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Sofea 3C

Hello there! I'm Sofea! I love 3C (chocolate chip cookie)!


On a day like any other, Rainbow has plans; just not like any other day. But unfotunately, some ponies just have to destroy it and other ponies start thinking of other things- mainly two: Date and Love. What will Rainbow do?:rainbowderp:

Note: This is set before season 8

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Not bad at all. Good work.

Thank you so much:pinkiehappy:

Thank you:twilightsmile:

Please Please Please Please Please Please PLEEEEAAAASSSE update soon. I love it!!!:raritystarry:

Comment posted by Sofea 3C deleted Nov 21st, 2020

Really good start. But if I remember correctly quibble pants is an earth pony, not a Pegasi.

Omg you're totally right:rainbowlaugh:
Dont worry, I'll fixed it.

I like it. I'll love it when Soarin comes in. Soarin is my favorite character and Soarindash is my favorite ship!

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