• Published 16th Jul 2017
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CYOA: Lost Pony - David Silver

You are on the way to work/school/etc when you see a pony. What do you do? This is a choose your own adventure of the true variety, with all the choices laid out and waiting for you to finish.

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You are a human. We have to assume this is a fact, or the rest of the story doesn't make sense. We apologize to any ponies reading this, who have to pretend they are human to proceed, but we must start with that assumption. You are a human, you have a thing you go to every day. It may be work or school or even a daily trip to the store for supplies. Whatever it might be, you're taking that walk. It's a nice enough day. The sun is shining, not too brightly.

You're about to come to an intersection when something darts out across the crosswalk ahead of you. The lights are with it, so that part isn't unusual, but the fact that it is a brightly colored pony galloping wildly, hooves pounding on the pavement in a clip-clop does capture your attention. It's in a blind panic and rushes right past your field of view in no time at all, leaving you little chance to react to it while it's there, but there's still a chance you could catch up with it, if you wanted, or perhaps you should get to where you planned to go. Sudden ponies is no excuse for tardiness, afterall.

If you follow the pony, proceed to chapter 1.
If you go on about your day, proceed to chapter 2.

Author's Note:

CYOA! Let's do it! I actually planned this one out ahead of time, breaking my usual discovery writing ways.

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