• Published 22nd Apr 2018
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My Kind of Crazy - Novel-Idea

Skystar never got a chance to make friends. Pinkie’s determined to show her how. Clearly, this will involve swing dancing.

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A String of Pearls

Pinkie Pie did a little two-step, spun on the ball of her right foot and jumped down to the sandy boardwalk with a wonderfully loud clack. A few little girls nearby building a sandcastle clapped and giggled. Pinkie gave them her very best ‘ta-da’ grin as she kept her feet flying across the sunbaked wood.

She loved the sound of her Mary Janes clicking against the boardwalk on the beach! A few early-morning joggers went by and looked at her weirdly, but that was okay. Lots of people gave her looks like that. Sometimes, her friends got annoyed when people did that, but that was them just being silly and overprotective. Not that she didn’t love them for it!

Anyway, with those trumpets and drums blaring through her earbuds, there wasn’t anything in the whole wide world that could make her stop smiling.

Pinkie did a bunch of little spins and her skirt flared all bright, wide and—of course—pink! Even the gray ruffles beneath the skirt fluttered around her, caught up in the ocean breeze. The little black shawl flapped a bit, but that was cinched nice and tight along the top of her dress. She had decided to skip the hat today. The last thing she wanted to do this morning was run through the sand trying to catch her cute black top hat because of some sneaky gust of wind. Rarity would probably get mad at her for messing up her new Mary Janes. And Rarity had worked for a really, really long time on the outfit and she’s done such a great job! It even had a little metal belt in loops that jingled when she spun, hopped or jigged.

She did a few spins, hops and jigs to enjoy the little metal clinks. She giggled and smiled at the rising sun.

“I love mornings like these,” Pinkie said to the world.

The jogger going past her the other way didn’t seem to notice.

She really, really did love mornings like these. She kicked it up a notch and tried some advanced moves. Nothing like an early morning dance along the beach to make her extra-special happy for the day. After all, she had to practice, right?

Her feet never resting for more than a second or two, Pinkie Pie spun out of the way of bikers, jitterbugged left to dodge a track team and even paused to make a few silly faces at a crying little girl, who burbled happily after only three seconds!

That’s close to a personal record! Pinkie smiled and waved at the girl’s mom and dad. They waved back and she jumped, spun and clicked her heels.

A few seconds after she landed, her feet suddenly stopped. For the first time since she’s gotten out of her car, the sound of her tapping shoes didn’t echo down the beach. It was actually kind of sad, but then again, the girl at the end of the pier on her right looked pretty sad, too.

The girl was around Pinkie’s age and really pretty. Definitely someone who shouldn’t be looking sad. She had big, flowing, twisty light blue hair so long it went almost all the way down her back. It kinda reminded Pinkie of those wavy bits of kelp she had seen when she’d gone scuba diving with Maud.

The girl was even dressed real fancy, like the kind of thing Rarity brought out for the super special occasions. Since the girl was facing away from Pinkie, Pinkie couldn’t get a real good look at the dress, but it had a fluffy orange collar that swirled down into a bright teal pattern, kinda like looking out at the ocean at sunrise.

And while all that was nice, the girl’s posture was all wrong! She cupped her head in her hands as she stared out over the ocean. Pinkie couldn’t see anything out there. Maybe the girl could? The girl’s shoulders were all hunched up, too. A surefire sign of someone having a rough morning… maybe even a rough week!

Pinkie hesitated and bit her lip. She had to figure out what to do! First impressions were super important. Then again, she’d had plenty of friends who had made really bad first impressions. Like Sunset Shimmer! She’d even turned into a raging she-demon, but now Sunset definitely qualified as a bestie.

In the end, Pinkie decided that dancing up to the girl probably wasn’t the best idea. It might startle her, and she didn’t want the girl to fall into the ocean! ‘Startle someone into falling into oceans’ was on her list of the top fifty really bad first impressions.

So, Pinkie took the time to wrap up her headphones and stick them in a pocket. Then, she walked toward the girl. She made sure to make enough noise so the girl could hear her, but strangely, the girl didn’t seem to notice. Just kept staring out at the sea. Even sighed once.

Pinkie chewed her lip a little more. The girl was definitely in a funk. A serious one.

Oh well, there’s only so much Pinkie could do to prepare. She’d leave ‘subtlety’ to her friends. It wasn’t really Pinkie’s style anyway.

Pinkie hopped forward, heels clicking on the sun-drenched wood. Then, she plopped down next to the girl.


The girl glanced at her, looking really uninterested in talking. She did have pretty blue eyes, but they were as sad as the rest of her. Her freckles didn’t look sad though. Those were cute! So was the pretty strand of pearls around her neck.

The girl fingered her pearls and said with a tiny voice, “Um… hi.”

“I’m Pinkie Pie!” Pinkie declared and held out a hand, making sure to wear another of her best smiles. This time she used the special one she brought out for meeting new friends.

The girl stared at Pinkie’s hand and blinked a few times. Pinkie squinted a bit and almost slapped her own face. Seriously, she’d been so distracted by the freckles, she’d somehow missed the look in the girl’s eyes.

She was sad, but she was also… hmmm…

Though girl looked nervous, she did finally shake Pinkie’s hand. “Um… hi. I’m… uh… Skystar.”

Now, if there was one thing Pinkie took seriously, it was making friends. Well, and parties, but that was part of making friends. Parties fit under the whole ‘friend’ umbrella, so to say! And since making friends was serious business, Pinkie had studied. She didn’t study through books—though she’d read plenty about friends and parties in books. Instead, she really studied people.

Hand’s clammy, like she’s been holding something. Little indentations on her palm. Maybe the pearls around her neck? Strong grip feels... practiced? Kinda strange. Someone who's used to shaking hands with strangers? That’s a bit weird. Pretty blue nail polish, looks even better than what Aloe and Lotus did for me for the Winter Formal. But the shake itself… that’s really hesitant, but more hesitation than fear.

People always said you could tell what kind of person someone was from the way they shook your hand. And even though they said that, most people didn’t really take it seriously. Pinkie Pie knew better.

“Pleasure to meet you, Skystar!” Pinkie chirped.

Skystar nodded quietly and went back to staring out over the ocean.

Pinkie tried to follow the other girl’s gaze, but all she saw was lots and lots of water.

“What’cha looking at?”

“Huh?” Skystar blinked and looked at Pinkie, like she was surprised Pinkie was still there. “Oh… um… Nothing really. Just sort of… looking back where I came from.”

“All I see is water.” Pinkie said. Then she thought about it for a minute. “Oooh! Is that it? Are you really a mermaid?”

Skystar turned at stared at Pinkie with huge eyes. She blinked a few times.

“What?” Pinkie shrugged. “If you don’t want to talk about being a mermaid, that’s okay. I have friends who are actually magical talking ponies from another dimension!”

Skystar kept staring.

Pinkie winced. “Oops! I forgot. They don’t usually like talking about that. So, I’d appreciate it if you kept that to yourself, okay? Let’s pretend I totally didn’t just tell you that.”

Skystar’s mouth opened and shut a few times, like she was imitating a giant fish or something.

Pinkie smiled back at her, this time using one of her happy casual smiles.

Finally, the other girl jerked a little bit. Pinkie blinked, a bit unsure what had just happened. The girl jerked again. This time Pinkie heard it.

Skystar had just snorted. Then she snorted again! Pinkie’s smile grew way bigger as she watched Skystar break down into a fit of giggles so huge she actually started holding her stomach!

Nailed it! crowed a little Pinkie in her head.

“You look so honest when you say that!” Skystar kept giggling and wiped away a tear.

“That’s because I’m telling the truth!” Pinkie Pie wiggled a bit and made sure she still wasn’t sitting on her dress. “One of them usually spends most of her time back home where she’s a princess! The other one goes to school with me. She’s like… probably the smartest person there. Well, her and Twilight. It’s hard to tell which one’s smarter, sometimes.”

Skystar actually smiled. It was a really pretty smile. To Pinkie’s surprise, her heart did a little spin of its own at the sight of that pretty smile.

This is definitely a girl who shouldn’t be looking out over the ocean being sad!

“I… I can’t even tell if you’re being serious!” Skystar leaned back and rested her hands on the pier, staring up at the wispy clouds wandering around in the deep blue sky above the water.

“I can introduce you to them sometime if you want!” Pinkie offered. “Well, Princess Twilight is usually pretty busy being a princess, but Sunset’s around!”

“I thought you said that Twilight and Sunset went to your school.” Skystar cocked her head.

“Oh yeah!” Pinkie shrugged. “It’s a bit confusing the first time. I’ve got two friends named Twilight Sparkle! One’s this super-powerful alicorn who’s a princess on another world! The other Twilight lives here in this world. She’s kinda different from the other one. Really loves science and studying all the magic that’s snuck over here from Equestria.”

“There’s magic now, too?” Skystar looked like she was having fun, so Pinkie went for it.

“Oh yeah!” Pinkie replied and pulled out her geode to show Skystar.

Skystar leaned forward to take a closer look. “Huh… a balloon?”

“This is one of the cool magical geodes we found at Camp Everfree. All of my best friends have one. Rarity has one that creates awesome diamond shields! Twilight’s geode makes things float! Sunset’s got one that lets her understand people. She can totally read their minds!” Pinkie sighed and played with a stray bit of her hair. “Too bad it isn’t the other way around. Maybe then Twilight would figure out that Sunset has a huge crush on her! Even if Twilight already has this thing with Timber, she has to drive like four hours to get back to Camp! I dunno. I don’t think that’ll keep. Anyway, I know Sunny and Twi would be super cute together.”

“And who’s Timber?” Skystar asked. She fiddled with a bit of her own pretty hair and giggled.

Pinkie knew that kind of giggle! It was the kind that told her Skystar didn’t really believe her, even though Pinkie was being totally serious. That didn’t really surprise her. Her family had reacted pretty much the same way until she actually showed them.

Marble had squeaked even higher than Fluttershy when the sprinkles had exploded into pretty fireworks.

But Sunset had made her promise to stop blowing things up to show off her cool magical powers, so she couldn’t show Skystar like that. Otherwise she’d have to break a Pinkie Promise. And no one breaks a Pinkie Promise.

No one.

Still, Pinkie decided she didn’t mind if Skystar didn’t believe her. After all, she’d made the girl giggle and smile. And that smile was definitely too pretty to be stuck behind a sad face.

“Oh, he’s just one of the Everfree camp counselors,” Pinkie shrugged. “But, you never answered my first question!”

“Oh yeah? What was that?” Skystar giggled. “Sorry, I got distracted with the magical talking ponies.”

“That’s okay!” Pinkie replied. She dangled her legs over edge of the pier and watched her reflection in the water. “They can be pretty distracting! But I was asking you if you were actually a mermaid!”

“That would be fun, huh?” Skystar smiled in a sorta wistful way and looked out over the ocean, but this time she didn’t look even half as sad as before. “Being a mermaid and living in the sea, doing whatever you want? I’d never run out of shells down there.”

Then she looked a little sad again. She pulled a small purse onto her lap and rustled around inside of it. Pinkie studied the purse. It was decorated with all sorts of shells. Big ones, little ones, some as tiny as Pinkie’s little fingernail! The purse even had Skystar’s name written out in blue and yellow shells. They were all pretty, too.

“That’s a really pretty purse,” Pinkie said.

Skystar paused and looked up at Pinkie. She almost looked suspicious for some silly reason. “You… really mean that?”

“Yeah! Why wouldn’t I?”

Skystar looked at her purse as if seeing it for the very first time. “My mom says I should probably stop doing this with shells. She thinks it’s kinda… um… strange?”

“Strange?” Now that was just silly talk. “What’s strange about shells?”

“Well...” Skystar blushed a little. It made her cute freckles stand out a lot more. “She thinks I might be too old for Shelly and Sheldon here.”

Pinkie gasped when Skystar pulled out a red clam and a purple clam. Each were just big enough to nestle comfortably in the palms Skystar’s hands and they had the best googly eyes Pinkie had ever seen. They even flopped open and closed a little when they moved!

“Oh. My. Gosh.” Pinkie’s let out a little squee of glee and clapped her hands together. “They’re amazing!

“They… they are?” Skystar peeked out from behind a strand of hair. She looked totally shocked.

This girl is definitely a little weird. It’s like she’s never got a compliment before!

Pinkie leaned down and gently booped the purple one—probably Shelly—on the nose. She giggled as Shelly’s mouth wobbled open like she was going to nip Pinkie’s fingers. Shelly’s eyes seemed to roll in her little clam head, as if she were used to dealing with this sort of thing.

“Yeah, of course they are!” Pinkie suddenly gasped. “I just had the greatest idea! We should totally introduce Shelly and Sheldon to my sister Maud!”

“Your… sister? Does your sister… like clams?”

Skystar’s eyes were back to being huge again. She did that a lot. Then again, a lot of people did that around Pinkie. Maybe Pinkie just noticed it more when Skystar did it because she had really pretty eyes, like the color of ocean waves.

“Uh…” Pinkie leaned back and scratched her head. Clams weren’t really rocks, though Maud had once told her their outsides were made of the same minerals that made up some kinds of rocks! “Maybe? I’m not sure, really. I was thinking about Boulder. He can kinda get lonely when Maud has to leave him home when she goes to work.”

“Who’s Boulder?” Skystar drew Shelly and Sheldon back, as if she were protecting them from something.

“Maud’s pet rock! Seriously. Best. Behaved. Rock. Ever. Way better than that jerk Tom. Maud had Tom when she first went to school for her geology doctorate.” Pinkie frowned. “He just loved to smash things. I’ve never seen a rock with such an attitude problem!”

Pinkie paused and tapped her chin. “I never could figure out why Rarity hated him so much though.”

“You… you’re serious?” Skystar’s smile reminded Pinkie of a timid kitten, unsure if it should come out and play. “You don’t think… you don’t think they’re… um… weird?”

Pinkie blinked a few times. “Weird? Why would I think they’re weird?”

“I… uh…” Skystar didn’t seem to know how to respond to that. “You really are being serious, aren’t you?”

“Of course!” Pinkie said. She poked Sheldon’s nose and jerked back. He looked like he was glaring at her. She’d have to keep an eye on that one.

“Well, okay.” Skystar giggled. “Shelly and Sheldon have sorta been my best friends for… a really long time.”

“They seem like they’d be really great listeners!” Pinkie said. “Maud talks to Boulder all the time. And even I have Gummy!”

Skystar looked like she wanted to ask another question, but instead just smiled again.

“You’re the first person I’ve ever met who doesn’t think they’re weird. Mom goes on and on about it. Though she’s not really helping.” Skystar snorted. “Moving all the time. Ugh. I’m so sick of moving. Here, there, everywhere!

“Moving?” Pinkie kicked her legs over the swells in the ocean. The sun was getting higher, but the nice ocean breeze kept them cool. “Why are you moving all the time?”

“My mom’s an ambassador.” Skystar glared at the ocean, like it had stolen the toy surprise in a box of cereal. “We’re from a bunch of little islands out west. She’s always going all over the place for these summits and talks and negotiations and trade agreements and blah, blah, blah!”

Skystar let out a little huff of frustration and then looked down at her two friends. Shelly and Sheldon’s mouths were open in what Pinkie was pretty sure were smiles.

“I haven’t been able to stay in one place for more than a few months since I was like… twelve,” Skystar muttered. “And… well, apparently our home is really important because of some sort of fancy mineral with a crazy long name that like, the whole world wants. So, she’s always going everywhere and she drags me along. So, anytime I ever meet anyone… I always have to say goodbye.”

Skystar tapped her two clam friends on their noses. “At least I don’t have to do that with Shelly and Sheldon.”

“You…” Pinkie stared at Skystar and had to fight back a sudden case of the sniffles. “You’ve really haven’t had a friend since you were twelve?

“Not one that I got to keep,” Skystar said glumly. “I’ve seen a lot of really great places! But… when it’s just Mom, me and the staff, it’s… well…”

Skystar beat Pinkie to the sniffles and wiped her nose with the back of her hand. Sheldon didn’t seem to mind.

“So, I came out here!” Skystar said, waving at the sea. “We’re usually by the ocean, at least. When I was little, back before Mom became the ambassador, I used to play with the other kids on the beach. There wasn’t a lot to do back home, so we always were doing things with shells! I kinda… keep that with me. Helps me remember a time when I had more than shells.”

Pinkie hesitated for a moment. Being friends with Sunset Shimmer—especially right after the Fall Formal—had taught her that not everyone liked hugs from people they didn’t really know. But Skystar just looked so sad right now! And Pinkie wasn’t made of stone!

Plus, she wanted to see that pretty smile again.

Pinkie scooted over and decided to ignore the fact that her dress was going to get dirty. She took a deep breath, hoped Skystar wouldn’t respond like Sunset did to Pinkie’s first attempt at a hug and just went for it.

In one quick motion, Pinkie wrapped her arms around Skystar. Skystar let out a squeak of surprise and went super stiff, almost as if Pinkie were trying to attack her or something. But that lasted only a few seconds. Then, the pretty girl from the sea turned into the hug and rested her head on Pinkie’s shoulder. Before Pinkie knew it, Skystar was holding Pinkie really tight, almost as if she had been deprived of hugs for like years.

Pinkie really hoped that wasn’t the case. That was too much sad to handle on such a pretty day.

They were like that for a while. Pinkie didn’t talk. She didn’t need to. After all, she knew plenty about making friends. And a while ago, she’d learned that, sometimes, friends just needed some quiet. Sometimes, they needed to know that someone else was there. You didn’t need words to be there for someone. And being there for your friends was really, really important.

And Skystar just needed someone to be there.

Then some other people decided they needed to be there.

“Hey! What are you doing!”

“Get away from her!”

Pinkie pulled back from Skystar and looked behind her at the pier. Four big guys in black suits, gold sashes, dark sunglasses and those funny squiggly earpiece things were charging toward them. They looked really mad, too.

“Oh no,” Skystar moaned. “No, no, no…”

Pinkie glanced at Skystar. She’d buried her head in her hands.

All four came to a sudden stop. Three of them reached inside their jackets, but the one in the lead—he had a bright shock of light purple hair—he just loomed over Pinkie.

“You’ve got about ten seconds to back away from the Lady Skystar,” the big guy growled.

“Um, why?” Pinkie cocked her head, trying to figure out why these guys were so mad. She’d been giving Skystar a hug, that’s all! Unless they needed hugs. They probably could use a hug, but they didn’t exactly look like they wanted one.

“Because if you don’t, we’re authorized to use—”

“Stratus!” Skystar shouted. “Leave her alone!”

Pinkie stared at her new friend as Skystar pushed herself to her feet and glared at the guy in the front. Skystar had apparently slipped Shelly and Sheldon into her purse, because Pinkie couldn’t see them anywhere.

When Skystar stood, it let Pinkie see just how gorgeous the blue and orange dress looked on the girl—and that was really gorgeous. Secondly, there was a whole new attitude. Skystar looked annoyed… but also a little angry? And Pinkie could have sworn she saw a flash of protectiveness in Skystar’s eyes!

Pinkie squealed, but she kept the squeal inside of her head. This didn’t feel like an outside squeal moment.

“Lady Skystar, your mother has warned you about the consequences of you running off again!” Stratus snapped. Pinkie realized he had a small teal symbol on his golden sash, though she couldn’t figure out what it was. “We’ve been looking for you for over an hour!”

“Mom worries too much,” Skystar said, folding her arms. “This is Canterlot. It’s like, one of the safest cities in the country.”

“Nevertheless ma’am, I am under direct orders to immediately escort you back.”

“You mean like every other time?” Skystar rolled her eyes and sighed.

Pinkie could tell what that sigh meant. Pinkie sighed too and climbed to her feet. Her Mary Janes made sad little tapping noises on the pier when she got up. The other three guards eyed her warily, but at least they weren’t reaching inside their jackets anymore. Pinkie frowned at the three of them then turned her frown to the guy called Stratus.

“We were just sitting here,” Pinkie pointed out. “What’s so bad about that?”

Stratus drew himself up. He was almost as big as Bulk Biceps, but Pinkie knew Bulk was just a big softie at heart. This guy didn’t look like a softie at heart. Or anywhere else.

“It is our duty to ensure the Lady Skystar’s security at all times.” Stratus glowered at Skystar. “And we cannot perform that duty when she decides to scamper off whenever she gets bored.”

“You try sitting in a hotel room for sixteen hours a day with no one to talk to and see how you like it!” Skystar glared up at the guy. The guy had to be almost a foot and a half taller than Skystar, but she didn’t seem to care. She just put her hands on her hips and kept glaring as hard as she could.

Pinkie smiled a little, but even she wasn’t really sure why.

“Well, thankfully, that’s not on the agenda for today,” Stratus replied, all stormy and stiff. “Today, you’ll be touring the educational institutions of Canterlot.”

Skystar didn’t look like she’d been expecting that. She blinked a few times and cocked her head. “Huh?”

“Don’t ask me.” Stratus shrugged. “That’s what’s on the schedule. You and Ambassador Novo are to take a tour of every secondary education facility in the area.”

“But… why?”

“I’m not privy to that information, ma’am.”

Skystar rolled her eyes.

“Wait!” Pinkie said. “You mean… Skystar’s going to be touring all the high schools? Today?”

Stratus glowered at Pinkie. Pinkie didn’t really care. If he wanted to be a sourpuss, that was his problem. He was the one being all grumpy to Skystar.

“I don’t see why it’s any concern of yours,” Stratus said. “But yes. And if you interfere with our ability to safely—”

“Stratus!” Skystar snapped in a voice that was way colder than anything Pinkie had heard from her since Pinkie had sat down. “She was trying to be my friend.”

Stratus’s eyes flicked to Skystar’s purse, back to Skystar and then to Pinkie. Pinkie tried to play it cool by just raising an eyebrow at him and crossing her arms. Stratus didn’t really look intimidated, but that’s because he was too busy upgrading from grumpy to super-grumpy.

“I see,” Stratus sniffed. “That’s all well and good, but you are still required to accompany your mother on this tour, ma’am.”

Pinkie turned and grabbed Skystar’s hands. A few of the guards twitched. Stratus let out a growl. What? Did he think he was a bear or something?

Skystar looked surprised and blushed a little.

“Listen!” Pinkie said, ignoring the others and focusing on her new friend. “I go to Canterlot High! If you’re visiting there, I can give you a personal tour! You can even meet my magical pony friends. Wait! Sorry, friend. Only Sunset’s there right now. I hope that’s okay. Don’t worry, she’s really cool!”

Skystar giggled and broke out into the biggest smile Pinkie had seen from the girl yet. It was so sparkly it almost blinded her. Her heart even did another little jig.

“That sounds great,” Skystar said. She obviously really meant it. She was even blushing a lot now for some reason. Pinkie could have counted Skystar’s freckles if she wanted to! So, she did! “Um… but I can’t give you my cell number. My mom would totally kill me.”

“That’s okay!” Pinkie replied. “I’ll give you mine!”

Pinkie whipped out her phone, brought up her contact card and showed it to Skystar. She’d learned a while ago people can usually type things faster when they read rather than when they talk. Twilight had told her all the reasons why, but it had involved a lot of really fancy words for really simple things. Twilight did that a lot. But that was Twilight being Twilight.

Skystar pulled her phone from her purse—a really fancy new model that had been released like last week—and did something Pinkie couldn’t see while pointing her phone at Pinkie’s.

Then, to Pinkie’s surprise, Skystar smiled a little mischievously and held up the phone.

“Smile!” Skystar said.

Well, if there was one thing Pinkie was really good at, it was smiling. So, she brought out her ‘I’m-super-happy-because-I-made-a-new-friend’ smile. Skystar snapped the picture and blushed a little harder. Then, Skystar turned the phone over so Pinkie could see.

Pinkie burst into giggles. She’d forgotten she’d even been wearing her little dancing outfit! Now, she wished she’d done some cute pose or something. But that was okay. There was always next time!

“Lady Skystar,” Stratus said. “We will be leaving now.”

Skystar outright ignored him, smiled at Pinkie and then lunged forward. Pinkie almost fell off the pier from the force of Skystar’s hug, but her Mary Janes saved her. That and her pinwheeling arms.

Stratus growled something Pinkie couldn’t understand.

Pinkie laughed and Skystar laughed with her. Then, to Pinkie’s surprise, Skystar slipped something into one of her hands. The girl squeezed Pinkie a little tighter and pulled away, though she looked like she really didn’t want to.

At least Skystar was smiling now! It was an almost shy little smile. Pinkie returned it with the same kind of smile. It just… sorta felt like the best smile to use right now.

Then, with a little sigh, Skystar turned and let Stratus and the other big guys walk her down the pier toward the boardwalk. In the parking lot beyond the boardwalk, a large white limo sat there.

“Oh, Pinkie?” Skystar turned and her smile brightened.

“Yeah, Skystar?”

“You’re a really good dancer.”

Pinkie blinked a few times. “I… you saw me?”

Skystar shrugged and her eyes glittered just a bit, like the sun reflecting off a big wave. “Think you could teach me, sometime?”

“Of course!” Pinkie said instantly. She didn’t even need to think about it. “I’d love to!”

Skystar blushed a bit more, gave her an even bigger smile and turned to follow the big guys to the limo. She waved at Pinkie when she got to the door. Of course, Pinkie waved back.

Then Skystar disappeared inside the big car. It was only when Pinkie put her hand down did she realize what Skystar had slipped into her hand.

She lifted the clam up to eye level. Shelly seemed to be studying Pinkie just as much as Pinkie was studying Shelly. Their staring contest lasted at least a few minutes before Pinkie lost by blinking when the sun slipped out from behind a few clouds.

Then Pinkie booped the clam.

Shelly bounced and smiled at Pinkie.

Pinkie smiled right back at her.

Author's Note:

I cannot even begin to tell you just how wonderful Pinkie is to write. She is so amazing. It's like, crazy good for the soul to write someone at upbeat as Pinkie. She actually helped me get through some hard stuff by asking me to tell this adorable little story! Hopefully you think it's just as adorable!

If you come across any errors, please let me know by PM!

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