassador Novo didn’t seem impressed.

“So,” Novo declared as she leaned down to study Pinkie. “You’re the one who Stratus caught hugging my daughter?”

“Mom!” Skystar squealed. She looked embarrassed, but for a whole bunch of reasons. She was blushing too, bringing out her cute freckles again.

“Skystar, hush,” the Ambassador snapped. Her eyes were really intense again and they were totally focused on Pinkie. “An ambassador must always know what others intend when it comes to her people. Now, young lady, you will answer my question. Are you the one who hugged my daughter this morning?”

The Ambassador loomed over her and Pinkie had to fight the urge not to run away. It was so weird! Strangers didn’t freak out Pinkie Pie. Why was she so scared?

Well, she knew what to do when she was scared, but giggling right now probably wasn’t the best idea. So, she did the next best thing.

“Yup!” Pinkie chirped, bouncing a little on her Mary Jan—no, Rarity had said they were T-straps. Pinkie bounced on her T-straps and looked Ambassador Novo square in the eye, never letting her smile crack for even a second!

Ambassador Novo blinked. Then her eyes narrowed again and got even more intense.

“Why?” The Ambassador’s voice was almost like a growl.

Pinkie broke eye contact with the Ambassador to glance at Skystar. The pretty girl chewed her lip. She was still blushing and her hands played with her dress nervously. She looked scared too, but not of her mom.

Pinkie felt the lightbulb go on. She’s scared what my answer will be!

So, Pinkie did what she did best: she smiled at Skystar. This was a new smile, too. One that she had made just for Skystar. She even made it up on the spot, too! Pinkie did have a gift for smiles, after all.

As soon as Skystar looked up and saw Pinkie’s new Skystar Smile, she went bright red, but her eyes looked so happy. She returned the smile, showing bright white teeth. Then she didn’t look nearly as scared. In fact, she looked giddy.

It was probably one of the prettiest smiles she’d ever seen. None of her friends could smile like that.

Pinkie vowed at that moment, she would do anything to make sure Skystar stayed at least that happy for as long as she could!

Pinkie turned back to Skystar’s mom and stared her right in the eye… again. Then she said in her sternest voice—which really wasn’t all that stern, “Because she was lonely and needed a friend!”

A flash of anger passed over Novo’s face and it got all twisted.

“My daughter has everything she could ever need, provided by me or my staff!” Novo snapped. “Who are you to say differently?”

Pinkie reached out, grabbed Skystar’s hand and pulled her close. Skystar let out a little squeak of surprise, but she didn’t pull away. In fact, she squeezed Pinkie’s hand really tight, like she never wanted to let go.

Eeeee! Pinkie’s heart started to dance again, but she kept her face serious.

Okay, not the cereal. That was a silly theory anyway!

“I’m her friend,” Pinkie declared, refusing to back down to Skystar’s mom’s glare.

Novo didn’t look impressed. “And if we were leaving tomorrow? What about then?”

Skystar gasped. “Mom!”

Pinkie didn’t miss a beat. She just squeezed Skystar’s hand back. “Then I’d still be her friend. I’d be really sad and I’d miss her a whole lot—especially her pretty smile and cute freckles—but I’d still be her friend!”

Skystar’s mom straightened and studied Pinkie as if seeing her for the first time—which she sort of was. Then she looked at Skystar.

Skystar’s eyes were locked on Pinkie… and she was still blushing a lot. So, Pinkie counted her freckles again and smiled back.

“I see.” Skystar’s mom seemed to come to some sort of decision, since her whole body relaxed. “Well, you seem to be the only one here, though I’m sure your school’s administration knew I was coming.”

“They did!” Pinkie replied, her smile growing a bit warmer now that Novo didn’t seem so mad. “They sent me ahead to welcome you! I’m your welcoming party!”

“Just you?” Novo raised an eyebrow at Pinkie. “Well… I’ve seen worse. And, who knows? They might actually know what they’re doing here after all.”

“They totally do!” Pinkie said. She had to stick up for her school, after all. “CHS is the best school anywhere!”

Novo scoffed at that. “We’ll see, Miss… Pie, was it?”

“Uh-huh!” Pinkie nodded. “But feel free to call me Pinkie!”

Something close to a smile appeared on Novo’s face. It was really quick and if Pinkie wasn’t super observant, she might have missed it.

“Very well, Pinkie… ah, look. Here comes the rest of your ‘welcome party.’”

Pinkie glanced behind her to see Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna striding down the steps. Both of them looked a little worried, but they masked it really well. Pinkie wasn’t sure if Skystar’s mom would be able to see it. With their long legs, they made it to the big limo real quick.

“Ambassador Novo,” Principal Celestia said with her best smile and reached out her hand. “It is a pleasure to meet you at last.”

Novo considered Celestia for a moment before nodding with a tiny smile on her face. She shook Celestia’s hand in what looked like a really tight grip. “Likewise, Principal Celestia.”

“May I introduce my sister, Vice Principal Luna?” Celestia said, gesturing to Luna. Celestia didn’t seem to mind that Novo had just tried to crush her hand.

What was that about?

Luna and Novo nodded to one another, smiled and shook hands.

“I do hope you enjoyed our little welcome wagon. When we learned that one of our best students had already had the privilege of meeting your daughter, we thought it only fitting that she be the one to welcome you to Canterlot High School.”

“That was… nice?” Skystar commented, looking suspiciously between Celestia and her mom. “Mom? What’s going on?”

Pinkie narrowed her eyes. She thought something was up too, but she wasn’t quite sure what it was.

“Skystar, I told you,” she replied, sounding like she’d already said this a few dozen times or something. “We’re simply investigating the educational facilities of the city. It’s for a report for the Council of Ministers.”

“It is an honor that our school would be selected to represent the nation’s education system,” Luna said.

Her voice even sounded more formal than usual, and Luna always had a certain ‘majesty’ around her. Maybe it had something to do with her being an immortal alicorn princess in Equestria! Yup. Pinkie was pretty sure that was the reason why, even if Luna had been like that even before Sunset Shimmer came through the portal. After all, the portal had to have already been there, right?

Principal Celestia… well, she was Celestia. Probably for the same reasons!

“Come, Skystar. Why don’t you bring your new friend along for the tour?” Skystar’s mom said before turning to Celestia. “As long as that’s acceptable, Principal Celestia.”

“Of course!” Celestia said brightly. Her wavy multicolored hair shone in the sun. “In fact, Pinkie is taking the day off from all her classes to make sure you and your daughter have an excellent time here.”

Pinkie’s eyes went huge as all the butterflies in her stomach did little happy loopty-loops. As soon as Novo turned to tell Stratus something, Pinkie made eye contact with Principal Celestia. She knew her smile was almost totally out of control, but she didn’t care. Even better, Principal Celestia winked at her.

I’m going to bake Rarity the biggest and best cake of all time! Pinkie decided right then. Everything she loves!

That’s when Pinkie realized she was still holding Skystar’s hand. Skystar hadn’t tried to move away either. She was really close to Pinkie, like within a foot or two. When Pinkie turned her bright smile onto her, well, she didn’t really have words for what her heart and her butterflies were doing then. Maybe some sort of huge airshow, combined with a party with clowns, jugglers and those crazy art-dancer type people? That’s was the best thing she could come up with. She could figure out a better analogy later.

Then, something very strange happened to Pinkie Pie. Something that didn’t happen very often at all.

She didn’t know what to do.

She was standing in front of Canterlot High School with Principals Celestia and Luna looking at her and Skystar with barely-hidden smiles, with a bunch of security guards around them. Ambassador Novo was still saying things to Stratus in a super-quiet voice.

A few silly thoughts passed through her head, like running off with Skystar and introducing her to all of her best friends, but that should probably wait. After all, Stratus might get all grumpy and chase after them.

She could also just run off with Skystar and wait to introduce her to all of her best friends. That might be fun, too! But that still left the problem of Stratus.

“Principal Celestia,” Novo suddenly said in a super-loud voice. “We should begin the tour now. Afterward, I shall need a private word with you and your sister.”

Celestia seemed startled by this. It was strange seeing the Principal caught off-guard. Really strange. As if, Novo had said something she hadn’t been ready for.

“Of course. If you’ll follow me?”

“Oh!” Skystar’s mom said as she turned to stare at her daughter and Pinkie. “And I do require that Miss Pinkie Pie remain at my daughter’s side at all times. I would very much like to have a student’s perspective about the school. For the report, of course.”

Celestia looked like she was trying not to smile, but Pinkie wasn’t quite sure why. Maybe she heard something in Novo’s words that Pinkie wasn’t catching? Skystar’s mom made it really hard to figure out what she was thinking. Probably had to do with being an important ambassador and stuff.

Still, Pinkie wasn’t going to complain. In fact, Skystar squeezed her hand even tighter!

Dang it! Pinkie thought as her heart and butterflies did synchronized backflips. I think my friends were right! I’m going to have to bring them extra cupcakes on Monday!

Then Novo’s eyes landed on Pinkie and Skystar’s hands. It took both Skystar and Pinkie a second to realize what Novo was doing… and more importantly, what they were doing. Both of them blushed and pulled away from each other, giggling nervously.

Novo rolled her eyes. Luna smiled. Celestia winked again.

“Shall we?” Novo said with another one of those long sighs.

Principal Celestia nodded and led the way. Then came Novo and Luna, with Skystar and Pinkie behind them. Thankfully, only the big purple-haired Stratus followed them. The rest of the scary security guards stayed behind with the cars. That was good, they would have been really distracting.

“How’s Shelly?” Skystar whispered as they passed the statue.

“Happy as a clam!” Pinkie replied.

They both burst into giggles.

Author's Note:

Oooh! The long-awaited reveal of Ambassador Novo! She seems to be up to something... wonder what it is... :trixieshiftright:

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