• Published 5th Jun 2017
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New Family Bond Of Little Brother And Big Sister. - Neutral Boy

Two lives that only want to be feeling loved and not alone. When Sunset found Zero one night in the rain, she takes care of Zero like a little brother as their lives and unexpecting events would eventually change for the both of them.

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Prologue: The boy with amnesia.

It was a peaceful year after the sirens defeat at Canterlot High school and everything seemed back to normal for all of the students. Yet this year’s peacefulness that's getting close to Christmas isn't what it really seems to be.

Several weeks after the battle of the bands, most or almost all of the students lives were exposed when a user by the name of Anan-A-Miss started ruining everyone’s secret and private lives.

Most students believe it was Sunset Shimmer who’s the username, including her friends as well when they think she went back to her selfish cruel old ways as a bully.

When Sunset told her friends that it wasn’t her and that she would never become her old self again, they didn’t believe her as they walked away, leaving poor Sunset to cry alone in the hall way.

A few days later when the MyStable user name Anon-A-Miss went cruel online, a small brightening star from space is approaching into the Earth's atmosphere heading towards Canterlot City. The star kept slowing down in the clouds as something else is somehow alive in there. When the star was slowing down enough, a being suddenly shows itself from it and descended upon the soil grounds in a playground.

The beings name is none other than Zero Two, a fallen angel that was created from Dark Matter itself. It's own purpose was unknown to anyone as it only wanted to take over planets and consume everything around it. Though Zero recommended of taking over Ripple Star, a planet populated by fairies and to obliterate the huge pure crystal that could eventually destroy Zero. Only Zero didn't actually think more clearly when one of the fairies had taken off with the crystal before the whole Ripple star was consumed by Dark Matter. Frustrated by this, Zero orders three minions to go after the fairy and it’s protected crystal, only it resulted when the minions have shattered the crystal into multiple pieces and the fairy falling on one of the stars.

Zero's power over each planets didn't last very long when it's arch-nemesis Kirby begins to gather all of the crystal shards along with it's fairy companion and many friends along the way. Furious and disgusted by this news, Zero orders each Dark Matter generals to stop and destroy Kirby for good before it gets all of the remaining crystal shards in order to restore it. Yet still Kirby stands alive from the sudden attacks as Kirby defeats each Dark Matter generals one-by-one and taking the remaining crystals shards from them.

Now Kirby and it's friends have arrived to the final planet consumed in Dark Matter called Ripple Star, where Zero Two hides out in the fairy leader’s host body. After Kirby destroyed Miracle Matter and has gained the final crystal shard, the huge crystal is whole once again and created a bright light to remove Zero from it’s host as Zero flees from the scene with Kirby on pursuit. Soon, Kirby and it’s partner Ribbon backed Zero Two into a corner leaving Zero no choice, but to battle Kirby.

It was a long hard battle when Zero tried his best to defeat his arch-nemesis, yet Kirby kept dodging attacks and hitting Zero with the crystal cannon ability. When Kirby set off one final blast, Zero’s energy faded as the blast finally hit him in one huge bright explosion. All of Zero’s dark matter has vanished, leaving no traces of them and even Zero as everyone else celebrated for the defeat of Zero Two, restoring the crystal, and Kirby’s team receiving medals for being heroes.

Although somehow unbeknownst to them, Zero Two survived the blast from Kirby's crystal cannon.

Now Zero's lifeless body has brighten as it took into a new form in order to replace the damaged it's true form.

When the light had stopped, Zero's body has changed into a male human form. His form in appearance are his clothing were white, only the blood were exposed on some areas. Both on Zero's feet, which are wrapped in bandages and also covered in blood. His pink color hair also has blood from blood, just only on the end parts. His two eyes were missing their pupil with showing darkness, yet the forehead contains his real eye that's open and showing the pupil. His six wings appears on the back of his shirt. All six of the wings were hovering in unison, yet each one have been badly damaged as well from the last battle and Zero was too exhausted to even move.

Once Zero's three eyes were closing, the wings on his back disappears as he begins to sleep on a bench peacefully, not notice that multiple rain cloud have begun to form in a rainstorm.


30 minutes later. . .


When the rainstorm has poured down, a boy in while clothing woke up and rubbing his closed eyes.

'Where.....am I?' The boy thought.

The pink haired boy opens up his two eyes as his vision were only blurred from seeing a weird place he’s in.

Shaking his head left and right a few times, his vision were now visible and he sees drops of raining pouring down in the sky and some of them poured onto his ragged clothing.

‘What is this place?’

"Hello there."

A calming voice interrupted his thoughts. Turning his head to the right in surprised, he spotted someone with clothing that was already close to him and he didn’t know or felt the person’s presence.

From what the boy could tell, this girl has both mix of red and orange medium hair. Her weird outfit is colored in yellow with some purple lines across it and she’s carrying some kind of item with her from the rain. She also has a strange beautiful color light blue eyes that the boy actually kind of likes.

"Is something wrong?" The teenage girl questioned him with concern.

The boy tilted his head cutely and his whole body is shaking up from the cold air. Feeling a little worried, the girl patted the boy’s head with her hand and hugs him while her other hand opens up an umbrella. The boy shivers from contact with the girl, but then calms down and wraps both of his arms to her waist.

"Don't worry, it’s alright. I'll take good care of you."

And so, Sunset took the boy on a long slow walk from the pouring rain towards a safer place from it.

Unbeknownst to Sunset, her encounter with the pink haired boy will create some unexpected turn of events that will affect the present time and some troubling situations of the boy’s secret identity life from her.

Author's Note:

So yeah, I came up with the idea of Zero Two from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Anyone who doesn’t know about it, be sure to play it or watch on youtube if you want.

I use to play the game a long while ago, but only ending up defeating Miracle Matter. :derpytongue2:

Anyway, leave a comment down of what your thoughts are about this story and see you in the next chapter soon. Also I forgot to mention, be prepared for some tissues (and a drink or beer) for the next chapters that'll definitely have dark and sad feels in there.