• Published 16th Jul 2017
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CYOA: Lost Pony - David Silver

You are on the way to work/school/etc when you see a pony. What do you do? This is a choose your own adventure of the true variety, with all the choices laid out and waiting for you to finish.

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You mention My Little Pony and its land of magical ponies, much like her. Her eyes widen a little and she rolls a hoof for you to continue, so you do, explaining how they have cutie marks and a princess and pegasi and unicorns.

At the mention of unicorns, she reaches up and brushes her mane a little, revealing a short horn that was hidden under the fur. "Do you have pictures of this place? What did you call it?"

You explain more about the magical world of Equestria as you dig out your electronic device of choice and show her a picture of Ponyville you could produce quickly with a little Internet knowledge. Her expression brightens as if the sun had just come out and she reaches for your device. "May I?" You have little reason to stop her and she places her hoof against it, then through it.

You wince with worry, but she didn't smash anything. She passes right into it despite the size difference and appears right in the image. She dances in place, doing little circles and jumping from hoof to hoof, joyous beyond any easy measurement. She got home.

On one hand, that's great, but... That means she's not with you anymore, and that's a little annoying. You just met her!

She looks up and seems to see you. "Oh, don't be so sad," she speaks to you from another world. "This is a world for ponies, not humans..."

If you accept her word for what it is, she leaves as friends, and even visits you at times on your device, becoming a very long distance friend.

On the other hand, if that doesn't satisfy, and you claim you want to be with her, she points at you, no, the device from inside. "Then come in... but it's one way, and you won't be human anymore."

How could you say no? You ultimately don't, and join her, leaving nothing behind but the device for the police to find with a picture of a purple unicorn standing beside some other pony. Two random OCs of no meaning to them.

That's alright. You're in Equestria, living the pony life. It takes some getting used to, but you're ready for the challenge.

Would you like to try again?

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