• Published 16th Jul 2017
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CYOA: Lost Pony - David Silver

You are on the way to work/school/etc when you see a pony. What do you do? This is a choose your own adventure of the true variety, with all the choices laid out and waiting for you to finish.

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You escort Starfire home, avoiding the major roads and darting from cover to cover at time just to make sure nobody sees you doing it. Sneaking her inside, you both relax when the door is closed and locked behind you. You made it!

Starfire starts to look around almost instantly, poking her little cute snout into things. "Oh wow, are you super rich? You have a television!" She boops her nose against the power button and on it comes. "I never thought I'd get to see one of these..."

Ponies had television? You suppose they must, considering her reaction. You fish out the remote and show it to her and it starts to glow. She eagerly wields it in her magic and starts surfing with the best of them after only a few false starts. "Wow... This has like infinite channels! One for every star of the sky..."

Her happiness only seemed to swell when you got her something to eat. She likes vegetables and sweets and most of everything, but is not eager about most meats besides seafood. She becomes your roommate, and starts exerting control over your house. When you are away, it is time for her to start decorating, an act that seems to bring her joy, even when you make such odd faces to come home to see what she's done.

But when you watch her when she doesn't know she's being watched, she looks out windows, or up at the night sky. She sighs softly to herself and squirms restlessly. As much effort as you put into making your home into her home, it isn't Equestria and never will be, nor can she ever just go for a walk without causing a panic.

She follows the rules and tries to be a good friend, but that sadness never leaves her core of cores. "It could have been worse," she sighs to herself one quiet evening before she goes to the kitchen and tries her hoof at cooking for a change, an act she was getting better at.

Would you like to try again?

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